The Most Dangerous Place to be an Atheist

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Alexander Aan was just another bureaucrat holding down a desk at the Department of Planning until his Facebook Atheism page came to the notice of Indonesian authorities in Obama’s old stomping grounds. Now Aan is facing a five year jail sentence for using social media to spread the message that Allah does not exist.

Alexander is being charged with “defiling” Islam by using passages from the Koran to challenge the Islamic religion. And while the State Department and the media routinely go on the attack against any manifestation of what they call “Islamophobia,” it isn’t likely that they will be rushing to Aan’s defense. This isn’t exactly the first time that atheists have run afoul of the Islamic codes under which the Muslim world operates.

Two years ago, the Palestinian Authority arrested Waleed Hasayin on similar charges of blaspheming against Islam on Facebook. Waleed Hasayin had written that, “Muhammad was no different than barbaric thugs who slaughtered, robbed and raped women” and that “Islam has legitimized slavery, reinforced the gap between social classes and allowed stealing from the infidels, taking women in captivity during wars and sexual abuse of women slaves.”

For these and other truthful statements, he was arrested and his family demanded that he be sentenced to life in prison. He has since written a letter of apology in hopes of being released.

The regimes imprisoning Aan and Hasayin are funded by the United States. Indonesia is on the list of the top twenty countries benefiting from USAID funding and the Palestinian Authority, including its security forces and prisons, is mostly subsidized by American taxpayers. The arrests were accompanied by mob protests and violence reflecting populist Muslim hostility toward non-Muslims.

Underlying these individual incidents is a legal code that goes to the very definition of what it means to be a citizen of a Muslim country. Muslim countries recognize a limited set of legal religions. Non-Muslims who are members of legal religions have fewer rights and run the usual risks that come with being a minority group. Non-Muslims who are not members of official religions do not. This includes Muslim sects that the Islamic system does not recognize as legitimate. It includes Muslims who wish to convert to another religion, and it includes atheists who are not a recognized religious group.

Religious identity is linked to civic participation in public life in a way that most Americans are not aware of. It appears on identity cards, it is a basic requirement for doing anything from attending a university to getting married. Without membership in an officially recognized religious group, the atheist is a non-person.

But atheists no longer have to live in the Muslim world in order to be subject to Islamic rules. At Queen Mary, University of London, a public research university with roots going back nearly a thousand years, the Atheism, Secularism and Humanism Society attempted to hold a discussion on “Sharia Law and Human Rights.” The discussion came to an abrupt end when a man entered the room and warned that they would be murdered if they said anything critical about Mohammed.

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  • LAW

    Indonesian constitution has very clearly said that if in Indonesia you may choose any religion "EXCEPT" no religion or Atheist. In Pancasila (the basic ideology of Indonesia) clearly stated in the first principle: "Belief in one and only God". That Means, Islam with their God, Christian with their God, Hindu with their God, Buddha with their god, and other religions with their God. And there is no mention in the Indonesian constitution if the Indonesian citizens were allowed to have no religion. That means, if you are an atheist means you are breaking the law in Indonesia.

    • Marcel

      "In Pancasila (the basic ideology of Indonesia) clearly stated in the first principle: "Belief in one and only God""
      -> Not exactly. The first principle of Pancasila is: "KETUHANAN Yang Maha Esa." The word for "God" in Indonesian language is "Tuhan" notice the different. Ketuhanan literally means "Divinity" or "Godness" not "God" itself. So the most correct literal translation is: "The absolute one divinity/Godness," not the far more common translation: "Belief in one and only God."

      "And there is no mention in the Indonesian constitution if the Indonesian citizens were allowed to have no religion."
      -> TRUE, BUT at the same time, as far as I know, no law prohibit atheism explicitly. The citizenship law of 2006 claimed that Indonesian whose belief is not one of the 6 officially recognized beliefs (Islam, Protestanism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism.) could empty their religious column in their ID card. Unfortunately, the reality is the majority don't know about this law, and those who tried to empty their religious column still aren't able to did that. They would got some "lecture" from the civil servant in charge, or got the majority religion written on the religious column of their ID card.

      • Brain

        Can anyone on this page honestly tell me they believe in the separation of church and state. If you can do you agree with it?

    • PAthena

      "Belief in one and only God," does not mean Hinduism – which has many gods, and Buddhism (Theravada branch) which has no god.

  • FlipsideIsAnAss

    I wonder where that apologist extraordinaire Flipside will justify this action

    • ASG

      Knowing him, he won't. He'll just attack the author.

      • Flipside

        I’m not worried about it. Atheism is correct. It’s not under threat from anyone or anything.

        • Advocatus

          Gibberish again. Nor are you a credit to the cause of atheism.

          • Questions

            What exactly a "credit" to atheism, given that you oppose it? S.E. Cupp?

          • Advocatus

            No, I don't oppose atheism one bit. So come again.

          • Flipside

            Atheism isn’t a cause any more than running out of peanut butter is a cause.

          • JEM

            Atheism , of course, is a belief system. They believe something they cannot prove. It is a religion of a sort.

          • Advocatus

            But of course, it is a cause, though not for a sorry excuse of a naysayer such as yourself. Enlightened atheism seeks to better the world through reason by getting rid of silly old superstitions and religious beliefs.

          • Flipside

            No. It is just another Abstinence Cult. It's a bunch of people who think they are doing something by not doing something. It's veganism of religion. You can't better the world by bragging about your personal stand against something that does not exist in the first place. If you haven't moved on from Rationalist Apologetics into Cybernetics, you are just being an intellectual atavism.

          • Advocatus

            You continue to astound me with the depth of your ignorance about virtually any subject about which you offer an opinion in your posts on this site. It doesn't help matters that you have a sorry proclivity for cloaking your abstruse "insights" in high-falutin gibberish.

            Example: "If you haven't moved on from Rationalist Apologetics into Cybernetics, you are just being an intellectual atavism. "

            Come again?

  • NonTheist

    I'd like to take this moment to say "PHUKKKK ISLAM". Islamofascists can go Phukkkk themselves. Their Mythology is like all of the other religious mythology out there. no different.

    • Advocatus

      It's different in that Islam cannot even lay claim even to an original set of fairytales. Mohammed simply plagiarized Judaism and Christianity and leavened what he cooked up with some Arabian nonsense. Islam is on a par with Scientology and Mormonism when it comes to the sheer idiocy of its mythology.

      • NonTheist

        And then there was Horus (The original that JC was copied from)… seems the "Plagiarize the Myth" was quite the thing 2000 years ago.

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    At eighty I must sadly admit that atheism defines the attitude of mind of only a very small percentage of humanity.The great majority of people is regretfully subservient to some scarecrow deity filling them with superstitions and mutual enmity.

  • Simon

    God told me he is offended by the creation and enforcement of blasphemy laws. So anyone creating or enforcing a blasphemy law is guilty of blasphemy and needs either to arrest themselves or disappear up their own illogical backside.

    • Snorbak

      Atheists believe that once there was nothing & then for no reason, nothing exploded creating everything which magically, cause it cannot be explained, evolved into everything else.
      & these are the people that claim logic forms the basis of their non-belief! :-)

      • Mr Sanity

        Stop listening to those douchebags Kent Hovind and William Lane Craig and go read some science books. Nothing of the sort is claimed, but one thing is sure, nothing is claimed to be fact without some kind of testable evidence..

        • intrcptr2

          So sorry, but that is precisely what atheist science gets you. Or perhaps you could hypothesize, and test, where the material that generated the Big Bang came from, and why.

          As for testable evidence, you just shot down evolution.

          • Questions

            Science is about generating testable hypotheses and verifiable evidence. If that to you is "atheism," so be it.

          • intrcptr2

            Do try to read what is written, rather than what you choose to place before your won eyes.

            If I thought that was what "atheism" (Hadn't realized it is a euphemism for something else) is, I would not have used it to describe a certain kind of science. Or did you miss the part where Bacon told us to make sure we honored God with our science?

            Now, if you'd care to actually tell me just how the Big Bang defies "nothing & then for no reason, nothing exploded creating everything which magically, cause it cannot be explained, evolved into everything else", then, please do.
            Or perhaps you can explain just how we are to test the random process that defines evolution?
            Otherwise, leave the childish ad hominems in the toy box.

          • Blaze Pascal

            Why is there something rather than nothing? Answer me that if you can.

          • andrew

            Physicist Laurence Krauss offers a compelling vision in this regard in an interview with Sam Harris:

            "The old idea that nothing might involve empty space, devoid of mass or energy, or anything material, for example, has now been replaced by a boiling bubbling brew of virtual particles, popping in and out of existence in a time so short that we cannot detect them directly. I then go on to explain how other versions of “nothing”—beyond merely empty space—including the absence of space itself, and even the absence of physical laws, can morph into “something.” Indeed, in modern parlance, “nothing” is most often unstable. Not only can something arise from nothing, but most often the laws of physics require that to occur."

            You are free to read the rest of the interview at this link (… ).

      • Ted G

        I really don't know….there now isn't that better than making something up as the reason.
        For some believing in something they can't prove or disprove is easier than saying "I don't know".

      • Advocatus

        And religious folk base their faith on what evidence, specifically?

        The difference between a true atheist and a religious believer is that the former will accept nothing but empirical evidence to guide him in his understanding of the world and will recalibrate his views, should new evidence come in whereas the latter blithely subscribe to old fairytales and feel righteously superior in their bottomless ignorance despite all the evidence (biological, geological, historical, archaeological…) that undermines the very foundations of their faith.

  • Amused

    To single out atheists as " the persecuted group " by islam , is a bit narrow and uninformed . The big part of the muslim DECEPTION is that they tolerate Christians , Jews and Hindus . In REALITY , all are persecuted in Indonesia -regardless of what the phony government position states itself as being . Perhaps the author in unaware of Timor , the numerous church burnings , the murders of christians , the restrictive laws regarding building of churches or even repairs on existing churches . Or the "light sentences " , even"religious pardons granted " to muslims found guilty of MURDERING ,RAPING , PERSECUTING and DESTROYING the CHURCHES OF christians . This has been going on for years , and through successive American Administrations , yey the author finds opportunity to of course drag Obama into this as somehow supportive of this behavior .In REALITY , this goes on in EVERY MUSLIM DOMINATED COUNTRY , yes even while "our ally " Mubarak ruled over Egypt .

    • ASG

      That actually was the point. Many atheists think they are immune to the Jihad because they think Jihad is a "Religious War" and they have no religion. The point being made here is that all non-Muslims are in fact infidels, especially G-dless Muslim appologists here in the West.

  • ASG

    You can always count on Daniel to scare the s*** out of you first thing in the morning.!

    The good news here is that a large portion of the Christians in the US are starting to see what is going on too. Many groups like CJUI are uniting with Jews against our true common enemy. Hopefully if both groups can completely unite, we will stand a fighting chance.

  • Flipside

    It's amusing watching Greenfield try to recruit atheists into the Zionist rape fantasy. If only that special crop of atheists – the ones who are plagued and feel persecuted by their own disbelief – can be herded into the camp that wails about dhimmitude, then there might be 400 instead of only 40 people on the internet that feel persecuted by Islam.

    • reader

      As always, you sound rather angry than amused. Speaking about rape fantasies, "if only" kind of reveals what you really think, a restless incoherent troll.

    • FriendofGaryCooper

      Since you think dhimmitude is good, go live in Egypt for a while.

      • Flipside

        I am not worried about Dhimmitude. I’m not Jewish. Similarly, I’m not worried about Hell. I’m not Christian.

        • Blaze Pascal

          Do you ever worry about getting your head cut off? Just asking.

          • Flipside

            No. Definitely not. The last time a person sized me up was during the collapse of the Icelandic banking system. It was a pretty big guy. He changed his mind the closer he got. I’m not an easy person to get to the neck of.

          • Advocatus

            Pathetic hubris by a coward who would be hiding in his cupboard at the first "boo!"

        • Ted G

          Aaah! so you don't know everything. Dhimmitude is not restricted to Jews. But to continue the thought , since you are also not christian, then you are also not accorded any protection whatsoever from any true believer as a "person of the book". Not that that has proven any protection anyway.

          So what is your real purpose in making all these contrary comments other than to then sit back and laugh at the outrage you induce?

          Inquiring minds want to know flip
          Really, do you approve of death to apostates?
          Do you approve of death for any that insult islam or its prophet?
          I'm sure more than just I would like to hear these answers from you…

          It takes more than a higher level function and a large and mostly over utilized vocabulary in my book to qualify as civilized a human being.
          So far in that category you have been measured and found wanting.

          • Advocatus

            Yes, Flippo is one of a kind, is he not. But he is no contrarian. He's just a pathetic naysayer who loves putting on airs by throwing around shopworn 5-cent words and twisted verbal metaphors in an effort to try and fool us into thinking he's some sort of profoundly intelligent fellow who can't be bother about lowering himself to the simple taks of backing up his assertions with a simple fact-based argument. Take his Google away, and all you're left with is a simpering fool with a whole host of issues. Clearly, he also has plenty of free time on his hands so I figure he might be unemployed. So let's cut him some slack.

          • Flipside

            I laugh at your implication that lexicon is mutually exclusive of argumatics. I also find humor in the notion that something shopworn might not be either appropriate or superior in utility. Haven't you ever felt the glide of a shopworn claw hammer in your hand? Never run in well broken in track shoes? Never fired a well-tested bow? Did you also just contend that people who liberate their own time are morally depraved because that time is not being squandered by an employer or donated to people with less of a time surplus? Where do you get the basis for all these pronouncements? You don't think Jim Hoft or Rick Moran or Paulette Dettleslinger, or Ryan Mauro, or Elyahu m'Tsiyon are misusing the English Word or are unemployed when they act as pisseurs on here.

          • Flipside

            No, I don't approve of Sharia or Fatwas or Terrorism, or stoning of women or any of that crap. I don't endorse Islam. I don't oppose people who want to believe in it though. I have religious books and dictionaries in every language. I spent plenty of time reading all of these things and exploring the origins of humanity, of language, politics, and architecture. I was deeply pained by the Holocaust. I don't disagree with many of the basic teachings of Jesus or Zoroaster. It irritates me to see that so many people on Earth are still fighting the battles of not only the 20th Century but the 2nd Century. I have probably spent the greatest bulk of my time thinking about personal authority, and how men try to get over on one another and put them into the conned state of submission. I am fundamentally not a Muslim because it is literally impossible for me to submit to human beings or their imaginings, or their appeal to pain, or their stories of impending doom. Any time someone is both vicious and pretentious at the same time, I feel compelled to make that activity uncomfortable.

          • Advocatus

            This spake His Royal Highness, the Emperor of Phonies in His Own La-La Land.

            "I have religious books and dictionaries in every language."

            That's where the problem started in your case. You should invest in books written in a language you more or less understand. Call me a hard-bitten cynic, but somehow I doubt you've read the Septuagint in ancient Greek, the Torah in Hebrew, Gnostic texts in Arameic, the Koran in Arabic, or the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit.

            "I was deeply pained by the Holocaust."

            No need for corcodile tears; you're not fooling anyone. Seeing as you clearly despise Jews, why should you have been "pained" by the Holocaust? It's a credit to you, though, that at least you don't deny the Holocaust in the first place.

            "I don't disagree with many of the basic teachings of Jesus or Zoroaster."

            That I believe. You, too, seem to espouse a Manichean view of evil (Zionists) versus good (everyone else) so Zoroastrianism is right up your alley.

          • Advocatus

            "It irritates me to see that so many people on Earth are still fighting the battles of not only the 20th Century but the 2nd Century."

            What battles would those be, seeing as Islam was cooked up in the 7th century?

            "Any time someone is both vicious and pretentious at the same time, I feel compelled to make that activity uncomfortable."

            So clearly you're making yourself pretty uncomfortable.

          • Ted G

            Pardon me flip, but how do you NOT oppose people that believe it's their right to murder you (and me)?

    • ebonystone

      I don't know how many are on the internet, but there are probably 400 MILLION people in Moslem countries that not only "feel" persecuted by Islam but actually are persecuted by Islam.

    • intrcptr2

      Hey gang, I think ASG just won a ceegar!!

    • Advocatus

      "Zionist rape fantasy?" Is that what your secret fetish is? You want to bugger a Zionist eh? Well, each to his own.

      • Flipside

        That’s just the TeenGov talking.

        • Advocatus

          "the TeenGov talking"? Is that a comeback-cum-putdown that is supposed to put me in my place? Nah. Try again.

          • Flipside

            No. I’d never try to compete with your cum-putdown abilities.

          • Advocatus

            A little introspection — that's a good start. You also got the double entendre. Nice. Just when I was beginning to give up on you.

    • Ted G

      Hey flip, I may not be persecuted by islam yet, but I sure am offended by islams command to "Convert, submit or die"!
      I am also offended when our political leaders tell me that "islam is the religion of peace" when it is clearly not!
      Why aren't you flip? Don't liars just flip you off! I would say also that includes dissemblers eh flip!?

      • Flipside

        It takes a lot to make me mad. Skinny guys with beards in nightgowns aren’t really enough.

    • Ghostwriter

      "Zionist rape fantasy." Just when I think you can't go any lower,Flipside,you manage to do just that.

      • Flipside

        That’s the problem. Zionism operates on a false floor. You guys argue on such a narrow bandwidth.

        • Advocatus

          Meanwhile, you demonstrate a stupendous breath of knowledge, insight and commentary eh. Why, Flippo, you're a veritable philosopher king.

  • LindaRivera

    Article: If a dialogue on the consequences of Islamic law can be shut down with threats of violence at University College London, then it’s hard to think of any place that it cannot be shut down. End of article quote.

    I call that Muslim conquest of a country. Is the UK government planning to continue meekly accepting Muslim conquest of Britain? If so, then all of the many brave heroes who fought and died in the Second World War so that we could live in freedom, died in vain.

  • LindaRivera

    Islam's god is the total opposite of the One Great God of the Universe, our Wonderful Creator.

    The Bible is an amazing book of wisdom. It teaches so much! We should always RESPECT atheists! In the Bible, Genesis 5, tells of Enoch, a man who may not have believed in God for 65 years of his life. At age 65, Enoch came to know and follow God.

    Bible, Genesis 5:21-24 Enoch lived 65 years…Then Enoch walked with God three hundred years after he became the father of Methuselah…All the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty-five years. Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.

  • Reason_For_Life

    As an atheist I thank you for this article.

    This is hardly news for any atheist but to see it in a conservative publication is very encouraging. Perhaps this is the beginning of tolerant Christians, Jews and atheists recognizing one of their common enemies.

    • JasonPappas

      Indeed, I have many many Christians online who join with their atheist friends in support of religious freedom. Learning about Islam has made us understand how much we have in common by being in western civilization.

    • LindaRivera

      Atheists are our fellow human beings! Our brothers and sisters!

  • Hllosnackbar

    Every day on one reads about the burgeoning atrocities carried out by Mohammedans who believe that they have a mandate from Allah the imaginary to carry out murderous deeds.
    In the West we have enablers amongst politically correct brain damaged social scientist tied to their own fatuous Gramscian dogma.
    It's time for we Westerners to marginalise Islam and tell the believers that they sign a declaration rejecting Islam or be shunted somewhere else on the basis that ll Mohammedans
    are potentially seditious.
    Extreme one might say but a Mohammdan free society is what a lot of us would wish for!

  • Lisa Richards

    Excellent Daniel!

  • mrbean

    Man is one of some bilions upon billions of biological species in a infinitely old and chaotic universe that have come and gone as though they had never been. And to think there is any other outcome is naive.

    • mrbean

      Presently, the certain mystery of future mass extinction events has yet to be solved. Is extinction a predictable phenomenon, or are we at the mercy of a random catastrophe which will burst onto the scene unannounced and carry us away with our neighboring species? How capable are we humans of truly creating a mass extinction, let alone preventing one? We are indeed all subject to the uncertainty of cause and effect…will our candle be snuffed out before we discover how to guard our flame indefinitely, or will an ill fated breeze like a gamma burst, massive astroid, or comet extinguish all of life on Earth forever? It has come close every 500,000,000 years three times so far. And they say the fourth event is long overdue.

    • PhillipGaley

      R-r-r-i-i-i-ght, exactly, an' I feel the same g.d. way, "mrbean", I mean, and will you not also, agree and say that, putting your opinion up in this way is but a naive waste of yourself, . . . whatever that might be?

      • Amused

        Ahhh ,Mr .Bean , in addition to being a racist , you are also a fatalist , and I'll bet at your roots a nihilist ..Save your ridiculous spatter .What 'species " do you belong to ? And BTW , that is "gamma ray burst " .

        • mrbean

          As Proximo said in Gladiator, "Ultimately we are all dead men."

  • PhillipGaley

    In the actuality of the thing, between the gangs which control large areas of our own cities and the Moslems of Indonesia, I don't see just a whole lot of difference, . . . nor in the solution to the problem which both are constitutive of, . . . and, it ain't JESUS CHRIST, . . . I mean, conversion into new life in His Holy Spirit, could be their answer except that, . . . they're not interested in clean decent life, . . . not in the slightest, . . . both desire only, . . . more guns and all that which naturally attaches; so, . . .

  • Fart

    Um most liberals are against ALL EXTREMIST RELIGIONS! The cure is not Christianity. The cure is NO RELIGION! Of course I am not for a government enforcing this – that defeats the point – but idiots waking up, whether they be Christian, Spaghetti Monster Worshipers, or Magic Baby from Jerusalem Worshipers I am for. How to make that happen? Education.

  • diogenesusa

    There is a recently published Ebook at Kindle Books the title is;
    Allah of the Qur'an and the God of the Bible "Are They The Same?" The Verdict Is Yours.
    It answers many questions about why Muslims feel obligated to react towards any critical statements about the religion and Muhammad. The historical beginnings of Islam, along with a great deal of information that is never discussed in the public forum..

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't have a religion at all and I have a very tolerant view of religion. It's sad that there are those who believe in forcing their religion upon everyone else.

  • RoguePatriot6

    "One reason why the situation is not yet as bad as in the United States is because Jews still outnumber Muslims at least two to one."

    They also have the right to bear arms in the United States.

  • Brain

    Can anyone on this page tell me what the separation of church and state is and if you actually believe in it?

    • eloivsdiablo

      The state make the laws, not the church…

  • Amused

    I really dont think that the seperation of church and state is relevant in this particular thread , atleast not in the vein you intend.

  • eloivsdiablo

    What do any of us expect? Sura 8:55 suggests the worst of beasts in allah's sight are the ungrateful who will not believe. The worst of beasts! But don't mention it because, you know, it'll be a hate crime. The world has lost its marbles…

  • Advocatus

    Your affected schoolgirlish drivel is definitely foreign to me; you got that right.

    You're nothing but a sulking bully in junior high and not a very clever one at that. Urban Outfitters? Affliction shirt? Liquid Plumr? King of the teen forums? Stop barking up a redwood?

    Now let me take you at your word: Explain how one moves "from rationalist apologetics to cybernetics." Specifics please and stick to the facts.

    And spare me the sesquipedalian aneurysms of a boviating mountebank. (You like that phrase, don't you?)

    • Flipside

      You're in the 21st Century on a computer, using a network developed by DARPA, debating whether God exists and evangelizing the merits of Atheism. You might as well be trying to prove that fire is good, that geometry is valid for curved surfaces, that the human genome can be decoded, that Y2K won't be a big deal.

      Why don't you update your evangelism past the works of Norbert Weiner? Argue something that's actually debatable.

      • Advocatus

        And on we go with the ill-informed ramblings of a pathetic little twit.

        Meanwhile, don't sidestep the issue by throwing out yet more non sequiturs. Simply stick to the gist of my response to you, which is this: Explain how one moves "from rationalist apologetics to cybernetics," as you so helpfully pointed out one should do.

        "Why don't you update your evangelism past the works of Norbert Weiner?"

        Robert Weiner is your gold standard for informed ralionalism? I rest my case.

        And where was I evangelizing to you about the virtues of atheism? Nah, you wouldn't be worth my time so thanks but I'll pass.

        • Flipside

          I wonder what you sound like at 4 bit. 8 bit is pretty funny.

          • Advocatus

            Another fine putdown by the inimitable Flipthebird. You're a two-stroke engine of malodorous malapropisms and homey fisher's-wife wisdom, and I salute you.

            Do keep it up, Flippo old boy, as I take great pleasure in observing verbal sclerosis manifest your intellectual stupor.

  • Knosys Networks

    This is what happens when you don't separate church and state, craziness.

  • hasan

    i am an indonesian muslim. and i can assure you he is not arrested because he is atheist.
    in his facebook page, he openly attack the prophet and the beliefs of islam with inapropriate words. That attack causing uproar that make the police arrest him

    • GenieSmith

      Muslims openly attack and kill Christians and Jews in many countries, and celebrate it. This causes an uproar with moral people who are expected to be tolerant of your so called religion of peace.

      Can you see the problem here, Hasan?

    • Lindsay Lohan

      Well , the prophet married a 6 years old girl and waited she's 9 ( NINE !!! ) to have sex with her , if that's not "inapropriate" !
      Also , the "beliefs of islam" , a endless list of ridiculous/criminal do's and don'ts , and claiming it's the will of god because " angel Gabriel told me so last night " , IS APPROPRIATE ???!!??!?!

  • timeforfreedom

    No government has the right to prosecute based on what words are "appropriate". No government has the right to prosecute based on whether something is "insulting" to someone else. It does not matter who lives there, or what a holy book says, such prosecutions are morally wrong.