The Most Divisive Campaign in American History

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Bain is a metaphor whose details don’t truly matter. The target audience for that swill doesn’t really care where Romney was when a steel plant was shut down. It doesn’t care that like so many private equity bigwigs, the man who actually was in charge is one of Obama’s bundlers. This isn’t about truth, it’s about menace. The Bain message is that Romney is a man who takes things away. That is the  image that the UnAmerican alliance is meant to take away. The ominous sense that Obama’s era of giving them things is about to come to a close and Romney’s era of taking away things will begin.

It doesn’t take much prompting for the UnAmericans to come to this conclusion. Thieves are always looking over their shoulders. They always expect to have their ill-gotten gains taken away from them. And that is Obama’s true achievement. Like Tammany Hall, he has corrupted a massive section of the population and made it complicit in his criminality. What the old political machines did to cities or small groups of vested interests, the Zero has done to tens of millions, if not a hundred million people, who want him in power not because they think he’s the best man for the job, but because he’s their crook. The middle man for a crime ring that begins with him and ends with them.

The true insidious evil of the man is that he is the face of a machine of power and privilege that turns Americans into UnAmericans, that corrupts and degrades every ideal and principle, suborns every office and picks every pocket, while wrapping that thievery in the flag and every bit of history that it can filch. The Hussein Way is the clearest expression of the rot at the heart of the Democratic Party, the marriage of leftist agitation and powermongering with the old urban political machines for a level of abuse usually seen only in banana republics.

The abomination in Washington is a welfare-state technocracy that mixes crony capitalism with radical social policy. It steals from everyone and gives back to some. It plays the game of divide and conquer with the panache of marketing executives knowing that the worse the economy is, the more likely everyone is to look in everyone else’s mouth. Its worst aspect is its insistence on cloaking its cynicism as righteousness, wrapping every ugly means in the glorious flag of the ends when the truth is that its means are its ends.

Divide and conquer isn’t just a means to the greater end of giving Zero Hussein another four years. And perhaps another four years after that. It’s also the end. Every tyrant from Joseph Stalin to Saddam Hussein knew that a divided people are easier to rule. The more you divide them, the less likely they are to give you any trouble when you’re raiding their last pennies to pay for the latest Green gimmick that your billionaire backers have thrown up all over Wall Street.

Obama is the ultimate Post-American figure passing himself off as the embodiment of all that is truly American. But the UnAmericans got the real message in 2008 and in 2012 there is no other message. There is no more hope and faith, and the ones who have been waiting for are the UnAmericans who think that they are about to come into their own, when they are little more than pawns being used to rob and destroy a great nation.

This is the Post-American, Anti-American and UnAmerican campaign to divide up, carve up and toss aside the laws and traditions of the United States and replace them with the power of arrogance. It is the last stand of a beleaguered nation facing barbarians inside its gate. Every previous election was a contest between two American candidates who wanted to preside over the United States.

This is an election contest between the United States and an emerging Post-American order. That entity will be an American EU run by unelected bureaucrats, governed by politically correct technocrats and upheld by corrupt financial pirates disguising the collective bankruptcy with numbers games so elaborate that they make every billion-dollar con game and pyramid scheme that has come before seem as simple as child’s play.

The entity is already here. Its czars are running things in D.C., and its judges are dismantling both constitutional government and democratic elections. It creates a crisis and then makes sure that it doesn’t go to waste. It has excellent design skills and terrible planning skills. It has all the money in the world and none at all. It is the Post-American America, and 2012 is its big referendum. The one that will decide whether this Post-American America, this horrid graft of E.U. governance and Mussolini economics, Soviet propaganda and FDR volunteerism, Tammany populist criminality and U.N. foreign policy will be permitted to devour the United States of America.

Obama cannot win an American election. But he isn’t running in an American election. He’s running in a Post-American election.

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  • Bob Mack

    Book 'em, Danno!

    Mitt Romney could have named Bugs Bunny as his running mate and the puerile and increasingly hysterical Left would have labeled the rabbit as an extreme right-wing ideologue whose idea of governance is to murder the elderly, bitch-slap the poor, defenestrate the infirm, and happily castrate a few stray squirrels as he hops his way to a coney Klan meeting …

  • Kevin

    Obama might have a chance with this strategy: Radical homosexuals 2%, bitter blacks 12%, angry man-hating women (estimated 50% of women, so 25% of electorate), socialists/communists 20%. That is well over half of the population. There simply aren't enough decent, clear-headed people left to put Romney, or any white conservative(not that Romney is said conservative), in the White House. It is going to be nasty. Could be fighting in the streets. Pat Buchanan is right–the country will not make it another fifteen years.

    • Kufar Dawg

      There will still be a United States of America, but it won't have much to do w/the Constitutions, equal rights, liberty or freedom anymore. Maybe it'll more resemble Turkey, or Indonesia, the two "moderate" islamofascist states.

    • stevefraser

      You forgot people who pay no taxes.

    • JoeyDG

      You forgot that 6% of the blacks are woman socialists. So you need to subtract the overlapping populations from your totals. In other words, 12%+20%+2%+25% really only equals 25% + about 10% for 35%. Don't worry. I think Romney's got this one.

      Put your Romney/Ryan bumper sticker on your car and smile big because we're winning.

      • wsk

        Put on a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker on your car and it will get vandalized. No smiling. This is the type of dogsh__ caliber people we are dealing with.


      pat buchanan? Now you lost me.

      pat buchanan is a fascist. He would have fit right in with the National SOCIALIST SCUM of WW2.

  • dodo

    Shifting blame from oneself and avoiding responsibility by hate mongering and blaming shifting are classic fascist techniques.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The zero's scapegoat seems to have been white America in his first campaign, I suppose it will be in his second as well.

    • Dennis

      These are pure Alinsky principles. There is no shortage of "useful idiots, that's for sure.

    • stevefraser

      As is violence, crony capitalism, cult of personality and a one party system….sound familiar?

  • ★FALCON★

    Romney appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with the last four years. Obama appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with America.

    That's all true – and there are plenty of those voters. However, if Romney keeps letting Obama go negative without fighting back – he risks losing this election. Candidates use negative ads because they work. And Romney should know that after spending 100 million dollars to beat the tar out of his primary challengers.

    I have a feeling my fear – and that of others – will be realized. Romney runs tough in the primary and reverts back to a spineless punching bag during the General election. And another point – it's not Paul Ryan's job to go out there day after day and take it to the Democrats – it's ROMNEY'S. He ran for the office – start acting like you want it.

    Romney said yesterday that he would run a postive campaign. If that's true – he better get his concession speech ready because he is up against avowed communists who have come to far to turn back because Romney is a nice guy.

    Romney better start fighting or he'll be the next GHW Bush. And that's not a place in history I would want to be.

    • gsully

      Thank you – I wholeheartly agree. Romney will NOT win without standing up and fighting…He's up against a Chicago Thug and more than one of his czars are communists – admitted communists. So, he's actually up against a whole regime who want to take us down. This is not the time to play nicey nice. He better fight for us or the battle is over before it even begins….

  • Steve Chavez

    "THE BLIND DEMOCRATS." These are Democrats who will blindly follow any Democrat only because they are a Democrat including if that Democrat has the most ridiculous and extreme ideas. Their ears close when they hear one of these zealots speak live since they are awestruck that they are in the mere presence of a well-known person.

    Do you actually think they are listening to Obama says except when he comes up with another slogan and telling a joke EVEN AFTER THEY ARE THERE ONLY BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE A JOB and half their family are unemployed too and the reason IS STANDING THERE IN FRONT OF THEM but they instead have chills up their legs? All they are thinking is: "He's cool. That smile. He's funny, really funny. I'm voting for him." Isn't that a definition of A ZOMBIE?

    • CHOI

      You're COMPLETELY CORRECT about EVERYTHING you say.
      In fact your comment is so ON TARGET that FPM should repost it at the end of Greenfield's article as an addendum.

  • Gylippus

    Superb analysis Daniel. Thanks

    • Kufar Dawg

      I want to thank Daniel as well. It's just sad his piercing insight is completely unwelcome in the enemedia of

  • alphakilosingh

    Absolutely right. Obama is not running an American election. He is running a Post-American election!

  • clarespark

    The America haters were in full regalia during the 1960s and afterward, creating the poisonous political climate of today that Daniel Greenfield has protested. I laid out the America-hating argument here:… "The Hebraic American Landscape: Sublime or Despotic". I use a much criticized paragraph from Herman Melville, praising the task of "the Chosen People" (Americans) and the optimism that America would lead the nations to political democracy. Such a project has been deemed "imperialism" by our most powerful intellectuals.

  • amused

    Oh , I agree with the author , this is infact the Most Divisive campaign in U.S. History ……and it started on Nov.09 , 2008 .

  • amused

    …….and it will continue to atleast Jan.20, 2017, no matter who wins . So get out your rubber hip boots , and your raincoats , because the politicians will be peeing on your heads telling you it's raining ] and there will be miles and miles of B.S. to trudge through .

    • ★FALCON★

      Since when has a liberal been blessed with seeing the future when they can't even learn from the past?

      • amused

        You mean Independent , and with conservatives like your lot , it's as easy as rolling off a log . And as far as " not learning from the past " ? The Liberals aint got nothing on you .

        • ★FALCON★

          The entire text of the term "independent" is so a liberal can hide behind the facade of impartiality, seem enlightened and then vote like an idiot with no thought nor morals.

          • amused

            That's because A) you're narrowminded and totally brainwashed B ) You're too ignorant and wet behind the ears to know anything about Independents , TRUE Libertarians and Centrists C ) it annoys you that anyone would dispaly intelligence by not engaging in your hysterical rhetorical bull shiiit politics which at the end of the day produces NOTHING ,as 62%of Americans polled have correctly determined . D ) You have Centrists and Independents within your own ranks [And Theirs ] who will jump party lines at the time of the elections E ) in your utter ignorance and blind partisanship the good of the country takes a back seat to your juvenile and poisonous partisanship and egos .F) your very ethos is based in selfishness, sanctimonious self-righteousness and self-pride. You got a lot to learn SCRUB .

          • amused

            Oh ….and I forgot to mention G) You dont know what the hell you're talking about , and you're just a repeating parrot .

  • Spider

    "There is not a single Obama voter anywhere in the land who believes that another four years of him will make this country better. Not a single one from coast to coast. No, what they believe is that he will make the country a worse place for those people that they hate."

    Truer words were never said, I thank this author for such spot on analysis of the Obummer campaign.

  • amused

    LOL…then Romney should be a "shoe in " no ? BTW , that statement is so self-serving , so juvenile and so typical of the perpetual victim syndrome .
    So anyone who votes for Obama [ I will vote for neither of these BUMS ] will be doing so , soley for the purpose of making your lives miserable ?
    How pathetic .

    • Kufar Dawg

      The zero has already demonstrated and spoken about his affinity/support for islamofascism. That's sufficient for me to vote for Romney.

      • amused

        Don't give yourself too much credit , you whining crybabies would vote for Alfred E. Newman if it meant not voting for Obama . The great advantage of not being dumb enough to get sucked up into the phony ideological crap your two parties are wallowing in is , it wont be my gut that gets torn up when the wrong guy wins . LOL…there'll be many tortured and sleepless nights for either Democrats or Republicans depending on who wins . You however will likely be kicking yourself to sleep if "the zero wins " . I would imagine you're already into the tortured sleepless nights already contemplating the posibility of a loss .Dont worry though , no matter which ideological idiot becomes POTUS , we Independents will prevent you both from pushing the US off the edge for the sake of your endless pisssing contests .

        • fiddler

          Don't worry Kufar. Amused really doesn't have anything more to do than taunt people. If he is a union person (as I was at one time) this article does seem to bode ominous to him. It spells out what this president represents: a man who gets revenge on his long-time enemies, known and yet to be know. He doen't know them personally; doesn't know if they are good people, compasionate or just morally decent. It doesn't matter. If they are conservative and rich, they are the target of his quest to "level the playing field". Amused joins him while sitting back and laughing at those who can do anything (yet) about someone like this who holds power. The deck is stacked and he knows it.

          • amused

            Fiddler , you already proven to me that your brain dead . The thing about me that vexes you and your ilk , is that I dont need a demagogue or partisan party line in order to determine for me , what is morally right or wrong , how to know good people from bad , I've forgotten more rich people than you will ever know , beside I dont judge by bankbooks , that's you're sad and sorry estimation , based on your brainwashed easily decieved and gullible mind . You are weak and need others to guide you . You thrive with the rest of your wimp cohorts , on paranoia , innuendo , ominous "SECRIT PLOTS " being perpetrated on you . You need a common enemy to hate , this generates the perverted commradery that you feel . You are blind to reality by CHOICE . You feel safe in the echo chamber that reverberates the sounds you prefer . You run scared ,and I run free , and that is what you resent ,as you compile your childish assumptions of what makes me tick . I judge people on FACE VALUE , until proven otherwise .

          • amused

            and BTW fiddler , I'm now retired collecting my " entitlement " which I have paid for with blood , sweat and tears , over the course of 50 years in the work force from the age of 12 with a 2year hiatus in the Army , and I'll tell you this , the men Ive fought with ,and the men I've worked side by side with , on Merchant Ships , the Docks , and in the telecom buisiness climbing poles and digging holes , all these men are so far superior in character , courage and fortitude than ANYONE in Washington , and that is ALL INCLUSIVE going back to Eisenhower and Truman . ansd no one since can hold a candle to these men . And I got news for YOU pal , if you WERE a Union Man , then you always will be , else you NEVER were to begin with , but just going through the motions , a phony .Men of character come in rich and poor ,and every strata inbetween .Unfortunately THERE ARE NONE PRESENTLY IN WASHINGTON .

          • Kufar Dawg

            Truman fought in WW1 w/the USMC, who the f*&k are you to denigrate this military career?

          • wsk

            don't forget laying around on your big fat lazy union a$$. Thats part of your "work" as well.

          • Kufar Dawg

            I don't need corrupt politicians to lie to me about pisslam, regardless of political party affiliation.

          • amused

            Learn to read kufar , you blithering imbecile , learn to read .

          • amused

            What ? Do I have to give lessons in reading comprehension around here TOO ?

  • andy

    A beautiful piece of writing, Daniel. Paddy Chiaefsky would be awed. But you forgot an old adage: "Less is more." Cutting 15%-20% of the verbiage would make it a classic. If the GOP could share your insight they might have a chance. They don't seem to have recognized what you see which is the reality. They seem to feel that by focusing simply on the economy they can convince enough voters that they will have the answer that eluded Obama and too many don't believe them. In the meantime, they are ignoring tons of ammo supplied by Obama, his detailed record from college years through a 20-year association with Rev. Wright, a mountain of sleaze.
    What you didn't touch on was another aspect of this dangerous man and that is his romance with or devotion to Islam. How does that figure in? America is living out a classic Western movie plot where the town brings in a sheriff to clean up the town and the sheriff turns out to be worse than the bad guys he was supposed to rout.

    • RaDonna Marshall

      Well said. We are still illusionary fools believing a new sheriff will clean it up. We have become to complacent to be effective. If we do not aggressively fight we cannot win back the republic. That one vote we have is not enough, we must get involved and not just online.

  • Choi

    Mr. Greenfield has put into a cogent and concise article the TRUE "State of the Union" 2012.
    Obama and the Democrats ARE USING Chicago Machine tactics on the ENTIRE COUNTRY.
    .In the past ,under the OLD Chicago Democratic Machine the competition was between Wards,Ward Democratic Committeemen(the WARD BOSSES),which included the Ethnic Special Interest Groups,as Wards were drawn to reflect Ethnic Make-Ups.
    The Old Machine Morphed into today's LEFTY DOMINATED CHICAGO MACHINE thanks to the 2nd Mayor Daley.
    When Harold Washington died in office,Daley won a Special Election ,but with the help of the Machine's INTRA-PARTY ARCH RIVALS,the LEFTY Progressives and the African-American voters who had their own Anti-(old) Machine "grievances" because the Old Machine supported then Mayor Jane Byrne in 1983 rather than him and in a 3-way race ,Washington won.
    Daley would NEVER forgive them for siding with the incumbent,Byrne,and he set out to DESTROY them.
    What he did was CREATE the NEW MACHINE of LEFTIES, and in PROMINENT roles,at the beginning were Rahm Emanuel,David Axelrod,and Valerie Jarrett .
    To show the ARROGANT TRUE SELF of today's Machine,they have MANIPULATED ,thru Democratic CONTROL of BOTH Houses of the Illinois Legislature ,the Governor's Office,and Election Authorities to DEPRIVE Cook County/Chicago Voters of a CHOICE for Legislative candidates by putting obstacles into the EXISTING laws for filling Ticket Vacancies where there is NO Primary -Emerging nominee.
    The Party Committemen,ELECTED by Primary Voters ,up until now,could appoint nominees to fill vacancies on their Party's General Election ticket,BUT the Democrats managed to enact a requirement that the Party with vacancies had to get an arbitrary # of signatures which the Democrats than challenged and their CONTROLLED Election Authorities than"UPHELD".
    At THIS moment there are only one or two Chicago/Cook County Legislative Districts with a GOP nominee on the ballot,when there were candidates in ALL of them.
    And the way they did it is APPALLING,dragging it out over a TIME-BURNING 2 Plus month period in which the "disqualified "GOP candidates have still NOT BEEN OFFICIALLY NOTIFIED of their REMOVAL(s),burning up statutory "appeal" time and preventing campaigns from organizing and Fund-Raising should they be restored.
    This HAS National Implications as well, as Voters ANGRY with Illinois' Democrat Driven SERIOUS California-Scale Financial Problems,and being DEPRIVED of a General Election ALTERNATIVE, could,God-Forbid, choose NOT to vote at all.
    THAT is the Illinois Democrat's AIM,: UNOPPOSED Democratic Legislators and ALIENATED VOTERS

  • PaulRevereNow

    Romney needs to tell the Great Zero, "I'll release my tax returns if you release your student records at Occidental and Columbia, and explain to Americans why you use a Connecticut Social Security number, and
    why your Selective Service registration is fraudulent." GET TOUGH, MITT. Otherwise, the UnAmericans that Mr. Greenfield refers to, will become Obama's Army, in his next term.

    • amused

      Yea man , and what about that birth certificate huh ?

      • fiddler

        You have nothing to say about the sealed documents, but just poke fun. Sure we don't need to know who our president is. Why it's a violation of decorum to wonder WHY he has paid that much money to have those sealed.

        Since you have it all figured out (or merely love the mystery so that you can poke fun at others because tha amuses you) why don't you tell us all.

        Your whole EXISTENCE on this website is to beg the question, "yeah but you guys do it too, huh" That's sums you up. As I said before, you amuse yourself by relishing in your self-proclaimed title of devil's advocate, sprinkled with invective and provoking angst. Congratulations on your great accomplishment.

        • amused

          Oh ? Then please explain to me fiddler , what a "Connecticut Social Security Number " is ? Where is "Obama's Army " . What about the " Fraudulent Selective Service Registration " where's the proof and what is the logical explanation since there was no draft that Obama would have had to fear ? Selective Service records are NOT sealed .
          One of the biggest Birthers , finally got access to the national Archives and did indeed find the birth notice published in the Hawaian Newspaper , so with nothing left the IDIOT stated , "well they could have called in the birth to the newspaper from out of the country " …how does THATsound to you ?
          If you want to Congratulate me , then do so , for NOT putting my brain up on the shelf , and for not being a gullible IDIOT .

          • amused

            cat got your tongue fiddler ? no way to prove those ridiculous allegations is there ? and so they remain ….ridiculous allegations held to only by the ignorant , uninformed , or purposed liars .

  • Schlomotion

    This article owes a debt of gratitude to The Cipher of Genesis by Carlo Suares.

    I fail to see how anything herein distinguishes itself from the use of a Sephardic decoder ring to do name and number substitutions. "Zero Hussein?" Really? Manichean struggles? Hermeneutics of the American end-times? The battle over metaphors? When is Mr. Greenfield's exegesis on the Aleph and the analyses in Farrakhanese of the number 19 and how Barack Hussein Obama's name-letter-numbers add up to 666 coming out?

    • fiddler

      I think the time is past to give this president the legitimacy he seeks. His behaviour has most of us reeling. He is in a class by himself. If Zero offends you, ignore it and read the rest of the article. This is an author who like many of us who has had to live with the one-sided media who has failed a long time ago to vett this man. We are stuck with him, with PC, with a compromised "Justice" department and media. Amused would poke fun, but he must just be an interloper with no particular concern about the state of this nation. We see past this person, we who witnessed the '60's. He epitomizes everything counter to what made this nation the prosperous and self-correcting nation (not perfect) it is. He has utter contempt for America and it shows. That is why we suffer him (and his compromised accomplises) for now. The article paints him as unAmerican, and I couldn't agree more.

  • Iratus Vulgas

    There are times when using the term "totalitarian" seems like an overstatement. And then I have to ask myself, "What else can you call this?" Since 2008, Obama has been laying his Marxist cards on the table, one by one and the hand is now there for all to see. In the grand tradition of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro, Obama is leading his Leftist minion in a war against its own citizens. We've become enemies of our own state.

    • amused

      Yea …and look at all those freedoms and liberties you lost in the past 3 1/2 years !!! And all those dead citizens ! Bodies littering the streets of America , death camps being constructed " IN SECRIT" , I even hear tell there's a gulag being prepared , somwhere out there in New Mexico and Nevada , like Area 51 .
      Uh …please list just ONE freedom or Liberty that you have lost in the last 3 1/2 years .And be carefull ! Those Democrats control everything , they likely will make your answer "disappear " before it ever reaches the blog thread .

      • fiddler

        Again, nothing of value here. The intent is just to provoke, hoping to make others look silly. Amused is on a psychogenic fuege, a lost identity. No-one and nothing matters. Let's all just embrace the horror and grin about it.

        • Iratus Vulgas

          You got it. This unpleasant spectator seems to have no stake in the game other than getting a few self-indulgent yucks. And I'm not fluent in pointless incoherent blather.

          • amused

            Well then , that being true , you must of course reject that drivel that you just wrote . Of course I'm unpleasant in your eyes …..I'm challenging your B.S.

          • amused

            listen to the crickets

  • pat

    Cutter,Burton,Begala,Wasserman Schultz,M.S.N.B.C.and the rest of the Democratic party have made this election the most hateful in my life time.The attacks on Romney never stops and when you ask them a question they go on and on with the same attacks and never answer.It is clear the this concerted effort is being done to hide everything about Obama.

    • fiddler

      Oh but amused would disagree and say that they are as fair as fair can be. Or worse, he would distain your obvious concern. This is typical. It is upside-down logic from the left. Anyone who disagrees with us is crazy, and uneducated. I can't listen to these "journalists". To say that they are in collusion is a gross understatement. They need to be taken on. Sinnunu thankfully is doing that. They need to be laughed at and scorned for their obvious BIAS and lack of professionalism. It has been said that journalism has died.

      • amused

        dont include me in your " us " fiddler , or their " us " , I belong to neither , and to me, quoting Sunnunu is about the same worth as quoting a bum on the Bowery . Becaue the two share the same in accomplishment ….NOTHING . And that is only so far as what I would know about the bum , who's accomplishments might very well be behind him , unseen and unrecognized .
        And you know damn well journalism has been reduced to only a 10 letterword , and that there are just as many opinionated reports from the right as there is from the left . That is why it is absolutely encumbent upon ALL who wish to be informed before opening their mouth , to investigate beyond their biased pen , and to gleen between the lines of both and from all other purviews ,what the actual facts are …sans opinion , presumption and assumption , rumor and innuendo , for these "alleged journalists " have abdicated responsibility for such things, as have all the politicians . Therefore the individual is soley responsible for the conclusions reached , based on the facts as best can be determined .

        • amused

          Those are the rules I take seriously and under which I operate and reach conclusions by ….and this inevitably puts me at odds with opinionated people such as yourself and most of your loft . Yes I'm amused …at you conflagrations , your machinations , your ambiguous versions of truth , and the ludicrous conclusions you reach by way of ERROR .

  • pierce

    This is the most divisive campaign in history because this is the most divisive President this country has ever had.
    He is going out of his way to antagonize the people who don't like him, and in some cases those that do like him.

  • Choi

    The term "Post American" was originally conceived by a GREAT FIGHTER for Freedom,Pamela Geller&her" Atlas Shrugs" Blogsite.
    Pamela wrote a BRILLIANT examination of Obama's "Post-American Presidency" in her best selling book:
    I urge ALL who LOVE the USA to read Ms. Geller's book.

  • Ghostwriter

    Boy,this campaign's sure going to get nasty before November.

  • Jon Shea

    All Obama will need in the second term is a 5-4 Supreme Court vote and he not only can run in 2016 but could
    just declare himself president for life.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Alternatively he could concoct a Reichstag scenario and merely suspend Constitutional liberties.

      • Amused

        Ok fiddler , now tell me ole’ “dawgy ” here aint brain damaged > you’re all a laughing stock in the eyes of intelligent men , and YEA “they do it too ” just like you .
        What you democrat and republican loons are doing , is facilitating and WILL eventually NECESSITATE the formation of a VIABLE THIRD PARTY .
        THAT is what is amusing about the sorry state of politics …lololol…and don’t feel left out , I incur the same amount of disdain on the lefty blogs .You say you’re concerned about the country ,and I say BULLSHEEET . You claim concern about the middle class , and I say MORE BULLSHEET , you’re concerned about the Oligarchs who lead you by the nose , just as the left . By 2016 the Americans , that is the truly concerned Americans will be totally fed up with you both , then tere will be a Third Party to keep you both honest .
        Just look at how you both are leaving the drought distressed farmers hanging out to dry ! Over WHat !? Your bullsheeet partisan politics have gone too far .

  • bobevers1

    mr greenfield is always at his passionate best..

  • amused

    Yea , " journalistic opinion is wonderfull " , spun with partisan rhetoric …. now if somehow we could see some real tears .

    • fiddler

      Are you ever serious?

      • amused

        Are you denying that this article is anything but ?

  • oneporncorn

    Little “o” doesn’t have enough glue to hold all the dispirate groups together anymore…
    All he can do is distract, slash and burn, and shape-shift…

    Good luck with that as the world burns..

  • umustbkidding

    You know this economy is the worst since Jimmy Carter. (How lame of McCain not to straighten that one out) I remember more than once hearing Hillary Clinton say that the reason that Carter failed was because he didn't implement his policies fast enough???? Well, the Dems were at lighting speed when they had their super majorities in both the senate and house. Passing bills with the sales pitch – let's pass this bill so we can see what is in it – criminal really.

    The only thing that is different today from the Carter administration is that the Fed has artificially kept the interest rates down. After the election no matter who wins – interest rates are going up, up, up.

    • Amused

      that's correct and so are taxes , but shhhhh…we wont mention that just right now . Instead everyone will lie about it until AFTER the election .

  • stevefraser

    Of course,…so why is the GOP so unprepared for the Fascist hate machine?

  • amused

    Yea and maybe we'll have a term "Post Geller Integrity " . Geller lost her credibility when she made the political decision to engage and embrace lies , not all , but if one lies in somethings they may as well lie in all things as far as dependability and credulity go .
    The shame of it all is that Spencer , a good man with an extremely serious and important message , is allowing himself to be dragged down , and his credibilty dimminished by a person who has chosen to abandon principle .
    YOIU go read her book Choi , and go buy extra copies , for all their worth , buy a hundred ….and put them in your attic .