The New Racial Justice System

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This summer, Obama issued an executive order calling for equal outcomes in school discipline policies. A racial quota system for school bullies requires that disciplinary action be handed out on the basis of race which terminates any behavior-based school discipline system. But the movement for racially equivalent outcomes is going to bigger places than just your local elementary school.

Our criminal justice system punishes crimes based on the harm inflicted on the individual and on society. The redistributive racial justice approach adds another component whose goal is neither the punishment of individual or communal harm, but the balancing out of disparities in racial crime statistics. This can be achieved in one of two ways; either as with bullying, by racially selective punishments linked to a statistical quota or by criminalizing and prosecuting entire categories of offenses based on race.

New York State’s radical Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who during the election promised to give Al Sharpton his own office, has been restructuring the drug laws to produce racially equal outcomes.   Schneiderman had waged war on the Rockefeller Drug Laws that cracked down on street drugs and pushed aggressively for drug laws that target white offenders by criminalizing prescription drugs.

I-STOP is Schneiderman’s solution, a drug database that monitors everyone’s prescriptions and intimidates doctors into not prescribing painkillers for suffering patients out of fear of criminal prosecution—all in the name of racial justice.

As one article boasts, “The theory behind I-STOP represents a sea change in how drug crimes are handled. Where the Rockefeller laws ended up criminalizing the actions of poor blacks and Hispanics, prescription-drug-monitoring programs like I-STOP are as likely to affect the wealthy as they are to affect the poor.”

Street drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine were heavily prosecuted, not for racial or class reasons, but because of the violent behavior and social problems of their users. Schneiderman’s efforts to decriminalize street drugs did nothing to help minority communities dealing with violent crime and serious social problems caused by drug use and drug trafficking. Dragging wealthy white people into court may make Sharpton’s Attorney General feel smug, but does not accomplish anything either.

I-STOP is part of a wave of racially redistributive measures whose goals go beyond equal access to the justice system and attempt to artificially achieve equal outcomes. Schneiderman’s efforts to shift drug abuse and drug dealing prosecutions from the ghetto to the medical office are an example of how the left uses crime statistics to artificially racially balance outcomes by cracking down on types of offenses based on the racial group statistically likeliest to be guilty of that offense.

This type of tinkering with the gears of the machine produces equal outcomes only by completely destroying the purpose and functionality of the justice system, turning it into a mechanism for imprisoning an equal number of black and white people in order to meet an ideological quota.

These efforts go beyond attempts at erasing disparities in stops, arrests, prosecutions, convictions and sentencings; instead recognizing that the only way to truly achieve equal outcomes is by rigging the game from the start. And beyond the inherent racism of a quota system for crime, the disruptive effects of a racial quota justice system will be far more devastating than even the lenient justice system of the seventies.

For example, while white people were more likely to be arrested as drug users (though not when accounting for the relative percentages of both groups in the population) the number of white and black drug dealers was nearly the same. Considering the dramatic difference in population sizes, the statistics showed that a far higher percentage of the black population is arrested for dealing drugs. If the racially redistributive solution is applied to this disparity, that would lead to drug users receiving heavier punishments than drug dealers to balance out the racial justice scales and achieve equal outcomes.

The traditional racially redistributive justice methodology focused on reducing enforcement, the new approach is not satisfied with decriminalization, but works toward the criminalization of white people. One example of this is the shift from a law enforcement focus on crack cocaine to methamphetamines which has resulted in a 21 percent drop in the number of black people convicted of drug offenses and a 42 percent increase in the number of white people convicted of drug offenses.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    "This summer, Obama issued an executive order calling for equal outcomes in school discipline policies."

    This alone is so outrageous and illegal.

    NOBODY EVER GUARANTEED EQUAL OUTCOME TO ANY CLASS OF PEOPLE! It's like calling them retarded and incapable of competing. This is so insulting to the HUMAN race!

    Will there by guaranteed equal results between say, whites and Asians…no there will not be. "OMG, what should we do?!" Teach the lower performers how to work more effectively!

    Gag, spit (etc.)

  • Chezwick

    Social decay replaces a once dynamic meritocracy. The death spiral of a civilization is a matter of years, not decades.

  • davarino

    Sure, ok, dont acknowledge the elephant in the room. Make someone else the reason for your problem. Take it out on someone else for your supposed disparity in outcomes. No, there hasent been a break down in the family in your community. No, there hasent been a break down in respect for authority in your community. No, there hasent been a break down in work ethic in your community. No, its all good, its someone elses fault. And the left keeps enabling you with that narrative as your community continues to disintegrate into ashes.

  • Schlomotion

    I think it's funny that now that it has come out that Nakoula Nakoula is a meth dealer who works for Walid Shoebat's cousin, Mr. Greenfield has to write a big article defending methamphetamine and calling the prosecution of its dealers racist.

    • poppakap

      The would-be writer slomo trolls once again. How long can his unrequited man-love rage toward FPM writers last?

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlomind is an idiot,but his idiocy can't be allowed to stand. That's why he needs to be responded to.

    • Kufar Dawg

      How his Daniel Greenfield "defending methamphetamine"? Or is that just your private delusional interpretation?

      I believe there are decongestants/antihistamines that can be used to manufacture meth and it is done. Mexico is the largest legal producer in N. and S. America of these types of decongestants/antihistamines and also the largest exporter of methamphetamine to the US. Coincidence?

      • Schlomotion

        Please. His objection to equal prosecution of meth dealers was the funniest thing I read since Pat Buchanan accusing the President of desegregating the South unfairly faster than the North.

  • oldtimer

    Isn't this a form of racial profiling?

  • tagalog

    President Obama issues an executive order calling for equal outcomes in school discipline policies.

    What is the basis for such an exercise of presidential power? Where in the Constitution does it say that the executive branch of the federal government can impose itself on educational issues?

    In fact, where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government can impose itself on any part of the educational function, which I thought was a state function? Is it because the federal government gives federal taxpayer funds to schools? How does that justify federal interference in school discipline?

    So, if we're going to have equality in administration of justice, what happens when a white guy is singled out for punishment and he's innocent? Do we punish him anyway just for equality's sake?

  • watsa46

    The drug problem must be addressed from both ends: dealers and users.
    For the rest, it should be clear to everybody that an intense far left influence is being exercised to centralize and increase dramatically the power of this government. We are moving slowly but surely towards a hybrid socialist-communist system. Both separately have failed abysmally all over the world. The other issue is what place this administration wants to give to Islamists/Islam in this country! In many ways antithetical to US values and US constitution.
    Social justice is a powerful instrument/argument, but no one on the left will define what social justice is about!

  • Iratus Vulgas

    The racial disparity in prison has been a liberal bugaboo for decades. It's merely one among many of the race cards that they like to play. Unfortunately when the evidence card gets played you get a result that doesn't take race into account. So unfair.

  • BLJ

    I will gladly serve my time if I can kick Comrade O's butt in a fight. He is the biggest enemy of the U.S. Constitution in history.

  • riverboatbill

    So,I need an ID to buy cold medicine-but not to vote?

  • @JeanCurry3

    As long as Americans bend over and take it, it'll keep coming — and there is only one way to scare criminals like the ones infesting government. Too bad the Spirit of 1776 has been exorcized from the formerly free citizens of this country.

  • Malcolm

    It would be interesting to see them apply the same rules to sex as to race – because, not only are more men than women convicted, but typically men are given harsher sentences for the same offence.
    Apart from that, why is it considered unfair for one person to receive a harser sentence than another? After all, if a particular punishment – it might be death, or $100 fine – is considered appropriate for a particular crime, and you commit the crime, you can't complain if you pay the penalty. If somebody else commits the same crime and gets a lesser sentence, then he is very lucky, but YOU can't complain that you were unfairly treated.

  • Kufar Dawg

    LOL, good point.

    I remember once I had a really bad case of the flu and went to stock up on cold medicine and was
    treated like a criminal for doing so (I wanted to stock up, because I didn't want to be going back to
    the store and getting more while I was sick).

  • edward

    I will gladly serve my time if I can kick Comrade O's butt in a fight. good criminal justice schools