The Pedophile Teachers Union

The great battle between public sector unions and the average citizen is often about money. But when it comes to teachers unions, the battle is about public safety. The safety of our children.

It is an issue in New York and it is an issue in California, where Anderson Cooper 360 takes us into the dirty and dishonest battle over SB 1530.

Here is what LAUSD Superintedent John Deasy had to say over the defeat of SB 1530.

LAUSD Superintedent John Deasy blamed powerful lobbying forces for the bill’s rejection. “When we want students’ rights protected, maybe we need a union.”

Maybe when teachers have a union and students have a union and parents have a union, all the unions will be able to get together and agree to swiftly fire a teacher guilty of sexual abuse. But the message of parents taking on teachers unions even seems to resonating in Hollywood.

The movie’s title. “Won’t Back Down.” Teachers unions may still hold millions of children hostage, but they won’t be holding them for long.

  • wolf

    Our school systems are drowning in fraud and crime.
    The teachers have little interest in teaching or the children .
    We've had multiple demonstrations of this locally .One being teachers demands for higher pay forced the school to drop part of the local bus services, the grade school children are now forced to walk to school past apartment buildings that house 24 convicted child molesters .
    Chicago teachers are demanding a 24% raise , the graduation rate at that district is 64%.

    Here is a video series on schools in an IL ghetto.

  • Phil

    This article is a plain lie and goes along with the right's war on unions. Not having any real data to support their lies, they slant the facts toget the public against unions. The facts are that teachers unions have helped to increase teachers salaries and that is what these rightists are angry about. They resent having to pay more taxes for higher teacher salaries and always proclaim that they are for teachers and against teacher unions. This is hypocrisy at its worst. As far as pedophiles are concerned, no union would want these criminals in the workplace but insist on due process before the accused is fired. Actually, if a person is accused of a felony, no school district would let the teacher continue in the classroom. Accused felons would be suspended pending adjudication and due process.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Tell that to the sexual predators in New York's rubber rooms collecting paychecks for years.