The People’s Seat or the Kennedy Seat: Part II

When Ted Kennedy died and Patrick Kennedy retired, the country faced a major crisis. A Kennedy shortage had occurred and how the country possibly run without a whole bunch of Kennedy men in Congress?

A sigh of relief came from the misty towers of Camelot, where the moat is full of drowned women, when Joe Kennedy III was elected to Congress, but that still left the Senate bare of a Kennedy, after Barack Obama Kennedy ended his short stay in the Senate ended when it had served its purpose of making an incompetent Illinois State Senator look like an experienced national politician.

And now we may be about to see a repeat of The People’s Seat or the Kennedy Seat if Senator Frankenkerry moves from the Senate to the Secretary of State’s office.

Knowledgeable sources tell me Governor Patrick has already had a discussion with one potential replacement for Senator Kerry:  Vicki Kennedy.  The sources say the governor talked to Kennedy, the widow of Senator Ted Kennedy, about the possibility of replacing Kerry in the Senate and that she did not rule it out.

Victoria Kennedy is 20 years younger than Ted Kennedy, comes from a political family and has been around Washington long enough to fake being a plausible Senator. V. Kennedy is a typical politically active liberal and wrote the preface to “A Catholic Case for Obama.” No, seriously. It’s much like the Jewish Case for Obama. It’s best reserved for members of those religions who hate their own religion.

But sticking another Kennedy in there is going to leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths. Obama tried to shove Caroline Kennedy into Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat resulting in a backlash from New Yorkers. Massachusetts still holds to the notion of an entitled Kennedy dynasty, but that still might be pushing it.

And that might give Scott Brown a chance to dust off his “People’s Seat” line again.

  • JacksonPearson

    In Scott Brown's first election, whereas he replaced Ted Kennedy was done with the aid, and support of the Tea Party Movement. His win was a democrat ball-buster, and eye popper for Massachusetts . However, once elected, Brown stepped away from the TP, and became a loose cannon. He clearly did not live up to conservatism. In his second election, the Tea Party supported him, but the relationship was distant and cool, as a result of, he's out, and was replaced with a hard line Progressive/socialist, female, cigar store Indian.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    They're all losers. What a joke.