The Red Race Card

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Racism is about many things but it isn’t about race. To understand the uses of race in American liberalism requires understanding its place in the political culture. When American liberals speak of race they aren’t speaking in the genetic sense. What they are doing is clumsily piggybacking class onto race and adding one dubious construct to another.

The placement of racial politics at the center of liberal advocacy coincided with a growing national prosperity that seemed to be on the way to making class warfare of the old kind irrelevant. Previous liberal civil rights activity had been a subset of class, but class now became a subset of race. And both were a means of liberal self-definition as the people concerned with the plight of the downtrodden.

Class warfare was not really about the poor. It was about using a permanent social problem as a means of recreating the social order and gaining permanent political power. Race is just class dressed up in the same old class warfare clothes so that there is nearly no distinction between the two. Reformers gain power by attacking the failures of the system and positioning a social problem as an open sore that must be healed. But it isn’t healing that they have in mind.

When your power is a product of social problems, then the failure to locate social problems that are an open sore on society, a cry of conscience and a grievous crime that must be faced, leaves you powerless and irrelevant. Once you start running out of legitimate social problems to tackle, then you have no choice but to start creating them or exaggerating them. Whether the problems you are dealing with are real or unreal, your challenge is to find ways to make them worse in order to retain your power and the social relevance of your movement.

Race has very little to do with racial politics, which rely on the older methodologies of radicalizing slums and using subsidies to elevate community leaders who will support the reformers, all tactics that date back centuries and long predate the politicization of race.

When the Democratic Party had its change of heart on race all it did was take the same methods it used on German, Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants and shift them to urban African-Americans who had come north and were living in the same neighborhoods formerly occupied by the immigrants. And so the party that during the Civil War orchestrated urban anti-draft riots by white immigrants targeting African-Americans was using the same methods to orchestrate African-American riots aimed at the second and third generation of working class immigrants that it had once fostered. What most people thought of as racial politics was just the Democratic Party doing what it had been doing all along.

Race hasn’t simply been politicized. The practical meaning of the word has been so thoroughly transformed that it does not refer to what most people think that it does. In the liberal lexicon race, like class, is an outcast term. It is a catchall term meaning those who are oppressed by the powerful majority. It is why the left will use accusations of racism in completely inappropriate ways that make no sense in relation to the dictionary definition.

Muslims are not a race, but they have been classified as an oppressed group. Socialism is not a race, but they are the official representatives of all oppressed peoples. To insult either one is to be “racist” because racism refers to majority oppression and nothing else. To be a racist is to oppose or denigrate the moral worldview of the reformers without reference to the skin color of any of the parties. Therefore African-American opponents of President Clinton were racists because the terminology of race had nothing to do with the preexisting racial construct. The idea of race as it had existed in the United States no longer applied. Words like racism were part of the Newspeak grammar which insisted on appropriating the moral force of the old meanings, but without actually employing those meanings.

This liberal lexicon is the Newspeak that is all around us. It relies on the moral power of words while first subtly and then grossly changing their definitions until they no longer have anything to do with the old meaning. The process begins with politicized terminology and ends when the core terminology of a free country like “rights,” “freedom” and “democracy”  no longer have anything in common with their formal definitions. Their new definitions are those that serve the purposes of the ideology that commands them.

Regardless of what they are supposed to mean, progressivism, racial tolerance and social justice all mean the same thing. And so in the inverse, racism, conservatism and small government also add up to variations of the same idea in the liberal lexicon. Which might not be so much of a problem if it were not also the lexicon being used by the media, academics, politicians, judges and the entertainment industry to name a few groups who are invested in the altered meanings because they are also invested in the ideology that those meanings support.

Ideologies define a worldview where for compelling moral reasons the ideologues are the only ones who can be safely allowed to rule. Imposing this worldview on the people as often as possible and through every possible venue from news reporting to novels and from music to the educational system allows for the perpetual power of the ideologues. So long as the cause is just then no possible overreach of power or abuse can ever justify removing the ideologues from their petty thrones.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Really: why did the conservatives and the productive majority become so thin skinned and timid? Why does this sane majority even pay attention to all that progressive name calling?!

    It's OK to hate an eternally unproductive class. In the former USSR nobody ever placated to any unproductive or "downtrodden", nor did such people ever get a rubble from the state.

    Down with downtrodden! It is OK to be a "racist" and a bigot. It is just sane to be a homophobe. It is a must to be islamophobe and rid of islam in America. Xenophobia is also a must: how else would any nation preserve and enforce its national identity? No Spanish in public: English only.

    The Judeo-Christian civilization exceeds anything known in the world. (And it is ours, our national identity). No placating to any other cultures! Be damned the so called "diversity"=perversity. And be damned the US (Red) Army brass which (in their own words) "value the diversity above all".

    It's OK to be "full of hate" to the enemies of our nation and its very way of life. Who cares what those liberasts hiss at you? Just look at them through the barrel of your favorite caliber… While we still is a majority…

    • Danny

      And here's looking at you through the barrel of my favorite caliber. Bring it on.

      • davarino

        Whats that, a BB gun?

        • Danny

          Yup, and aimed right for Alex's nuts.

  • StephenD

    There is nothing "Liberal" about totalitarianism. The left, taken to its fullness, eventually results in tyranny. It must. When the "workers" all come to realize they have been duped; that any chance at advancing into a better life; any opportunity to rise above, is taken from them and in the hands of a select few, then they must be held down. Just look at communist regimes. I don't see families strapping 55 gallon drums to an old door and riding the waves to get into Cuba do you? Individual Responsibility coupled to Personal Liberty, operating under a Constitutional Republic with equality under the law is the ONLY way to maintain our American way of life.

    • davarino


    • Toa

      Pretty simple, isn't it? The reason even so many intelligent people just don't seem to get it is that most of them simply don't want to. Plus, a lot of "Liberal" elites think that if they keep brown-nosing Communists and Islamists, it will insure them a place at the table if (or when) America falls into their hands.

  • clarespark

    To Alexander: the downtrodden have a platform in the popular tv show "Glee." It is now not only okay to embrace Hispanic/Latino culture, the last episode predicted the imminent supremacy of Spanish language and its culture. That plus amnesty for the illegals. See

    • guest

      Please tell me, what is Hispanic/Latino culture? What distinguishes it from other cultures?

      • clarespark

        As related in Glee, it is characterized by "duende": "According to Christopher Maurer, editor of "In Search of Duende", at least four elements can be isolated in Lorca's vision of duende: irrationality, earthiness, a heightened awareness of death, and a dash of the diabolical. The duende is a demonic earth spirit who helps the artist see the limitations of intelligence, reminding him that "ants could eat him or that a great arsenic lobster could fall suddenly on his head"; who brings the artist face-to-face with death, and who helps him create and communicate memorable, spine-chilling art. The duende is seen, in Lorca's lecture, as an alternative to style, to mere virtuosity…." (Wikipedia definition of "duende"–a word used by Ricky Martin to introduce the cast to the essential of his culture.)

        • guest

          wow, you truly are an idiot.

      • Ray

        are you new to this world?

  • BLJ

    The bottom line is that America has too many people who are looking for a free ride. They are all too eager to call themselves a victim for personal gain. They cannot or in many cases refuse to look at the real culprits for their situation:

    1) The Democratic Party
    2) MSM
    3) Race profiteers (aka Jackson, Sharpton etc)
    4) Themselves

    These people have no self-respect and have zero knowledge of what the American experiment is really all about. They bring nothing of value to the table other than to become pawns of those who thirst for power.

  • ASG

    I think ultimately David is dead on except for one overlooked variable. Yes, the old guard of the Progressives (Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and even Obama) do in fact use and exploit the lower class for their political gains in an attempt to permanently seize power. But this younger generation of followers such as the Occupy movement et al actually and passionately believe this illogical drivel that comes from the Progressive elite. It's what frustrates the average Conservative so much. In situations we demonstrate simple basic mathematics of 2+2= 4, and then these Progressives find new algorithms in order to make 2+2 = spaghetti and the folowers actually are convinced it's true. For example unemployment is dropping to about 8%. Yet no one mentions that the BLS reports that the Labor Force Participation rate is at it's lowest in the history of the US. So Progressives eagerly cheer.

  • kblink45

    The man who allows someone else to tell him what he believes is a slave.

    • guest

      by that definition all people of faith are slaves, since they are told what to believe by someone else.

      • JEM

        When man is no longer willing to listen to what God has revealed (the bible), he seeks to make himself a kind of god. As man departs from the revelation God has given, all kinds of self-righteous utopian schemes emerge only to cause more suffering and tragedy. But in the end God will judge all the nations and bring in the Kingdom of His Son. Then there truly will be peace and justice. “Of the increase of his government and of peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with judgment and with righteousness, form henceforth even for ever. The zeal of Jehovah of hosts will perform this.” Isaiah 9:7 and then:” They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea.” Isaiah 11:9

  • ziontruth

    Marxism is best understood by considering the statements of its proponents as projection. Therefore, when they say traditional things, even the essentials of humanity, are "for keeping the proletariat downtrodden," they reveal their own mindset.

    They say nation, religion and family are "tools of the bourgeois" and "opiates of the masses," all calculated to keep the proletariat from uprising. In this they reveal their thought that nation, religion and family are the obstacles that stand in their way of rising up to power and keeping those under their power from rising against them.

    All the intellectual-sounding arguments of the Marxists, and I mean all of them, are nothing but moral justifications to aggressive and violent actions. Marxism is a system of robbery and tyranny and is clearly seen as such when seen beneath the smoke and mirrors of its verbose argumentation. Behind the Marxists' slogans and lofty ideals is nothing but marketing, the perfected art of crafting appearances to sell that which no sane person would otherwise buy.

    Marxism is like Nazism—the two at loggerheads because of being rivals, not ideological opposites—only much less honest in its exposition. You could know Nazism would be disastrous just by reading Mein Kampf, while, in order to grasp the threat of Marxism, you need to not only read Marx and Lenin but to understand them (to paraphrase Ronaldus Maximus). To understand their ideas beyond the beautiful-sounding appeals to humanitarian and liberal values—values that the Marxists crush underfoot the first thing after their rise to power.

  • mrbean

    Yassah, Weez awl beez fah dah black messihaw, his exlancy, prez Obama. Weez gonna run deez honkay crackas outta dah prezidancy. Yassah. (smacking lips rapidly, meettt-mettt- mettt- mettt.). yonowhatahmsayin (smacking lips rapidly, meettt-mettt- mettt- mettt.)

    • Ghostwriter

      And I wish you'd stop this. It's disgusting and unnecessary.

      • mrbean

        A Supreme Court spokeswoman says Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week by a machete-wielding intruder at his vacation home in the West Indies.


        A supreme court spokewoman says Justice Stephen Breyer was robbed last week at his vacation home in the West Indies by a machete-wielding intruder. Probably was a negro with dreadlocks robbing the white tourists. This is what is disgusting Ghostwriter. Maybe he will reverse his stand on affirmative action now.

  • pyeatte

    Essentially this would be the French Revolution of the late 1700s where the "downtrodden" took power. The result was a multi-year bloodbath with the guillotine the preferred method of so called "justice". This is the legacy of the left – mob rule and murder.

    • Maxie

      That was just the beginning. The toll now is 94 million and counting. See "The Black Book of Communism" by Courtois et. al. But Robespierre did get the genocidal ball rolling for the "compassionate" Left.

  • Ozzy

    We live in a country where a White born on our soil cannot call herself a Native American.