The Salafi Crusades

One empire falls and another rises in its place. It’s an old story and it is what we are seeing in the Middle East.

The Islamist resurgence was fed by the collapse of two world powers, the USSR and the US. The fall of the Soviet Union robbed the Arab Socialist dictatorships of their support. The last of these, Syria, is now under siege, by Sunni Islamist militias.

Egypt’s Sadat had made the move to the American camp early enough to avoid the fate of Syria or Iraq, but instead his successor, Mubarak, encountered the fate of the Shah of Iran. With the fall of Egypt, Syria is the last major Arab Socialist holdout, and if it falls, then the Middle East will have shifted decisively into the Salafi column.

Unlike the Soviet Union, the United States has not actually collapsed, but its international influence is completely gone. Bush was accused of many things, but impotence wasn’t one of them. Obama however gave the Taliban a premature victory with a pullout deadline, ineptly waffled over the Iranian and Arab protests, before eventually getting on board with the latter, and allowed the UK and French governments to drag him into a poorly conceived regime change operation in Libya.

The loss of American influence was felt most notably in the Middle East, where its former oil patrons took the opportunity to back a series of Salafi crusades, the political Islamist version of which was known as the Arab Spring. The rise of political Islamists in democratic elections was however only one component of a regional strategy that depended as much on armed militias as on the ballot box.

In Egypt, protests followed by elections were enough to allow the Salafis, a category that includes the Muslim Brotherhood, to take over. That was also true in Tunisia. In Libya, a new American client, the government put up a fight, little realizing that Obama wasn’t Putin. Instead of getting American backing, Gaddafi got American bombs, and the Islamist militias, armed and funded by Qatar with Obama’s blessing, got Libya. In Benghazi they repaid the help they received from Obama and Stevens by humiliating the former and murdering the latter.

In Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood’s militias are racing the Al-Qaeda linked militias to the finish line in Damascus, while Western pundits prattle reassuringly about a moderate and secular Syrian opposition, which is as moderate and secular as Egypt’s Morsi.

The land rush of the Arab Spring has begun as secular governments affiliated with Russia and the United States fall, to be replaced by believers in an emerging Islamist Caliphate. The Arab Spring isn’t 1848; it’s 638, the Mohamedan expansion at the expense of the ailing Byzantine Empire, a rampage that eventually ended in the Islamization of the Middle East. For Salafis, this is their opportunity to Re-Islamize the Middle East under the full force of Islamic law.

The Salafi crusades are the beginning of a new wave of global conquests, with old sheiks using oil money from the decadent West to outfit militias of young men with top quality American and Russian weapons before sending them off to die, while they wait for news of the new caliphate and bed down with their eight wife.

This isn’t an entirely new game. Bin Laden was playing it for decades and Salafi crusaders have been fighting the Ottoman Empire and massacring Shiites for centuries. The notion of the Salafis threatening the Middle East and the whole world would have been even more absurd if American oil companies hadn’t rewarded their tribal allies with inconceivable wealth while turning a blind eye to their ambitions. And the notion that the Salafi crusade would ever extend to Europe would have been even more absurd, if not for the jet plane and the liberal immigration policies of Socialist governments with aging populations looking for a tax base and a voting base.

The Salafis, despite their feigned obsession with the purity of the desert, have piggybacked their conquests on Western technologies and policies, from the wire transfer to the jet plane to the cell phone to liberal political correctness and Third Worldism.

Declining empires want stability without war and they are willing to cut a deal with anyone on the way up who has a large enough army and will promise to keep the peace. Carter’s Green Belt strategy hoped to build a wall of Islamist governments to keep the Soviet Union out of the Middle East. The Soviet Union is dead but the Green Belt strategy has been revived by Obama in the hopes of using political Salafis willing to run for office to hold down the Salafist militias willing to kill everything that moves.

It’s hard to imagine a more decadent strategy than trying to outsource your defense policy to the least evil of your enemies, but variations on that theme have been the American defense strategy since the Salafi terror attacks of September 11.

After a decade of trying to divide the Islamist sheep from the Islamist goats, feeding billions to Pakistan to fight terror, extraditing Gitmo terrorists to revolving door rehabilitation programs run by Saudi Arabia, setting up a Palestinian state, making nice to Muslim Brotherhood front groups at home and then setting up the Muslim Brotherhood with a few choice countries of their own in the Middle East; the United States is less secure than ever for trying to appease its way out of the Salafi crusade.

Handing over Egypt and Tunisia to the Islamists earned us a new wave of attacks on September 11, 2012. What handing over Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood will get us can only be imagined.

But Western leaders have a long history of misreading the Muslim world by assuming that Muslim leaders want what good European and American liberals do. Instead Muslim leaders want the sort of things that even few European right wingers want anymore.

Understanding the Salafi crusades means imagining a society where Anders Behring Breivik wasn’t a deluded madman fantasizing about an international network of knights waiting to carry out acts of terror in a war to seize control of Europe and murder millions, but where he and his ideas were mainstream enough that billionaires would fund them and tens of thousands of young men would go to carry them out while television shows and preachers cheered them as martyrs.

Europeans, of course, shudder at the idea, but they have brought those tens of thousands of Breiviks into their own societies through Muslim immigration and Saudi and Iranian mosques. And they have turned over the Middle East to the sort of men who make Breivik look like a schoolboy.

We saw the Salafi crusades in action on September 11. We can see them in action in Nigeria where Boko Haram terrorists blow up churches and in Mali where Salafi fighters chop off the hands of thieves and give teenage girls 100 lashes for talking to boys on the street. We can see them in action in Aleppo where the bodies of tortured priests turn up and in Israel where their terrorists fire rockets from the shade of schools and hospitals.

The Salafi political victories, militia victories and terror attacks are all part of the same phenomenon, and it is about time that we confronted it for what it is. War is politics by other means and politics is war by other means. To the Salafis seizing power, by the bullet or the ballot, the one are one and the same so long as the road leads to the Islamic empire of the Caliphate. Obama’s forced decline of America has led to a new wave of Salafi conquests and the war for civilization has begun in earnest.

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  • AdinaK

    IF western leaders truly understood that it is impossible to cut a deal with any Islamic devil – Sunni or Shia – and that backing a strongman is absolutely the best investment in world stability, then the rise of another Islamic Caliphate would be nothing but a pipe dream. It isn't.

    And if not for the morphing of radical leftists with their Islamist counterparts the above would be far fetched. So, with Islamists using western technology to spread their empire, and with radical leftists backing their cause, is it any wonder they appear triumphant?

    A clash of civilizations is indeed unfolding, and westerners are too terrified to rear their heads –

    And the fact that the US is led by a Radical/Islamist-in-Chief puts a nail in the western coffin.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

    • JacksonPearson

      AMERICA IS AT WAR with the religion of Islam. The key word here is religion. We Americans have a “mental block” that causes us to deny that we are fighting a religion. Take an atomic bomb, write the letters R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N on it, and we gullible Americans will welcome it as a religion. This statement is not entirely an exaggeration. Israel have been at war with Mohammedanism for centuries and get it…America's locked into PC crap, and simply don't get it.


        Actually Islam is at War with everyone.

        Even fellow Muslims are being killed by Islamofascists.

        44,000+ dead in Syria.

    • tuffone3

      If western leaders were not enabled by western voters and apostate christians then the rise of another Islamic Caliphate would be nothing but a pipe dream. The only sound solution is repentance toward God through faith in Jesus on a personal level, nationwide and worldwide. Repent while you still can.

  • @Kenrick66

    Obama is such a brilliant international strategist, don’t you know? It was that stint as a "professor" at the University of Chicago that imbued him with his foresight and skill at statecraft. The most benevolent appraisal of his foreign policies would be to liken him to the Mickey Mouse character in the Disney version of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." Whoops! But, then, one can't help but imagine that things are going as he had expected them to and that they receive his imprimatur.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      What are you, some kind of racist?

      Just kidding. Someone had to say it.

  • Roger

    Those surah 9 mandates sure to rise to the top a lot.
    Islam may pretend to be the religion of peace, but they're not fooling anyone.

    • JacksonPearson

      Islam does not mean Peace. The translated Arabic word “Islam” means “submission”. It is not an exaggeration to state Islam has a goal of dominating all other religions, as well as eliminating offensive Western democracies. This objective has remained unchanged since the perverted pedophile prophet messenger Muhammad demanded conversion or death. These people are filthy barbarians and they are dedicated to your/our death or submission. Moderate Islam is a myth! A moderate Muslim is a non-practicing Muslim.

  • Drakken

    I say let the muslims go completely berserk, then there will be no question in anybodies minds that islam is the enemy and it must be crushed ruthlessly and without mercy or remorse. If we were smart, we would encourage the shiittes,sunnis and kurds to slaughter each other to their little jihadist hearts content, and throw in the Turks for good measure.

    • kafir4life

      When muslims kill other muslims for being the wrong style of muslim or not quite muslim enough (or any reason really….killing the bomb factories is always a good one), it reminds me to have a good giggle-snort. Or…..if I needed to search for a way to laugh, a google-snort!

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,I should correct the article. The US has never really been an empire. It may have had strong influence but right now,the Obama administration is blind to what's really going on over there. They don't really understand or care to understand how vicious and evil the people we're dealing with truly are.

    • SoCalMike

      True Dat.

  • Thomas Wells

    Five feet high and rising…

  • SoCalMike

    No one besides Greenfield among media or officialdom is willing or able to state the obvious about US foreign policy?
    "Handing over Egypt and Tunisia to the Islamists earned us a new wave of attacks on September 11, 2012. What handing over Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood will get us can only be imagined."

    Republicans won't say it. Dems of course won't say it. Media won't say it.
    Don't expect the fish at to bother awaking from their slumber to even notice.
    Greenfield stands alone.

  • wdmll

    Obama's up bringing in Hawaii and Indonesia are filled with Communistic and Islamic indoctrinations. Family member including both his parents, grandparents and others, molded his mind from a young age.

  • Brujo Blanco

    I grew up believing that a communist would never rule us and I was mistaken. Let there be no mistake Obama is a communist dictator. He is building his empire. Are we going to see Obama with a third term as Presint not withstanding the prohibition in the Constitution? He is working on rendering Congress irrelevant and so far he is moving forward with that.

    • Raymond in DC

      Given the opportunity to place yet more liberals on the Federal bench by the Democrat-held Senate, the Republican House and Republican-held states are our last line of defense. The former is buckling under Boener with his plea to Obama to "lead us". It's only the states that can prevent changes to the Constitution that would allow a full power grab.

  • boon doggle

    Then there is the Pan Arab nationalist angle to consider, which seems to have been a model where poor man's Hitlers control poor man's Fascists, with the abusive dictator growing immeasureably wealthy while his subjects grow immeasureably poor. There's a mini-Hitler in every MENA dictator and a Mein Kampf in the backpack of all his soldiers, and a mini-Che Guevara and a Koran on the shelf of all of the subjects he attempts to control. Totalitarianism should turn the model more socialist/communist, with the same books as ideological guide. It's not surprising they all despise Sufism, the branch of Islam that contains some real spiritual value, and democracy, that contains some real material value, and seek to wipe all evidence and memory of both off the map. A proper Mevlana ceremony is a real spiritual experience, if you are into that type of thing, and a visit to Jerusalem is a real democratic experience if that is your calling. But if you are looking to prepare an extremist dish for Western press to dine out on for their ratings, better add some hot Wahhabi sauce to your well-diced Salafist goat's meat dish, if your constitution can take it! I know where you are coming from with the clash of civilizations angle, to build up the base, but I prefer to frame it as a clash of cultures. That way, everyone can get involved, since the main enemy is the apologist for Western culture at home, who has hypocrisy and cowardice and the MSM manning his paltry defences. I wonder if the author can find a café in NY where he can drink his macchiato and mix it up with the other clientele in peace? I imagine him more like Strider in Lord of The Rings, seated quietly in the corner, ready to step in to protect the wayward independent hobbits from Barry's Ringwraiths, when they arrive. Where does he want us to go then? Socialism or nationalism gone wrong, whichever comes first, it's all about crowd-saucing!

  • poetcomic1

    I watched TV for the first time in ages last night. America deserves Obama.

  • GGddmn

    True on Salafis, but Bush also deposed and killed a Secular Socialist Anti-Islamist Baathist leader and replaced him with radical Shiites from Iran, the Dawa Party, some of whom were convicted of murdering one or two U.S. Diplomats in Kuwait.

    This idea of the Great Game of playing Islamists off each other — and suppressing dangerous secular democratic ambitions — was promoted by Bernard Lewis and many others. I think this was originally the British strategy towards neo-colonialism in the M.E. The book War Against the Jews (sic?) by Loftus describes how State Dept assistant and Wall St attorney Alan Dulles secured financing and arms for Ibn Saud, so his Wahabbi or Salafi gang could beat his enemies turn the Arabian peninsula into Saudi Arabia.

    Ditto with the CIA sponsored Wahabbi or Salafi coup in Indonesia in the mid-60s.