The Tea Party Got It Right, Mitt Got It Wrong

In this election the Republican Party ran two wholly inoffensive blue state Republicans on a platform of jobs at a time when the economy was everyone’s chief concern and the incumbent had absolutely failed to fix the economy. And they lost.

The Monday — or Wednesday — morning quarterbacks will have a fine time debating what Mitt Romney should have done differently. The red Republicans will say that he should have been more aggressive and should have hit Obama on Benghazi. The blue Republicans will blame a lack of outreach to Latinos. Some will blame Sandy, others will blame Christie and many will point to voter fraud. And they will all have a point, but the makings of this defeat did not happen in the last two weeks; they happened in the last two years.

Mitt Romney won the primaries because he was electable. But, as it turned out, he really wasn’t electable after all. Not when the chief criteria of electability is having no opinion, no point of view and no reason to run for office except to win. Not when the chief criteria of being a Republican presidential nominee is being able to convince people that you’re hardly a Republican at all.

Romney was a star political athlete who had an excellent training regimen and coaching staff. But to win elections, you have to change people’s minds. It’s not enough to try hard or to fight hard; you have to fight for something besides the chance to round the bases. You have to wake people up to a cause.

The Republican comeback did not begin with innocuous candidates; it began with angry protesters in costumes and Gadsden flags marching outside ObamaCare town halls. The 2010 midterm election triumphs were not the work of a timorous establishment, but of a vigorous grassroots opposition. And once the Tea Party movement started the fire, the Republican establishment acted like the Tea Party had sabotaged their comeback and cut the ties with their own grassroots movement. Separated, the Republican grassroots and the Republican Party both withered on the vine.

The stunning 2010 midterm election victories happened because a conservative opposition loudly and vociferously convinced a majority of Americans that ObamaCare would be harmful to them. And then that fantastic engine of change was packed away and replaced with political consultants who were all focused on seizing the center and offending as few people as possible. But you don’t win political battles by being inoffensive. And you don’t win elections by avoiding conflict.

Is it any wonder that the 2012 election played out the way it did?

The Democrats in the Bush years were about as unlikable a party as could ever be conceived of. They were hostile, hateful and obstructionist. They spewed conspiracy theories at the drop of a hat and behaved in a way that would have convinced any reasonable person not to entrust them with a lawnmower, let alone political power. And not only were they rewarded for that by winning Congress, but they also went on to win the White House.

Why? Because dissatisfied people gravitate to an opposition. They don’t gravitate to a loyal opposition. They aren’t inspired by mild-mannered rhetoric, but by those who appear to channel their anger.

When the Republican Party sold out the Tea Party, it sold out its soul, and the only driving energy that it had. And there was nothing to replace it with. The Republican Party stopped being the opposition and became a position that it was willing to reposition to get closer to the center. Mitt Romney embodied that willingness to say anything to win and it is exactly that willingness to say anything to win that the public distrusts.

The elevation of Mitt Romney was the triumph of inoffensiveness. Romney ran an aggressive campaign, but it was a mechanical exercise, a smooth assault by trained professionals paid to spin talking points in dangerous directions. But, what if the voters really wanted a certain amount of offensiveness?

What if they wanted someone who mirrored their anger at being out of work, at having to look at stacks of unpaid bills and at not knowing where their next paycheck was coming from? What if they wanted someone whose anger and distrust of the government echoed their own?

Romney very successfully made the case that he would be a more credible steward of the economy. It was enough to turn out a sizable portion of the electorate, but not enough of it. He tried to be Reagan confronting Carter, but what was remarkable about Reagan, is that he had moments of anger and passion; electric flashes of feeling that stirred his audience and made them believe that he understood their frustrations. That was the source of Reagan’s moral authority and it was entirely lacking in Romney. And without that anger, there is no compelling reason to vote for an opposition party.

The establishment had its chance with Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor was everything that they could possibly want. Moderate, bipartisan and fairly liberal. With his business background, he could make a perfect case for being able to turn the economy around. They had their perfect candidate and their perfect storm and they blew it.

The Republican Party is not going to win elections by being inoffensive. It is not going to win elections by going so far to the center that it no longer stands for anything. It is not going to win elections by throwing away all the reasons that people might have to vote for it. It is not going to win elections by constantly trying to accommodate what it thinks independent voters want, instead of cultivating and growing its base, and using them as the nucleus for an opposition that will change the minds of those independent voters.

The Republican Party has tried playing Mr. Nice Guy. It may be time to get back to being an opposition movement. And the way to do that is by relearning the lessons of the Tea Party movement. The Democratic Party began winning when it embraced the left, instead of running away from it. If the Republican Party wants to win, then it has to embrace the right and learn to get angry again.

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  • sprenger

    Did you fact-check this view with people who might have voted for him and didn't or simply construct it from your imagination? He lost precisely because reasonable people couldn't tell who he is or what he believes. If he'd occupied the center right after the convention (a common way to signal to the populace that one is not beholden to a fringe base), the outcome would have been wildly different. Your view is a path to self-destruction.

    • Jon

      Hard to imagine anyone asking this question. Surely you have no idea of ideological principles.

      • sprenger

        I have a very good idea: the rest of the field in the GOP primary. And what happened: They all flamed out or were consumed by the cycle of self-destruction they fomented. Mitt emerged as the winner because he appeared to be the only grown-up in the room appealing enough to get cross-over voters. Your comment only proves my point:fringe politics unhinged from fact-based reality may feel good but it's unsustainable.

    • LeeVonHart

      I don't know Sprenger – I think the left counts on nice decent passive trusting folks like you and us. Besides anger about excessive taxation, and rights being diminished, smaller gov, etc are the good things to get active and loud about. It worked for the leftest on social issues.

    • zelda

      No, your view has already self destructed and you haven't figured it out.

    • Lori

      Sprenger, it is YOU who is wrong. Proof? The election. It is absurd to event try to argue with what is said in this article.

      • sprenger

        Huh? How is that proof? Because you think there is only one cause–that Romney wasn't far enough to the right and that he should have been more aggressive on tea-party issues. But that's speculation, and it's patently wrong. I'm saying the swing voters, independents, fed-up dems (i.e., the kinds of people any winner is going to need) wanted reassurance that Romney wasn't beholden to the right fringe. Even the GOP at some level must have wanted that assurance or they would have elected Santorum or Bachman or one of the other loonies..

        • Mary Sue

          It's a tradeoff then. To gain those votes how many principled conservatives are going to be alienated into just staying home?

        • Viet Vet

          The right fringe is not in the GOP. The right fringe are Libertarians (big L). The BENCHMARK is the Constitution. The GOP is left of the Constitution (the democraps are left of Lenin), and conservatives within the GOP are right there with the Founders, e.g., Limited Government, Free Enterprise Economy, Property Rights, Religious Freedom, Firearms Freedom, Liberty Loving, etc. Libertarians (anarchists) are right of the Constitution.

    • Pip Power



      Why isn’t the CFR in the History Books?

      Hardly one person in 1000 ever heard of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

      The Council on Foreign Relations was formally established in Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organization founded and funded by Cecil Rhodes, who became fabulously wealthy by exploiting the people of South Africa. Rhodes is the father of Apartheid.

      The C F R was founded by a group of American and British imperialists and racists intent on ruling the world. Many of the American members were American intelligence officers that belonged to the first American Intelligence Agency — THE INQUIRY. Many of the British members were British Intelligence Agents. THE INQUIRY and its members, who included such notable Americans as Col. Edward Mandel House, Walter Lippmann, Isaiah Bowman, and James Shotwell, wrote most of Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points.

      The CFR/RIIA method of operation is simple — they control public opinion. They keep the identity of their group secret. They learn the likes and dislikes of influential people. They surround and manipulate them into acting in the best interest of the CFR/RIIA.

      The Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs are adept at using the media to create massive psycho-political operations used to manipulate public opinion. The psycho-political operations are often designed to create tensions between different groups of people. The object is to keep the world in a state of perpetual tension and warfare to maximize profits from CFR/RIIA munition, medicine, media, energy, and food businesses.

      The CFR has only 3000 members yet they control over three-quarters of the nations wealth. The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. The CFR has placed 100 CFR members in every Presidential Administration since Woodrow Wilson. They work together to misinform and disinform the President to act in the best interest of the CFR not the best interest of the American People. At least five Presidents (Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton) have been members of the CFR. The CFR has packed every Supreme Court with CFR insiders. Three CFR members (Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Sandra Day O’Connor) sit on the Supreme Court. The CFR’s British Counterpart is the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The members of these groups profit by creating tension and hate. Their targets include British and American citizens.

      • Mary Sue

        No, it wasn't the CFR. There were shenanigans going on, I have no doubt, but that can be laid to rest at the feet of the Democrat party's ACORN-style voter fraud machine.

        Sandra Day O'Conner's beliefs are like night and day compared to Ruth Bader Ginsberg's, so I dunno why you think that's significant in any way shape or form.

        And besides, isn't the CFR a dog whistle for Evil J00ish Bankers Rule The World™?

        • scum

          Mary Sue, say it ain't so. Playing the voter fraud card….again?! Really!?

          • Mary Sue

            Obama is associated with the KING of voter fraud, ACORN. WHile acorn itself may be defunct, there are other organizations carrying on its legacy, including the Unions.

            When you have radical union members pressuring mentally challenged people in an abusive way to vote Obama, there is a problem. I saw a news report on the CBC (no conservative network, that) about illegal immigrants "getting out the vote" in America.

        • Viet Vet

          Sandra Day O'Connor was just plain stupid.

    • patron

      Lie: Republicans need to outreach to minorities
      Truth: The left nuked Herman Cain’s political career, and lied about Marco Rubio for the crime of not advocating for big government

      Lie: Republican extremism lost the election
      Truth: George W. Bush’s presidency loomed large without a Republican answer. Obama was not pushed on issues like raising taxes before eliminating waste and fraud and Obama’s role in the 2008 housing crisis. Republicans avoided this issue focusing instead on last four years. Unfortunately most Obama’s supporters view voting for President like supporting a NFL team, and will take any bait dangled out in front of them no matter how fraudulent.

    • Rod Patrick

      Sprenger you are correct. 2010 was so destructive. This R&R path of 2012 really feels so right!/s

    • katydidknot

      I think you're right.

      More than demographics or ideology or anything else, Governor Romney struck me as an actor who was playing the part of a conservative this year for the purposes of playing the correct politics.

      It wasn't entirely convincing.

      Those undecideds seem to vote for a compelling candidate REGARDLESS of ideology.

      • Viet Vet

        Yep, Obummer is so much better for America……….

        • Katy Anders

          Well, I'm really talking more about Romney's unsuccessful candidacy for President more than I am about what either candidate would do as President.

          You can't have a positive or negative effect on the country as President if you don't get elected.

          Obviously, Romney had problems with folks' perception of him. That's what I was talking about.

    • Mike Villano

      He happens to be right.
      I feared this from the beginning.
      Rs need to learn how to fight.
      They need to be willing to fight.
      They need to bring their knives out during elections and when they wield power by rolling back the legislative and regulatory state.
      Dems have no trouble fighting. Repubes are pussies.

      • Sheepdog

        So true, I agree with you.

        The Dems run a campaign like it is war: blood and guts, head bashing Knock Out game, gory gutter trashing everyone gets soiled, mean and nasty, massacre unmercifully anyone and everyone in their way. Think Teamsters and Jimmy Hoffa. That's how wars are fought. That's how wars are won. And they do it everyday, not once every four years. They are good at what they do.

        R's are pussies? It is worse than that: Boehner is already capitulating on a tax increase. The R's have lost all creditability, and don't even qualify as an opposition party. R's: the Dead Elephant Party, and their rotting carcasses are stinking up DC.

        There is just one political party in DC, the party of the incumbents. We Patriots are so screwed.

        • amused

          LOLOLOL….now sprenger , do you see where an adult and intelligent opinion will get you ? A minus 58 and still counting .You can 't reason with robo-parrots ..They think guys like Aiken , Murdock , Trump , Beck and Blimpy Limbaugh are normal peole with reasonable views . No way , these sore loserts will be stewig in their iown juices for 4 more years , and now hey'll start eating their own out of spite . A familiar emotion that they've been feeding since 2008-Nov.Teabaggers malcontents who think their sheet dont stink . That's what you got here boy .

  • Ian

    Ehhh I don't know about all that. I imagine that demographic change (i.e. new hispanic citizens in Florida, Virginia, Colorado, etc) and the main-stream media's heavy pro-Obama spin ("Binders", "Sesame Street", and "47%" were major gaffes but Bengazi and Fast and Furious weren't, and that the take away message from Hurricane Sandy was that Obama cares, that we need for big government, and that Koch brothers greed destroyed NYC (through global warming)) had more to do with it.

    • LeeVonHart

      Hey if we're going to be marginalized, I'd rather do it myself with other like minded. The left mastered group think and they were loud and obnoxious, still are. Look at how they marginalized the orig tea party, people roll their eyes at the name or call tea partiers wackos. they are not wackos, they basic good folks not haters. It's ok change happens slowly, we have to be patient.

    • Ben Cohen

      Yes Hispanic immigration (both legal and illegal), provides Democrats with a stealth way to the redraw the political map, since Hispanics lean well to the left. But, it bothers me that BS drove so much of the Democrat's appeal to minorities, Trayvon Martin being exhibit A, and the smearing of Republicans over immigration being exhibit B.

      Personally it drove me out of the party, I couldn't support a party driven by this sort of nonsense.

    • Mark S.

      That's true too, Ian. You can't control demographics or the media however. On the other hand, it is possible to inspire voters with authenticity and principle.

      • amused

        whose principles ? yours ? that's a joke unless you're a facist . Now authenticity , that' ironic Romney does not possess and ounce of either .

  • Old Joke

    I say, "screw you", Ms Coulter, Sean Hannity & John Cornyn.

    • Lillith66

      What are you, 12?

    • Mary Sue

      what did they ever do to you?

      • Old Joke

        Coulter gave us Mitt Romney.

        Hannity is a moral relativist, media whore that lives large by elevating the enemies of real Conservativism a large audience platform in a faux "fair & balanced" repartee,

        John Cornyn actively defeats Conservatives election bids by re-routing funds to establishment Liberal-RINOS' Senate campaigns.

        • Mary Sue

          Hannity a moral relativist? Don't make me laugh.

          Coulter gave you Mitt Romney? Really? Does she have that much power?

          I have no idea who John Cornyn is.

    • Jon

      Yes! I can see that you ARE an old joke. People like you stand for nothing and fall for anything. I have to wonder if you live your life with the same lack of ideological compass as demonstrate here.

    • davarino

      Ya, enjoy your free obama phone, cause thats all your going to get : )

    • Viet Vet

      I say, raise your head a little higher, I can't quite get the crosshairs on you yet.

  • boon doggle


  • Mary Sue

    I blame the mainstream media and the demonization of the non-driveby media which is blindly swallowed by the masses as if Revealed From On High for the sheer level of stupid in USA. And Canada, too. Oh, and NDPish teachers that spout whackjob theories that they have no business indoctrinating kids with.

    • BS77

      The libstream media played a HUGE part in this election….The Republican Party has been relegated to near permanent minority status…at least for now. THe Republican self reliance and capitalist message cannot compete with the expectations of the Animal Farm voters who have declared their love of a huge Euro style socialist Nanny State with soaring taxes, and an endless smorgasbord of welfare programs . Hannity, Limbaugh and all the rest must have been drinking double shots last night as all their hopes and dreams dissolved. I have come to the realization that the US is no longer what it was…it is now another leftist country…and it will go the way of England, Greece and Spain….into bankruptcy and increasing social anarchy.

      • Drakken

        Comrade Obummer just got reelected to run the Titanic, we are going to go into economic armageddon and all the liberals will be looking for is another messiah to save them. This will not end well at all, the Balkanization continues.

      • Viet Vet

        We have to realize that today's immigrants are not at all close to the immigransts who came through Ellis Island. Those immigrants came to America specifically because it wasn't a dependent state, but that it was free and you were free to achieve to your ability and make a living for you and your family. Today's immigrants are the type facilitated and massaged by the democraps for one purpose and one purpose only…votes. They have a huge plantation and these immigrants are more than happy to live on it free. Of course, being democraps, they have the rest of society pay for the freebees.

    • Brock Powers

      agree with Mary Sue!

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    The Republican "elites" intentionally combined with the Chicago based aggregate and the MSM to gleefully destroy the chances of Mrs. Palin and others. From the distance the whole soft under bellied dance looked like a prelude to a "dive in the third".
    For the Republican Party to come ever out of the dumps it must clear the deck and incorporate true Republican-Americans at the helm and at all levels.

    • Asher

      You are correct….and they lost some of the evangelical vote because of it….

      • Mary Sue

        my brother is convinced that a good chunk of the Evangelical vote was lost to the fact that Romney is a Mormon, which some Evangelicals consider to be a cult.

    • Ann Smith

      Time for the chicken-necked Republican to go back to their home coups and let the young fresh blood who upholds the Constitution etc.

  • Anthony

    I agree with the author. Romney lost because he lacked real authentic anger at a the madness I, and others saw with the O-Adminstration.

    I felt Romney was overly cautious, fearful, not at all bold enough to effectively win over people like myself, who wanted anger, wanted confrontation, wanted Obama and his treason laiden Adminstration forced to answer questions, to defend their indefensible record.

    But no. Romney was plastic man with a smile. He never really talked about America as anything other than a market place. He never took the immigration crisis and spoke of it in passionate detail. He never spoke of leftism and liberalism as killing America. His whole spiel was the economy, as though that is all that matters to the life of a nation.

    This morning getting onto the bus, there was silence for the entire 30 minutes. It seems to me people are afraid of what Obama will do next. I for one feel that this is not my country anymore, which is why I did not vote. America is a new entity devoid of the things that once made it great. As I look around, I, a white male in NYC, an the aberration. I am the minority who looks at a sea of non-white people brought about by sheer criminal intent that has transformed the demographics to favor forever the Democratic Party and the further mediocre-razation and ghetto-fication of our culture.

    I am fearful of Anerica, I blame fake conservatives, weak suit and tie wearing criminal politicians who are busy looting the rotting hulk of a once great nation, and those who have enabled lesser capable people and promoted them out of fear of political incorrectness and fear of confronting them with TRUTH.

    That was Romney. A man out of step with the times, too nice, wanting to appear “presidential” while Obama was riding dirty. He lost my vote because he is a part of the problem in my book. His type of people empowered the monster they now cannot control.

    Time to leave America, but go where? Liberalism is in every nook and cranny of the Western world and we won’t be left alone until we ate slaves in some tyrannical global nuthouse.

    • @onegoodnathan

      I have the same sentiments Anthony. do the R's actually care about articulating conservatism or is it all about rearranging the chairs on the deck of the titanic to buy time robbing the treasury with their cronies?

      and the principled Allen West gets taken out by some Irish drunk to boot? a sad day for actual conservatives

    • Mary Sue


      This. QFT.

    • Mary Sue

      btw, we're currently more sane here in Canada for the time being, come on over!

      • Stern

        Until, I fear, Justin Trudeau starts making more noise. Then heaven help us. He's Obama with a white skin and goatee.

        • Mary Sue

          he's WORSE. Far, far worse. This kid was taken by his daddy and along with his brothers, were literally buddy buddy with Fidel Castro.

      • Mr. Polly

        At least we still have free speech in the U.S.A., not "hate speech" laws.

        • Mary Sue

          give it time…

      • pagegl

        Mary Sue, it might be a possibility, but I like my guns. I like going to the range and blasting holes in paper. I also like being able to defend my home and family. And I like being able to run around my yard in the winter while wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

        • Mary Sue

          Well, we just got rid of the Gun Registry. Tell you what. If Obama starts banning guns, or guns that you have, move to Victoria or Vancouver, you can run around in your shorts in the winter most of the time. You *can* own guns here, but there's a lot of restrictions on Handguns. Which, isn't nearly as much as say, the City of Chicago.

      • scum

        Uh, last time I heard the drumbeat of secession was in the air! LOL

        • Mary Sue

          a friend of mine once remarked that all the democrats should move to Canada, and all the Conservatives should move to USA, and then we'll see who runs what country better.

      • Keith

        Except that even a majority of Canadian conservatives wanted Obama to win.


      Basically, I agree, although I think that before losing this election it was a more difficult call. Romney looked for several weeks as though his "don't offend the independents/undecideds" approach was going to carry him to victory, whereas it was clear to me that Newt Gingrich's undisciplined, combative approach could never have won.

      Now that this approach has failed, Republicans must wage explicitly ideological campaigns in 2014 and 2016, because that's the only hope we have left short of secession.

    • Jon

      Yes! You see through the lens of reality. The Republican Party has lost its ideological compass…it stands for nothing. What did Romney stand for? I can fix the economy. So what. Obama said he could fix the economy. But the majority of Americans wanted to hear "I can restore America, I can revive the Constitution. I can roll back the trend towards European Socialism …" The author is right on!

      • Jack

        Romney repeated over and over that Obummer was turning the US into a european socialist mess and he would stop it. "Obama said he could fix the economy" but screwed it up worse after 4 years.

        What is wrong with the people at this website? You clowns did not listen to anything that happened over the last 2 months.

        And what about the national ID card that Romney wold have mandated that would prevent illegals from working and receiving benefits? That would have restored the USofA. Never happen now. The country is gone for good thanks to the fools I am reading here. DISGRACE

    • LeeVonHart

      You're right, Mr. H is right. I remember thinking it was very strange that R didn't go after the Benghazi thing, and all the other marxist background. But then figured mormons are peaceful. Wow we have been conditioned alright.

      • Mary Sue

        He was trying to rise above it and it was the biggest mistake ever because the MSM kept the public in the dark, and Fox News is so badly slandered that people don't believe what they hear on it.

    • Kirsten Morris

      if you didn't vote then you are part of the problem. I hope you do move to some other country… along with everyone else who didn't vote or chose to vote for a third party so they could 'feel good they didn't feed into the system'. Pshaw… you all deserve the Obamantion as president. As for me… I just hope my grandson's defective heart allows him to live long enough for us to get Obamacare repealed and a new President… one who actually loves America and cares about the people.

    • Jea9

      I wanted Newt and his (verbal) backhand. He could slam it back whether to a moderator or to a competitor, and at the same time, use the moment as a teaching moment. He excelled at doing just that. Each of those moments were memorable.

      • Clare

        Right on. Newt for President. Daniel, OK with the Tea Party, this is an insightful point taken, but why did Newt get drummed out? Newt slammed into the other court. He was easy and committed. I was on board with Newt. Here was a person with rational "anger back at 'cha" who kept on asking, "who can defeat Obama?" He knew the criteria. Who can defeat Obama?

    • Viet Vet

      I agree, Obummer was the one we really wanted….. How easily we get stuck on stupid.

    • Bolg


      You wonderfuly expressed my feelings not only about this election, but about the fate of America (and Western – white – civiization) too. Although I am not American, I also am fearful of America. Because I know something about 'socialism'… and islam…

    • Jack

      Romney did talk at length about those subjects, but pushing immigration reform near election time to a now out of control demographic mess is a sure way to lose.

      Am I reading you correctly? You blame Romney for losing and at the same time admit that you did not vote for him, is that right?

      You wanted some dramatic display of anger. like it was some mma crap or wwe show? Bring everything thing down to the LCD.

      If that is true then it is your brand of immaturity that cost us the country. Good Job

  • EamonnDublin

    If whites had voted for the white candidate in the same high percentages as blacks and Hispanics voted for the black candidate, the media would be screaming “RACISTS”. What’s the difference? The same happened in 2008. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

    • Jim_C

      The difference is that blacks, Hispanics, and women know which party has their best interests in mind. It's that simple. It doesn't matter if you find that statement arguable–the numbers speak for themselves.

      The GOP strategy has to take demographics into consideration. They always say they will–and then they go blow the racist dogwhistles. Or they double down on the moronic rape comments. They're completely tone deaf. Anyone with a brain can see that.

      • Mary Sue

        no, Hispanics, Blacks, and women have been bamboozled into believing that certain leftist social issues are not only desirable, but preferable to you know, an actual working economy.

        There are no racist dog whistles. This is an invention of the Politically Correct Gender/Race studies whackos.

      • pagegl

        Blacks, Hispanics, and women THINK they know which party has their best interest in mind. The sort of government Obama and his ilk are trying to give us benefits no one except those running that system. The Republicans need to give up on politicizing social issues and leave those where they belong, to the states. They need to concentrate on the Constitution, smaller government, reduced spending, and foreign affairs.

        • Jim_C

          Well, I'd agree with that but I don't think your party does.

          • pagegl

            Not my party, kind of the lesser of two evils as I see it.

      • BLJ

        You actually believe that? My business has quite a few black customers and I have asked them straight up and they admit they voted for Obama because he is black.

        The problem the GOP has is that the real history of their party versus the Dems is not being told. They have no real clue about black America's strong Republican ties before the Great Society came around. They are just pawns being used by the Dems.

        I think the demographic that the GOP needs to go after is the Hispanics. If they make a real effort they can have some success with this group. Having Rubio on the ticket would have been a great start.

      • Viet Vet

        "The difference is that blacks, Hispanics, and women know which party has their best interests in mind. It's that simple. It doesn't matter if you find that statement arguable–the numbers speak for themselves. "

        This is patently false. They may ignorantly think so, but it is patently false.

        • Jim_C

          Like I said, it doesn't really matter what one's opinion is on this. People can make all the excuses they want about "delusional" black, women, hispanic voters being used as pawns (aren't we all). The numbers don't lie, and they show a pattern that is not likely to lessen without a concerted Republican effort.

  • gretchenone

    The Republican Party is dead. Does one get the impression that the elites are just taking turns feeding on the remains of this nation?

    • Mary Sue

      They HAVE to kick out the RINO/"moderate" Establishment. Seriously. They are like a noose around the neck of the Party AND the country!

      • BS77

        No matter what I write, the Administrator will not permit it.

        • Mary Sue

          eh, I had that problem a couple times. Sometimes it shows up a couple hours later. It's a random thing.

    • LeeVonHart

      Yes, the Birchers have been trying to tell us all this for 50 years. :)

    • BS77

      The Republicans are now consigned to near permanent minority status. The Republicans cannot compete with the expectations of the voters who want a gigantic Euro style socialist PC Nanny State, with its smorgasbord of welfare programs…..of course, no one is considering the coming fiscal and economic crash….no one wants to think about our nation going bankrupt.

      • Drakken

        It is going to crash and crash hard, then your going to the rush for scant resources, there will be blood.

    • The WolfMan


    • Brucem

      One reason I didn't vote for Romney was that I felt that he and Republican elites like Adelson and the Koch brothers would be feeding on the remains of the nation and leaving only scraps for the rest of us.

  • cj

    Ok, then why did the two most outspoken,Murdoch and Aiken go down big? Dems successfully sold the “war on women” to a bunch of morons who come out to vote in Presidential elections. Women handed this election to Obama. Republicans were simply outplayed by an Obama campaign.

    • zelda

      That might be because the Rino's were featured in a video saying they would never want to serve with Aiken. They all denounced him and tried to get him to get out of the race. The Gop sold out Aiken as not to offend the "Independents.".

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The Republican Party turned on both. And they made the mistake of being apologetic. And their outspokenness was directed at areas that were completely unnecessary.

      But this isn't a sure fire approach to victory. It's a sure fire approach to reviving a moment that can win elections. To expand the Overton Window, you are going to lose a bunch of them first when you try to tack against the wind.

    • Kate

      I agree cj. Look what happened to Allen West, who is very outspoken, does not mince words, and is a Tea Party guy! Our nation has shifted to the left. We are a nation of takers, not workers. I do not think most voters understand basic economic theory, budgets, taxes, starting/owning a business(and risks with owning a business), what having lower taxes really does for an economy. They believe the lies, dribble, and sound bites from the lame stream media. The media drives their emotions. The majority of folks in this country are deceived. How do we ever win another Prez election? FL, VA, Iowa (the heart-land), Ohio(Hamilton County), use to go GOP, not any more.

      • Jim_C

        Sure, we're a nation of workers when Republicans win, and a nation of takers when democrats win.

        Here's the hard truth you are missing: people DO understand those economic issues. And one thing they understand very well, through observation and through data–is that tax cuts for the wealthy during a huge economic downturn as a result of their own policies is a stupid idea that does zero for the economy. On the other hand, I, as a small business owner, created three new jobs in the last two years. Taxes and regulations, irksome as they can be, did not prevent me from doing so. It was a matter more simple: DEMAND.

        The GOP has forgotten about some of the basic facts of business and painted itself into an ideological corner from which it will be hard to emerge without jettisoning some of its hard core constituency. You guys are stuck with the image of multimillionaires "stimulating" the economy by purchasing yachts and third homes (which in fact, they have been doing). It's absurd. Trickle down is b.s., always was, always will be.

        Obama does not understand this perfectly, either. I wish he had DOUBLED the stimulus. But I wish he spent it on buying goods and services from the domestic private sector. I understand why he did not.

        • Mary Sue

          That's not understanding. That's being brainwashed. It worked during Reagan, there is no reason it cannot work now.

          If he'd doubled the stimulus you guys would be 30 trillion in the hole instead of 17.

          • Jim_C

            Reagan was a big credit card spending spree and it took us into a couple recessions. Clinton had the better model.

          • Ben Cohen

            Clinton got results.

          • Mary Sue

            Clinton also had the "help" of a wholly Republican Congress and Senate in 1994, so he was pretty much forced to. Before that happened, Clinton was acting like a typical tax and spend democrat.

          • Mary Sue

            No, reagan wasn't the one on the spree. The Democrats controlling the House were. Reagan tried to get spending cuts but they never materialized (because the dems wouldn't allow it).

        • Chris Nichols

          Why do we need the government to buy goods from the private sector when we can do it if we are allowed to keep more of what we earn? That is how an economy works, the government does not create a supply for a product, nor a demand.

          • Jim_C

            I think that's an article of faith rather than fact. I do respect the argument, though. I certainly don't think it's a role government should always be playing. In good times, government is best kept out of the way–no question. But I think it's a role government can play after a systemic collapse on this scale. Is it a gamble? Sure, but what isn't? I'd rather people were drawing paychecks even if for a while than unemployment checks long term. I mean, the Bush tax cuts were extended. But so what? The money I keep will probably go toward a credit card payment or savings account.

          • Chris Nichols

            No, Jim, that is a fact. Obama spent 800 billion on shovel ready jobs that never materialized and would not have created any permanent jobs or wealth anyway. He gambled billions of taxpayer dollars on “green” companies like Solyndra, NextEra, Ener1, Solar Trust and many others — all of which went bankrupt – because nobody wanted to buy their product. Before that, however he spent 28 billion General Motors, which was only worth 2 billion, to bail out the private pension funds of autoworkers’ unions at GM & Chrysler which had priced themselves out of the market because they made cars people didn't want to buy. And finally, Cash for Clunkers, which doled out taxpayer money to anyone who wanted to replace their old cars, but which mostly only ended up subsidizing the puchase of foreign-made cars by people who could have afforded them on their own anyway; meanwhile, the traded-in cars were all destroyed, creating a shortage and thereby increasing the cost of used cars, hurting the pocketbooks of poor people.

          • Jim_C

            Those are fair points, Chris. But hindsight comes into play. Remember that Mr. Bush also had a hand in those bailouts. In his position, and in Obama's, you face a pretty tough question of history's judgement on the fallout after letting those companies fail.

            I am not as up on the Solyndra thing–road to hell/good intentions? At some point we need to invest in alternative energies. My idea of shovel ready would be, "Here's a shovel, go build a road," though.

            So there are some calls you make in a time a crisis–and let's face it, we were in free fall–that don't work out. Some do, and did, from both Mr. Bush's and Mr. Obama's perspective.

          • Mary Sue

            I remember someone arguing that if Bush didn't do some bailing out, the alternative was far worse. I think when it came to the banks (the fault of which was the Government in principle because of regulations instituted by Clinton to make banks make bad loans), it was maybe sorta kinda only fair that the government pay for its mistake, regardless of who made the mistake.

          • Jim_C

            I'd agree with whoever argued that. I'm not a big fan of Depressions, social chaos, etc.

            Glass-Steagall deregulation had quite a bit to do with it as well, so government from that vantage is also to blame.

            As are everyday citizens who simply bought more house than they could afford.

        • Drakken

          When people are out of work, there goes your demand and layoffs for your workers. You hear that sound? It is the sound of the wealthy packing up and taking their wealth with them, good luck in your business because the future is economic armageddon and chaos.

    • Rod Patrick

      They didn't fight. And they didn''t really know the way to answer the attack. Possible responses are:

      a) Expert pro-lifers don't respond to such questions. They respond by re-framing the questions. But the two clowns were "too pompous" of looking like wise/educated men on abortion. A Big NO. Sample responses are:

      a) Roe and Wade is the issue of the past. Pro-life is an advice not a policy, because the welfare of the women and the victim of rape takes precedence. If abortion is the only choice by pro-abortion women, then it is not a choice at all. It will be a choice only if the community and some help from the Government may be extended to the our women if they choose … life.

      Then follow up with the following:

      b) What? Women should have also the rights to sue erring abortionists from mental, emotional and even physical effects of abortion. This is another form of choice.

      Then FOR THE KILL:

      c) But Wait! More than 9-month old babies in China are being funded by Obama Administration through UNFPA.

      Then closing:

      d) What do you think?

      All other attacks … you will have to repeat: THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE CHOICES FOR WOMEN.

      Repeat and repeat and repeat. Make sure you're polite and respectful when you say things like the above for optimal result. LOL!

      • Rod Patrick

        I mean:

        More than 9-month old babies "being burned alive" in China are being funded by Obama Administration through UNFPA.

    • Viet Vet

      The Founders didn't withhold the right to vote from women because they hated women. They knew the makeup of women and knew that women would be dangerous to Liberty. Now of course, nearly half the women in the country are good, smart, patriotic women who this does't apply to, but I'm just explaining why at least half the women vote for the candidate they think will take care of them.

      • amused

        Man , Viet Vet , most women are most likely way smarter than you .And look at the rest of you DOLTS ! You cant figure out why Murdock and Aiken were shot down ? You REALLY dont know ? Then you've got a much bigger problem than this election . You have a broken brain . Tell me how can an educated man , AND ONE WHO OF ALL THINGS SITS ON A CONGRESSIONAL SCIENCE COMMITEE ,come out with such stupidity and utter ignorance claiming women have a mechanism to prevent conception during rapes ?????That what you teabaggers believe ? OR "it's G_d's will that a women be raped ?ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS ? And now Viet Vet says women a danger to Liberty ? Romney's mistakee and that of the Republicanparty was not disassociating themselves with such imbeciles .Yet you blame the media ? B.S. ! If a martian made those statement publiclys -it would make the news . Pathetic man .

        • amused

          And you ignore the fact that there is in existence THE HYDE ACT which forbids taxpayer money to subsidize abortion EXCEPT FOR RAPE -INCEST -OR THE MOTHERS LIFE AT RISK .If the Tea-party -true-and-only patriots think that's unacceptable then go crawl back under the rock you come out from under . The Tea Party is over . The few loons that managed to get elected are getting the boot . Bachman made it by the skin of her teeth this time around .The Republican Party had credibility and respect until it brought misfits on board . You think people did not notice the Tea party Circus act ?

        • amused

          Is anyone aware of the Hyde Act . ? LOL…half the women are good Viet Vet ? The tea party is over .

  • bubbaland1

    The author is correct and perhaps the Republican party needs to crash and burn, in order for a more effective opposition party, such as the Tea Party, to emerge. Romney may be a good person, however, his persona during the campaign was that of an empty corporate suit. No passion, he never really, slapped down the president during the second and third debates even when Obama insulted him. Moreover, there were plenty of opportunities to hammer Obama on Benghazi and other issues, but Romney backed down. Frankly, we can lay this defeat at the doors of Republican hacks such as K. Rove and G. Carmen. I am also tired of the Republican establishment trotting out Ronald Reagan. NEWSFLASH. It is 2012 not 1980! This is a different country in need of a new ideas that are appropriate for solving problems in 2012. The country that elected Reagan no longer exists, witness yesterday's election, we lost. Reagan was a great man but time to move on.
    Lastly, if you are as pissed off with this election as I am, then consider changing your party affiliation from Republican to Independent.

    • Sue

      Yes and newsflash Reagan didn't REALLY defeat Communism anyway. So we realy have to stretch back to Goldwater to find real conservatism. Ironic that Romney's dad stiffed Goldwater just like Romney stiffed Akin.

      • Mary Sue

        Communism imploded on itself but Reagan sure as hell didn't enable him, like an Obama would.

        • Viet Vet

          No, Reagan had a LOT to do with the umm…implosion…to use your term, of communism.

    • Anonymous

      The Dems and Repubs are one and the same-by merging they have canceled each other out-Now we have one Party the Marxist Party —

      In 2011 I attended a supposedly conservative conference in DC -all the biggies were there including all the Fox News regulars, establishment pundits, Republican politiciansetc–we had a session I said 'Facts, argument, logic and think tank thinking are like rubber bullets against these Marxists-we need a real American idealogue to go up against the Leninist idealogue '-start looking for a common man like Lech Walesa and put your billion behind him or her'-one guy who heads up a huge conservative website looked at me like I was an insect–didn't care I had spent every waking hour at tea party meetings, townhalls and congressmen's offices-I was a hinterlander with no credentials-that's why Romney lost -because the huge blindspots of these individuals who pay lip service to real conservatives but laugh at them behind their backs–

      but it was all 'politics as usual' with no less than Karl Rove–wow-it's not such a s shock when you understand elitist, progressive Republicans thought they could win against elitist, progressive Marxists.

      • Viet Vet

        You're a fkg idiot!

    • Mary Sue

      Long ago, we Canadians had the Progressive Conservative Party. It was our "Conservative" party but it was indistinguishable from the Liberals, who are, well, liberal. Sometime in the late 1980s, someone created the Reform Party. The Reform Party started winning big, and even became the official opposition. This eventually caused the Progressive Conservatives to WAKE UP and accept the Reform Party ideals, and merged with the party to form the Conservative Party (minus the "Progressive). Now that party is in a Majority in Canada and Canada is relatively sane.

      What you guys need is an overhaul of the Republican party. Since you guys have a two-party system not a millions of parties system, a third party may not work or even be remotely helpful, but damn, something's got to be done about it.

    • Maxie

      The GOP is a schizoid entity and has been since the FDR era. The RINO wing is Eastern Seaboard left historicallyt with capitalist business inerests in Europe. The RINO wing has the money and runs the RNC. The conservative wing historically is flyover-country, farm-belt self-sufficiency and Constitutional traditionalists but in the minority. Since WWII the West Coast has morphed from conservative to liberal as the population has grown. It now echos the Eastern Seaboard but with overseas business interests in the Far East. Conservatives are patriots; RINOS are opportunists with a global focus. That split keeps the GOP politically impotent. IMHO

      • Viet Vet

        This whole topic is void of serious thought. There is nothing systemic wrong with the republican party. It is inclusive, it has liberal, moderate and conservative parts. What the problem is, is a corrupt media completely in the tank for the opposition party, that on the first hand hinders republicans getting their message out, and on the second hand distorts any message they do allow through. At the same time they are covering and running interference for the democraps. Look the media is worth at the very least 10 points to the democraps in an election. That was attested to by one of their own people. They don't even hide their bias anymore. Now I and I'm sure many of you have thought, well anyone can see through this, who can they fool anymore. But there are alot of fools in this country.

      • Viet Vet

        A lot of lazy people sitting their on their couches just loving and enjoying that warm soothing feeling of having smoke blown up their asses. Many don't have the discerning skills to juxtapose between: you can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day (the democrap method), or teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime (the republican method) I know that's a well-worn parable, but still very apropos.

  • JakeTobias

    Now I suppose is the time for the REAL crap to finally to come out on Obama, right?

    • Jim_C

      Yes, and it will be yanked straight from the febrile imaginations of the paranoid and stupid, as usual.

      What, his birth place, rev. wright, bill ayers, his supposed gay trysts, etc. etc. weren't enough for you?

      • Mary Sue

        Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers are indisputable problems.

        • Viet Vet

          Absolutely Mary Sue, but also Fast and Furious, and BenghaziGate are very high up. There is no doubt at all that he should be impeached.

    • Mary Sue

      If we're lucky. If not we won't hear until he's well out of office. (Well maybe we'll learn but the public at large won't).

      • Viet Vet

        What we learn certainly won't come from his sycophant media.

  • alakhtal

    Now that Obama won second term 303/207. How about closing down Fox-News for good? I can’t wait to see Republicans, Teeebaagerzz & Israelifirsters Looosers faces. What happened to Plan-B Morons? Black voters "not as rah-rah," but "really focused" for Obama.
    And now shut-up, sit-down & listen to FoxNews Legends of GoogledJunk, WikiTrash, the Mayhem, and the Misinformation! Your discretion is advised
    Nov. 7, 2012: President Obama waves to the crowd at his election night party in Chicago.

    • Stern

      Hmm, I wonder how calm you would be if someone were to call for closing down the New York Times for good? I'll bet you'd go all "free speech" on us, wouldn't you? Typical of the loony left, you only believe in free speech when it agrees with your ideals.

      • Viet Vet

        The left only believes in free speech so far as it agrees with them. What this twerp is admitting is how much it hurts leftists that they don't any longer have a complete lock on the dissemination of information. They hate that Rush and Sean have a voice, they hate that FPM exists. They know without the 3 points of democrap voter fraud, Romney is the President. That would have saved Obummer from Impeachment……………………………..

    • Mary Sue

      Close down Al-Jizzeera.

      Jerusalem SHOULD be the Capital of Israel! It's been so for thousands of years.

    • patron

      Doing nothing as a child but memorizing the Quran led to a great intellect, one for the ages.

    • BringOurTroopsHome

      @alakhtal – you represent the ignorant mind of those who have assured us the death of America. hope you and your ilk are happy now. I pray that I will be able to move to Israel to escape the ravage

    • Lillith66

      Is Frontpage having an open day for pre adolescents or what?

    • tuffone3

      Thankfully you will reap what you sow.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    There's nothing mysterious about the outcome of this election. Obama's message "I suck, but the other guy's worse" won out. Obama convinced the electorate, with help from MSM and Bill Clinton (author of the housing crash), that electing Mitt Romney would reverse what pitiful gains were made (real or not) in fixing the economy, and bring us back to September 2008. In 2008 Obama defeated McBush. In 2012 he defeated Mitt Bush.

    • Western Spirit

      Eh, I don't see it that way, George W. had fire in his belly, that's why he won elections and why he made the war to take Hussein out.

      The crash of everything belongs to the Democrats but George W is getting the blame because he was president and perhaps some blame does belong to him.

      There is no fire in the other two mentioned so the comparison doesn't hold water. They were gentlemen to the end fighting a street punk and got their tails whupped.

      • patron

        George Bush doesn't fight. He has the decency to leave the spotlight after his presidency. In 2006, he went along with the Democratic Congress plan, and look how they repaid him.

        Obama's following the Kruschev rule. He'll increase his net worth another $100 million over the next four years and retire to a Chicago castle built by the taxpayer. He only got the presidency by blaming everything on his predecessor.

        Performance will come secondary to his own self interests and it will exist only of hoping the economy magically turns around under higher taxes and regulations. Even if we hit the fiscal cliff, the federal government is still $900 billion in deficit each year.

  • Paulie

    It's all so pointless now. America as we new it is over. What's the point of reading smart opinions in Frontpagemag.It;s over.The bulldozer of tyranny is coming.Is a violent conservative revolution an oxymoron?.No one will fight for freedom.There's no place to go.It's all so F–king! pointless.

    • JIll

      Israel fights for its freedom everyday. Do it too – it might actually work!!

      • Viet Vet

        Yep, it's coming.

    • zelda

      With all do respect Paulie, get a backbone and stop whining. It doesn't really matter if you think no one will fight for freedom, be willing to die for yours and others will follow.

    • wayne

      Next 2014, get up and move, "Lets Roll". Nobody has beat us, it's a minor set back.

      • Viet Vet

        All this ammunition is getting old.

    • The WolfMan

      His name was Ron Paul. Why should I fight for the freedom of people who won't even vote for it? Oh. I forgot. Folks didn't want to "waste their vote" on an "unelectable" candidate. So they wasted it on Romney. Now they don't have freedom, or principles. Enjoy.

      • amused

        Pack your bags and get out , open a camp in the jungle like Jim Brown , and make your society in your own image .Everyone will be the same – it oughta be fun .

  • Asher

    More of the same…Stalemate and Gridlock…debt…and spending. Bill Clinton worked with Speaker Gingrich and Ronald Reagan worked with Tip ONeil, they accomplished alot. Both Clinton and Reagan had prosperous economies..not this low growth and lack of jobs. Hope everyone is happy with getting nothing accomplished…What a boring bunch of people in Washington….Live for Yourselves.

    • Viet Vet

      The democaps are even more communist than they were in 1980. To negotiate freedom and principles away is an abomination. Where do you start when negotiating the constitution away?? The 2nd Amendment?? The religious freedom of the 1st Amendment?? Property Rights?? Mrket economy?? Remember, the whole purpose in drafting and ratifying the Constitution was to limit the power of the federal government. It's a very slippery slope to start negotiating the Constitution. Specific Welfare for example is unconstitutional. Allowing illegal aliens to vote is unconstitutional. Etc.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    America shaking hands with the Devil, drawn into devolving morality, a fallen Nation in delusion
    with no idea of what made America great now will pay the piper. Those in the know about what
    true blessings are may shiver at the outcome of abandonment of moral principles by the majority
    of the electorate but it is a fitting practice to prepare us for the cold day in Hell approaching.
    The Devil is surely in the approaching details. The other side of blessings is cursings and they
    are deserved by so many it seems time is up and the changes are fixed for no future for our
    posterity, not one we would have invisioned or approved of, one consolation is it is never to late
    to pray, prayer is more powerful than politics. Those who voted into office degeneracy, learn
    to live with it, you bought it, you own it, the price is higher than you think………………William

    • Laurie


    • Dennis

      William: I've read all the comments and yours is the only one that gets to the root of the matter. I would add, that it has been a long time coming. Thanks, D

    • Ricky Michael

      Welcome sir to the What can I get Now America. Give me, give me. Reminds me of the Grasshoppers and the ant story. The grasshoppers consume all that the ant worked for. The disheartened ant said, oh screw it, where's my lawn chair. He retires to live off what he has put side for himself. The grasshoppers says who shall feed us now that the ant no longer works?

      This ant says, "Not me. Send me my check every month."

  • kateyleigh

    Not when the chief criteria of electability is having no opinion, no point of view and no reason to run for office except to win.

    I dissent, Obama et al have all that. And now without another election, they can can roll it out, with impunity. As a tweeter put it, now we will see what 'flexibility' means. @melissatweets

  • pinnie99

    Nothing can come close to what Im experiencing right now….Our founders "screamed" to keep this Republic >We need a free press>.Now ..U can c what they meant.Those ignorant s**** that voted for BO have no idea what he is….Nor do they care.Communism is seeping in at a rapid pace along with the twisted Ideology of Islam.Ask World War II historians how well it all works together.

    Jarrett issued a "warning to all that opposed BO…So this isnt my america any more.Since when does an un_elected dwarf…get to threaten Americans? When does a Pres. spend 1.4 billion on Perks …How does a revenge vote not sicken people? Well today is a really bad day for us all .Even the stupid s**** that allowed him 4 more to squash free enterprise even further…

    Id be glad to see them all suffer but ….We the People have to pay their freight.

    We r exhausted.

    • BringOurTroopsHome

      To pinnie99: I am in total agreement with you. This fight has exhausted me and as long as I remain an American, there is no escape from the ignorant citizens.

      I actually overhead a young (college-aid) kid telling his girlfriend that he was excited about telling his "Republican mother" that he proudly voted for BO! That represents the next generation??!! No further explanation needed, as to the state of our union.

    • Viet Vet

      The electorate took a crap on the graves of the patriots who fought, bled and died so that this nation would be free, not dependent. And the Founding Fathers gave us a free Republic. Ben Franklin said: as long as you can keep it. They also crapped on the graves of the patriots down though the years who have fought, bled, and died for this ideal. Not for the ideal of 'equality of result' (marxism), but for the 'equality of opportunity'. It of course isn't the first time they've done this.

  • davarino

    I was willing to give the Repub party another chance, but out of 300 million people all we can come up with is McShame and Romney? Both milk toast. Almost got excited about Romney, but you can tell there is no conviction. Its almost like running for president was the only thing left on his bucket list. Now he'll go back home and no big deal while the rest of us have to some how survive 4 more years of this pretender in chief.

    And the repub party infuriates me with thier get along attitude. There is no one standing up to the media and calling bull$hit, they just lay there and take it. There are far to many career politicians on both sides of the isle that need to be taken out.

    I suppose if the Idependants would have sucked it up and voted for Romney instead of a third partier, then Mitt may have won, but then we would probably get more of the same just slightly different. I feel like joining and becoming active in the Tea Party in order to invigorate it and use it to either inspire the repub party or replace it.

    • Glennd1

      it's "milquetoast" and "independEnts" moron… it's idiots like you running around babbling as though you know something about something that gave us 4 more years of obama. do the world a favor and shut up.

      • Stern

        Yes, teacher! (BTW, who appointed you grammar checker of the Internet?)

      • davarino

        Oh you got me. I did go to public school, so there ya go.

        Enjoy the next four years. I hope you can create jobs with your great spelling ability

        • Glennd1

          You are a vicious thug in addition to being barely literate, apparently. Your comment seem to imply that I support Obama, which is not the case at all. I just think you arrogant and ignorant Tea Party types should shut the eff up and take a long reflective pause. The entire Tea Party movement is an utter failure in terms of delivering real change of any sort. Period, dot, end of sentence. It's a small minority fetish of the 10% of the electorate and will never get bigger.

          It's you and your ilk who are to blame here, thanks for another 4 years of the dilettante in chief…

          • Mary Sue

            Romney wasn't a Tea Party Candidate by any stretch of the imagination, so your blame game is misdirected.

          • Glennd1

            Of course what I was referring to is how the Tea Party – after it was taken over by the evangelicals – dragged the entire primary process to the hard right. In the real world. Michelle Bachman isn't qualified to be president – only to Tea Patiers, for example. You see, she's a "Dominionist" – which is a Christian supremacy movement as vile as Islamism. Serious people saw the cast of freaks and morons the Tea Party dredged up and puked. Romney was tarred with it. You folks ignore the fact that collapsing your religion with your politics makes you anathema to many people. You think you are superior for it when in fact you alienate the rest of the country with it.

          • epaddon

            Your comments are a nice exercise in the kind of anti-Christian bigotry more suitable to a Bill Maher love fest. Which makes you the biggest phony as far as your well-being for the Republican party is concerned.

          • Glennd1

            Anti-Christian bigotry? You folks take over the Republican party and destroy it – but I'm not allowed to comment on it? You jackwads just gave us another 4 years of Obama and you don't even know it. The willful ignorance of you and your ilk is only exceeded by your arrogance. Keep your religion to yourselves, keep it out of Republican party politics and we'll be just fine.

            It is Christian right who has moved the needle to the right in the Republican party. and lost the American people along the way. Do you not get the significance of what just happened? The Republicans have lost any possibility of assembling a majority to win the senate or the presidency. The Dems have been kicking the daylights out of the Republicans since 2006, 2008 was an anomaly, and really all the Tea Party can claim is about 60-70 congressmen. If you dodo heads actually think you can govern from that perch, I guess I need to add stupidity to my assessment.

          • epaddon

            Yes, you are an anti-Christian bigot who has a hang-up with mainstream traditional Christians exercising their right to be part of the process and to keep their mainstream perspectives from being drowned out by phonies like you who believe in rolling over and playing dead when it comes to social liberalism and co-optig the anti-Christian bigots of the Left. That puts you on the same side of judicial activists who legislated abortion and gay marriage from the bench in defiance of every rational conservative principle on judicial conduct (you see, it's defending that very AMERICAN and MAINSTREAM perspective that we feel compelled to defend and which you would like to surrender on) and also puts you on the same side of the Bill Maher bigots. "Republicans" like you are the ultmate phonies who would rather be adored by the beautiful people of elite liberalism while all the while expecting conservatives to be docile lambs and vote for them while checking their principles at the door.

          • epaddon

            BS. It wasn't milquetoast "we should get along" that won back the House in 2010. And if your pathetic brand of the GOP had shown some balls for once instead of being suck-ups, then there wouldn't have BEEN a challenge to Richard Lugar. Chew on that.

          • Glennd1

            but of course, you complete simpleton, the Tea Party managed to put up 60-70 members – reflecting a small but powerful minority – which is exactly what I'm saying. You do realize that the majority of Republicans don't identify as Tea Partiers or even conservative. I know that's a reality you don't like, but the 'Jump for Jesus crowd' that took over the Tea Party destroyed its chances of every being anything other than a front for the same evangos who've dragged the party into idiocy over the past 20 years. Many of us are tired of you all. After this election cycle, you should be humble, but no, you want to play "happy warrior' or some other garbage.

          • epaddon

            The Tea Party is the reason why the GOP controls the House. And like all establishment hacks lke you who think there's nobility in phonies like Richard Lugar or an earlier generation like John Warner who would rather be smooch artists with the Democrats than make common cause with conservative principles (yet who nontheless always expect conservatives to vote for them and then become crybabies when we don't), you'd rather be in the minority if it means you can be adored by the elite liberal establishment.

          • Glennd1

            At what cost? Don't you understand how the house works versus the senate or the Presidency? It's really the only place a small but powerful minority could take hold – and it's also true you dragged the party to the right, both can be true. The appearance of the likes of Cain (who's atlanta based talk show sounded more like a preaching than a politician – which strangely disappeared when he spoke on the national stage), Bachman (a freaking Dominionist) Perry (who held explicitly Christian political rallies) in the primaries was unprecedented. I've never seen anything like it in my entire 50 years on the planet. It was a spectacle.

            As for being adored by the liberal establishment or supporting Lugar, what is it with people on this thread? I said nothing which should give you that impression. Are you so dumbed down that you assume nobody who values liberty and our true founding principles (not the lies of Glenn Beck/David Barton) could be critical of the Tea Party? You guys seem to miss that politics is about the acquisition and use of power. Without power all your mewling is worth the spit in my mouth. I love this country deeply and am sick to death of watching misguided fools drive it off a cliff – from both parties.

            Wake up.

          • epaddon

            Your adoration for establishment hacks like Lugar (and John Warner no doubt; I can just picture you supporting his stabbing Oliver North in the back in 1994) rings loud and clear with your whiny anti-Christian bigotry and hate for one of the most vital wings of the Republican Party since 1980. I can just imagine how much Ronald Reagan must have made you feel given that Reagan's views on abortion, let's see now were the SAME as Richard Mourdock. Reagan even wrote a book "Abortion And The Conscience Of The Nation" when he was President, so I guess you must have felt he was driving the GOP off the cliff back then, right?

            With "Republicans" like you, we don't need to have any Democrats.

          • davarino

            I'm a vicious thug??? Your the one calling people morons and idiots. Wow, you need to check yourself dude.

            Does anyone know what this guy is talking about? Its getting where you cant even make a descending statement without people going crazy.

            Hey Glennd, I gave you another word to cheque (hope your head doesnt explode) : )

          • davarino

            Oh ya, well your a doosh : )

          • Glennd1

            You do hold to form, don't you? Your lack of imagination only demeans you, not me. Why don't you stop – just for a second – and actually read what I wrote? It's true – why is it so hard for you folks to see that? Or are you so delusional that you think the Evango Christians will ever be anything other than a minority?

          • epaddon

            The bigoted phony who wants the GOP to become the party of Bill Maher on social issues has spoken!

          • davarino

            Why dont you stop for a second and read what I wrote. Nothing in it says anything about Christianity, unless you are just assuming that when I mention Tea Party you assume thats what I mean. Thats assuming what you say is true, that the Tea Party is nothing but Evango Christians, which is not what the Tea Party pushes. The other part of your exploding head routine assumes thats what I am pushing, which I'm not. I agree with you that religion should be left out of politics. In another post I wrote that the repub party is going to have to cave on things like gay marriage and a womens right to her body, cause its not governments job to tell people what to do with their own body. Otherwise they get to tell me I cant eat that cheese burger or large coke.

            Now calm down and be a little more self defecating : )

  • WildJew

    This is all true Daniel though I might add, Republicans must not only be the opposition party, we've got to return to core conservative (largely Biblically-based) principles and values. It not only includes championing innocent human life (born and unborn), traditional definition of marriage, lower taxes, more efficient / smaller government, etc., we also need to be right on this global war Islam is waging on the West.

    That became clear to me in the December 10, 2011 debate when Newt Gingrich was asked about his earlier statement to the effect that the Palestinians are an invented people. Gingrich told George Sephanopoulos, "Somebody oughta have the courage to tell the truth: These people are terrorists." Romney and Santorum saw their opportunity to pounce on Gingrich. Romney: "They– Israel does not want us to make it more difficult for them to sit down with the Palestinians…" Santorum: "And I think Mitt's point was– was the correct one. We need to be working with the Israelis to find out, you know what? Is this a wise thing for us to do, to step forward and to engage this issue?…..My guess is, at this point in time, it's not. Not that we shouldn't tell the truth, but we should be talking to our allies. It's their fight."

    "It's their fight?" This is conservatism? Israel is on the front lines fighting the global jihad and two of our Republican candidates took the side of the killers. Not one Republican on that stage defended Gingrich.

    Then there was a our national platform writing committee in Tampa last August. Romney Sorrogate Sen. Jim Talent fought conservatives who wanted to preclude language (first inserted by George W. Bush) calling for the establishment of a Muslim-enemy state in the Holy Land.

    "The overwhelming majority of Republicans don't support the creation of another terror state like the ones that have since been created in southern Lebanon and Gaza," declared South Carolina delegate Randy Page.

    "Three separate amendments to the draft platform were offered and shot down after Sen. Jim Talent, a Romney surrogate who is tasked with ensuring the platform document is in line with Romney's policy proposals, objected to each."

    Daniel, if Republicans don't get our act together on this seminal issue (defining the enemy) the Republican party is done and so follows the nation.

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      Above I commented along similar lines but your comment is more explicit and I like it.
      Since earlier today I researched one particular item riding on the US election process. Homosexual marriage…
      Neither Russia, China or Japan for example include such latitudes in their countries.
      I do not know for sure but in Japan nailed not long ago some Jewish Orthodox kids that brought in narcotics into that country. They were duped into it but nevertheless tolerance was ZERO.
      The US must have an awareness awakening about its overall drift before it will be too late.
      And clearly the "elites" in the Republican Party are not part of the solution.

      • WildJew

        Thanks. One more thing I forgot: There was the day Governor Romney was asked by a reporter if he would comment on a couple of important issues; the Chick Fil A (same-sex marriage) controversy and Congresswoman Bachmann's call for an investigation into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into our government. Romney's response: "That’s not something that’s part of my campaign." Is it any wonder Romney did not want to press Obama on the Benghazi debacle in the last debate?

        • SHmuel HaLevi

          Within our group of US Citizens active from the distance, we agreed two months ago to equate the RNC and their candidate campaign to a well rehearsed "taking a dive in the forth" stunt.
          There was no possible way that could make a winner among less than polite people.
          Running a touch football scene among gutter shock troopers from Chicago was like Barak in Israel "arming" commandos with paint ball rifles. (he did).
          I am listed with the TEA PARTY but so far only as an activist. I am setting up camp in that direction.

      • Mary Sue

        France is currently pushing gay marriage through. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Iceland, South Africa, Argentina, Canada, and Belgium all have it currently.

        Wikipedia claims there was something akin to gay marriage in China during the Ming dynasty.

        Ironically Spain is a basket case, and Denmark, Netherlands, and Sweden currently are having trouble with Islamists…I wonder….

    • Glennd1

      It's rabid ignoramuses like you who just gave us 4 more years of Obama, and yet you dare come here today and lecture us that we should do more of what caused us to lose? Double down on religious conservatism? You folks live in a bubble and an echo chamber of nonsense. If a Tea Partier had managed to get the R nominatoin (the Tea Party doesn't represent a majority of Republicans – do you not yet realize that?), they would have lost far worse. What you and your blind ilk miss that that in 2012, a white male millionaire Mormon tea-totaler with a stay at home wife is not someone who's identity is going to appeal to a large number of Americans. Conservatives talk as though there aren't huge numbers of single people in this country to whom "family values" babble misses. They miss how utterly disenfranchised the lower classes feel in our society, and how angry they are. Conservatives are not representative of what many Americans value – and you comment as though none of that is true. You act as though there is some wellspring of support for conservatism that hasn't been tapped – with no factual basis whatsoever

      Sit down and shut the f**k up.

      • WildJew

        I am not a member of the Tea Party. Did I mention the Tea Party? Romney was not particularly attractive to many Tea Party activists, true. That is why you saw such a bitterly fought primary but the party Establishment prevailed. Establishment figures destroyed Romney's opponents. You got your bland, middle of the road moderate and you lost anyway. I did not give you four more years of Obama; Romney and the Republican party (the foolish American voter) gave you four more years of Obama. With your shut the f**k up remark, you really are not worth a man's time.

      • Chris Nichols

        Do you have any reading comprehension skills? You act like 2010 never happened. The Republican party was flat on it's back until the Tea Party started in response to the Obama Care bill and gave the Republicans the House back. It wasn't the squishy middle to sock puppet. Answer me this genius, If the Tea Party is no non-consequential, why does it matter if they stay home? First you say they are a fringe group with no following or influence, then you blame for losing the election for Romney, which is it? Tell me, since you have your finger on the pulse of America, what do Americans value, more free stuff? If a Tea partier had got the nomination, voter turnout would have been higher.

      • Mary Sue

        what conservatism (in Romney's Campaign)? I didn't see it.

      • Mary Sue

        more like, someone I know said "Nobody's going to vote for a MORMON."

  • Schlomotion

    Yes, my goofball Zionist comrades. Because you tried your best to torpedo Ron Paul, because you blew your political wad behind Rick Perry, because you fought true Republican values as much as you fought Barack Obama, because you backed a tepid Mormon businessman whose only merit was that he would have kissed some Israeli settler butt, you lost the election. Enjoy.

    • WildJew

      Not all conservatives backed Governor Perry. Like Chris Christie, Perry also has an Islam problem.

      • Ricky Michael

        I did not. He is a great govenor, but as president, not so much I think. Long live Texas.

    • The WolfMan

      Exactly. Well said. Good thing they didn't "waste their vote," right? My god. The republican party…can't beat…Barack Obama? Ron Paul on his worst day was not half the loser the Republicans are. They are no better than Democrats. All they believe is that they want power, and they will do what they have to to get it. What they don't realize is that the Democrats are better at plaing that game.

    • Mary Sue

      The problem with Ron Paul is he was pro legalization of marijuana. That's a non-starter amongst too many Republicans.

      • trickyblain


        • Mary Sue

          Ever noticed that with the rise in recreational pot use, we've wound up with more brain damaged young people voting Democrat?

      • The WolfMan

        So… better to surrender all of our freedom, economic and personal….than have some hippie losers smoking pot legally. Got it. Well, I see on the news today . Two states have legalized recreational sale and use ofmarijuana, and 2. Obama won anyway.
        I stand corrected. You really showed them.

    • UCSPanther

      Just come out and say it: You are a leftist and you voted Obama.

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlomotion,do you always kick people when they're down? If you do,I say,STOP IT!!!!!!!!!

    • jeffo

      hey jackass. 80 percent of all jews voted for obama.

    • Foreigner

      Ron Paul can no longer help the US, (or Northern Mexico, like is derisively called in some countries), it appears that its demographic destiny is sealed. Because you can't have libertarian society based on all types of peoples and cultures, only on some types of people. If you try his ideology in Mexico or Somalia you are not going to get an enlightened society, you are going to get anarchy. It will be a bitter pill to swallow, watching how your country is turning into third world country.

  • davarino

    Oh ya, I forgot to congratulate the winners, like Putin (cause obama will have more flexibility now), Akmydinajob (cause obama wont stop thier nuke program), Morsi (cause obama is soft on MB), China (cause they get to continue the trade cheating and currency manipulation, and they get the oil from Canada instead of us), Chavez (cause he is a fellow comrade), Brazil (cause they get to drill in the Gulf instead of us), Mexico (cause thier people get to keep coming here free of charge), and last but not least, the moochers of America (cause they get to keep thier "free obama phone" and much, much more)

    The rest of us, the 53%, get to pay for it, weeeeeeeeeee

    • Mary Sue

      enough to make you sick, innit?

    • BringOurTroopsHome

      Spoken so well davarino! hope that ignorant Schlomotion reads and understands your post

  • Spikey1

    Last night's election was between a Democrat and a Democrat.
    We shouldn't be surprised that a Democrat won.

    • Discouraged

      Last night's election was between a Socialist / Communist and a Democrat. Even a Democrat is not leftist enough.

  • tagalog

    The right wing needs to learn how to connect with the hearts and minds of the American people. That's what caused the Romney loss and it's what will cause right-wing politicos to lose in the future. In order to vote for the right-wing candidate in winning numbers, Americans need to be emotionally bonded with the dominant right-wing political party. I'm not sure how that can be accomplished, but I'm skeptical that it can be done by becoming more militant and partisan.

    If it means becoming more moderate, that's what it means. We have to stop the lunatics from taking over the asylum, the children from running the school, the addicts from operating the pharmacy. Our opponents are powerful; they've just shown that. We on the right have insisted on ideological purity for a couple of decades now, with mediocre results. We need to figure out some more effective way of connecting with the people. Once we've succeeded in attaching a rudder to the ship of state, we can steer it. The collectivists, when they began taking over 50 or 60 years ago, didn't talk like Obama; they compromised for the sake of gaining power. We need to do the same thing.

    • The WolfMan

      Yeah. Ideological purity. No more foaming at the mouth, right wing conservatives like…John McCain? Mitt Romney? You people are hopeless. You deserve this president. The problem is, we are stuck with him too.

      • tagalog

        We're all hopeless without the grace of God.

    • Jim_C

      I think you can accomplish it with the Ryans and Rubios. These are guys who, at bottom, are good, decent men. People here don't want to hear it, but Allen West is not a decent man. Joe Walsh is not a decent man. I told people here Allen West will not be long in office. I was ridiculed for it. But I was right.

      As a liberal, I wish the party does get more TEA party and recalcitrant. It may do in off year elections for a while, but it will ensure a Republican minority in perpetuity, particularly as demographics become more important than ever. But as a political observer I see potential for a Republican–though not necessarily conservative–resurgence in the younger crop.

      • Mary Sue

        b-b-but, Allen West is black! It shouldn't matter! [/politically correct sarcasm]

        • Jim_C

          Sarcasm heard!

          See, West was fine when he talked about Islamists. It's not p.c., but I think it's something most of us agree with, more or less. It would have provided some meat for the opposition but I don't think it would have hurt his chances.

          But calling democrats "communists," his bitter comments toward Wasserman Schultz, and playing up his military credentials after a "controversial" career made him unseemly. (If he were more modest about his military service it would have turned that liability into an asset, so I'd blame whoever was advising him). Contemptuousness is not a winner.

          • lovelalola

            "Contemptuousness is not a winner. "

            Unless we're talking Obama. His entire campaign was contemptuous, and yet he won. Intellectual inconsistency like this is why it's only a matter of time before Dems become descendent once again. I'd lay $100 down today that by the time Obama is done the Dems will be right were the Bush-GOP was in 2008. Capital is worth blowing if it advances the authoritarian agenda.

    • Bob Honiker

      We had a rudder. It was called The Constitution. It was not protected and defended by enough of those who swore to do so.
      Becoming more moderate will do nothing but accelerate the coming disaster.

  • tagalog

    The story of Newt Gingrich and his Presidential hopes during this campaign season addresses quite effectively the contention that people are looking to vote for a candidate who isn't afraid to speak articulately and strongly, even if offensively, about our concerns. That kind of a candidate isn't going to win the primaries or get the nomination, much less win the election.

  • crackerjack

    As long as the GOP bows to teaparty, evangelists and Israel lobby they will loose. The US mandate is now young, mulitcultural, liberal and modern. The day of the old white man is over.

    • Mary Sue

      whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Bowing to the Israel Lobby? Since when is that a bad thing?

    • UCSPanther

      So what will happen when Obama can no longer give out entitlements?

      Just look to Greece for the answer.

    • @surfcitysocal2

      I don't think most "evangelists" think of themselves as "loose". Nor does the tea party, or Israel lobby, I don't think. And sorry, but I can't find "mulicultural" in the dictionary.

    • Drakken

      Then welcome to the 3rd world and may you and yours starve while me and mine will survive and thrive, import the 3rd world, you become the 3rd world. Welcome to your communist utopia and may you get everything you so richly deserve, just don't ask any of the rest of us for help when it all ends up in the sewer.

  • Sue Francks

    Goldman Sachs vs. Goldman Sachs = a win/win situation. When wil people realize who controls these elections? There was no clear difference between the two candidates really. Mitt Romney was never going to take the fight to Obama, Newt Gingrich was the only one that could do that and win. The debates were a joke and phoney as heck.

    The Republican Party deserves to go down in flames. I know I won't be supporting them ever again, unless of course they decide to let "the people" choose their nominee. Mitt Romney found out that even with all his wealth he couldn't even buy the Presidency.

  • Attila The Hun

    In a Democracy people deserve the candidate/government they choose. The problems with Republicans are;
    a) they are afraid to call the enemy- i.e libs- for what they are tyrannical Marxist
    b) they don't understand that politics is a blood sport, one must play to win at all cost.
    c) they must not be afraid of the media, they must learn how to beat it.
    d) they must learn how to educate the masses of the danger of big brother government
    good luck to all of us, the next four years will not be fun, that's for sure

    • mlcblog

      They must teach their children our own economic system.
      They must maintain a morally upright approach.
      They must be spiritual warriors, brave and true.

  • Loyal Achates

    You guys have been saying “we’re doomed, this isn’t the America I grew up in, yada yada” since they passed the 13th amendment.

    Seems to me like your preferred base of rich white folks are doing just fine. Obama hasn’t killed capitalism, he hasn’t repealed the Patriot Act, he hasn’t done ANY of the over-the-top lefty things you keep claiming he has done or will done. Crying wolf, maybe?

    • Mary Sue

      Obama's way is incremental. Stuff like this doesn't happen over night in a first term, that would have scared away too many voters. Now that he's in the untouchable Second term, wait for crap to happen. Probably not exactly what you propose, but crap will happen. Facepalmworthy crap.

  • Western Spirit

    What’s happened comports with what I’ve been hearing, Romney allowed Obama to define him without rebuttal for far too long. So many people saw him as a fat cat executive screwing the great unwashed and sending their jobs overseas.

    This explains the way the polls started to change after the Republican Convention where a light was shone on Romney’s character as beneficent.

    Also when alive my husband voted Republican. But now that he is deceased he probably voted Democrat. I was alerted to his records being accessed. Therefore fraud shouldn’t be breezed over as a factor in this election.

    Add to this I agree with the article as well. The Republican establishment was hijacked by beltway Dems and are leaders without a following.

  • R.I.P. U.S.A.

    F the GOP. I'm done voting. I held my nose and voted Dole, Bush, McCain, and now Romney and even when they win, things only get worse because they're too interested in the go-along, get-along, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, run to the middle, style of politics that they think keeps them in office so they can hold on to their power and money.

    Let the collapse come. Bring on the 2nd Civil War. Something. Anything. This is proof that the system is completely broken, but it's been corrupted over the years so much that it's impossible now to correct things from within the system itself. At least Democrats will get us faster to the point where we can rebuild from the ashes.

    • Mary Sue

      you may be right in that it takes a huge collapse to create a wake up call. Let's just hope you guys can get back from the brink…or flee to Canada if all else fails.

  • LindaRivera

    Excellent analysis, Daniel ! We needed a presidential candidate with fire and passion! It was almost as if Romney thought it would be OK if our Muslim, Marxist president got re-elected.

    Without powerful mainstream media, Obama would not have been elected the first time or re-elected for the second time. Mainstream media constantly cover for Obama Hiding from the public Fast and Furious and the many horrors of Libya and Obama-Clinton empowering and enabling the most devout, radical Muslim terrorists into power in Middle Eastern countries. And placing Muslim Brotherhood operatives and organizations into positions of enormous power in our government.

    The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in America is the DESTRUCTION of civilization and global Islamic conquest. The shocking BETRAYAL of America and the Free World by the Obama-Clinton administration is horrifying.

    • Jim_C

      Ah, the media–always a Republican's first excuse.

      But consider:

      –A GOP convention where the speakers could barely be brought to mention Mitt's name, where the crowd applauds dutifully at the usual boilerplate lines as the camera scans fervently for people of color, where Sarah Palin and George Bush are not invited.

      –A Democratic convention full of fired-up people, emotionally uplifting speeches that connected directly to Obama's policies (e.g. Affordable Care Act), where President Bill Clinton gave a master class in policy in one of the best speeches of his life.

      Obama ran on his record as president. Mitt ran as "I'm not Obama."

      Media, schmedia.

      • Mary Sue

        THe media played an important role, make no mistake, but the problem with Mitt's campaign is how they handled it. They didn't work hard enough to dispel the disinformation.

        • Jim_C

          Well, but the media played a role in George W Bush's first campaign, too, which is easy to overlook. He was all but anointed by the punditry well before the primaries–very ironic, considering how much they liked McCain.

          Media is also far more diverse. Fox is (I believe) by far the most watched network. Media is a fluid commodity for those who know how to work it.

          I don't know about "dispelling disinformation." If you catch a nominee on tape "putting down" half the population, you can't spin your way out of it. I just don't think the GOP will ever do well with a guy who seems like he's never been grocery shopping in his life.

  • BS77

    The Republicans are now mere minority party outsiders……The huge Animal Farm push for a Euro style socialist regime is complete….so line up at the Nanny State buffet for unlimited social and medical programs, welfare vouchers…..illegal immigrant? No problema! Unlimited debts and deficits? Who cares?
    The party's over….Limbaugh, Hannity and all the rest……bottoms up!!!!

    • Mary Sue

      "My success is not determined by who wins elections." – Rush Limbaugh, 1992

  • marios

    Dem's more than 50years ago built this cripling socialistic revolution: they seized control over MSM, they seized control over Educational system starting from kindergarten to Universities, pandering big Labor Unions. What all those years did Rep's? Nothing, they traditionally continue to do what 100 years they do and prefer not notice that situation was changed. Problem is not in Romney as he would be good President but he is symptom that Rep party became obsolete, anemic. The same BHO is symptom but Dem's party is problem as they transform to kind of Party of American socialists or neo-communists (which is the same)

  • Robert

    Demographics is destiny, that's all. 'Twas Reagan who passed the disastrous amnesty that started America's death spiral, Romney's numbers were almost as good as Ronnie's among whites. Here's Mark Steyn:

    A lot of the telly chatter is about how Republicans don’t get the shifting demographics: America is becoming more of a “brown country,” as Kirsten Powers put it on Fox. But New Hampshire is overwhelmingly white — and the GOP still blew it. The fact is a lot of pasty, Caucasian, non-immigrant Americans have also “shifted,” and are very comfortable with Big Government, entitlements, micro-regulation, Obamacare and all the rest — and not much concerned with how or if it’s paid for.. . . f this is the way America wants to go off the cliff, so be it.

    When you have a political movement with this level of denial of reality, you know they're doomed, and if they are what represents you to power then you're doomed too. The opposition has internalized the hatred of their dominant opponents. Note the inclusion of the hate word "pasty" in Steyn's remarks.

    • Mary Sue

      There's something in the water in the entire Northeast, not just New Hampshire. I'm betting grape koolaid.

  • wgwst

    Unfortunately, the only takeaway that the Repub handlers will get from this election is that they weren't moderate enough.

    Prepare for some stellar bending-over in Congress for the next two years.

  • LindaRivera

    WildJew: Excellent comment! America and the Free World are betrayed not just by Democrats but also by Republicans! Romney's stance on Israel is DISGRACEFUL. Newt Gingrich should have been allowed to run for president! We are all sick of WEAK appeasers and deceivers. We urgently need STRONG, powerful leaders!

    Israel is on the frontlines of global jihad. Anyone who seeks to give infidel-hater Muslim barbarians one inch of Free World Jewish land is a huge TRAITOR not just to Israel and Jews, but to EVERY non-Muslim on earth!

    Non-Muslims of the world unite! We must not go quietly into the night!
    NO Islamic conquest of our nations!

    Join the European Freedom Parties. Join the European Defence Leagues!
    Join EDL (English Defence League)
    Join British Freedom. Britain's last great hope!

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Exactly Linda!!!…………….William

  • Theo Prinse

    It's the coup d'état stupid!
    In just the Benghazigate affair exists multiple counts of treason to the U.S. Congress.
    Furthermore, the CIA director David Petraeus and the top of the Pentagon General Dempsey with his own secret services and satellites and the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta are involved ..
    Watergate was limited merely to an eavesdropping mission by Nixon at the party office Democrats with a handful Nixon White House staff and some individuals outside the WH involved.
    Watergate then is similar to the Obama birth certificate forgery scandal now ..
    But Obama's birth certificate forgery is only one (1) aspect from a long line of fakes concerning his medical, social and educational documents.
    The Romney-Ryan team did operate very well given there has been a secret coup committed.
    The elections in the U.S. are a Winners takes All system which is hugely sensitive to fraud, voter manipulation, gerrymandering etc.
    According to the Dutch analyst of US politics Charles Groenhuizen Obama beat McCain by 8.7% in 2007 and now Romney with only 0.9%
    Furthermore, the US Senate, although a majority of Democrats of 51 is NOT filibuster proof …
    In Western democracy like the US, the Mainstream media improperly obtained a decisive role in the electoral outcome.
    Polling institutes influences to an unacceptable degree the electorate as well.
    Polling forecasts are of no use if they are not covered by the MSM (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS) and broadcasted to the millions of voters.
    In America, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS favor the Democratic Party and oppose the Republicans … and so the Polling institutes is extremely sensitive to the political affiliation of this MSM …
    In short: the polling institutes in combination with the pro Obama MSM have largely manipulated the choice of the voter.
    Although Mitt Romney – according to American Thinker – ran a decent but all together a too mild, too defensive campaign.
    This fact may explain why Romney did not play out Benghazigate, illegal Libya war, birth certificate forgery, leaking intelligence regarding Abbotabbad raid, allowing a Hollywood filmakers in a secret intelligence vault, Presidential security agents engaging prostitution while during an Obama visit etc etc hard enough by Romney …
    Romney gambled wrongly on 'its the economy, stupid!'
    The conclusion is that the American electorate, the citizens, the people have little more to say in the political electoral process …
    We already see unfolding the Hillary Clinton dynastic line continuation.
    The electoral choices in America are (long) made by a small clique of financial speculators / billionaires, Polling institutes, large Media Outlets and political spin doctors of the resp. political parties.

  • Armyboy

    As a Tea Party'er from the beginning I agree with most of what you say but it finally has to end with the people of the country voting for what they want. The majority have chosen to take the only idea Obama is selling. They think Europe is on the right rack and that if we can make the rich pay they can have everything they want, end of story. No need to blame Romnmey or anyone else. Be it union members who want preferential treatment, governemnt employees who want their high salaries and fantastic benefits, free contraceptives for life long college students, free college loans, etc. all the people have their hands out who don't really need it and want their piece of the pie, while it is still there. The country had it's chance after the Tea Party and did not want it.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      The vote is hardly the majority. A million people are not the majority.

      Look at the turnout.

      • Mary Sue

        Not to mention we all have to know that a significant chunk of the blue turnout was illegal or dead (fraudulent identity theft voting).

  • spinoneone

    Well, we have had it clearly demonstrated that Romney was right about the “47%” They and the “left elite” combined to win 52+% of the popular vote. How did we fare? Well, two “safe” Senate seats were sacrificed on the altar of “social issues” by having a pair of idiots put rape versus abortion into play. Right up there with Allen, Angle, and O’Donnell in 2010. We ought to be able to do better than this, but we are now five seats short in the Senate because of it.

    The Tea Party folks are all about fiscal responsibility, smaller Federal government, and personal freedom. That is the only place the GOP can go from now on and have a prayer of winning. I understand that many of the Christians among us want to hammer hard on abortion and birth control, but that train is irrevocably gone.

  • paul wheeler

    ‘Costumes’?? Please refer to the outfit as ‘period clothing’ or ‘colonial attire'; not costume.

  • Still-Defiant

    I am beginning to feel the Confederacy had the right idea. Red States of America should consider seceding, and Americans from other parts of the country who love freedom and liberty can come and join us. Forget about a fence on the border, a fence should be put up separating the Red states from the blues.
    We will claim the Constitution, the Declaration of Independance and the Bill of Rights as our laws. The blue states can claim the writings of Karl Marx such as Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto as their constitutional laws and then can go and destroy themselves.

    • Loyal Achates

      Pssst…Red states usually take in more money from the federal government than they pay in tax revenue, while blue states pay out more than they get back.

      How is your New Confederacy going to survive without any money?

  • Raymond in DC

    Yes, Romney could have done things a bit differently, but in the end he and the Republicans were contending with today's Democratic base – women (now over 50% of the voting population), Africans, Hispanics and other minorities, plus college-age voters. If mobilized, they can run the tables on the Republicans' more narrow base. (And it helps Democrats when not all those serving in the military get ballots on time.)

    That mobilized base allowed Democrats to unseat a popular Senator in Massachusetts, kept a talented challenger from unseating a second-rate Senator in Ohio, and elected yet another Kennedy (with a $4 million war chest) succeed Barney Frank over a vastly better qualified Republican.

  • Bartolomé Cuerda

    GW Bush got 40% of the Hispanic vote, Mitt not even 30%. Why? Because Hispanics have suddenly turned liberal? Or because we felt George truly cared about our values and concerns and Mitt didn't?

    Hispanics care about traditional values, the family and quality education, which are conservative values, but also about how to make ends meet and the future of your relatives abroad. By focussing the campaign on the economy (aka entitlements for many low skilled Latinos) and not providing imaginative ideas to improve education (school vouchers?) and immigration (what about a legal pathway for hardworking, law abiding potential migrants?) Mitt gave the election away to Obama.

    • Jim_C

      That's a good take on it.

      I don't think Romney offered anything that sounded new or fresh. It's hard to avoid the economy, but I think the GOP would do well if they really sounded innovative, rather than reactionary, on things like education and immigration. I also think the whole obsession over taxes is just plain tiresome as a campaign issue–unless it comes a la Steve Forbes, Herman Cain–something that sounds radically different and fresh.

      I'm a liberal, but for example if conservatives offered a truly comprehensive, creative re-imagining of an education system for the 21st century (not the late 19th, early 20th like we have now), I'd vote for them in a heartbeat. Unfortunately it just doesn't seem like a field they are all that interested in.

  • Jackson1961

    The Tea Party is “inoffensive,” except for fiscally, and has no room for criticism on this and neither does Frontpage Magazine for the Tea Party.

    It is difficult to understand where the Frontpage or the Tea Party is coming from on this, since the TPs are secularists themselves and refuse to embrace God the Creator and His laws and refuse to claim our founding Christian heritage. Is it any wonder they(the GOP nor the TP) have no blessings from God to succeed?

    Social issues matter.

    • Your Inner Voice

      Without a moral right the “Republican Party” has NO reason to exist that commie-libs secularists can’t trump with all of the appeals the devil has used since he rebelled against God and carried legions of fellow rebels to their eventual destruction.
      Every good, healthy and beneficial behavior behavior comes from fighting our baser natures in obedience law and its moral underpinnings, right down to each single individual, and every destructive behavior to self and society comes down to individual moral rebellion.
      Without a moral right the Republican Party is the Dead Elephant Party. The amoral, pragmatic pukes leading both parties; rewarding immoral behaviors and expecting some other result than we are now seeing, since Reagan, are old news…older than Rome, Greece, Medo-Persia, Babylon, Israel, Egypt, and etc. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

      • Jackson1961

        Very, very, well put, Your Inner Voice.

  • Western Spirit

    Those Beltway Rinos may be leaders without a following but they still choose our leaders for us and their way of thinking is obtuse because it's intellectual think instead of practical and down to earth thinking.

    For instance a street fighter will beat a gentleman every time because they use whatever is available to them to win and fight with passion. While a gentleman coolly follows rules eliciting no emotion from themselves or others.

  • Bartemais

    Fellow Americans, get ready for serious trouble ahead.

  • wsk

    The excuses don't matter.
    It has finally reached the tipping point in Amerika where the leeches, the whiners , the moochers and the lazy outnumber the producers. The United States as we know it is on life support and the Obamacare physicians are ready to pull the plug. We are soooo screwed.

  • Your Inner Voice


  • Dee

    I just saw on T.V. the Republicans MUST become more like the Demos. Gag. I think we just need a one party system run by thugs and punks. Then everyone is happy.

  • Anonymous

    The Dems and Repubs are one and the same-by merging they have canceled each other out-Now we have one Party the Marxist Party —

    In 2011 I attended a supposedly conservative conference in DC -all the biggies were there including all the Fox News regulars, establishment pundits, Republican politiciansetc–we had a session I said 'Facts, argument, logic and think tank thinking are like rubber bullets against these Marxists-we need a real American idealogue to go up against the Leninist idealogue '-start looking for a common man like Lech Walesa and put your billion behind him or her'-one guy who heads up a huge conservative website looked at me like I was an insect–didn't care I had spent every waking hour at tea party meetings, townhalls and congressmen's offices-I was a hinterlander with no credentials-that's why Romney lost -because the huge blindspots of these individuals who pay lip service to real conservatives but laugh at them behind their backs–

    but it was all 'politics as usual' with no less than Karl Rove–wow-it's not such a s shock when you understand elitist, progressive Republicans thought they could win against elitist, progressive Marxists.

  • @surfcitysocal2

    "The Republican Party stopped being the opposition and became a position that it was willing to reposition to get closer to the center." Yes, and not only has the Republican party moved to the left, so has the entire country as a whole, which is the only explanation as to why the nation reelected an utter and complete failure, liar and fraud. The entire country is in deep trouble. As @AriDavidUSA said on Twitter last night: "Tonight's election proves our nation is suffering a sickness in its soul."

  • BLJ

    The author makes some excellent points. I would also add that having the MSM running interference for you never hurts. Add the fact that 50% of the population either cannot or will not do their homework on the real Obama and there you have it.

    Ignorance is a dangerous thing. The Democrats take advantage of this and have been doing so since the 1960's. The useful idiots that keep them in power are fools.

    Lastly, being a Catholic, I still cannot fathom how anyone would vote for a man who does not being in the sanctity of life. These people are truly hypocrites.

    • Mary Sue

      The sad part, man, is that many Catholics have broken stance with the Church regarding this issue (ie Catholics for Choice) because they bought into the bogus "Anti Choicers want to control mah bawdy" argument.

  • Bob Honiker

    There is no fire in Mitt Romney's belly. Obama's reign has not been and will not be a life altering force for him. We needed a real American revolutionary.

  • rturpin

    That explains why Akin, Mourdock, and West sailed to victories, while Romney and Ryan lost.

    • Mary Sue

      I think West is demanding a recount cuz he's trailing by 2600 votes, if Wikipedia is to be believed.

  • Trey

    The obama fone generation is here.. Maybe Ronald Regan was really Romulus Augustus.

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    This day will be remembered as the day when ignorant and naive Americans elected a president who supports the Muslim Brotherhood. Most of those who voted for Obama had no clue who the Muslim Brotherhood are.

    The Muslim Brotherhood. Is this what Americans stand for?

  • Alexander Gofen

    Both the "Tea Party" (an appendix of GOP) and GOP got it wrong, to put it mildly.

    At worst, GOP has committed the SECOND deliberate treason.

    Or at best – they irresponsibly gambled.

    Gambled when no gamble ought to be allowed.

    Gambled with a cardsharper!

    And the worst: Gambled not resorting to the trump card (ineligibility) – the only card capable to defeat the impostor.

    Now they have revealed themselves completely.

  • mlcblog

    I personally hold the pudgy pink triumvirate of Rove, Krauthammer, and Kristol largely responsible for this loss. They induced strong Repubs to bring a knife to a gun fight. Others did not help, either.

    I can scarce believe that the commies and malcontents I used to run with in the 1960's and the communists of old Europe from 100 years ago have actually achieved their goal and taken over the White House.

  • UCSPanther

    There's opportunity here: Obama will have to face the music about Benghazi and other scandals, and he will have to face them as president, and the MSM will not be able to protect him as effectively this time.

    In the mean time, the Republicans had better get to work and find a better candidate for the next election, or America will go the way of Greece.

  • david

    I'm looking from France the re-election of Obama and I'm very sad. It's look like America wants to be like Europa with a giant state to tell you that you have to do !! Please, don't make the same error as us ! We're now in the socialism, we have to accept gay marriage, vote for foreigner people and taxs, taxs, taxs, more taxs every day !! When I won 1000 $, french governement take 45$ !!

  • jsbrodhead

    How is it that a lying jackass IslamoFascoMarixist camelion dung heap can win an election in America?

  • scum

    Wow, Daniel Greenfield, we hardly knew ye. The Tea Party is dead, Romney picked the wrong running mate, and the polls were actually biased IN FAVOR of Romney, not Obama (dream on Rasmussen). A few days ago, NBC, pandering to Right, 'unskewed' their polling figures because they ANTICIPATED a right-wing backlash. This election proved so many right-wing fantasies and pundits wrong that I can't begin to address them here – they're legion. But we'll talk later when other useless articles like this one 'dissecting' what went wrong inevitably appear on the pages of FPM. But suffice it say, Romney was stunned that he lost because he listened too much to right-wing ideologues in his own campaign (and Rove and his cronies…) who 'used their own metrics' to show him that he was pulling ahead.

  • Dennis X

    Open comment to ted nugent, when your country called you during the 60's you were a coward, the President isn't going to put you in jail so be a man for once and kill yourself. " in jail or dead"

    • BLJ

      Same goes for Muhammad Ali then. Crawl back under your rock you jerk.

      • Dennis X

        Ali didn't go for religious reasons. nugent didn't go because like you he's a coward. Ali didn't make the comments nugent did, you like ted should do the right thing!

        • BLJ

          Ali only joined the NOI to dodge the draft. Give me a break. Yeah I am a coward. How about meeting me somewhere and seeing how much of one I am. Come on, let's dance.

          • Dennis X

            Ali joined the Nation way before the war was an isuse. And any place , any time.

        • Mary Sue

          Religious reasons? Don't make me laugh. There's nothing in Islam that forbids military service.

  • clarespark

    In my view, "Capitalism is on the line." It is as simple as that. I wrote a brief, very compressed summary here:…. With the women's vote, the Left would have been defeated. But no, we won't look at our own anticapitalism, often antisemitic in its implications.

  • Ghostwriter

    The thing is that President Obama convinced enough people to vote for him. Mitt Romney may have had the better message,but President Obama had much of the media on his side. Hopefully,there'll be better candidate next time.

    • Mike

      I wouldn't call "Obama sucks" as message.

  • weroinnm

    Vote Fraud – What They Aren’t Telling You!
    “Food For Thought”
    Semper Fi!

    • BLJ

      There is no doubt voter fraud occured. Try getting Eric Holder to investigate it. Obama's never ending hubris will catch up with him this term.

  • Thomas Schmidt

    What a silly point of view. Move further to the right? The party has marginalized itself by demanding that its candidates pledge allegiance to positions on social issues that are guaranteed to lose national elections. Any centrism is penalized (hello Indiana). Women, latinos, blacks have no interest. Without a relentless focus on economic issues and a drive to send more of these polarizing issues to the states, the party (and country) is doomed as the demographics of the country continue to change.

  • Marvin Fox

    I believe you have your point between Romney and the Tea Party. Unfortunately, your correct point also tells us what is wrong with the electorate. Ignoring the two screwed up political parties and looking at the American people as a national citizenry, the citizenry can't tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. They assume the loudest most warm and fuzzy candidate is the best. That which can work and that which has shown it does not are ignorant equals in many minds, and only powered by perceived feel good concerns. There are many who understand the truth, the Tea Party being in that number, but not enough to do the right thing for our Republic. That ignorance is what must be cured in order to override the bad effects of having our Republic torn by political dissension in the best of the alternating political party administrations.
    Marvin Fox

  • Thomas Wells

    As Churchill once said about a bland pudding : "It has no theme".

  • pierce

    The biggest thing Romney did wrong was he could have hammered the President on Benghazi and did not. By trying to be a nice guy, he let Obama off the hook on foreign policy. He had the ammunition, and did not use it. If he was afraid the American people would not understand, he never found out. The US is supposed to be the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, THAT IS NOW A JOKE.
    We have to go back to showing the world who we are, not appeasing the world. And do you think this President will do that, NO WAY.

  • Sdsali

    To the best of my knowledge, the Romney campaign really didn't run a Hispanic campaign at all. Nor did he make much of a reach toward blacks other than the obligatory NAACP appearance. He was late coming to the womens issue and did not speak out distinctly until late.

  • jeffo

    Face facts. America is becoming a third world country. Obama is not the first black president; he is the first third world president.

    When I was born, in 1958, America was around 90 percent white. Today it is about 65 percent white. By 2050, it will be around 30 percent white. It is a mathematical certainty whites will be a despised minority in around 40 years.

    What kind of presidents will the US have then? They will be more like Obama than Reagan, I assure you. Moreover, it is quite conceivable the US will have a self identifying arab muslim president in the not too distant future. The US will have at least 20 million muslims, maybe 150 million hispanics, and millions upon millions of blacks and asians. And around half the white population will be PC idiots. Will this third world coalition think twice about electing a self identifying, outright terrorist supporting arab muslim radical president? I doubt it.

    Let's face it, the future is bleak for the US.

    • Pietato

      The US clearly needs more racists like you.

  • annie

    Mitt Romney CHEATED along with the RNC…you saw and heard it all over the USA!
    State Conventions and the National RNC Convention all forced Romney down our throats…if the RNC would follow their own rules, we would have had a candidate that WAS electable…the youth, the Independents and military votes would have made this a slam dunk.
    RO PAUL was our man and the RNC is too arrogant and elitist to admit THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!

  • Mike Villano

    I couldn't have said it better than Mr. Greenfield.
    He is spot on as usual.
    Mr. Romney was the RNC choice.
    The RNC should commit suicide and the Tea Party must mobilize not only against the Dems and their defense of the legislative and regulatory state, they must also go after the McCains, Boehners and Cantors within the party and roots out all of the RINOS.
    Powell's Collin would be a good start. Kick this parasite traitor out of the party first straight away.
    He endorse Obama twice and I would hunt down each and every Repube who agreed to 3 debates with left wing moderators.
    They must go too at a minimum.
    Death to RINOS.

  • Mike in VA

    Just curious – would anyone care to remind us of the “political genius” that Chief Justice John Roberts exercised when he provided the decisive vote upholding ObamaCare and its individual mandate?

    Did his outrageous ruling sway the 2012 presidential election towards the Republican candidate who pledged to repeal the consequences of Roberts’ decision to abdicate his responsibility to uphold the Constitution and the rule of written law in this country?


    • Mary Sue

      Maybe he thought forcing the definition of "tax" on it was a "gotcha".

  • Hugh Murray

    Today's headline – Dewey defeated again. In 1944 Dewey lost to FDR in an aggressive contest. In 1946 off-year elections, the GOP won Congress for the first time in 16 years. Everyone thought Dewey would win in 1948 against the fragmented Democratic Party. Dewey chose not to talk issues, but platitudes. Truman made his positions known. I think Dewey won fewer votes in 1948 than in 1944. The GOP was stunned in 1948. But in 1952 the GOP won the White House.

  • lovelalola

    There's a middle way, folks. Defend conservative principles, sure, that helps, but so does moderating if it means catching up to the mainstream. The GOP has righted their ship on fiscal issues; they need transformation on the social side now. I'm not saying you have to favor abortion or gay marriage, but the GOP does have to couch their rhetoric in a way that cannot be classified as whatever-phobic and old-fashioned.

    I'm a 41 year old married white women who thought I was a life-long liberal, but voted for Romney because Obama was that unacceptable, and because he seemed to have the skills we need right now for the problems we have. But fear-mongering by Democrats–especially when unanswered by Team Romney–worked. If the GOP would finish the reforms they've started by applying them to the social side, I'd register with them today.

    Take welfare, for example. It's sexist and racist at its core. It keeps minorities and women down, and leads to disintegrated families, which is harmful to children and the nation as a whole. But all I hear from conservatives these days is that it;'s "socialist." It might be, but the Dems have convinced people that's paranoid thinking. So take it on for the problems it causes, and for the fact that it. hasn't.worked. It doesn't perform as intended and actually more deeply embeds institutional sexism and racism. So make policy proposals that make people feel like they can still get help if they need it, but which promotes a work ethic. Start with making it means-tested with rigorous reporting standards, instead of allowing the qualification to relate to gender and parental status of unmarried females. Allow people to work while receiving benefits on a sliding scale based on what they make. You save money and encourage working while slowly elevating the work ethic in the country. Make those kinds of arguments and proposals instead of relying on rhetorical shorthand that your insiders understand, but which fails to resonate with the broad middle, and maybe you'll get somewhere.

    • Mary Sue

      The irony is the Democrats treat welfare as the Only Thing Keeping Certain Minorities Alive or something.

  • Gustavo P Gianello

    Mary Sue · 15 hours ago
    I blame the mainstream media and the demonization of the non-driveby media which is blindly swallowed by the masses as if Revealed From On High for the sheer level of stupid in USA. And Canada, too. Oh, and NDPish teachers that spout whackjob theories that they have no business indoctrinating kids with.

    In response–
    Americans are such suckers. You STILL dont understand what's going on. Just ask yourselves, who has same-sex marriage, NO abortion laws, and does not believe that private property is a God-given right? Whose military is constantly used by the UN to rebuild the 3rd world and believes that a carbon tax is inevitable? Why Canada of course. We've had Obamacare for decades. That's why Canadians who are dying go to Thailand, and Canadians who are perverts like it to. So you see, youse citizens of the United Socialist States of America are just becoming the 11th province. Just call yourselves "Canada Lite".

    And oh by the way…NO coming to our unarmed borders and crossing while claiming refugee status. I figure you asked for it, so wallow in it.

    Bye America

    • Mary Sue

      Well it's not quite the same as Obamacare. It has more in common with North Korea's system of health care than that. We can thank Tommy Douglas for that during a LIberal Minority Govt. The no property rights was the fault of PETRO (Pierre Elliot Trudeau Rips Off Canada), he conveniently failed to include it in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (because duh, he was a communist). As for the abortion laws or the lack thereof, that was a Rule of 5 decision (Rule of 5 Supreme Court Justices). R v. Morgentaler in 1988 was our Roe v. Wade. Thank the idiot justices including that moron Bertha Wilson, who was appointed by Trudeau in 1975.

      I've always believed that if Canada were to be absorbed by the US (as some cranks insist), USA would have Democrat Presidents as far as the eye can see (and turtles all the way down). The only possible "red state" would be Alberta.

  • Michael D Archangel

    Anger always leads to hate. Just because you are a kinder and gentler version of the KKK doesn't mean you are no less right wing than your neo-Nazi counterparts. Sieg Heil!!!

    • Mary Sue

      Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the Dark Side. – Yoda

      Some Leftists would do well to remember this…because they are constantly projecting it onto people on the right! >:(

  • watsa46

    A majority of center and far right decided to wait till 2016 to get a "real" Republican. With their today attitude of lack of moderation they will loose in16 & 20. Any form of extremism is doomed to fail. Get that in your brain now Republicans.

  • David Kimber Howard

    My country is dead. They will get what they voted for – and richly deserve it. As for me now, Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

  • D.D. Edwards

    I am quite disheartened after this election. The country, I believe is lost. That said what you say is exactly right. Our only chance, as conservatives, is to go after Obama the way we should have from the get go–he is an illegal candidate. Yet not one Congressman or Senator will take it on, including Mr. Jim DeMint. Shameful, the evidence is there, Arapaio's Cold Case Posse has pretty much proved, besides Obama himself admitted to be born in Kenya. No guts–No glory–No America..

  • bilejones

    The Republican Party deserves to get beaten like a rented mule every four years until it excretes the Trotksyite neocon filth.

    It needs to get back to being the Taft Republican party.

    If that takes two decades, so be it.

  • RonaldWieck

    I was proud to vote for Mitt Romney, a decent man and a patriot. With the same electorate that Ronald Reagan faced in 1980, Romney would have won handily. Let's stop fantasizing about what "real" conservatives would have done. The position on abortion that opposes it even in cases of rape and incest is toxic. It is an extreme position that drives away women in droves and appeals to a paltry 15% of the voters. Yet, it is enshrined in the GOP platform. A conservative running for president with that albatross hung around his neck would meet the fate of Todd Akin, who was slaughtered by a corrupt Dem in a state where Mitt demolished Obama..

  • stevef

    Interested in the future of the GOP….wiki "Whigs"….after all, when Mitt is accused for months of murdering a miners wife, and all Mitt says is the DEMS…"mistated the facts…" you know there is something sick in the heart of the GOP.

  • stevef

    But let's congratulate the Marxists for decades of planning, strategizing and slowly, ever so slowly advancing so few would recognize the evll in their hearts.

  • irateiconoclast

    A disgraceful day for our Nation

  • Will

    Two disparate political blocks came together to vote for Obama because they witnessed what bribery with the national purse or abetting the willful avoidance of the law can do for some segments of a society. No matter who ran for the Republican party he / she would have been defeated. Should you dilute the messages of the Republican party enough there is no point in voting for you and if you don't compromise your core beliefs there is no voting block strong enough to elect you.
    Democracies appear to have a limited life span and then they die from sufficient abuse of the virtues / weaknesses inherent in the system. Our system, like an overwhelmed Petri dish, is now going to die. It was a great experiment while it lasted.

    • Mary Sue

      Well, remember, somebody said of the Constitutional Republic system: "It is only suitable for a moral people. It is wholly unsuited for any other."

  • 1933

    Romney dropped the ball. He's up on the Big Liar, then says he's a good guy. How stupid can you get? Obama's notorious, a racist creep of the worst ordure.

  • joetentpeg

    Need a new "Lee Atwater" as RNC who will fight as if a bloodsport, cuz dems always will.

    Anyone remember the Willie Horton ads? It'd be nice to have dems howling "no fair" again.

    Also the last time a "moderate" Repub (Bush the 1st) won.

  • Grendel65

    Obama was able to get a huge turn out by the down-and -outers to whom he gave cell phones. These people are by definition are hard to motivate, locate and coordinate in order to get them to a polling station on just one day. But with early voting spreading the task over several days and using gov. supplied cell phones to locate, is it any wonder that the Dems were able to wring out a mass of votes from a group that heretofore literally didn't count.

  • deafy

    a lot of it is due to media protecting Obama, and Obama's hiding things … if truth was known, things will be different
    another big factor is that we fight on all sorts of things while we should have focused only on one issue, that he is an illegal usurper enemy agent …
    because we allowed him to be there and avoided focusing on that, we allowed things to be what it is now and a lot more difficult to solve and prevent damage

    • visitor

      Yeah, calling the president an "illegal usurper enemy agent" will win you a lot of support. Unfortunately for you, that support will be limited to members of the tin foil hat brigade, birthers, and other marginalized and alienated wack jobs. But do go paint yourself into a corner. We Democrats are thrilled to see that your response to losing is to seek to reduce your level of support even further. Lemmings: the cliff awaits. Go for it.

  • ross1948

    Your conclusions seem to match ours!

    But those pinkos are foaming with glee..

  • visitor

    As a liberal Democrat, I have no objection to the Republican Party committing suicide and going the way of the Whigs (or Know Nothings more like it). Face it, every Obama hater in America turned out to vote because no matter how wishy-washy Romney himself was, voting for him was the only way to turn out the hated Obama. The demographic groups that Republicans are turning off — minorities (especially Latinos), women, urbanites, college-educated, youth, labor — are the key to winning elections. Neither the rightwing base nor the leftwing base alone is sufficient to win a national election; you have to mobilize your base while appealing to people outside the base. If you want to double down on ideological purity, go ahead. It will make my job as a Democrat easier. I'd love for fiscally conservative but socially moderate Republicans to feel unwanted in your party and to find a home in a center-left Democratic party, letting you all have the "angry white guy aged 65+" vote in the Confederacy and rural counties. That way you'll be a regional party but not a national one. Good luck with that.

  • Ignatz

    Paul Ryan is not a moderate; Mitt Romney didn’t RUN as a moderate, and the tea party candidates all got trounced.

    But stay in the bubble.

    “The rape guy lost.”

    “Which one?”

  • SuicidePrevention

    D Greenfiled wrote "The Democrats in the Bush years were about as unlikable a party as could ever be conceived of. They were hostile, hateful and obstructionist." They voted for Bush's Iraq invasion and
    then instead of trying to raise taxes to pay for it, like every previous war, they voted for Bush's tax cuts. Some obstructionists.

  • VLParker

    I'm afraid the problem is much deeper than RINO Romney. The libs have been systematically indoctrinating the American public with their propaganda for 100 years while conservatives have been asleep. They had a plan to take over public education, universities, pop culture and the media and they have succeeded.

    When the incumbent president can win re-election after a first term of running guns to Mexican drug lords, having a revolving door at the White House for the Muslim Brotherhood, presiding over four years of a miserable economy and high unemployment, refusing to protect an ambassador whose life is in jeopardy and foisting on the American people a so-called health care bill that limits our freedom, there is a much bigger problem than RINO vs. Tea Party. Obama's minions in the media also succeeded, with the help of Christie, in turning a pathetically incompetent federal government response to Sandy into a plus for Obama. So 1400 days of incompetence gets trumped by a 1 minute TV clip. That shows we are dealing with an incredibly stupid electorate. And the only way to turn it around is to take back the institutions that the libs have taken over. We are making progress in the media arena thanks to blogs like this one and FOX News, but there is little progress in the other areas. I know David Horowitz has done a tremendous job fighting the indoctrination at universities but it is a long uphill battle which will take decades to accomplish. I hope conservatives don't give up.

  • Jimbini

    One word: Palin. I guarantee you that she would have run a better campaign and would not be afraid to call out Obama for what he is. She would truly get out the Tea Party vote. And for those who say that she cost McCain the election, how do you explain that McCain/Palin got more votes in 2008 than Romney/Rayn in 2012 even though Obama had a piss-poor record and was not the new exciting hope-and -change candidate?

  • @tudaska

    The election was totally rigged from pre-programmed Diebold voting system to SEIU member techies hacking the tabulations to manipulation the counts. It's the Chicago underworld at work! The media was insync to quickly declare 0bama the winner!

    • amused

      yea and if Republicans won , you'd hear the same "rigged election charges " coming from the Democrats . It's cyclical , it's tradition .

  • Free

    I hear alot about "Romney being defined " by the Obama Campaign . If one looks back to the Republicans in the race for the nomination , it was in fact Gov.Perry and Gingrich , who painted the picture of Romney /Bain ?Corporate Raider / Killing jobs etc. That definition was created by Republicans themselves.
    Why was Romney short on funds in the late start ? Because Adelson said he would give 100 million for a Republican win , however he gave half to Gingrich , Mitt got the remaining 54 mill. too little too late , the Obama campaign had a Republican painted portrait of Romney , which Obama picked up and ran with it. In addition people like Murdock , Aiken [on rape ] West [on the 33 card carrying commie bit ] Trump with his birther B.S. xs2 and then his 5$mill bet ,alienated women , blacksand most importantly the Independents and undecided and the reasoable voters .Add Bachman's go nowhere witch hunt for muslims running the White House and Republican AND Romney's credibility was destroyed , the final nails in the coffin being Romney47% and getting outed on whether Obama said terrorist the day after Benghazi ,and the Jeep Lie which got CEO's of Chrysler and GM to publicly repudiate Romney .

  • lv99

    Kiss good bye to the good old United States of America! There is no country in the world goes to socialist and returns back to capitalism. The handout will demand, expect benefits for life. Those idiots do not cast their vote and expect miracle? What is good about TEA party if you do not cast your vote?

  • Tatersalad

    Brothers in Arms! Your vote did NOT count and here is why:

  • Len_Powder

    "What if they wanted someone who mirrored their anger at being out of work, at having to look at stacks of unpaid bills and at not knowing where their next paycheck was coming from? What if they wanted someone whose anger and distrust of the government echoed their own?"

    If so they would have picked Newt Gingrich to run against Obama. But the Tea Party and the Republican Establishment disagreed again and the Establishment won. If Romney had expended as much money and energy to vitiate Obama as he did to do the same to Gingrich he probably would have become the President-Elect.

    The Tea Party may be able to rescue this country but the Republican Establishment most definitely cannot and it's time we all told them to go to Hell!!!

  • Ian

    Paragraph after paragraph and not a sentence of substance to be found.

    It was not simply Mitt Romney that lost, but the Tea Party wing of the GOP. Unlike this author, I will at least attempt to give you facts to back it up instead of spouting catchphrases.

    The Tea Party organizations backed Todd Akin, Allen West, and Joe Walsh, all of whom lost. Bachmann, the Tea Party Caucus leader residing in a substantially red district, only one by the skin of her teeth, thanks in part to some of the most desperate fundraising I've seen (it took me forever to actually get to her campaign's website after dodging all of the donate popups).

    Despite this author's innuendo, the fact remains that Ryan had a ton of support among the Tea Party. He was backed by Tea Party Express, Club For Growth, and tons of smaller Tea Party groups all backed him.

    This is just getting sad.

  • amused

    20/20 hindsight is not as good as 20/60 foresight .

  • 1389AD
  • amused

    Romney lost a substantial amount of women voters .How ? Loose canons Aiken and Murdock making RIDICULOUS PUBLIC STATEMENTS regarding rape .The Republicans got hit with their own mud and it stuck . Tea Party ? It is not a third party , it is percieved as the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party . Centrists and Independents whom I predicted would decide this race , were driven to the other side by these " displays " . Attempts by Republican State Governors to institute new voter ID rules so close to an election backfired and brought out the vote for the opposition .

  • BlueCollarCritic

    The Republican party destroyed its chances and ensured the re-election of Obama when it screwed over the non-democratic voters by pulling every dirty trick, deed and con job it could during the Republican primary to prevent Ron Paul from wining the primary.

    The leadership in the Republican party as in the Democratic party is corrupt and works for elite Wall Street corporations and international bankers who get rich of the pain of the rest of the world thru the funding of wars as they did when they pushed for WW1 & WW2 and made billions from selling overpriced military goods to America to keep it in the war (see the best seller “War Is A Racket” by Smedley Butler, one of the highest decorated Marines ever in American History and the man that Wall Street interests tried to get to overthrow President Roosevelt in what became known as the Business Plot in the 1930s)

  • Candy

    The tea party got it wrong with Richard Mourdock. He lost while Romney won big in Indiana. (I voted for him though.) Conservatives who stayed home because Romney didn't throw them enough red met need to get over themselves. We are all disappointed with the results of the election. The country moved to the right compared to four years ago, just not quite far enough.

  • amused

    Me and Mr. Jamison , had a party election night . I wouldn't watch it on any other station but FOX , where the biggest liars and misfits reside . I woud have paid to see the Karl Rove meltdown , and that Madlyn Death Stare as she spoke with fists clenched and lips curled …priceless man ….all the lies and spin and slander of the past four years had come to numbing disappointment .To know all your efforts of the past 4 years had come to naught ,must have been a punch in the gut [well deserved ] Waking the next morning , without a hangover I watched as Doocey and partner along with the Two bubbleheaded Blonds who squirm in their short skirts to make sure they've got the audiences attention [on their crotch ] weren't smiling this morning . The country took a step to Center ,the idiots like West , Trump , Beck ,Limbaugh , Murdock , Aiken, Bachmann , were repudiated by th vote .Bachmann the only survivor made it by the skin of her teeth . So I guess now we'll see another 4 years of Republicans and Teebaggers trying to teardown this country, who knows they may succeed so they can rule over the rubble .

  • wilson

    For those that are fans of the Regan Revolution (I was not) — the republican party built its populist base by running competent conservative politicians for every office from dog catcher to president and by giving the constituancy a vision of a principled stance on issues. It is not enough to know the details you must always execute the dream that you envision.


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