The Working Class and the Government Class

Forget all the talk about whether we will or won’t go over the fiscal cliff. We ourselves are the fiscal cliff and have been for some time now. The real fiscal cliff is not the point at which we run out of money, our credit rating sinks lower than Enron and everyone is fighting over jars of cat food at Wal-Mart. The real fiscal cliff is when even the dumbest person in the country is no longer able to deny what the packs of robbers and thieves he appointed to steal for him have perpetrated for their own benefit in his name. And that fiscal cliff may never come.

Soviet leaders used to promise their people that one day they would live under true Communism. Under our hybrid system, many Americans already live under Communism. And the rest of the country pays for it. As the number of people living under Communism grows and the number of people subsidizing Communism shrinks, the fiscal cliffs begin coming in faster than Wile E. Coyote on jet-powered rocket skates.

Our class warfare is not determined by paycheck size. The United States has only two classes. The working class and the government class.

The working class extends through the lower class, the middle class and the upper class, and everyone of every income level who derives their income from gainful employment. The government class similarly extends from the poor to the middle class to the rich, and consists of those whose chief source of income is the government; whether that means welfare checks, government jobs or crony capitalism.

Not everyone in the working class is a saint and not everyone in the government class is a parasite. There are plenty of corporations who care only about short term profit and create social problems that the rest of the country has to live with. Immigration is a classic example. And there are also plenty of government employees who perform vital and even heroic functions. Your local firefighter and member of the armed services are obvious examples.

But the government class is dependent on the working class, deriving its income from their income. The government class turns from the symbiotic to the parasitic to the extent that its demands on the working class become unsustainable and exploitative, that its functions grow bloated, its spending programs reek of corruption and its government contracts emerge out of backdoor deals with friendly politicians.

The government class can never be productive, because it is not a creative force, it only provides secondary non-innovative services to the working class, but it is legitimate to the extent that it performs vital functions on behalf of the working class with their consent and in an economically sustainable fashion. When it violates these principles, then it becomes a parasite sucking the life out of the working class.

It is not just the government employee who is a member of the government class. The welfare class is a subgroup of the government class. And the welfare class is not only parasitic; it is the axis around which an entire parasitic constellation of the government class revolves around.

The classic welfare family has become the income generating center of the government class. They are the “wealth creators” for an entire infrastructure of social services built around them from the government officials who process their aid forms to the social workers who provide them with benefit counseling to the employees of those clinics who provide them with health care, and the extra teachers hired to help raise standards at their perpetually failing schools, the drug counselors who help them get clean and the police officers who break up their fights.

The seven members of the classic welfare family, Grandma, Ma and her five kids, are the axis around which thousands of government professionals revolve. Their dysfunctional state keeps an entire state of government employees, employed. And it is in the interest of those government employees to seek out and create such dysfunctional families by championing social policies that break up families and keep them down, under the pretense of helping them because those families are the cash cows of the government class.

Around their dungheap, fly community groups and a horde of other private non-profits, “advocating” for them while operating on government grants. When they go to the supermarket, they buy food with money from the government. When they go to the pharmacy, they get free medication from the government. The web of clinics, supermarkets and pharmacies are not part of the working class, they are subsidized by government money and prosper by feeding off that government class.

In a hybrid economy, the differences between the government class and the working class aren’t always as obvious. There are any number of businesses, large and small, that are members of the government class, and derive the bulk of their income from the government.

The fundamental difference between the government class business and the working class business is that the government class business is an instrument of government policy. While its owner may derive value from it, the government class business only exists because it fulfills an objective of government policy. And that makes the government class business indistinguishable from the policy it represents.

As the government class expands, the number of individuals and businesses in the government class grows because joining the government class, whether as a welfare recipient, government employee or crony capitalist company is a better strategy than staying in the working class. Planned economies are easier to profit from in the short term, whether it’s by getting free stuff, early retirement or contracts on generous terms, because their centralization makes them predictable and influence-able. The only problem is that they have no future.

American society has been reshaped to seek short cuts, whether it’s through lottery tickets, credit cards or corporate mergers, at the expense of long-term profits through hard work. Joining the government class is the ultimate shortcut. It wrecks families, trashes the economy and robs the country of its future, while providing limited short-term benefits to members of the government class.

Cities and towns are going bankrupt because government class unions asked for and got financially unsustainable benefit packages. Those small implosions are a metaphor for the tremendous harm that the government class is inflicting on the working class, and also, in the long term, on itself.

The major development of the last decade has been the government’s class disinterest in the economic sustainability of its demands. Call it the Californization of America.

Obama has emerged as the champion of the government class, his complete disregard for the fiscal consequences of his actions, allows him to act as the champion of a predatory government class that lies and bludgeons its way through all obstacles like a horde of Black Friday shoppers, grabbing everything in sight, without caring about what will happen tomorrow.

The parasite has gotten so big that it believes that it is the host and that the host is the parasite. Under the influence of its own propaganda, the government class has come to think of itself as productive and creative, and of the working class as a parasitic blot, holding on to the money that rightfully belongs to the government class. But just as parasites cannot survive without hosts, governments cannot survive without people to do the actual work.

A host and a parasite of equal size cannot both survive for long. Either both the host and the parasite will die. Or the parasite will die and the host will live.

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  • davarino

    I plan on living, and its time we turn this ship around. I hope, after 8 years of comrade Obama, the American people will wake up and decide we have to drastically change what the Left has done for the last 50 some odd years. If this happens it will be the greatest battle America has overcome. It will make for another great chapter in American history, to set back the Left 100 years and never let them gain a foot hold again.

    I guess like alcoholics we have to hit rock bottom before we can rehabilitate our selves. Hopefully its not to late when we decide to do that.

    • fiddler

      Before that hapens we need to openly ridicule the likes of Georgie Step-on-all-of-us, Chris Matthews, Diane Sawyer and the rest of the "enlightened" journalistic klan. It is time for the public to repudiate them for leaving objectivity behind.

    • Bill G

      There is no hope of turning it around in the next election. The government class will continue to grow the next 4 years and the working class shrink. Thus, unless revolution occurs, we are locked into one party socialism for generations in the presidency and soon the congress. Evidence? Historically, no one running for president with a record like Obama's would win the presidency. Having won this one, with a growing government class, what makes you think we can turn it around in 4 years?

  • κατεργάζομαι

    The terms, "Working Class" & "Government Class" are straight from the lexicon of Hegel, Engels and Marx. Today the dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides.

    The Soviet Union was based on the Hegelian dialectic, as is all Marxist writing. Alinsky is a distillation and refinement of such teachings.

    When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we play to the Left's agenda.

    • Michael Servetus

      Yes in most cases you are right but what the writer does above that is different is delineate a government class, which is tremendously helpful in overcoming the now old and stagnant traditional dialectic. By using
      "government class" he is exposing the hidden identity and workings of customarily unnamed group beyond the linguistic scope of the idea that it is the working class pitted against the business or rich with government as a sort of neutral benevolent entity.

  • patron

    Pundits throw around phrases like "living beyond our means" and "no will to cut benefits" which greatly distorts the waste and inefficiency of our current situation. The worse part of it all is the ease of the solution consisting of means testing and tort reform, and the utter lack of standards or passion starting with the President.

  • riverboatbill

    In other words: the serf set, and their masters.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Great post Greenfield. And exactly right.

    • Richard

      You sound like an Old Testament prophet. No one listened to them either.

  • fanlad

    There is a road map out of this financial, political, class warfare, and entitlement mess.
    It's our Constitution, and the rule of law, of America.
    The socialist and radicals are doing everything in their power to tear down the rule of law, and our Constitution. God help us.

  • CedricWard

    @David Greenfield

    Forgive me for being a grammar obsessive, but this error jumped out at me as I have always had a thing for 'ending sentences with prepositions' since eighth grade grammar.

    In your sentence, 'it is the axis around which an entire parasitic constellation of the government class revolves around', you had a grammatically correct sentence completed until you added the final 'around' which is an example of ending a sentence in a preposition. Not only is the second 'around' redundant, but it 'used to be' considered grammatically incorrect to end sentences with prepositions.

    Without the last 'around', your sentence is complete and grammatically correct.

    So many people today, including people in the businesses of being professional writers and speakers, use incorrect grammar that it appears we are now accepting these errors as being correct simply because 'everyone is doing it!'

    As you may (or may not) have noticed, our youth can barely speak an intelligible sentence anymore. We have become a nation of slang, acronyms and colloguialisms.

    Language is how we communicate ideas, and simple, or incorrect, language communicates simple, or incorrect, ideas.

    As to your article's content, being a proponent of the theories of Ludwig Von Mises and Austrian Economics, I often wonder if society doesn't have the implied requirement to have some sort of 'safety net' for those members of society that don't succeed in acquiring a basic level of sufficiency. Isn't it said that a society is judged by the quality of life of its least successful members?

    • Sturmudgeon

      I often wonder if society doesn't have the implied requirement to have some sort of 'safety net' for those members of society that don't succeed in acquiring a basic level of sufficiency. Isn't it said that a society is judged by the quality of life of its least successful members?

      Yes, but effective AND efficient, ONLY at the local level… churches, community, etc.

    • κατεργάζομαι

      Reminds me of the old joke.

      New college student asked: " Hey! Where's the Library at?

      Priggish student replied, "This is a university of higher learning. We eschew 'ending sentences with a preposition.'

      New college student responded, "Okay. Where's the library at, … TURKEY?"

      • riverboatbill

        Never use a preposition to end a sentence with.

        • κατεργάζομαι

          Good one Bill, lol.

          That there is no such hard rule should be obvious to any English speaker.

          For instance, – How would you go about using a phrasal verb in the imperative? 'Out look!' you would scream. 'Down get! On we're being fired!'

          Referees would say 'On play.' – – Off would take planes.- – And nobody would be allowed to sleep in.

          No grammarian supports this wild rule. Fowler calls it a "superstition". Bernstein said that anyone who propounded it didn't have a leg on which to stand. Winston Churchill, who knew his way around a sentence, said it was the kind of nonsense up with which he would not put.

          ..and to think that my own hang-up with calling out others for embracing the Left's dialectical lexicon is off-putting.. HA!

          • Mary Sue

            yeah that particular rule of grammar always did seem asinine to me.

            Another phony grammar rule is one I heard about (that is incorrect to boot!) was "Always use I instead of Me" in sentences with "x person and I".

    • 1coconut1

      And there’s the William Strunk Jr. elements of style rule number two: In a series of three or more terms with a single conjunction, use a comma after each term except the last. Thus write, “We have become a nation of slang, acronyms, and colloguialisms.” This comma is also referred to as the serial comma. “Red, white, and blue” is different than “red, white and blue.”

    • Arnold Black

      Try proofreading. Nothing is worse than someone calling out another person for grammatical or typographical errors than someone who makes errors of his own. I refer to your "colloguialisms." Learn to spell or to type. The "q" and "g" keys are nowhere near each other.

  • fiddler

    "Cities and towns are going bankrupt because government class unions asked for and got financially unsustainable benefit packages. Those small implosions are a metaphor for the tremendous harm that the government class is inflicting on the working class, and also, in the long term, on itself."

    Wow this article is spot on. Don't look for Amused, Schomo, or JimC to read it. The myth to them reads better than fact. Good morining Amerika, welcome to 4 more years of uncertainty and a propped up administration. Any dissenters???? Racists!

    • Mary Sue

      speaking of amused-bouche, I haven't seen him posting around lately.

  • LGC

    The very last sentence reduces all of the hopla and BS to a very succink description of where the US
    finds itself and what are the options.

  • guest

    this attempt at political thought begs the question: what exactly is your definition of class? You must have made up a new one since the way you use it here is completely unrelated to any other usage I've ever seen. And if you create a new concept or completely revamp an old one, you owe the reader the basic courtesy of explaining it.

    • Mary Sue

      oh come on everybody knows what "working class" is. Or should. Even in today's substandard American education system.

      • guest

        yea, i was trying to be polite Mary Sue, but his implied definition of class makes no sense whatsoever. I know exactly what working class means in all of the major theories that discuss class. And not one of them comes anywhere near the nonsense of "The working class extends through the lower class, the middle class and the upper class,"

        • riverboatbill

          Bad theories. Class dismissed.

          • guest

            whether those theories are bad or not is irrelevant. The author's use of the term still makes absolutely no sense. Maybe riverboatbill left basic logic class a little too soon. Maybe conservatives wouldn't get repeatedly trounced in the battle of ideas if they crawled out of their echo chambers once in a while.

    • nightspore

      He defined his terms. You're just the usual provocateur – tossing non sequiturs like wedding rice.

  • Max Nigh

    Ii hope we can improve and modify the system of government in our U.S> society without going thru the fascist approach most of you suggest( Republican). I hope we can support a Green party that has more Progressive ideas than back to 1950 politics

    • carrie

      But Obama is a progressive.He is moving forward just as he said he would. Isn't 1/2 of the country being dependent on the other 1/2 progressive enough for you ? Or do you prefer he follows the #1 progressive leader the world has known- Hitler.

      The "back to 1950 politics" is campaign rhetoric and a generalized term unless you a specific complaint about that era

    • stevef

      "Liberal Fascism" by J. Goldberg says it all. A real shocker.

  • directedby1

    I cannot see any way of inducing the burgeoning parasite to give up the derived wealth and false prestige they have garnered. Even those capable of seeing this have decided it's better to have this remaining 10 years of parasite prosperity until the host dies than to give it up. This explains the emotional aridity and inertia of the Left. They implacably and irrationally hate the host and will never give up their power and wealth so that the host can survive. In extremis, they believe the parasite government class can somehow survive without the host. So it's an irreversible stalemate. The only solution then is to utterly destroy the parasite. No negotiation, no accommodation, no half-measures. The government class must be destroyed if the host is to survive.

  • boon doggle

    It's a neat division, and it rips the false clothes off the first Marxist emperor's false statue. In fact, I can hear the voice of a contrite, naked Marx calling from the grave – 'If only I'd studied geometry and human emotion, I might have worked out that any effort to reduce society to one level and call it working class was doomed to abject failure.' He has truly made monkeys out of many honest working class men. There will always be three levels in society, the middle, the top and the bottom, the average, the rich and the poor. In a healthy society, there is a diamond structure with upward momentum at each level lifting the whole diamond up. Hands reach down to lift up, and hands reach up to be lifted. But there is competition for places, and what goes up can come down! In a sick society, with a crumbling pyramid, it's boots on heads, fists in faces, and everyone gets dragged down, even the governing class or governing elite in the end, who are both cause and effect of the pyramid construction. If the diamond is the future, and the pyramid is the past, then falling back is easier than leaning forward, the river flows backwards, so to speak, and it takes big efforts to swim upstream. Grammar can come later around, when you've reached the source, along with snobbery and pedantry!

  • Kirk

    First time poster to this site, which I assume is a little"Right Wing".?
    Please dig your heads out of the sand and try to understand that this two Party system of Democrats and Republicans are both crooked and will eventually bring down the Republic. I didn't read anything about the Banksters, Trillions spent on the military industrial complex or the Super wealthy who "own" the Washington politicos. Reagan, Clinton, Bush I and 2, and Obama all spent like druken sailors, yet I still hear Rebulicans whine about the deficit.
    Vote Third Party in and get rid of the real parasites; the Republican and Democratic representatives and all you lackeys who fall for their hyperbole!

    • stevef

      Kirk, time to read J. Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" for insight into the true nature and plans of the modern Progressive Party.

    • Mary Sue

      what are you, a "little" Left Wing?

  • macedonian

    The state should support solidarity and humanism like free heltcare and education,but needs to develop and comprehend the instruments by which it could control and command the benefitors to be also useful,hardworking and patriotic. The state exists because of the common interests and these are common interests.We all work for the sake of our children,but who can not provide enough,should be himself resticted,but not his children also,cause maybe in that poor children will be some briliant minds…hopefully. Otherwise,the system of having privileges only through the succesion of the children of the wealthy families,sounds like family-tribal-monarhistic system…And that is not a Republic

    • stevef

      "Everything inside the State, nothing outside the State"?…..Check out J. Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" for a look at the past and the future.


    Bravo Dan Greenfield!! The "government class" is indeed the world's largest parasitic entity, and it's feverishly trying to refigure the American calculus–to our detriment.

    This is one of the more important articles that I've read this year.

  • JakeTobias

    Here's something I don't know what to with. This situation is not just due to an "entitlement," or "dependent," mentality. Our system turns workers into "parasites" without them realizing it. Workers pay into the system in the belief it will be their "right" to take out later, because, indeed, they have paid in. They may grumble about how much they pay in, but they do so with the hope, or expectation, the system will "be there" for them. How do you reach people who work for a living, that there is nothing left? Especially since this is the dance of our politics all are lives? One of the appalling attitudes I have seen in letter pages over the years, are the mentalities who say; "don't worry about it, they always say there is no more money, but they always come up with it." Or worse; "It's just money we owe ourselves, so don't worry." I fear not until people go hungry will they wake up, but then it may really be too late.

  • MLR

    Our only hope are the bond vigilantes. When interest rates climb and the treasurey has to pay real rates and the economy collapses then the low information "useful idiot" voter may finally wake up. We will all be Greeks soon.

  • Suzyqpie

    Quote Dr Thomas Sowell, "The poor are the human shields that government uses to grow government." We get more of whatever government subsidizes. Government subsidizes poverty and failure and we get more of both. Pres 0bama is running Game Show government, vote for me I'll give you cash and prizes as he actually creates poor people.