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There’s Room for Only One God in This Platform

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 5, 2012 @ 12:01 pm In The Point | 11 Comments


The 2012 Republican Party platform mentions “God” twelve times. The 2012 Democratic Party platform does not mention “God” at all [2], but does mention Obama, 141 times. The Republican platform mentions Mitt Romney only once, in the Preamble.

The Republican platform reaffirms “that our rights come from God, are protected by government, and that the only just government is one that truly governs with the consent of the governed.”

The Democratic platform mentions rights almost always in relation to collective bargaining for unions, Indian rights, cultural rights or gay rights. Under “Rights and Freedoms”, the only general right not specific to a single group that is mentioned, is the Right to Bear Arms and the Democratic Party calls for curtailing the Second Amendment with “reasonable legislation.” The only mention of universal rights is abroad. All rights, it is implied come from the administration of Barack Obama.

The Republican platform mentions the “Constitution” 61 times. The Democratic platform mentions it six times. Once to support a constitutional amendment for campaign finance reform. Once to opposite constitutional amendments barring gay marriage. Twice to limit partnerships with religious groups. Once more to applaud Obama’s Supreme Court picks. And finally one last time, the old document is mentioned, in defense of maintaining a soft policy toward Islamist terrorists.

There’s only room for one [3]god in this platform and he makes his own rights [4] and writes his own constitutions. And you have no rights but those he gives you. Chicago is the new Jerusalem.

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