Trayvon Martin and the Politics of Racial Guilt

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When at the beginning of March, Allen Coon, a thirteen-year-old boy, was set on fire by two black teenagers who told him, “You get what you deserve, white boy,” this did not prove to be an occasion for national soul-searching. But the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a Hispanic neighborhood watch captain after a scuffle between the two men has led to hysterical media coverage, state and federal investigations, civil rights marches, lynching threats from the Black Panthers and a statement from Obama urging Americans to search their souls for some unspecified reason.

The latter took time out from the trivial business of nominating a World Bank president to interfere in a local law enforcement matter and join his good friend Al Sharpton, who specializes in racist rhetoric, in throwing some racebaiting gasoline on the flames.

To Obama, the significance of the whole event was that Trayvon Martin looked like his hypothetical son, which presumably Allen Coon did not. The insufferable egotism of that statement suggests that shooting victims only matter if they look anything like the head cheese. It’s racial feudalism and personal politics at its ugliest even as it once again confronts us with Obama’s inability to talk about anything without shining it through the narcissistic lens of the self.

Even Trayvon Martin only matters because he is in some hypothetical sense linked to Obama, and every trending topic from Jeremy Lin to the million hoodie march must be commented on by him in some way to demonstrate his own relevance in the mobius strip of fame. There can be no 2012 election without the race card, and so Martin was posthumously drafted into the Obama family portrait that appears on campaign ads to remind the rest of the country that they still need to feel guilty and vote the left’s ticket.

“All of us have to do some soul searching,” Obama urged, as somehow a local shooting had become a national matter and then a burden of guilt staining the souls of an entire nation. With the dexterous agility of the practiced race huckster, a Hispanic man shooting a black man had become another reminder of our endless burden of racial guilt. A burden that only our pope of the race card could briefly lift from us in a climactic moment of electoral hope and change.

If Obama had enough time to spare in between playing golf, campaigning, wasting money and race-baiting, he might have taken a seat by the window, put his famous abbreviated chin on one skinny fist and searched his soul for all the people killed in Mexico by his own Attorney General’s plot to wreck the Second Amendment. But the soul-searching never seems to happen on the right side of the Oval Office window. It is a duty handed down to us from our betters, like schoolmarms urging us to “think about what you’ve done” until eventually you decide that you must have done something.

Obama said that it was “absolutely imperative”  that the shooting be investigated at “federal, state and local”  levels and praised the Florida governor for forming a task force to investigate the incident. From the overload of rhetoric, an outside observer might have been forgiving for assuming that this was the first time anyone had been shot in the country this year.

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  • randy

    Blame the NRA!

    • Indioviejo

      I hope you are being sarcastic.

    • Crispus Attucks

      REALLY?!? What did the NRA do? Promote safe use of guns??? Boy, that is wrong isn't it?? I have been looking for the facts in this case and haven't been able to find them. Didn't this event take place at night? Was this the regular hang out for Treyvon? Was he with friends? All of these are relevant considering the neighborhood was vandalized several times in weeks prior and shows why Mr Zimmerman was interested in this "person of interest". Why would such a "loving and tender" child aggressively beat up and adult the way the eye witness described (broken nose and deep laceration to the back of the head) ???

    • UCSPanther

      NRA bashing is so 1990s.

    • intrcptr2

      You mean blame James Madison, I think.
      Or perhaps Thomas Jefferson.

  • Ken

    How about blame ignorant people!! Guns are not to blame, people are!! If there were no guns, violence would still occur with some other weapon or substitute. Also, where was all this outrage when a few kids, some of them of color, set another boy on fire because he was white?? Where is all the due outrage about crimes against Jews, which make up MORE than half of the hate crimes in this country!! It's wrong on either side of the coin. So until you can show an even-handed view of right vs. wrong, maybe you should not comment or be so quick to blame!!

    • Granny Jan

      I thought the NRA comment was sarcasm.

  • Granny Jan

    This is all part of the Obama campaign "wars". First there was the war on women, now the war on blacks, next it will be gays and then back to women. They will do anything to win this election and sadly it will probably work.

    Conservatives have been patronizing Obama, too. I can name on my left hand the number of conservatives in the media that have given Jack Cashill's brilliant exposes the attention they deserve. The lack of guts conservatives have shown is breathtaking. We almost deserve to lose.

    • Indioviejo

      Ther is hope with the TPP.

    • Asher

      Unbelieveable there is a bounty on Zimmerman's head, he had to defend himself. Yes, there are some real gutless politicians out there on both sides! Nothing like a race war to take people's minds off the Presidential election and failed policies Eh!

  • Idham

    Well, they need evidence for a trail or else he walks. They can't arrest href="">Trayvon Martin without cause because they wouldn't be able to hold him there. They took him in for questioning, he passed the questions, the eye witnesses reports must have matched his so they let him go until they had something substantial to charge him with. (would be my guess)

  • crackerjack

    This is not about race. It's about stupid laws passed by stupid lawmakers to appease a stupid gun lobby.The Trayon case only spotlights the hundreds of similar cases in Florida courts where armed killers claim self defense.130 cases in Florida in which Stand Your Ground was invoked. In more than 70 percent of the cases, someone was killed. But only 28 of the cases went to trial, and only 19 resulted in a guilty verdict.

    Florida's "stand your ground" laws are so stupid, those who passed them should be held accountable and sent to jail. This is not a law, its an invitation to murder and an invitation to misscarrriage of justice. Citizens entering Florida must be aware of the fact that they can be legaly shot anywhere, anytime by anyone who claims feeling threatened.

    • Robert Pinkerton

      You would rather turn the streets over to muscle-bullies, knife-people, and similar lowlifes by obliging their potential victims to flee if they can?

    • kafir4life

      You probably feel that the police should be the ones to "stop" crime? They don't. They mostly investigate crimes after the fact. Without knowing FACTS in this case yet, I won't comment on it. But it seems to me that YOU'RE better off with people being killed by criminals, then allowing the police to do their jobs in bringing the perpetrators to justice. The lives of those murdered should be considered secondary to a controlled populace?

    • pt113

      You sir are quite possibly the most ignorant person on this planet. Were you there? Do you have secret knowledge of the facts? Please stay away from florida. With the rev. Al sharpton stirring the pot we are full up on crazy down here and really don’t need the likes of you.

    • Miss Mellie

      You might think differently about "standing your ground" if it were you faced by an angry black teen or male in a hoodie on a dark street. Some people do not deal with reason. FORCE is all they understand.

    • Indioviejo

      This law may help some people to be more polite.

    • coyote3

      Sounds like the law works as intended. It was "supposed" to change the way "self defense" claims were evaluated. The people of FL will determine what is and what is not, justice.

      • crackerjack

        Laws should protect the citizens. This "law" endangers the citizens. If anyone, (apart from law enforcers), can stop and harrass you anywhere, anytime and should you resist shoot you, walking the streets becomes a game of russian roulette. So if anyone follows and molests you in Florida, you better comply real quick and put up no fight, because if you do, the law is not on your side. You could easily be shot and the guy who shoots you can tell his friends about it at the next grill party.

        It seems unbelievable that this nonsense could pass as a law in a modern, civilized country. It passing in Gabun or Tongo would have raised a few eyebrown, but in this case, the USA is becoming the laughing stock of the western world.

        • coyote3

          Well, then this has nothing to do with stand your ground, because don't know if it even applies. You can't have it both ways. We don't know if Mr. Zimmerman stopped anyone. We don't know who initiated the confrontation at this point that is why it is under investigation. Stand your ground is really irrelevant at this point, because we don't know what happened. All stand your ground really does is codify the common law, under which, there was no duty to retreat. The law merely codified the common law.

        • pagegl

          As I stated above, your knowledge of this law is weak. In fact, given your statement in this comment I would bet you have never read the law. In any state, including Florida, anyone who does what you described would be indicted for murder. It seems unbelievable than any dolt can so erroneously misrepresent a law designed to protect law abiding citizens.

    • kentatwater

      This is not a law, its an invitation to murder

      Tell that to law-abiding Chicagoans.

      • intrcptr2

        You mean the ones not killed by thugs?

        • kentatwater

          Well, yes. Though I expect those who were killed by thugs would be unanimous in their opinion on this subject; much like how they all seem to vote for the same party, post mortem.

    • mrbean

      Crackpot Jack has a serious intellectual deficiency or else he is just plain stupid. I am beginning to suspect the latter. The stand your ground law in Florida is the right to self defense, the right to respond with force against an attacker when force is initiated against you by that attacker. Having someone on top of you doing the ground and pound is an obvious justification to respond with deadly force. Assault is no game – and fair play and the Marquis of Queensbury do not apply. Serious bodily injury and death can result from fists, like the fan who was a family man that was assaulted outside candlestick park and is seriously brain damaged and can no longer support his family. Let Traynor Martin's death be a justifiable lesson to black thugs.

      CASE IN POINT: Suppose you are white and are assaulted by two or three (or more) black teens and you cannot get away. You have the right to self defense and to use any weapon at your disposal, a baseball bat, a machete, or a even a gun to defend yourself if you fear great bodily harm – and a couple of them die – it's their own fault not yours. They dhose to initiate violence. That is called KARMA.

      • crackerjack

        You contradict yourself hear Bean.

        "….The stand your ground law in Florida is the right to self defense, the right to respond with force against an attacker when force is initiated against you by that attacker…."

        Florida law gave Martin, who was being followed and threatened by Zimmermann the right to respond with with force. He did so and was shot.

        And this is where the compleat stupidity of this so called "law" is revealed. Zimmerman could hardly be "standing his ground" while following Martin in his car and , against police orders, leaving his car to harrass and molest Martin. Martin stood his ground and was killed. Now this so called "law" protects Zimmermann who claims self defense after picking a fight and getting his a++ kicked by a kid half his weight.

        A stupid law, passed by stupid lawmakers.

        • Matt

          You don't understand the law crackerjack. I'm a lawyer in Florida- I do understand the law. In fact, there was a recent criminal case in which the applicability of the law was challenged, when a guy who was towing cars shot and killed a man trying to drive his car out of the lot where it had been towed (illegally, I might add). The man claimed stand your ground applied and the jury decided it did not (he was a hispanic man, his victim was black- where was Obama, Holder, Sharpton?). The man will be going to jail for a long time. The entire purpose of the law is to allow persons who are threatened to protect themselves. Its not a license to stalk someone or shoot them in the back.

          Also, how do you know Zimmerman picked a fight? The facts seem to indicate otherwise. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch commander and Martin was a stranger, wandering around in the rain, in a neighborhood where there had been alot of burglaries. He was perfectly within his rights (and some would say, doing his duty) by following a stranger and possibly challenging the strangers right to be there. How is that harassment ? When someone asks you a question you don't like, do you immediately attack that person? Do none of those facts matter to you, like they don't appear to be matter to the race hustlers and the media?

          • crackerjack

            Neighbourhood watches have no official mandate to apprehend or in any way infringe on citizens liberty. this is a privelidge only state law enforcers have. That is why Zimmerman was orderd by police to stay in his car an wait.

            And how was Martin to know Zimmermann was a neighbourhood watch? Was he in uniform? Was his car identifiable as a neighbourhood watch car? Would you follow orders from a compleat stranger who has been trailing you with his car? Good luck.

            would you

          • kentatwater

            apprehend or in any way infringe on citizens liberty

            There's no evidence that Zimmerman attempted to apprehend Martin. And how does asking someone "what they're are doing here" infringe on someone's liberty? Martin could have replied with a suggestion that Zimmerman do something that is physically impossible, but up to that point, nobody's liberty has be violated, any more than if a cop asked the same question.

            And how was Martin to know Zimmermann was a neighbourhood watch? Was he in uniform?

            How is that even a relevant question, if being a member of a neighborhood watch does not bestow any special powers? Zimmerman could as just as well been taking the air, and decide to investigate something he thought was suspicious taking place in his neighborhood.

            Was his car identifiable as a neighbourhood watch car?

            Same question applies.

            Would you follow orders from a compleat stranger who has been trailing you with his car?

            Ignoring a man and beating him bloody are just a teeny bit diff, wouldn't you say?

          • intrcptr2

            Actually, they need no extra mandate; citizens already have police powers (Some of those inalienable rights we retain under the 9th Amendment) to an extent. And that is in fact one of the underlying purposes of the 2nd Amendment to begin with; there were no police anywhere in 1781, it was law-abiding militia mambers who enforced the law, in concert with the judiciary.
            And Zimmerman was not "ordered" by police; the 911 operator, who has less police power (Because he is on a phone switchboard somewhere else) than a citizen on the street, told him following the boy was not necessary.
            Ultimately, the police have no authority to command Zimmerman to not follow the kid in the first place, unless they are already on the scene.

            If I were out for a walk, after hours, in a new neighborhood (NOT North Philly), yes, I probably would stop and respond. I do not agree that "suspicious" activity, in and of itself, justifies violence like this. But Martin's response was itself suspicious. That is the entire reason that hoodies are viewed this way, their one purpose seems to be to hide. Honest people have no reason to hide. Did Martin think he had a reason? Clearly. Did Zimmerman have reason to be suspicious? Yes.

            Since the locals have seen fit to not press charges, then all of us should simply sit down, take a few deep breaths, and wait.

          • rjia

            I like hoodies because they keep my ears and arms warm, and they have big pockets for my hands. Just saying…

    • guest

      THE FLORIDA LAW IS GOOD it lets folks defend there self, the way it should be, we all have the right to defend our self, and as far as i can tell this spanish-white kid was doing just that, and he is innocent till proven guilty in this country, so back off…… the law is the law.

  • Phillip Ley

    It's a dangerous world, laws don't always make sense, even when passed with good intention (self-defense). But Obama will manipulate this and not be exposed for it by the mainstream media. It's all in Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelations, and I'm not even that devout. But it's hard to deny that what it playing out before us, over the last several decades, culminating in our current events, was written a long, long, time ago.

    • mrbean

      Great steaming piles of crap

    • trickyblain

      No, it's really not that hard to deny that at all.

  • Gunner57

    Obama is the best cure for white guilt that I've ever seen. It is now being reported by Lawrence Auster that Trayvon Martin was on a 10 day suspension from school for commiting an act of violence, assaulting a bus driver. His brother tweeted the following –

    “yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver.”
    — Stephen Martin, twitter message to his brother

    Trayvon, February 21, 2012

    • Martel64

      He ain't curing it fast enough – especially,if it gets re-elected….

    • intrcptr2


      I had read that his father said the 5-day suspension was for an empty bag of weed.

  • Schlomotion

    You make a good point about racial hypocrisy in the beginning, but you poison it with your own:

    It is categorically impossible for the US President to "interfere in a local law enforcement matter" as he is the Commander in Chief. Your condemnation of a President who speaks out against a lynching is historically ignorant. It is in fact a significant and unstaged moment in history where a President happens to be black and also takes a stand to publicly condemn a lynching. Surely he should condemn lynchings by any race, of any race, but that is not grounds for whipping it into a massive electoral race conspiracy theory. You called him a "race huckster." That is simply libel. The President does not insinuate himself into every racial incident in the manner of an Al Sharpton. You are exaggerating a guilt by association. Predictably, you lay down an assault upon his facial features, laziness, and lack of qualifications next. It is no wonder you are now on a hate site list.

    You say that "The Trayvon Martin case was far from the worst shooting death this year." This is Israelism at its worst. The m.o. is to pretend to be outraged at the outrage over an atrocity, and look backward through the binoculars at it while proclaiming that it is hypocrisy to single out this atrocity instead of that one. I would hate to attend the Zionist swap meet where experts on inhumanity bargain and haggle over which atrocity is more exclusive, which one is at a discount, and which is a value-added atrocity.

    Granted, this alleged white on black violence was really hispanic on black violence, and more truthfully, police state on subject violence. But I don't think we should further endure a layer of Jewish on Black, White, and Hispanic verbal violence because of it. You are being a political vulture.

    • Indioviejo

      You fail as an apologist for the Marxist POTUS. It doesn't work.

      • Schlomotion

        My comments cannot be construed as support for the President. They are comments in support of the Presidency, which this kind of article try to weaken. I am neither an Obama voter nor an Obama supporter.

      • kentatwater

        Indioviejo, construe its rhetoric for what it is, an attempt to discredit FPM, by taking whatever position it deems necessary, in order to instill doubt about the articles' veracity. Look at its other posts. It's virtually the same thing, over and over. "This article is ridiculous because…" followed by a shower of trumped up equivocations and expensive words bought in bulk.

        Think of it as the devil's advocate, on unlimited retainer.

        • Indioviejo


    • stern

      How the ffffff does Israel/Zionism come into this? Only through the word manipulation of what is clearly a Jew hater.

      Make like your previous incarnations, whatever those were (most likely Herman Cantoinette) and disappear from here. go on, go away, pig.

    • Matt

      "The police acted stupidely" – Obama on the Skip Gates debacle. He never misses the opportunity to inject himself into an equation when race is on the line. After all, those are "his people," in a way regular white americans will never be to him.

      Also, it always helps when someone throws in completely off topic complaints about Zionism – t hat generally tells me everything I need to know about ones' worldview.

      • Guest

        Think about it Zimmerman is as white as Obama. Both have a parent of minority background and the other is WHITE!

    • PhillipGaley

      In at least this way, your: "It is categorically impossible for the US President to "interfere in a local law enforcement matter" as he is the Commander in Chief." is a kind of comical logic which blinks the fact that, he is making nationally broadcast comments about the incident, and blinks the fact, if true that, his attorney general Holder is looking at the case.

      In sum, your denial amounting to allowance for what he has done thus far, is a kind of support, . . .

  • tagalog

    The claim has been made in Mr. Greenfield's article that this Trayvon Martin shooting is being driven by narrative. From the racial perspective such a basis for pressing the black anger in this instance is 100% consistent with the recent flurry of writing about the video of a youthful Barack Obama giving praise to Critical Race Theory inventor Derrick Bell, who posited CRT on the narrative of black mistreatment at the hands of white people.

    From the perspective of the press, there not only is the race angle, but also the use of guns, the issue of hate crime, and I think, even the fascination with the name "Trayvon," which the press keeps on repeating over and over as some sort of chant. I don't quite know why they do that, after all of course that was the kid's name, but also I think the MSM relates the name "Trayvon" as a uniquely black person's name, and that inspires (it seems) a need to continually repeat it over and over as if the repetition will have some additional effect.

    Also, if this case goes on much longer, Skittles will become the new Reese's Pieces.

  • effemall

    In journalism they say "Dog bites man" is not news but when you have "Man bites dog," you've got news and that's what we have here. Dog bites man happens every day in America – i.e. blacks killing whites – and when you have hemorrhaging heart liberals fanning the flames on a reverse story, man bites dog, you get a big story.

    If you want to really get sick, read Charles Blow's coverage on this story in today's NY Times and then read the comments. The violins came out of everybody's attic. A Martin Stein, who has to be Jewish, really went overboard. I would invite him to read some of the rants of our resident black anti-Semite, DeShawn.

    Race relations have been improving remarkably in America until we got Obama who is setting it all back by fifty years. Don't be surprised if a new KKK crops up somewhere and finds many Americans eager to join

    • Maxie

      why are you reading the NYT?

  • Gus Gianello


    Im Canadian, the way some of you argue youre ripe to become Canada lite. Soon youll join us in tolerant multicultural canada. This is what we experience:

    1. If a criminal threatens you with violence and you defend yourself you get arrested.

    2. You cannot press charges only the police can. Only the police can and if they dont want to your screwed. Talk to the pregnant woman in my building who was assaulted and the police refused to press charges.

    3. When a victim calls the cops its easy to get revenge– just call child services over and over and over. Anonymously of course.

    4. Even if youre caught dont worry about it, in a fed prison youll get, 3 hots, a cot, conjugal visits with free contraceptives, free sex change operation, a pizza hut in the prison, free health care, dental care, a university degree. Why work or go straight. We just had a hockey coach found guilty for buggering hundreds of times over 20 years. He was given 2 years. Or howzabout the young woman in Calgary who was given a suspended sentence for strangling her new born and tossing the body over her neighbors fence?

    So welcome to the land of same sex marriage, unrestricted abortion and 1st degree sentences of life that maybe last 25 years. If it sounds good keep voting Obama and democrat. Better yet just become a Canadian refugee and well put you on welfare and pamper you while we spend ourselves into oblivion.

    • stern

      Despite the evidence to the contrary in this post, the Canadian education system can and does teach people to write.

      Also, we have a pretty good government here and they are addressing a number of the issues this poster raises – most specifically the entire notion of self-defence.

      It will take time. We have decades of Trudeau to recover from, but we're getting there.

  • Indioviejo

    "you get what you deserve, white boy" is a typically racist expression while commiting a cime. Where is the outrage?

    • Maxie

      The 'outrage' got buried in the Left's notorious "Double Standard" based on their fantasy that they are marvelous people in every way: wise, sophisticated, compassionate, all-knowing. It comes with their Ivy League degrees and hanging-out at all the trendiest, exclusive cocktail parties blowing smoke up each others skirts. They snicker at the thought of conservatives whom they stereotype as toothless, gun-toting, racist hillbillys in beat-up pickup trucks driving up to their moonshine stills in the backwoods. Or someone like Sarah Palin whose very existence shines a glaring light on their hypocrisy, snobbery and plastic sophistication.

  • BS77

    While this case is a tragedy for the family of the Martin boy….it is only one case among tens of thousands….from Oakland to Philadelphia, Miami to Chicago…day after day, people are being shot down….blacks, whiles,Asians, Hispanics…..Where was Al Sharpton when six people were shot in one day in Oakland? Where was Al Sharpton when a three year old boyo was shot and killed by gang idiots firing off guns without any care for the innocent bystanders? If the victims are white, Asian or Hispanic, Al Sharpton is nowhere to be found. If the victim is black and the shooter black, Sharpton shrugs….but if the victim is black and the shooter white….he's on the scene in a minute. What a vile hypocrit.

  • Steve Chavez

    WHAT WOULD MLK SAY? His "Dream" has turned into a NIGHTMARE beginning with the election of Barack Obama when people voted for him only due to his "SKIN COLOR" rather than his "character." Then you have the endless "because I'm Black" excuses by the likes of Eric Holder.

    Nation-wide protests, who were against the DEATH PENALTY, were taking place when a Black man was executed last year AND BECAUSE THEY THOUGH HE WAS INNOCENT. But on that same day, a WHITE MAN was executed for tying a Black man to the back of pickup truck and dragging him. NO PROTESTS FOR THIS WHITE MAN! Why? Because he "deserved it." When I asked some of these protesters against the death penalty and these two executions on the same day, they hadn't heard of James Byrd.

    OBAMA, "THE UNITER" is only trying to organize the BLACK VOTE, OR PLAYING THE RACE CARD. This on top of Obama starting a website that is focused on BLACK CHURCHES AND FOR THEIR CONGREGATION TO GET OUT THE BLACK VOTE!


  • rasheada

    Why don't people understand that the outrage in regard to the Trayvon Martin case is that no one was ARRESTED or even properly investigated for that matter. HELLO PEOPLE!!!!

    • Matt

      It was investigated. The police reports and witness statements are easily accessible online. The police's conclusion, based on the physician evidence and witness statement ,was that Martin assaulted Zimmerman and was shot while doing so. While this doesn't preclude a future arrest (that is up to the DA of that particular county), police typically do not arrest someone if a crime has not been committed. Unfortunately, as you are well aware, the Black Panthers are not calling for an investigation – they are calling for violence against George Zimmerman and have put a bounty on his head.

      • rasheada

        BTW, I and I'm sure most other people of all races hate that the New Black Panthers are getting involved in this in any way.

        • kentatwater

          …the New Black Panthers are getting involved in this in any way.

          What way? The "wanted dead or alive" way? Yeah, I hate that. It'd be great if Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and Obama were just as outraged by the NBPP's rhetoric, as "most people of all races."

    • wsk

      It's being "investigated a million ways to Sunday. They will keep trying to find something- anything will stick. Hate crimes is what they'll try next.

      • rasheada

        Sanford PD had initially closed their investigation completely. They have even admitted to their mis-steps in the investigating the murder. They didn't speak to the person Martin was on the phone with just before his shooting, they simply believed it was self defense and left it at that. Once enough people signed a petition and social media went crazy and sent thousands of emails to the police chief, etc then the case was re-opened by outside law enforcement. Look back at the initial Trayvon Martin articles to find out why this all even started. It would be hard to say hate crime when it isn't clear that Martin was killed in a true hate crime way. I would say that stereotypes played a role in his murder, but not hate.

        • kentatwater

          Copy and paste over and over? Really?

    • Wyatt Trash

      A 'proper investigation' is what is going on right now. Such a 'proper investigation' takes a certain amount of time for Law Enforcement to proceed. The man was taken in and questioned. Apparently the testimony of the eye-witnesses we're now hearing about and the evidence of his being beaten were enough for the prosecution to delay charging him with a crime. The state can still arrest and charge this man with a crime if they find evidence of such at a later time. I can assure you, they know of his where-abouts. If the media would allow LE to do their job, this circus would stop and we could get to the truth. But as long as the race-baiters can line their pockets with this tragedy, and politicians can further divide this country, we're not likely to see justice for anyone. Just more BS like you're spewing.

      • rasheada

        Sanford PD had initially closed their investigation completely. They have even admitted to their mis-steps in the investigating the murder. They didn't speak to the person Martin was on the phone with just before his shooting, they simply believed it was self defense and left it at that. Once enough people signed a petition and social media went crazy and sent thousands of emails to the police chief, etc then the case was re-opened by outside law enforcement. Look back at the initial Trayvon Martin articles to find out why this all even started.

    • guest

      Why not? Why was the case allowed to fester into a great big sore? Mmmm, makes one wonder–now the race-baiters have everyone over a barrel — arrest Zimmerman and it looks like the mob is right-all us whites/hispanics? are racist, it took looting and thousands of people wearing hoodies to get the hispanic behind bars–don't arrest him and this thing could incite Rodney King riots–Van Jones and Jarrett's dream come true –by the time the election comes around guilty non-blacks will have been sufficiently terrorized into voting for the One to avoid any more trouble.

  • Tanstaafl

    "Everyone is equal, however, some are more equal than others". George Orwell

  • ApolloSpeaks


    that no one seems to have touched on. It concerns Obama's seeming insensitivity to the unemployment crisis bedeviling black youth. Perhaps you recall over the summer when Maxine "Republicans are devils" Waters criticized Obama during one of his bus tours for not venturing into poor black neighborhoods. That betrayed a growing rift between Obama and congressional black leaders; it told us that disillusionment is setting in because Black Americans are worse off today than when Obama took office. Indeed, with black unemployment at 15.9% (the highest in the nation), and a catastrophic rate of 40% among black teenagers (see), Obama fears (and rightly so) that come Election Day many (too many) dispirited black voters will stay home. "We're getting tired," said Waters of waiting for Obama to do something for "our people who are hurting." And still nothing is being done as black unemployment remains at Depression levels and the hurt grows. "Hope and Change" is turning into hopelessness and pain as black expectations crash and burn along with their fortunes.


  • ApolloSpeaks

    !The promise of Obama enriching poor blacks through massive redistribution of wealth and free stuff just hasn't materialized, and indigent blacks and their leaders are p*ssed. Then along comes the sensational Tray Martin shooting with a desperate, self-serving Chicagoland politician (his hopes of reelection fading) seizing upon it as a chance to mend things with the folks. 'I'll show them that I'm anything but indifferent to the plight of black youth' says Obama to himself. 'I won't just speak out against the shooting, I'll emotionalize it and make it personal. I'll get as close to the victim as possible by saying that he could've been a family member; better still, that he could have been my son and that I feel with a parent's intensity the pain and suffering of losing him.' Oh what a feeling, sensitive, compassionate man Obama is when it suits him politically. And how pathetic.

    Click my name to read more on this story.

    • rasheada

      I'm sorry, but I do not recall Obama ever saying that he would enrich anyone, that would be absurd. Barack Obama is everyone's president in the United States. He isn't just out to please black people or white people for that matter. Unemployment by blacks has always been the highest and especially in a time like this when we are all still trying to recover from one of the worst financial crisis' in US history. I have seen non-black people sympathize with the Trayvon Martin shooting without personalizing it, but only because they aren't as likely to be profiled in the way that a teenage black kid would be. As a mother of mixed race children, I had been feeling like my kids could be little Trayvon's. I'll be afraid now to let my sweetheart oldest son go to the store to get his little brother and sister candy now so the empathy from a black person would definitely be greater since there is a more direct relation. When you have been profiled, you understand how unfair it feels. My husband is white and he has been profiled, but due to his tattoos rather than his skin color. It's wrong to do in any case. Obama was asked by a reporter about the shooting, he answered in a way that most, if not all black Americans can really understand since it has been quite honestly, scary for us knowing that it could happen to any of our kids and the murderer might even not get arrested. Even if Zimmerman isn't found guilty, him getting a full and thorough investigation is what people want.

      • ApolloSpeaks

        True. Obama never said that. But in 2008 he raised these unrealistic expectations with his socialist talk about the redistributing and spreading of wealth.

  • Brujo Blanco

    When Holder stated that he was not going to go after the New Black Panthers because he could not so that to his people he summed up the Obama administration’s policy regarding race relations and it’s lack of fairness.

    • wsk

      It's just payback for all those centuries of abuse by evil Whitey. So stop your whining and take it like a (oppressed) man!

  • Juddea

    The outrage was obvious before facts of the case where even presented. The typical race baiters saw the name Zimmermann and automaticaly thought "Wall St Jew" in affluent Florida neighborhood kills black angel in cold blood. The next day when we found out that Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman and beat him while he was on the ground until he drew his gun and shot the lil angel with his skittles and snapple (at least according to the witnesses). So then the media did their typical drive by hit job and suppressed this part of the story. Because they sooo needed it to be a hate crime. All because Zimmerman had the audacity to approach a young black teenager. Had Zimmerman's last name been more traditional to his background, such as Rodrguez, this would have never been a national story.

  • Atlas_Collins

    Funny. I don't feel guilty.

  • mlcblog

    This thing is really running deep. My own daughter with whom I enjoy pleasant relations has just suspended communication with me because I intimated that there were more facts to look at in this case.

    • Maxie

      It's that long-outdated photo of a sweet-looking 12-yr. old Trayvon that the corrupt media keep showing. That kid is now a six-foot, 200 lb. football player who smokes dope instead of munching Skittles.

      • Jim_C

        Apparently they did toxicology tests on 170-lb. Trayvon and they were negative. But you're right: he probably deserved to die for looking thuggish.

        They haven't yet done toxicology tests on Zimmerman, the cop assaulting, kid-killing vigilante, yet, though.

        • kentatwater

          the cop assaulting

          If Florida's CCW laws are anything like those in Ohio, he most certainly did not assault a police officer. Even misdemeanor violence against a police officer permanently disqualifies an individual from receiving a carry license her in Ohio. Resisting arrest can be nothing more than folding your arms in front of your chest, and refusing to place them behind your back, for cuffing. Yeah, he was initially charged with battery of a cop, but that was later reduced to resisting arrest. We all know how cops never overstate that misbehavior of suspects, though, right?

          kid-killing vigilante

          Latest information suggests that he was defending himself from death or grievous bodily harm, after Trayvon initiated a second confrontation.

          But don't let facts get in the way of a good bit of demagoguery.

          (And if you intend to defend your inflammatory verbiage as merely a response to Maxie's, I'd point out that Maxie's assertions, while not necessarily relevant in every case, are accurate, up to and including the media's use of a photoshopped photograph. The 6-foot is an underestimate, and the 200-pound is an overestimate…so I'd call it a wash.)

          • Jim_C

            Who's demagoguing, again? Just li'l ol' me? Why, I never!

            OK, maybe just a little.

            Let's call it a wash. Too many rumors, too many false photos of the kid, too much emphasis on Zimmerman's irrelevant ethnicity.

  • Gary McAleer

    Good piece outlining the cruel indifference and hypocrisy to the greater issues facing our nation's racism. Allowing passions to overrule reason always corrupts the call for justice. Historically, this is precisely how wars got started between nations. It seems the accusers typically gain the upper hand. And the louder they yell the greater their authority. Innocent until proven guilty? Not when people declare, "my feelings are my counselors and guide." It is this ignorant thinking declaring, "my gut instinct is my better judgment" that explains why innocent men have gone to the electric chair! While the "hunch" may have a worthy place in our judgment it is foolish to view it as infallible.

  • Sound&Fury

    This same cast of characters comes calling just like flies at a picnic whenever the opportunity presents itself. They are relentless & no less predictable.

  • trickyblain

    Obama voiced no opinion on Zimmerman's conduct. And the remarks this hack writer rails on were the result of a very short reply to a reporter's question. No judgement, only a brief expression of sadness.

    How is responding to a question about a national issue "race-hustling"?

    And Greenfield, in introducing this nonsensical screed, misses the point entirely. He cites a case in which the perps, when indentified and apprehended will appropriately be charged with hate crimes. And, of course, Allen Coon is alive and well (his eyebrows were singed). Martin is dead. If Zimmerman were arrested — even investigated — you would not be hearing about this story.

    • Frank

      You are full of it again ,your shallow analysis is not even worth the time it takes to read it

    • kentatwater

      And, of course, Allen Coon is alive and well (his eyebrows were singed).

      You are a lousy spokesman for the other side. His injuries were more extensive than your flippant characterization. Dousing someone with gasoline, and setting them on fire, is attempted murder. And yet, even though race was an explicit factor in the attack, police are not treating it as a hate crime.

      If Zimmerman were arrested — even investigated — you would not be hearing about this story.

      Handy how you can't prove this assertion.

      • trickyblain

        I don't mean to come off as flippant. It 's awful and horrifying. The kid's mental wounds will probably be much deeper than his physical wounds. But he's not dead and did not require extended medical care.

        Thanks for the correction on the "hate crime." I could swear I read something about it being investigated as such. If there's ever an example of a hate crime, I'd be hard pressed to come up with a better one.

        In terms of "proving," FPMers say "innocent until proven guilty" when it comes to Z and simultaneously accuse Martin of assaulting a bus driver — based solely on a cryptic tweet dug up by a man who blogs obsessively about being terrified by black people. Do you feel the need to prove the "drug trafficking" thing? Or is "a blogger who saw something on Facebook" damming evidence in your eyes?

        • trickyblain

          Alas, yes, I can prove Z was not arrested. That is not difficult. Likewise, given the fact he was not tested for intoxication, despite obviously slurring on his phone calls (which law enforcement dispatchers are trained to detect ) it is evident that a complete investigation was not carried out. Of course I cannot prove a hypothetical. Do you submit that hypotheticals are off-limits in rational debate?

          • kentatwater

            Alas, yes, I can prove Z was not arrested. That is not difficult.

            Oh no, you don't. You said:

            If Zimmerman were arrested — even investigated — you would not be hearing about this story.

            That is an implicit OR condition. If either condition (arrest or investigation) is true, than the whole condition is true. The crime was investigated. It may not have been investigated to your satisfaction, but even in with further investigation now taking place, the calls for blood continue.

            Likewise, given the fact he was not tested for intoxication, despite obviously slurring on his phone calls (which law enforcement dispatchers are trained to detect )

            Yeah, people's speech patterns never alter under stress, and the audio fidelity of all cell phones is well known.

            There's a phrase for what you are doing, now. It's called "grasping at straws."

            it is evident that a complete investigation was not carried out

            Ah, thank you for tacit acknowledgement of the first point.

            Of course I cannot prove a hypothetical. Do you submit that hypotheticals are off-limits in rational debate?

            Employ hypotheticals until your blue in the face, but if you indulge in such, don't get the vapors when the other side does the same.

        • kentatwater

          But he's not dead and did not require extended medical care.

          And the criteria on what constitutes "extend" is infinitely flexible, to suit your rhetoric. You back away from downplaying his injuries, then do it again in the same breath.

          damming[sic] evidence

          As far as M's possible drug dealing goes, it's hardly relevant to Zimmerman's guilt or innocence, but it does put a patina on the image of M as an upright member of the community. And wasn't his suspension due to marijuana possession? Hmm.

          • trickyblain

            I'm not downplaying his injuries. His injures were non-life threatening, nonpermanent and he was treated and released. That's accurately describing, not downplaying. And I am assuredly not downplaying the sickening nature of the crime — I hope the perps get caught and are prosecuted for attempted murder.

            "And wasn't his suspension due to marijuana position[sic]?"

            Call me "new school" but I am not of the opinion that the infraction of marijuana use is terrible. If only criminals have indulged, over three quarters of the population are criminals. Maybe you have exclusive information on Martin driving 57 in a 55 MPH zone, too?

          • kentatwater

            I'm not downplaying his injuries.

            That is exactly what you did. I suppose you've seen detailed before and after pictures of his scars?

            "And wasn't his suspension due to marijuana position[sic]?"

            [sic]? Look again.

            Call me "new school" but I am not of the opinion that the infraction of marijuana use is terrible.

            Funny. You're all law and order until it comes to weed.

            Maybe you have exclusive information on Martin driving 57 in a 55 MPH zone, too?

            Relevance? Perhaps he rolled a joint with a tag he illegally ripped off a mattress.

          • trickyblain

            What's marijuana position? His political take on the matter? His plants not getting enough light? Thought you meant "possession."

            MJ use is illegal (an infraction — like speeding — in most states, not sure abut Florida). But it's use is not at all limited to thugs and, well, criminals. It's not, in itself, a sign of potential violent behavior. I probably don't need to tell you this…

          • Nick Shaw

            "Non-life threatening, non-permanent"??
            He was set on fire you ass!!!
            Probably the most horrifying thing to happen to a person!
            Who doesn't have nightmares about dying in a fire!!
            You're such a dick, Helen.

          • trickyblain

            I never have nightmares dying in a fire. Falling. Drowning. Losing a tooth. Plane crashing. Being raped by an inbred who calls me Helen.

          • Nick Shaw

            It's worth repeating, you're a dick, Helen.

          • trickyblain

            What's your deal?

          • Nick Shaw

            Ummm, lemme see.
            I don't care for people who are dicks?
            That satisfy ya', Helen?

          • trickyblain

            No, I'm not satisfied by men, Nick. Nothing wrong with it but not my thing.

          • Nick Shaw

            Sorry, Helen.
            Mocking doesn't impress me.
            You bore me.

          • trickyblain

            Great! I'd never want a transexual stalking me. It's good to know you won't be looking for "Helen." A step in the right direction, man.

  • koran kid

    Ok, so we are all white racists, guilty until proven innocent. But has anyone asked why most black people seem to be closet marxists, innocent until proven guilty? Maybe a rich rapper like Kanye West can explain, in one of his songs, why marxists need so much money these days? And did Barry start off as a repressed exhibitionist? Just asking – if you mix power and money into that basic ingredient, you seem to end up with expressionate narcissist.

    • Nick Shaw

      Cause they go to the Marxist Black Liberation Church, Koran?

  • Gunner57

    Trayvon Martin had just violently assaulted a bus driver. He violently attacked Hispanic volunteer George Zimmerman. I see a pattern of violent behaviour. 'Trayvon' just ran into the wrong guy. He got what was coming to him sooner or later. Sooner was better for society.

    Our prayers are with George Zimmerman and his family.

    • trickyblain

      As far as the public knows, Martin has never been arrested, let alone convicted of a crime. What ever happened to all that "innocent until proven guilty" stuff all the foks here are harping about?

      How do attack somebody who chases you down and phsically confronts confronts you? It's called a defensive response — Martin likely got the best of the coward Zimmerman, and a drunken Zimmerman shot him. I'm not sure that the law protects a person who picks a fight, begins to lose, and then shoots the person he was chasing. It's actually called murder.

      Pray for that coward. It won't help him.

      • Nick Shaw

        His school already tried him and suspended him, Helen.
        Why do you think the family lawyer has put the lid on the reason he was suspended?

        • trickyblain

          Schools can convict people of crimes? Somebody tell DH, stat! He will not like this at all.

          It's highly likely the police would be informed of an assault. And Martin would very likely have been expelled for assaulting a member of school staff.

          The source of this theory is a random tweet that a Stormfrontesque lunatic dug up and posted to smear a dead child. You, me or "Negroes hiding under my bed" Auster have no (sane) reason to dismiss the reason for suspension — weed.

          And what's with you calling me Helen? Is this some sort of far-right code that I haven't uncovered? A twisted fantasy based on repressed memories? Whatever. I'm not calling you Nicole…

          • Nick Shaw

            You know why he was suspended, Helen? You have a link to this? So far as I know, the reason for his suspension has not been revealed.
            I said nothing about any assault, though it would be interesting if he was suspended for assaulting a bus driver, no?
            And mock away, Helen. The school suspended him. He did not sue the school for being suspended without cause. In essence yes, the school convicted him of something worth a suspension.
            You're such a dick, Helen.

          • trickyblain

            Ok, Nick. I 'll mock away. Sue the school? School convicted him ? This is awesome. Keep going, Nick. Did the school file charges? Does the school have a DA? Do you feel good when you smear a dead kid and call me Helen?

          • Nick Shaw

            This is interesting, don't you think, Helen?
            No doubt more will come out but, I particularly liked this part:
            "Trayvon was asked if the jewelry, which was mostly women’s rings and earrings, belonged to his family or a girlfriend.
            “Martin replied it’s not mine. A friend gave it to me,” according to the report. Trayvon declined to name the friend."
            As Ace says, "Ahh, un-named friends. The nation's number one source of contraband!"
            It's difficult to call a punk a punk without it being a smear in your world, Helen, I guess.

          • trickyblain

            Keep on smearing the dead kid, Nick. Smear the dead child. Does it feel good. Does it feel like calling me Helen, you perverted fck?

          • Nick Shaw

            Yep, it do, Helen.
            I found this so, decided to bring it to your attention.
            Now I'm gone.

          • trickyblain


            I'm, gone too. Must sleep. Have a good night Nichole.


  • Nick Shaw

    It's funny Zero didn't have the same compassion for the 90 year old white couple in Tulsa recently!
    The woman, raped (raped!!) and beaten to death, her husband of 65 years years still in intensive care due to the beating he was given.
    Who was the perp? A 20 something black man.
    Wouldn't this couple be just like Zero's grandparents? You know, like his "typical white grandmother" afraid of the group of black men walking down the street?
    No, instead he identifies with a budding black criminal!
    This Panderer-In-Chief makes me hurl with his hypocrisy!
    Also, why the hell did I have to find the Tulsa story in the British papers? Why wasn't it splashed all over the American media?
    It's 'cause we're cowards. Just like Holder says but, for the wrong reason!!!

    • trickyblain

      If a reporter asked about it, as with the case of his brief statement about Martin, I'm sure he would have said something about the victim reminding him of his white grandmother. But a reporter didn't ask. The perp is in jail and was arrested, no? Very likley to end up in OK death row.

      "Budding black criminal."

      This website needs more press. It would ensure an Obama landslide later this year.

      • Nick Shaw

        How, Helen?
        Doesn't he already have the plantation vote already tied up?
        Or are they all going to vote twice now that he has shown solidarity with the black criminal vote?
        Yes, I said budding criminal. You really aught to stay abreast of the news. Martin isn't what they have been making him out to be.

        • trickyblain

          Yes. Tell us how he deserved to die.

  • BLJ

    Once again the "community organizer" comes out of the closet. Obama continues to disgrace the office of the POTUS. He is not (and never has been) a uniter.

    Obama learned his hate for "whitey" and America in the church of Rev. Wright. To expect anything else from him is pure folly. He will do anything to stay in power.

    Sharpton, Jackson and the rest of the so-called black leaders are all parasites who feed off the dead carcasses of people like this Martin kid. They could care less about him when he is alive, only after he dies do they come to the rescue. They are low lifes of the first order.

    It is no wonder that Black America is so messed up. Their real enemies are their own leaders. It has been this way for over 50 years.

    • trickyblain

      " It has been this way for over 50 years."

      Are you saying that blacks today are worse off than they were in the days of Jim Crow?

      • kentatwater

        Jim Crow ended in 1965, so you're still under the rhetorical wire, in a rudimentary, numerical sense.

        See you in 2015.

        • trickyblain

          Are you saying that blacks today are worse off than they were in the days of Jim Crow?

          • kentatwater

            I'm not BLJ, but you've got less that three years to use that line, so I see you'll be squeezing every last bit of mileage out of it you can.

      • BLJ

        Jim Crow was run by the Dems and the Dems are still controlling blacks. You add it up.

        • trickyblain

          Does that mean Republican are controlling white men? Since the majority of white men vote Republican?

          • BLJ

            You are an idiot.

          • trickyblain

            Thanks! You're kind, witty and smart!

            Just using your logic:

            -Black majorities vote Democrat. Ergo, Dems control blacks.

            -White male majorities vote Republican. Ergo, Republicans control white males.

            It's not that I don't see the flaw in your logic. I'm a white male that's not controlled by Republicans.

            Can you explain the inconsistency in your logic? What is it about blacks that makes them subservient to Democrats?

          • BLJ

            Hey Einstein. The Democratic Party buys off the black vote with entitlement programs and lies. LBJ himself even said so.

  • MRobs

    It is like watching the muslim terrorists whine and cry about backlash to their communities after they bomb a bunch of innocent bystanders. The blacks do the same thing – did you see that disgraceful behavior from that mob in FL. What a bunch of freaking savages. Where was the outrage when the young white couple from Ohio were beaten, raped, set on fire and murdered by a bunch of black men and women. Meanwhile the shooter turns out to be Hispanic – the media must be so disappointed.

  • tagalog

    MSNBC has a report online that says the Orlando Sentinel reports that the police report on Zimmerman's shooting of Martin includes an incident witnessed by bystanders in which Martin punched Zimmerman in the nose, breaking it, then knocked him to the ground and slammed his head on the pavement before Zimmerman shot him. Report on report on report, admittedly.

    Perhaps that explains the police not arresting Zimmerman.

    Martin was also suspended or expelled from school, and although that does not suggest anything about the specifics of the shooting incident, it does suggest that Martin was not quite the Skittles-eating tame adolescent that it seems he is presumed to be and as which he is portrayed by the race pimps among us. Perhaps he had what the MSM likes to refer to as "anger management issues."

    • trickyblain

      Perhaps Z followed him, physically confronted Martin, got his ass handed to him, then shot him out of desperation — losing a confrontation he initiated? If that were to be the case, it's a murder charge.

      Perhaps Martin was, as indicated by his living representatives, suspended for having a bit of weed? Because we all know weed turns people into homicidal maniacs?

      • kentatwater

        Hopefully, a Zimmerman's fate will not be decided on the basis of "perhaps," which appears to be the NBPP's preference.

        • trickyblain

          On that we can agree.

      • tagalog

        Yes, this being a site for commentary, not for mock trials, and the facts coming out slowly, everything here is "perhaps." Zimmerman ought to be investigated based on a dispassionate, objective gathering and assessment of the facts. Until that time, each time a mob gathers to demand "Justice! Now!" based on news reports, rumor, innuendo, and "black narrative" it should be responded to with a plethora of "perhapses."

        If Zimmerman was overzealous and got his ass handed to him for stalking and prying, so be it. If Martin was a true thug (which his being found with burglary tools and wandering about in a neighborhood that has experienced a rash of burglaries hints at) and was attacking Zimmerman making a reasonable inquiry, so be that too.

  • kentatwater

    Budding black criminal

    I suppose you missed some of the blogs covering exchanges on facebook, strongly suggesting he may have been involved in drug trafficking.

    Obama is acting stupidly, and he seems to do it particularly when it advances a particular racial narrative. Last I heard, Allan Coon was still waiting for his call.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Maybe O needs to hold another beer fest at the White House, case solved…………….William

    • Nick Shaw

      Thanks, Kent.
      Why is it these clowns will only accept the narrative?
      I was going to say Zero ONLY acts stupidly to advance his own racial narrative but, then I realized he acts pretty stupidly all the time!

  • kentatwater

    Generalizing about blacks is just as unjustifiable as generalizing about whites or Hispanics or anyone else.

    That said, I really can't argue your anger is unjustified, in the specific instances you cite.

  • guest

    No one who wears a hoodie should be profiled:

  • Guest

    What I'd like to know is when Sharpton learned that "Zimmerman" was not Jewish and was actually an Hispanic. The name came first and then the man's profile of his background. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that Sharpton heard the name "Zimmerman" first, made some, ahem, conclusions based on the name, and then went to town, only learning later that he was Hispanic.

  • mrbean

    By the time police arrived, Martin was dead, with a gunshot wound in the chest. Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of the head and had wet grass stains on his red jacket. He claimed self-defense, telling police he had stepped out of his truck to check the name of the street he was on, when Trayvon attacked him from behind as he walked back to his truck. He said he fired the semiautomatic handgun because he feared for his life. An adult witness to the physical altercation just prior to the shooting stated that Martin was on top of Zimmerman and beating him up, while Zimmerman yelled for help. Another witness said he came upon the scene and saw Zimmerman on his back on the ground, which accords with statements by the police that he was covered in grass and blood. A 13 year old witness corroborates. Traynor Martin has also been suspended from school for bullying white kids and gays.

  • Ghostwriter

    I just hope we wait for all the facts to come in before we make a judgment. That would seem the fair thing to do.

  • Ron

    I don't know how old you are but if you had lived in the 40's,50's 60's,you would know this man is guilty and a racist. Have you heard the cell phone call?

    • mrbean

      Zimmerman's lack friend says he is isn't a racist in any way. Yes, have you read the police report you liberal white guilt twit.

    • trickyblain

      Ron, unless you were there you do not "know" that he's guilty. All we can do is speculate based on what we do know. Personally, I do not think Z shot Martin because of his skin color — he shot him because he was getting beat. But, based on what I've seen, speculation leads me to think that he pursued and confronted Martin because he was an unfamiliar young black male. It's all speculation at this point though….even the witness statements are wildly inconsistent.

  • bensday

    One quick correction:

    "Even though there is eyewitness testimony that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman,"

    The lone eyewitness "john" said he saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman pummeling him, he didn't see how the fight started. Wow David has balls.

  • Nick Shaw

    Yeah, I'm SURE he would have said the 90 year old woman in Tulsa raped and beaten to death reminded him of his grandmother, Helen.
    I can practically guarantee that would be Zero's assessment.
    What a dick you are, Helen.

  • Actos Cancer

    Youth of today are really sensitive with things that are happening around them and its just easy for them to do what they want since they are more aware about this kind of situation in the society.

    • kentatwater

      Spam is a cancer.

  • Gus gianello


    You are a jackass. This is from a man with 5 degrees, a post graduate, a technical designation, fluent in three languages. Insulting a half blind heart attack victim because his post isnt up to your idea of literacy only demonstrates that bias crosses all national boundaries.

    Well done. And as to your characterization of pur present fed govt, harper is only mildly better than the liberals. We have socialists and fascists in Canada of which harper is a moderate one. And while you sing the praises of the conservative govt., who spends like a drunken sailor, and refuses to regulate abortion or reconsider the death penalty, remember that the National citizens Coalition, of which Harper used to be the head, also has a very dim view of their former leader.

  • maghrebchristians

    The idea of tens of thousands of former Muslims coming to Jesus Christ in North Africa within a few short years is mind-boggling. But entire mosques coming to faith? That news is even harder to wrap one’s mind around, but it is in fact what is happening according to reports from a former church planter among Muslims in West Africa.

    Read more:


  • Kendrick1

    I asked this question: Where was Obama, $harpton, and Jack$on when black American male Deionta Lee Hayes on March 18, 2012, in Lexington, Kentucky, shot and killed 16 year-old black American Chazz A. Black, and wounded two others? Then I thought, with black on black, there's no political clout for Obama, and no $$$$ for $harpton and Jack$on!!

    See story:

  • kentatwater

    too many false photos of the kid…

    Which ones are false? The ones linked to his Facebook and Twitter accounts, or the lightened and airbrushed one that has been adopted by the vast majority of media outlets?

    …too much emphasis on Zimmerman's irrelevant ethnicity.

    It would probably never have been an issue, if he wasn't initially identified as 'white' by major media outlets. It wouldn't continue to be an issue, if racist demagogues didn't exercise selective outrage, tuned to melanin content.

  • Ben

    Wow. These commenters are probably the dumbest, lowest form of Americans I have ever heard of. Go move somewhere and create your own gun-loving, single-race country with no sense of history and leave America alone.

    No seriously, move somewhere else and leave America alone. Bye bye! Don’t let the door hit your fat a@ses on the way out too.

  • Kendrick1

    Obama is overstepping his role, STILL!

    The president also has the bully pulpit!! Do you mean to tell me that if the president hinted to Federal goverment committee member that he wanted this fiasco to go his way or else the funds that Sanders is currently receiving for its policed department, or otherwise, might be affected by the next budget cut, that it wouldn't go the president's way? The federal government holds the purse strings to just about all the law enforcement agencies.