Turkey’s Islamist PM Admits Syria is Sunni-Shiite Holy War

Forget all the tiresome claptrap about “The Brave Syrian People” (I assume you’ve already learned to shelve the same nonsense about “The Brave Libyan People” not to mention “The Brave Egyptian People).

Turkey’s Islamist AKP regime has been the second-biggest supporter of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Syria, with Qatar’s Al-Qaeda royals at Number 1 and Obama at Number 3. The official story is that what is going on in Syria is a horrible violation of everything that is good and decent about the world. But, for some reason, when Obama’s stepfather was part of the Indonesian Muslim genocide in East Timor, that was an event that did not require international intervention.

Now Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, like all Islamists using Muslim revisionist history as a code, has admitted that Syria is a Sunni-Shiite civil war. (Via Religion of Peace)

While discussing the bloodshed in Syria at a September 7 conference held in Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan drew a chilling parallel. “What happened in Karbala 1,332 years ago is what is happening in Syria today,” he said, comparing the Syrian revolution to the most divisive event in Islamic history, the Battle of Karbala.

Those in the West with any interests in the region have much to learn from Erdogan’s history lesson. What was originally depicted as a popular uprising against tyranny is now undeniably a war for religious supremacy in the Middle East. In this war, those Syrians who originally took to the streets in their aspirations for democracy have become the only guaranteed losers.

In the year 680 AD, Hussein Ibn Ali, grandson of the Prophet Mohammed and 70 of his followers confronted 1,500 fighters from the Umayyad Caliphate in present day Iraq. Hussein had embarked on a crusade to wrest control of the caliphate from his archrival Yazid I, only to be slaughtered along with his family. Hussein’s followers would eventually form the Shiite sect of Islam, and remain locked in a bitter rivalry with Yazid’s fellow Abu Bakr supporters, whose descendants comprise the Sunni sect.

Now, 1,332 years later, Hussein’s descendants are marching into Syria to fend off another onslaught in the historic territory of the Umayyad Dynasty.

The Obama Administration will go on ignoring Erdogan’s admission and its explosive implications. We are being dragged into a Sunni-Shiite conflict for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood, when the ideal situation is to have the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard slug it out until they run low on Jihadists and paradise has to pause to restock its virgins.

  • the dude

    Whats so Islamist about AKP. Is it because he broke his fast with Hamas officials because Israel killed Turkish citizens. Is it because he supports Iran's nuclear program. Is it because he is openly muslim.

    Just because Turkeys actions are for it's own benefit and not that of the Wests it doesn't mean turkey is an Islamist country.

    • henach

      Turkey's ruling party has Islamist origins. It pretended to moderation for a while, but has been steadily returning toward its founding Islamist nature. The mask is clearly off at this time.

  • RUI

    One of those conflicts I wish would go on forever and nobody would win. Actually, the West would win if it refused the islamic refuse under the moniker of "refugees".
    That would be like treating Achilees and his greek counterparts hidding in the Trojan Horse as "refugees".

  • ammer

    Hussein’s followers would eventually form the Shiite sect of Islam, and remain locked in a bitter rivalry with Yazid’s fellow Abu Bakr supporters, whose descendants comprise the Sunni sect.

    What nonsense. Sunnis are not all the descendants of Abu Bakr or Yazid. Karbala was not a Sunni versus Shia war. All Sunnis supported Hussain's stance.

  • Gad

    Turkey is a muslim country look at its history just because there is certain minorities that lives there it don't give you the right to talk non sense if you not happy in turkey do everybody a favor leave the world is large go to Germany go to the Netherlands LOL