Turkish PM: “No Peace Unless Hamas is Free”

So much for the Obama Administration’s ham-handed efforts to force Israel to reconcile with the Islamist AKP regime in Turkey, which pretends to be bothered by Israel’s treatment of its fellow Hamas Islamists, when it isn’t butchering Kurds or threatening to ethnically cleanse Armenians.

Erdogan has now made it clear that there will be no resumption of relations with Israel unless the blockade of Hamas run Gaza ends.

Erdoğan, speaking in Kiev after talks with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, said Turkey has reminded anyone interested in mediating peace with Israel of its three conditions: A formal apology for a…  Israeli raid on May 31, 2010, on the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara… compensation for families of those killed in the raid and the lifting of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

“Normalization is out of the question if any of these [conditions] are not met. If all these three conditions are met, then we would say ‘yes’ to mediators. Otherwise, mediators should spare the effort,” he said.

You have to give Erdogan some credit. The cheap Islamist thug has learned everything he knows about negotiations from the West Bank and Gaza. First set insane pre-conditions to the talks and then say that only if they are met will you agree to the talks.

Just to get Erdogan to the table, Israel would have to give Hamas an open sea for bringing in all the Turkish weapons it wants. And what exactly is he going to demand once Israel gets to the table?

  • Herbie bente

    Islam is always the same… Submit!!, then we'll talk. Arrogance is a terrible thing. Israel is wide awake to the lie of Islam, as is Canada. Now if only America, Europe etc., would give their head a shake. Islam is totalitarianism of the worst kind. To you Marxist lefties among us that admire the arab fist in the air- think of Robspierre's end.

  • Nebula Retina

    You can take your apology and shove it where it belongs. He did not ask for anything more for relationship to be established. We Turks don't care if you apologize or not anymore the damage is already done, an immediate apology would have done wonders for our relationship but Israel chose this instead, we both made our beds and we both have to live in it. We Turks will never see Israel as a friendly nation ever again. Please just stay away from us, do not come to our country for vacation and stop sending your friends from US to beg for you..SORRY that boat sailed long ago…

    • Daniel Greenfield

      We stopped being a friendly nation when you elected Islamists who aided terrorists killing Israelis and whine because some of your agents got killed.

  • alex from spain

    i am an importer that used to send and receive about 20 million dollars of goods to turkey from israel and vice verse. now the goods go to greece and cyprus from israel and all is good. turkey is loser and will lose tourists. i like turks myself but many around world no so not.

  • Alfred Klose

    Erdogan is like Rabin, a good man! Israelis killed the peace process by killing Rabin.