Two Pakistanis Plotted Christmas Bombing in Times Square

New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town, the Bronx is up, but all the Muslim terrorists head down to the Battery for their terrorist plots, when they aren’t hitting Midtown.

And the would-be bomber napped at a mosque while planning how to murder the most Americans over Christmas. Wasn’t that generous of the Imam.

Prosecutors said Qazi, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, considered such potential targets as Wall Street, Times Square and theaters.

Qazi traveled to New York on November 24 and spent nights sleeping at a mosque, a restaurant and on public transportation — apparently reflecting his financial situation — while he allegedly considered what site to attack.

“Mr. [Raees] Qazi said in his post-arrest statement that he was riding around on his bike in New York City looking for targets but he never specifically picked one,” FBI Special Agent Kristine Holden testified in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.

The younger Qazi also tried to determine how big the crowds were in Times Square, on Wall Street and at theaters in the city, the agent said.

At a detention hearing Tuesday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, prosecutors said that after Qazi was arrested he told law enforcement officers he had tried to contact al Qaeda. The prosecutors said he was motivated by the lectures of the late radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed by a drone strike in Yemen, and by Inspire magazine. The online magazine is produced by the terror group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and it has carried articles on how to make bombs.

And looks like Inspire’s quality of bombmaking information is as reliable as the Anarchist Cookbook. If the US wanted to save money on Hellfire missiles, it could just put out as much bad bombmaking information as possible in Arabic and Urdu.

Naturally the defense is crying “entrapment”, “he was no threat” and “he was a really nice guy” about both brothers.

A federal grand jury charged the two Qazi brothers with conspiring to detonate a weapon of mass destruction and to provide material support to terrorists.

Raees Qazi, who had attended Piper High School in Sunrise, was jobless, but tried to make money by selling bicycles he’d buy at the Swap Shop. He had worked at a doughnut shop but quit because he was not allowed a prayer break.

Well there you go. Islamophobia is to blame.

  • κατεργάζομαι

    RE: "If the US wanted to save money on Hellfire missiles, it could just put out as much bad bombmaking information as possible in Arabic and Urdu. "

    Question: How do we know for certain that the Obama State Department doesn't offer actual bombmaking information those languages as well as Farsi? Along with the co-ordinates for places like, oh, say Texas and other Red states? lol

    After all Washington doles out billions of taxpayer dollars in "foreign aid" to places like Pakistan, the Palestinian Authority and on Egypt, as well as meeting the Muslim Brotherhood demands in support of what remains of the far·ci·cal "Arab Spring."

  • jakespoon

    He's just misunderstood,he wasn't picking out targets to attack,he was just looking to see what kind of places someOTHER jihadi might attack if allah called them to jihad,if there was such a thing… which there's not,because islam is a religion of peace,but if there were. That's all. Paranoid Americans.

  • Mary Sue

    prayer breaks 5 times a day is why nothing gets done in devoutly Islamic Countries. ;)

  • JacksonPearson

    Our government keeps issuing visas to poisonous reptiles, so the chances of Americans to get bitten increases. One solution would be to completely stop issuing visas to nations that want to harm us, and secondly, to round up and deport snakes that are on the dole.