Two Universities Evacuated After Bomb Threats

Here’s one thing you may not know about Islam, its violent tendencies tend to ramp up on Friday and will probably hit a pitch in the evening after mosque prayers, which means add 6-9 hours to get Muslim local time,  at least in the Middle East, and things are likely to start getting uglier.

For now the University of Texas was evacuated after a bomb threat from a Muslim claiming to be with Al Qaeda. North Dakota State University has also been evacuated after a bomb threat. This may be some non-Muslim students playing pranks, but it’s quite likely due to the larger number of foreign students in American universities.

There’s also this. North Dakota was one of the early points of Muslim settlement in the United States and Muslim refugees have filled up parts of Fargo. Texas has one of the larger Muslim populations in the country.

  • Linda

    They must be stopped……deport all islamists NOW!
    Stop all mosque construction NOW!

  • Rebas Thgil

    Time Magazine Man of the Year? Islamic Rage Boy seduces America?

    When did they take this bad actor off of the mammoth hunter exhibit at the natural history museum and put a suit on him?