UN Illegally Shipped American High Tech to Iran

Also North Korea. Because the UN has a deep abiding love for any regime that kills its people by the thousands.

The controversial shipments of U.S.-made computer equipment to North Korea  and Iran by the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization was not only “unjustified” but something “we simply cannot fathom,” according to an independent investigative report, commissioned by WIPO itself.

In the newest case involving  North Korea, the WIPO goods, ostensibly part of a routine technology upgrade for that country’s  patent retrieval system, included along with ordinary laptop computers and other goods  a “very capable” hardware firewall and network security system  that is subject to “a very high level of U.S. licensing requirements” for so-called “dual-use” items, which have a number of non-civilian applications.

This is another reason why sanctions are completely useless. Saddam easily used corrupted UN employees to get his regime anything he wanted.

Sanctions against Iran are completely useless, because Iran like Iraq, can easily suborn the sanctions regime, even to the extent that the sanctions regime exists. Iraq was under sanctions for so long that its sanctions had sanctions and all those sanctions did was enrich the regime which got even more of a monopoly out of it… while of course enriching select UN officials in the process.

Sanctions, no matter how tough, cannot stop Iran. Clinton knew it in the 90s and Obama knows it today. The sanctions are a face-saving gesture and Netanyahu is correct to reject them as toothless and useless.

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    Everybody always says we need to thrown the UN out on their ear. I won't bother, because it will never happen. Our government is way too dumb to do anything that intelligent.