UN Increases Budget by 5 Percent

With times so tough all around, you might be thinking of cutting back on how much money you spend, but at the United Nations there is no such as budget cuts. Not when Barack Obama is there to be their Santa Claus. While you cut back, the United Nations spends even more.

The U.N. General Assembly approved an increase of about 5 percent to cover the United Nations’ regular operations in 2012-2013 on Monday evening

It took the U.N.’s budget committee until Monday afternoon to reach agreement on a host of budget-related issues after meeting all weekend.

Well they had to work through the weekend. They deserve a 5 percent raise for that alone, don’t they?

U.S. deputy ambassador Joseph Torsella said the United States “is pleased by the significant progress we were able to achieve toward advancing fiscal discipline during a period of significant global financial difficulty and setting the United Nations on the path of increased efficiency.”

The United States is also pleased to have kept the 22 percent ceiling and to have negotiated a budget outline for 2014-2015 “that instills real financial discipline by keeping the U.N. budget level constant over several years,” he said.

So the US will go on paying nearly a quarter of the UN budget while the UN raises its budget by percent… and that’s an example of real financial discipline?

  • scott

    When Marshall Law is declaired, America will have enough<100,000+> UN troops to con.fis.cate wepons and Guard FEMA detention camps. FACTs wheather being attacted from foreign or DOMESTIC. powers_

  • John_Kelly

    David Funderburk (U.S. Ambassador To Romania, 1981 – 1985) made the following profound comment on October 29th 1991.

    "George Bush has been surrounding himself with people who believe in one-world government. They believe that the Soviet system and the American system are converging. The vehicle to bring this about, is the United Nations, the majority of whose 166 member states are socialist, atheist, and anti-American."

  • John_Kelly

    John E. Rankin, U.S. Congressman (Democrat) summed the United Nations as follows:

    "The United Nations is the greatest fraud in history. It's purpose is to destroy the United States."

  • John_Kelly

    Des Griffin, author of "Fourth Reich of the Rich" (page 140) states "The Constitution of the U.S.S.R. is almost identical to the Constitution of the UN".

  • John_Kelly

    Alger Hiss (1904 – 1996) was a high-ranking U.S. State Department official and Secretary-General of the United Nations founding conference who was a major player in drawing up the original United Nations Charter.

    Hiss was later tried and convicted as a Soviet Spy.

    Carl Aldo Marzani who designed the United Nations Coat of Arms was also tried and convicted as a Soviet Spy.

    Robert W Pelton, Author of "Traitors & Treason" , (page 285) quoted the following statement made by Soviet General Bondarenko, in a lecture at the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow,

    "From the rostrum of the United Nations, we shall convince the colonial and semi-colonial people to liberate themselves and to spread the Communist theory all over the world."

    It's time to connect the dots and boot the UN out of America!!!!!