UN Now Openly Interfering in Presidential Election

First we’re getting election monitors, thanks to requests from the NAACP and other groups associated with the Democratic Party who for some reason claim that their own Attorney General running the most intrusive and abusive DOJ since RFK is incapable of handling the job.

The observers, from countries such as Germany, France, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, will observe voting at polling places and other political activity.

Kazakhstan hasn’t held a single election deemed fair by those same observers… which eminently qualifies it to observe US election fairness.

But then Ben Emmerson, a notorious defender of terrorists and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights decided to go ahead and threaten Americans with legal action if they vote for Romney.

“The re-introduction of torture under a Romney administration would significantly increase the threat levels to (Americans) at home and abroad,” Emmerson said. “Such a policy, if adopted, would expose the American people to risks the Obama administration is not currently exposing them to.”

Who is Ben Emmerson? He was the defense attorney for Ramush Haradinaj, the KLA terrorist whose men were responsible for the torture, rape and murder of Serbs and Gypsies as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign.

Emmerson helped win Ramush Haradinaj’s acquittal, despite the testimony of numerous eyewitnesses. Now Emmerson, the man who helped cover up Ramush Haradinaj’s atrocities is using his UN authority to threaten Americans with retribution if they vote for a candidate that he doesn’t approve of.

Ben Emmerson would like to claim that waterboarding is a horrifying torture. Let’s look at the tortures that his client, Ramush Haradinaj, was responsible for.

KLA soldiers forced Witness 38 and her relatives to join a convoy of people. At some point, they were taken from the convoy and brought to a mill in Junik. She and her father were forced to undress. She further testified that she  was kept naked for a considerable amount of time and that she was forced to re-join the convoy while still naked. Witness 38 also testified that the soldier forced her to eat a bank book, tore off half of her father’s moustache, and tied both their hands with barbed wire.

Witness 38 testified that a vehicle with at least two men arrived at the location where she was held and that she saw the men when she was sitting on the ground some 20-30 metres away. There were, according to Witness 38, bushes between herself and the men. Witness 38 heard the word “commander”, but was not sure to whom it was addressed. Three to four months later, the witness recognized one of the men as Ramush Haradinaj when she saw him on television.

There is the moral authority of the man who would threaten Americans and try to manipulate the outcome of a presidential election.

  • SAS

    Mr. Emmerson should tell someone who cares…

  • Ar'nun

    I'd like to know a little bit more about the "Legal Actions" he might try to take. I will be proudly voting for Romney and if Mr. Emmerson wants to come and arrest me, I will be more than happy to introduce he and the UN Henchmen he sends to the 2nd Amendment.

  • flier10

    Sounds like these Leftist groups are looking for a way to possibly invalidate our elections? If Romney (when Romney) is elected, will these Communist shills shout fraud? The Center for Western Journalism ran an article on May 15, 2012, "Will Obama Attempt to Declare Marshall Law Before November Election?"
    Obama's minions will do ANYTHING to ensure that their Communist, Islamic leader will be re-elected!

  • Omar

    May I say that what the UN is doing is imperialistic? The UN and the despotic members of the so-called "Human Rights Council" are meddling in America's internal affairs. If the UN really wants to monitor elections, it should have monitored the fraudulent elections that took place in Iran in 2009, in Nicaragua last year and in Venezuela a few weeks ago. The UN should not be monitoring elections in democratic, law-abiding countries like the United States.

  • George_Babbitt

    Israel openly interferes in U.S. elections and we don't hear this site complaining about that!?!?

    • Omar

      No it doesn't. Where did you get that silly idea. Israel doesn't interfere in foreign elections, period. Iran, on the other hand, has interfered with elections in Venezuela and elsewhere. That's the reality.

      • George_Babbitt

        What is the name of that incredibly powerful U.S. lobby whose sole purpose it is to garner unconditional funding and support for a foreign power???? Oh wait it's A.I.P.A.C., the American Israeli Political Action Committee. Who is that billionaire Israeli citizen that owns numerous Las Vegas sin palaces and gives tens of millions of dollars to political candidates for U.S. elections IF they are PRO-Israel??? Oh right, that is Sheldon Adelson.

        • Omar

          And do you know how many Islamists groups in North America that are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood? The answer is 29 groups, including the Muslim Students Association and the Islamic Society of North America. During the Holy Land Foundation trial, there was an 18-page memorandum on the Muslim Brotherhood's goals in North America. That memorandum was published in 1991. The Muslim Brotherhood has a deep influence in many organizations in this country. That's the reality.

          • George_Babbitt

            Don't here any candidate mentioning them or having photo-ops with them do we, so who cares, they are insignificant.

          • cary
          • George_Babbitt

            Those backwoods jokes are all you got??? That segment was just another opputunity for the Zionist media to say the name 'Daniel Pearl' on TV again.

    • cherykie

      I have never felt the hard hand of Israel making me vote for any candidate ever. On the other hand the ghouls of the Black Panthers and all of Obama;s
      "love buddies" have no problem intimidating and threatening voters to do it their way. I have voted early in the past , but I'll stand in line this time just to do some observing of my own. Let's see where the dirty dealings and voter fraud lie….

  • Ghostwriter

    Mr. Babbitt seems to be suffering from what I dub Israel Derangement Syndrome. This has a need to bash Israel even when that country has done nothing to deserve such ire except to exist. A number of FPM commenters seem to have this syndrome. People like Schlomotion,Nakba1948,Questions,and others like them. I also agree that the UN should not be interfering in American elections. We have safeguards,or trying to institute safeguards to protect the integrity of our elections. We don't need the UN's help in this regard. We're perfectly capable of doing this ON OUR OWN.

    • George_Babbitt

      I already stated this to Omar, but it doesn't hurt to say it again….What is the name of that incredibly powerful U.S. lobby whose sole purpose it is to garner unconditional funding and support for a foreign power???? Oh wait it's A.I.P.A.C., the American Israeli Political Action Committee. Who is that billionaire Israeli citizen that owns numerous Las Vegas sin palaces and gives tens of millions of dollars to political candidates for U.S. elections IF they are PRO-Israel??? Oh right, that is Sheldon Adelson.

  • a Patriot

    Lock n Load the U.N . will be treated as a foriegn invader!

    • William LaSalle

      United Nations Human Rights Council lately has included nations like these: China, Nigeria, Madagascar, Algeria, Egypt, Malaysia, Libya, Kenya, Qatar, Jordan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

      Countries have sought membership of the Commission not to strengthen human rights but to protect themselves against criticism or to criticize others.

      Jul 6, 2012 – Syria is Running for Seat on UN Human Rights Council and May Win

      Odd that the nations in the council have the worst records on human rights and very little personal freedom isn't it ?

      Women and children in some of these countries have no rights at all. Although their human rights records are horrible and continue to be horrible today, I am sure they will do all they can to insure we have an honest election.

  • jose

    The NAACP invites an invasion force to intefere with our election. What else do you expect from a bunch of morons.

  • riverboatbill

    Vote the UN out of the U.S.

  • Larry

    I believe the UN observers should have bid farewell to their families over the sea's. We will not tolerate an invasion from any foreign force no matter how small or large.

  • Carolyn

    They have no business interrerring with our election. I understand the NAACP had something to do with this. Who do they think they are? Just another for the dem to get more dfvotes.

  • John Seet

    We should use our phone cameras to record any attempts by these so-called observers to interfere with the people's choice on November 6. Obama will try everything in his power, whether fair, foul or dubious, to get re-elected. Like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tb.blue.1 TB Blue

    the moment they step out of the U.N, and out in the streets, they loose theior DIPLOMATIC VISA, then they become invited visitors in America…. But if i felt threatened by their presence, then it is my american right to ask the Poll Workers to kick them out of the Polling Station…if the NAACP invited them, ??? Well, i am Dis inviting them and i dont need any court order to tell me whats my rights as a taxpaying ctizen



  • P***ed off

    This election is about to be stolen!