UN Official Calls for Making Islamic Istanbul into the “Capital of the World”

Richard Falk is an Anti-Semite, a 9/11 Truther and the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights. All three things make him especially qualified to author an Al Jazeera editorial calling for turning the capital of Turkey, a genocidal Islamist repressive state currently trampling on the human rights of its Kurdish and Alevi populations, while illegally occupying and settling Cyprus, into the capital of the world.

I suppose it had to be either Istanbul or Tehran, and Falk does have a Turkish wife. If he had an Iranian wife, maybe it would be Tehran.

I find none of these cities as sufficiently endowed with the combination of features that might justify christening it as the capital of the world. But I do have a promising candidate: Istanbul.

This may seem surprising, because although achieving a much higher profile in the last decade, Turkey as a state is not viewed as belonging to the top tier of countries in the world, including among emerging states, its currency is not much valued beyond its borders and its language is spoken only in its own country, among a few nearby Turcoman minorities and some central Asian countries that gained independence a couple of decades ago when the Soviet Union fell apart.

As well, Turkey has some severely troublesome internal problems, especially its inability to accommodate the grievances of 12-15 million Kurdish minority and important international unresolved issues such as its relationship with the Armenian diaspora and its various tensions with Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Syria and Iran.

There are more serious issues as well that make Istanbul’s candidacy problematic in many quarters. It is situated in Turkey that has some severe unresolved human rights issues and has not come to terms with either the Armenian genocide of 1915 or the Kurdish struggle for autonomy and self-determination

By “inability to accommodate the grievances of 12-15 million Kurdish minority”, Richard Falk means that the Erdogan regime has a lamentable tendency for imprisoning Kurds for crimes like using their own language or singing their own folk songs.

But the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights urges you not to get bogged down over such minor human rights issues as genocide because it’s a great tourist spot.

Istanbul is a city of choice for those international travellers in search of touristic fulfillment and it rarely disappoints visitors despite its awesome traffic that clogs streets well past midnight and its polluted air… Istanbul is convenient to reach for global gatherings, and Turkish Airlines was recently selected as the best in Europe.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the moral authority of the United Nations.

  • Raymond in DC

    I have to offer a corrective, Daniel. Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, but it isn't the capital; Ankara is. That said, I think Falk is getting ahead of even Turkey's Erdogan. He appears to envision reestablishing a neo-Ottoman empire with Istanbul as its capital. Others are pushing for a reestablished caliphate, but differ on where its center should be. Egyptians of course want Cairo at the center, while the mullahs envision "flipping" many Sunni countries to Shia, with the Islamic Republic (of Iran) as the dominant power. Saudi Arabia is custodian of the "Two Mosques", but few look forward to a diplomatic posting there.

    However, if Falk wants to move the *UN*headquarters to Turkey, that's something I can live with – as long as the US abandons that morally bankrupt institution. (The OIC countries pretty much run the place anyway.)

    • pagegl

      Regarding moving the UN to Istanbul, I agree completely. We need to get out of it immediately. I did several searches to try to find how much the US pays in annual dues; all I can find is that our dues are 22% of all dues paid; Japan is second with a bit over 12%. I wanted to say that we could reduce our deficit by X amount by not paying UN dues, but most websites I found that had anything to do with US dues to the UN were obviously in favor of our continued funding, so, finding specific amounts seems to be next to impossible. Anyway, I would like to see how long that corrupt organization can continue to exist without the largesse of the US.

      • Spikey1

        The UN's 2012-2013 core budget is $5.15 billion which (USA pays 22% $1.13 billion)
        These figures do not include:
        "Peacekeeping" at over $7 billion per year (USA pays 27% $2.67 billion)
        "Voluntary" contributions from member countries like the USA.

        These "voluntary" contributions from the USA include:
        • U.S. agricultural products for food assistance activities
        (WFP World Food Program – $3.2 billion)
        • Immunizing children against deadly diseases like polio and measles
        (UNICEF UN Children's Fund – $2.2 billion)
        • Helping tackle the AIDS pandemic with drugs and manpower
        (UNDP UN Development Program – $5 billion)
        • nuclear energy safety and security programs
        • Assisting refugees in countries from Afghanistan to Sudan

        • pagegl

          Thanks for the info. So, it looks like we handing about $14 billion or so per year to the UN. That won't make a huge dent in the deficit, but any reduction helps. Include what we're giving to regimes that are now working against us and the savings gets better.

  • iddo

    Another important point as to why Turkey:

    A record number of journalists are behind bars in Turkey as the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wields draconian laws critics say are creating a climate of fear to silence dissenting voices and promote "pro-state" journalism.

  • Mary Sue

    "Istanbul was Constantinople now it's Istanbul not Constantinople…why'd constantinople get the works? It's nobody's business but the Turks!"

    Capital of the WORLD? Excuse me? OK that's it, Richard Falk has now officially gone over the edge. When pigs FLY, man.

  • Andy Lewis

    Moving the UN to Turkey is a great idea, provided Falk is assigned there permanently.

  • Mach1Duck

    What a wonderful idea. Make Istanbul the UN headquarters, or as you will capitol of the World. Magnificent…Then the West and industralized nations should defund the UN, and let it be funded by the dictatorships that run it. Capitol Idea.

  • Victor

    Ok, but please let us remember that Israel itself, up until recently (and perhaps even still behind the scenes), has been an ally of Turkey, and some Jewish American groups such as the AJC and AIPAC along with Israel have cooperated with Turkey in covering up the Armenian genocide and stopping Congresional recognition of that genocide.
    One has to decide: Is one an ally of Turkey, or is one not an ally?

    • http://www.facebook.com/davidr.allen.92 David R Allen

      Victor, Turkey USED to be a nation w/a secular-controlled government, but not any more. They are openly inviting Islamist terrorists into their nation for conferences (but explicitly excluding the Israelis), they are launching Gaza-bound blockade-runners, and they were early supporters of the overthrow of stable, peace-treaty honoring governments and their replacement w/governments saying their next Jihad will end w/the recapture of Jerusalem.

      I think the United States should SERIOUSLY reconsider whether it wants to remain in an alliance with a country that is siding with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow a government that protects religious minorities, honors its peace agreements, and, BTW is solidly backed by the Russian Federation and the Chinese. After the Turks intercepted an airliner flying from Moscow to Damascus, Russia has now moved HEAVY anti-aircraft batteries to the Turkish border. I wonder if they are about to establish a "No-Fly Zone" of their own?

      • pagegl

        I believe you are correct about our alliance with Turkey. The problem is Turkey is a member of NATO, we are obligated to that alliance.

  • dannyjeffrey44

    Our leaders, our liberals, the insanity of multiculturalism that is sweeping the world, and the United Nations are leading to a world that civilized man will not recognize…The Coming Caliphate: http://www.freedomrings1776.com/2012/10/the-comin

  • http://twitter.com/GLEISE581 @GLEISE581

    hahaha you would think this was written by some swiss or irishman
    not one word about a massive wall only second to the great wall of
    china cutting in half Jerusalem or the war addicted jews in israel
    since when have jews ever cared about muslims suddenly jews
    care about the kurds in their fight to get a state while murdering 24 hours
    a day 7 days a week palestinians and doing everything they can at the UN
    to stop the palestinians getting back a tiny share of their own state
    other than the rest thats under the buildings of tel aviv and haifa.

    • Mary Sue

      Killing terrorists isn't murder.

  • Bobby H.

    Thats why she is called mystery babylon!

  • Bobby H.

    I was speaking of Istanbul of course as being the mother of harlots that rides the back of the beast. Magog is in Turkey i have proof.