UN Ran 21 Anti-Israel Resolutions in 2012, Only 4 Against Rest of the World

Isn’t it wonderful how we live now in this era of world peace. A world where no one is oppressed, where genocide no longer happens and there are no more warlords, dictators or wars. Except, you know, in the Jewish State.

At least that is the impression you would get from the United Nations.

According to a comprehensive UN Watch study of all U.N. General Assembly draft resolutions of its current 67th session, counting the one just approved today,  the world body plans to adopt a total of 21 resolutions singling out Israel for criticism in one form or another  and 4 resolutions for the rest of the world combined.

The four are: one on Syria, a regime that has murdered 40,000 of its own people, and one each on Iran, North Korea and Burma, whose government was largely praised in the U.N. text.

There will be no UNGA resolutions at all on China, Cuba, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Russia, Sudan, Venezuela, Pakistan — and all the rest.

When anyone praises the UN’s legitimacy again in your hearing, just remind them that this is an organization that believes Israel is worse than North Korea, Iran and Syria.

Why does the UN believe that? Because these countries have more allies and fewer enemies at the UN than Israel does. Welcome to High School. UN High.

  • Cecilie

    The stone floats and the feather sinks, the swan is black and the raven is white…

  • Bartemais

    Indeed, it would seem that UN High is run by a pack of juvenile delinquents.

    • Larry

      No, these days it is run by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

      They make juvenile delinquents look like upstanding citizens.

  • Ghostwriter

    This is ridiculous.