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US Embassies Too Busy with Green Energy to Waste Time on Security

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On October 9, 2012 @ 9:44 am In The Point | 4 Comments


In the dim dark days of the Bush Administration, the backward peasants who ran these things thought that embassies should focus on outdated concepts like security and national interest. But in these post-national, post-logical and post-sane days, we are enlightened enough to know that US Embassies should be focusing in on Green Energy.

Embassy security budgets are being cut, but there’s plenty of money for a super-expensive Green Energy makeover of Anti-Semitic Catchphrase Spewing Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman’s private residence. Trashing a 230 year old mansion for a Green publicity stunt may be an easy way to kill some time in Brussels, but it’s also a great way to kill some time in Baghdad. [2]

In March 2011 Embassy Baghdad established its first Green Team, with the goal to support sustainable living within the Embassy compound.

A Green Team for a Green Zone. The Green Team has already deactivated the Extra Rinse option on washing machines and started a community garden. Residents will be getting imaginary bills and light sensors will automatically turn lights off so that terrorists know exactly which places to hit first.

And above all else, there’s this. “Regular screening of¬†environmental movies¬†during lunchtime in DFAC to raise awareness for environment.”

This isn’t just happening in a few isolated embassies, it’s an international mandate. Instead of funds going to security, they’re going to energy efficiency projects and green energy propaganda [3].

In addition to reducing the energy bills and carbon footprint of diplomatic buildings, the group is aiming to promote green buildings and low carbon technologies to businesses and other areas of government.

National interest? What’s that again? In the Post-American order, American embassies exist to push environmentalism on saner countries. This is one snapshot of how the US State Department is wasting time and resources and why our diplomacy is so useless these days.

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