US Marines Being Deployed to Libya

And this is how it begins…

U.S. officials say some 50 Marines are being sent to Libya to reinforce security at U.S. diplomatic facilities in the aftermath of an attack in the eastern city of Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador and three American members of his staff.

The Marines are members of an elite group known as a Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team, whose role is to respond on short notice to terrorism threats and to reinforce security at U.S. embassies. They operate worldwide.

How many Marines will it take to secure every US facility in Libya? More than 50. It would take that many to starve off an armed attack using heavy weapons.

Libya is unstable and the Obama Administration has a choice between going all in to secure it or completely pulling out and taking all staff with it. 50 Marines are not going to hold off the thousands of Jihadist fighters that Obama’s intervention in Libya attracted there. The current attack will attract more Muslim Jihadists looking for a fight and the cycle will begin, with more security forces and more Jihadists until the United States either finds itself fighting a Libyan insurgency or pulling out.

Anyone could have seen this coming, but Obama’s people chose to believe that they could have a bloodless victory in Libya with some bombing raids and refusing to call it a war. Now they have to deal with the consequences.

Maybe now Obama will finally stop skipping half his intelligence briefings.

  • Dan

    Why does this president show absolutely no emotion? We lost 4 lives in Libya and he gives a robotic speech that doesn't tingle any nerves in my body. At least Bush "felt" and showed emotion in his speeches.

    • guest

      its called baring, then again you wouldnt know anything about that

      • Dan

        You mean bearing, right? Or do you mean to actually refer to uncovering oneself?

        Americans lives were lost, the president should put emphasis and care about these lost lives. Saying "tragic, shocking, and outrageous" without a change in tone makes him look like he's reading a boring book. He put more emphasis in "The Wild Things" reading to children at the White House than he did responding to the deaths of Americans. That's a great "bearing" he has there…

        Oh yeah, you could always watch one of his re-election speeches, he's got plenty of emphasis and attitude in those…

    • Saavin

      PUPPET Bush is just a better ACTOR…

  • diamondmair

    To paraphrase a {much older} warrior – WHY are we paying for the same real estate TWICE?

    Semper Fi'

  • Fred

    Obama is a traitor and criminal. The worst president ever, even worse than Carter and that's hard to do.

  • bort

    he can skip them all in a few months.

  • DevilDog83

    History proves what a small handfull of Marines can accomplish. Don’t underestimate what the Marines in the Fleet Security Team have trained for. RPG’s will be the least of their concern.

    From the Halls of Montezuma, “back” to the shores of Tripoli. Semper Fi.

    • Deerknocker

      Geez Devil Dog, I love Marines too, but just because they are fierce warriors doesn't mean they can cope with an armed mob of possibly thousands. Fifty? Why not 5,000? Better yet, why not just get out of every sandbox in the Middle East. The whole damned place isn't worth those 50 Marines, or any one of them for that matter. If we have to kill people and break things do it with standoff missiles or armed drones. Don't waste Marines.

      • DevilDog83

        Hey, I agree with you. But as far as i'm concerned, there are still Americans there, and we should be pulling them out safe and sound, without their bodies being paraded through the streets of Benghazi in the name of Allah and retribution.

        Those concerned families here in America who have relatives over there? Let's assure them that we're sending our best to get them out.

        As for "No boots in Libya?" Well the situation has changed, hasn't it?

  • jemaasjr

    I have been real slow to form my more radical view of Obama because it seems so unlikely, but he really does seem to favor Islam. The cumulative results of our Middle East efforts have been to empower the traditional elements of these societies, and those elements do not favor us or Israel. If we had honest reporting we would be told that Egypt is a dun deal for the Muslim Brotherhood, and we can not pick out the good guys from the bad guys in Libya because they are really only bad and worse guys.

    As for Marines on the ground, maybe they can save a few lives, but that is about it. If they shoot some of the locals it will be only bad publicity. Of course we could send in an army, ah-la Bush, and see how that goes. Better I think just to keep a low profile and realize that it is all a lost cause.

  • BLJ

    I love the way he sends some Marines in now. It is like closing the barn door after the horses escaped. I have no doubt about the great abilities of our United States Marines. The Devil Dogs are the best of the best.

    I also have no doubt they would be of better use driving the current occupants out of the White House. Obama hates them and the rest of our military as well. He can kiss my a$$.

    • JM0351

      Only 50, that sucks for my brother’s. Don’t get me wrong they will paint the walls red several times over if they have to, but that wont stop a mob of thousands. I have to admit I voted for Obama for a change in the system, but sending this few to a country that is this unstable is probably a mistake. Screw this president.

  • flowerknife_us

    Put the Marines in, remove the Americans out. then dismantle the Country.

    It might be wise to remind the Leftists in this World why it was that more conservative thinkers supported "dictators".

    It was more often than not better for everyone. Especially when Religious fanatics use "democracy" to acquire power.

    The Middle East is screaming to become a religious dictatorship where the glory of the stone age will bring true happiness to all.

    None of the Middle Eastern country's has the industrial capacity to replace what we flatten.

  • jemaasjr

    Something to remember about the Middle East is that Saudi Arabia probably hates the hell out of what is going on. They are not friends with the Muslim Brotherhood, and unlike us, they are smart enough to know who their enemies are. Plus of course they got lots of oil. We more or less have to stay in the region to hold up the flow of oil and to hold up the Saudis.

  • cpl knutson


    This should be enough reason! Learn your history and the esprit de corps efore you go and say 50 marines isn't good enough, you are so ignorant to the ways of the corps its not even funny. If you can believe you can achieve….but if 50 cent,obama, or an olympic athlete said it, you would believe it.

    Semper fi,
    Cpl of marines

  • drivesguy

    As a former Navy Chief, who married a Marine, I am here to tell you that these marines are well trained disciplined professional soldiers well capable of sending many Jihadi's to their 70 virgins and do so with deadly accuracy. The only group of US warriors more deadly than Marines are Navy Seals.

    EMC SW USN Retired.

  • Carlo

    Will the Marines in Operation Barn Door be able and authorized to shoot anyone who violently invades the embassy?

    • drivesguy

      They will not ask for permission Carlo. Marines will use deadly force to protect US Soil and US Citizens.

  • Jorge

    Why are you guys mad at obama, He's not the one that made the video.

  • Gabriel

    I am in disbelief about the effects of the initial military might. Lets face it . Things sometimes go astray. We all concurred at the time that this would be the best option for saving innocent lives. It was. The President understands the magnitude of theses operations. People were saved and more men came to fight. That is the behavior that we sometimes observe in such regions. The embassy attack was a heavy loss but a loss that is not in vain. Increasing sound security to high threat areas that we occupy such as the U.S. Embassy in Libya is a excellent idea. Our President is acting appropriately and should not be heavily criticized.