US Military on Alert for Christian and Hindu Religious Extremists in its Ranks

The reports are in and it turns out that there’s no way to spot a violent Muslim extremist, because they don’t really exist and apart from calling themselves Soldiers of Allah and defending the Taliban, there are no warning signs whatsoever before they commit an act of terrorism workplace violence.

The Defense Science Board report urges military officials not to ignore signs of religious radicalism that may be politically sensitive, and sought to debunk the notion that Islam is the only religion that fuels extremism.

“Covering over or ignoring radical religious belief as a potential factor will greatly handicap efforts to discover and divert individuals who are on a trajectory toward engaging in targeted violence,” the report said.

Yes, which is why the Defense Science Board insists on handicapping and diverting efforts to stop Muslims on a violent trajectory by pretending that all sorts of religions scream Allah Akbar before going on killing sprees. Next thing you know the Buddhists will be doing it.

The report insists on describing Muslim terrorist attacks as workplace violence. This makes it even harder to respond and head off such attacks because they are not the product of disgruntled employees, but fanatical killers waiting for the moment to strike. It’s like trying to fight serial killers by pretending that they’re just burglars who get really confused.

“While a number of cases involved radical Islam, there were examples involving Christianity, and the potential exists for radicalization to occur in the context of other religions as well.”.

Sure. The potential exists for a lot of things, but efforts are directed at real world problems. This is why the Air Force is not developing training methods for bombing dinosaurs. Dinosaurs do have the potential to come back and begin ravaging Montana, but it’s not a current problem.

There is currently a shortage of Christians and Buddhists opening fire on American soldiers in the name of Allah. It could happen at any time and it could happen while they’re riding dinosaurs, but it’s not an actual serious threat at the moment.

The study found “no silver bullet” to address the threat of workplace violence, and said predicting it is extremely difficult. Current scientific methods for predicting workplace violence, such as psychological or physiological testing, are unreliable, the study found.

No silver bullet, but perhaps a pork bullet might do the trick.

But here’s one possible method. When a Muslim begins claiming to be a Soldier of Allah, rather than an American Soldier, and sticks that claim on his business cards, that’s one possible variable that can be fitted into a scientific method for not allowing Jihadists free reign on American bases.

  • chowching259

    It would be enlightening if the Jew that was being bashed would ask his or her attacker a reason for the beating. The reply might be because it is pleasurable and permissible. Cruelty lurks in human nature and the defenseless Jew is often its victim.

    • Richard Of OZ

      Those of us who are a product of the Judeo-Christian moral imperative, with a Greco-Roman mindset tend not to be cruel to Jews, animals or anything else. Do not fall victim to rationalisation. It is a mental shortcut to stave off actually thinking and concluding in a rational manner.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Our political leaders have no credibility. At least Romney the Mormon speaks out loud about the threat of "radical Islam," which is fine as a politically correct way of discussing the problem because we can then educate people on the fact that radical Islam is fundamental Islam; those who follow the texts.

  • Thomas Wells

    After the "Art work" : Piss Christ was displayed, there were no Christian rabid riots. Try putting on a performance art work called :Crap Mohamutt, on display by using a porta-potty with a picture of Mohamutt at the bottom of it and see what happens.

  • gman213

    19,733 deadly islamic terror attacks since 9/11 and I'm made to believe that a Christian or a Hindu is a threat to me? Sure…okay!

  • Rick Nevsimal

    America has become a country where Christians are a hated miinority no longer protected by the government. It is any wonder that God has withdrawn his blessings.