Virtual Koran Projection Can Make Any Part of France a “No Go Zone”

Here’s the great thing about the Koran, it’s like a magic spell, project it on a bridge and pedestrians can be attacked for trying to cross the bridge. And then the Muslim artist will walk away in a huff with his virtual Koran because the dirty feet of French women desecrated it, even though he had projected it on a place where people normally walk.

Mounir Fatmi said he was putting his work on hold until the exhibit could be shown properly — without the chance of people walking on the verses — at the “Printemps de Septembre” art festival in the southwestern city of Toulouse.

The exhibit was only meant to be shown at the weekend, with measures taken to ensure no one could set their feet on the ground as the verses from the Muslim holy book and other images were projected there.

But on Tuesday evening, with no preventative measures in place, the video was projected onto the busy bridge and quickly attracted the attention of locals who gathered to try and stop people walking over the verses.

Tensions rose when the demonstrators called in young people from the city’s housing projects to help them, and erected barriers to keep pedestrians away.

One young woman was slapped for putting her foot on a verse.

Police sent in a riot squad but the situation was peacefully resolved — and the demonstrators dispersed — after an imam appeared on the scene and called for calm.

So let’s sum up this wonderful tale.

1. Islamic art can turn a bridge into a No Go Zone

2. Muslims will assemble hit teams of thugs to protect this bridge No Go Zone

3. The No Go Zone can only be dismantled by order of an Imam

Please remember while reading this that the threat of Sharia law is a crazy story made up by right wing extremists and has absolutely no basis in reality. Now please stay off the bridge with the virtual Koran on it until an Imam gives you permission to cross.

  • Thomas Wells

    I've got bacon on me,and I'm not afraid to use it.

  • mister natural

    They think they are invulnerable because the greatest powers the world has ever seen cower before them instead of doing what they would do: detonate a nuclear device.
    On mecca

    • Rebas Thgil

      It would make my day if they would even just drop a boxcar load of piggypoo on the kaaba. We could call it our own pigrimage to mecca……

  • Marylou

    This is mind-boggling. Even for them.
    I wonder what would happen if Thomas Wells would film some of that bacon and project it on top of their image?

  • Uzoozy

    When Iraq was invaded because the Senior Bush's photo was stuck on the floor in the Inter continental hotel , then why not this disrespect to our Holy book. Why people cannot leave Islam alone, its a great religion , people are not educated enough to understand it.

    • AngryBruin

      You can't be serious.

    • Lillith


    • Red47

      I t doesn't take a lot of education to see a bunch of barbarians from the dark ages getting their feelings hurt adn killing people. I read the damned thing. It is a nonsensical horror. If a person doesn't want to be a Musselman, then they have to pay. be slaves or get killed. How much education does it require to understand that?

    • Andrew Whitehead

      You’re a liberal, right? Thought so.

    • Lillith

      Chloroform in print!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "leave Islam alone, its a great religion , people are not educated enough to understand it"

      The author of this or any similar statement proves he is not educated enough to understand Islam.

  • AngryBruin

    This is insane. Sharia Law coming to a country near you.

  • FPF

    The artist is insulting Koran by using the corrupted and evil western technology to display it. Jihad to the artist.
    On the other hand, if the Koran is so holy, anything it touches or anything touches it should be cleansed and become holy instantly. Only inferior things can be influenced and defeated by superior things. Period.

    • Red47

      Which is why the Islamists will never have their nasty dog of a Mohammed as the figure we all follow. The Caliphate will never happen. We cannot go back to that kind of savagery.

  • Red47

    My question is; How stupid are people to think that projecting words on something is art? How stupid is the public to accept this as art? As long as I am not paying for it, having to accept it as actual art or applauding it, call it what you want.

  • Rebas Thgil

    I still think it is a good idea that we project a load of pig poo onto mecca and declare it as art with the title "Free Man's Pigrimage to Mecca".

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Have you ever seen their temple and black rock? It's so blatantly Pagan, it just makes anyone cringe the moment you recognize what it is depicting. Muslims are of course clueless. Maybe this is the strongest evidence that Mohammed was just a gangster pulling the world's greatest scam…

      mecca black stone vagina

      • Rebas Thgil

        You can get a very good handle on just how pagan, and just how non-Abrahamic islam is if you read Salmon Rushdie's 'Satanic Verses'. Salmon goes off on some tangents that are hard to follow in places, but if you stick with it the core idea of the book is quite revealing. Another great book to read is Robert Spencer's 'The Truth About Mohammad'.

        I am certain that Mohammed was satan's little useful idiot who perpetrated one of the greatest hoaxes on mankind and in the process revealed himself and his newly concocted religion for what it is through its practices of bigotry, anti-semitism, murder, conspiracy for murder, greed driven conquest, rape, mysogeny, pedophilia, totalitarianism, and the list goes on and on.

  • Siti

    Why not smear lard all over the bridge, it will no doubt enhance the Koranic verses when projected on to shiny and glossy surfaces …. inshallah !