%77 of Palestinians Sexually Harassed by Israeli Women

Muslim Anti-Israel propaganda consists of compulsive liars making crazy things up and then publishing them as news. The least crazy lies from that list are picked up by the mainstream media. The “Mossad Sharks” ones are quietly buried because their very existence destroys the credibility of the Poor Palestinians (TM) and their claims to eternal victimization.

Case in point, this. Sure Muslim terrorists murder Israelis. But that’s only because Israeli women sexually harass Palestinians.

Palestinian labourers working in Israel are at a high risk of sexual harassment by Israeli women, according to a recent field study conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. The study found that 77 per cent of the Palestinian labourers in Israel had been subject to sexual harassment by Israeli women.

As Elder points out, there is no such study. But that’s okay. The complete non-existence of a fact that never slowed down the Palestinian spin machine.

“There are about 55,000 Palestinian labourers who enter Israel for work through illegal and unacceptable methods,” Shaher Saad, the President of the Union of the Palestinian Labourer Federations said. “The real focus needs to go to those illegal labourers who get sexually harassed.”

There’s a history of these fantasies in the Muslim world. This is another one from a Poor Palestinian (TM) in Israel.

Beatings and sexual humiliation are among the torments suffered by Palestinian detainees at an Israeli prison located near the West Bank city of Ramallah, new testimony from prisoners indicates.

Sulieman said that during one interrogation session, Israeli soldiers brought an “Iraqi girl” called “Nora” into the room. “Nora” danced “seductively” in front of Suleiman, moving close to him before moving away, he said.

Muslim terrorist detainees in Gitmo insisted on making up fantasies of being sexually harassed by female military personnel and interrogators were even more ridiculous. But some of those fantasies were still treated as legitimate by the New York Times.

The classic example is Mohammed al-Qahtani, the so-called 20th Hijacker, whose claims were so insane that his liberal defenders had to heavily censor them and then claim that “torture” had driven him mad. But according to the log, this did actually happen.

“The detainee was forced to watch puppet shows depicting sexual acts between him and Osama bin Laden at his mock birthday party.”

Isn’t it great that with Obama in power, nothing this horrible can ever happen to a Muslim terrorist.

  • G. Williams

    Actually, the 77% figure is correct, but lacks sufficient explanation. They meant to say that 77% of Peace Now activists sexually harass Fakestinian workers.

  • PaulRevereNow

    This is such a load of jack, it doesn't even rise to comedy level. In most places in Israel, nearly all the time, one cannot say even one word("Hello") to any woman whom one doesn't know. The idea that Israeli women harass Palestinian men is totally absurd.

  • Gabriel

    Because they're sooooo good lookin'.

  • Kufar Dawg

    And when muslime men rape women, it's always the womens' fault as well — especially if she doesn't have at least two witnesses to the rape.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Or Four

    • Donna

      Huh. Should'nt be hard to find witnesses given how much they love gangrape. Filthy perverts,

  • oldtimer

    Look at what those perverts make their women wear and how they treat them. What exactly do the mean by sexual harassment, anyway? Living, breathing, walking ????

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    I have a very important followup: http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/2012/10/arab-wor… (Elder)

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm surprised that imbeciles like Schlomotion and Nakba1948 aren't here with their vile hatred of Jews. Those creeps never pass up a chance to bash Jews and attack those who stand up for civilized values.