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Washington Post Ombudsman Calls Rocket Attacks on Israel a “Bee Sting”

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On November 27, 2012 @ 4:12 pm In The Point | 21 Comments


Apparently 6 dead, 284 injured and hundreds of thousands terrorized is, according to Washington Post Ombudsman [2], Patrick Pexton are just “bee stings on the Israeli bear’s behind.”

Isn’t that cute.

“I think we can all agree that the Gaza rocket fire is reprehensible and is aimed at terrorizing Israeli civilians. It’s disruptive and traumatic. But let’s be clear: The overwhelming majority of rockets fired from Gaza are like bee stings on the Israeli bear’s behind,” Pexton said. “These rockets are unguided and erratic, and they carry very small explosive payloads; they generally fall in open areas, causing little damage and fewer injuries.”

This defense of Hamas attacks comes up a lot. And it’s as dishonest as it is stupid.

The percentage of unsuccessful hits does not matter. Only the amount of successful hits does. Or to put it another way, suppose an attacker with an M4 on fully automatic opens fire and sprays the room. His erratic shooting spree leads to a lot of wasted ammunition causing far less damage and fewer injuries than if he had known what he was doing. Unfortunately six people are still dead as a result of that small percentage of bullets that did not end up in the ceiling, the walls or the floor.

And those are the only ones that really matter.

When a shooter opens fire in a mall, no media outlet reports that his killing spree was not a big deal because most of the rounds never hit anyone. The focus is on the hits that happen. Not the hits that doesn’t. The amount of total shots fired is completely irrelevant, except from a statistical point of view.

“You can safely bet the ranch on it: When a Washington Post writer dismisses thousands of rockets as not much more than “bee stings” on a “bear’s behind,” the country that is targeted with these rockets is Israel. The callous dismissal of the roughly 12 000 rockets and mortars that have been raining down on Israel’s south and its 1 million residents in the past 12 years – yes, on average a thousand attacks a year, ” Petra Marquadt-Bigman writes at the Algeimeiner.

Counting the amount of Hamas rockets that don’t hit their target is a pathetic attempt for excusing Hamas and for denouncing Israel.

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