Welfare State Watch: 40% of Babies Born to Unmarried Women

Unmarried women isn’t the accurate term. The precise term is Brides of the Government, all the Julias who had their one night stand with Barry and who are getting child support from the government. Because in the absence of the family, the welfare state is the new normal.

The birth rate in the United States hit an all-time low in 2011, according to a report released this month by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The 2011 preliminary number of U.S. births was 3,953,593, 1 percent less (or 45,793 fewer) births than in 2010; the general fertility rate (63.3 per 1,000 women age 15-44 years) declined to the lowest rate ever reported for the United States,” said the report.

More than 40 percent of all babies born in the country last year, the report said, were born to unmarried women.

While the overall birth rate declined to a record low, the birth rates for women in the 35-39 and 40-44 age groups actually increased from 2010 to 2011.

Relevant numbers from the report. There is an across-the-board decline in birth rates for American women. Not surprising in a bad economy.

Birth rates for White women fell 3 percent. Birth rates for Hispanic and Black women fell 1 percent. Birth rates for Asian women increased. Keep in mind that Black and Hispanic birth rates are still double that of Whites.

In 2011, 2.1 million white babies were born and 1.5 million non-white babies. 29 percent of White births were to unmarried women. Only 17 percent of Asian births were to unmarried women. 72.3 percent of Black births were to unmarried women. 53.3 percent of Hispanic births were to unmarried women. 66 percent of American Indian births were to unmarried women.

In most cases, the proud papa was Uncle Sam, better known as the taxpayer, better known as You. Because someone has to pay for bringing up the Democratic voters of tomorrow.

Birth rates for teenagers and women in their 20s have fallen dramatically. Birth rates for women in their 30s and 40s are up.

The birth rates for women in their twenties declined as well, to a historic low for women aged 20-24 (85.3 births per 1,000) The number of births to teenagers 15-19 dropped 10 percent from 2010 to 2011, to 329,797, the fewest since 1946.

These types of numbers point to a Europanization of America, which unlike Europe, at least had healthy birth rates.

The TFR for the United States in 2011 was below replacement, the level (2,100 births per 1,000 women) at which a given generation can exactly replace itself.  The rate had been above replacement in 2006 and 2007, but has dropped below since, and was also below replacement from 1972 through 2005

That’s where immigration kicks in and begins “replacing” the population until the natives go the way of the Cherokee and the Mohicans.

  • http://whatdirectdemocracymightbe.wordpress.com/ Daryl Davis

    Thank you, Mr. Greenfield, for not lamenting the falling birth rate as a looming crisis for all the Baby Boomers soon to be drawing SS and Medicare. At these falling birth rates, the entitlements cannot be sustained, no matter the Democrats stranglehold upon the electorate.

    It only remains to be seen how quickly the current system collapses financially. For those interested in an alternative system, one more grounded in individuality and morality:

  • Mary Sue

    Haha the look on Obama's face can be captioned several ways:

    "Did someone get punished with you?"

    Tom Leykis called these "the future Carjackers of America".

    • amused

      Looks like you got some racism up there in Canada where you "allege " yourself to be living . wink , wink .

  • taxed

    Between paying for the babies of the breeding couples and the anchor babies the taxpayers are really getting screwed.

  • A 22 Year Old Man

    Where are the men? Babies don't arrive via stork. There's an epidemic of fatherlessness in America, which is really an epidemic shortage of real men with character and responsibility. Why? Partly because the Sexual Revolution has, by attacking men who espouse chivalry as sexists, showed two generations of boys that they not only don't have to accept responsibility for themselves or respect women, but they'll even be punished if they do. The result: widespread pornography on the one hand, and on the other, selfish chauvinists who think women are there for their pleasure, and act accordingly. In a way, the Feminists shot themselves in the foot. But if the men had stood up for women while they were trying to destroy their own futures, we wouldn't be in this mess. Stand up, men, Like it or not, we bear responsibility for our nation. If you are grown, use your experience and wisdom to model manhood for the young men in your community. Mentor the youth. Be a Boy Scout leader or coach your school sports teams. Let's not sit on our hands and let the next generation repeat our mistakes.

    • highcottonquinn

      American men aren't men but boys. This nation has been infantilized.

      • A 22 Year Old Man

        I agree with that. Chances are you might be Christian, so I think you'll like this. It's a preacher guy but this clip is all about analyzing the epidemic of adolescence (and it's still funny) and it's really insightful as to why we have these problems nationally, from a perspective at the individual level.

      • A 22 Year Old Man

        I agree with that. Chances are you might be Christian, so I think you'll like this. It's a preacher guy but this clip is all about analyzing the epidemic of adolescence (and it's still funny) and it's really insightful as to why we have these problems nationally, from a perspective at the individual level.

        • A 22 Year Old Man

          Sorry for the double post? My accident…

          • Mary Sue

            eh, it happens.

    • elle

      Ah, no, There is an epidemic of WOMEN NOT USING BIRTH CONTROL… particularly black and latina women. Oh, you can bet most of these single mothers are YOUNG single mothers too….

      Don't just blame the men.

      The older women having babies are more likely to be married and stay married.

      • highcottonquinn

        Oh, I do blame the women, too. Feminism was meant to sow division, create government dependency, emasculate and homosexualize men and help destroy Western Civilization or any civilization, in general.

        • Mary Sue

          particularly the women that feel ENTITLED to not just children, but fatherless children. Tom Leykis calls such women "Raising the future Carjackers of America"

      • A 22 Year Old Man

        The women are responsible, too, elle, I agree; I'm not promoting the idea that women should get away with murder [[hmm..literally]] because of some strange notion of compassion. But I will say this–if the boys and adult adolescents of America were not so eager to go along with the foolishness of the Julias, the Lena Dunhams, the Jane Roes and Sandra Flukes, then they wouldn't get away with it. It's hard to have a sexual revolution with just women. But with an equal amount of predatory males to take advantage of the — quite literally — dumb little girls out there, there you have the explanation. :-/

  • highcottonquinn

    Pop culture was designed to dumb down, pervert and infantilize the masses.

  • erica

    Welfare pays recipients to reproduce as single parents. It makes fathers irrelevant .
    Men are now living off welfare incomes their multiple baby mommas collect. This places the burden on women to raise children alone, a proven negative for children .

    Blacks have been doing this for 3 generations.Hispanics adopted it to get their "fair share."
    White women have no excuse for their selfish,ignorant parenting.They created this real war on women .

    Households with multiple child fathers headed by single mothers is around 50%

    • Mary Sue

      One thing I could never figure out is why the NDP would blame the government for Child Poverty. I was like 'HOW is it the fault of ANY Government that a) women get divorced or b) women get knocked up and choose to keep it?'

  • amused

    Anyone can play staistics games , but I wonder , what is the proportion of abortions amongst those demographics ? Government money cannot fund abortions according to the Hyde Act .Therefore Since white women have the lowest proportion of unwed mothers percentage wise , the base that its figured on is twice the number in which Blacks arre figured on .
    Lets use round numbers since the purpose here is to confuse and have the finger pointed at blacks . 30% of 2.1 million is roughly 630,000 -WHITE . 72% of 1.2 million is roughly 730,000 -BLACK. 53% is 575,000 Hispanic 17% is roughly 180,000 Asian . Of these how many were aborted , thus not included in the figures ? Which group would have the easdiest accessibility to abortion ? Generally those who could afford to , and that would be the white demographic . Although many posts are obviously racist like mary Sue , I would be polite and call Daniels article ….biased .

  • amused

    LOL….you can wrap dog dung in aluminum foil , wax paper ,saran wrap , or a paper bag …..it's still gonna be dog dung .

  • Brian

    Marriage? You mean people still do it? I had myself spayed after my 1st advanced degree. I'm loving the sexual revolution however. I love single mothers, too. They're the humor component of my life. I also avoid them like a disease. Not that I'm afraid of diseases or anything. They do make me laugh though.

  • Lee

    KILL THE PROTESTANT WHITEY!!!! "But most importantly, Obama — the first president of non-European descent — has destroyed the Anglo-Saxon, Protestant assumptions on which American government has been based since 1776. This, more than anything, is why his opponents hate and fear him, and why Mitt Romney won a near-record percentage of the white vote. Obama embodies the multi-cultural America that will make whites a minority by 2050. The America of the cowboy, of the frontier, of the pioneer — that America is history. Obama’s coalition — black, Latino, Asian, Native American, union, liberal — is made up of cultures defined more by communal cooperation than rugged individualism. Obama’s America will be a more socialistic country than we’ve known — although, ironically, that will make us resemble modern-day England more than we would have if the Anglo-Saxon Romney had won."

    Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Obama-I