Were “Sam Bacile” and “The Innocence of Muslims” Part of a Salafi Plot All Along?

The Salafi contribution to the cartoon riots

The current working theory in most media circles is that Sam Bacile, who claimed to be an Israeli Jew, was really a front for Coptic Christians. The truth may however be that Sam Bacile was a Salafist who used Jews and Copts as a front for a Salafist agenda.

There is some evidence that suggests this may be the most logical conclusion. Salafist connections have covered this entire project from beginning to end.

Sam Bacile, didn’t do much with his YouTube account, besides uploading two clips from the “Innocence of Muslims” film, but he also commented in Arabic on an Egyptian video discussing his movie, and last month he had favorited a video from the Egyptian Salafist Al Nour Party featuring Al Nour Party spokesman Nader Bakkar attacking Ibrahim Issa and defending the Salafis.

A video defending Salafism is an odd choice for someone who claims to think Islam is a cancer to add to his favorites.

The Salafi connections don’t end there. The movie was picked up and denounced by Al-Nas, a popular Egyptian Salafi satellite channel. The wave of protests was then organized and reportedly carried out by Salafis.

It looks a great deal like Salafis set the movie in motion, then began promoting a movie that no one had ever heard of before on their own channel and then used it set off riots and carry out an attack on US embassies.

The only sticking point here is would devout Muslims really defame Mohammed in order to stage violent attacks that would benefit their political movements?

The answer is unquestionably yes. Most people still remember that the blasphemy case against an 11-year-old Pakistani Christian girl was the result of a fraud carried out by a Muslim cleric. But there is a more definitive example.

During the Danish Cartoon controversy it was discovered that some of the cartoons were not from the published batch at all. Some had been manufactured by the Imams who had calculatedly stirred up the outrage.

One of three especially inflammatory but undocumented Muhammad images distributed by a Danish imam as an example of an “anti-Muslim environment” in the European country turns out to be a poorly reproduced copy of an Associated Press photo taken at a French pig-squealing contest.

Since last week, Muslims throughout the world have engaged in protests and deadly riots in response to 12 cartoons caricaturing Islam’s prophet Muhammad published in September by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and three much more provocative images that Muslim leaders have been unable to document.

One of those images of mysterious origin, which never were published, is from the AP photo. Another depicts Muhammad as a pedophile demon and a third has a praying Muslim being raped by a dog.

Abu Laban, leader of the Islamic Society of Denmark, took the images on a tour of the Middle East in December to rally support for his protest against the newspaper and Danish government. Tour spokesman Akhmad Akkari explained the three drawings had been added to “give an insight in how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark is towards Muslims.”

Akkari claimed he didn’t know the origin of the three images, saying they had been sent anonymously to Danish Muslims. But he rejected a request by the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet to speak with the people who supposedly received them.

Now let’s see if we can connect the dots on the origin of the whole thing.

A profile of Abu Laban Friday night on Danish television documented his close ties to the Egyptian terrorist group Gamaa Islamiya.

Gamaa Islamiya is Salafist. Its Building and Development Party is part of the Islamic Alliance led by the Al Nour Party.

Abu Laban is a Salafi and if the Salafis were willing to stir up the cartoon riots by faking pictures of Mohammed as a pig, pedophile and engaging in bestiality, they would have little problems with something like “The Innocence of Muslims.”

The safest conclusion about history is that it repeats itself. The cartoon riots were touched off by pictures of Mohammed faked by Salafis. It is highly probable that the current wave of Salafi violence was touched off by a movie created by a Salafist claiming to be an Israeli Jew who had raised 5 million dollars from “100 Jews” with Coptic Christians and actors who were both unaware of how they were being exploited by a radical Islamist movement.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I wouldn't be surprised if that were true.

  • jeanjean4

    Your analysis seems to be the only reasonable explanation . I watched two minutes of the movie and thought it was extremely silly and absolute unwatchable. Would anybody,who wants to inform about, or criticieze Islam produce sutch a desaster. German media first reported the Israel/American story, then the copt story and today they declared the author selfidentified as a "militant christian", whatever this could be. Some Breivik type of guy. We are told, the movie "summarizes the stereotypes and lies Islamhaters are constantly spreading around. Hmm.

    The ugly thing is, even if at the end of the day it emerges that salafists are behind all this, there will have been mayhem and fat political gain for the OIC and resolution 16/18. All of the media are drumming the same beat.

    I want to thank you for your allways amazing educational articles and to apologize for my deficient english writing scills.

    • http://www.facebook.com/oliver.grant.311 Oliver Grant

      This also precisely explains Breivik who went out of his way to be associated with counter jihad blogs, but uses tactics indistinguishable from Al Queda, and Islamists use him as a fake bogeyman. Yet nobody theorized that Breivik was a false flag operation.

  • Hannibal

    This makes perfect sense. The film is so badly produced( I couldn't watch it for longer than eight minutes) it has to be from islam.

  • Monkey

    Wag the dog..islamist style!

    • Questions

      I was thinking of the same thing — Barry Levinson's 1997 movie black comedy about the production of a fake "movie" designed to boost the president's re-election chances. Dustin Hoffman's character was a dead ringer for real-life producer Robert Evans.

      This had to be a hoax. The characters in that trailer didn't even look Middle Eastern. And who exactly are these "100 Jews" who funded the movie? I can't think of one Jew crazy enough to be involved with such a project. Yet a lot of people in the media, including "conservative" media like the Wall Street Journal, were taken in by the hoax.

      • Horace

        The wall street journal is not conservative, just prints a few semi conservative editorials once in a while. It is just as left wing as the Wash Post or NYTimes on the news pages. Otherwise you are absolutely right and very informative.

  • horace

    Bang, you hit the nail on the head. The pathetically badly acted, over the top, off the cliff trailer is an excuse to kill more Copts in Egypt, and more Assyrian Christians in Iraq, and Syria and on and on. It has brought the morons promoting ending freedom of speech criticizing the murder and torture cult that is Islam out of the woodwork though for all to see and be annoyed with. These Islamist quacks are not too bright and may burn themselves with this one. If it can be followed up and proven it is from a brotherhood or salafi source.

  • Mark Mallarde

    Nothing is worth this, but it is remarkable that this film has received nothing short of glowing reviews. I wonder if talk about curtailing First Amendment rights will dissipate after this film reaches theatrical release, because it is legitimate art: http://www.lightlybraisedturnip.com/review-innoce

    • https://www.facebook.com/pyrate.rob Robert Chastain

      Your link is a spoof. Not real at all.


        Better scan your machine for viri – PRONTO.

    • Hans

      "Like early-Scorcese, the violence is gritty and tense, but never forced or gratuitous." ROFL thanks for the above link!
      http://www.lightlybraisedturnip.com/obama-stops-a… "White House Announces Executive Order To Protect Muslim Feelings – But Offends In Process" ROFLMAO! Thanks again, greetz from Hannover, btw has anybody seen our flag in Khartoum? It's missing and some joker put up a religion-of-peace-flag instead…

  • https://www.facebook.com/pyrate.rob Robert Chastain

    I'm not sure that this is a complicated as you are saying. It would make more sense that this is a Rovesque op than some international Salafis conspiracy.


      Most probably a DNC scam. BO's response will make him look "presidential". BO is just waiting for the next act script to be entered into his teleprompter.

  • Anamah

    The film seems similar to the Palestinian/Egyptian soaps to promote hate against Israel. I found remarkable the the flatness in the dialog, acting and lack of or plastic values nor even photography quality. Too flat, too rudimentary, too crude, it recall me the antisemitic cinematographic Arab industry, focusing always as detrimental of peace, falsely accusing the Jews of horrific crimes and causing even the ten plagues…The author seems to be Islamic.

  • Nathan While

    Excellent article. Here are my additions. First, there was already a whole YouTube Campaign prepared pre- September 11 launch date for the "Sam Bacile Israeli" lie. Go to YouTube and search for videos with Sam Bacile in their title. Many of the videos you will see are simply parts of the "Innocence of Muslims" trailer with the description below about Sam Bacile the "Israeli American with 100 Jewish donors" lie. But you will see other rabble-rousing videos. You will see for example a poor quality "(Not-)Oprah Winfrey" cut where a Jewish woman on the talk show shares how her family and many Jewish families sacrifice their babies and eat them. A separate video has a (supposedly) Israeli woman speaking in Hebrew, very brazen and in-your-face, with Israel's flag behind her, and while I have no idea of what she is saying in Hebrew, the English subtitles write a rant against President Obama based purely on racism. It draws from the U.S. cultural lexicon, for example she calls Obama "Kunta Kinte" (a slave in the TV series Roots) and insults him as being like a gorilla from Africa. The person or people who dubbed over the film and posted it, and who are making these others, are rabble rousers who primarily are anti-Israel. Outside of that, perhaps anti-Coptic, anti-Evangelical (an evangelical organization was used as a front to pull the movie permit), anti-Christian.

    Two other things to be said. First, the fire since 9-11 campaign launch is spreading swiftly. Are there jihadist cells in these countries that are rising up against the U.S. and the West, that were ready for the signal to come through the YouTube?

    Second, why is the media doing such a poor job of exploring about who this guy is behind the film?
    His name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, or Abenob Nakoula Bassely, a mastermind in a bad way, a felon for financial fraud. Clearly he is anti-Israel. And the Steve Klein guy that helped him, he may be a misguided American patriot who is anti-Israel and who believes that Jews have a conspiracy plot to take over the world.

  • Jan

    Yea, but how did Hillary and Obama find out about the video in the first place? And if the video was monitized by YouTube, who is the payee? Follow the money.

  • http://www.thetryworks.com/scrapbook/blog/?p=41 http://www.thetryworks.com/scrapbook/blog/?p=41

    I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s posts every day along with a mug of coffee.