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What Left-Wing Jewish Supporters of Muslim Supremacism Refuse to Hear

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 26, 2012 @ 11:26 am In The Point | 18 Comments


A common misconception popularized by appeasers and bunk historians is that Jews were treated well in the Muslim world until Zionism came up and ruined everything.

Let’s step back now some two-hundred years ago to Algeria in the year 1818. [2] Theodor Herzl would be born 42 years later. Israel has been a dead land for over a thousand years. There were no social or political grievances.

Jews had received equal rights in France, which would later colonize Algeria, 27 years ago, in 1791. And Algerian Jews received equal rights only under French rule.

The unhappy sons of Israel, so badly treated in other countries, can expect little indulgence from the barbarians ; consequently there is no species of outrage or vexation to which they are not exposed.

They cannot ride on horseback, but are obliged to go on mules and asses ; the first being too noble an animal for them. When passing a mosque, they are obliged to go bare-footed.

They dare not approach a well or fountain, if there be a Moor drinking there ; or sit down opposite a Mahometan. Their clothing Is obliged to be black ; which colour is held in contempt by the Moors.

The indolent Moor, with a pipe in his mouth and his legs crossed, calls any Jew who is passing, and makes him perform the offices of a servant.

Frequently beaten by their persecutors, if they lift a hand in their own defence, agreeable to the lex talionis of the Moors, it is taken off.

The Turks insist on borrowing money even by force ; and contrary to the European maxim, it is not he who forgets to pay, that is incarcerated, but the man who refuses to lend!

90 percent of the Islamic anger at Israel is the racial supremacism of people who believe that they have the right to rule over others because of some innate superiority.

Leftist Jews who would never consider being white supremacist, instead enlist in supporting Arab Supremacism and Islamic Supremacism and the longing of both to return to this state of affairs. The Jewish pro-Muslim camp is the equivalent of blacks for the restoration of the Confederacy.

The difference between white supremacists and Islamic supremacists is that while there is no chance of restoring slavery in America, in the Muslim world slavery still exists and Muslims still dream of returning to the way things were in 1818.

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