What the War on Terror Will Look Like in 2030

In time for Christmas, the National Intelligence Council is predicting that Islamic terrorism will come to an end by 2030. And that seems reasonable. What room will there be for headchopping barbarians in the enlightened world of tomorrow where food comes in pill form, flying cars take you around the country in a minute and everyone follows international law? By 2034, the last murder will have taken place and by 2042, a scientific cure will be found for crime. By 2051, even bad thoughts will have been eliminated.

In the real world, by 2030, there will be countless emirates, many no more than small terrorist groups, but some of which control sizable territories. Mali shows us how a dedicated Islamist militia backed by oil money can create its own Afghanistan. And once it has its emirate, then like any good bunch of robber barons, the Islamist militia will take a cut of the drug trade, kidnap foreigners for ransom and shake down the international community for foreign aid.

By 2030 there will be a hundred miniature Afghanistans across Africa and the Middle East, with peacekeeping forces composed of a combination of local militaries and NATO troops trying to push them out. There will be drones over the skies of a hundred deserts fighting Toyota pickup trucks with bands of hooded men firing machine guns. There will be wire transfers from a dozen Islamic finance institutions wending their way from the great oil economies of the Persian Gulf, and American soldiers, most of whom will have more in common with the special forces operator than the infantryman, who have never seen a conventional war fought in their lifetime, heading in on another rescue mission in the territory of a Terror Emirate.

By 2030, Europe will have an even bigger gap between the rich and the poor. Terrorism will be fought with surveillance cameras, DNA banks, numberless informants, some of whom may be double agents, constant technological innovations, many of them imported from the otherwise verboten Jewish State, and federalized police forces that are hard to distinguish from a police state. The new police state will be able to access the entire contents of any computer or mobile device at a click. Even speech that is still permitted today will lead to prison sentences at worst or at best, mandatory reeducation at special centers organized to combat extremism.

The bombs will still keep going off, but they will be a nuisance. Europeans will learn to adapt to the occasional suicide bombing the way that Israelis have. A bomb will go off, the survivors will be carted away to be treated by nationalized medical staff from the same religion as the bombers, who will occasionally help the bombers finish the job, the broken glass will be swept away and the television channels and newspapers will prominently feature the half-hearted condemnation of a local cleric.

The No-Go Zones will turn into emirates. The authorities will make deals with the local gangs, who will act as Islamist militias. There will be lashes and honor killings in the formal setting of Islamic law and no one will pay attention. Urban and suburban enclaves will become indistinguishable from Gaza. By 2030 the first crude homemade rocket, made with plans offered on the Internet, may rise into the Parisian sky aimed at the Eiffel Tower.

By 2030 there will be more Muslims in the United States than there are now in France. There will be at least one congressman who who openly announces that his program is to implement full Islamic law. There will be at least one Muslim cabinet member in every single administration, regardless of party. The Muslim liaison may even be promoted to full Czar in charge of Muslim relations.

Like Europe, the United States will operate a paranoid surveillance state that its critics decry, even while both the state and its critics support the Muslim immigration that makes such a surveillance state mandatory. And to remind everyone of that there will be occasional terrorist attacks, some thwarted, some not, including possibly one big one, when an Islamist terrorist group finally gets its hands on chemical or nuclear weapons from Egypt, Pakistan, Syria or the country formerly known as Saudi Arabia.

The America of 2030 will operate on the contradictory paradigms of Muslim affirmative action and Muslim wars. It will spend nearly as much trying to buy off Muslims as it will spend on trying to kill their terrorists. Half its intellectual capital will be sunk into praising Islam while the other half will be spent trying to find more elegant ways to kill Muslim terrorists. Homo Americanus circa 2030 will be a veteran of two dozen wars in the Muslim world and two-hundred Muslim affirmative action programs. By 2030 the best way to get a job in the lagging American economy will be to be a Muslim.

The Russia of 2030 will be a Eurasian Empire that will incorporate Islam on equal terms with the Russian Orthodox Church. Muslims will be encouraged to think of Eurasia as their Caliphate and it will enforce Islamic law with its own religious police. The Eurasian Union will be a decaying lawless territory run by warlords who pay tribute to the head warlord in Moscow. Some of those warlords will be Christian and some Muslim. In the cities they will look like the mafia and in the rural territories they will look like feudal lords.

The Western leaders of 2012, like their ancient Roman counterparts, have come to admire the virtues of the savage more than the virtues of their own civilization. By 2030 it will be clearer than ever whether the outcome of their halfhearted campaigns to civilize the savages with doses of democracy and civic institutions will have led to civilized savages or the savaging of civilizations.

Is this world of 2030 inevitable? Not at all, but considering current trends and policies, it is a far more likely outcome than the end of Islamic terrorism.

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono put up billboards with the message, “War is Over! If you want it” to protest against the Vietnam War. That’s the magical thinking policy that Washington, DC runs on now and the National Intelligence Council, under the Director of National Intelligence, who deleted any mention of Al Qaeda from the Benghazi talking points, reflect that magical thinking.

Will Islamic Terrorism end by 2030? It can if we want it to. There are two sure ways to end a war; either by winning it or by losing it. The world’s most famous cokehead and mental patient duo meant the latter when they offered their Viet Cong Christmas greeting, but winning wars is still an option. It just isn’t the option that we’ve chosen. The hearts and minds way of war will take us to the 2030 that you have just read about.

Islamic terrorism can be over by September 12, 2030 if we decide to fight it the way that most of us thought we would on September 12, 2001. We can give our children and grandchildren the gift of a world without Islamic Terrorism. Or we can give them another 18 years of Islamic terror.

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  • Jakareh

    Islamic terrorism, and other forms of Islamic aggression, will never be gone until Islam itself is gone. How to accomplish that? Read up on how the Spaniards dealt with the Aztec religion. The conquistadors did not tell the Aztecs they "respected" their religion. On the contrary, they told the natives their faith was false and evil and they behaved toward it in the most disrespectful way imaginable: they cast down the idols, demolished the temples, burned the scriptures, and executed the priests.

    In less than one generation, the Aztec religion was history and this despite the fact that the old Mexicans had been as fanatical about their blood cult as Muslims are about theirs. They went so far as to kill thousands upon thousands of innocents in order to satisfy their blood-thirsty deity. (Come to think of it, that applies equally to Muslims.)

    • cassandra

      yes. Too bad we cannot do it. Ir would be good ridence.

      • Drakken

        That day is coming sooner than anyone thinks, never underestimate the European propensity for war, and this one will be on steroids with no quarter and no mercy.

        • dr.music

          Till ALL the imans are strung and ALL the co-rans caught and burnt forever and ever islam will never leave this lovely planet of ours. Easy evil is attractive to the most base of minds….its a genetic thing if we encourage it. The warping is in them now….the muslim gene has evolved….evil pure evil will always exist where islam slithers.

    • kafir

      If a nuke fell on Mecca and one fell on Medina, the Islamic caliphate would collapse within a decade. No sense having faith in a false god that can't even defend its own vagina-shaped idol.

      • KarshiKhanabad

        Nuke Makkah Now!!

      • dr.music

        What are you saying?!! Its that easy ? ?

    • ebonystone

      The Spanish were considerably helped by a smallpox epidemic that wiped out about 1/3 of the Aztecs (and the other Amerindian nations, as well), followed by epidemics of other Old World diseases that killed most of the rest.

      • dr.music

        So quiet lethal controlled quick bio is the answer….Simple.

    • PhilipReinstein

      Best idea I have heard all year. You informed me and convinced me in two paragraphs. Thanks.
      I hope one day we'll again see a world without airport security.

      • nood2

        Just do as the Israelis do re airport security–The pinko left would never allow it tho as it makes sense–99.5% of the no fly list is mooslem–Why waste resources?

    • curmudgeon

      the aztecs had a prophecy that a white god would arrive on a winged vessel. they believed that sufficiently to welcome the extremely hostile spaniards. the behavior is very similar to our own liberal traitors, who welcome, even support, our islamic invaders. if we cannot learn from history, we will have to learn the other way. the education will be fatal.

    • whirlwinder

      The Aztec's did not wipe out over 250,000,000 citizens of conquered territories and did not enslave millions of the conquered women and children. But I agree with you; as Spain did with the Aztec's, so should it be done to Islam.

      • whirlwinder

        The Aztec's did not wipe out over 250,000,000 citizens of conquered territories and dkd not enslave millions of the conquered women and children AS DID ISLAM.

    • dr.music

      muslims are everywhere and questions are raised for using firearms on vermin that looks human….there's just too much red-tape.

  • Sidney

    God willing, Christ will have set up His long awaited Kingdom by then. If not, Its hard to imagine we will see 2030! Pray Thy Kingdom Come, and mean it with all your heart & all your soul. We need to get back to the real God, the choice truly is ours, but He will not force us until that Kingdom comes. Then the Muslims will learn true Power in the form of Gods love, a Power they have no concept of.

    • dr.music

      Everybody believed in god before islam came calling……All these idiots have gentle god fearing polite and humble ancestry. Their ancestors could not repel the savagery….they had to become what they hated or else there was only death….then no family planning as a tenet means multiplication of goons to 2billion….it will happen to all …… the full planet will be mentally insane when every one of the humans turn muslim. islam proves there is no god. Understanding logic? Getting it ?

    • dr.music

      If there were Gods Indians would be kings ….The Asian Indians….the multi Hindus that stretched from Buddhist Afganistan to Further India now called Burma. There is no God….islam proves it …i think this is the ONLY contribution to science islam has ever done or can do.
      Afghanistan should be the first country cleared off of all the muslims and retrograde islam and handed back to the Buddhists. The Dalai Lama would be thrilled…..can you imagine the joy of the Buddhists on getting their own country back just when everybody thought it could never happen….Then Malaysia and so on and so forth. A Marshall Plan. Why not ?

  • Mike

    Sidney, that is true but until then there will be war and rumors of war, nation against nation and so on. It's like the 4 winds have been let out of the box…the wind of war, religion,economy,politics. I believe we will see his return soon. Keep the faith!

  • Tommo2

    When the Romans experienced dissent in an outlying part of their empire, they bltiz the area with soldiers, built a fortified keep and set about controlling the populace. Trouble makers and ring-leaders were executed until all dissent had stopped. The Romans then set about re-educating the inhabitants into what was expected of them to continue living in peace and prosperity which was the Roman way. All this could and was achievable in just 2-years.

    • dr.music

      Its the numbers….get real.

      • dr.music

        islam the cult is still being classed as a religion. That's the hiccup. Once we re-classify islam we're on. Till then its hahalllaaaahhh time.

  • Tim

    I'm pretty sure becoming like a Muslim and killing people over what they believe is not the answer.

    • Logan

      Ithink you're wrong, I think it will eventually come to that or submission. I choose the former.

    • Drakken

      The high so called moral ground is no longer tenable, it will come to that and more, think Balkans on steroids.

    • dr.music

      You state….."I'm pretty sure becoming like a Muslim and killing people over what they believe is not the answer".
      You do not still see far…if we don't stop this politicaland has to be pedophilic only human-looking ideology and its 2billion savages we will also have to become like them…..we as in our children. muslims have no option but to behave like this. Every one of these islamic nutcases has a polite gentle ancestry like us that was warped and twisted by islamic wardens called sheiks and imans and other nutty sounding titles. In case anyone forgets…. all the poison is in the recipe book the holey-co-ran. Read this regularly to recharge your hate for non-muslims and anything anything anything non-islamic. It is Written in Arabic. But at last we are translating and understanding…..but we are still to bang it on the UN table. Who will thump it in disgust? The islam file is fattening.
      We , our children's children will have to be muslims. In islam there is no such thing as a non-muslim…it is un-thinkable . The Goal is Planet domination….we have to have to have to understand this deadly claw. There is no way out of islam. We will have to be muslims…..but if islam was smashed we wouldn’t have to worry. Think a bit now….got any ideas that might save our kids ?

  • Ar'nun

    Nah, I think they predict the end of Islamic terrorism based off a flawed premise. They are expecting the whole world Caliphate to be completed by 2030. Europe is essentially on the verge of falling to Islam any day now. Canada is not far behind. The White House, Senate and Congress are infiltrated by the Brotherhood. Obama has been pushing pro Islam policies and soon the US will become part of the Caliphate.

    So the National Intelligence Council is predicting that Islamic terrorism will come to an end by 2030, because like most, they believe the end of non-Moslems is the end of Moslem violence. Of course anyone paying any attention to the last 1,000 or so years knows that Moslems are a violent people. And when they are done killing and converting the non Moslems, the different factions will then be fighting for supremacy.

    • Drakken

      As the economies continue to slide, nationalistic tendencies will rise, the Balkans was an opening act, the rest of the West is going to follow suit, you can take that to the bank.

  • kenek

    Until the last Koran is burned and the last Emir is hanged by the entrails of the last Imam there will be no peace in the world.

    • dr.music

      Ravi Shankar the Great.
      An original Indian Mr.Cool.
      Like someone said …. “His music went great with a couple o'tabs”.
      What people don't understand these days is that in the days past before islam slithered into Beautiful India , Beautiful India was the America of the planet. From Buddhist Afganistan to Further India …today known as Burma. India was the Greatest civilization on the planet.
      We humans as a planetary species would have been so much more ahead if islam had just not been invented in the mad heat in some mad desert by a mad man called Moremad.
      Men like the Great Ravi Shankar cannot evolve in the cess pool that is islam. It is not allowed!! Period.
      We should be glad that music is still alive and strumming and banging and laughing today because we are in the last days of our freedom loving days. Within a 25 years islam will 100 % takeover and then there will be no music too . islam forbids music.
      Men like the Great Ravi Shankar cannot evolve in the cess pool that is islam.
      RIP Ravi. You lived well. What will happen to us ? Time will tell but islam will not.
      islam breeds arabs while India breeds RaviShankars. Have a nice day.
      islam disinvents.
      Hippies show you flowers and
      muslims show you your blood. What do you want to see?

      Bob Marley the Great….
      Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
      And another
      Is finally
      And permanently
      And abandoned –
      Everywhere is war –
      Me say war.

      Today we know it is islam ….apartheid at it's worst and on since 1400 years.
      Skulking in the shadows…. the beast is walking into the spotlight now. Full of Rabies.
      Bob Marley is Great. A God of Music.
      Bob Marley saw it as it was.
      Bob Marley would be totally upset today at the way we are appeasing instead of canning islam left right and center.
      Bob Marley's lyrics on "War" are just fantastic and spot on as far as islam is concerned.
      Look around you..war in the east war in the west war up north war down south…..islam plays the racism card big time but it is the most racist and dirty way of life with no escape.
      Bob Marley is missed in the fight against islam.
      What to do?

  • liason

    I fear for my son who will bw an adult at this time. I agree with Kifir,,,nuke em…nuke em now!!

  • Phil

    That “son of Hamas” guy who defected to the USA from Gaza, has repeatedly said that Islam could collapse in 10 years if only the West stood up to it as a false and failed religion. The Islamists existential rage is partly because they are fighting realisations, deep down inside, that this is the case.

  • curmudgeon

    certainly western civilization has a near date with extinction if things continue as they are. there seems to be no hope that western fools will wake up and fight back until after muslim immigration and overbreeding have made civilized people powerless minorities in their own countries. there is hope, and our only reasonable hope is the violent jihadis, our only friends in the muslim world. if we are lucky, the violent jihadis will succeed in unleashing a nuclear attack so devastating that even liberals are able to see the folly of continuing to tolerate muslims in our midst. it would be so easy to get rid of our dear muslims now, before they attain majority status. our descendants, if we are permitted to have any, will curse us for condemning them to islamic slavery.

  • Ghostwriter

    I just want this to end,period.

  • Thomas Wells

    Or-there will be anti-terrorists actions against: "Christian extremists, Hindu rebels, Unitarian rioters,Buddist baby bashers,Toaist terrorizers," and so forth.

  • Drakken

    One problem with that scenerio Dan, you fail to mention what happens when us European/white Americans go completely nationalistic. Russia will not fall to the muslims because they like the Chinese are not afraid to use brutal force to stop them unlike we are, but those times are changing, with the economies in a free fall, you will see a rise of nationalism not seen since the 30's. I will guarentee you they will make the Serbs and Croats look like rank amatuers by comparrison. No body hears what happens to muslims when they get uppitidy in Eastern Europe because the folks there silently deal with them with expediency and precision. As you see nationalistic group leaders being arrested (ie EDL) the govts with inadvertantly drive them under ground and the more proactive and violent will take the lead and will make the ole IRA pale by comparrison. Civil strife and war are on the horizon, and it is coming.

    • dr.music

      Well said….. They are killing each other left right and center. …..They are totally overpopulated and heavily socially suppressed life forms that know no reason. All this islamic and co-ranic and mo-ronic muslim rage is making them fearless life forms that know nothing besides the the righteousness to kill . …..preferably humans but it seems when in their cages of countries the only option is each other.
      They see how the rest of the planet lives and feel the rage of jealousy because they are told all right is wrong. They openly seethe with jealousy at their idiotic and self caged existence. Muslims are the most confused and murderous life forms on the planet just like their head honcho of long time ago.

      Television is the culprit…Without TV these seething lifeforms would be totally docile but all this constant good times by humans is very very frustrating for constantly frustrated muslim lifeforms. The frustrations have set in since 1400 years…
      There is no escape for muslims till they introspect their misguided beliefs of an age that was terrible to live in and to surpass. As soon as muslim introspection starts taking place the top idiots of the cult …the vile clergy will be totally visible and jobless. But this will never happen….muslims are doomed to be muslims. There is no escape from islam.

      "The U.N. is making an arsonist head of the fire department. It defies both morality and common sense."
      Wishful Thinking………. Get with the program……..everybody has to be muslim………this is islam. Planet islam is the goal, The planet flag has to be green never mind if its dripping with our blood….ever wonder who will be the last humans that will convert to islam ? Those will be Our children's children's children………..but they will still be ours. islam is coming for us and ours. There is no escape from islam. There is absolutely no escape from islam…….

    • curmudgeon

      our deadliest enemy in the coming struggle will be, as it is now, our own government.

  • dr.music

    Relax! Exhale !
    They can only attack themselves or Noble Israel…they can’t touch us….they are actually cowards…They can only can each other…the Israel thingy will definitely aggravate and full scale scenes are going to take place on the planet …biblical floods are going to come from halllaahh via the Aswan dam…this final war that we might witness is going to be full on like the Ramayana or the Bible…. But till they decide to can Israel they will only can each other big time…it is a muslim’s hahalllah given right to can other muslims or humans like us ….hahalllah says canning anybody is fine and a birthright is islam…..islam is fantastic if you don’t want to evolve…..anyway…hate is rampant amongst the Tenters….air-conditioned or not . We have to let them do it to themselves….they are using modernity to get more primitive …we’re cool with that ….islam permits it so why should we interfere….we gave to just watch .
    We are the modern Romans watching the savage Lions of islam fight to their savage deaths in the global arena….we have google …we have tv….we have understanding that they are only doing savage things that are only expected from them….we only have to sometimes shake our heads in regular disbelief….the planet is punishing the arabs for misusing its precious OIL .
    The carbon footprint of islam is huge and solid red. It can be seen from space…..The planet is trying to shake off islam from its death grip and WE are not helping the planet shake off islam. Why are we not helping the planet shake off islam ? The planet has revealed the softer side of cancer removal thru the atom and science. Why are we not curing the planet of this current cancer.
    Muslims in the end were just humanoid life forms that didn’t like living and they were cool with death so they slowly canned themselves. Seeing all this The UN will actually finally ban islam planet wide.
    Iran hates Saudi Arabia…and so on and on in the monkey-land of islam. Outright death is prescribed in the co-ran for any one not holier than the next mozzy. They have to do it ….all imans and holy men and come to think of it every muslim has to be a Josef Mengele. Their main guy would put a monkey with a sword to shame. It’s all cool with them.
    History will teach that humans survived islam……will we see it ?
    We are the modern Romans watching the savage Lions of islam fight to their savage deaths in the global arena.
    Switch on channel Monkeyland…..little north korea might be in the bloody melee too……excuse me ….one bloody Mary here please. Thank you.

  • dr.music

    SO EVERYONE'S HEARD ABOUT THE GUY WHO FELL DOWN FROM A LANDING PLANE AND DIED AND THE COUNTRY HE FELL INTO ONLY HAD TO CLEAN UP A small crumpled MESS ?….. so it's possible….direct deportation thru bottom opening
    planes is a possibility. Return not poss. Anjem Choudhari and all of his ilk should be
    deported like this….silent under-radar flights over their favorite muslim
    country and in-flight opening airplane holds…..the allahhooooakkkhhhbbbaaarrr
    will stop before the last 200 feet. It will be silent for the sleeping muslims below
    and for us all over the globe. Who did it and all these questions will be left
    to those who find these drops that should start happening frequently. The first
    muslim holey man on the site will say it’s a miracle of Ha-Hallla and will
    recommend special high volume high octane and highly stupid so-called prayers
    for the dead meat and after that they’ll all casually and instinctively riot.
    WE’re cool with that.
    Silence is golden …our gold.

    Hippies show us
    flowers and muslims show us
    our blood.
    What do you want to see?
    Who do you want to meet?

    We've all heard of cute little fishys and sweet little froggys falling from the sky …now we will have a new phenomena "murderous mozzys falling from the sky" but strangely this will happen only in mozzy lands on mozzy heads…Strange are the ways of Mother Nature.

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Out of the blue of the Western skies will come flying bearded muzzies – SPLAT! … SPLAT!


  • Daniel

    Oh my! Another John Brunner-styled dystopia!

  • 11bravo

    We can win the war if we can get the moooslims to kill the"right" people. Barbara Walters, Matt Damon, Letterman,Susan Sarandon. Throw in Harry Reid and Michael Moore. That ought to get it done. It should be on video-then the right people will get fired up and DEMAND!! something be done to defeat this ideology.

  • curmudgeon

    you are dreaming. the above mentioned stalwarts will be the first to convert to the religion of pure evil. it is those with moral standards who will be killed, and their children enslaved, while our liberal "leaders" bow to allah, the merciful, and revere the prophet, peace be upon him.

  • wsk

    "Glassbowl" the entire Middle East. Problem solved.

  • wrfgther

    Are you fucking retarded or was this article a joke?

  • Boss

    America is more at risk with Christian terrorist and eco-terrorists than with Islamic terrorists. 1.6 billion Muslims did NOT wage war against the west; a radical extremist group did. This war will never end completely as it is a war against TERROR not ISLAM. As long as we roam this planet terrorism is a threat. Judaism, Islam and Christianity speak of both peace and war. But as long as religion exists so will extremists.

  • Ashish

    One cure for all…..ACCEPT BUDDHISM !!!