When Will Iran Have a Missile Capable of Reaching the United States?

The question is an interesting one considering that North Korea just showed that it can reach the West Coast. And Iran and North Korea have a technical cooperation agreement so that Iran gets its place on the technology pipeline.

North Korea now has 6,200 mile strike capability. And if Iran gets the equivalent capability, that would put the East Coast of the United States in its sights.

On the Shahab timeline, that New York City killer would be the Shahab 6. The Shahabs are based on North Korean and Chinese tech and improve incrementally. Estimates for that date vary from 2015 to 2020.

Iranian missile development has gone forward in Kermanshah, in Iran’s west, a good distance away from Tehran, and close to its border with Iraq. The distance between Kermanshah and New York City is just a little over 6,000 miles.

  • Rifleman

    The real question is when will the mad mullahs of Iran have a nuclear warhead they can smuggle across our porous Southern border.

    • Mary Sue

      I then imagine the events of True Lies playing out IRL…only not with Arnold and Tom Arnold…

      • Rifleman

        There's no need to launch a missile that can be backtracked to them, when they can sneak warheads across and claim the cia or mossad bought or stole some of their top shelf and were behind the whole thing. There are no vehicle or bomb parts to trace after a nuclear blast, they're vaporized in the plasma ball. Something else to consider is that they have long range Kilo subs, capable of putting a torpedo on the beach from 50 miles out, and unless we detect and sink the sub, there's no way to know who fired it. They aren't comforting thoughts.

  • LibertyMan

    This couldn't have happened without Bill Clinton giving our technology away. There is no man more deserving with the credit of the world's destruction then Clinton. That is his legacy. More hate. More Death. That is why this serial rapist is still that darling bubba of the Democrat Party.

    • Rifleman

      The cp would have lost control of China if it hadn't been for clinton.

  • JacksonPearson

    Islam imposes a threat to the whole world which is far worse than deforestation, nuclear destruction or AIDS. It is an insidious, devilish disease creeping into the veins of the world. Every individual must realize the destructive and evil nature of this political/religion, because it eats away at the very foundation of humanity which is an individual's ability to think individually and act accordingly. Islam is enslavement.

  • Thomas Wells

    Iran already has Inter-Continental Ballistic Freighters.

  • Temilola

    Why is it that you Americans never take ownership of your actions for the last 15years
    All you been doing is old the world to war ransom, I remember gone a the days that mare mentioning America
    People will be over the moon because is the love of every citizen of the world to associate themselves with Americans but not anymore because you dragged the American name through gutter by all your devilish leaders.Thank God for president Obama for using his sense of reasoning than bulling the world.eait rn respct you dont deman

    • ali

      Your squalid Iran and Iranian Americans Expect to be feared, and do your own grave and throw blood or bloody Israelis Hussein

  • I.R.G.C

    All Iranaian love american people and want peace.