While New Jersey Residents Suffer, Governor Christie Goes on Saturday Night Live

Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents are without power. Many have lost homes and everything else that they have. Some don’t have enough to eat and others are struggling to stay warm.

This is not the time for a responsible leader to go do his self-promoting shtick on Saturday Night Live. But Christie seems so tone deaf that he puts his self-promotion ahead of anything else.

Yes Giuliani went on Saturday Night Live a few weeks after September 11, but that wasn’t a series of gags, it was a serious tribute to those who died in the attacks. It had very little in common with Christie showing off the same routine that he does every time he’s in the vicinity of a video camera. And at a time when New Jersey residents still need help, why is their Governor spending time on a comedy show cracking jokes about what people have been going through?

We’ve got people from Louisiana and North Carolina coming in to help New Jersey, while Christie hops from one photo op to another. Sandy, like everything else, has turned out to be all about the monumental ego of a big man who wants to be an even bigger man.

In Rahway, where many residents were still without power yesterday afternoon, 400 survival kits handed out by the Red Cross in the City Hall parking lot proved to be too few.

“All of a sudden it was like a big rush,” Red Cross worker Lauren Franklin said. “They went extremely quickly.”

For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”

William Dickson, who works for the Union County city, said there has been little communication between authorities and residents about when PSE&G would restore electricity.

“It’s so cold at night I have to sleep with a blanket over my head and use my own breath to stay warm,” he said.

Maybe Christie could take a break from doing his own one-man non-stop comedy show to hand out some survival kits.

  • ChristieFan

    This is a hit piece, plain and simple. I 'm glad Christie went on and made light of the current situation. If you don't laugh, you'll cry. But It's okay for Obama to go on The View, Letterman, Leno, Jon Stewart etc numerous times, oh, that makes him cool? Christie does it to get attention for him and for the state, it's bad? As far as Christie praising Obama, if it gets the residents of NJ what they need in federal dollars, I am all for it. Christie did a spectacular job, so what if he takes 1hr to do SNL? Obama is leader of the free world, what is it okay for him to do the talk show circuit? You people are a bunch of hacks and the author of this hit piece should focus on something that actually matters.

  • Snad

    That Obama hookup is already starting to pay off.

  • jimmy

    Lighten up, people…… there is a world outside of the borders of New Jersey, as much as you personally don't think so

  • snowflake

    Obama campaigns and parties, interviews wih pimp with limp while FOUR Americans beg for their lives! Obama does late night ENTERTAINMENTwhile NY, NJ Reidents suffer. Obama goes on vacation and plays golf amost every two weeks, while Americans suffer with NO JOBS!

  • Dee

    Jersey should just be thanking their lucky stars Kathleen Blanco isn't their governor right now. She did such a bang up job during Katrina along with Chocolate City Nagan. Both 100% Liberals that Bush had to come in and save from themselves. If Sandy would have been a Katrina then the N.E. would know what being fubared is really all about. But really all you states that blindly vote for liberals all the time where is your damnation of those politicians and their lack of action? What happened to this was not time for politics? Hmmmmmm. Never let a serious crisis go to waste after all right libbys?

  • Guest

    Give the guy a break. He didn't cost us the election.

  • NJStrong

    Don't Worry about the facts…Click on the link titled "at a time when New Jersey residents still need help" it takes you to a story that was posted on 11.12.12 at 10:55 AM, is SATURDAY night LIVE now filed on MONDAY'S?? The link behind "got people from Louisiana and North Carolina " takes you to a story posted on 11.11.12 at 9:00 AM nearly a week before my Governor went on SNL. Sure if Gov. Christie went on SNL last we then this story would be warranted by when he went on SNL. But the truth is that when Gov. Christie went on SNL ALL power lost during Hurricane Sandy had been restored by the Friday before with the exceptions being the some of the Barrier Island where the homes have been taken off the there foundation or are gone (http://readynj.posterous.com/). In large part due to the LEADERSHIP displayed by my Governor with the help of the President of the United States and the hard work power company workers from all over the country power was restored FASTER then many other disasters (http://www.oregonlive.com/today/index.ssf/2012/11/time_taken_by_utilities_to_res.html).

  • Rollo

    The entire Royal Class of the Republic here in America are all tonedeaf.

  • BLock

    I don't think it's really Governor Christy. I think he may have been replaced by a "pod person" as he slept. He looks just the same, but something's definitely different.

  • Paleoconservative

    I thought Christie was a brain dead Dumbo Moochercrat. Shame on him, let's expel this giant turd from the GOP.

  • Joan's Webache

    I think we expect too much from our politicians. Theya re all compelely self-involved, thats a pre-requisite for the job. yes, I believe it is in bad taste to come across like a clown when your constituens are still in distress. I just don't see why there needs to be such an uproar. he is not the first to make a bad decision and he won't be the last. Just wait, someone will have anotehr affair or come out of the closet. We'll forget about Christie in no time.

  • http://twitter.com/barizzio @barizzio

    What a buffoon. He is the Republican version of Joe Biden.

  • Jack Kennedy

    MORE BREAD AND CIRCUS. The sheeple are realizing they've been flocked. I hope you' all are well stocked with can food and ammo, WWIII and the total social collapse is imminent.

  • Mushmouth Jones

    End the Federal government as we know it, return it to the limited powers of 1783. Return all power to local counties and states. But no, we will have to do it the hard way and live through a collapse of the government by the weight of it's debts.

  • lynda

    Christy probably made a commmitment long ago to be on the show….I seriously doubt he would do anything to diminish the needs of the people of New Jersey…….Where's Obimbo???? his first concern should be the people of the states affected by Sandy and he goes golfing….Don't event hink Christy isn't concerned about his state

  • frustrated guest

    Funny, I didn't read any critical commentary about Obama jumping on a plane to Vegas to campaign after 4 Americans were killed on 9/11/2012. The double standard is so disgusting with the left leaning liberal media.

    Chris Christie is the best Governor NJ has had in DECADES. He is a true leader which is greatly lacking in most politicians these days, (includign our own Pres.) The SNL skit was hilarious and shows he has even more charisma than I thought.

    And to the people that continue to rip on his weight? You are all hypocrites. I'm sure you're the same peace-loving Obama liberals who take cues from the MSM and are selectively offended at random social issues — but you still have the b@lls to make fun of someone's weight??!? Sad.

    What goes around comes around and I hope it comes back to y'all 10 times worse.

  • Bobbie Sue

    Why are you surprised at Christie’s SNL appearance? After all, he said Obama was an outstanding president. Should’ve known he had poor judgment.

  • Matt Drudge

    ahh, this is one of those get fat and watch Fox News because my brain doesn't work sites.

  • David Miller

    Apparently Saturday Night Live is much more important to Christy than saying the country from Barry Obama and the leaders of the democratic party ( George Soros included). This governor, whom I once took as a possible serious candidate for President of the US is now relegated to being a bad joke. I hope he finds happiness in television.

  • tim

    I love to see all the whiners, still whining about losing the election.

  • Jdenton

    I am a life long Republican and I can assure Governor Fat Boy that he will never get a dime from me when he runs in 2016 for President.

  • SGK

    Hit piece! Do something useful.

  • dam

    On the bright side, if they didn't have power, they didn't have to watch him.

  • otto

    It was OK as long as the Governor was providing Obama a positive platform for exposure just days before the election but now that is behind us it is time to muddy up the Governor to prepare for the election — Cory Booker will be running and the better job the press and bloggers do demonizing Christi the better it will be for the Dems. IMO most of these negative replies are lies.

  • Skiff Izlaan

    Does this means that you all are gonna call Gov Christie an Obama Voter???


    stick a fork in him-HE IS DONE~~

  • Kathy

    Screw you christy, you blew it. Run as a dem or let it go because you blew it big time. We won't forget.

  • Ooooooya

    I don't care. I'm just glad Romney isn't president. If Christie helped stop that, good for him!

    • Mary Sue

      You're going to wish he was in oh, about 4 years.

  • cheryl scheuerman

    Why did Obama get a free pass when he went to Vegas and other events when he let people be murdered in Benghazi so he could save face and still deny that we don't have Al Queda on the run. AND HE lied about it. Damn media.

  • David Martin

    I'm not saying it was a great move but I just hope that those who are blasting Christy were also condemning Obama for going on Leno, Letterman, The View, MTV, Jon Stewart and all around yucking it up during Benghazi, the UN general session and the rest of the world's turmoil at the time.

  • feh

    Criminy sakes….chill out people! What time is Saturday Night Live on?…ummm, 11:30 PM. Christie probably would have been in bed watching SNL and instead he was on it. I think that Christie has the capability to handle more than one thing at once and he deserves a little fun time and he has proven that he can poke fun at himself. Ya'll are just miffed that he actually was agreeable to working with Obama. Grow up!!!

  • JBar595

    With Hostess going out of business, Christie will be down to 180 in a month.

  • jean

    so he went on a comedy show to gain nationwide attention to the disaster in NJ? tThere are different venues for that and he could have got the message out to more serious viewers. He's a buffoon and worse–a caboose kisser . Or maybe just a caboose.

  • trueNJ

    Uhm, those quotes from Rahway are very old, for example, 13 days without power? how did they go 7 days immediately after the storm with power than lose it for 2 weeks? This article is misleading and the ignorance of people who read articles like this without a grain of salt are frustrating for people who know what they are talking about

  • http://twitter.com/pspinn2 @pspinn2

    I can see it now: 2016 Christy changes party to Democrat and hits the "Late Night" circuit!

    • http://twitter.com/pspinn2 @pspinn2

      Sorry, that's Christie!

  • mlr

    Looks like Obamism is rubbing off on christie…. PressLimeItis is what I think they call the disease…

  • 4Freedom2012nBeyond

    He's inspirational, don't hate. "a broken spirit" is not what we want in a leader. Read the Bible.