While New Jersey Residents Suffer, Governor Christie Goes on Saturday Night Live

Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents are without power. Many have lost homes and everything else that they have. Some don’t have enough to eat and others are struggling to stay warm.

This is not the time for a responsible leader to go do his self-promoting shtick on Saturday Night Live. But Christie seems so tone deaf that he puts his self-promotion ahead of anything else.

Yes Giuliani went on Saturday Night Live a few weeks after September 11, but that wasn’t a series of gags, it was a serious tribute to those who died in the attacks. It had very little in common with Christie showing off the same routine that he does every time he’s in the vicinity of a video camera. And at a time when New Jersey residents still need help, why is their Governor spending time on a comedy show cracking jokes about what people have been going through?

We’ve got people from Louisiana and North Carolina coming in to help New Jersey, while Christie hops from one photo op to another. Sandy, like everything else, has turned out to be all about the monumental ego of a big man who wants to be an even bigger man.

In Rahway, where many residents were still without power yesterday afternoon, 400 survival kits handed out by the Red Cross in the City Hall parking lot proved to be too few.

“All of a sudden it was like a big rush,” Red Cross worker Lauren Franklin said. “They went extremely quickly.”

For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”

William Dickson, who works for the Union County city, said there has been little communication between authorities and residents about when PSE&G would restore electricity.

“It’s so cold at night I have to sleep with a blanket over my head and use my own breath to stay warm,” he said.

Maybe Christie could take a break from doing his own one-man non-stop comedy show to hand out some survival kits.

  • Tina Marie

    So disgusted with him. This is he usa and our people are suffering like 3rd world countries. I'm ashamed and disgusted! There isnt anythng funny about this situation!!!

    • tymtrvlr

      Now wait a minute, you all in NY and NJ all kissed obama's butt and raced to the polls to make sure you gave the country 4 more years of the most worthless pathetic p.o.,s. to soil the oval office, and the reason was, because obama flew over, waved to you all and you all fainted thinking he held back the storm. Now, here I am thinking, wow obama flew over waved his arms and fixed everything and now all is back to normal. What did I miss?

      • BunnyDee

        If memory serves, G.W. Bush was getting roundly criticized for not reacting fast enough to hurricane Katrina. People acted as if the storm was his fault. Kenye West said, “George Bush hates black people,” positing that if the victims were white, they would not have suffered as long.

        Why aren’t you all blaming Obama, again?

        • teaparty01

          It could be that over 1,000 Americans died while DHS got their **** together, and this administration had rapid response teams and overwhelming support by most governorships that were affected. Thousands of lives were saved thanks to a competent government operating as it should with the necessary resources allocated. Not everything is about partisan politics you mental midgets.

          • Wheres my tini at

            Or, it could be that Sandy wasn't as strong when it came ashore as Katrina was, and most of New Jersey isn't below sea level. Yet you putzes will never entertain the slightest criticism of your holy messiah, nor the fawning, preening idiots who are honored to be allowed to lick his shoes. If this clown were actually doing his job, maybe his constituents wouldn't be shivering in the cold…But that's okay, isn't it, because he does good photo ops with the Great Leader?

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "Or, it could be that Sandy wasn't as strong when it came ashore as Katrina was"

            Oh my, you mean not all storms are equal to be compared as tests of presidents by body count?


          • John

            Are you as disgusted with our President? He watches American's die in Benghazi in real time, sends no help, leaves for a fund raiser then has his administration tell the American people it was all about a video. Why aren't you blaming the President for your situation, he's in charge of FEMA?

          • Kelly J

            Truth be told, this story is a diversion from the truth leaking out about the coup, cover up, and last several rigged elections. Know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Sarah Palin wasn't in this last race because too many people learned why she was planted in the first race. Americans have lost democracy, freedom of press, and free speech is being trampled now by government posted propaganda. Learn what the media is blacked out from reporting on. This last election, and all other Obama cover ups, are exposed at PalinsDirtyLittleSecret. Search it, see the proof, and judge for yourself.

      • Ken M

        29 September 2001. Were you this upset when Rudy Giuliani, the Mayor of New York City on the day of the worst attack on American soil appeared on the same comedy show.

        And please, don’t hand me that “he wasn’t promoting himself” nonsense. EVERYTHING Rudy does or will do is self-promotion. Your feigned umbrage is poorly masked ideological hypocrisy.

        • Curly Bill

          Feigned unbrage? Allow me to retort. Try real umbrage. First of all, you undoubtedly were part of the "Katrina is George Bush's Fault" crowd and yet your guy gets a pass here. And Rudy didn't go on to tell jokes, but t o reassure NY'ers and the rest of the country it was OK to move on (with a full complement of first responders asurrounding him). Clearly, the ideological (or perhaps it's idiotic) hypocrite is you.

      • Tony Provenzano

        It's over for that Obama huggin' fat f__k.

      • CPP

        Awesome response!!

    • Mark

      Agree. Christie is a total buffoon.

      • teaparty01

        So wait, we hate Christie now? Ok. Weren't we just begging him to join the primaries this election? It's so hard to keep up with the borderline schizophrenic Drudge crowd. Carry on.

        • Lincoln Robertson

          Uhhh, so you know the party affiliation of people posting. Right.

          • teaparty01

            I think it's obvious enough for a kindergartner to understand. OBAMA BAD. Anyone who praises OBAMA BAD TOO. Never mind being a conservative firebrand and standing up for what's right. Now that he has praised people doing their job right you all are ready to disown him.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            "OBAMA BAD"


            "Anyone who praises OBAMA BAD TOO."

            If you must bet in advance, that's a safe one.

            "Never mind being a conservative firebrand and standing up for what's right. "

            That's fine but you haven't made your case just because you like the sound of being called a maverick or some bs like that.

            "Now that he has praised people doing their job right you all are ready to disown him."

            Yes, precisely why conservatives hate Christie. Conservatives hate praise. You've hit the nail right on the…no, you've missed it completely.

            You are at least halfway to liberal land yourself…just like him as a matter of fact.

        • Curly Bill

          Yes. Until he dropped his drawers and showed us his undershorts with the jack asses on them. When he hugged Billionaire Bruce and the prez and started to cry he lost a lot of us who saw through the cynicism of the prez's photo op response. So really, it isn't that hard to keep up, even for a leftist phony like you.

    • Dale

      I agree, He is disgusting.
      He has failed his state and he is out promoting himself on a comedy show. What a man !
      I wonder when he will have his "coming out" party and admit he is a Democrat/Liberal. Another Rhino.

    • SmartyJones

      Extremely disappointed to see this on FrontPage. First I'm going to call out the report cited here. I live in New Jersey and saw that report after the storm concerning Rahway and it's not a report from yesterday but at least a full week! It's a dated report and reflects true struggles in a region hit with a massive damaging storm and it's being misused here for purely political purposes here by Mr. Greenfield who I am calling out directly since he's a "fellow" of some sort who should know better.

      Over 2.7 million people lost power and most for at least a full week.

      You can knock Christie all you like but he's been a great Governor working against big deficits and a destructive political culture long before this hurricane created havoc and destruction throughout the state.

      He's been here in Hoboken and the full scale of damage is detailed here in an initial but limited report: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/11/hurrican

      There's been volunteers from all over the state and people from many places outside coming in to help others. It's been an inspiration and I ask that my fellow Americans to consider helping my neighbors:

      Governor Christie is placing the people of NJ first not politics but if some want to deflect on the horrid results from the election, look elsewhere. If you want to serve your country, I'd ask kindly for your consideration in any manner you elect.

      Thank you and God bless David Horowitz and Front Page.


      And for all of NJ's affected areas:

      • guest

        SmartyJones, a wonderful horse! I bet on smartyjones at DelMar, lol I like you already.

    • Sammy

      He is indeed doing what politicians do best. Promote themselves. Obama is the best at it. Democrats in particular are camera and fame hounds. Sorry about your pain but get use to this sort of thing because this is what life will be like under these type of buffoons.

    • moronpolitics

      my name is my blog and my name is my Yahoo mail address. CHECK ME OUT….. WE NEED TO CONNECT AND STAY CONNECtED. ALL OF YOU IF and ONLY if YOU ARE AWAKE NOW…..?????

    • Belle

      Hey, Obama went to Las Vegas when Benghazi burned & 4 were murdered. So what's the problem with Christie?

      • Curly Bill

        Got a couple of hours?

    • angry in CA

      you voted for this…enjoy your misery…..wasn't it your leader who ran off to Vegas after a pit stop in NJersey?

    • http://twitter.com/KissMyAmFlag @KissMyAmFlag

      C Christie may only be the front man; bhusseino&krew are out to make themselves look good at the expense of reality, and seek to promote govt control over our lives. C Christie may have been used for the occasion, but there is an evil theme at work here, and he may have been simply staking out his territory within its perimeter.

    • Lincoln Robertson

      The only thing disgusting with this is the Governor has an R next to his name.

    • Cariline

      Yes, and worse than that he's a Republican and worse than that, he's just like Bush, and worse than that he's fat, and you know worse than that it's winter. How New Jersey will get over this……

      • Guest

        I am sure you are just as fat. Only fat liberals call other fat people fat!!! Lol

    • Hawaii Jeff

      Welcome to Obama's America!

    • dave

      Lol you didn't know the U.S is mostly a third world country. Haha man you gotta travel to scandinavia or Canada or at least some of Chinas vassal city states like shanghai. Id say Japan but the U.S. will never be what Japan is.

    • Just Saying

      Well, that is what happens when the people choose to be ruled by a third world dictator.

    • chris

      Whats funny is how New Jersey has turned away electrical linemen from non union states that would have helped you guys get your power back. I hope you guys enjoy the weather, keeping non-union workers out of the state seems to be more important than getting your power back on. Your anger is misplaced

    • mdonahue

      That is exactly what Obama did – went to Las Vegas to campaign (and Leno and Letterman) right after Stephens and his men were killed. I didn't hear one liberal protest Obama – but I forgot he gets a free pass. He is off limits. No matter what he does the press justifies his behavior. Double standard…

    • http://twitter.com/iresfrank @iresfrank

      It was barely 2 minutes. Give the guy a break. Shedding a little humor on misery is not only American but goes back as far as Ben Franklin. Nothing wrong with a moment of levity for God's sake!

    • Cynical

      Where is the outrage every time the Messiah Obama goes on The View, SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, etc, etc, etc . Where was he when the UN asked him to speak in NY – OH YEAH on THE VIEW!!! 4 Americans die in Libya and he flies off to Vegas, half of America is out of work, and he's on The View talking about his anniversary. WHERE IS THAT OUTRAGE???? It happens on a monthly basis with him. GIVE ME A BREAK>

    • TOM


    • westfield

      He is just in love……ahhh CHRISAMA
      new celeb couple…..they tax they spend we suffer

    • Gobi

      So disgusted with him, huh? So who would be your President of choice? I won't make the assumption you like Romney since he is not a conservative even by my classical liberal standards.

      • Curly Bill

        By "classical liberal" you no dount mean "one who tells others what they think, because you are smarter than they are."

    • Mike

      Tina, do you even know what a third world country is? I'm disgusted with your apparent lack of education.

    • Guest

      Lighten up!! Christie deserves a little down time just like the prez.. Hmm, where is your president while you are suffering? Me thinks he escaped so that he doesn't have to deal with those without homes, heat and electricity in this country or that 4 americans are dead (unnecessarily) because he wanted to be elected president no matter what the cost. Oh yeah, and where's Hilary? She seems to have vanished from the face of the earth. Guess she's studying for her interrogation into Benghazi coming up in December. Get off your high horse and go out and buy or borrow a generator like the rest of us who lost power had to.

    • Paul

      Hey I thought Obama helped NJ out when he made his photo op appearance after the disaster. Oh wait he's overseas promoting himself while 1000s go without power in NY and NJ. Let the Gov have a little fun to releave the stress of dealing with it all.

    • chill666

      Did anybody care to vet the story of people in pain that this author used? The woman and situation in question happened over a week ago on November 11th in Rahway NJ. She has had power and heat for over a week now. Well before Chris Christe ever took to SNL..

      Monique Paterson said she had been without power or heat for 13 days, has anybody cared to look at a calendar to see that Sandy hit NJ 21 days ago? Her story was first published in the New Jersey Star Ledger on November 11th. This author is creating false outrage, Typical lib rag. I wouldn't line my bird cage with this.

      These people were interviewed on November 10th!!! These people have power and heat. the author is a disingenuous d bag.. He maks it seem like this was happening while CC was on SNL and that is completely false..

      Here is a link to the story from 8 days ago http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/11/aid_pour….

    • cabmann

      Hey folks, That AIN'T Christie, it is an actor, do a little research on the subject, This article is NOT truthful.

    • phil

      yes. christie is showing his true colors here. he is in politics for the points, the money, or whatever. the problem is that his reasons have nothing to do with serving others, only his own interest. the bottom line here is that he is a slob. he caters to whatever entity can garner him the most at the given moment. when he is finally out of office, the only legacy he will have is that he will not be missed or remembered.

    • Triple A

      See, this is what happens when you hang out with Obama like has has for a few days. He begins to do the same thing that Obama has been doing… well pretty much since he got into office. Only difference is the Left being so "disgusted" when a Republican does it.

    • former democrap

      So where's the outrage at Obama? He showed up before election day, made promises and did nothing,

    • fableraye

      I have lost all respect for Christie.

  • Mary Sue

    He's pulling an Obama.

    • joe b

      right on

    • tymtrvlr

      Actually he is pulling a republican, shooting himself in the foot, or sticking his foot in his mouth to give the marxist media all the ammo they need to have him voted out of office next cycle. The N.Yers and N.Jers will not blame obama for all his incompetence in handling this mess like the country did with G.W.Bush and hurricane Katrina, they will blame the mess on christie, just read these comments, obama is deflecting all the critisism while christie takes the hit.

      • dsfasf

        Amen tymtrvlr… Republicans are sore losers!!

        • carla

          you didn't really read his post, did you? Moron.

          • InformedNow

            dsfasf = Obama voter… Did you expect the post to be read before commenting? You know their type, they pay attention to politics one week before an election and the rest of the year couldn't give a crap!

            Regarding tymtrvlr's post, the press will always be against Republicans, same with most Hollywood PoS's and worthless rags like the NYT… so if he didn't do SNL they'd find some other fault. It's a fact of life for Republicans when you have to compete with not only Democrats, but multiple "fifth columns"!

          • Santa4Prez, Got One

            Obama should start his own roller blade team! He's great at skating by not taking any responsibility or doing any hard work!

        • j0e

          devilcrats are cheaters.They are so disgusting bragging about how they voted three times and how they were going to riot and Rape and slit Ann Romneys throat.Shoot Mitt Romney .Sore losers were laughing at you and waiting to see you get what you voted for.Unemployment No healthcare higher taxes if you have a job homeless by the thousands.Wait since YOU WON over 25,000 have oost their jobs.It's just the beginning.An Christe is Yukking it up on SNL.While he turns away utility workers because they are not unionized.He's a disgrace like all the so called leaders in NYC major FAIL.

      • Twinkie Bandit

        Interesting, like Blanco and Negrin got any blame at all for Katrina? No, just Bush.

    • Mark Urbo

      He might as well pull an Obama – he is dead to GOP voters…

    • bob

      He's also the guy who was hugging Obama on Monday after Sandy hit. This guy is nothing but a joke.

      • DinVA

        Before Sandy hit thought he was legit but as soon as Obama arrived and took him for a ride aboard Marine One and Christie was reported to have said, "I had to keep pinching myself". Seriously? That's what he was thinking?? That's what he was focused on rather than all he suffering he was seeing? Yes, the guy is history in the GOP.

    • greyfox

      I really thought this guy was different, boy was I wrong. Governer Christie, I can see your state from here and it's not pretty.

    • Ruth

      Christie is a fool to do this. Only DemocRATS get away with stuff like this, he should know that.

    • Tomas

      Speaking of demo crates, on Sunday Biden visited Seaside NJ to show how much he cares. The suffering, stressed out masses trying to save whats left of their valuables. Had to spend hours in traffic waiting for Biden to leave. If these politicians really cared, they stay away from the worst areas and send in the military, heavy equipment, trucks full of food, water and basic supplies.

    • Twinkie Bandit

      Yes, that's true. But the press certainly won't rag on Obama over his stunts. Only Republicans get heat over these things.

    • Kelly J

      Don't believe what the media is reporting or what the government online has to say. This story is a diversion from the truth leaking out about the coup, cover up, and last several rigged elections. Know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Sarah Palin wasn't in this last race because too many people learned why she was planted in the first race. Americans have lost democracy, freedom of press, and free speech is being trampled now by government posted propaganda. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret and learn what the entire media is blacked out from reporting on, the truth!

    • Carol

      He's finished…he might as well change his party to "progressive"…I would never vote for him as a republican again! I am not the only one who feels this way…I peg him as "the birth of Obama II"

  • Misfit

    He is a secret democrat which is really what most republicans are…..a weak, old, self promoting politicians. The only ones holding on this country together (whatever is left) are real conservatives and the tea party.

    • sako204

      Hear hear & Amen, Misfit!

    • Puritanidelette

      Amen to that ! Just like at the Republican Convention in his Keynote Speech when he gave an ode to….himself??? Look out conservatives- he could be another losing pick from the RINO RNC

    • dan barnes

      Misfit…speaks the truth.

    • UncleSam

      Agree! The best thing that can happen now is a major earthquake during a major congressional gathering where all of Washington gets swallowed into the earth. Then we can really start over. We need a major cleansing of our political system and that includes the way we vote.

    • McKaila

      Right on! Someone who's conscious in an UNconscious U.S. Matrix! What you are speaking of are Neo-CONS who are part of the two-headed beast in Washington, DC! They are part of the problem…ANTI-Constitution, PRO-war, PRO-torture, PRO-NDAA & The Patriot Act, etc., etc….they cheated Ron Paul out of his landslide victories in the Primaries with their dirty tricks, blocked many truly 'Conservative' candidates running for office, and continue to parade around as WOLVES in Sheeps clothing! They are as evil as any Marxist Demorat bringing down this once great country.

    • Stealthdan

      You are so right on!!! We have probably lived through the best part of America.

    • dana blasi

      I agree with you 100%

    • steve


    • Ed P

      its interesting you say that. that's why i registered as an independent. i remember thinking years ago that GW Bush is the most liberal President ever. Republicans can be just as irresponsible at times.

    • Angel

      Are country is beyond corrupt. It's been taken over by a criminal banking cartel. People like Christie and Obama get to the top by promoting themselves and getting the cartel (globalists) to prop them up. It's like an experiment I did with my homeschooled son, fill jar with soil from the garden, then fill with water. All of the dead stuff and sh*t floats to the top! There's little difference between the parties. Like Ron Paul said in his farewell speech, "…one wants to spend on the military and the other on welfare…" I like how Johnson put it, " The candidates should wear racing jackets with patches from their sponsors." They would look exactly the same, bought and paid for by the same special interests.

    • JW2


    • aniee

      Remember that the next time you vote.

    • Gobi

      I think the real truth is that most Republicans are not quite as extreme in their actual beliefs as the vast majority of individuals responding to stories such as these may wish them to be.

      America Herself is a product of the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. That connotes certain implicitly Liberal philosophies. It would be wise for those today who pay lip service to the Founders to consider this. So too would it be intelligent to actually read the Founders whose writings are available freely.

      I would suggest that the Far Right Wing of the Conservative movement today has nothing in common with the founders. It has nothing to do with Reason either, though the same could be said of the Democratic Party.

    • boxerjoe

      Allen West for President

    • aw3


    • AW3


  • RUI

    May the Lard be with you, Chris. A true Je(ha)di Knight…

    • http://twitter.com/ronernie @ronernie

      Crispie Christie ought to sleep out with some of the victims, for a night or two. Then go on SNL and be funny about it. May God watch over all those who have fallen victrim to this tragedy. This great Country needs work horse leaders up front, not stand up comics.

    • http://twitter.com/JonW57 @JonW57

      "That's no Moon, that's a Governor."

    • Curly Bill

      More like Jaba the Hut

  • bluffcreek1967

    I sense that Governor Christie is getting a little too enamored with the MSM and quite enjoying all the attention he's getting. The liberal networks are warming up to him too because they see a potential 'comrade,' particularly in light of his recent praise of Obama in the wake of Sandy.

    It's embarrassing. I felt the same way when Sarah Palin went on SNL in 2008 in order to look 'cool' and be seen as more widely acceptable to the American public. But we often forget that the liberals are not interested in just 'poking fun.' They want to humiliate us, ridicule us and show that we are, at heart, hypocrites. They don't play fair, and they never will. Don't trust them and always be suspicious of their motives. They have a history of disingenuous and deceptive behavior.

    • Robbie45

      All correct, MSM/SNL only allowed this as he sucked up to "POS/US"!

    • Citizen

      that was not Sarah Palin that was that almost as cute Tina Fey playing her

      • Davideo

        Sarah Palin appeared on SNL Oct. 18, 2008.

    • caleb

      <—-Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the reason republicans are losing their political grip.

    • jakespoon

      Christie will have the knives stuck in at the moment he thinks that they" really,really,like me."

    • guest

      bluffcreek califiornia? 1967? now you're talking!

    • kinijane

      Any politician that goes on SNL, View, David Letterman or any of those types of TV shows demean the office they are holding.

      • greg

        Well said Kinijane

    • Ed P

      it will never work… it failed to keep Charlie Christ in office…

    • chris

      Well spoken and well written. As a former lib; I see many conservatives pandering in order to find some introspective for the themselves as a result of the last election. This is dangerous. The propaganda that the Left is trying to instill is very familiar to the early propaganda years of Hitlers rising.

    • SteveChgo

      Excuse me, Sarah Palin went on SNL during a an election cycle and not while Alaska was under a huge storm or something. Lighten up…What do you want, conservatives to be perceived as? Nuns?

      Palin's performance on SNL was brilliant…she showed she could be a good sport about the inevitable jokes any politician would put up with.

      Christie going on and doing what he did is a big difference.

    • Restore democracy

      My exact sentiments

    • Revolution rp

      The guy is looking out for his state. Even If he has to swallow his pride and use Stalin to help his citizens. If your going to bad mouth him go volunteer or donate some money. Even Ron Paul would ask the gov for help for his constituents under these conditions.

    • Susanna Gordon

      You are absolutely correct. Sadly, half the country either does not see that, or does not care – I suspect the latter, since the left does not care who their messengers are, they only care about the Progressive, US-destroying message.

    • zander345

      Stop whining. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop blaming others for your own failings. Isn't that the conservative mantra.

  • Thomas Wells

    Send in the clowns…

    • Dan

      Bush is passed out in his basement and Satan, err, Cheyney was shooting somebody. Or jumping to the front of the line for a heart, or something. But Bozo is available.

      • Mackac

        Put down the bong son you're making a fool of yourself.

        • teaparty01

          HAHA Because he hates war criminals he must SMOKE WEED LOL GOOD ONE

          • Mary Sue

            Silly noob, those aren't war criminals.

    • cbc

      They're already here….

    • SHADOW100


  • Questions

    This piece is something of a cheap shot. I watched SNL last night and it was clear Gov. Christie was promoting his state more than himself, and that far from downplaying the tragic storm destruction, he was making sure audiences out there didn't ignore the ongoing suffering.

    Face it: All American politicians, Right or Left, know that TV is the main medium for reaching the public. Moreover, our nation has a long tradition of showboating; everyone from H.L. Mencken to Andy Rooney has understood as much. I doubt the people of New Jersey are ashamed of their governor. They probably rolled their eyes, had a good chuckle and then went to bed.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He seemed to be promoting himself a lot more than New Jersey. And his appearance was a collection of gags, mainly about him and his "leadership"

    • Meagan

      I agree, I thought it was well-done and quite funny. And honestly Christie wasn't showboating, that is genuinely what his personality is like. He's a Jersey boy and I know me and my family found it all very entertaining. And this article is a cheap shot, Christie wasn't making light of the crisis, but he was giving us a chance to laugh. Also, most of the state has power, even the areas where houses were destroyed, those that still stand have power. I know, I live there.

    • El Jeffe

      Don't bother they're here!

    • bmanning2012

      "promoting his state." yea, I'm sure those in the path of the storm are in his debt.

    • Leslie

      I think your answer is right on. & the people that would have been offended weren't watching anyway… they have no electricity… : (

    • chuckyd

      I DOUBT that the people who voted for him and are freezing with no electricity WATCHED the SHOW, let alone, CHUCKLED and WENT TO BED.

    • dano

      I think he was just trying to raise a smile, and to keep it in the news a little longer.

    • Not there

      How could they watch with no power? Idiot.

      • drillbabydrill77


        • Mark Matis

          No. Ms. Fluke has a monopoly on those…

    • David

      A breath of fresh air in this reeking pile of bitterness and tantrum.

    • Andrew Benson

      How could they watch it without power? SNL's ratings have been getting lower and lower so with that ad the continued power outages, I don't think too many people saw it. He has many better avenues to reach " the public" than SNL. This was "self promotion" all the way. They need a strong leader right now, not an entertiner.

    • segent

      You are making a huge assumption here — that the "the people of New Jersey" had the electricity to power their televisions to watch the show. I'll bet they would have really had a "good chuckle" if they knew that CC had banged a few union heads together, invited the non-union workers back in to get the state back on line, and THEN not been ashamed of the clown.

    • RockyMts.

      The New Jersey folks rolled their eyes, chuckled and went to bed? That is if they had a bed to sleep in since Sandy struck.

    • Jason Burnstein

      Watch this fat turd of a Governor fiddle while Rome burns. He has no sympathy for anyone, just an ego as fat as he is. He froze the retired state and local teachers, cop's and firemen's pensions by eliminating the cost of living (COLA) annual increases which were a mere 2 to 3 % , allowing pensioners to keep up with inflation. These retirees worked their entire careers with the expectation that that COLA would be there for them as it was for the previous sixty years. Several of the previous Governor's in NJ including Fat Boy raided the pension system money and squandered it on other programs, That pension system money was invested by the workers contributions. How fair is that of Fat Boy ?

      • Jack

        Most Fed, State, and local govt. workers are overpaid these days with the possible exception of the few qualified successful proven teachers and select EMS. The majority of the rest are hacks with little education and mostly unnecessary jobs that should be automated out of existence. They also retire way too early. If you go to work for the govt. you should do so with the understanding that you will never get rich or live a great lifestyle.

        Watch Jackie Gleasons honeymooners show to see the standard of living, no big screen tv's, motorhomes, or vacations. The FANTASY Bubble of the last 30 years is bursting!

      • Guest

        What will it take for you all to realize that you can't spend more than you bring in!! Unfortunately, you are "suffering" because there was no one watching or doing anything about the budgets. Don't blame it on Christie, he can't give you what doesn't exist. Grow up!!!

    • Janell

      I think its crazy that theres an article about this period!!! Prior to super storm sandy i wasnt a fam of our governor….however ….he handled this EXTREMELY WELL …of course there are ppl still without power BUT nit at all due to lack of concern or help …we have had a ton of help …n christie was with us thru it all he traveled to MANY town n cities …n like it or not Obama was here for us too ….for christie to go on SNL …that was an opportunity to talk to a broad audience about our t lil state ….us NEW JERESYANS ARE STRONG WILLED STRONG MINDED PPL …WE WILL REVIVE WE WILL REBUILD WE WILL RECOVER N I WANT TO SAY THANK U TO CHRISTIE TO GO ON NATIONAL TV N SHARE OUR LIL STATES STORY !!! N the added bonus of a lil comic relief …

    • Guest

      What gauls me is the crybabies out there who are complaining that they have no heat or electricity. I begged and borrowed to get a generator and walked miles and stood in line for hours to get gas for the generator. Obviously their 3rd world TVs and computers are working. Start looking at what your president is doing, or not doing. That is where the real tragedy lies.

    • sli

      ditto – he was not "self-promoting" anymore than anyone else in politics/TV – this is a just a Republican hit piece because Christie praised Obama for his response to the storm

    • Rks

      Good to see not everyone is brain damaged!!

    • phil

      im sure you will be receiving a promotion and a raise when you get back to your job in the NJ governors office for submitted this post. good job. time for another hit from the kool-aid cooler.

    • NJStrong

      Yes the PEOPLE OF NEW JERSEY HAD POWER!! According to the NJ Office of Emergency Management All power companies had been restored (exception being the barrier islands where in most cases rebuilding must take place first)! That was as of Friday 11.16.12 at 8AM (http://readynj.posterous.com/). This STORY IS A MISLEADING! Click on the links they are from stories publish a 5-7 days before, Gov. Christie went on SNL.

  • Dencal26

    I am more troubled by Hillary attending a wine tasting in Australia as the Middle East erupts

    • JOE

      Hillary is getting drunk with the Aussies to forget her involvement in Bengarzi.She has a guilty conscience over the fact that Obama did not send people in to help her FRIEND Chris Stevens.They were friends And she Knows the truth.The four Americans were murdered and hung out to dry by The Government she serves.

      • Sharon

        Hillary? Conscience?

      • Mark Matis

        Hillary is drinking because not even Huma will touch her any more. Not even with a ten-foot vibrating pole…

    • drillbabydrill77

      She can't do anything to stop conflict … in fact, she is so disingenuous that if anything she'd be more likely to cause conflict.

      Let's face it, Hillary is politically the same as Obama, and just as confused and inept!

    • Joel

      She and her boss are in Asia having a wonderful time.

      • boxerjoe

        As we all know, the president, hillary, congress/senate almost always take a trip to Asia this time of year to Christmas Shop. Every year.

  • paul

    Da, Da, Da, that's all folks!

  • mark S

    McCain was the darling of the left. Right up until he ran for president. Then he was the devil.

    Christie is a fool.

    • Susanna Gordon

      McCain was never, I repeat, NEVER the "darling of the right." What planet are you on? The whole trick was to chose Palin to please, and appease the right, because of, once again, the choice of a RINO.

      McCain was always known as at best, a moderate, and if you really knew what the Citizens' United Decision was about, you would know that McCain's campaign finance reform bill was a violation of the first amendment and stifled free speech, especially around election times.

      Obama lied in his SOTU Address, but McCain had sold out to the left, which has no concern for the Bill of Rights these days. The Supreme Court slapped it down for that reason.

  • Rusty

    Wow, this article is a complete cheap shot. Google that article quoted about Rahway residents. It is from nj.com a full WEEK ago. Outdated. I am a NJ resident and can tell you that while I am not always a supporter of Christie I can tell you that during this storm he has been phenomenal.

    • Mitch

      This article is a typical drudge cheap shot.

      • JOE

        When are you people going to learn Matt Drudge does not WRITE THE STORIES HE LINKS THEM.Front page magizine wrote the story not Drudge.

        • teaparty01

          Drudge frames the narrative by SELECTING what to link. Notice how there has never been a positive story regarding Democrats EVER on the front page. Both parties have their demons but looking at the front page of Drudge, if I wasn't a well-read individual I would assume Democrats and Obama are the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity. He doesn't have to write anything because he exposes his viewers to the same old viewpoint of hate day in and day out.

          • Mary Sue

            Most mainstream driveby newspapers have nothing good to say about Republicans EVER. So what's your point?

    • catherine1000


    • Tony


    • Jim

      Rusty, no one wants to hear the truth. A few weeks ago, Christie was a god to the right. He did what he had to do for the state and worked well with the President so now Christie is the devil. The article is a hack piece and feeds right in to those who now want to bash the governor. Do you think this would be on the Drudge Report if Christie was in the good graces of the right? No way!

  • JoeKrozac

    Newsflash! Doctors have determined that Governor Christie's excessive obesity is caused not by too many twinkies, ding-dongs and burgers, but by his insufferable oversized EGO which has become the largest organ in his body. Doctors said the risk of removing it is too high, as such a surgical procedure to remove an overactive and oversized ego would result in Christie being left a hollow, shriveled up husk.

    What to do, what to do.

    • feduptoo

      Oh I think Obama has him beat on the ego department, his is beyond disgusting!

    • John

      No more Twinkie , unions took care of that

  • jim

    The Holy Bible

    2Petter 3:10

    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

    • Max

      I love fiction!

      When do the talking snakes show up? Talking snakes kick ass!

      • Dan

        Can't argue with that. Talking snakes are pretty kck ass.

      • Canof Sand

        Shove off, bigot.

        • teaparty01

          Yes we're the bigots for denying homosexuals rights and laughing at your adult version of santa clause because you're too weak-minded to face reality as it actually exists; without your mythology and sky fairy dictating every facet of our lives.

          • Mary Sue

            meanwhile you welcome with open arms people who would not only deny homosexuals rights but would excecute them and stop the gay pride parades dead in their tracks, amirite?

            What you gonna do, what you gonna do when the Islam Sky Fairy come for you…

    • oobbyb

      Christ hates YOU.

    • Zamna Garner

      Amen..you are so right

    • Jed

      jesus freak

    • Carroll

      This will definitely happen one day…it is a scientific near-certainty that billions of years from now our sun will enter the red giant phase of stellar evolution and engulf the earth, and everything you described will occur….But today, we have the intelligence to understand what is actually happening from a rational, scientific frame of mind, rather than chalking it up to a fairy tale simply because we don't know any better. I am a believer in God and the principles taught by Christ; however, I am still cognizant of the fact that most of the stories that many so-called Christians cling to, are stories told by primitive people who thought the Earth was the center of the universe, and thought that women could actually be witches…their fables and fairy tales were intended to explain various phenomena that their primitive minds could not understand or explain. Today, we need not rest on such silliness….especially if it causes us to lose the ultimate message and purpose of Christ and the Bible in the process.

    • Tammy

      Interesting, isn't it, that this week there were back-to-back solar storms, even more pronounced than should be expected for this solar cycle. And the storm. And the gay marriage. And the abortion. Now possible war in the MidEast, But Peter also said scoffers will scoff. You put the message out there, it's all anyone can do to this wicked generation.

  • Billy

    Christie Kreme

    • kadmon


  • Banished Jester

    Why the hell are you worried about governor Christie being on a comedy show for? If anything he is doing a decent job trying to lift the spirits of the area but he is government. If you are unsatisfied with your situation then change it.

    If you were watching Saturday Night Live while he was on it bringing attention to their dire situation then what have you done to improve the situation? Are you taking time out of your day to offer what you can for your community that needs you? By the tone of this article I think not.

    This isn't about government coming to the rescue of the people but rather communities coming to rescue ourselves.

    • Sancho Panza

      Nobody could expect anything less from "a New York writer." Since Friday, JCP&l"s emergency status page has shown less than 1,000 customers awaiting service, and many of those are not even present for the restoration. For the New Yorkers who have trouble figuring out what lies across the North River, here is the relevant URL: http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/nj.html.

    • bmanning2012

      Yea, I guess all the people who don't have power are having their spirits lifted watching him on TV…oh yea..

    • Westfield

      Yea maybe if we HAD power he could lift our pipits
      But no is a 3rd world country
      Are the electrical wires filled with French fries..that would explain it
      Fatso ate all the electrical wires

    • JOE

      Wake up the supposed people he was trying to cheer up don't have any television to see him trying to cheer them up.As a matter of fact men came from Georgia and Florida Texas to help turn on the electricity and because they Were'nt in a union he sent them HOME.Don't you think he should take all the help he is offered weather they are in a union or not.I'm sure the people of NJ. want their lights and heat on as soon as possible.What the hell are you thinking.Your home warm and watching SNL.

    • drillbabydrill77

      SNL's audience cannot do anything about the plight of the victims of Sandy, the Storm of the Century…Al Gore's retribution on the GOP!

      Christie is proving that he is NOT presidential material, and is simply screwing up his own political future….it's close to being all over for him, as the fat man begins to sing.

    • segeny

      This is a jest, right? When the Southern "communities" drove (in their own vehicles and on their own dime) up to NJ to help, ObaMao's and CC's union buddies insisted that those 'communities' either join the union or take a hike — no non-union help wanted. So the Southern 'communities' took the hike. And what did CC do about it? Zip, nada, nothing. So either YOU or CC are the "joke" regarding communities coming together.

  • Tina Silverio

    For crying out loud, the man is doing this schtick to keep Sandy-land in the nation's eye. He's making sure they stay relevant and aren't forgotten in the wake of the Petraeus and Benghazi and Israel/Gaza news. Good for him.

    • AZ Schumi

      You can't be serious…

      He isn't capable of pulling such media attention for your reason. It's because the Left see's a malleable buffoon to shape to THEIR needs.

      • Meagan

        The "Left" (Democrats) are making Christie (Republican) do their bidding? Do you know what you're talking about?

        • Curly Bill

          Were you asleep the week before the election? Bruce Springsteen and the prez hugged him and he cried?

      • Tina Silverio

        I am very serious. Christie's no one's tool. Watch the news, any channel…look at where the focus is. Sandy is old news. Israel and Gaza and Tail-gate is where it's at now. Christie is pulling some attention back to the Atlantic coast.

        • Vince

          So what if it's in the news? Being in the news doesn't help anyone – excpt the politician who can say "hey, look at me. I'm a helper. I care. Remember me next time there's an election!"

          He should get his fat ass off the TV and get busy fixing the problem- he is the governor, isn't he?

    • Marv

      Are you serious? A governor has to go on a comedy show to make sure nobody forgets about Sandy? Good God, no wonder this idiotic country re-elected the most unqualified, inept America-hating jackass in history. He's the governor, he can call out the National Guard, force the unions to let non-union workers in to get the power back on, get the mayors organized to deliver vital relief… oing on SNL? Sounds like self-promotion to me.
      But hey, we live in a country where the people vote for a guy whose only qualification is being good at photo-ops and not for a guy who actually tries to help people.

    • Curly Bill

      Which flavor of kool-aid was that?

    • talafofotom1

      Wrong tina,petreaus-benghazi shouldn't be used in the same sentence you bought the distaction-obama,hillary caused the disaster in libyia-rice and the cnn,allbarack media covered it up you and 50% of moronic voters don't pay attention.christieis a media. Stool like odrama

  • Mark Matis

    But many GOP "Leaders" want him to run for President. Because, after all, he represents what they stand for!

    • gary

      No, he is on his way out. When he praised Obama right before the election his political career ended as a republican.

    • Justaguest

      November 14, 2012:
      Pelosi was asked about the need for two separate deals in Congress to both raise the approaching debt ceiling and address the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts.
      “I would hope not,” Pelosi said. “I would hope that by now—well, me, I’m with the 11th Amendment, so.”
      “Is it the 11th Amendment?” she asked. “That—14th is it?”
      “Whatever it is, I’m with the Constitution of the United States,” said the Minority Leader.

      • teaparty01

        This never happened. I checked. You literally just made that whole thing up.

        • Joshua

          It happened. I saw the video. Deal with it.

        • liberals assholes

          either you are a liberal or stupid or just a snoopes reader (all the same) but it did happen as stated

        • Ruth

          It DID happen, You Lie!!!

    • JOE

      Mark you have no Idea what the republican or consertive party stands.But I'll let you know What alot of them stand for. Personal Responsibilty,God,Family,Country,Hard work.And your blinded by your own Parties Ideals.We all know what they are.And by the way you can cross party lines if you see a candidate that you feel holds your veiws.We are beholdened to no party.That's what a true American Beleives.

      • Mark Matis

        You cannot even BEGIN to imagine how far off your assessment is. I left the GOP when those horses' butts nominated Shrub I and swore he was "conservative."

  • Rusty

    Well deebal, for starters, the article they quote is a full week old. Trust me, a lot has changed in the last week. We are three now a full three weeks since the storm. Things have improved and Christie has been fighting tooth and nail for the residents of NJ. He did what was best for his state, as he is supposed to.

    • deebal

      The only reason I am saying Really? Hows that? It is because I have relatives and friends in NJ and they are struggling without power as of today, freezing their buds off, and having to survive on minimal of food…I am only going by what they are saying…And Yes I have been contributing to help out as best as I can…I am not rich…But there is no reason for Christie to be on SNL, there are other ways to reach out to people for help…

      • http://twitter.com/txshurricane @txshurricane

        If they're your family and friends, then what are you doing to help them? And why is whatever you're doing somehow more than what Christie has done?

        I grew up in New Jersey…have a brother, sister, father, and numerous relatives there. You know what they did? They prepared beforehand, and took care of themselves afterward. Thank goodness they don't feel the need to sit around, feel sorry for themselves, and blast Christie for taking some time for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone wishes they could have.

      • NJStrong

        Really, Where do your relatives live in the middle of the Pine Barrens? You should tell them to call there power company, because as of Friday, 11.16.12 at 8AM the NJ Office of Emergency Management was reporting that power was fully restored. The exception is the barrier island which suffered catastrophic damage and need to be rebuild before power can be restored. And if they need food they should ask. Living on one of the NJ Barrier islands (luckily power was restored) myself that we had so much food donated that we sent it up north a week or so ago. Gov. Christie did a GREAT job and put people before politics. A true example of LEADERSHIP.

  • Sky

    I'll never vote for another Republican or Democrat for as long as I live. Time to elect real, loyal, Americans to office.

    • Sutton, C

      Its a two party system. Deal with it – Work from within one to change them for the better rather than alienating them and becoming an irrelevant detracting third party loser

      • sky

        It's a one party system. Both parties work together to screw the American people over. That was the whole point of my comment; which seemed to 'fly high' over both of your heads. I will not "deal with" living in a dictatorship.

        • Canof Sand

          Anyone who says Dems and Republicans are the same is a nutjob who opinion on matters politic is worth less than nothing.

    • Paticia Leath

      In your dreams! They are all dead.

    • Cosmo & Markey

      I certainly won't vote for Christie or for any Republican who did not stand with Mitt Romney. To date, the only one I can think of who did is Rubio. If it's a choice between Christie or Jindal and H. Clinton, I will vote Libertarian.

      • Canof Sand

        So… going against the GOP's choice of Romney was wrong because going 3rd party was a waste of a vote but if Christie or Jindal become the GOP's choice next time, you'll vote 3rd party? Absurdly hypocritical.

    • JOE

      I Agree it's time for a third party.These people are all the same.It's been that way for a long long time.I think the American people are ready for a Third.When they see the Damage after Obama's second the democrat and republican parties will both be done.There will be so much debt we will all have to start taking Chinese langauge lessons.

      • Canof Sand

        It won't be time for a 3rd party until the 3rd party 1) is significantly better than either party on all the big issues (Libertarians with a capital "L" fail at this), and 2) can actually win the general election. Support them leading up to the primaries but don't screw the country over during the primaries or the general election just to make a point – a point that isn't even truly being made to the public at large anyway.

    • Rosebud

      We truly need a third party. Where's my $1.84 a gallon for gasoline? I'm a middle income citizen the parties "claim" they want to help. Are you sick of the total BS yet from these people?

  • Railroad Tom

    It’s amusing how abject loyalty and adherence to the party line is the only thing that keeps you off the Drudge hate-list.

    Christie is an honest man. Such men can’t survive in the modern conservative movement, because eventually they will speak their mind.

    • Joe Stoper

      what does a dim know about honesty? the party of lies and corruption

    • JOE

      Well if you wanted an honest man then Mitt Romney would be the president of the United States.He Believes in God.That's what many many most of Americans think is an honest man.But the Cheaters and and the gimmie dats didn't want a man of God the chose the complete opposite of that.Alot of people say they believe in God but I always remember what Christ preached "You will know them by their works".Many know Obama by his works but it didn't matter.The Man of God lost.

      • ObayJuan

        Man of God you say? Mormonism is a cult, their God lives on planet Kolob. Jesus and Satan are brothers and both are equally good in their God’s eyes. Their Jesus and Satan both believe that lying is ok and both promote lying to get what you want.

      • DEAN

        LMAO!!!!! “if you wanted an honest man Romney would be president” ???? What planet have you been living on for the past two years!! And GOD has nothing to do with it. A. There is no GOD its a figment of your imagination, Trust me, theres nobody up there, your on your own dude, and Not everyone preaches to GOD or has religion so get your facts straight. Its jesus freaks like you that make this world pathetic to live in. Romney has done NOTHING BUT LIE about EVERYTHING so for you to say hes honest, makes you either very stupid or very uneducated or both.

    • Matt

      No dude. Christie is a douche-bag politician. Nothing more than a opportunist with no core values.

    • carl scaturo

      I second that emotion!

  • JameSmace

    Did we watch the same SNL? Christie was there to promote his state.

    Why the Christie angst all of a sudden? Is it because of one Muslim judge he promoted?

    • walkingw

      If liberals love him that spells danger.

    • emma

      Oh, please. Must be a Democrat trying to skew the actual issue into a racial/hatred thing. The guy should never have been on a comedy show while his people were suffering. Period.

    • Mike

      Yup, that is exactly why. That and he refused to play politics when President Obama visited. These people are true buffoons, and are exploited by the right wing media for gains unbeknownst to them. These are people who think the Bible is actually God's word…how they don't understand it was written by humans in an effort to control people is amazing to me.

      • Curly Bill

        That you believe you are all-seeing and all-knowing is amazing to me. What Christie was doing when the prez visited was unabashedly playing politics. As for being a buffoon, I will stack my knowledge of history, politics, theology and pretty much anything else against yours, you sanctimonious clown. The only thing more astounding than YOUR ignorance is the fact that you so willingly display it to the world.

    • Curly Bill

      Christie was there to promote Christie (as usual), nothing else!

    • Chuck c

      No backstabbing. Romney. After being invited as a keynote speaker. Old fat boy Benedict Arnold
      Politically he is. Dead man walking !!

    • GFWSR

      The muslim judge, and his apparent blindness to the threat islam poses would be an excellent reason IMO.

  • AZ Schumi

    Christie should save such "appearances" until everyone under his jurisdiction is settled and free from hardship.

    Such buffoonery makes me glad he wasn't picked as VP. He BETTER NOT run for President in 2016 (HEAR THAT ANN COULTER????)
    as out West, we don't suffer fools well.

    • catherine1000



    • Janine

      You don't suffer fools?! Didn't the west go for obama-dum-biden?

      • no bama zona

        ummm……..never Arizona Janine ….. that is what AZ stands for. Have you been under a rock the last 4 years? Barry is no friend. Google our govenor Jan Brewer meeting him at the airport, and you will see a picture of a woman not afraid to tell the one he is out of line.

        And I have sent diapers and baby wipes to Long Island – a friend who lives there told me what the people there needed – and the good ole mail man can apparently beat fema and the red cross cause it was delivered in 2 days.

      • AZ Schumi

        Not AZ, where we proudly carry arms, shoot first, and ask questions later…..

    • Godot

      Maybe Obamo should stay within the hemisphere until everybody is taken care of by the Nanny State.

    • NJStrong

      Truth is POWER was FULLY RESTORED by the time that my Governor went on SNL. Look at the dates of the stories linked in the story they were all from a week before he went on SNL. Power was fully restored (to places that could get power) as of at least Friday Nov. 16 at 8AM (http://readynj.posterous.com/).

  • sebassh

    This governor Christy in the photo reminds me of an old screensaver named "After Dark" which used to run mainly on the old Macs and PC's. There was a 3rd party screen saver add-on for it that was of a green Japanese Santa Claus that swallowed nitro glycerin. The figure bounces down and then explodes after several more bounces with a worried look. The bouncing sounded like a series of plump farts!

    • Tom

      Next time please put the word "farts" at the beginning of your unintelligent dribble so I can be sure not to waste 15 seconds of my life.

  • wolfmoon

    Freaking planetoid…he better not even be considering anything more than governor in 2016. Pig. I'll campaign myself just to make an ass of this jerk obamacommie wannabee.

    • Opie

      friendly type…

      • teaparty01

        Conservatives are among the most friendly people you'll ever meet. On discussion boards and the concept of anonymity however it turns them into truly hateful and uncharacteristically mean-spirited people which I will never understand how that happens.

    • Rob

      Its people like you who make it clear to me why the Republican Party is failing. We kill our own for being statesman. I pray for a conservative leader who can express their opinion with Grace, Candor and Facts to back up truth. There is no civility in public discourse anymore.

  • wolfmoon

    I had my fill of planetoid Christie when he gave a wet kiss and a handjob to obamacommie. It's only gone downhill from there.

    • teaparty01

      Your post is disgusting and is not representative of how we behave. That sort of rhetoric is for the immoral, vile left.

      • CV1

        Suck me.

  • Max

    I love fiction!

    • Joe

      Poor Max and the longsuffering disillusioned who will carry his worldview to their demise if the blinders aren't removed.

      • teaparty01

        Tea Party Atheist here. There were 600 hundred religions before Christianity ever came into existence. Did god just want to trick (or damn) all those who came before Christ was born?

        • behomesoon

          Tea Party Believer here. God didn't form any of those religions, nor is He responsible for fake Christianity which is very popular with the masses. True Christianity is a very small group like true Conservatism.

        • Mary Sue

          Proto-Judaism and Judaism forms a continuity that makes your statement meaningless.

    • Maureen

      The prophecies have been fulfilled and are continuing to be fulfilled to this day, dear. If I were you, I'd be ready….

  • mora

    Thats a disgusting remark Jim

  • Max

    Yeah, but it riles up teatards, which is the real reason it was written

    • deebal

      Oh really???

  • Alex

    That looks pretty bad. I look on television and so many shows seem oblvious to the problems of the common man or woman. It's a joke and a bad one at that.

  • DMJ

    Yeah, didn't they also give information at some point on how do donate money for the victims, douchebags? Would you rather he be hauling boardwalk rubble on his back to a dumpster? This is the worst spin I've seen all week.

    • sillyone

      Christie, is that you?!

    • http://eternian.wordpress.com Daniel Xavier Knight

      And the only way to get liberals to do that is to laugh on SNL and be "funny". Get saved already filthy mouthed simpleton moron.

  • hudco

    Guess you want Jon Corzine or Jim McGreevey back?

    • JoeKrozac

      No, Tom Kean would do just fine. He at least conducted himself as a gentleman and would never have headed for Saturday Night Live while the citizens of New Jersey were suffering hardships after a natural disaster. Christie is a horse's ass (w/apologies to all other honorable horse's asses).

      • http://twitter.com/txshurricane @txshurricane

        How can you promote someone for being a gentleman when you're such a crass prick, making obesity jokes? Talk about being insensitive…

        • teaparty01

          Don't you get it? They hate Christie now because he complimented our Kenyan Socialist Dog Eating Muslim (aka brown skinned) President on doing something right. It's the way their minds work.

          • Mary Sue

            The problem is he DIDN'T do something right. The aid should have been on the way by the time Obama decided "Oops, better drop in some foods and stuff"

        • JoeKrozac

          Just like a liberal, you attack the person making the comment. It's easy to promote Tom Kean for being a gentleman (unlike that fat slob Christie who is NO gentleman) because it's NOT about me you fool, it's about Christie. And Tom Kean is everything that Christie is not.

          Well, except in total mass, LOL

          Now pack your whining ass off to bed, there is school tomorrow and I'm sure that everyday, it is a struggle for you not to eat your crayons and/or to soil your pants.

  • Tommy Boy

    Fat Guy in a little coat

  • dedds


    • JACK


  • Old Joe

    Let's see…. Obama taken nearly 70 days vacation in the first 31 months, played over 100 rounds of golf on top of that, and untold numbers of appearances on letterman, leno, the view, etc.
    Typical that the Libs want to knock Christie for one SNL appearance.
    How about snubbing the Israel PM, not enough time in his schedule, but then showing up on Letterman during that trip to NY?

    • teaparty01

      I didn't realize Matt Drudge was a liberal considering he front paged linked this hit piece. P.S. Front Page Mag is a right wing site you deluded moron. Not that I'd ever be able to convince you of it otherwise. You people don't jive well with FACTS. You're too busy fabricating your own facts in the wingnut echo chamber!! Please stay away from my kids!!!

  • semby

    Huge mistake Christie made. Distasteful and totally inappropriate.
    He will never recover from this.
    He is so FULL of himself, but he's done.

  • haze

    What? You guys that afraid of him. Bashing starting toooooooo early.

  • Craig Davis

    No better than Obama…too bad for the people, or as most of the dopes say "the folks"

  • vwbrgb

    Oh Crissy, doesn't look good for your future presidential run. Best to give away gifts of free stuff like your buddy "O" did to win the presidency.

  • doctorjohn

    Christie always puts himself in the front of the line and I'm not talking about the "food line" in this case. That's what he was doing when he gave Obama that big bear hug right before the election; if you can figure that one out. If America can't do better than "Crispy Cream" Christie in 2016 then all is lost for America. And that may be the case since 50 plus percent of the voters in 2012 don't know the definition of SOCIALISM or that BIG GOVERNMENT is bad for INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY or even what that all means.

  • aventine

    If he went on LOCAL JERSEY TV, then no one outside of Jersey would have cause for an opinion now would they?
    Instead he is on NATIONAL TV making a spectacle of himself being a liberal progressive media suck up.

    Just another RINO. I hope the Democrat candidate who runs against him uses this footage juxtaposed against footage of suffering families in Jersey. Then lets see if Obama comes and returns the favor and revitalizes his losing election.

    LOL…what a phat fool.

    • Katon

      There are no local Jersey tv stations. Who's the fool now.

      • Mark Matis

        So you're saying that WMBC-TV, WACP, and WMCN-TV have no local programming? Now isn't that special!

  • steven wise

    You have to consider the source.. this right wing nut david horowitz

  • Soulman45

    Poor people in New Jersey don't have TV they are hopeing for food and hear.
    We need regular people in government..

  • The Grim Creeper

    Give Christie a break. After all, he did just learn that Hostess is closing it’s doors. What’s he going to do when the Twinkies run out?

  • mora

    Why don't you all stop your whining, complaining and disgusting name calling? Who of you are able to handle the mess that New Jersey is in right now? After the storm, Christie was there visiting as many disaster areas as he could. You could tell that he had very little sleep for days. When he wasn't reviewing the disaster areas, he was on the phone with the President trying to get help. He was there for his state and its residents. And all you disgusting wretches do is call hime names, make disgusting remarks about his size and sexuality. to those of you making such remarks, you're a bunch of pathetic human beings and should be ashamed of yourself. If he could get one ounce of help by being on TV, then good for him!!! He was not out to promote himself or for a photo op. HE WAS THERE FOR NEW JERSEY!!!!

    • SmartyJones

      Thank you! The truth.

    • vwbrgb

      No, the photo op was all for Obama.

    • Tidbit

      Gosh Mora, are you saying that if Christie hadn't kissed up to Obama that the all powerful Messiah wouldn't have given help to New Jersey? Is it necessary for a governor to get assistance for his state that he make a fool of himself in front of Emperor Barack??? That sounds like your argument is just that….

      Is that your point???

  • LibLove

    You Liberals deserve every clown you put in office. While you suffer – they tell jokes and invite Jayz and BedunceA to fund raisers. You are the mental slaves on their plantations. Enjoy.

  • driveby_poster

    Daniel Greenfield seems to be auditioning for Jay Carney's job.

  • Dresden

    The only objectionable aspect of this story is that the horribly unfunny SNL is still on the air. And that enough people are bored enough to keep watching it, which says a lot more about them than the occasional appearance of a hack politician, of either party.

  • Peted

    Run again, Christie and see if New Jersey residents are as brain dead as you think they are!

    • Mike B

      They elected Obama, didn`t they?

      • vwbrgb

        You've got a point there!

  • war- with- cultural left


  • markchristopher

    Christie and Obama are cut from the same cloth. I will never forgive him for giving Obama that small edge a few days before the election, just like Oprah in ’08. And it was typical lame BS as e pected on SNL.

  • Mr. Obvious

    And the day four Americans died in Libya, O went to Las Vegas for a fund raiser.

    • vwbrgb

      And when the Ambassador went missing, O went to bed.

  • dakota fred

    Poor, poor people!!! but you will have free health care, and food stamps!! Free stuff still costs someone! You guys voted O'bummer in now live with your stupidity!!

  • cls

    Jabba the Christie…

  • John


  • http://twitter.com/gkm1959 @gkm1959

    Governor Mc Phat Phuck

  • Roland

    What an A Hole…Cant stand him anymore. Lost all respect for him. Such a jerk.

    • End the Fed

      He did everything he could possibly do to undermine Gov. Romney.
      Typical double-agent RINO.

  • dan barnes

    They are all the same….GOP…Dems… Our current problems didn't just show up TODAY!!! They have been they same problems for 1/2 century. The politicians today are the same as yesterday. They are still protected, they are still getting rich, they still enjoy healthcare (different than us), and they still sell their souls…WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    • gina

      Totally agree. People need to wake up to aspect that it’s the “paid politicians” against the people. They live it up and protect the unelected global elite using this finely tuned divisive strategy to keep us running to polls like lemmings for a stupid presidential popularity contest — like some freaky football game. All a front for “1 party elite” who funnel these politicians little perks to do this to America! Hopefully technology will one day bring us together. As for those voting lines, election fraud, etc. — more of the “game”. Amazing…

  • Dan

    Teatards get riled up over the silliest things…

    • Emjay Graykat

      You’re obviously a heterophobe.

    • sky

      The country falling into Socialism is a silly thing? Are you aware that the Nazis were Socialists and that Hitler was elected to power? Yeah, those Nazis were a silly bunch….

  • Mark

    Give the Governor a break. Even under terrible circumstances there is nothing wrong with a little humor. The Governor has been working non-stop for the people of New Jersey. What do people think he should do, lock himself in the Governor's Office until everything is fixed? Get a life people. Yes, people are cold and there is shelters and the Red Cross to help. There is a lot of damage that will take a long time to repair and replace. That doesn't mean that life must stop.

  • SmartyJones

    Extremely disappointed to see this on FrontPage. First I'm going to call out the report cited here. I live in New Jersey and saw that report after the storm concerning Rahway and it's not a report from yesterday but at least a full week! It's a dated report and reflects true struggles in a region hit with a massive damaging storm and it's being misused here for purely political purposes here by Mr. Greenfield who I am calling out directly since he's a "fellow" of some sort who should know better.

    Over 2.7 million people lost power and most for at least a full week.

    You can knock Christie all you like but he's been a great Governor working against big deficits and a destructive political culture long before this hurricane created havoc and destruction throughout the state.

    He's been here in Hoboken and the full scale of damage is detailed here in an initial but limited report: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/11/hurrican

    There's been volunteers from all over the state and people from many places outside coming in to help others. It's been an inspiration and I ask that my fellow Americans to consider helping my neighbors:


    Governor Christie is placing the people of NJ first not politics but if some want to deflect on the horrid results from the election, look elsewhere. If you want to serve your country, I'd ask kindly for your consideration in any manner you elect.

    Thank you and God bless David Horowitz and Front Page.


    And for all of NJ's affected areas:

  • Steve

    Drudge will be kissing his arse in the run up to the 2016 election.

  • leterrip

    This obese blowhard must be taking public relations lessons from the hurricane level five of blowhards, Bill O'Reilly. Thank God he has been found out!

  • charlene welch

    I am so completely disgusted! This guy is an idiot, and to think that at one point a few years back, I thought he might be a rising "star" in the political scene, I'm wondering what the hell I was smoking! The lack of taste, class and honor among these pitiful excuses for "leaders" is stunning. There is NOTHING, humorous about what these poor people have been forced to endure. Glaring ineptness on the part of the Federal Government, the head jackass, obama, and now this tool. May they ALL rot in HELL!

  • Sean

    Obviously Daniel is not a fan of Christie. This is a complete cheap shot. I like journalists who report, not use their credentials to push an opinion.

  • http://twitter.com/debistarks @debistarks

    Wait just a farking minute. During Katrina, everything was BUSH's fault, not Democrat Governor Blanco's or Democrat Mayor Nagin's. Now w/Sandy, nothing is Obama's fault, put the blame all on the Republican Governor. It's no biggie that Obama has partied & played golf w/people suffering.

  • thearmourofgod

    What a shattering disappointment this guy is. He stabbed the GOP in the back for ten minutes alone with an aged rock star.

  • Marizy

    I have never liked Cristi. He is blabber mouth………

    • thearmourofgod

      He makes a good Ralph Kramden

  • Howie D

    It's over, tubbs… Start planing where in Jersey to open your Krispy Kream franchise, post Govenership…

  • Opie

    blah, blah blah … flyin' high "Sky"

  • chris seberg

    Everything in politics is calculated. There are far more people living the comfy life in their undamaged homes than those suffering on the shore. Therefore, it becomes a net positive for Christie as he continues his campaign for re-election.

  • floppy


  • joe stoper

    as soon as he put his arm around Barack Hussein, you knew christie had no class

  • tom

    this is more republican bashing. there's never ever outrage over obama vacationing and golfing while the economy worsens and millions of people struggle to find work. christie didn't cause sandy. yet obama gets away with millions of people out of work and/or on welfare and that's okay.

    • dakota fred

      Us in the midwest did feel sorry for the NJ people. But I don't anymore not after the election!!! Free stuff has to come from somewhere, and I hope you guys over on the left coast enjoy your freebee's now because it won't last long!! Wouldn't want to be yuh!! Wait till the dollar crashes because of all the debt we have! wouldn't want to be in a city!!! But on the brighter side they will have free health care and food stamps!!

  • Dennis

    Christie was also very quick to criticize Romney's campaign as if that was suppose to help the party?

    Seems Christie is a hypocritical bloviator.

  • tess

    power finally went to his head. it happens to most of them. it's a sorry sight to watch. if i had my way, EVERY congressman (senate & congress) would have ONE TERM ONLY of 6 years. they would be banned from running again. that is what our founders saw – citizen legislators – not "for-life", on the public dole, do nothing but line their own pockets people, who exempt themselves from laws we have to follow. time to change this and make them work like the rest of us.

    • PQuirk

      If that is truly what the Founding Fathers intended then they would have written it into the Constitution like they did with the President.

  • liam duggan

    He looks like one of the humans from the future in Wall-E.

  • roy Galutia

    Lets cool it …I am sure christy will serve his state well …he has had a couple difficult weeks …and if in that process he lets down his hair a little ..it does not bother me ….as long as he refocus on the issues he needs to focus on …

  • matt

    you'll never see "While Americans Suffer, President Obama Goes on the View, Letterman, Leno, Oprah…"

  • Hue Rooney

    These posts are astounding. A few years ago, Christie was a champion of the Conservative movement, developing a reputation as the straightest-shooting politician in the nation. Conservatives across the country practically begged him to run for President because so many were certain he'd be more formidable than anyone in the 2012 lineup. Now, he's going the way of John Roberts and Olympia Snow. Why? Is it because he had the gall to actually engage in some public cooperation with a Democratic President? That's when it all started going downhill, anyway. It's embarrassing.

    • Railroad Tom

      Hear hear. These people are insane. They guy says one honest word that is not in the party playbook and he’s a pariah.

      As a conservative, I will never support a Republican Party whose grassroots are comprised of these fanatical loonies.

  • End the Fed

    Gov. Krispy Creme did everything possible to re-elect B Insane O.
    Typical left-wing double-agent RINO.

  • matt

    or "While Americans Suffer, President Obama Golfs"

  • Michael

    This was a cheap shot – Christie has been running non-stop since the storm hit, tossing politics out the window in the last few days ahead of the election, taking time to show his majesty around the damaged areas, and doing certainly far more than Bloomie has done across the river.

    I got nothing but respect for Christie here, and while I didn’t see the SNL schtick, a little levity is not out of line after several weeks of mayhem and destruction. Put it in perspective. Obviously this writer either has not or cannot.

  • Chris

    Seriously? The state is paying for electrical workers to pull extra shifts. Is Christie and electrical worker? Is there any knowledge about the power grid he has that requires him to be anywhere that they are working? What kind of expectations do you have of a governor.. I mean, putting aside anything else, do you really think his physical prescence would change one thing about the work going on?

  • Jake

    I could not agree more. Governor Christie helped President Obama win the election… Great! Romney was and is a loser, just like all Conservatives. You are the past, and Progressives are the future. Christie knows where his bread is going to be buttered. Democrats Rule!

  • HughGKnutts

    This was a bad choice by the Governor. He should have went to Vegas or had a party with JZ and Beyonce or even thrown an extravagant Halloween party for exclusive rich liberals. Those are reasons why people will vote for you.

  • MikeB

    But I thought everything was solved once Obama was there.

  • Elijah

    This is indicative of how much most elected officials really care about the public. Even I just called him an official when it was once 'public servant.' Just like the POTUS, he needs to get out there, clown around, & be popular. For some, it's power and ego, for others – it's bribes and secret deals. Seldom does it involve truly helping the nation or state. Soon enough we'll be 'enjoying' our wars and financial collapse…

  • Max

    Christie should be off playing golf, then the media will respect him.



  • ConanTheRepublican

    Get out, ya fat bastage. YOU gave us Obama for another four years, lardazz. You were JUST what he needed to put him over the top. Undecideds and independents saw you give the go-ahead to vote for this cretin.

  • harry harris

    When willn this fat obese christe keep his mouth shut and just try to help the peoploe in new jersey

  • Norman

    I liked Christie. But his man-love with Obama changed all of that. I hope the Republican party shuns him.

  • Mike B.

    But…but..everything was solved once Obama visited the area.

  • Laker

    It is hard to believe how quickly this blowhard has fallen from being considered as a possible presidential candidate to a has been politician.

  • dan

    I see ex governor corzine,out and about helping the needy…oh wait he is in jail for stealing investors monry,Noooooo……oh wait he is relaxing on a beach some where warm…thanking all of the people of NJ for his benefits…and you belittle a working Governor…….a pox on your house..

  • Troy

    Lighten up people. This probably took a couple hours out of his time and he was just responding to all the Dem blowhards on the news making fun of him. A little self deprecation, something libs don't usually do.

    You think him doing this stopped some aid or relief from happening? Please. No more than Obama golfing a record number of times for a president…during a huge economic downturn.

  • Thomas Smith

    Go Figure! The libs said the GOP had to change. So Christie follows Obama’s example of going on comedy shows when the 4 Americans were killed in Libya and now all the libs are agast at his behavior. So what do want? Oh wait a minute…you won’t know until you get your talking points from the White House.

    • Justaguest

      Thomas Smith, you don't have your free Obamacare glasses on, do you?

  • http://twitter.com/blabernews @blabernews

    Governor Christie, has done a lot for NJ, and has shown great leadership after Hurricane Sandy. The world does not stop after a disaster, we come together. A lot of time that is through laughter, it is very healthy. Gov. Christie is a great leader and I personally think he is doing a great job, kejavascript:%20postComment(0);ep it up Governor!!!

  • Marine223

    The UNION UTILITY JERKS Turned back Help from LA and NC because they were NON Union! Sorry about your luck! AND how about those FEMA Consentration Camps they have for the Victims!

  • tarheelvet

    While you're in the dark and freezing, remember that Governor Christie will then go back to his nice warm, well-lighted hotel room. While you're dumpster diving, remember that he's never missed a meal.

  • Mary Ann

    It is time for the Governer to rest & relax. He was of , for and by..the people the whole time and still is. Folks in NJ are a lucky bunch …at least they know where their leader is and what he stands for….an admirable man who has vision!

  • Deo

    Thats the first thought that came into my head when I tuned into SNL…I think the same thing when I see a President golfing or entertaining Hollywood types through wars, natural disasters or just really bad times…Its just bad politics. Christie should have asked/requested/demanded that he be able to get a little serious and post a 800 number and ask the how ever many millions of viewers to donate to the victims of Sandy as he would have been a winner either way and all the way around!

    • PQuirk

      So is it your belief that elected officials be on the job 24/7 for the entire length of their term? As long as there is one person in America who is not 100% happy, then the President shouldn't take a moment off? I am no fan of Obama but every President of the United States does a great deal of work, attends meetings and briefings all day long and is expected to hold the free world together. Do they not deserve the occasional day off, round of golf or vacation?

  • BobSmith77

    Hey Daniel instead of writing this hit piece how about you actually venture off Manhattan to actually view things first hand you hack on Staten Island or Long Island?

    I was in Hoboken this weekend helping out some friends and things are notably improved there even from 2 weeks ago when I first went up.

    Have you written a single article on Sandy that has focused on followup issues or called further attention to outstanding issues? No. Directed attention to where people can give donations or even assist others by volunteering? No.

  • Marine223

    There's reports from FEMA Camps that they have NO HEAT, DIRT FLOOR TENTS, PORTA POTTYS, NO ACCESS TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD, NO POWER to charge a Cell phone and can't leave! There are GUARDS keeping them from leaving!

    • http://www.moronpolitics.com moronpolitics

      COME ON PEOPLE! This guy was a joke to begin with, So he cussed at some teacher’s union rep. OOOOO. Who cares??? He does NOT stand for MOST of what you believe in then DON’T VOTE FOR HIM. When you make a mistake then FIX IT. This guy was and is a MISTAKE. Send him packing. It is SICKENING that this Phoney fat excuse for a politician was chosen to speak to KEYNOTE the GOP convention. FIRST MISTAKE?? That was everybody running FROM GWBUSH. It was so EASY to just join in the chorus of MSM’s blaming him for the common cold and unresponsive wives and/or inept husbands. kTHINK THINK … Go look at the “Board of Labor Statistics” and SEE HIS UNEMPLOYMENT RATES, four something and five something for SEVEN STRAIGHT YEARS. and another thing HE WON. HE WON TWICE!!! You never got to read it but HIS immigration plan would have FIXED it by now. But NO… we listened to the dumb blonde never practiced lawyer yelling “it’s AMNESTY !!: BULL POOP., It was NOT. It was a GREAT PLAN. We have to stop falling for the media PICKING OUR CANDIDATES or we will KEEP GETTING Romney’s and McCains and THAT means we keep getting OBMAMAS. THINK THINK….Do yo know they are talking about EIGHT YEARS OF PRESIDENT MICHELLE ??????????????????

  • Reasonable Sean

    Its amazing how easily the author and most of these commentators have thrown Christie under the bus. While months ago, you were all hoping this man would run for President this year, and you all loved him, right up until Hurricane Sandy. Then, when the storm hit, and President Obama surveyed the damage and Christie welcomed him with open arms to help in the recovery, you turn away. All of a sudden, Christie welcoming the President is the reason Romney lost, and Christie going on SNL for a 3 min sketch shows that this man is a pig and loves the media attention! This man has been working non-stop since DAYS BEFORE the storm, and you bash him for taking a break? None of you would handle his job half as well as he has. You people love to sit their and just criticize every little detail, and have no idea of how much work this man put in to make sure this disaster was as limited as it was. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Tim

      He’s Republican in Name Only. I never wanted him to run. He’s the same caliber as Romney was except less distinguished. Either one would be a suitable replacement for what he have now. But I vote Republican all the time since 2008 and I never liked Christie. His speech at the RNC was a huge letdown.

    • Kallister

      Thank you Mrs. Christie.

    • Jamesb

      What are you prattling on about? NO ONE I know wanted Chrispy Creme Christie to be the GOP nominee, NOBODY.
      Or the Veep. Amongst other issues, Chrispy has a “Muslim” problem and a big mouth.
      His ” tough guy/Jersey boy” routine wears thin quickly, but his willingness to capitulate to Democrats makes him intolerable. New Jersey is A DISASTER AREA – TWO WEEKS LATER and he’s GOOFING AROUND.
      You have ZERO idea what you’re talking about.

  • boB

    He reminds me of Bloomberg terms 1/2. A self-serving RINO. Bloomberg completely usurped the will of the people by having term limits lifted by the city council which were put in place by the people. Now Christie has brown lipstick and makes fun of the strife the people of New Jersey are going through. At least with a Democrat governor, it was in the open and you knew what you were dealing with.

  • fedupwithgovenment

    So you want power after only 13 days? Why don't you address your request to the union leaders in JCPL who refused to let non-union power company workers help. They were sent away without so much as a thank you for driving their trucks all the way here. If you think the unoions are helping America…have a Twinkie!

  • MrQ

    Oh PLEEEASE. Get a life. Obama's played 100 rounds of golf while 15 million unemployed simmer for years! Elect a democrat (D) governor next time and your problem will solved, right?! YEAH, RIGHT. You idiots.

  • Marine223

    Christie will not go there, people are Pi$$ed, and if he falls, he will roll till he starves to death!

  • vietvet68

    You all deserve this, you voted for these idiot liberals and their 3rd world life style for the masses. You deserve everything that's happening to you.

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    Chris Christie is about as funny as cancer and Barack Obama's re-election. Way to undermine the not-Democrats, Christie.

  • Ragnar

    What is the going price of pork? How much is Christie worth?

    Typical self-serving glutton, single-handedly getting Obama re-elected because he couldn't govern his own state.

    Perhaps when he gets up to 500 pounds he will explode!

  • Chrispy Cremes

    The thing is, he bombed. Again. Reading bad jokes badly. This whole SNL bit is staggeringly, uncomfortably NOT FUNNY. No reasonable person could even sit through all of it.

    • BobSmith77

      Agree it wasn't funny but this is just a garbage piece.

  • Rubberpenis @ MSNBC

    You see the gayDim trolls here have been trolling Drudge like militant transgendered chocolate Husseinbots.

    Christie is a liberal who was excited to help jebus Hussein get re-elected, NJ is a POS.

    You homosexual lesbian Dim trolls need to stay focused on chocolate jebus Hussein being impeached for his BenghaziGate assassination problem of 4 white Americans.

    Then hang yourselves.

  • End the Fed

    So much for "ending the rise of the oceans"!

  • pam johnson

    PLeeze here-give him a break…He's been doing Great for his State of N.J. and does it ever hurt to maybe laugh a little???? Enuf Said !

  • Frank

    Ridiculous article. Seriously, no self-promotion. State promotion. Maybe you report on him and his wife using their influence to raise 17 million dollars for relief in the state. How many politicians raise money for impacted areas? Seriously, lame article. Drudge take the link down!

  • Young

    Christie looks like a UPS driver and AFL CIO boss
    Or A bus driver like Ralph Cramden

  • Jerseygrl

    Im here in NJ with family who lost their home and another family member in who's home is damaged horribly and without heat still when the Hackensack river breached Gov Christie has been a great Governor so lay off. There is just so much the government can do for us and hes done it. Many had power on within the first week-10days and the towns that are still out have town councils who need to take care of their citizens and make sure trees are removed so lines can be restored. FEMA has been going from door to door. Police and military presence has kept crime down The towns have been seeing so much help from churches, businesses and charities. They should be the people helping us and they are here in force. Here in the North East its just in our mindset that government is the answer for everything and now we're getting a big dose of the reality of what the rest of the country has known probably for decades through floods, tornadoes and droughts VOLUNTEERS and those who Donate food and supplies make the difference. Neighbor taking care of neighbor. Christie has been working his butt off from day one. Hes down to earth and we like him like that. I laughed at his appearance on SNL because it was funny. We're hurt not dead here in NJ so we can still laugh. We're a pretty strong bunch. If I had one bad thing bad to say about Christie it would be I wish he'd lay off the Springsteen kool aid.

  • Trexinator

    It ain't over until the fat man sings. He wasn't singing.

  • Young

    If he wants a long term career in politics he better stop stuffing himself.
    What the heck is he eating?

  • mrmagoo

    How awesome! Obama goes on the Tonight Show, The View, David Letterman and too many others to count, all while the US Economy sinks, Americans are murdered in Benghazi and the world starts falling to sh**, and THIS is what all you bleeding socialists can say about Christie?
    None of you deserve a response to your pointless posts! Fools!

  • http://twitter.com/TebobBob @TebobBob

    I'm a conservative but he is beyond disgusting now. If some miracle from God for him happened and he got the nomination in 4 years I'd stay home before I'd step one foot out the door for this arrogant pig… I think he's pretty much finished and a joke actually…….

  • End the Fed

    The sad thing is that SNL is a bad show.
    Maybe he should have gone on a good show?

  • Westfield no

    15 days without power
    No heat
    No elementary or high school school for kids
    No gas for a generator
    Explain someone how christy is doing such a great job?
    Because I cannot figure it out
    This man had all the njtransit trains stored in the Hoboken and kearney lots yup right on the water
    All ruined
    Great planning..
    State is so incompetent it’s the only state not to grade their law bar exams yet …INCOMPETEnt
    Oh and don’t use sandy as an excuse….40 states were graded before sandy
    Fatso will never be the republican candidate he’s a pig making fun of a situation where people are suffering

  • RealDeal

    Amazing to see Christie go out without any shame. This guy is not a Republican anymore. He stabbed Romney in the back and kissed Obama's backside. He's pathetic and an egomaniac. Good luck New Jersey, you need it.

  • josie

    I would prefer not to see him again for a while.

  • Guest_Zoner

    I can't be the only one who remembers the purple-lipped kenyan joking with the press and talking about nothing for several minutes on the day one of his muslim brothers shot up Fort Hood.

  • kksantafe

    Now that he's the new golden boy for the libs and democrats, it's ok for him to make fun of people's suffering. The libs said they were happy the storm came, the libs laughed about "shovel ready" jobs as 25 million people are out of work.
    Christie is a disgrace, he should just change parties and admit his a liberal then Obama can openly thank him for getting him re-elected.

  • End the Fed

    If he is ever on a boat that runs out of gas, he can just drain the oil out of his skin and make it all the way to red china…

  • artemis133

    Looks like Christie's been hanging around King Obama too long!

  • Mike

    He and his wife have raised over $15 million for victims. Give it a break. You are just trying to jump on anything to criticize him since he has handled it so well.

  • Westfield

    I'd vote for Obama over this Benedict Arnold
    ..and that says a lot
    Romney was 10x the good person this piece of lard is

    But I am beginning to think Ron Paul was the one that got away
    Perhaps his son will run…save America

  • herdzcatz

    I'll tell you who the 1% is. It is the media, entertainment, and the government classes. We are just a few steps away from "Hunger Games" mentality.

  • mary

    Yeah. Now they're calling McCain a "crusty old fart" for daring to question Susan Rice's version of events. They love you until you stand up for something.

    • teaparty01

      The hypocrisy of this post is overwhelming. You all were begging for Christie during the primaries and now that he praised govt (aka lord satan muslim obama) you have turned on him so fast his eyebrows would hit the floor.

      • Mark Matis

        You might want to check who REALLY was "begging for Christie during the primaries." I think that if you bother to look at all, you'll find it was not THIS crowd…

      • Susanna Gordon

        AS a Tea Party-er myself, I was not begging for Christie, nor were any conservatives I know. He is a chameleon, and that has been obvious all along.

        However, I have been shocked and dismayed by this latest – the fawning, the bowing, the scraping. Disgusting, especially when you consider just who, and what, Barry Soetero is.

  • barry1817

    so nice to see how this is covered by the lame stream media.

    How long have they been without power, with temps dropping and where is obozo as well after his photo op before the election, and missing in action since that photo op.

  • Adam

    Both of the articles you've linked to about the current state of NJ are at least a week old, and Christie apparently was on SNL last night. I'm not claiming to have any idea as to what the current situation is in New Jersey, but I'm also not terribly confident that you do either, if you're pulling from week-old news on a fast changing situation like this. I'm not sure if you're aiming to be outwardly disingenuous here, or if you're just lazy.

    Ya' think ya' coulda found some actually recent articles to link? Especially considering the centerpiece of your piece is bad timing on Christie's part?

  • End the Fed

    It's Bush's fault!

  • MaynardGKrebbs

    You all blamed "W" for katrina,why aren't you giving the same scrutiny to Obama ?

  • patron

    Don't trust fat people.

  • Shane

    Please STFU, you whiny @$$ f-ers.

  • Skep41

    That tubby punk's career took a slide the day he humped Our Dear Leader like an unfixed Jack Russel Terrier. Now he's a lib housepet. Maybe that's how you get reelected in Obamaland East. Our here in Cali we like our incompetent liberal governors skinny.

  • Eagle in NYC

    Christie Todd Whitman was swept into office in 1994 by the same storm surge of "Taxed Enough Already", conservative fervor that would birth the real Tea Party movement sixteen years later. She campaigned heavily on cutting taxes and ridding the state of the insidious Democrat corruption that strangled statewide, exemplified by her predecessor, "Flim Flam" Florio. She was a hot, rising star in the conservative Republican, national movement. Until she rejected her conservative principles to become just another, split-the-difference, Northeast, Rockefeller Democrat… er, I mean "Republican". (But I heard that the Establishment Media wrote fewer hit pieces on her after her conversion. So it must have been worth it to her. And more cocktail party invitations too, I'm sure.)

  • richievee

    You're not funny Christie, you're fat…and looks as if you would be but you're not

  • laffin'atcha

    Once he put his fat arm around Obama and kissed Obama's arse to get the FEMA money, Christie's political goose was cooked. He might as well get a little in return…

    • bhartman36

      Right. Because it's such a horrible crime to say nice things about someone when you're trying to get money from them, right?

      Seriously, do you tea party types listen to yourselves?

      • voyeur

        You do realize disaster relief would have arrived without Christie rolling over, begging, kissing Obama's arse while nonchalantly stabbing Romney in the back . Christie' was a complete loser that day!

  • Eagle in NYC

    Well, this Christie has all the same hallmarks of the 1994 model. Swept into office promising tax-cutting, job-creating, wealth-building conservative principles. Only to show his true colors as just another "Love me, please love me, Establishment Media", kiss-ass to Obama, spineless hypocrite. Meanwhile, his constituents got treated far worse than New Orleans did after Katrina, and yet he's out there, lips-to-ass with Obama every time a camera passes by, letting unions dictate what repair crews fix downed electrical lines and publicly telling FEMA that their half-assed response is just fine by him.

    It reminds me of Charlie Brown getting fooled by Lucy every time he steps up to kick the football. The only advice for voters in New Jersey I would give is, that if the "conservative" is named Christie, run away.

  • Paul

    Much ado about nothing. Anyone annoyed about Christie appearing on SNL probably needs to take a little break from partisan politics. He says Obama is helping out his state, and all of a sudden he is enemy #1 of conservatives. Keep that s#%t up, and Republicans will never win another WH election.

  • Rod Flash

    Christie is a total fraud and a lunatic. He doesn't give a flip about America's future.

  • Frank Arden

    I am a conservative. There is something I don’t trust about Christie. Any intelligent man that is so obese as he is ought to have the intelligence to do something about it. Further, as a conservative, I don’t like his reckless mouth. He’s almost as offensive as Allen West.

    It’s easy to go before the cameras and say hot-blooded things about hot-blooded things that please hot-blooded people to get even more hot-blooded, but that is not leadership.

    Christie has a deep psychological problem because he is obese. He wants, and will do almost anything, to be loved just so he doesn’t have to consider losing weight.

    He has a disease called “Morbid Obesity.” This means the man could drop dead tomorrow of a heart attack. Look at him. He’s gotten fatter since he was NJ’s Attorney General before he became governor.

    I really don’t want, nor intend, to sound hateful of fat people. I need to lose more than a few lb’s myself, but Christie won’t admit it publicly or do anything about it quietly. Yet, he goes about the media with his 500 lbs running his mouth (when it is not inhaling food).

    By the way, have you ever seen him smile? Perhaps I’ve missed something, but he always has this smirk, an upside-down smile which, I suppose, all of us would have if we thought deep down that we looked like Mr. Potato Head with hands and feet the size of tooth-pics in relation to the rest of us.

    And now I see he is joking on SNL while people in his state are still cold, wet, starving and still without power only two weeks after he rubbed his grotesquely larded belly against the president’s lean frame the very week of the election and two months after he was the keynote speaker at the Republican Convention followed by some of his most caustic criticisms of the president in the last two years.

    New Jersey voted overwhelmingly for Obama and was always expected to do just that, and Obama was just doing his job to visit that state and to recognize the disaster there. I hope he would come down here to Georgia after a similar catastrophe. I expect he would. There was no need for the fat Christie to grovel before the president like that other than to satisfy a deep and complicated need to be loved.

    Another thing, the US needs to tighten its belt on spending and cut its clothes according to its cloth.

    How can anyone ever become a conservative national leader who preaches fiscal responsibility and spending limits if they have no idea how to tighten their own belt?

  • YosemiteFudd

    If by "done a great job" you mean fellating his Dear Leader Obama during Obama's photo-op — where Dear Leader made no apologies about using the storm and fatboy Christie as political props and a political backdrop — right before a crucial presidential election … then, yes, this fat bag of crap is really knocking it out of the park.

  • Chuck

    If this clown gets the Republican nomination in 2016 he will simply join the ever growing list of Moderate-Left Republican losers such as Dole, McCain and Romney and yet another hard left Democrat will ascend to the oval office to wreck more havoc on America cleaning up whatever Obummer may have left behind…When O When will this party wake up and realize they have to nominate a true CONSERVATIVE, and when and if they do to turn him, or her loose, and not stifle them as they did Paul Ryan…The Boehner-Rove influence in this party must go or we will never win again….And while we're at it, Boehner must go also, we dont want a dealmaker we want backbone

  • DHomesley

    Hmm…being as he didn't have time to help Romney campaign because of his state needing him…I have to assume his state must not need him anymore and it's all back to normal…What a loser this man is…I used to have so much admiration for him and I even wanted HIM to get the nomination and was so disappointed he didn't run…Well, I can assure you all and HIM that he will never have to worry about getting my vote for anything in the future…I despise him and can barely stand to look at him now…

  • Ben

    HA HA HA HA!
    Christie Kritter

  • jxp

    To think there was talk of having this buffoon to be on the republican ticket as vp. When Crhistie lost his head during a crisis and paniced, he depressed millions and may have lost the election and caused a never ending obama hurricane of distruction on the once great USA. Rest in peace USA 1776-2008

    • Thomas Paine

      My thoughts exactly. It would have been a HUGE mistake to put this worthless bootlicker in the Vice Presidency, one heatbeat away from the Oval Office!!

      • Jasonn

        HUGE mistake, eh? You're crackin' me up! ; )

    • Shimon

      You guys are darn crazy. This was a hurricane for Mosses’ sake. He was not supposed to play politics and he didn’t. To claim that he was supposed to play politics after such a tragedy is idiocy. I admire Christie for being courageous enough to sacrifice his own future for the sake of his state.

      And stop believing all this crap about Obama and others that you disagree with. If not you are doomed to remain a minority party for decades.

      • Alana Kauwe

        All this crap about Obama is true. It is you who are blinded by reality that need help. He is a worthless piece of crap. No backbone and no character. He is a loser and a bum. He is too afraid to really tell us the truth about his past. When another four years go by and the economy is still in the tank, then you will know what I mean!

  • YosemiteFudd

    Christie is a bloated bag of crap. There's really nothing more that needs to be said. To see him fawning and drooling over Dear Leader as Dear Leader swung by to use the storm as a backdrop for his pre-election-day photo-op … well, that was a nauseous sight.

  • YosemiteFudd

    Christie might as well be Obama's shoeshine boy.

  • YosemiteFudd

    Christie is an Obama bootlicker extraordinaire. He's grotesque.

  • Will

    I don't know what people get so touchy about this for. He has done so much to help the NJ relief efforts, one Saturday Night appearance neither mitigates nor distracts from that.

    Quit being so eager to be offended and care about the important things.

  • Nergol

    OK, seriously, some people need to grow the hell up. The President of the United States showed up in Gov. Christie’s state after a major natural disaster, and because Christie received him with cordiality and the respect due his office instead of punching him in the gut, spitting in his eye, flipping him the bird, or behaving in accordance with some or another of the childish revenge fantasies that float around in the minds of people with ten tons of ideological zeal and not an ounce of class, all of a sudden he’s the biggest traitor since Vidkun Quisling.

    Seriously, I worry for our political system when I see childishness on the level I’ve seen in the wake of this election – both the insufferable gloating on the left and the hysterical, classless finger-pointing on the right. If this is really what we’re all going to act like, then we really don’t deserve, and obviously aren;t mature enough as a nation to handle, self-government.

    • Traylor Trasch

      One big problem with 2012 in general, and this administration in particular, is the obsession with image and class at the expense of facts and truth. Give me plain talk and honesty.

  • jhoger

    Wow, payback time for Christie. I can see the circular firing squads are in vogue in conservative-land

  • Thomas Paine

    Greeting the President cordially, with a handshake for example, is one thing, but hugging him does make Christie a clone of Quisling. I'd have said "Welcome to New Jersey, Mr. President, and now, how about some immediate action on your part to help us?"

  • Curlyhammed

    Well, now that Chris Farley is gone, Saturday Night Live does need a fat clown. Chris Christie Farley will now make faces and slobber on himself.

  • Josh

    You know he went on SNL to thank the Red Cross, right? I think its unfair to be criticizing him like this.

  • ronny

    What do ya expect heh? I’m from freakin’ Jersey over hear, heh? Ah Jeez

  • BlogOn

    Oh, let's blame Christie for a brief appearance on SNL & Obama regularly makes appearances on TV & celebrity dinners & roasts all the time…during & ater Superstorm Sandy. Really? Chris Christie has worked tirelessly since the storm hit. Let's focus on something way more important than this!

  • Jasonn

    To all you Liberal pukes faulting Christie for his SNL appearance, where was your faux outrage when Obama set off for Vegas while the bodies were still warm following the Benghazi massacre?

  • Eddie Velti

    What a super BIG FAT dumb a$s!!! Can you here the thud when he hits the ground slipping on the grease oozing from his body? A 9.0 on the Richter Scale.
    Hey fatso, try doing something productive, like helping the people of N.J., or is that too difficult for you to grasp … oh sorry you are too fat, to grasp you're own a$$!

  • Eric Thebold

    You right-wing freaks are so amusing. The guy puts his constituents ahead of partisan politics and you all turn against. You’re all pathetic!

    • Cal-Con

      To help you out Eric, here's the point that is so obvious that most people commenting here don't bother to mention it: Obama wasn't interested in helping the storm victims when he visited New Jersey, rather, as a struggling candidate, he just wanted to get some good photo ops with an all-too-willing Republican governor. That's why we "right-wing freaks" are upset with Christie. Because his acceptance of Obama had little to do with helping his constituents, and everything to do with positive publicity for them both.

      By the way, I just read that one of your heroes, Timmy Geithner, just said he believes the debt ceiling should be abolished and the debt be allowed to spiral up into infinity. Eric, you're the pathetic one for voting for and enabling these human wrecking balls like Geithner and Obama to destroy our country. You don't see how you're throwing yourself over a cliff, but the worst thing is, you're dragging the rest of us responsible people over the cliff with you.

  • joedaddy

    The New Jersey and northeast voters voted for Obama now they must live with it. The election is over and he doesn't need you anymore. Suck it up. You get what you voted for. I have no sympathy for you. Go eat a twinkie and stand next to a barrel fire, oh wait Obama's unions failed the twinkie's also. LOL

  • Oh Noes!

    You know Mittens is not a christian but a mormon, the one who believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers and that one day mormons will all have their own planet to muliply and rule over. No, then look it up / he is not a man of God but honest he was and yes he loves this country. Anyhoo… Chrissy boy is not having a good month. Heh!

  • Doobie

    just another example of how our leadership letting us down how long did it take to turn the light's on time square on I think it was next day and we still have kid's with no power or heat great job guys

  • JM in San Diego CA

    I've been thinking favorably about him for a long time. No more. I don't know what he's thinking but it certainly isn't good.

    He's a one-man torpedo who has launched against himself. No more good thoughts.

    However, if NBC is going to kick in a few million dollars in relief efforts, then I'm wrong. But not otherwise.

  • Jane

    Nergol – Self government requires self government by each individual. That requires a willingness to be responsible for oneself – to observe the rule of law and understand the proper role of government. It is the supporters of the Usurper in Chief who are not capable of self government, instead they want a government that uses coercive measures to take from their neighbors and fellow citizens – to take from those who work to support themselves and their families. The anger and rage people have about the invasive, punishing leviathan that has taken on a life of it’s own and tried to demolish the basis for our nation is actually justified. A group of deceitful, greedy sociopaths think they can use force to get compliance from the very people from whom they derive their power. They are supposed to be our servants not our masters – the same goes for police, fire ad every other public employee – the real title is public servant. Unfortunately I doubt anything anyone says will penetrate your blind allegiance to progressive – should I say divisive politics.

  • susa

    Seems like they all absorbed something unholy

  • Edknowsall

    Christie cost Romney the election when he kiss Obama’s black as$. Now, thanks to this fat jerk America will suffer a lot more damage than one hurricane could ever cause. Republicans will not forgive or forget what Christie has done.

  • Cal-Con

    I was suspicious of Chris Christie as a politician even before Sandy, but he lost my support and my respect forever when he welcomed Obama the opposition party’s candidate into his state just days before the election and gave him the photo ops he desperately needed. Obama could do nothing for New Jersey except get in the way and be a distraction, but he needed the positive publicity, and Christie was there to oblige. Don’t tell me Obama’s visit was good for the people, it was pandering, and nothing more. Christie helped Obama and hurt Romney, and for that, he should be shunned by conservatives the rest of his career.

  • janvones

    Can we recall this fool? I am a Republican, I voted for him. I didn’t want him to run for President because I didn’t want to lose him as governor. Now I’d rather have McGreevy. He did all his but licking in private.

  • http://twitter.com/txshurricane @txshurricane

    "Settled and free from hardship" sounds socialist. Life is tough – suck it up.

  • John Stephano

    He lost my vote!

  • LIncoln Robertson

    The only thing really wrong and disgusting is the guy has an R next to his name.

  • Jim W

    Could be worse, he could be the President and go golfing.

  • Craig Fleshman

    Hey Chris, A women without power with 3 hungry children …. how many meals have you missed you fat pig?
    I could NOT have been MORE of a fan of yours before this pathetic display. In fact how many meals have you, your wife and your children missed? I bet not one. Your children and wife should NOT go hungry, but please keep your fat face off the TV. Perhaps you should mix in a salad and donate your full plate to these 3 children. Pride comes before the fall and BTW you are not that funny.

  • Captain Spaulding

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Max

    Those who attributed poitical ambitions to Christie were but half right. His obsequious embrace of Obama, schoolgirlish fawning over Bruce Springsteen and now his audition on SNL show that he is ambious for stardom in showbiz, not politics. Given his dimensions, it is only apt that he lumbers into Hollywood like a 18 wheeler manure truck. And who would deny that he is capable of launching into his career with a substantial splash? I can see him playing the role of Minnesota Fats in a remake of the Hustler. He is made to order for a screen biograhy of Fatty Arbuckle. Once he has honed his talent, he should be able to reprise the role of the Fatman in a remake of the Maltese Falcon.

  • Gloria knapp

    Hey Christie, you may not remember new Orleans after Katrina, but I do, , we were trying to figure out how many people died I their attics in the lake front, wehad no time for your antics on SNL, we were getting phone calls about women dying after one week in an attic without water, did you bring water blankets, food to those hungry Victims.? No you're busy on the most vulgar evening show on TV while other hard working govt officials are deciding how to demolish more than 200 jhomes in NY/NJ, we won't forget this, people are starving in your state!

  • Alan

    Christie IS a 'survival kit' . All he seems to care about his his OWN survival (and self-promotion). A class-A jerk, IMO.

  • bradpwa

    The only jerk here is this post's author. Notice how he conveniently leaves out what was said by Christie on SNL. Christie has used his personality very effectively to draw attention to what has happened. Yes the East Coast is still suffering, but the TV crews have moved on, so it's good for us West Coasters to be reminded they still need our help. Got me to donate to the Red Cross again. I'd also add that Christie has superbly handled the response as far as I can read from any objective source. All this aside, it was a very funny appearance.

  • Dean

    Acting like the liberal Democrat that he really is.
    This joke made the statement that he didn’t care about the Presidential election he just cared about getting help for his state. Pretty short sighted, let the country go to hell as long as I get money from the Feds to take care of what’s mine.

  • skifri3

    This kind of article really only weakens the GOP.

    This is pretty much why the GOP loses… The election is over and Romney lost! We need to get over it and cut the petty BS like in this article. We blame Christie for helping Obama win, but hey, there'd be no Christie-Obama moment if it wasn't for Sandy. How about we start blaming God for sending Sandy to ensure Obama's victory? I'm sure that'll make you feel better, right?

    Time to get past this election and build a winning coalition to take back the Senate in 2014 and the presidency in 2016. If we waste all our time bashing Republicans who run liberal states, we'll never take back the presidency.

  • Richard Boyen

    CHRISTIE is no more or less then a animated pile of demon inspired pig feces! A PIG who should be a "poster FAT BOY punk for BIG MACS"…a phony human being…a self serving dog in rabid political heat who needs to be politically neutered and thrown in jail for being a liar and thief and killer….yep…KILLER…to leave Americans to die in the conditions they are in in HIS STATE is to be guilty of PREMEDITATED MURDER!

  • Sandra

    Apparently, you do not understand that along with being somewhat entertaining on SNL, Christie is also tasked with making sure the rest of the country does not forget about New Jersey, and its citizens who are making do under extremely difficult conditions. Anything he can do to keep New Jersey from slipping from front page news, as reportage of other dire world conditions take its place, is a good thing. I am not usually a fan of his, but he sure has stepped up to remind the world that his state is suffering, and I am sure that has prompted some donations that might otherwise have been late in coming. So, good for him, representing for his state.

  • Dave

    This is a true tragedy. However, this is another example of entitled people not taking care of their own. If everyone were radically self-reliant, with a generator, food, water, blankets and emergency shelter on hand, neighbors could rely on one another, and not wait for the government to swoop in and help them.

  • Rick

    He was bullied as a kid and to have all the liberals love him is a bullied kids dream come true. He will be a keep liking me"s long as "they justwhatever they want him to be.

  • ed357

    "Dortmund" goes on Saturday Night Live to ham it up………

    while NJ residents suffer.

    "0blameo" partays in the Far East……..

    while the fiscal cliff and "Sequestration" looms at year end.

    Neither want to do their damn job.

  • colovite6787

    He is a giant Cephalopod.

  • lotzahair

    There is always time for these overworked politicians to be on SNL – couldn't Tina Fey play his part ? Why not move SNL into the oval office ? Most of it is already there and the teleprompter – all the clowns are waiting.

  • bob

    At one time I supported Christie. He seemed like a really good guy. Now… he comes off as nothing but a total a**hole. He's a joke! A toadie to the liberals. A shill.

  • shakauvm

    It was a Class 1 tropical depression, not the end of the world. Christie is free to do whatever he wants.

  • Gman

    This pales in comparison to Obama's +100 rounds of golf he's been on when our country is in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

  • exiled conservative

    I'm planning on donating to Christie's challenger when he's up for re election. And I'm registered Repub. This bucket of lard was thinking of his re election. Oh I'm glad he helped his state, but it hurt our national election. It's pretty common knowledge that some people saw his photo op with obama and some voted for obama because of it. Well that hurt us nationally. Gonna throw my money for his challenger.

  • craig eliot

    hey, big dopes, whatever else he may be, he's an Italian from Jersey!—so he knows what's what and no bs'ing with this guy!

  • Lee

    fat slob!

  • AncestralYuba

    Why not?

    Barack Obama shows up and he's treated like a rock star.

    Nobody gives a damn.

  • Sunny97478

    I find this Obese Buffoon absolutely disgusting, with no class and very low brow the way he takes on anyone who questions his royal hignness. UGH! This CLOWN will never get my vote for any position in our government. He would need to lose 250 pounds just to be elected DOG CATCHER!

  • stevenwhitener

    I bet everyone in NY NJ could use a good laugh about now, not the most important thing but it is probably sorely needed.I think there were 2 people in congress we could trust to tell us the truth and could not be bought- they will both be gone now…..I bet anyone with any sense can name them both, one repub one demo….

  • JudgeMental

    Christy = Blowhard RINO.

    • JW

      JudgeMental…you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!

    • http://teapartymojo.com Juan Adams Galt

      Christy = Big Fat, Crispy Cream, Self-Serving, hey look at me-me-me I wanna be president and loved by the liberal media Blowhard RINO.

      Juan Adams Galt

  • secret smile

    Yes, because nothing says you care more than having no sense of humor when people badly need a laugh

    • Foggyworld

      Thank you Governor for finally doing something right. Many of us haven’t laughed in three weeks and I for one think you should go on SNL which is on your own time and keep it up.

      On the other hand, it’s kind of unfair to blame the governors for what is missing national (Red Cross) and federal (FEMA) money which is what is needed by these states. We folks paid those premiums and gave to the Red Cross and now just have to ask where did the money go?????

      The federal head of FEMA said much of his budget was transferred by the President to Homeland Security because he and his team (according to Bob Woodward’s latest book) decided that they again were masters of the universe and could convince each other that we wouldn’t see another Katrina for 20 years.

      I do think we also have way too many double and triple dipping Mayors in NJ who just aren’t around and as usual aren’t doing much more than collecting another paycheck and huge pension. That the Governor said he would stop and he has not.

      And to talk about raising NJ taxes which are the worst in the nation in that we pay the most but receive the least back from the Feds. Something has to be done about our two senators who get away with our being short changed year after year.

      So let the Governor help us by laughing on some Saturday nights but please then Sir, get back to your desk and halt the issuing of building permits to such out of date codes because without a freeze or a xeroxing of say the North Carolina coastal building specs, people are just patching up the same old things the same old way. That should stop tomorrow and anything new should be built to the xeroxed NC specs. Then let your commission do it’s collective thing and once again we will see a group trying to design the perfect horse but instead producing a camel.

      We can’t wait for any more studies. Most of those affected are very aware of what needs to be done and are disappointed at all the pushing off of dates. And maybe there is a legal way to get rid of the President of JCPL who apparently is incapable of doing his job and of telling the truth..

  • http://americandigest.org Gerard Vanderleun

    Dead politician squatting.

  • Tom NJ

    Lifelong NJ resident here who lost power for 10 days. The SNL bit was very pro NJ and funny. This is a hack piece. Christie has been putting in 14/16/18 days since the 26th. Two thumbs up for Christie!

    • guest

      I don’t know how you did it for 10 days. God bless you and hope nothing more happens except good things. Very best wishes for strength and health to you and New Jersey.

  • aspire

    You're children. He's the Gov of a state in peril. Any attention he can draw, (yes, even with Obama) brings attention and therefore aid to the state. Those who choose to pay attention to politics, need to STOP focusing on politics and focus on solutions. This article exposes the ignorance and immaturity our populace has become. sad…..

  • james

    Sad that you would post this as journalism. Now is not the time to eat our own. Have some character and less sour grapes. We lost, dont beat up one of the few guys who can cross the divide, that just makes you another part of the hyper-partisan problem. Most disappointing thing I have seen on here in a long time.
    J. Phillips MD

  • Rebel123

    Gov. Christie is a stupid, fat jerk.

  • http://guyaverage.blogspot.com GuyAverage

    Christie is angling to be Barack Hussein's VP for the Third Term. Or maybe to be in charge of all of the Hostess recipes and production facilities.

  • mark l.

    Well, you all vote for the personality and not the politics and you get what you deserve…

  • RiseRightAmerica

    Who watches "SNL" other than the leftists an the stupid. Christie has an ego as big as he is, so this is nothing more than self-promotion. He's following the "PR" cues from his buddy, Maobama.
    Christie is a leftist, big government troll like Obama.

  • DennisinOhio

    I don't know of any Jersy citizen who cares more about the welfare of the state than Christie. Cut him a break for trying to bring more attention to the ongoing suffering which is all but ignored by our Prez, who is good at photo ops, but little else and is now hobnobbing with the undemocratic tyrants of SE Asia while the Middle East boils over and his Cabinet runs for shelter so they won't be around for the meltdown of the second term.

  • Wharf Rat

    Trying to be part of the in crowd,you wont catch Rush being that stupid.

  • Tom

    What do you expect? He learned it from Obama. We don't have leaders for the people anymore. We should have cleaned house during the election. But, noooo! People had to put the same dead tired people back in office. Why is anyone complaining? You all did it. Shut up and go back to sleep. Your welfare check is coming. What are you worried about!? This is America's fault. Some message we sent. You get what you deserve. Voting has co sequences!

  • Russ

    What a total Jackass!


    Throw the *Fat-Ass* bozo out at the next election!!!

  • HaroldB1957

    The fat basta_d has lost his mind.

  • Otis B Driftwood

    Did ya write a column each time your beloved Obama appeared on Letterman? Or the time he shunned the Iraeli PM because he had an appearance on The View? Or the time he flew off to Vegas for a fundraiser while his ambassador was being murdered? Probably not, dick. We're all suffering out here while the pres play golf and he hosts parties in the white house…but I'm sure the next four years will be so much better than the last 4.

  • Mark

    Fat pig

  • rplat

    Way to go New Jersey . . . you really fooled us with this joker.

  • an76

    First SNL mocked Christie during the height of the storm which was irresponsible and in poor taste to the governor and people in the tristate area suffering. His choice to come on to SNL was poor judgement while people remain in NJ without shelter, clothing, food, the crisis is NOT OVER and no one should be advancing their career on the backs of victims.

  • Time2growup

    I see all the jealous haters posting…. Irrelevant, immature posters, simply amazing
    how foolish they sound. They need to get a life.

  • Rob

    He is a RINO nothing less. America has been becoming a 3rd world nation for some years now, If you look at the veggies in the store they are all going bad and they are no longer grown here.

    With all the farm land why cannot they grow this stuff locally and sell it as such. I have a garden every year and I can what I can and I also give some away (I am sure the government would hate me) I also have a fruit tree that gives fresh fruit this is what people should start doing also if you do grow your own food make sure the seeds are NOT hybred as the seeds inside the fruit will NOT give you anything if you plant them the next year.

    Look on the internet for non hybred seeds.

  • joe krupa

    Not as stupid as Drudge.

  • Steve
  • Dlc

    I sure would like to see you all elect someone new “get things done”” without making a photo op or comic out of New Jew Jersey! Looks like he ran scared to anyone!! Who else will be runing against hin next year??I su

  • Dlc

    I sure would like to see you all elect someone new “get things done”” without making a photo op or comic out of New Jew Jersey! Looks like he ran scared to anyone!! Who else will be runing against hin next year??

  • mike

    He should just fly to Vegas instead.

  • Justin

    Wow.. This group is seriously unhinged. Scary.

  • NJShame

    Um, Gov. Christie? You have a little something on your chin — I think Obama left it behind.

    I will NEVER vote for a ticket you're on, Chris. Your poitical future is about as viable as Hitlery Clinton's. You'd better stay in NJ, if they'll still have you, that is.

  • twan jim

    This only works for Obama, then it is met with cheers of approval.

  • http://twitter.com/TeaPartyMojo @TeaPartyMojo

    NJ Gov Christie, A body 10 times smaller than his ego wrestling with strong Ox-Like urges for fame, fortune & lefty approval while claiming to be like Steve Lonigan.

    Juan Adams Galt

  • Floridian

    New Jersey people are a bunch of babies! My, my I was out of power for ten days…I don’t know how we survived…and on, and on. I live in Florida. We were out of power for 14 days followed by 10days with out power in one year. Did those babies in New Jersey hear us crying about our Governor or FEMA or the Power Company….NO! Suck it up New Jersey and take care of yourself….and stop crying all the time blaming everyone who is trying to help you.

  • rs3678

    Here we have the GOP darling in chief until he thanks Obama for his support!!!! now he is the devil!!! haha, this is like a Karl Rove act of denial after losing Ohio and West not wanting to give up Florida. The GOP should be attacking the tea baggers for losing the election not this guy. Christie had the entire GOP support until Ryan showed up, he was Mr Idol!!! He never said that he was voting for Obama, the only thing he said was that he thanked the president for his support but the GOP wanted to make a Katrina out of this!!! Just like right nowthey want to prosecute the president over Libya…when Bush left people were asking Obama if he wanted to prosecute Bush over the death of 3,000 at the WTC because they knew and could prevent it but decided not to do anything about it. That is why the GOP lost!!!

    • geo3

      rs3678, this is your AM health attendant. You forgot to take your medication…

  • rs3678

    So who is going your new candidate? Rubio? An ex Cuban socialist? haha!!!

  • Crosscut

    Christie’s political career is toast. He blew that when he went all kissy face on Obama. He will not be re-elected. Christie disappointed a lot of people.

  • http://mc.com The Man

    This article killed many of my brain cells.

  • Frank

    Outdated article and bad reporting.
    Just an excuse to bash Christie.
    There arenot 10000 without power anymore Christie did a great job.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    SNL? Does anybody even bother to watch that anymore?

  • Givemeabreak

    This article is such a joke, the author is sooo upset with Christie offending his constituents, I wonder is the author a resident of New Jersey, if not, shut up. Worry about your state ad quit interfering in others. Last time I checked governors do not work on power lines or for cable companies so I’m not sure what you think he should be doing. Also, last time I checked people without power cannot watch TV so clearly they are not bent out of shape about this as you are. Our country would be much better if people would focus on the issues of their own states and quit interfering in others, we are a country of states not one big country.

  • spiritwolf

    From the Jersey Shore slammed by Sandy, many friends & family lost everything, yet they all appreciate a little humor to lighten their pain over their loss. If Christie did not appear, SNL would have done a skit without Christie & they wouldn't have plugged in support or how to donate. Before Sandy hit land Christie began & to this day continues to focus on taking care of his people & state. Lighten up people or go live in NY where the Governor did & continues to do less than an adequate job.

  • Votarus4

    Seth Meyers has put a serious end to his last 2 shows, asking for donations for the victims of Sandy. That Christie dropped by on his own time to bring it up yet again is what’s called using humor to get your point across. Millions of people saw that sketch and were reminded again of the ridiculous situation these people have found themselves.
    Also note, some of the things Christie said cut right to the core with folks who have been slow or incompetent. He wasn’t just having laughs on SNL, he purposefully ticked off organizations that let his state down. Much as I despise the easy-target of Christie, I’m impressed with how seriously he takes standing up for his state in a time of need. He’s a blow-hard, sure, so let him blow. It’ll be good for donations.

  • Long Islander

    For the Floridian commenting on NJ being babies….Being out of power in Fl is a lot different than being out of power in NJ. The temperature's been dipping into the freezing point with frost on the ground. We were w/o services (power, gas & phone) for 19 days. We slept with 7 blankets on us. The house cannot get warm with no walls, insulation or rugs. Try comparing apples to apples not to oranges in Fl.

  • EdL

    Give the guy a break. He's blowing off some steam, and not once did he say anything negative about NJ, the Red Cross, the first responders, etc. He made sure the kudos he gave out were sincere, and reminded people that the hurt and pain caused by Sandy is going to take a while to heal.

  • Steven

    Did Mr. Greenfield write the same kind of article when Obama went on The View and Letterman when 4 men were killed in Bengazi. Maybe he did, but if he’s a liberal, he didn’t.

  • From ATL

    And who voted this clown into office? Obama voters of course.

  • DonatoBattiato

    I use to like this guy. Now…..go "F" yourself, A##hole!

  • TB

    Why isn't Barak Obama being wing hammered by the media for Sandy the way Bush was hammered for Katrina? Oh that's right MSM

  • Naz

    Where are the critics that reported Obama flew in for a photo op with Christi the day after the storm and and then flew to Las Vegas to raise $ not for NY or NJ, but for his re-election

  • AmericansVsDemocRats

    The difference between a hurricane survivor down South and you gweedos up North is that, the guy in the South was prepared, never complained, accepted reality, AND VOTED FOR A BETTER FUTURE!

  • Cranios

    I need to go check the archives to see if this editorialist had the same complaint about Obama’s many vacations and trips during tragedies like the Benghazi issue or similar ones. I hope he’s being consistent and not just partisan.

  • 1stThron

    Under the Katrina rules of the Blame Game, neither mayors nor governors are at fault only the President of the United States is at fault. Governors and mayors are suppose to be source for the press to criticize the president, not take responsibilty. Please remember, the president during Katrina had pre-staged necessary supplies and equipment before the storm and immediately demonized. The Protected Liar never did any pre-staging for Sandy and he was glorified for how he managed the crisis. But then the Protected Liar is a Democrat and its good to be a Democratic president when you fail to adequately respond to storms, ambassadors under fire, gun running to Mexco, unemployment becoming a growth business, and on and on and on………

  • the truth

    Listen Cristie and Obama did a horrible job with Sandy. You just dont hear about it like Katrina because the shameful media covered for Obama. Christie is a bozo and a disgrace, He tried to use this storm to further his political career, to appeal to moderatesa when he runs for president by holding hands with Obama. It backfired. No conservative republican will EVER vote for this ahooole.

  • John

    Probably thinking if it works for obammer then it should work for me.

    • haphazard

      Wow, did I mis-judge this guy. It was refreshing at first to see such a bold straight talker. Lost much respect after the fake Christie-Obama photo-op and love fest right before the election as per Christie’s request. Now with this SNL extravaganza, I’ve concluded that like Obama, Christie is a textbook narcisisst. He would not get my vote for city council let alone President.

  • Mp

    Clarly drudge has decided hit Christie. Great to see GOP eating their own!

  • Fed Up

    People grow up. Why is this alll his fault and responisbility. HE IS NOT THE ELECTRIC company. he isn't the one living in an area where electric guys are attacked, thrown out because they are not union and lal the other crap your giving them. He has pushed and pushed. As far as all three mayors go they have done excellent jobs. It was a n act of nature and they are not god. Here is an idea why don't you get pissed at the anointed one you idiots voted back in office since he and you think he is god.Funny how Christie being a republican gets a beat down while the idiot Democrat in the White House once again is left alone by the press. Hmmm me thinks Bush heard plenty when Katrina was a problem but some how (maybe even because they know he has nothing to give) Obama is getting no hassle.

  • Josh

    He's a socialist, commie, pinko, atheist homosexual alright! How dare he take a break for a few hours and have a brief respite from the arduous task of coordinating a weeks long state of emergency! If there's even one person in New Jersey who doesn't have three square meals a day, he should not even be taking time off to sleep. After all, relying on the government to help you in a time of need is the Republican way!

  • KIdCharlemagne

    One-term Christie. This pig is roasted.
    Two weeks of living in the 19th century and he's making light about it? Pure arrogance.

  • Sal

    Nixon started the clowning on television with his "sock it to me" nonsense on Laugh In 40 years ago.
    Clinton turned it into an art form and now all Presidential Candidates lower themselves to this venue.
    After turning a Presidentiao photo-op into a large campaign boost 1 week before the election, this obese
    fool continues his spiral downward. I assume Rubio is smiling confident that he is now the Republican's greatst hope (and possible the next President if the Republicans can agree to a rational Immigration policy)

  • bayjack

    Oh, it is just terrible that Republican Christie as on SNL while New Jerseyites are suffering. But, it is okay that Democrat President Obama flew off to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser right after three American DIED.

  • JD Carpenter

    How dare Christie follow President Obama's lead and do public TV shows during a crisis, that's the President's thing!

  • KLR

    Chris Christie, I am SO over you!

  • john gaun

    Doesnt look like christie missed any meals from the big disaster , he is your average corupt politician , nothing more than a bag of hot air

  • jason

    SNL is so libtard slided to the left, there is no doubt he flipped to wanting to be a Democrat. Anyone goes on that show they are a die hard leftie. Hillary Clinton did the same garbage he's pulling. They should recall his lame butt NOW. That oinker needs to be recalibrated

  • Randall

    Who voted for this slob?

  • jim

    what a disgusting slob of a man. he is truly a pig and an extremely poor excuse of the male species. why doesn't he spend some of his millions on gastric by-pass surgery? he's so repulsive i must now go vomit.

    • Mellie

      Gosh. Did someone diss yr fat mother, hence yr bitterness?

  • Archy Cary

    Put a fork in Jersey Fats' political career. He's cooked. And it's all self-inflicted.

  • catherine1000





    I AM NOT………………..OFFLMFAO

  • Jimbo

    Really disappointed by Christie over the last few months. First, a self-serving speech about HIM at the Republican Convention. Then, declaring the President as a practically a hero in the Sandy situation (how's that going? Seems very Katrina-like, and this time there wasn't even a levy break to go with a cat 3 or above hurricane, doubling the disaster that Bush had to deal with). Now, self-promoting on SNL as his state suffers? The worst part of the whole deal was when he knowingly propped up the President before the election (Christy's no dummy, he knew what it would do for Obama). Christy tells us for months how important the election is for our country's future, and our grandchildren's economical future, then he says after Sandy — screw the election, all that matters is this huirricane? So he says to heck with the future of our country because a single storm is more important? How is one disaster worse than your nation becoming a disaster, posibly for generations? Lost me there, sorry. Will never vote for Christy, and I'm not alone.

  • Farkel44

    I like the look on the face of the SNL cast member…..the look you get when your watching someone fall out of their chair.

  • Andy Kogenovitch

    Just like your darling Obama. The country is facing a fiscal crisis due to the lack of a federal budget for 4 years Obama has been in office. Obama is noa a leader but an empty suit. The middle east is facing an all out region wide war like nothing we have seen before. Where are Obama and Hillary? They are on a Junket to Phuket, Myanamar, and Asia. Nero Obama is Fiddling while Rome is Burning under his feet. At least Christie can hop in the car and he will be in Jersey in 10 minutes NYC is not on the other side of the world. Where is Liberal Jesus, your savior Obama, palying in the far east instead of managing the domestic and international crisis he helped create.

    Hypocrits the lot of you at Front Page.

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    This is truly a sad time for our country. We elect celebrity personalities with little good sense to high office rather than the best qualified minds devoted to a Constitutional government. We have an unappreciative, immoral citizenry that totally lacks virtue and principle, a citizenry that fusses about the inadequacies of charity rather than thanks for the the considerations of others on their behalf. Our government has become a tool for that defective citizenry to plunder their neighbors and accomplish feats of transgression that would have incurred penalties upon the common man doing the same himself.

    Governor Christie has skitted himself out of the opportunity for the Presidency, and for that I am grateful.

  • IndianaRedneck

    Much ado about nothing. As a staunch conservative, I don't see the big deal except that some people (like 99% of the posters here) just want to nitpick now that Christie helped hurt Romney's campaign. And considering that you all have time to post on here, I'm assuming you've already went to NJ and helped rebuild, right?

    Grow up and lighten up. In a period of crisis, maybe it's good for the people (and their leaders) to have a little fun now and then. Laughter helps soften the blow of an otherwise terrible situation.

  • mike

    You can tell which of our states have the dumbest people by who they vote for!

  • Lawrence

    I knew this was coming.
    I think he should have put in a pitch for donations to a Sandy charity at the end but what he did was not making fun of the tragedy. Also I think that since he was the most active of the three (the 2 Govs and the mayor of NYC) maybe he needed a short bit of a laugh.
    Give him a pass

  • Teresa

    Plenty of people died due to Sandy, also… I'm not getting the jokes. It's just very shallow behavior. SNL has been at it for weeks now.

    • Rascal69

      Let’s face it, SNL hasn’t been worth the paper it’s printed on in several years. I sometimes try to actually watch the show, hoping something will improve. But no, this show is so outdated and poorly written the cast members can’t get out of the way of their own jokes. Where’s John Belushi when you need him? Oh, that’s right, he’s dead…and so is SNL.

  • Shel

    I saw this. I hope everyone commenting also saw this. Because, if you did, you know this article is a hit job. I’m not even a Christie fan and I can see that. He thanked the appropriate people, made a joke about his fleece being part of his skin, and criticized mayors who refused to evacuate and reporters who needlessly put themselves in danger. The brunt of his humor was laughing at himself, something more people apparently need to learn to do. In the end, he promoted Atlantic City by reciting part of a Springsteen song. I’m sure that Christie and the state is worried about all of the tourism dollars they are going to lose over this. All of those communities will need cash to rebuild what has been lost. Before you get all hyper critical of that, remember that those tourist dollars help fund the state. Christie did his job. He did it on SNL because it attracts a demographic that needs convinced they will be able to come back to play in Atlantic City. Besides, everyone needs to laugh sometime.

  • Sparky2

    Christie knows that the only way you can be elected president is to have the NY/Hollywood media on your side…how he got elected governor in a blue state. This factor is why its very difficult for a Republican to be president in this media age. So Christie got carried away and thought this would enhance his image as much as when he played up to Obama to the point he embarrassed himself to the Republican Party. He may have overstepped his glorification.

  • Stephen

    NJ residents know this guy has spent everyday before and after the storm visiting every town possible in the state to offer comfort and aid as well as tracking the progress with local official and FEMA. Bullsh*t hit piece.

  • joe

    It’s always blame the Republican. Nothing like a stacked media with an agenda deck

  • TeachableMoments

    He's getting too big for his britches.

  • MrCymatics

    Eat up, cause it's back to the Dollar menu for you Christy………………..By………..By…………

  • Brian

    Him and Bloomturd gotta go. Period.

  • Dave

    You call foul when a republican governor goes on SNL but no one puts up a fuse when our president goes into the rose garden and tells the nation 4 Americans were killed in Libya by spontanous rioters over a video which we now know was a planned terrioist attack then follows to fly out to Vegas and NY for camagin dinners??? Christie goes on SNL 3wks later to promote NJ. The president leaves his post as commander in chief the same day and a few days after to worry more about his campagin then figuring out what really happened in Libya and who screwed up. We have a screwed up society. Double standards. We need to stop the my team is better then yours. Our country is OUR country. We are all Americans and we need to stop picking sides and start coming together for the future generations. Or history will repeat itself and we will go into the history books like the Roman Empire and all those other nations that rose to power and then fell. The USA is a great nation and a powerful influence on the world and to create peace we need to start at home and stop the red vs. blue game. That's what this article is. It's ones person opinion to spark hate towards a political figure that they don't like probably because he is a republican. Where is your article about Obama going on the view rather then meeting Israel's PM or continuing to take care of the Libya issue???? Even then he said they didn't have enough information to say if it was a terrorist attack and that it was sparked by a video… He's the president he should have known at that point. If he truly didn't then he needs to fix the FBI and the CIA, because our commander in chief should be the first person to have all the details. That's a bigger story then Chris Christie going on SNL.

  • http://twitter.com/JCarlB @JCarlB

    Exactly why Romney didn't go on the show…it's damned if you do, damned if you don't unless you are a liberal nitwit….

  • Jpalm

    Why isn't President Bush doing something??? The MSM is all ovewr him for this! What?? oh..ah..
    he's not? Oh!

  • Ken Bowman

    Contrast Media Matters (communist) controlled news reports on Katrina to this cover up of Sandy! Government red tape trumps the absolute immediate needs of folks in need

  • http://smallthoughtsfromasmallmind.wordpress.com/ Small Thoughts

    Anyone who hasn't been able to help himself after 2 weeks is too stupid to deserve help from others. Ever heard of Darwin?

  • Off Duty

    Yeah it's "disgusting" that Christy is yucking it up on TV, BUT unfortunately SNL is a direct feed into the imbeciles who elected obuffoona. Savvy politicans know this and use SNL and other TV?radio media to reach potential supporters. It's as simply as that.

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    If Christie was a tick, it would be time for him to let go.

  • kestrel27

    You mean all those poor schlubs on the east coast who were totally unprepared for a storm that the Pilgrims would have made it through, even it if it was a Cat 5 and Nor Easter combined. This is the problem with Americans today. They are wussies, dependent on government and not responsible for one aspect of their own lives. Is it any wonder they stupidly re-elect Obama while we have high unemployment, high gas prices, high food prices, etc. The Boomer generation is the biggest bunch of cry babies, feeling they are owed simply because they exist and breathe air. Talk about over indulged wimps! Grow up, take responsibility for your own life, and stop blaming everyone else for your failures.

  • Lee

    As a NJ Shore resident that was affected by this storm I can say our Gov has done a great job.
    The destruction was beyond anyone's imagination. We were lucky. No flooding just power out for days.
    Many other, and I mean thousands,lost everything.
    If going on SNL brings this disaster to everyone's attention that's great.
    Stop running at the mouth and donate/help in anyway you can if you are so concerned.

  • Robert

    Back in the late 1990s an ice storm knocked out power to 250,000 people and brought most all transportation to a halt in the Texas Panhandle for 2 weeks. Those people did not throw tantrums, they dealt with it. They did not whine for federal help, unions did not stand in the way of help and everyone worked together without the need for public crying in front of MSM cameras.

  • MarkS

    I'm a staunch right winger, and would never vote for Christie.
    He's a bully pulpit kind of a guy.
    I agree with a lot of the the things he does in dealing with unions, I really don't like:

    1. The way he talks to people.
    2. The Obama hug. (this is what turned me against him)
    3. The appearance on SNL. (but I guess that's what clown do, clown around).

    I pray we have a viable candidate 4 years from now.

  • arcy

    If the RNC thinks they can nominate Chris Christy and win in 2016, then they might as well start planning the concession speech. We will remember this and we'll put an ad together to damage his candidacy.

    A Conservative

  • Bill Adams

    Seeing the future Democrat in action. He has become such a pariah to Republicans(even the good ole' boys) he is finished with them!!

  • sandiego1969

    The Clown in Chief is in the White House. FEMA is doing a heck of a job while Obama took the mistrel show to Burma and Thailand.

  • cojo

    dan greenfield, liberal democrat

  • Rob

    Selective outrage

  • Gobi

    You know guys, I stopped watching SNL a long time ago. It just ceased being funny after I was seventeen years old.
    Your article is taking umbrage with Governor Christie for appearing on SNL, I assume because he spoke kindly about President Obama during the disaster, then goes on to descry comedy as 'inappropriate' or 'immoral'. My question to content sites like drudge report and sites like front page rag is this, does it provide a sense of moral superiority for defeated pundits of the Neo-Conservative and "Tea Party Conservative" persuasion to browbeat a public person (Gov Christie) for using comedy, albeit unfunny comedy, to attempt to elevate the mood in this country following both a historic winter storm and an awe inspiring election? Does this make you moral? I suggest it does the opposite. The "Right Wing" and its miscreant followers look like so many sore losers with articles like this. Or, if cynicism should prevail, it makes you guys look like the fetus fixated, homo fearing, laughing while the poor die in the streets of sickness and starvation buncha loons you truly are. Like the kind of maniacs who don't think we need paved streets or fire departments. How curious that the side championing "morality" and "bible believing values" also disapproves of Saturday Night Live and caring for the less fortunate in society. Reminds me of Jesus. Oh wait, I've actually read the gospels. Obama reminds me of Jesus.

  • sleez

    after his photo shoot with obama i decieded ild never vote for the blimp. iam a republican

  • http://mckimphotography.com bill mckim

    I live on the beach in NJ and my family has been greatly impacted by Sandy, I did not mind it at all. I think Gov. Christie is doing an amazing job in this disaster recovery

  • Citizen KK

    the fatman routine is wearing pretty thing these days…..

  • mixplix

    Saying he clowned while others suffered sounds like it came out of the lefties book of guilt. How dare he do that! How can the author of that statement eat a wonderful meal while millions starve to death makes as much sense to a rational person reading the statement.

  • blackkettle

    What a bunch of hypocrites you all are.

    Our country is and has been in deep financial trouble and Obama has been on every stupid talk show, attended galas with the rich Hollywood elite, golfed, played basketball all while he could have been helping solve the crisis which we all will face soon enough.

    Where was your faux outrage then? Maybe you all see Christie as a future threat to your power. Why not start destroying him now.

    People need to wake up and see how they are being manipulated by power hungry ideologues. You are all being sold to, like bad TV commercials until it is second nature to believe a particular point of view.

    Soon, the "bad" people limiting your freedom, threatening rights of free expression and speech will be you.

  • WashingtnReport

    We learned from Hurricane Katrina that the person in charge during an event such as a storm is the President…not a Governor. Anyone recall the media or anyone else holding LA Governor, Blanco, or Mayor Nagin responsible for a federal disaster?


    The President controls FEMA, not Christie. Obama did drop by for a couple photo-ops, but three weeks later the victims are still hurting. New Orleans residents went through a bad time, but at least the temps were not freezing.

    Obama is once again…….. missing in action.

    • Cassie G

      Truth be told, this story is a diversion from the truth leaking out about the coup, cover up, and last several rigged elections. Know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Sarah Palin wasn’t in this last race because too many people learned why she was planted in the first race. Americans have lost democracy, freedom of press, and free speech is being trampled now by government posted propaganda. Learn what the media is blacked out from reporting on. This last election, and all other Obama cover ups, are exposed at PalinsDirtyLittleSecret. Search it, see the proof, and judge for yourself.

    • zonablue

      And you bozos fell for the photo op, and put him back in the White House to continue the dismantling of the country. You own it now.

    • Bones429

      They (Blanco and Nagin) were not held responsible because both were Democrats, I was there working and heard and saw things that Nagin and Blanco both did that turned my stomach, but the media just overlooked that, but let GW mispronouce a single workd and they were all over him….But still Christie should not have gone on a comedy show when people in his state are hurting and trying to get back on their feet folowing this disaster.

  • ghost

    Who even watches SNL anymore!?

  • Bill Weekley

    Fat Obama butt kisser. Nuff said.

  • sally

    The cracks in Christie's facade started being revealed when he grandstanded at the GOP convention and yakked on and on and on about….Himself.
    What a self centered narcissist he turned out to be. I had great hopes for him.

    • Seron

      I agree. My love for fat boy started to wain right after that convention speech. It’s been going downhill ever since.

  • X-Jersey

    After Katrina I got the impression the hurricanes were Bush’s fault, so why pick on Christie for what is clearly not his responsibility. One more thing is that this storm that started off the African coast and then picked up steam in Latin American waters is clearly illegal and should not have be allowed on U.S. soil.

  • Yuask

    People lighten up. This is why people shouldn't depend on the Obama freebies WELCOME TO REAL LIFE. If Christie was superman it still wouldn't be enough.

  • blancojoe

    The crew on Glen Beck radio call him "Fat Bastard". Appropriate.

  • Jim

    So when Christie goes on SNL its a phot OP, but when Oabma flies in for a few hours to hug some old lady its isnt? didnt see the MSM ripping Barry O for a quick stop on his way to party with JAy Z in vegas Hypocrites

  • SSMcDonald

    Another continuing example of unending FrontPageMag Media Bias. GW Bush was blamed for the Hurricane Katrina debacle, not Nagin or Blanco. No mention of Obama’s failures concerning the Sandy debacle.

  • Rollo

    This one adds insult to injury!
    He was a fake then abd he is a fake now!

  • Frankie Threeballs

    If only Sean Penn would show up in his rowboat, everything would be OK.

  • jm8898

    Seriously? You really want to go here? Because Obama will win the count of inappropriate socializing/vacationing/grandstanding/photo-opping by several powers of magnitude.

  • Nancy

    Very poor taste on his behalf! Thought he had more going for him than this. I guess publicity means more to him than the state he proclaims to love! It will be interesting to see the next election results!

  • asdf

    Hey Christie, why don't you go polish Obama's shoes and wash his panties this weekend?

  • debris

    So exactly what was he to be doing at 11:30pm on Saturday night that he was ignoring? Grow up.

  • RoamNGnome

    Everyone needs to step back a step or two and take a deep breath here. So the man took a break to make a few people laugh. They call it Saturday Night “LIVE” for a reason. It was 11:30PM in New Jersey. What does anyone expect to be done in the dead of night? Certainly can’t do anything in the destroyed areas of the shore. Christie has been in the middle of this before the storm hit. Certainly has been more visible than those morons Naggin and Blanco were after Katrina, that’s for sure. As the CEO of New Jersey, he’s been boots on the ground right along. What most of us do not see are the hours he’s been here, there and everywhere trying to help as many as he can. It’s been three weeks since the storm hit. I wonder how much time he’s spent with his own family in the last four weeks what with initial storm preparation and then the response after the storm had passed. I’m sure a lot less than most people. It was like when “Snow-mageddon” hit the East Coast three years ago. Christie was in Florida. Who in their right mind thought that Christie was going to be driving a plow truck anyway? Sorry Gov, but he probably couldn’t fit behind the wheel of one.
    He’s doing what he was elected to do; be the best decision maker and leader he could be and try to aid as many as he could as quickly as he could. He’s been securing help from all over the country (including the Federal Leviathan called FEMA which is a bureaucratic monstrosity in and of itself to deal with) and best deciding where to deploy the assets he has at his disposal. And he has certainly performed better than his predecessor would have, that I’ll guarantee. Corzine couldn’t have figured out how to get himself out of a wet paper bag.
    If Christie is going to do anything, he needs to honestly find out what has gone wrong with the utility companies responses and overhaul them where necessary. And my best suggestion to all those detractors and nay sayers, next year YOU run against him and let’s see how well you could do under identical circumstances.

  • TTDD

    But…. You have no problem with Obama "slow jammin the news" on Jimmy Fallon while 23 million Americans are out of work and the Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years. Hypocrites.

  • howey

    What a frikkin fraud. This quote:

    "For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”"

    has nothing to do with Christie. It's from a news article dated NOV 11TH.

    This is why you teabaggers have no integrity at all.

  • Sabat

    This article is unbelievably bitter, petty, and pathetic. You're grasping at straws to take down Christie after his Obama comments. Spending a few minutes on a TV show 19 days after the storm hit is not a problem. Christie has handled the storm very well for this state.

  • http://smallthoughtsfromasmallmind.wordpress.com/ Small Thoughts

    What a stupid non-story. Is Christie supposed to spend his time wringing his hands dressed in rags to show his concern? Or maybe he should find a telephone pole and string a wire as a meaningless gesture. There are plenty of substantive things to criticize Christie about. Why waste time on stupid things like a SNL appearance?

  • Jason Burnstein

    Watch this fat turd of a Governor fiddle while Rome burns. He has no sympathy for anyone, just an ego as fat as he is. He froze the retired state and local teachers, cop's and firemen's pensions by eliminating the cost of living (COLA) annual increases which were a mere 2 to 3 % , allowing pensioners to keep up with inflation. Several of the previous Governor's in NJ including Fat Boy raided the pension system money and squandered it on other programs, That pension system money was invested by the workers contributions. How fair is that of Fat Boy ?

  • howey

    After looking further, all of those quotes are from this news article. And have nothing to do with Christie being on SNL


  • Alrighty Then

    It was either try to lighten the mood, or get in the way of cleanup with his entourage. He took an hour out of his day to do this, calm down people. People are getting too thinned skinned and think everything is about them.

  • NJProud

    Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.

  • Shredit

    Oh, get off it! SNL knew what it was doing when they invited Christie. Christie should have known it and that's his fault. He's put it all on the line when this storm blew thru. He's done as much as he could possibly do to help the people of NJ and still has to deal with it. Unlike Obama! Obama blows into town with his media posse, trips on a couple of 2 x 4's, shoots down to Vegas as quick as he got here, Just to attend a party and you all kiss his a$$. Christie still has to deal with the disaster. Obama walks away and you sheep are still praising his empty suit.. He's done absolutely zero for storm victims, yet you rode Bush for 3 years because he wasn't a liberal. Wake the f up.

  • Mark Dobbins

    Nice job Matt…you neo-cons would blast Jesus for helping the poor

  • summit nj

    what happened GEE they all were flooded and we the taxpayers of nj have to pay for new ones with his lardness new pledge of TAXES TAXES TAXES

    he has the IQ of SNOOKIE

  • Godot

    If your sitting around waiting for the Nanny State to bring you a generator you're probably not in love with Christie. Obama hits SNL in a heartbeat, when he's not playing golf.

  • westfield

    ahhhh comeon
    HE IS just IN LOVE

    CHRISAMA new celeb COUPLE

  • matt

    The people of NJ sould demand his resignation. I am sure that he got paid for that, I am sure he will donate all the proceedes to the people who need it. Right?

  • Godot

    Maybe Christie should start sucking up to a bunch of brainless celebs, like the democrats do.

  • greg

    He is Sara Palen to me, move along.

  • kaz

    Why is it that when Hurricane Katrina happened, it was all the Federal Government's fault and Bush's fault? And now that we are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is all the 'State's fault and Christie's fault, completely ignoring the Federal Government and Obama's lack of assistance? I guess the motto after a national disaster is, "Blame the Repbulican', no matter what.

  • Disappointed

    Is there anyone out there that Americans really like? Anyone at all?

  • Mar

    Republicans last month- "Government should stay out of business,the private sector is over regulated, the job creators will save us.

    Republicans this month- " why isn't my Governor restoring my power, who is holding my energy provider accountable"

    Make up your mind New Jersey!!!!!

  • Bones429

    This is totally out of line, for him to go on TV and make jokes, when people in his state are hurting, but the worse part of this is the media's pushing this crap. his is in the arena of like FDR going on Amus and Andy radio show back in the 40's as a guest appearance during the invasion of Normandy. Both parties have totally lost thier minds, I respected this man, and actually thought of him as possible President in the future…now? NO WAY could I even think of supportinig him, and other Rhino, The GOP need to rid itself of these egotistical idiots, and he is a prefect reasonas to why the GOP allowed Obama to get reelected and has directed this nation down a path of self distruction…..

  • Patrick Timothy O’brien

    This Republican will not vote for Christie if he is the Republican nominee in 2016. I just won’t vote.

    He might have cost Romney the election. He could have had Obama and Romney at the inspection scene as not to give one the advantage over the other. Romney was gaining in the polls until the storm.

  • emma

    Dozens of men from our local churches went up to NJ this weekend to help clear debris, bring food and water, etc. and this buffoon, all the while they were working late into the night, was on SNL clowning around? And this is the guy they wanted so badly to run for VP? Just goes to show you they just don't even care anymore, there's not even a pretense of portent or dignity, it's just one big joke.

  • Godot

    Messiah goes to VEGAS to raise $$$$ while the storm rages, but Christie can't go on TV? The show is produced in NEW YORK, noot the left coast.

  • Godot

    How do you campaign from your mother's flooded basement?

  • Gobi

    Rags of this kind are nothing new. The internet gives them the platform to spread their propaganda. They then cherry pick the comments to further divide and conquer the readers of this drudge linked beyond the pale 'conservative' blog.

    It's silly.

    That anyone would berate this man fro appearing on SNL after a devastating storm hit the East Coast is beyond help. This is the reason the GOP lost.

  • al196112

    Be afraid of any type of manipulation, folks. Whether you're left or right, be aware and don't fall for it.

  • em woo

    Can you imagine if Kathleen Blanco had gone on SNL in the "wake" of Katrina seven years ago? I'll give Gov. Christie points on being a much better adminstrator than former Gov. Blanco – but isn't it revealing about the MSM that President Obama is never mentioned in regards the the Sandy cleanup effort – but Katrina was all Dubya's fault.

  • brad

    Christie has not helped his re-election campaign with his antics since the storm hit the state. He appears to be more interested in his television image than doing his job.

  • Tebob

    I have known very few men that have judgment as poor as this disgusting, arrogant, huge (really huge) wind-bag. He’s now such a narcissist he has lost touch with reality, in addition to citizens of NJ…. Silly, disgusting person…..

  • Steve

    Amazing… Governor Soprano says one nice thing about President Obama and the Repubes toss him overboard. The GOP is now the official home of angry cranks everywhere. Any wonder the party has lost the popular vote in the last five out of six elections?

    • frank

      Christie campaigned with Obama after Sandy. He self declared government efforts, including Obama's efforts, successful. Meanwhile people are still without power and other necessities. Christie self declared big government a success. Meanwhile his big plan to help people rebuild is to raise property taxes.

  • alanwillingham

    After the redistribution of people’s stuff has been accomplished, they say bulldozers will come in and begin to return the land to its original beauty before all those humans came in and destroyed the ecosystem. It is beginning to be a Liberal Paradise isn’t it?

  • robert

    Really, this is what we are debating over? Whether a Governor makes a guest appearance on a late night televisions show. How is this important to anything. Whether he goes on or doesn’t has no bearing on what the people in New Jersey are going through, it doesn’t help and it doesn’t hurt. Just another bunch of bull the media is pushing out to the public to get them going and to control what they think. Seriously think about it, what is the big deal either way, you are letting the media make your decisions for you.

  • alanwillingham

    There used to be a woman on SNL who attempted to make a career of impersonating Sarah Palin, but she really embarrassed herself when she said on Live TV she thought she could see Russia from Sarah Palin's house. Of course, the woman had no clue what she was talking about and was evidently soon removed from the show

  • Keith Virginia Beach

    Ummmmm. Biden was on Parks and Recreation a few days ago, where is that story? He could have been handing out rations, or whatever else it is Christie should have been doing…….. Do we just not have Bush to blame anymore so Christie gets to be the scape goat? If Bush, or any Republican for that matter, was in office, we would be hearing all about those still without power, food or water and how they should have done more.

  • http://twitter.com/AngelRamblings @AngelRamblings

    people should hold obama's feet to the fire this intense, after all he is the president not a governor

  • chill666

    Did anybody care to vet the story of people in pain that this author used? The woman and situation in question happened over a week ago on November 11th in Rahway NJ. She has had power and heat for over a week now. Well before Chris Christe ever took to SNL..

    Monique Paterson said she had been without power or heat for 13 days, has anybody cared to look at a calendar to see that Sandy hit NJ 21 days ago? Her story was first published in the New Jersey Star Ledger on November 11th. This author is creating false outrage, Typical lib rag. I wouldn't line my bird cage with this.

    Here is a link to the story from 8 days ago

  • Katherine Bartley

    Disagree completely with the author and most of the comments.

    The fact that Christie is a figure noteworthy enough to make SNL shows how being an effective politician in times of trouble (unlike say the local government in New Orleans during Katrina) is something to aspire to. He's worked hard and there is no evidence to show that showing up on SNL several weeks after the storm, prevented anyone from getting their lights on. He did more good for NJ by being on the show than declining the invitition.

    Please attack politicians when they deserve it, there are plenty of opportunities :) It just requires a little more investigative reporting (although I think that may have died about 1998). Please bring it back.

  • Jack Kennedy

    not to worry, the democrat to be………….christie…………is just getting his 2016 campaign for prez started

    and in new amerika of the gimmedats, christie has learned that he will have to do a specter and turn to the dems for support

    good luck with that………..spector had a real good ride ?

  • Mary Anderson

    Oh, so it’s OK that President Obama went campaigning while 4 Americans died, but Christie can’t go on SNL weeks after hurricane Sandy hit. Hmmmmm…. No one seems to care that our president let 4 Americans die!!!!

  • Crewmax42

    Christie is a fatass egotist. Sorry to be crass, but it's a fact. Just like Obama as good as killed our four in Benghazi.

  • polishsniper

    Hell why don't you cry to your savior BO , He can go to Vegas after hearing that 4 Americans were slaughtered over night and think nothing of it. Then try to blame a video on what just happened for weeks until the truth finally came out. Liberalism is a mental disease..

  • CV1

    Just another fat political POS, you want to know why this country is so backwards, look at idiots like Christie.

  • pattieb

    Thank you Liberal Media for not letting us down. It is of the utmost importance that YOU point out that only LEFTIES are allowed to do this, how arrogant of Governor Christie to assume that this would be appropriate for him to go on a comedy show after Hurricane Sandy!! However, is quite acceptable for our President to sit down with Letterman, Leno and let's not forget the ladies of the View after 4 Americans were murdered under his watch and be hysterically funny. Can we ever forget his "I'm just hear as eye candy" remark? Hysterical.

  • Gigawhat

    Was he really supposed to be handing out relief kits on a Saturday at midnight? Idiotic article. The guy didn't host, he just stopped in for a weekend update skit ABOUT SANDY, SNL is probably the only venue available to reach the 20-somethings out there.

    Nice attempt at false indignation, though.

    • chill666

      Did anybody care to vet the story of people in pain that this author used? The woman and situation in question happened over a week ago on November 11th in Rahway NJ. She has had power and heat for over a week now. Well before Chris Christe ever took to SNL..

      Monique Paterson said she had been without power or heat for 13 days, has anybody cared to look at a calendar to see that Sandy hit NJ 21 days ago? Her story was first published in the New Jersey Star Ledger on November 11th. This author is creating false outrage, Typical lib rag. I wouldn't line my bird cage with this.

      Here is a link to the story from 8 days ago http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2012/11/aid_pour….

  • Nanette

    I think he praised Obama so he would win and that would give Cristie better odds of running for president in 2016. If Romney had won he would have been the candidate in 2016. Cristie cares only about hiimself. He Cristie, where did all that man love toward Obama get New Jersey?

  • Mark Matis

    I will admit that governor Christie is better that governor Corzine. Although that could very well be considered "damning with faint praise"…

  • Curly Bill

    Self-promotion is the ONLY thing this clown is good at.

  • mrsfudd

    Geez louise, people, it seems like everyone has a twist in their panties over this! I have found that humor in the midst of tragedy is one of the best ways to begin healing! I was in the floods in the Napa Valley in 1986. I was in the earthquake in LA in 1971. I helped at a relief camp in Mississippi after Katrina. I've had to evacuate due to fires where I live now. I've had my share of tragedy.

    I worked at a relief camp in Mississippi 6 weeks after Katrina hit. The people there were amazing. They were resilient. . Sure they were hurting. They were so quick with a joke and ready to laugh. They knew that having a sense of humor is what kept them sane during those difficult times.

    Laughter produces endorphins. Endorphins make you happier and able to be clear headed and deal with situations better. Many counselors and therapists will tell you that having a good sense of humor will help you cope in difficult situations.

    So leave Christie alone. I have lots of friends from Jersey who thought his stint on SNL was funny. Honestly, if you want to get mad at someone, get mad at Obama. He's ruined this country with his failed policies. Or get mad at the idiots who re-elected him!

  • Reader11722

    This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored: http://www.amazon.com/America-Deceived-II-Possess

  • Edward R Boothe

    His fat ass put Obama back in the White House. He needs to get out of the Republican party.

  • Edward Boothe

    I tried to email him and to call him and he had both shut down.

  • Barnyzzz

    I heard that Governor Christie immediately collapsed when he heard that Hostess was shutting down….I wonder why ??

  • hulk

    Why is this the Governor's problem & not obama's? As we all remember, the governor of Lousiana & the mayor of new orleans shared no responsibility for poor response to the Katrina disaster? That was all George Bush's fault. Yet Sandy is all the governor's fault. This story & the reader comments are just so disingenuous. Or are you really that dumb?

  • Paul

    Lighten up America! It was 11:30pm on a Saturday night! What do you want him to do at that time, man the soup kitchen? A little comedy goes a long way. Sure is funny how you can blast Christie, but when it comes to other Politicians yakking it up with Leno, Letterman or the gals on The View, instead of meeting with foreign dignitaries, you give a pass. Get real !

  • Scott

    I cant speak very intellegently on the SNL skit as I dont watch. However, I have the following thoughts.

    If Christie was doing this in any demeaning or mocking way, then shame on him. However, from what I know of Mr. Christie, I seem to doubt that is the case, but rather this was an attempt to keep the victims of Sandy in the nations mind in order to help the country through this. That to me would be commendable.

    Additionaly, I think that one thing has gotten overlooked in all of this. It is personal responsabililty. While this storm was horrible, it did not arrive without prior warning. I recall hearing for days that this storm would hit and be bad. I recall it being toted as "Superstorm Sandy" before it happened. If a resident chooses to stay and ride such a storm out, that is your choice. However, you must understand that your choice does have consequences. If you wish to stay, then it is your persontal responsability to ensure you can take care of yourself until things are back to 'normal'.

    I get so tired of hearing people do what they want, and then scream of injustices because no one will come and 'save them' exactly when they want to be saved.

  • Amy

    These are the same whining morons who voted for a second term for Oboomba. He did not help the Americans who were murdered in Libya while they begged for help, what makes them think he will help them from Sandy destruction? Meanwhile their cowardly hero takes another trip out of town to Taiwan instead of taking charge of a disaster. Typical of Oboomba, leave town when trouble comes to the masses.
    Luke ”The Drifter” says :
    “We Americans got so tired of being thought of as dumbasses by the rest of the world that we went to the polls this November and removed all doubt.”

  • T Johnston

    Honestly, this story is a diversion from the truth leaking out about the coup, cover up, and last several rigged elections. Know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Sarah Palin wasn’t in this last race because too many people learned why she was planted in the first race. Americans have lost democracy, freedom of press, and free speech is being trampled now by government posted propaganda. Learn what the media is blacked out from reporting on. This last election, and all other Obama cover ups, are exposed at PalinsDirtyLittleSecret. Search it, see the proof, and judge for yourself.

  • Jumanjii

    This writer is an idiot. Christie KILLED it during this disaster. Was way ahead of any other politiician in ANY other state, taking care of his residents. He held JCP&L and PSE&G accountable for EVERYTHING. He was ACTUALLY out helping, not like Obama's fly by or Bloomberg's defiance in wanting to keep the marathon going. It's funny how AFTER this resident got power, after I did mind you, that this report goes our nearly a full week. If Christie wants to go on Leno, SNL, Conan, who gives a S***. He still provided more support, information and comfort than the looser in chief, BLOOMY or Cuomo. I say thumbs up to man. And for all you weak minded liberal turds who only attack his weight, you sir(s) are bafoons.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Yea his is just like his good old buddy Obama. Two losers.

  • jstop88

    So, it is terrible when Christie does it – but not Obama? Give me a break.

  • Jada

    U people r unbelievable.

  • Matt

    Christie has fallen into the same trap that so many Republicans have in the past. Does he realize that all of this "love" he's getting now from the main stream press is because he's a "useful idiot"?
    Ah, can't wait until they don't need him anymore and the fat jokes come rolling back out.
    Chis, your political career ends at Governor of New Jersey…………you're dead to us.

  • Ben

    I'd like the author of this extremely partisan article to write about Obama, Holder, or Clinton. Christie is a great governor and has worked hard in the wake of the storm. Maybe an article on Obama's hundred rounds of golf, or his late night comedy shows..

  • Todd

    It’s all BS, the author of this article, Chris Christie, Obama and the liberal media! It’s time for Americans to awaken from their political affiliation hypnosis! Sure there are some well meaning Democrats and Republicans, but they are either new and yet to be corrupted or silenced by the media, in either case there are very few. I admit I am a former Republican come Libertarian, it’s time to get back to the only tie that binds, the constitution! We should take the risk of maximizing freedom and throw these selfish fools out of their cushy jobs, lifetime retirement pay and perfect health insurance!

  • Kdub

    And no one sees an issue with the PRESIDENT appearing on every late night show on television???? Let's be real folks.

  • JoeLynda

    Lardass Christie turned traitor and is showing his leftist colors. Watch for him to change parties since he is toast as a Republican.

  • AmericaVsDemocRats

    The FAT FOCK Gweedo can go eFF himselves…
    All of him is a political wasteland.

  • FatPig

    This guy looks like……..the Aliens in the beginning of the movie……..Can't remember name…….Bruce Willis is a cab driver (Flyer) in the future, and some red head and some Stones.

  • Carol

    Just wait until the tub of lard starts visiting the white house. He's just like Obama, only ten times as fat, he parties while people suffer.

  • hunter

    Slamming Christie is just another example of the cultural tradition of Republicans to form circular firing squads.
    From all acounts, Gov. Christie has been a very effective governor in a very tough state.
    He has applied, successfully, sweeping Conservative reforms on unions and govt. spending.
    I would suggest that the attacks on him from self-identified conservaitves tells more about the attakcers than anything about Gov. Christie.

  • Bhopx

    The storm was 3 weeks ago. The guy can't go on a comedy program? The vast majority of people have resumed their normal lives by now.

  • Judge Judy

    He's toast.

  • George Adams

    Governor Christy has lost it all! He drops all support of Romney and makes all attempts to get on Obama's bandwagon. Now, he makes light of what is going on on the SNL, which has shown to have no taste and maturity at all lately. Christy was riding the GOP Presidential candidacy and has fallen to the position of one of Obama's "pet politicians". Christy will lose big time next election.

  • john west

    Anyone who is that fat, is either a clown or is Michael Moore. Christie blew it when he blew Obama.

  • Jim

    A quote from Stripes…."lighten up Melvin" It is people like you who are exactly the reason why the Republicans continue to lose elections. Don't you people realize that most of America, and the majority of the republicans, are more like Christie. We should only hope he gets the nomination in 2016 or we are doomed to 2012 all over again… Don't you learn?

  • ChristieFan

    This is a hit piece, plain and simple. I 'm glad Christie went on and made light of the current situation. If you don't laugh, you'll cry. But It's okay for Obama to go on The View, Letterman, Leno, Jon Stewart etc numerous times, oh, that makes him cool? Christie does it to get attention for him and for the state, it's bad? As far as Christie praising Obama, if it gets the residents of NJ what they need in federal dollars, I am all for it. Christie did a spectacular job, so what if he takes 1hr to do SNL? Obama is leader of the free world, what is it okay for him to do the talk show circuit? You people are a bunch of hacks and the author of this hit piece should focus on something that actually matters.

  • Snad

    That Obama hookup is already starting to pay off.

  • jimmy

    Lighten up, people…… there is a world outside of the borders of New Jersey, as much as you personally don't think so

  • snowflake

    Obama campaigns and parties, interviews wih pimp with limp while FOUR Americans beg for their lives! Obama does late night ENTERTAINMENTwhile NY, NJ Reidents suffer. Obama goes on vacation and plays golf amost every two weeks, while Americans suffer with NO JOBS!

  • Dee

    Jersey should just be thanking their lucky stars Kathleen Blanco isn't their governor right now. She did such a bang up job during Katrina along with Chocolate City Nagan. Both 100% Liberals that Bush had to come in and save from themselves. If Sandy would have been a Katrina then the N.E. would know what being fubared is really all about. But really all you states that blindly vote for liberals all the time where is your damnation of those politicians and their lack of action? What happened to this was not time for politics? Hmmmmmm. Never let a serious crisis go to waste after all right libbys?

  • Guest

    Give the guy a break. He didn't cost us the election.

  • NJStrong

    Don't Worry about the facts…Click on the link titled "at a time when New Jersey residents still need help" it takes you to a story that was posted on 11.12.12 at 10:55 AM, is SATURDAY night LIVE now filed on MONDAY'S?? The link behind "got people from Louisiana and North Carolina " takes you to a story posted on 11.11.12 at 9:00 AM nearly a week before my Governor went on SNL. Sure if Gov. Christie went on SNL last we then this story would be warranted by when he went on SNL. But the truth is that when Gov. Christie went on SNL ALL power lost during Hurricane Sandy had been restored by the Friday before with the exceptions being the some of the Barrier Island where the homes have been taken off the there foundation or are gone (http://readynj.posterous.com/). In large part due to the LEADERSHIP displayed by my Governor with the help of the President of the United States and the hard work power company workers from all over the country power was restored FASTER then many other disasters (http://www.oregonlive.com/today/index.ssf/2012/11/time_taken_by_utilities_to_res.html).

  • Rollo

    The entire Royal Class of the Republic here in America are all tonedeaf.

  • BLock

    I don't think it's really Governor Christy. I think he may have been replaced by a "pod person" as he slept. He looks just the same, but something's definitely different.

  • Paleoconservative

    I thought Christie was a brain dead Dumbo Moochercrat. Shame on him, let's expel this giant turd from the GOP.

  • Joan's Webache

    I think we expect too much from our politicians. Theya re all compelely self-involved, thats a pre-requisite for the job. yes, I believe it is in bad taste to come across like a clown when your constituens are still in distress. I just don't see why there needs to be such an uproar. he is not the first to make a bad decision and he won't be the last. Just wait, someone will have anotehr affair or come out of the closet. We'll forget about Christie in no time.

  • http://twitter.com/barizzio @barizzio

    What a buffoon. He is the Republican version of Joe Biden.

  • Jack Kennedy

    MORE BREAD AND CIRCUS. The sheeple are realizing they've been flocked. I hope you' all are well stocked with can food and ammo, WWIII and the total social collapse is imminent.

  • Mushmouth Jones

    End the Federal government as we know it, return it to the limited powers of 1783. Return all power to local counties and states. But no, we will have to do it the hard way and live through a collapse of the government by the weight of it's debts.

  • lynda

    Christy probably made a commmitment long ago to be on the show….I seriously doubt he would do anything to diminish the needs of the people of New Jersey…….Where's Obimbo???? his first concern should be the people of the states affected by Sandy and he goes golfing….Don't event hink Christy isn't concerned about his state

  • frustrated guest

    Funny, I didn't read any critical commentary about Obama jumping on a plane to Vegas to campaign after 4 Americans were killed on 9/11/2012. The double standard is so disgusting with the left leaning liberal media.

    Chris Christie is the best Governor NJ has had in DECADES. He is a true leader which is greatly lacking in most politicians these days, (includign our own Pres.) The SNL skit was hilarious and shows he has even more charisma than I thought.

    And to the people that continue to rip on his weight? You are all hypocrites. I'm sure you're the same peace-loving Obama liberals who take cues from the MSM and are selectively offended at random social issues — but you still have the b@lls to make fun of someone's weight??!? Sad.

    What goes around comes around and I hope it comes back to y'all 10 times worse.

  • Bobbie Sue

    Why are you surprised at Christie’s SNL appearance? After all, he said Obama was an outstanding president. Should’ve known he had poor judgment.

  • Matt Drudge

    ahh, this is one of those get fat and watch Fox News because my brain doesn't work sites.

  • David Miller

    Apparently Saturday Night Live is much more important to Christy than saying the country from Barry Obama and the leaders of the democratic party ( George Soros included). This governor, whom I once took as a possible serious candidate for President of the US is now relegated to being a bad joke. I hope he finds happiness in television.

  • tim

    I love to see all the whiners, still whining about losing the election.

  • Jdenton

    I am a life long Republican and I can assure Governor Fat Boy that he will never get a dime from me when he runs in 2016 for President.

  • SGK

    Hit piece! Do something useful.

  • dam

    On the bright side, if they didn't have power, they didn't have to watch him.

  • otto

    It was OK as long as the Governor was providing Obama a positive platform for exposure just days before the election but now that is behind us it is time to muddy up the Governor to prepare for the election — Cory Booker will be running and the better job the press and bloggers do demonizing Christi the better it will be for the Dems. IMO most of these negative replies are lies.

  • Skiff Izlaan

    Does this means that you all are gonna call Gov Christie an Obama Voter???


    stick a fork in him-HE IS DONE~~

  • Kathy

    Screw you christy, you blew it. Run as a dem or let it go because you blew it big time. We won't forget.

  • Ooooooya

    I don't care. I'm just glad Romney isn't president. If Christie helped stop that, good for him!

    • Mary Sue

      You're going to wish he was in oh, about 4 years.

  • cheryl scheuerman

    Why did Obama get a free pass when he went to Vegas and other events when he let people be murdered in Benghazi so he could save face and still deny that we don't have Al Queda on the run. AND HE lied about it. Damn media.

  • David Martin

    I'm not saying it was a great move but I just hope that those who are blasting Christy were also condemning Obama for going on Leno, Letterman, The View, MTV, Jon Stewart and all around yucking it up during Benghazi, the UN general session and the rest of the world's turmoil at the time.

  • feh

    Criminy sakes….chill out people! What time is Saturday Night Live on?…ummm, 11:30 PM. Christie probably would have been in bed watching SNL and instead he was on it. I think that Christie has the capability to handle more than one thing at once and he deserves a little fun time and he has proven that he can poke fun at himself. Ya'll are just miffed that he actually was agreeable to working with Obama. Grow up!!!

  • JBar595

    With Hostess going out of business, Christie will be down to 180 in a month.

  • jean

    so he went on a comedy show to gain nationwide attention to the disaster in NJ? tThere are different venues for that and he could have got the message out to more serious viewers. He's a buffoon and worse–a caboose kisser . Or maybe just a caboose.

  • trueNJ

    Uhm, those quotes from Rahway are very old, for example, 13 days without power? how did they go 7 days immediately after the storm with power than lose it for 2 weeks? This article is misleading and the ignorance of people who read articles like this without a grain of salt are frustrating for people who know what they are talking about

  • http://twitter.com/pspinn2 @pspinn2

    I can see it now: 2016 Christy changes party to Democrat and hits the "Late Night" circuit!

    • http://twitter.com/pspinn2 @pspinn2

      Sorry, that's Christie!

  • mlr

    Looks like Obamism is rubbing off on christie…. PressLimeItis is what I think they call the disease…

  • 4Freedom2012nBeyond

    He's inspirational, don't hate. "a broken spirit" is not what we want in a leader. Read the Bible.