While New Jersey Residents Suffer, Governor Christie Goes on Saturday Night Live

Tens of thousands of New Jersey residents are without power. Many have lost homes and everything else that they have. Some don’t have enough to eat and others are struggling to stay warm.

This is not the time for a responsible leader to go do his self-promoting shtick on Saturday Night Live. But Christie seems so tone deaf that he puts his self-promotion ahead of anything else.

Yes Giuliani went on Saturday Night Live a few weeks after September 11, but that wasn’t a series of gags, it was a serious tribute to those who died in the attacks. It had very little in common with Christie showing off the same routine that he does every time he’s in the vicinity of a video camera. And at a time when New Jersey residents still need help, why is their Governor spending time on a comedy show cracking jokes about what people have been going through?

We’ve got people from Louisiana and North Carolina coming in to help New Jersey, while Christie hops from one photo op to another. Sandy, like everything else, has turned out to be all about the monumental ego of a big man who wants to be an even bigger man.

In Rahway, where many residents were still without power yesterday afternoon, 400 survival kits handed out by the Red Cross in the City Hall parking lot proved to be too few.

“All of a sudden it was like a big rush,” Red Cross worker Lauren Franklin said. “They went extremely quickly.”

For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”

William Dickson, who works for the Union County city, said there has been little communication between authorities and residents about when PSE&G would restore electricity.

“It’s so cold at night I have to sleep with a blanket over my head and use my own breath to stay warm,” he said.

Maybe Christie could take a break from doing his own one-man non-stop comedy show to hand out some survival kits.

  • sandiego1969

    The Clown in Chief is in the White House. FEMA is doing a heck of a job while Obama took the mistrel show to Burma and Thailand.

  • cojo

    dan greenfield, liberal democrat

  • Rob

    Selective outrage

  • Gobi

    You know guys, I stopped watching SNL a long time ago. It just ceased being funny after I was seventeen years old.
    Your article is taking umbrage with Governor Christie for appearing on SNL, I assume because he spoke kindly about President Obama during the disaster, then goes on to descry comedy as 'inappropriate' or 'immoral'. My question to content sites like drudge report and sites like front page rag is this, does it provide a sense of moral superiority for defeated pundits of the Neo-Conservative and "Tea Party Conservative" persuasion to browbeat a public person (Gov Christie) for using comedy, albeit unfunny comedy, to attempt to elevate the mood in this country following both a historic winter storm and an awe inspiring election? Does this make you moral? I suggest it does the opposite. The "Right Wing" and its miscreant followers look like so many sore losers with articles like this. Or, if cynicism should prevail, it makes you guys look like the fetus fixated, homo fearing, laughing while the poor die in the streets of sickness and starvation buncha loons you truly are. Like the kind of maniacs who don't think we need paved streets or fire departments. How curious that the side championing "morality" and "bible believing values" also disapproves of Saturday Night Live and caring for the less fortunate in society. Reminds me of Jesus. Oh wait, I've actually read the gospels. Obama reminds me of Jesus.

  • sleez

    after his photo shoot with obama i decieded ild never vote for the blimp. iam a republican

  • http://mckimphotography.com bill mckim

    I live on the beach in NJ and my family has been greatly impacted by Sandy, I did not mind it at all. I think Gov. Christie is doing an amazing job in this disaster recovery

  • Citizen KK

    the fatman routine is wearing pretty thing these days…..

  • mixplix

    Saying he clowned while others suffered sounds like it came out of the lefties book of guilt. How dare he do that! How can the author of that statement eat a wonderful meal while millions starve to death makes as much sense to a rational person reading the statement.

  • blackkettle

    What a bunch of hypocrites you all are.

    Our country is and has been in deep financial trouble and Obama has been on every stupid talk show, attended galas with the rich Hollywood elite, golfed, played basketball all while he could have been helping solve the crisis which we all will face soon enough.

    Where was your faux outrage then? Maybe you all see Christie as a future threat to your power. Why not start destroying him now.

    People need to wake up and see how they are being manipulated by power hungry ideologues. You are all being sold to, like bad TV commercials until it is second nature to believe a particular point of view.

    Soon, the "bad" people limiting your freedom, threatening rights of free expression and speech will be you.

  • WashingtnReport

    We learned from Hurricane Katrina that the person in charge during an event such as a storm is the President…not a Governor. Anyone recall the media or anyone else holding LA Governor, Blanco, or Mayor Nagin responsible for a federal disaster?


    The President controls FEMA, not Christie. Obama did drop by for a couple photo-ops, but three weeks later the victims are still hurting. New Orleans residents went through a bad time, but at least the temps were not freezing.

    Obama is once again…….. missing in action.

    • Cassie G

      Truth be told, this story is a diversion from the truth leaking out about the coup, cover up, and last several rigged elections. Know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate or chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Sarah Palin wasn’t in this last race because too many people learned why she was planted in the first race. Americans have lost democracy, freedom of press, and free speech is being trampled now by government posted propaganda. Learn what the media is blacked out from reporting on. This last election, and all other Obama cover ups, are exposed at PalinsDirtyLittleSecret. Search it, see the proof, and judge for yourself.

    • zonablue

      And you bozos fell for the photo op, and put him back in the White House to continue the dismantling of the country. You own it now.

    • Bones429

      They (Blanco and Nagin) were not held responsible because both were Democrats, I was there working and heard and saw things that Nagin and Blanco both did that turned my stomach, but the media just overlooked that, but let GW mispronouce a single workd and they were all over him….But still Christie should not have gone on a comedy show when people in his state are hurting and trying to get back on their feet folowing this disaster.

  • ghost

    Who even watches SNL anymore!?

  • Bill Weekley

    Fat Obama butt kisser. Nuff said.

  • sally

    The cracks in Christie's facade started being revealed when he grandstanded at the GOP convention and yakked on and on and on about….Himself.
    What a self centered narcissist he turned out to be. I had great hopes for him.

    • Seron

      I agree. My love for fat boy started to wain right after that convention speech. It’s been going downhill ever since.

  • X-Jersey

    After Katrina I got the impression the hurricanes were Bush’s fault, so why pick on Christie for what is clearly not his responsibility. One more thing is that this storm that started off the African coast and then picked up steam in Latin American waters is clearly illegal and should not have be allowed on U.S. soil.

  • Yuask

    People lighten up. This is why people shouldn't depend on the Obama freebies WELCOME TO REAL LIFE. If Christie was superman it still wouldn't be enough.

  • blancojoe

    The crew on Glen Beck radio call him "Fat Bastard". Appropriate.

  • Jim

    So when Christie goes on SNL its a phot OP, but when Oabma flies in for a few hours to hug some old lady its isnt? didnt see the MSM ripping Barry O for a quick stop on his way to party with JAy Z in vegas Hypocrites

  • SSMcDonald

    Another continuing example of unending FrontPageMag Media Bias. GW Bush was blamed for the Hurricane Katrina debacle, not Nagin or Blanco. No mention of Obama’s failures concerning the Sandy debacle.

  • Rollo

    This one adds insult to injury!
    He was a fake then abd he is a fake now!

  • Frankie Threeballs

    If only Sean Penn would show up in his rowboat, everything would be OK.

  • jm8898

    Seriously? You really want to go here? Because Obama will win the count of inappropriate socializing/vacationing/grandstanding/photo-opping by several powers of magnitude.

  • Nancy

    Very poor taste on his behalf! Thought he had more going for him than this. I guess publicity means more to him than the state he proclaims to love! It will be interesting to see the next election results!

  • asdf

    Hey Christie, why don't you go polish Obama's shoes and wash his panties this weekend?

  • debris

    So exactly what was he to be doing at 11:30pm on Saturday night that he was ignoring? Grow up.

  • RoamNGnome

    Everyone needs to step back a step or two and take a deep breath here. So the man took a break to make a few people laugh. They call it Saturday Night “LIVE” for a reason. It was 11:30PM in New Jersey. What does anyone expect to be done in the dead of night? Certainly can’t do anything in the destroyed areas of the shore. Christie has been in the middle of this before the storm hit. Certainly has been more visible than those morons Naggin and Blanco were after Katrina, that’s for sure. As the CEO of New Jersey, he’s been boots on the ground right along. What most of us do not see are the hours he’s been here, there and everywhere trying to help as many as he can. It’s been three weeks since the storm hit. I wonder how much time he’s spent with his own family in the last four weeks what with initial storm preparation and then the response after the storm had passed. I’m sure a lot less than most people. It was like when “Snow-mageddon” hit the East Coast three years ago. Christie was in Florida. Who in their right mind thought that Christie was going to be driving a plow truck anyway? Sorry Gov, but he probably couldn’t fit behind the wheel of one.
    He’s doing what he was elected to do; be the best decision maker and leader he could be and try to aid as many as he could as quickly as he could. He’s been securing help from all over the country (including the Federal Leviathan called FEMA which is a bureaucratic monstrosity in and of itself to deal with) and best deciding where to deploy the assets he has at his disposal. And he has certainly performed better than his predecessor would have, that I’ll guarantee. Corzine couldn’t have figured out how to get himself out of a wet paper bag.
    If Christie is going to do anything, he needs to honestly find out what has gone wrong with the utility companies responses and overhaul them where necessary. And my best suggestion to all those detractors and nay sayers, next year YOU run against him and let’s see how well you could do under identical circumstances.

  • TTDD

    But…. You have no problem with Obama "slow jammin the news" on Jimmy Fallon while 23 million Americans are out of work and the Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 3 years. Hypocrites.

  • howey

    What a frikkin fraud. This quote:

    "For Monique Patterson, who arrived too late to get a survival kit, it was insult added to injury. “It’s been hell,” she said. “I have three kids and we have no power, no heat, for 13 days now.”"

    has nothing to do with Christie. It's from a news article dated NOV 11TH.

    This is why you teabaggers have no integrity at all.

  • Sabat

    This article is unbelievably bitter, petty, and pathetic. You're grasping at straws to take down Christie after his Obama comments. Spending a few minutes on a TV show 19 days after the storm hit is not a problem. Christie has handled the storm very well for this state.

  • http://smallthoughtsfromasmallmind.wordpress.com/ Small Thoughts

    What a stupid non-story. Is Christie supposed to spend his time wringing his hands dressed in rags to show his concern? Or maybe he should find a telephone pole and string a wire as a meaningless gesture. There are plenty of substantive things to criticize Christie about. Why waste time on stupid things like a SNL appearance?

  • Jason Burnstein

    Watch this fat turd of a Governor fiddle while Rome burns. He has no sympathy for anyone, just an ego as fat as he is. He froze the retired state and local teachers, cop's and firemen's pensions by eliminating the cost of living (COLA) annual increases which were a mere 2 to 3 % , allowing pensioners to keep up with inflation. Several of the previous Governor's in NJ including Fat Boy raided the pension system money and squandered it on other programs, That pension system money was invested by the workers contributions. How fair is that of Fat Boy ?

  • howey

    After looking further, all of those quotes are from this news article. And have nothing to do with Christie being on SNL


  • Alrighty Then

    It was either try to lighten the mood, or get in the way of cleanup with his entourage. He took an hour out of his day to do this, calm down people. People are getting too thinned skinned and think everything is about them.

  • NJProud

    Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone.

  • Shredit

    Oh, get off it! SNL knew what it was doing when they invited Christie. Christie should have known it and that's his fault. He's put it all on the line when this storm blew thru. He's done as much as he could possibly do to help the people of NJ and still has to deal with it. Unlike Obama! Obama blows into town with his media posse, trips on a couple of 2 x 4's, shoots down to Vegas as quick as he got here, Just to attend a party and you all kiss his a$$. Christie still has to deal with the disaster. Obama walks away and you sheep are still praising his empty suit.. He's done absolutely zero for storm victims, yet you rode Bush for 3 years because he wasn't a liberal. Wake the f up.

  • Mark Dobbins

    Nice job Matt…you neo-cons would blast Jesus for helping the poor

  • summit nj

    what happened GEE they all were flooded and we the taxpayers of nj have to pay for new ones with his lardness new pledge of TAXES TAXES TAXES

    he has the IQ of SNOOKIE

  • Godot

    If your sitting around waiting for the Nanny State to bring you a generator you're probably not in love with Christie. Obama hits SNL in a heartbeat, when he's not playing golf.

  • westfield

    ahhhh comeon
    HE IS just IN LOVE

    CHRISAMA new celeb COUPLE

  • matt

    The people of NJ sould demand his resignation. I am sure that he got paid for that, I am sure he will donate all the proceedes to the people who need it. Right?

  • Godot

    Maybe Christie should start sucking up to a bunch of brainless celebs, like the democrats do.

  • greg

    He is Sara Palen to me, move along.

  • kaz

    Why is it that when Hurricane Katrina happened, it was all the Federal Government's fault and Bush's fault? And now that we are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is all the 'State's fault and Christie's fault, completely ignoring the Federal Government and Obama's lack of assistance? I guess the motto after a national disaster is, "Blame the Repbulican', no matter what.

  • Disappointed

    Is there anyone out there that Americans really like? Anyone at all?

  • Mar

    Republicans last month- "Government should stay out of business,the private sector is over regulated, the job creators will save us.

    Republicans this month- " why isn't my Governor restoring my power, who is holding my energy provider accountable"

    Make up your mind New Jersey!!!!!

  • Bones429

    This is totally out of line, for him to go on TV and make jokes, when people in his state are hurting, but the worse part of this is the media's pushing this crap. his is in the arena of like FDR going on Amus and Andy radio show back in the 40's as a guest appearance during the invasion of Normandy. Both parties have totally lost thier minds, I respected this man, and actually thought of him as possible President in the future…now? NO WAY could I even think of supportinig him, and other Rhino, The GOP need to rid itself of these egotistical idiots, and he is a prefect reasonas to why the GOP allowed Obama to get reelected and has directed this nation down a path of self distruction…..

  • Patrick Timothy O’brien

    This Republican will not vote for Christie if he is the Republican nominee in 2016. I just won’t vote.

    He might have cost Romney the election. He could have had Obama and Romney at the inspection scene as not to give one the advantage over the other. Romney was gaining in the polls until the storm.

  • emma

    Dozens of men from our local churches went up to NJ this weekend to help clear debris, bring food and water, etc. and this buffoon, all the while they were working late into the night, was on SNL clowning around? And this is the guy they wanted so badly to run for VP? Just goes to show you they just don't even care anymore, there's not even a pretense of portent or dignity, it's just one big joke.

  • Godot

    Messiah goes to VEGAS to raise $$$$ while the storm rages, but Christie can't go on TV? The show is produced in NEW YORK, noot the left coast.

  • Godot

    How do you campaign from your mother's flooded basement?

  • Gobi

    Rags of this kind are nothing new. The internet gives them the platform to spread their propaganda. They then cherry pick the comments to further divide and conquer the readers of this drudge linked beyond the pale 'conservative' blog.

    It's silly.

    That anyone would berate this man fro appearing on SNL after a devastating storm hit the East Coast is beyond help. This is the reason the GOP lost.