White House Ordered Prosecution of Mohammed Filmmaker

Clinton’s State Department botched Benghazi and the entire illegal Libyan War and when she met the father of the man who stood and fought against impossible odds, facing down the killers who had been set loose by the Obama Administration’s illegal war, all that she could think to tell him was that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that his son had sworn an oath to support and defend would be trashed to appease his son’s killers.

The father of Tyrone Woods, the ex-Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi, met with Obama and Clinton. And he reports that Clinton told him that they were going to “arrest and prosecute” the man behind the Mohammed movie.

There would be no reason for Clinton to have that information unless the decision did not come from the level of the Federal prosecutor in California, thousands of miles away, but from the White House and the State Department. That makes this a political prosecution and a direct attack by the government on Freedom of Speech by Obama and Hillary Clinton.

If this had been done under Bush, it would be a front page story. For 8 years liberals screamed that freedom was somehow under attack. Now freedom really is under attack in the most literal way possible. And no one cares.

The media can no longer deny that the prosecution of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, aka Mark Basseley Youssef is political or that he is a political prisoner. To do that they have to call the father of a murdered SEAL a liar, and they aren’t willing to do that yet. What they will do is ignore the story and bury it.

There are scandals there are one note. One act of wrongdoing. And there’s the rotting mess of Benghazigate which turns up a new ugly angle every day.

Of all the ugliness of Benghazigate, its ugliest revelation may be that the Obama Administration has given us America’s first political prisoner.

Here’s a partial transcript from Poor Richard’s News

I could tell that something wasn’t right. I was back there at Andrews Air Force Base when the bodies were shipped in. We were in a room, a building, a little ways away from the hangar where the speech was given, and for about a half hour the President was there, the Vice President was there, Hillary was there, Colin Powell was there.  When the President…we had formed little pod areas for each one of the families…and when he came over to our little area, I could tell, he kind of just mumbled.  You know, “I’m sorry.” His face was looking at me, but his eyes were looking over my shoulder like he could not look me in the eye.  And it was not a sincere, “I’m really sorry” you know “that your son died.” It was a totally insincere, more of a whining type, “I’m sorry.” And it was like shaking hands with a dead fish.  It just didn’t feel right. And now it’s coming out that apparently, the White House Situation Room was watching our people die.

Well, this is what Hillary did. She came over and, you know, she did the same thing, separately came over and talked with me.  I gave her a hug, shook her hand, and she did not appear to be one bit sincere at all.  She mentioned that thing about, “We’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.” That was the first time I had even heard about anything like that.  And apparently even the State Department had a live stream and was aware of their calls for help.  This was my son, he wasn’t even there.  He was at a safe house about a mile away.  He got the distress call.  He heard them crying for help.  That’s why he and Glenn risked their lives to go that extra mile just to take care of the situation.  And I’m sure that she wasn’t the only one that received that distress call: “Come save our lives.”

When I heard that there’s a very good chance that the White House as well as other members of the military knew what was going on, and obviously someone had to say, “Don’t go rescue them.” Because every person in the military, their first response is, “We’re going to go rescue them.” We need to find out who it was that gave that command.

  • Laura

    This is treason and this president must be impeached if he is not defeated.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Indeed. This is a clear violation of Obama's Oath of Office.

      • truebearing

        It's also pathologically narcissistic, not to mention depraved indifference to the survival of those whose serve the nation under his command. Obama's treachery is limitless.

    • Mary Sue

      regardless of the outcome of the election, he should suffer consequences. This is inexcusable incompetence that makes Jimmy Carter look good by comparison.

      Obama isn't simply the second coming of Carter. He's taken that mantle and run with it and then cranked it up to eleven.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "regardless of the outcome of the election, he should suffer consequences. This is inexcusable incompetence that makes Jimmy Carter look good by comparison."

        As much as I hate Carter, I have to admit your're correct. Just wait till Obama lives another few decades to see how he compares to the Carter career through today though. Carter's worse in lifetime effects to date, Obama's worse in damage done during a single presidential term.

        • Mary Sue

          yeah pretty much. If carter got a second term America would be a basket case. Fortunately there's a good chance obama won't get a 2nd term, averting near disaster of epic proportions.

          People try to argue that Carter did much for "peace" in the world (and usually cite his work with Habitat for Humanity which is just fine but really does nothing to promote actual peace), and some cite him being a nuclear physicist, as if that has anything to do with anything. Sure maybe he's book smart, but being a "rocket scientist" (or any equivalent thereof) doesn't mean a person's got any sort of common sense. (I've found that often, common sense is inversely proportionate to "book smarts"). Give Obama as much time as Carter in life and I'm sure he can rack up quite the disaster himself, depending on what he does with himself after presidency.

    • hiway280z

      If he is not defeated, he needs to be arrested for treason. If he is defeated he needs to be arrested for treason and hillay and the rest with him.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jimbo.baggins.96 Jimbo Baggins

      This President MUST be defeated and his cronies must then face true justice…….Those mainstream media cowards who support this traitor and his inept and incompetent admin must also be held to account……NEVER have I witnessed such blatant political narcissism as has been displayed by this President and his Admin.
      He is obviously trying to take a leaf out of his muslim dictator friends book and trying to create for himself a "cult of personality" and has found willing followers from the weak, progressive Left who care nothing for freedom or truth as long as it promotes their idiotic utopian agenda….
      This is the most loathsome, dishonest government ever and needs to be taken down…..

    • Rick The Explorer

      Obama is the kind of guy, that if he got drunk with his friends one night, would start gushing and crying about a crush he had on an older boy in highschool, then the next day apologize to everybody. Born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia, reciting the Q'uran in grade school. We've all been had. This muslim appeasment is not the way I want my President to act. O's character is reprehensible. Hillary's conduct is from brainwashing and years of dar'wa from her personal Hand Maiden, Huma Albedin, of the Muslim Sisterhood, and the other Muslims in the O Administration. That's what this is. Thats what this article is about. It's about the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Admistration. Google it.

  • Andrew

    Lol first political prisoner. What about Jonathan pollard?

    • Kufar Dawg

      But Jonathan Pollard committed espionage against the USA, and from what I've read for countries other than Israel, for money.

      • Gee

        You read wrong across the board.

        He did not get a single cent, nor did he provide a single item to any other country. Nor did he commit espionage either. The charge was illegally passing information to a friendly country, that information by the way the US was REQUIRED to give to Israel and refused

  • Kerfuffles

    Benghazi is about a U.S. government that is at its highest levels simpatico with the totalitarian ideology of Sharia. http://spectator.org/archives/2012/10/25/obama-kn

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.hasham John Hasham

    The mistakes made in preparation, including requests for more security, cutting security, are hard to even calculate. The response should have been adequate to the task. But I submit, it happened because the proper preparations and response would not fit the overall narrative Obama and Clinton wished to have with the Libyan regime. The spontaneous demonstration and attack false representation gave the administration political cover and a straw man, Youssef, the Mohammad film maker.

    The vulnerability of the Ambassador and his staff was the clear result that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's State Department did not want a U.S. military footprint in even guarding the diplomatic personnel. They even gambled by hiring ineffective, questionably loyal local security. The considerations of violating Libyan sovereignty precluded a proper response militarily. Perhaps if the U.S. military was allowed to respond as they did (in force) in arresting Youssef or the paramilitary response in seizing Elian Gonzalez in Florida to return him to Cuba – to the delight of Castro (Bill Clinton/Janet Reno's call with the help of Eric Holder), we might have all or some of those four souls still alive.

    I contend that image and political correctness, as it comported with the desired overall narrative of not offending Muslims in Libya, led to the weak preparations and lack of proper response to save and prevent the loss of our ambassador and other three Americans, as well as other wounded. The Obama administration was more concerned with image than protecting our own people. That is indifference to life, arrogance, and incompetence beyond measure, not just failed leadership, unforgivable failure of duty to protect American lives.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "But I submit, it happened because the proper preparations and response would not fit the overall narrative Obama and Clinton wished to have with the Libyan regime."

      Exactly the point. This is not just armchair criticism. This is a pattern of "leadership" predictably that ends up this way.

  • Freedom Rings

    Three guesses who gave the command!

    • hiway280z

      and the first two don't count

  • Steve

    This is sad and frightening beyond words! How did it come to this?

  • Anamah

    This is terrible. Obama, Hillary, but maybe also some responsibilities in the Pentagon, the CIA, and other who knew the attack was taking place … Who ordered the low level of security? what were the ambassador doing in Benghazi? and more questions to investigate…We need to know why …and how, but overall we need to take out the garbage from our Institutions, because this is America and we must keep her alive as unique, great miracle of freedom and moral values.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "If this had been done under Bush, it would be a front page story. For 8 years liberals screamed that freedom was somehow under attack. Now freedom really is under attack in the most literal way possible. And no one cares."

    As I said elsewhere about recent events, "zero surprises."

    We need to start over with lawsuits that lead to purging anti-American ideology from schools. This is not the same as restricting freedom of speech for people can present any opinions they want, but when they subvert the constitution with lies, that is treason. That happens every day little by little in our schools.

  • Mach1Duck

    Let us get down to facts. Sam Bacil produced the movie, Nakoula Basseley was arrested on a parole violation for posting the movie. Nakoula was banned from unsing a computer for 5-years. Why was his parole officer not present when he was arrested? Who signed the warrent for his arrest? Who issued the request to the court for his arrest? Why did it take an armed mob of police officers to arrest him? This is a suppression of free speech, and an arrest without due cause; in other words a political cover up.

  • rwainct

    The greatest threat to our society is being in the dark and ignorant of reality. Maybe a corollary to "the bigger the lie the more it will be believed" is, the more bizarre the truth, the more difficult to comprehend. Wasn't Ambassador Stevens' status, MISSING, during the run through ambushes to the Annex? If so, State Dept and CIC must have monitored with some expectation of need to find and rescue the Ambassador. More feet on the ground would improve odds for both – locating and rescuing. Instead, conscious decision may have been to sit, wait and see….. and then, when call from a Libyan hospital that there's an unidentified American body here, might the rationale have shifted to, dead already, no need for additional feet? Incomprehensible.

  • Spider

    Someone should get word of this to Youssef defense Atturney – this is a violation of his civil rights.

  • libertygirl

    The White House has implemented sharia blasphamy law…… and America remains silent…..

  • Kufar Dawg

    I find it strange that absolutely nothing has been heard from Nakoula or his attorney. It's almost as if he's being held incommunicado, which kinda seems strange for a democratic country.

  • The Expat

    obama is MUSLIM, don't you get it f….k wits

  • curmudgeon

    the very fact that we had diplomatic personnel in libya is proof positive of either shocking incompetence at the highest levels of our government, or intentional treasonous sacrifice of american lives to please our islamic masters. hanlon's razor suggests incompetence. observation of obama and his bootlicks suggests treason.

  • curmudgeon

    does anyone remember the screeching of our nation's leftist enemies, who were determined to try the fool george w (religion of peace) bush for "torturing" our nation's mortal enemies? those self-same leftists cannot discern any wrong at all when their hero, the muslim in chief, intentionally places diplomatic personnel in a place where murdeous population hates us due to their religion, and which has a government which is at the beck an call of our nations worst enemies, then provides no mechanism to protect them. what the muslim did was absolutely no different than if he had summoned 3 innocent and one not so innocent (the ambasador was willing stooge for islam) americans to the oval office, and had shot them in the head himself. no difference at all. murder is murder, even when it is committed to aid and abet islam. the muslim should not have to lose the election to find himself tried and executed for murder. but that will not happen in either instance, because our government does not punish traitors. a filmmaker who tells the absolute truth about humanity's most virulent enemy is of course another matter entirely.

  • ngh

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