Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and ‘Overrated White People’

White privilege consists of being white. Black privilege consists of denouncing white people in ways that would be considered racist if the shoe were on the other foot.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a man whose website modestly describes him as a “Professor, Author, Speaker, Public Intellectual,” has assembled a list of what he believes are the 15 most overrated white people to prove the point. Any college faculty member who tried assembling a list of the 15 most overrated black people would soon be the target of the most overzealous witch-hunt since Salem.

But if we were assembling a list of overrated black people, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill might just deserve his own place on the notepad. Hill’s bio is the usual intriguing world of African-American academia, complete with essays on social commentary in Hip Hop. Hill writes, so he’s an author. He speaks, so he’s a speaker. And he was once a weekly contributor to the Star Jones talk show, so he’s clearly a public intellectual. Best of all, he’s an affiliated faculty member in African American Studies at the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University. IRAAS has a logo that features two iguanas mating and offers all the usual navel-gazing courses that exist only to waste tuition money, except they’re African-American navel-gazing courses.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s list of the 15 most overrated white people displays exactly the intellectual rigor you would expect from a man affiliated with such a fine academic institution. It isn’t a list that’s oriented around anything but race. To be on the list, you can be a playwright, a musician, an economist, a football player or a politician. You can be American or European. You can be alive in the present day or dead for 400 years. It doesn’t really matter so long as you’re white.

This is racism, but it’s also the kind of mindless unthinking racism that we have long ago come to expect from social justice commentators doing their best Malcolm X imitations while having lunch in the faculty dining room and public intellectuals whose intellectual activity consists of saying racist things about white people and then defending their racism with the ubiquitous cry of white privilege.

Hill denounces Christopher Columbus, the man whose discovery made Hill’s entire profitable career possible, and William Shakespeare, the man who helped shape the language that Hill mangles while giving a tiny fraction of the world his thoughts on how much change is needed. (A lot. When it comes to change, the answer is always a lot.)

But where would Dr. Marc Lamont Hill be without that “immoral treasure hunter,” Christopher Columbus? If we asked Hill that question, we would have to sit through a long answer about slavery and slave boats. And he’s right. If Christopher Columbus had never existed, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill may very well be a slave. Slavery existed in Africa and the Middle East long before Columbus and it went on existing there after it was abolished in the United States.

Had Europe stayed out of America and out of Africa, the African slave trade would never have been disrupted by European colonialism and the millions of slaves who wound up shipped to America would never have found a place where millions of overrated white people would fight to free them from bondage.

Slavery still exists in the Muslim world and as a slave in Africa or the Middle East, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill would have been little better off than many of them. If not for Christopher Columbus, the odds are good that Dr. Lamont would not have a PhD, he would have a hoe. Indeed when overrated white people did liberate slaves and helped set up an African-American colony in Liberia, one of the first things that those former slaves did was set up their own system of forced labor for the African natives.

But black privilege means existing in a world where none of that matters; a world where a man who writes books on “Hip Hop Pedagogy” feels entitled to diss William Shakespeare. And who needs Shakespeare anyway? The guy probably never even listened to Jay-Z. According to Hill, Shakespeare is only well known because of “narrow-minded educational systems”; the kind that don’t teach Hip Hop.

Through Hill’s black privilege gaze, Reagan and Clinton are reduced to overrated figures guilty of shrinking the welfare state. And if all you can see is your entitlement to welfare checks, then that’s all that matters about two presidents in pivotal periods of American history. That’s black privilege too.

According to Hill’s black privilege, Elvis and Tim Tebow are only popular because they’re white and so he goes down the list of white people who took away all the fame that rightfully belonged to black people. Babe Ruth was only good because he played in a segregated league, Shakespeare probably couldn’t have measured up to Alice Walker and the NHL is just taking away attention from the NBA.

It’s arrogant, it’s racist and it’s also commonplace. It might be possible to assemble a list of overrated black people, but Dr. Marc Lamont Hill wouldn’t be on it because to be overrated, you first have to rate. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is uninteresting as a figure; he attracts attention only as a specimen of the vapid core of what passes for African-American Studies.

Unlike any of the men he has listed, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has contributed nothing, but he is in a position to contribute nothing. His entire field, like his article, is based around the negative; existing to take up space, to attract attention, to work up anger and to suck up money.

African-American Studies isn’t a research field; it’s what happens when grievance becomes academic. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill isn’t a public intellectual; he’s a poser in a field full of them.

White privilege is a degree in the post-evocative phase in semi-structured experiences. Black privilege is a degree in African-American post-evocative semi-structured experiences. The former is a fancy way of saying nothing at all. The latter is a fancy way of saying nothing at all while blaming white people for it.

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  • LPG

    You're good. Real good. That was a mighty fine tongue lashing.

    • EJL

      LPG…you said it all. Thanks.

    • benjabo

      I started to read the article, then I laughed..Prof Hill has always been know to me as "lips"
      You only have to look at his photo, they're the most prominent part of him

  • Jim

    Perfect. This babbling clown would be dismissed as a racist and taken off the air if he wasn't black.

    • dmw

      Didn't he used to be on Bill O'Reilly's program very regularly — for awhile? Maybe he was dumped as Ole "I've got a Masters from Harvard" Bill got wise to "Dr." Hill.

    • Randy

      To my wife, I refer to Dr. Hill as "Dr. Popcorn." He sounds like the staccato of popcorn popping when he talks.

  • Alvaro

    He wants the white man's world – without the white man.

    • ejl

      Brilliant comment.

    • mlcblog

      You nailed it!!

    • Youxia Lei

      95% of blacks do.

  • A Real Professor

    Sadly, Hill once was a regular guest on a Saturday morning Fox News business show. His ignorance was breathtaking.



  • Ronald Simon

    Its about time someone spoke up on the black mans hypocracy.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Hill writes, so he’s an author"

    Aren't we all.

    • Russ

      Me too!

    • benjabo

      I wrote on walls of toilety stalls, does that also make me a writer ?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "But if we were assembling a list of overrated black people, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill might just deserve his own place on the notepad."

    That's the most audacious thing perhaps. But for crying out loud, you'd think that supposed victims of racism would be against collectivism and class warfare. However, they've done so well by this game (in their minds) that they actually want to keep the collectivism going with this rotten-minded rhetoric. It's hate speech, but of course the whites can take it. This is a backdoor argument for white supremacy. Why can't he see this? He's indirectly attacking blacks collectively by sustaining racist ideology.

    How about a list of X number of overrated people in history? Nobody would notice if they're all white. Try for some objectivity. It's counter-productive in every way imaginable, but gets him whoops and "street cred" in his limited social circles.

  • Anthony

    This fraud has the appearance if a dim wit in his pin stripe suit.
    In actuality, he is a dunce with the ability to engage in the usual mumbo-jumbo most angry black men in pin stripe suits are good at. But don’t blame this film-flam skat man with a Phd. Blame the flip- flop wearing, nose ringed and tattooed liberals who adore him and his ilk. The created a department in academia that disgraced the entirety of higher education by its presence, it’s called ” African Studies”.

  • Anthony

    Oh, I forgot to mention, am I the only one to notice that America is becoming increasingly culturally minority? By that I am politely saying its turning into a big, ugly ghetto.
    This of course is progress to these poor performing mediocrities like “Professor” Skat man who comming from the sewer don’t notice the stentch.

  • DP111

    Education needs a complete overhaul.

    Courses such Gender studies, Social studies, Politics, Islamic studies, and many such, should no longer be available in universities that are subsidized by taxes. These courses suck up resources from subjects that actually are worthwhile. Moreover, these courses are harmful to the individual and the nation in the longterm.

    • johnnywoods

      How aout getting back to the "Three R`s and a lttle American and World history minus the P.C. malarky?

  • nunyainct

    This article is a home run on many levels. It states perfectly the sorry reality of pushing a social agenda in institutions of higher learning, and shows the disaster it has been, fluff unimportant classes that do nothing except gin up animosity from Blacks toward whites and foster the Democrat mantra of disenfranchisement. Equality between people should be color blind and merit based. Admissions into higher institutions, and job achievement should all be based upon merit, grades and performance. Having an "adjusted scale" for minorities is horrible and truly qualified minorities don't need it. Those minorities that ARE selected to fill quotas (now the government calls them goals) often perform poorly and it's evident to non minorities they were passed over for a position, or a promotion because they were the wrong color, or gender. Hill and Obama each showcase the failure of Affirmative Action, neither would be where they were if they were not simply Black. Beyond that, neither brings anything to the table in terms of intelligence.

  • sononthe_beach

    Not to pick on this guy, but with a set of lips like that it's no wonder that he is hyper-sensitive.

    • guest

      I've never seen a pic of Greenfield. What's up with his lips?

  • gupnky

    Right on! I switch channels on O'Reilly when "Hill the Pompous" (as I call him) comes on – I objected to his pomposity before I knew anything about his questionable background and credentials

    • BMS

      I totally agree, why O'reilly gives this racist fool a forum is beyond comprehension.

      • Tarantula

        Hannity has him on as well…why I don't know…

  • Fred

    This midget is a raving racist who probably wishes he were white.

    • Western Spirit

      Fred, I think you're on to something there. Wishing he was white would certainly explain a lot about this ignoramous' ravings.

  • tagalog

    Mr. Hill ought to think twice before he begins making lists of overrated white people in America in the present day; two can play that game. I can name a bunch of overrated contemporary black people right off the top of my head. Let's see:

    Barack Obama
    Michelle Obama
    Eric Holder
    Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson, Jr.
    Al Sharpton
    Louis Gates
    Who's that Senator or Representative who asked the admiral about some Pacific island tipping over from all the naval personnel on it? Some Georgia Congressman, Hank something (Johnson?), that's it.
    How about the black legislator who hid the patronage money in his refrigerator? Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-Louisiana)
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Jeremiah Wright
    Andrew Young
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Harry Belafonte
    Dick Gregory
    Toni Morrison
    Kanye West
    Cornell West

    Oh, I could go on and on…

    • Omar

      Remember, the president is mixed-race.

      • tagalog

        So you want a list of overrated mixed-race people?

    • slowpoke

      Louis-kill whitey-Farrakhan
      NBPP- bomb white nurseries and skin white people
      Alex Haley and MLK – the plagiarists.
      Michael Jackson – was he really black and female ?
      Rosa – i’m too tired to change seats – Parks.
      Marion Berry- cracked and whacked
      Whitney Houston – crack is whack but i’ll consume any other drugs.
      Ike Turner
      Maxine – cowgirl ethics violator and employer of Reginald Denny’s attempted murderer,Waters
      Chuck Berry – bathroom perv esq.
      James Brown- raging drug addict and employer of Al Sharpton
      Al Sharpton – money launderer,drug dealer,tax evader,antisemite extraordinare,falsifier of criminal acts,inciter of hate and murder.

      • Ghostwriter

        You put Rosa Parks,Chuck Berry,James Brown with the NBPP? Boy,slowpoke. You've got some issues here.

      • kafir4life

        Michael Jackson is proof of the American dream! Where else can a poor black boy grow up to be a rich white woman.

      • zalukas

        You forgot Billy Clinton. our first black President.

  • bob e

    doan' be too hard on laPimp laMont..he be Bill O's fair & balanced race pimp…

  • E.H. Lieberman

    Had the good doctor had Santa Claus on his list of overrted white people, perhaps I'd see him as less of a poseur. For now he remains Hill The Shrill Chill Pill who amounts to Nil. (and I've had my fill)

  • Anthony

    Lips like saucers. But it’s not the gigunda lower lip that makes him reek, it’s what comes out of them.

  • Danny

    "Indeed when overrated white people did liberate slaves and helped set up an African-American colony in Liberia, one of the first things that those former slaves did was set up their own system of forced labor for the African natives."

    Yeah, that's what y' get when y' try to hep these ignorant nigras get their freedom instead of keepin' them on the farm where they belong. Won't make that mistake again.

    Hmm, could there be 2 racists in this story, one black and one white?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Actually it's what has been happening in Africa all along. Slavery was not invented in America. It came here from Africa.

      History. It can be a pain.

      • Danny

        Slavery has existed in every society created by man. I don't think its origins can be traced entirely to any one society or nation or continent although it has certainly permeated some societies more than others. But regardless, history is replete with horrible human behavior that includes slavery, and almost every society has been guilty of it at one time or another, some more than others. One characteristic of a racist is to selectively point out that behavior as being almost exclusively the doings of a particular racial/ethnic/religious group while ignoring the same behavior among his own group. In fact, he may even present that behavior on the part of the favored group, incredibly, as a good deed:

        "Had Europe stayed out of America and out of Africa, the African slave trade would never have been disrupted by European colonialism and the millions of slaves who wound up shipped to America would never have found a place where millions of overrated white people would fight to free them from bondage."

        There it is. American slavery and post-Civil War oppression, the hope of past generations, fondly remembered by today's.

        Yes, history can be a pain. But used selectively, it can also be a powerful weapon in the hands of a racist, as you demonstrate so well.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          African slavery originated from Africa. If you're going to accuse me or anyone else of being nostalgic for the plantation life, then you had better cite quotes that show that we are nostalgic for that life, rather than just falsely repeating the claim to avoid dealing with the issues.


            Didn't Muslim gangs round up black Africans and delivered them to ships to be sent to the Western Hemisphere. There was slavery in other parts of the Western Hemisphere too. Carribean, South America.

          • Danny

            African slavery originated from Africa? Really? And did French cheese originate from France? I had no idea.

            I never said you were "nostalgic for the plantation life". I said you selectively used historical facts (though I didn't actually confirm your claim of forced labor camps set up by former slaves in Liberia, I wouldn't doubt it) to imply that blacks were fortunate to have been sold into slavery in America and, when liberated, showed that they didn't deserve freedom. I think I documented that well enough above.

            So let us chant, along with Generation Identitaire, "Our heritage is our land, our blood, our identity".
            Or, as the Nazis liked to say, "blood and soil".

          • tagalog

            Actually, there was a thriving slave trade going on between the slaveholding American states and Jamaica and the Bahamas in the era of the international slave trade, so not all slavery involving black Africans originated from Africa, where American slavery is concerned. Some of it originated in the British colonies in the Caribbean.

            Your claim to have documented something or the other is untrue: you have offered no documentary evidence to support your claims. You include an unattributed claimed quotation in your post, but without attribution it's just a self-serving statement. It isn't documentation to refer your correspondent to what you wrote. Do you have any reports or histories, such as, for example, Time On the Cross, or Roll, Jordan, Roll, or The Debate on Slavery, to offer as documentary support of your claims?

          • Drakken

            You sound like a self hating, self loathing, white progressive who hates what european Americans have acomplished. It was the white Europeans who has brought you everything you enjoy today in the 21st century. Be greatful instead of resentful.

          • Danny

            I enjoy almost everything white Europeans have brought us. Unfortunately I can't include you in that list, at least right now. But give me time.

          • Drakken

            Then quit whinning, put your man pants on, and do something bloody positive then. Frankly speaking, us white Europeans have nothing to opologize for, period.

          • Danny

            ….with the notable exception of you.

        • slowpoke

          5% of enslaved Africans were imported to N.American. 32% to South America.
          Under 2 million Africans were originally slaves in America. 140 million were in muslim countries .
          Over 4 million Irish,Scots and Germans arrived as slaves in the US.Children orphaned on ships were sold as slaves .
          Over 9 million Europeans were kidnapped and sold as slaves in the ME.
          Over 80 million people from India were enslaved and murdered by muslims .
          1830,1840 & 1850 US census shows over 300,000 black and Native American slave owners.
          Name another country where 650,000 men died to free black people .
          You can buy a child for sex slavery in Africa for $ 70 right NOW.

          What exactly is the blood types,DNA,measurements and definitions of African American ? What % black must you be to qualify as an eternal victim instead of an independent ,responsible adult ?
          Do not compare the Holocaust to being black.
          More blacks have murdered each other and aborted their own children than Hitler could dream of.

      • mikentosh

        ….and didn't England send a few warships to Africa to stop, or try and stop African kings from continuing to peddle in the slave trade, after it was outlawed in Europe?

    • tagalog

      What exactly is racist about the quotation? What is racist about the claim contained in that quotation? It appears to be stating a factual situation. That factual situation isn't exactly kind to the emancipated American slaves who emigrated to Liberia, but it doesn't seem all that racist; it seems to state a rather odd contradiction, that slaves who had obtained their freedom would immediately turn around and institute a system of forced labor in their own country, but racist? Help me out here; I need some explanation on the racism issue. I mean, American slaves were all of one race, so it's kind of hard to talk about American slavery without mentioning that they were black people.

      Is the racism in the attempted dialect-type statement in the second paragraph?

      • Danny

        OK, let’s use Dr. Hill as an example. Hill states certain “factual situations” including:

        Columbus “merely stumbled upon a region that had already been “discovered” by indigenous non-whites”.

        Elvis Presley didn’t write his own songs.

        Babe Ruth never had to play against black players.

        Donald Trump is obnoxious.

        OK, that last one is actually an opinion, though one shared by so many that it probably qualifies as at least a “near-fact”.
        Hill combines these facts with his own opinions, many if not most of which are pretty lame. But that alone just makes him out to be a not very bright professor. What makes him a racist is that he uses the few facts he has to offer to promote a denigration of whites in general which, though never stated explicitly, is strongly implied, at least from the fact that he explicitly restricts his list to whites only.

        By the same token, Greenfield states certain facts and uses them to turn a long history of oppression of American blacks into something else: a story about a white Europe and America that saved American blacks from a terrible fate that would’ve ultimately befallen them had their ancestors not been enslaved and oppressed by whites for hundreds of years. You could certainly make that argument, as depraved as it is, based on certain “factual situations”. But who would make it who doesn’t have a racist motive?

        • tagalog

          Lots of people could report on Liberia in the early years without having a racist motive. Anyone trying to simply record the facts, or correcting some erroneous claim, could be recording history for many non-racist reasons. Just because a fact holds blacks up in a bad light doesn't make the fact, or noting its existence, racist. Otherwise, good history would be that history that offends no one. That will never happen. Just ask white male Americans.

          Hill is racist in HIS effort because the list is intended to say something racial about white people. Some poster said we could talk about mixed-race overrated people, illustrating the silliness of making claims about race. I don't know what kind of a professor Hill is, but as a commentator on racial issues, he's a moron. I agree that Elvis Presley is overrated – I grew up in the 1950s and I know his career from him being on Top 40 radio and later in the movies when I was a kid. Not only did Elvis Presley not write his own songs, he stole his first hit from a black man, Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup (That's All Right Mama). Lots of good singers don't sing their own songs. Many of those singers are black singers, like Ella Fitzgerald for one. That doesn't say anything about whites or blacks as a race. For all that, Martin L. King is overrated.

          • Danny

            Greenfield is not a reporter who "simply records the facts". And if he's correcting some erroneous claim, what would that claim be? You're right, a fact that puts blacks in a bad light is not intrinsically racist. What matters is the context in which the fact is presented. I maintain that the context in Greenfield's article is one that presents a history of slavery and oppression as somehow a great favor to the current generation of American blacks. The really bizarre and revealing part of it is that he's not even countering some argument related to slavery; Hill doesn't mention the topic. His explanation of American slavery's benefits is entirely gratuitous.

          • cjk

            Are you seriously trying to say that modern American blacks aren't fortunate that their ancestors were enslaved?

          • Danny

            Of course not, silly. And I thank God and anti-Semites throughout the world every day that my ancestors were shot, stabbed and raped by various Jew-hating mobs throughout Europe for hundreds of years. Otherwise I wouldn't be here responding to your post.

          • cjk

            Actually it's a completely different with Jews. Your comparison is totally off and belies your deceit. Wherever the Jews have been they have excelled, whereas Africans by and large have failed. If Jews were left to themselves we would most likely see what we now see in Israel, whereas Africans show their stuff in places like South Africa's terrible descent into genocide and poverty or Zimbabwe's fall from a net food exporter to starvation……Silly.

          • Danny

            The Nazis had the same idea about Russians, Poles and generally Slavic peoples as well as non-whites. They also believed that those nations/races were innately incapable of progressing – culturally, scientifically, economically – to the level that the Germans had attained. So the logical next step was to subjugate them and, maybe in time, make them fit to live among the master race through "Aryanization" (excluding the Jews of course, who were beyond hope and slated for extermination). The Nazis could legitimately point to the comparative history of Germans and Slavs to support their contention that Slavs were inferior to Germans. Certainly Germany was far more developed than any of the Slavic countries and could boast of more scientific and cultural achievements than Slavs.

            We know what ultimately happened, as we know about the history of slavery and post-Civil War oppression of blacks.

            That is the historical company you keep. I'll never be able to convince you of the incredible immorality and destructive power of your world view. But I am optimistic that you're of a dying breed, with a view destined for the trash heap of history.

            Have a nice day.

          • cjk

            Wow! You really have an evil mindset, don't you?
            I state NOTHING but fact and then you imply I'm a Nazi?…WTF.
            Nobody is saying nor even implying that there was or is anything good about oppressing anyone. There can be good unforeseen consequences though….SILLY. Even Joseph knew that and pointed it out to his brothers over 3000 years ago.
            I also notice you COMPLETELY sidestepped my initial observation.

          • Danny

            WTF, indeed. You were pretty clear that American blacks are "fortunate that their ancestors were enslaved" and implied that it was at least partly due to the fact that "Africans by and large have failed" to make it on their own so they need to be forced into submission by a superior race for their own benefit. You can try all you want to backpedal from that; I would do the same if I were you.

            Your initial observation was that, again, blacks are "fortunate that their ancestors were enslaved" presumably because modern day American blacks are better off than their distant cousins in Africa and that's due to the fact that their ancestors were brought here in chains. I made the apt comparison to the fact that I'm here at least partly because my ancestors were oppressed by anti-Semites in Europe and that prompted them to take off for America. Otherwise my parents likely would've been murdered by the Nazis and I wouldn't exist and you wouldn't have the joy of responding to my posts. If you call that side-stepping, maybe you didn't actually read what I wrote.

          • cjk

            I never said anything of the sort that Africans need to be forced into submission.
            I stated a TRUTH and still state that Africans in the USA are in FACT lucky that their descendants were enslaved.
            No backpedaling from the truth on my part.
            You continue to sidestep the issue by comparing Jews to Blacks.
            I don't see Jews railing against America on a daily basis, do you?
            Israel is not Zimbabwe, it is almost the exact opposite.
            Lefties like you are always confused when confronted with reality and never have a reply that makes sense.

          • Danny

            It's only in the alternate reality of FPM that someone can claim that blacks are lucky that their ancestors (not descendents, genius) were enslaved since they're here in America as a result, but Jews are not similarly lucky that their ancestors were oppressed which resulted in them being here as well. And the reason we can't make that comparison is…..Jews don't rail against America and blacks do?

            Not only is that statement ridiculous on its face but even if it were true, it has zero to do with whether the comparison is valid. Whether each group is lucky to be here due to events outside their control isn't related to their attitude.

            Time to get a refresher course on logic.

            The fact is, you can't accept the comparison because to do so would be to draw the same hideous conclusion about the oppression of Jews as you do about that of blacks. If someone said that Jews were lucky to have suffered such oppression since it brought them to America, I'm sure you would denounce them as anti-Semites. But when the shoe's on the other foot…..?

          • cjk

            I guess for someone so immersed in PCism the truth does appear to be an alternate reality1 LOL.
            You have yet to refute my statement with even a small minute tittle of FACT.
            Instead you sidestep the issue with a false comparison which Iv'e proceeded to destroy causing you to resort to that time tested refuge of the leftist, by accusing your opponent of RACISM.
            You lefties are always short on fact and long on moral equivocations due to ignorance on a subject and a refusal to change your twisted version of reality which has been pounded into a mush brain by some liberal hack authority such as a 'professor'.
            I assume you also consider all religions equal also?

          • Danny

            No, I'm pretty confident that whatever religion you belong to has got to be incredibly depraved. That would explain a lot.

            Next time, try actually addressing my points instead of spewing the usual right-wing blather.

          • reader

            My bet is that you are an atheist anyway. And, if history is a guide, there is nothing more depraved than a bunch of committed atheists.

          • HoR_Emperor

            Oh look, a Lefty inventing a false version of someone else's words in order to pretend his opponent is a racist. Utterly predictable, utterly dishonest.

    • Ghostwriter

      Sorry,Danny,but your attack on black people is stupid. Not every black person is evil. To me,you sound like a Klan member.

      • Danny

        Are we in the Twilight Zone?

  • tagalog

    I read his Huffington Post article listing the 15 most overrated white Americans. Some of them are groups. But the most interesting thing about Mr. Hill's list is that it contains SIXTEEN, not 15, citations.

    Maybe he's a bit overrated himself and should return to first grade to learn to count accurately.

    • EJL

      That's the kind of detail I like. Thanks.

  • Patrick

    He rates a Phd like Whoopi rates an Oscar

  • Omar

    Obviously, Dr. Hill is paranoid. Why doesn't he denounce racism in Cuba? Remember that Castro's Cuba jailed the longest serving black political prisoner in modern history. His name was Eusebio Penalver and he served about 28 years (from 1960 to 1988) in Castro's dungeons. Bottom line, America (and its allies like Britain, Israel and other free world countries) is the best country on the planet, while Communist Cuba is currently the worst country in the Western Hemisphere (in politics, society, economics and quality of life), considering the fact that it is the only dictatorship in the Hemisphere. Free Cuba now! God Bless America!


      Denouncing racism in the Castro regime would be counter revolutionary. The Politburo would never allow that.

      • Omar

        I know. The left is so hypocritical regarding almost every issue, but especially on racism and bigotry. Of course the left denies that there is racism in Cuba because it believes that the Castro regime is perfect, when in reality, the Castro regime in Cuba is the real Great Satan of the Western Hemisphere (Chavez's Venezuela is the Little Satan). The left despises Cuban Americans because Cuban Americans expose the truth about how horrible the Castro regime really is. Yet, the left and the MSM do not get called out over their blatant contempt for Cuban Americans. Now that's a double standard. The left claims to oppose racism and bigotry, yet the left's animosity towards Cuban Americans shows that the left doesn't really care about racism and bigotry. The left just likes to exploit racism and bigotry. That's the reality.

    • Ghostwriter

      You know,Omar. Many on the left don't WANT to expose what really goes on in Cuba. They have so much contempt for the intelligence of their fellow Americans,including Cuban-Americans. Most Americans know that Cuba is an awful place. Sadly,the left continues to make excuses for Castro and those like him. It's sad,really.

      • Omar

        You're right, Ghostwriter. The left (and the MSM) don't really care about the well-being of Cuban freedom fighters who have to endure long, suffering time in Communist Cuba. Instead, the left complains about Israel, which has a democratically elected government, and where egalitarianism prevails, unlike Israel's adversaries, where oppression occurs on a daily basis. The left has a huge double standard regarding Israel and Cuba.

  • J. Ludwig

    Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. Later he was thrown into a dungeon in Egypt. He was released from prison and became Pharoh's honored administrator. While at the peak of his career, his family came to Egypt to get food as there was a famine in their land. His brothers didn't recognize him.
    When he finally revealed himself to them, Joseph said, "You meant your action towards me as evil, but god meant it for good." God, through his amazing providence, brought a great good out of his brothers' rotten action, and Joseph became the instrument of saving their lives. The author of this article clearly sees this scenario repeated in the life of Dr Hilll. Slavery was an ill, but overtime it has proved an incredible blessing. That is not meant in any way to justify the wrongful treatment of anyone, but it does show that Hill's bitterness and self-chosen vendetta and empty-mindedness is a wrongheaded response to the world in which he lives. Then again, if he weren't always pointing the finger — both index and middle — what would Dr. Hill be doing to keep busy and pay the rent?

    • mlcblog

      Beautifully put!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      No it really has not.

      Slavery was and remains an evil that has harmed everyone who has come into contact with it.

      Joseph's enslavement went on to cause the enslavement of the Jewish people, their near destruction and then the near destruction of Egypt. While there was a divine plan behind that, it should not be used to justify slavery.

      • J. Ludwig

        My point is the same as yours. You wrote that while slavery is an unadulterated evil, where would Prof. Hill be today if there had not been slavery to the Americas. Doesn't this mean, he should forgive and move on? I wrote assuming you and I were in complete agreement. Your article is great.

  • clarespark

    Marc Lamont Hill was the beneficiary of multiculturalism and affirmative action. He was given too much too soon. But I don't blame him; I blame the liberal foundations and academics who thought they could co-opt and control black people especially after the urban riots of the 1960s. Here is an index of most of my blogs on this policy. http://clarespark.com/2011/03/28/index-to-multicu…. "Index to multiculturalism blogs." If you have time for just one, I recommend "White Enabling of Black Power." It is deeply shocking and names names.

  • Marty

    hill's overpaid vowel movements are nothing less than racist and bigoted. Pseudo-academics such as this one contaminate classrooms and provide relentless nonsense to innocent and defenseless students. hill is the beneficiary of a social and political system that tolerates and encourages the sort of fascist propaganda he offers in his courses. And it is nothing new or anything that will end soon. It's a pity. The academy was once a place where bigotry was considered bad form.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ark.wwoodfo William Woodford

    Overrated white people who are conspicuously absent from Dr. Hill’s list: Karl Marx (Martin Luther King was a devotee of Marxist evolutionary socialism), Vladimir Lenin, Iosif Stalin (there are 2 Stalinists on American postage stamps in the “Black Heritage” series), Fidel Castro, etc.

  • Western Spirit

    Shakespeare's insight into human nature alone is enough to place him among the great. Add to this his way with words and there is no way to over rate him.

    This "professor" is showing his ignorance and his envy by claiming Shakespeare is over rated.

  • Andy

    I am puzzled, Mr. Greenfield. Why do you waste time even mentioning this nonentity when you have so many more important matters with which to deal? I've never heard of this wannabe before and I stopped reading half way through because my own time is too valuable. Sadly, the mere presence of Obama in the White House inspired a variety of black racists to crawl out of the woodwork and they don't warrant our time or attention.

  • Mordecai Maximus

    This is so sad…I always knew this guy was wafer thin but figured he was part of Officer O'Reilly's affirmative action dues. Thanks for the bio, it explains the skin crawling reaction I have when he is platitude pumping…yechhh.
    Can we recover from the hole of race worship and Islamophilia on the part of lefty power brokers?
    Any way to give Pat Condell a spot on Fox???

  • dennis x

    Oh, the truth hurts! white people could not , can not and refuse to ever imagine an Africa without the white impact of coionialism and slavery. Where would we be without columbus, happy in our own land. You people have got a God complex!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      How much of Africa is happy in its own land?

      • dennis x

        Not alot as far as I know, you people really f—ked it up!

        • Drakken

          You would be back on the dark continent slaughtering each others tribes as a pastime, oh they still do that. You can thank us white euro's for bringing you the 21st century and all that you enjoy, your welcome.

          • dennis x

            Thanks for the 400 years of slavery, jim crow, second class citizenship, rape of our grandmothers , lynchings, high blood pressure, the selling off of families, creating self haterd, destruction of our history etc. Can't get by without master. You couldn't survive for a day as a Blackman. So you can take that thanks and stick it where the sun don't shine!

          • Drakken

            So your blaming me for what happened to your ancestors? Good one, frankly I don't have a goddamn thing to opologize for. If you have it so bad and are so miserbale living amongst us whites? There are plenty of planes to take you back to the motherland to wallow in.

          • Western Spirit

            And all of this happened to you? If it didn't happen to you it was because the white man fought and died to free people like you. So shut up!

            My Indian ancestors suffered the trail of tears and had their land being stolen among other things. Yet to the victor belongs the spoils is a hard fact of life like it or lump it. That's the way it is. Men have been taking land from others since before the Anglo-Saxon's took over Britain from the Celts who lived there. It's the law of the world and why we'd better wake up before our land goes to the next victor.

            But to fight and die to free a people other than ourselves just doesn't happen naturally, instead it is an act of moral values, not a human trait to be overcome. And to quarrel with what followed after the War is to quarrel with human nature itself.

            In fact our ideals of freedom won out over our human nature and now the plight of the Blackman is not hard at all except for what for what Blacks are doing to each other and the policies of a Black president denying Blacks the independence of earning their own way .

          • fred

            thank a democrat

    • Ghostwriter

      It sound like Professor Hill isn't the only idiot here. dennis x is just as bad as David Duke. He acts like he's the spokesman for Black America when really,he sounds like the ignorant racist he accuses every white person on planet Earth of being. Mr. x is a pathetic twit,proving that idiocy knows no color.

      • dennis x

        I'm not speaking for anyone other than myself. I haven't accused anyone of anything. First learn to read before you write. Without the negative white influence who knows what Africa might have become. What I stated was that with you racist perpective of the world you can not imagine any non-whites succeding on thier own.

        • Drakken

          Without our influence you would be still living in mud huts slaughtering each other, oh they still do, fancy that.

  • BLJ

    This guy is a tool. If he wants to truly see an "overrated" person he should take a look in the mirror.

    • dennis x

      Don't be mad, just cause your white and a low life theres still hope ( maybe not ) for you. Stay in school!

      • HoR_Emperor

        Oh look, a black racist.

  • tedh754

    You notice it is always that Babe Ruth was only good because he never faced black pitchers? Maybe black pitchers were good because very few of them ever faced the Babe, Dimaggio, Cobb, and hundreds others.

  • Schlomotion

    Did I miss something here? Is the whole basis of Mr. Greenfield's diatribe against Dr. Hill that he promotes his credentials in exactly the same way that the writers at Frontpagemag do?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

      Skin color is an issue here?

      Nope, not even a good try Schlo. Religion and it's dedication to violence is about something other than race. islam and it's evil isn't a race it's a life style.

    • tagalog

      Yes, that's what you missed. Sheesh.

    • Advocatus

      Ah, what a surprise: our favorite airhead goes for the ad hominem by taking a swipe at the author of an article seeing as he can't muster a coherent rebuttal about the substance of his article. Who could have predicted that?

      That technique never gets old, Schlo, does it now.

    • Touchstone

      You're ignoring the meat of the article (the list of fifteen) and harping on a sprinkling of seasoning (the promotion of credentials). Is this what you're forced to do when you can't defend the indefensible? Find a bit of trivia and magnify its importance?

      I've watched Hill in action. He's very quick and sharp-minded, but he has a massive chip on his shoulder, much like Spike Lee, another talented but permanently disgruntled African American celebrity. There's an epidemic of this kind of ugliness, and you're implying support for Hill's needless eye-poking by dodging the salient topic and magnifying a trivial difference between Hill and Greenfield.

      Does American society, fraught with racial tension, really need this gratuitously divisive list? Hill's driving the wedge deeper, and you're trying to divert attention from what he's doing and make the conversation about something else. You're an accomplice to race-baiting.

      So the answer to your question, "Did I miss something here?" is no. You missed EVERYTHING. Willfully.

      • https://www.facebook.com/possumntaters Frank Orlando Wilson

        Make no mistake about it. It's revenge they are looking for. For what you ask? They wake up every morning only to realize they are still black and are they ever pissed off. Somebody's going to pay and who better than those who wake up every morning as blessed white people! Queers are in much the same fix I'm afraid.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Schomo shows his usual idiocy.

  • https://www.facebook.com/wendy.nailart.1 Wendy Nailart

    Thank you! I spend a little time on news pages trying to spread those so often neglected historical facts, the truth about slavery… And the "whites" they want to despise for "slavery"? I assume they mean only the enslavement of blacks, whites have been slaves too, slavers prowled the "Slavic" areas until they were able to defend themselves, Native Americans made slaves of other tribal groups as did the natives of Mexico and central America. Slavery was common and as mentioned, legal in Muslim nations until 1932, long after it had become illegal elsewhere (remember Napoleon's last grasp at reinstating slavery?). Further, most of these whites have had nothing to do with slavery. I'd bet most Americans alive today are descended from immigrants who arrived after slavery was abolished, many of them fleeing abuses in their home lands. The racists also choose to forget the whites who fought and died to free them from slavery in America and the labors of many whites and societies of whites (and others) who worked to improve the conditions of freed salves an many nations, most often through Christian organizations. Slavery was early eradicated in many European nations, for the most part brought about by the actions of Christian churches it is so popular to bash these days. Historically it seems most of the selling of slaves in Africa was done by raiding and warring tribesmen. Modern American blacks who become Muslim must be forgetting the African blacks who died or were enslaved during the Muslim jihad, as do many who blame the crusades on Christians.
    An associate (now 67) told me of a teacher (Santa Monica) years ago who held up a drawing of a neanderthal man, saying, "they say we look like monkeys, now, doesn't this white man look more like an ape to you?". I asked her if she thought that was a wise commentary, she was confused. It was sad to see how readily she accepted the "they" (the few who may say that or all whites?), and the premise "they say we look like monkeys", and the concept the proper response was a puerile "oh yeah, back at you!"…. from a teacher….
    It is a tool of manipulation, but a double edged sword.
    It is a social poison being kept active by those who, like the slavers, prey on their own kind…. for attention, power and employment.
    With as little thought to the ultimate well being of their victims as an slaver of olde…

    • tagalog

      Slavs were called "slavs" because they were so often made into slaves.

      In America, slavery was abolished and outlawed in the non-slaveholding states north of the Mason-Dixon Line, every one of them, by 1807, one year before the United States, as a matter of Constitutional law, prohibited participation by Americans in the international slave trade. Slavery had not been a factor in the life of the Northern states even before then.

      Historically, the best-remembered of the "great" slavers of Africa was the Tippu Tib, who made a fortune enslaving Africans who were sold to his Muslim slave gangs by the Africans who had captured them, either in war or by slave raids on the villages they lived in.

      • Advocatus

        "Slavs were called "slavs" because they were so often made into slaves"

        Actually, it's the other way around, I should add: the word "slave" comes from the name of the Slavs as medieval and even modern serfs in Russia were esentially reduced to the status of slaves.

        But I do agree that people who keep pointing fingers at the US for slavery should take a harder look at the history of the practice in other parts of the world, not least the Arab world and Africa itself,

  • Thomas Wells

    E Pluribus Unum,anybody?

    • Drakken

      I am afraid that time has come and went, now we have a boiling pot instead of a melting pot.

      • mikentosh

        "now we have a boiling pot instead of a melting pot. "
        I like it!

  • zombietimeshare

    "O, Mr. Hill thou art as tedious as a tired horse, a railing wife, Worse than a smoky house."

    after Henry IV, part I sort of

  • guest

    Greenfield clearly assumes his readers are too lazy to actually go read the original. Anyone who does will find a very different article than the one described here. Lamont accurately does denounce Columbus. Who wouldn't? The guy was a slave trader who got lost.
    But he doesn't denounce Shakespeare, in fact he praises him (and Babe Ruth, Bill Walton, Eminem), he just says he is overrated and that as a result many other fine (white) writers of the era are overlooked. He never mentions Alice Walker as Greenfield misleadingly implies.
    And Greenfield appears to not understand the difference btw. overrated, which is not necessarily a criticism of the person, and talentless, which is.
    And who would disagree that Bieber, Middleton, Elvis and Prince Harry?

    • HoR_Emperor

      Sorry, but your little "you didn't read it" deflection won't work, troll. I've read actual quotes from Hill's article. The stuff he says is laughable Left-wing crackpot idiocy.

  • Ghostwriter

    Has anyone ever told you,GUESSEDworker,that you sound like a neo-Nazi? If not,I just did.

  • Ghostwriter

    What Professor Hill and dennis x prove that bigotry isn't just a white person's disease. It can infect black people as well.

  • judahlevi

    When America grows up, it will realize that people are individuals, not skin colors. Each individual is unique, there will never be another individual like you ever in the history of the world. The smallest minority is an individual, not some arbitrary grouping by gender, skin color, or ethnicity.

    Your character and your mind define you, not your skin. When people realize this, all of this black/white/brown whatever nonsense will go away. Only then will America progress past the primitive and barbaric identification by something as ridiculous as the color of your skin.

  • Chris

    Excellent article. A well deserved smack down of a racist pompous buffoon. I don't know who is more annoying- "Dr." Hill or the other resident black permavictim on Fox, Jehmu Greene, but Hill is the one with the Ph.D. , and claims to be an intellectual. Maybe I'm blinded by white privilege, but if there is something intellectual about MLH, I'm missing it. And I have a real Ph.D – in organic chemistry. But then, I never took a class that featured rap and hip hop, so what does a cracker like me know?

  • Drakken

    Judahlevi, as wonderful and a kumbaya moment as you propose, in reality we will always stick with our tribes. I guarentee you that you don't live in a ghetto or a barrio but with pretty much your own. This country is more divided by race than ever before and it will only get worse as the economy worsens and the islamaniacs continue to push us. This will not end well any way you look at it.

  • Jack Rail

    This is NOT the sort of "race dialogue" our Attorney General had in mind when he said America was too cowardly to discuss race. What Holder envisioned was that people like Hill spout their rants about whites while whites sit silently with heads bowed, accepting the torrents of verbal filth spilling on them from such black racist sources as hip-hop and rap, such phony intellectuals as Marc Lamont Hill.

    I'm delighted to (finally) see public replies commensurate with the attacks. Fact is, America is a Godsend to all her citizens today, regardless of where they came from or when. My ancestors fled Ireland during the potato famine, a period when W. E. B. Dubois said he was ashamed to talk about the degraded condition of American slaves after having seen how the Irish lived. Neither my parents nor grandparents ever so much as mentioned that except to note that that's where mom's people came from. No bitterness, no hatred of the Brits, none of that.

    I, as everyone in America, benefit from being here no matter what price my antecedents paid, and I'm grateful. So should be blacks, and Orientals, even the indigenous folks, whose lives would be much poorer without the inventions and industrialization that came with the conquering civilization. These silly attacks from minor league intellectuals ensconced in once major league institutions merely advance agendas rooted in misguided anger and misinformed history.

    • Schlomotion

      If we can tolerate the verbal filth spilling from the pen of D.H. Lawrence in Lady Chatterley's Lover and the F-bombs dropped from James Joyce's pen in Ulysses, the blatant disregard for law and order in Flann O'Brien's "The Third Policeman," I think we can tolerate a little profanity in "hip-hop and rap."

  • Pavelina

    Whenever he showed up on the Factor, I’d say “Oh, there’s that fast-talkin black guy again.” Since I didn’t
    care what he had to say, I’d always hit the mute button.

  • Cindy

    Daniel Greenfield, this was excellent. As another stated, “you nailed it.”

  • https://www.facebook.com/peter.ramsey.98 Peter Ramsey

    I think he just proved liberal black professors don't earn their degrees, they steal them.

  • rockermom

    Excellent article. Read also an article in the Princeton student newspaper: http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/2012/10/10/31451… bemoaning that the faculty is dominated by white males. I nominate MLH for President of Princeton. About 15 years ago Princeton was scrambling to justify (ahead of Federal inspection) why they did not have minority faculty in such areas as Slavic Languages, Hellenic Studies, Sciences. With over 35% of the class of 2015 minorities, how long will it take for the serious scholarship departments to simply disappear because no one is qualified to take their courses.

  • HoR_Emperor

    *sigh* Another white supremacist trying to infiltrate a conservative website. Get lost.

  • jose

    This man owes his entire life and limb to the 'white man'. He is just to stupid to figure that out. A sorry pitiful small thinking person of little significance. Disregard him.

  • TopAssistant

    First, he is a communist! If we are going to defeat our enemy we must know them and to call them by the correct name. Take for example the term "political correctness' when did it come from and how did it get this name? Start by looking up the history of "Cultural Marxism" which was the first term used by the Marxists that developed it in 1923 in Germany. They changed the name so it would have a softer, a more acceptable term. Where the Go to YouTube and watch "CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America" and then go to DiscovertheNetworks.org and look for additional articles and videos. Cultural Marxism is the flying carpet and the glue that keeps the Democrat Party that is packed full of the nuts involve in communism, Marxism, socialists, Islamists, Wahhbist, left-wing radicals. These are the nuts like Obama and his family.
    We need more article on Cultural Marxism and then quit using the term “political correctness.” When someone calls me a racists or Islamaphobe I simply shoot back at them “Are you trying to impose your Cultural Marxists views on me?” I then tell them to do not use terms or words on someone that you do not know the history of them.

  • zalukas

    I don't admire freckled people, on the outside. Is there agency that I can be reported to?

  • Me black guy

    Give him a special personal exemption to the Fourteenth Amendment!

  • LibertyLover

    Marc Lamont Hill is at the toop of my list od Highly Overrated Black People. He is an intellect that only Bill O'Reilly can appreciate.

  • Lady_Dr.

    I could not agree more with the author, and the other commenters. As someone who has been passed over for a non-entity white person who "specialized" in Afro-American studies, I know first hand that this foolish, useless "field" only serves to employ academic incompetents who feed off liberal guilt and brings down the country and both black and whites.

  • mb1492

    I think it’s Funny that someone as young as he is has such anger towards white people. I find it difficult to believe that his life was so bad that he developed all these feelings of hate. Perhaps it was when he attended college and received all the biased Liberal teaching. Strange how a 34 year old thinks the way he does.

  • http://www.pseudodictionary.com/100_insult_words Pocacahontas

    Not about to waste my time reading an essay — no matter how short — about Huckster Hill.

  • https://www.facebook.com/possumntaters Frank Orlando Wilson

    Can you say "South Africa"? They were given the white mans world and lookie what the most wonderful highly celebrated Savior Mandela's ANC has done with the help of communism!

  • fred

    What an asshat…just another educated, angry black man. People with his attitude perpetuate racial hate and bias. Of course, racists don't really want equality…for then they would have nothing to whine about….what would sharpton and jackson do if we "just got along"….of course, our jug-eared president fixed race relations, so I don't really know what mr pinstripe is on about…

  • B2Bob

    Why FNC even lets him speak is beyond me. If he were white he would get beat up in the press. Rev Al and Jesse would be flapping their jowels. Blacks can say anything and get by with it. He should be a disgrace to blacks but I'm sure they (some) love him.

  • conservative

    over rated people are mr.obame,lamant hill,charles barley,micheal jackson,byounce,juan williams,jackson and son,mike tyson,farachan,malcom x,ext.,o.j simpson,whoopi goldberg,samule jackson,jerimia wright,maxine waters,and more.lamant hill is the racist not any of the conservatives or the gop.you know what is going to be interesting is if obame looses his bid for reelection if there will be alot of riots and destruction of the urban areas,also overrated is the black panthers

    • errlyrizer

      Wow… you all sound like a bunch of JA’s!!!

      • ROGER

        just like owebozo and joe biden. (ANOTHER TOTALLY OVERRATED BLACK MAN) we obviously have a person who did not read the article.. as far as i am concerned, 15% of the population is getting 60% of the air time just because they are black… now if you want to fight you will lose… maybe that is the problem… when it comes to winning… we own it… because 65% of the jail population happens to be black… so the ones with balls are already incarcerated…. do the math…

    • ROGER

      hey… most of the americans who care want these people to burn their houses down and kill each other.just like in 1968…. it would be considered property improvement.. and what do you mean "if" the man is losing bigtime now.. the news just doesn't report that.. you have to wonder what will happen if the congress mandates to end welfare.. that would be interesting… gather weapons and ammo… if you can find some…

  • http://www.islamiruyayorumlari.net/ruya-tabirleri rüya yorumları

    Great article Daniel… I totally agree with you… kind of racism in every part of life even in business…

  • http://www.wholesalingjerseys.us jerseys cheap

    I read his "Hector FenDu post article 15 a list of the most overvalued white. Some of them group. But the most interesting thing Mr Hill's list, it contains 16, not 15, reference.
    Maybe he is a bit overestimated himself and should go back to a year to learn to count accurately.

  • steve

    HIll is racist. Would he act the same if the killer was white and killed his family? No he would call Jessie Jackass and Sharpton.

  • steve

    Someone please post Hill's school emaill. Why not spike lee outted George Zimmerman's wrong address lol

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  • ao3dvn

    I was recommended this blog via my cousin. I'm no longer sure whether this publish is written through him as nobody else understand such designated approximately my problem. You're amazing! Thank you!

  • H Town Psych

    “Had Europe stayed out of America and out of Africa, the African slave trade would never have been disrupted by European colonialism and the millions of slaves who wound up shipped to America would never have found a place where millions of overrated white people would fight to free them from bondage.”

    *Raises hand*
    Why do white people expect a pat on the back because white soldiers fought to end a brutal and inhumane practice that WHITES exclusively benefitted from? We poor blacks should be grateful that white Americans found it in their hearts to stop raping, murdering, and trading our ancestors like cattle? Ohhhhh, well let me start bowing in gratitude.

    Many (if not most) of the points Hill raised were valid. Oddly the author of this piece ignores that little fact. Babe Ruth did play in a segregated league when we KNOW of other great players of his day who were prohibited from competing against him. FACT. Elvis stole most of his hits. FACT. Tebow sucked. FACT. Kate Middleton is known for absolutely nothing. FACT. And so on.

    If this author (or any white person) can compile a list of black people who have been given undue praise then feel free to discuss it. The gotcha is that you will have a hard time compiling such a list. Jackie Robinson fought for his spot in MLB and excelled. FACT. Michael Jackson was a musical genius and true innovator. He did not cover other people’s songs and get rewarded with the title of King of Pop. FACT. There are NO black women who are known world wide for NO earthly reason. Black female icons (e.g. Beyonce) have to work damned hard for it. FACT.

    So… if you want to take issue with the piece, then refute the assertions therein.

    • wes

      Without Shakespeare we would not have modern art and hip hop would have never existed, that alone makes Lamont Hill look like an idiot.

    • Bill Morin

      that asshole rev al sharpton comes to mind. i say asshole because he has done nothing but further divide race relations, hustle racism and he still thinks he is relevant. He is not. He never deserved his Title ” Rev ” because no Reverend i ever knew spoke any hatred, never chased that racism ambulance..when has Al flown across teh country to support a white family that lost a son because he was shot by a black man?..never..lets talk tawney…but we already know that outcome..and sticking up for thug rappers rapping gutter crap to our youth ? all worthless to society..they do not contribute, they take away any decency from youth. Hill seems to have a race issue and an anger problem. That isnt Whitey..that is on him.

    • jake

      What’s your opinion of blacks killing more whites than vice versa despite making up only 13% of the population? Your a piece of racist filth. Ps Michael brown was a thug who robbed a tobacco store and strong-armed a man. He even wrote a rap song with racist lyrics.

    • jake

      The newer black shootings were unjustified however brown was a thug. Ps without whites you would still be in the stone age. That’s a positive, they gave you technology.

    • jake

      Let’s not forget that the north was against slavery. They stopped the bad whites. They benefitted, but they didn’t all like it now did they? That’s why they fought to end it. If some Nazi’s went against Hitler wouldn’t that make them hero’s? What about the Rwandan genocide? Do you hate all white people?

    • Truth Detector

      So… if you want to take issue with the piece, then refute the assertions therein…………. OK

      America – White Majority – Greatest country on Earth.
      Africa – Predominantly Black – Well, you get the picture.

      It can be easy for Blacks to excel in a White environment. Reverse them, then not so much.

      You bitterness and anger bites the hand that feeds it.

      Whites are not at the top of the food chain. A white in Japan, would not feel superior, nor disparage that culture, but learn from it.

      Blacks on the other hand think that “Acting White” is detrimental to their advancement.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.

      a list of black people who have been given undue praise then feel free to discuss it………… Uhhh. Lets start with Obama. A Nobel Prize? Even he was dumbfounded.

  • Detour Veritas

    Spot-on synopses of this race baiting minstrel huckster. He spews his not-so-subtle hate of whitey and his racist propaganda to the public, and worse, to open young minds of children attending an institution where fairness and diversity is supplanted with liberal ideology, along with stifling of ideas not beholden to leftist quackery, while displaying blatant racism. This hack, along with other “Sharptons” of the world will be lauded, at least until 2016, because they speak to the hearts of the Marxist/Socialists currently controlling media and the White House where the the greatest impostors reside.

  • Stad1212

    Very well-written and spot on. Hill is an empty-headed racist, propped up and indulged by a complicit and sycophantic US media. Hill should always be remembered as saying that the Christopher Dorner murder spree was “like watching ‘Django Unchained’ in real life. It’s kind of exciting.”

  • trsdek

    Hill and the other black professor Bigot Watkins are just financial opportunists that are always looking to make a buck on white culture. Yes, we have racism. Yes, bad things continue to happen to black people. But why is it then that many black celebrities and wealthy people don’t live in black neighborhoods? The reason? Because the african american culture is imploding. Yet, when black conservatives try to address this. The high rates of fatherless children, the drugs, the lack of wanting an education, they are called traitors to their race. You can throw all the money you want at a problem, if you don’t have the right direction, you will go broke.