Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and ‘Overrated White People’

White privilege consists of being white. Black privilege consists of denouncing white people in ways that would be considered racist if the shoe were on the other foot.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a man whose website modestly describes him as a “Professor, Author, Speaker, Public Intellectual,” has assembled a list of what he believes are the 15 most overrated white people to prove the point. Any college faculty member who tried assembling a list of the 15 most overrated black people would soon be the target of the most overzealous witch-hunt since Salem.

But if we were assembling a list of overrated black people, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill might just deserve his own place on the notepad. Hill’s bio is the usual intriguing world of African-American academia, complete with essays on social commentary in Hip Hop. Hill writes, so he’s an author. He speaks, so he’s a speaker. And he was once a weekly contributor to the Star Jones talk show, so he’s clearly a public intellectual. Best of all, he’s an affiliated faculty member in African American Studies at the Institute for Research in African American Studies at Columbia University. IRAAS has a logo that features two iguanas mating and offers all the usual navel-gazing courses that exist only to waste tuition money, except they’re African-American navel-gazing courses.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s list of the 15 most overrated white people displays exactly the intellectual rigor you would expect from a man affiliated with such a fine academic institution. It isn’t a list that’s oriented around anything but race. To be on the list, you can be a playwright, a musician, an economist, a football player or a politician. You can be American or European. You can be alive in the present day or dead for 400 years. It doesn’t really matter so long as you’re white.

This is racism, but it’s also the kind of mindless unthinking racism that we have long ago come to expect from social justice commentators doing their best Malcolm X imitations while having lunch in the faculty dining room and public intellectuals whose intellectual activity consists of saying racist things about white people and then defending their racism with the ubiquitous cry of white privilege.

Hill denounces Christopher Columbus, the man whose discovery made Hill’s entire profitable career possible, and William Shakespeare, the man who helped shape the language that Hill mangles while giving a tiny fraction of the world his thoughts on how much change is needed. (A lot. When it comes to change, the answer is always a lot.)

But where would Dr. Marc Lamont Hill be without that “immoral treasure hunter,” Christopher Columbus? If we asked Hill that question, we would have to sit through a long answer about slavery and slave boats. And he’s right. If Christopher Columbus had never existed, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill may very well be a slave. Slavery existed in Africa and the Middle East long before Columbus and it went on existing there after it was abolished in the United States.

Had Europe stayed out of America and out of Africa, the African slave trade would never have been disrupted by European colonialism and the millions of slaves who wound up shipped to America would never have found a place where millions of overrated white people would fight to free them from bondage.

Slavery still exists in the Muslim world and as a slave in Africa or the Middle East, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill would have been little better off than many of them. If not for Christopher Columbus, the odds are good that Dr. Lamont would not have a PhD, he would have a hoe. Indeed when overrated white people did liberate slaves and helped set up an African-American colony in Liberia, one of the first things that those former slaves did was set up their own system of forced labor for the African natives.

But black privilege means existing in a world where none of that matters; a world where a man who writes books on “Hip Hop Pedagogy” feels entitled to diss William Shakespeare. And who needs Shakespeare anyway? The guy probably never even listened to Jay-Z. According to Hill, Shakespeare is only well known because of “narrow-minded educational systems”; the kind that don’t teach Hip Hop.

Through Hill’s black privilege gaze, Reagan and Clinton are reduced to overrated figures guilty of shrinking the welfare state. And if all you can see is your entitlement to welfare checks, then that’s all that matters about two presidents in pivotal periods of American history. That’s black privilege too.

According to Hill’s black privilege, Elvis and Tim Tebow are only popular because they’re white and so he goes down the list of white people who took away all the fame that rightfully belonged to black people. Babe Ruth was only good because he played in a segregated league, Shakespeare probably couldn’t have measured up to Alice Walker and the NHL is just taking away attention from the NBA.

It’s arrogant, it’s racist and it’s also commonplace. It might be possible to assemble a list of overrated black people, but Dr. Marc Lamont Hill wouldn’t be on it because to be overrated, you first have to rate. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is uninteresting as a figure; he attracts attention only as a specimen of the vapid core of what passes for African-American Studies.

Unlike any of the men he has listed, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has contributed nothing, but he is in a position to contribute nothing. His entire field, like his article, is based around the negative; existing to take up space, to attract attention, to work up anger and to suck up money.

African-American Studies isn’t a research field; it’s what happens when grievance becomes academic. Dr. Marc Lamont Hill isn’t a public intellectual; he’s a poser in a field full of them.

White privilege is a degree in the post-evocative phase in semi-structured experiences. Black privilege is a degree in African-American post-evocative semi-structured experiences. The former is a fancy way of saying nothing at all. The latter is a fancy way of saying nothing at all while blaming white people for it.

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  • TopAssistant

    First, he is a communist! If we are going to defeat our enemy we must know them and to call them by the correct name. Take for example the term "political correctness' when did it come from and how did it get this name? Start by looking up the history of "Cultural Marxism" which was the first term used by the Marxists that developed it in 1923 in Germany. They changed the name so it would have a softer, a more acceptable term. Where the Go to YouTube and watch "CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America" and then go to DiscovertheNetworks.org and look for additional articles and videos. Cultural Marxism is the flying carpet and the glue that keeps the Democrat Party that is packed full of the nuts involve in communism, Marxism, socialists, Islamists, Wahhbist, left-wing radicals. These are the nuts like Obama and his family.
    We need more article on Cultural Marxism and then quit using the term “political correctness.” When someone calls me a racists or Islamaphobe I simply shoot back at them “Are you trying to impose your Cultural Marxists views on me?” I then tell them to do not use terms or words on someone that you do not know the history of them.

  • zalukas

    I don't admire freckled people, on the outside. Is there agency that I can be reported to?

  • Me black guy

    Give him a special personal exemption to the Fourteenth Amendment!

  • LibertyLover

    Marc Lamont Hill is at the toop of my list od Highly Overrated Black People. He is an intellect that only Bill O'Reilly can appreciate.

  • Lady_Dr.

    I could not agree more with the author, and the other commenters. As someone who has been passed over for a non-entity white person who "specialized" in Afro-American studies, I know first hand that this foolish, useless "field" only serves to employ academic incompetents who feed off liberal guilt and brings down the country and both black and whites.

  • mb1492

    I think it’s Funny that someone as young as he is has such anger towards white people. I find it difficult to believe that his life was so bad that he developed all these feelings of hate. Perhaps it was when he attended college and received all the biased Liberal teaching. Strange how a 34 year old thinks the way he does.

  • http://www.pseudodictionary.com/100_insult_words Pocacahontas

    Not about to waste my time reading an essay — no matter how short — about Huckster Hill.

  • https://www.facebook.com/possumntaters Frank Orlando Wilson

    Can you say "South Africa"? They were given the white mans world and lookie what the most wonderful highly celebrated Savior Mandela's ANC has done with the help of communism!

  • fred

    What an asshat…just another educated, angry black man. People with his attitude perpetuate racial hate and bias. Of course, racists don't really want equality…for then they would have nothing to whine about….what would sharpton and jackson do if we "just got along"….of course, our jug-eared president fixed race relations, so I don't really know what mr pinstripe is on about…

  • B2Bob

    Why FNC even lets him speak is beyond me. If he were white he would get beat up in the press. Rev Al and Jesse would be flapping their jowels. Blacks can say anything and get by with it. He should be a disgrace to blacks but I'm sure they (some) love him.

  • conservative

    over rated people are mr.obame,lamant hill,charles barley,micheal jackson,byounce,juan williams,jackson and son,mike tyson,farachan,malcom x,ext.,o.j simpson,whoopi goldberg,samule jackson,jerimia wright,maxine waters,and more.lamant hill is the racist not any of the conservatives or the gop.you know what is going to be interesting is if obame looses his bid for reelection if there will be alot of riots and destruction of the urban areas,also overrated is the black panthers

    • errlyrizer

      Wow… you all sound like a bunch of JA’s!!!

      • ROGER

        just like owebozo and joe biden. (ANOTHER TOTALLY OVERRATED BLACK MAN) we obviously have a person who did not read the article.. as far as i am concerned, 15% of the population is getting 60% of the air time just because they are black… now if you want to fight you will lose… maybe that is the problem… when it comes to winning… we own it… because 65% of the jail population happens to be black… so the ones with balls are already incarcerated…. do the math…

    • ROGER

      hey… most of the americans who care want these people to burn their houses down and kill each other.just like in 1968…. it would be considered property improvement.. and what do you mean "if" the man is losing bigtime now.. the news just doesn't report that.. you have to wonder what will happen if the congress mandates to end welfare.. that would be interesting… gather weapons and ammo… if you can find some…

  • http://www.islamiruyayorumlari.net/ruya-tabirleri rüya yorumları

    Great article Daniel… I totally agree with you… kind of racism in every part of life even in business…

  • http://www.wholesalingjerseys.us jerseys cheap

    I read his "Hector FenDu post article 15 a list of the most overvalued white. Some of them group. But the most interesting thing Mr Hill's list, it contains 16, not 15, reference.
    Maybe he is a bit overestimated himself and should go back to a year to learn to count accurately.

  • steve

    HIll is racist. Would he act the same if the killer was white and killed his family? No he would call Jessie Jackass and Sharpton.

  • steve

    Someone please post Hill's school emaill. Why not spike lee outted George Zimmerman's wrong address lol

  • fgdfgs


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  • ao3dvn

    I was recommended this blog via my cousin. I'm no longer sure whether this publish is written through him as nobody else understand such designated approximately my problem. You're amazing! Thank you!

  • H Town Psych

    “Had Europe stayed out of America and out of Africa, the African slave trade would never have been disrupted by European colonialism and the millions of slaves who wound up shipped to America would never have found a place where millions of overrated white people would fight to free them from bondage.”

    *Raises hand*
    Why do white people expect a pat on the back because white soldiers fought to end a brutal and inhumane practice that WHITES exclusively benefitted from? We poor blacks should be grateful that white Americans found it in their hearts to stop raping, murdering, and trading our ancestors like cattle? Ohhhhh, well let me start bowing in gratitude.

    Many (if not most) of the points Hill raised were valid. Oddly the author of this piece ignores that little fact. Babe Ruth did play in a segregated league when we KNOW of other great players of his day who were prohibited from competing against him. FACT. Elvis stole most of his hits. FACT. Tebow sucked. FACT. Kate Middleton is known for absolutely nothing. FACT. And so on.

    If this author (or any white person) can compile a list of black people who have been given undue praise then feel free to discuss it. The gotcha is that you will have a hard time compiling such a list. Jackie Robinson fought for his spot in MLB and excelled. FACT. Michael Jackson was a musical genius and true innovator. He did not cover other people’s songs and get rewarded with the title of King of Pop. FACT. There are NO black women who are known world wide for NO earthly reason. Black female icons (e.g. Beyonce) have to work damned hard for it. FACT.

    So… if you want to take issue with the piece, then refute the assertions therein.

    • wes

      Without Shakespeare we would not have modern art and hip hop would have never existed, that alone makes Lamont Hill look like an idiot.

    • Bill Morin

      that asshole rev al sharpton comes to mind. i say asshole because he has done nothing but further divide race relations, hustle racism and he still thinks he is relevant. He is not. He never deserved his Title ” Rev ” because no Reverend i ever knew spoke any hatred, never chased that racism ambulance..when has Al flown across teh country to support a white family that lost a son because he was shot by a black man?..never..lets talk tawney…but we already know that outcome..and sticking up for thug rappers rapping gutter crap to our youth ? all worthless to society..they do not contribute, they take away any decency from youth. Hill seems to have a race issue and an anger problem. That isnt Whitey..that is on him.

  • Detour Veritas

    Spot-on synopses of this race baiting minstrel huckster. He spews his not-so-subtle hate of whitey and his racist propaganda to the public, and worse, to open young minds of children attending an institution where fairness and diversity is supplanted with liberal ideology, along with stifling of ideas not beholden to leftist quackery, while displaying blatant racism. This hack, along with other “Sharptons” of the world will be lauded, at least until 2016, because they speak to the hearts of the Marxist/Socialists currently controlling media and the White House where the the greatest impostors reside.