Who’s Up for a Global UN Health Care Tax?

ObamaCare is so yesterday. Get ready for WorldCare. Or at least WorldTax. Because it’s for the children, you know the children of UN bureaucrats who need money in order to bum around Thailand for a year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering a global excise tax of up to 70 percent on cigarettes at an upcoming November conference, raising concerns among free market tax policy analysts about fiscal sovereignty and bureaucratic mission creep.

In New York City a pack of cigarettes costs 12 bucks and large sodas can only be obtained under the table from shady vendors, what is a 70 percent tax on a 12 dollar pack going to add up to exactly? Forget prisoners trading cigarettes, pretty soon the cigarette will be worth more than the dollar and we’ll all be on the tobacco standard.

The second proposal is a tiered earmark on packs of cigarettes: 5 cents for high-income countries, 3 cents for middle-income countries, and 1 cent for low-income countries.

This only looks tiered. In reality low income countries generally use more cigarettes.  Not that it really matters. Once countries start setting taxes based on what the World Health Organization recommends, the next step will be for WHO to cut out the middleman and start directly taxing entire industries through treaties and agreements.

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