Why Benghazi and Fort Hood are the Same Cover Up

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Muslims carry out a devastating attack on Americans. The assembled information points to the Islamist motivation of the attackers, but Obama and the media cover up the real motivations and look for a third factor to assign blame to.

Nidal Hasan was suffering from second-hand PTSD. A military assault on a consulate in the middle of a city dominated by Islamists was due to an offensive YouTube video. In both cases the truth had to be covered up and quickly.

We know now that Obama’s people knew within hours that the attack on Benghazi had been carried out by Ansar Al-Sharia, affiliated with Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood via its origins in the Feb 17 Brigade hired by the State Department to protect their consulate.

Similarly it was quickly known that Nidal Hasan had made repeated Islamist remarks and sympathized with Islamist terrorists. As in Benghazi the warning signs were ignored. Islamism was treated as a legitimate point of view, rather than an obvious security risk.

The Islamist wolves were brought into the fold and then the cover up began, both to hide the original ineptness that allowed the attacks to happen and for the purposes of promoting the larger cover up of what Islam really is and what its most devout followers practice and believe.

The Fort Hood Massacre became workplace violence. Nidal Hasan’s beard must be shaved so that Americans don’t get the impression that he’s an Islamist. Just an employee who snapped.

The Benghazi consulate attack became a protest gone awry. As so many things seem to go awry when they’re being covered up. It became one of those spontaneous attacks motivated by anger over speech offensive to Muslims, not evidence that Obama’s Libya policy allowed Islamists to take over major chunks of North Africa and that Al Qaeda is now bigger than ever thanks to Obama’s illegal Libyan War.

This is the same cover up that appears after each act of Muslim violence. It is the single greatest cover up of the 21st Century.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.watson.94 Ken Watson

    No comments? Why are they evaporating?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.watson.94 Ken Watson

    Hmm. What was the secret word?

  • riverboatbill

    Both events were " workplace violence".

  • Moishe Pupick

    W., 10/24/12 common era

    So how did this evil psycho become a psychiatrist in the first place? Workplace violence? I guess that war in general is another example of workplace violence. Barry Soetoro & Company are taking the Orwellian
    art of "newspeak" to new hights/depths. And "gun control" on a U.S. Army base!?

  • Sister of Victim

    The gov't failed in preventing the attack when they had foreknowledge, and then they failed again by refusing to acknowledge the truth: that it was terrorism. they deny responsibility and have mistreated the victims. if the gov't really believed it was not terrorism — why are they using Evan Kohlmann (a known terrorism expert) as a witness for the prosecution? you can't have it both ways!! CALL IT WHAT IT IS: TERRORISM!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.nelson.18294053 Mike Nelson

    Mr Grrenfield most likely has not heardof the UCMJ. MAJ, Hassan's beard need to be shaved because until his conviction he is a member if the US army and is required too be clean chaven by US army regulations. Maj. Hassan disobeyed a direct order from superior officer the President of the Courts martial a Full Col. The President of the courts martial order was appealed through two appleant levels to the US court of Military Appeals and was Upheald, The trial needs to begin without futher delay testomniy givin and Maj Hassan convicted and sentencened to Death so those service members killed by the terrorist Maj hassan recieve justice that they have been denied thus far.