Why Our Forces Were Told to ‘Stand Down’ in Benghazi

To understand what went wrong in the Benghazi mission, it’s important to begin by looking at what was so unique about it.

When the Islamist mobs began their September 11 rampage, they found embassies with high walls, heavy security and police protection. Even in Tunis and Cairo, where the Arab Spring Islamist regimes have been accused of collaborating with their fellow Salafists, there were credible military and police forces capable of preventing the kind of full scale assault that took place in Benghazi.

The mission in Benghazi, however, was an American diplomatic facility with few defenses in a city where the police were virtually helpless against the Islamist militias and where the national government had announced that it would allow the Salafists to destroy Sufi tombs rather than intervene.

On September 1, I wrote that the real implication of these remarks was that the Libyan government had given the Islamists a free hand and would take no action no matter what they did. And bloodshed was sure to follow. Ten days later it did.

After the fall of Saddam, American diplomatic facilities in Iraq did not remain unguarded or protected only by local militias. It was always understood that American diplomatic facilities in a country whose government had recently fallen were sitting ducks and needed heavy protection. The State Department cables show that this was something that quite a few of the Americans on the ground also understood. The Benghazi consulate had been attacked, and its next attack would only be a matter of time.

When Al Qaeda decided to commemorate September 11 with a wave of attacks on American diplomatic facilities across the Muslim world, from Tunis all the way to Indonesia, in a recreation of its own 1998 embassy attacks, its planners paid special attention to the one facility that was a soft target and surrounded by jihadist fighters. A facility that was a perfect target because it was completely exposed.

Benghazi should have either had the same protection that a similar facility in Iraq would have or it should have been closed down. Instead the State Department chose to rely on its friendly relations with the jihadists, having forgotten the story of the scorpion and the frog, trusting in an Islamist militia linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and to its future Al Qaeda-affiliated Ansar Al Sharia attackers to protect it.

The State Department was not being cheap. Its budget had climbed steadily under Obama and it could have set up another Green Zone in Benghazi if it chose to. But that would have been a flashback to the Bush era that represented everything the appeasement lobby had hated about those eight years.

Libya was meant to be a new kind of war. Not a display of American arrogance and unilateralism, but a show of submissiveness to the goals and ambitions of the Muslim world. In post-American diplomacy, the Americans did not arrive with a show of force, surrounded by Marines and heavy fortifications, but bent humbly under the defensive shield of the Islamist Ummah. Rather than exporting the Dar Al Harb, the Americans would ask for the protection of the Dar Al Islam.

The reason that the Navy SEALS were denied the support of a Spectre C-130U gunship was the same reason that the consulate had been left nearly unguarded. And it was the same reason that so many soldiers had died in Afghanistan because they had been denied air and artillery support or even the permission to open fire.

What happened in Benghazi was only extraordinary because it caught the attention of the public, but American soldiers in Afghanistan had been suffering under the same conditions ever since it was decided that winning the hearts and minds of Afghan civilians was more important than the lives of American soldiers.

The four Americans killed in Benghazi lived and died by the same code as thousands of Americans in Afghanistan. And that code overrode loyalty to one’s own people in favor of appeasing Muslims. The two former SEALS broke that code, violating orders by going to protect the consulate and were abandoned in the field by an administration that prioritized Muslim opinions over American lives.

From the post-American diplomatic perspective, the lives of a few Americans, who knew what they were getting into, was a small sacrifice to make when weighed against the potential of turning the entire Muslim world around. A Spectre gunship blasting away at an Islamist militia in the streets of Benghazi would have ended the fiction of a successful war in Libya and infuriated most of the Islamist militias. Worst of all, it would have made Americans seem like imperialists, instead of helpful aides to the Islamist transition of the Arab Spring. It would have ruined everything and so it was shut down.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were not the first Americans to be abandoned by their country for diplomatic reasons. They will not be the last. And while we investigate and expose the decisions that their government made, it is important for us to remember that such decisions come out of a mindset that says there are diplomatic goals that are more important than American lives. This mindset did not begin with the War on Terror and it will not end until it is exposed for what it is.

During Israel’s descent into peace madness, its left-wing government coined a phrase for those Israelis killed in terrorist attacks, calling them, “Sacrifices of Peace.”

Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods are our government’s sacrifices of peace. They died so that we might go on in our futile effort to win over the Muslim world. And they are not the only ones. There is no way of knowing how many of the 1,500 Americans who were killed in Obama’s surge died because they were prevented from firing first or denied air support. But the number is likely to be in the hundreds.

Similarly 3,000 died in the attacks of September 11 because our diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia were too important to close the revolving door that allowed the terrorists such easy access to our country. They too were sacrifices of peace, burned on the altar of appeasement by a diplomatic establishment that puts the opinions of our enemies first and American lives last.

What went wrong in Benghazi is the same thing that went wrong in Afghanistan. It is the same thing that went wrong on the original September 11. It is the same thing that has gone wrong throughout the War on Terror. If we are to learn any lesson from what happened in Benghazi, it should be that American lives come before Muslim diplomacy and that any government which does not put American lives first, which does not take whatever measures are necessary to save their lives, regardless of what Muslims may think, is not an American government, but a post-American government.

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  • Mary Sue

    Show submissiveness, get @** kicked…simple formula yet these libs flunk that test every single time….

    • ottovonb

      I was a "lib" President that beat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan you ignorant jackass. Grow a brain.

      • Mary Sue

        He wasn't lib as-we-know-it today, dude. Heck, even JFK was for tax cuts that would make Bush faint. The sort of liberalism that taints the Democratic Party today in the extremity that it does didn't really get going until the late 1960s. As evidenced by poor hapless Mr. Carter.

        • Matt k

          Well said Mary Sue….

        • Asher

          JFK would be considered a Conservative today….don't think the libs want to hear that!

        • Zionista

          Mary Sue is correct – if JFK came back to life, he wouldn't recognize the dem. party – dream on otto

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

        He didn't suffer from a muslim heritage.

        He was loyal to his own country, obama? Not so much.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        Truman was no liberal! LOL!

        He was a member of the Democratic Party…in the 1940s…how many generations have come and gone since then? A liberal then was often a good thing. Today's liberals transported back to that time would have been shot as Soviets spies, while the Soviet loyalists had to play stealthily, like Obama's father or "father-figure" did (more or less).

        Your comment really made me laugh. Thanks.

        • Mary Sue

          I think the poor otto dude is afflicted by the notion that "Democrat = Lib Forever til the dawn of time as it is now, so it has always been and ever shall be"

          otto would do well to remember who WAS a "lib-as-we-know-it-today" back then. Neville Chamberlain, for starters. And we all know how that ended up.

      • kafir4life

        President Stinky (aka BO) is an abomination.

      • Chiggles

        You first.

        • Chiggles

          A reply to ottovonb, if that wasn't clear.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        …And turned over Eastern Europe and China to the Communists…

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "…And turned over Eastern Europe and China to the Communists…"

          Considering the entire story, I blame Roosevelt.

          Truman wasn't typical in any way. He may have lost opportunities to do more, but who can blame him given what he had to work with? I could criticize him like any other president, but I think he made a lot of impressive decisions and got some good results that maybe few others could have in the same circumstances. We always want more, but truly it was Roosevelt who set the stage for post-war failure in my opinion, not Truman.

          I could be wrong though.

          In any case, I'll take Truman over ANY Democrat president that came after him, without question. Comparing Obama or Carter for example to Truman is pure ignorance.

      • http://www.freerepublic.us Brian Richard Allen

        No it wasn’t — nor even great generals nor a great military. It was the awakening of a civilian population whose intellect, creativity, innovation, productivity, industry and particularly whose wrath — and to this day — has never been matched.

        Nor — should we rid ourselves of the gangsters presently besquatting and bemanuring our feral gummint’s hlls of power — likely never will!

        • objectivefactsmatter

          Also a good point. Anyone "leading from behind" would have been credited with the win anyway, like Barry with Osama.

      • Lee Poteet

        Actually the Democrat who actually saw Hitler and Japan beaten was Harry Truman and he was hardly any sort of liberal. All FDR wanted was to defend the Soviet Union and to hell with Western Europe. Fortunately for the country that he tried to keep enslaved in poverty, he died. And we began waking up from what had been done to us.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "All FDR wanted was to defend the Soviet Union and to hell with Western Europe. Fortunately for the country that he tried to keep enslaved in poverty, he died. And we began waking up from what had been done to us."

          Another great point. This supports the original poster's statement about submissiveness. FDR was kissing Stalin's butt and look where it led? Truman tried to pull out of that nose dive but much damage had been done by the time he took the pilot's seat.

      • tagalog

        You was? I thought FDR died in April 1945. I also thought he could express himself a little bit better, too.

      • kendrick1

        Mr. Greenfield’s allusion to the story of the scorpion and the frog is an apt description of the muslims’ temperment!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Show submissiveness, get @** kicked…simple formula yet these libs flunk that test every single time…."

      Sadly, that's the nicest thing you can say about what happened, that maybe it was all based on good intentions and bad judgment. It looks far more nefarious.

      • Mary Sue

        yeah, people don't usually want to be the go-to guy that automatically assumes the worst up front, but unfortunately What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen, and while the libs of that stripe themselves may be no more than brainless Useless Idiots, the people they listen to are the nefarious ones. We know that for a fact. *cough cough muslimbrotherhoodcoughcough*

      • marty

        As a Canadian "observer" I really enjoyed the article these comments are posted to. Funny thing, I actually was in agreement with everything he said. As a fifty-something living in the Toronto area for most of my life I have always had the opinion that people that stick their nose in s@%t that don't concern them can't really complain if someone…bops them in said nose. So called American Hegemony has been a major mistake since..forever. This is the 200th year anniversary of The War of 1812 which I have extensively researched and read about. Ft. York and Ft. Niagara have had their share of American aggression and it has been going on for some time. Sorry for my comments. Having said that, I kinda teared up when I heard the interview with Ty Woods dad and thinking about what him and the other Seal did was just pure heroism.

        I believe that the current administration is on the right track finally. Hope it is for the right reasons.

  • fanlad

    Americans and their allies being sacrificed as fonder for a false narrative, "The Arab Spring". How disgusting!
    Deception, and Betrayal at the highest level. They have courageous, honorable innocent blood on their hands. Time for a true change. Pray for America and Israel.

    • simsonyee

      Arab spring is a misnomer. It is an Islamic winter.

    • Mary Sue

      I knew a person who was all happy about the Arab spring. Finally the Middle East was getting Democracy! Typical misinformed/underinformed brainless twit, that person was. I betcha the Egyptian "friend" they were listening to is part of the Muslim Brotherhood and is actually not their friend.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/Platform.htm Alexander Gofen

    The perspective given in the article is absolutely correct: the utopia of appeasement of islam has been pushed on us for decades. This utopia is fed by islamic money no doubt. As a result, we have never changed pro-islamic echelons of power such as the Departm. of State, or even Pentagon. Not to mention the media, universities, the parties, and the islamic impostor-in-thief with uncertain name Obama/Soetoro/Soberkach – all the part of a bigger picture:

    I wonder if there is anything in the oath of our soldiers which OBLIGATES them to fulfill their mission being DELIBERATELY UNARMED, or under such "rules of engagements" which favor the enemy? Why do the soldiers obey such orders at all, turning into cheap cannon fodder? Who could professionally explain this?

    • simsonyee

      It is the classic trilogy of fighting a counter insurgency. Either spare your soldiers live and kill the terrorists. They use civilians as shields so killing civilians enrages the local population and make it easy to recruit new terrorists.

      Or you don't responds in force and tie down the soldiers hands resulting in many deaths of your own soldiers. You won't do much damage to the terrorist but at least you won't kill civilians.

      • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

        Simsonyee, it is not what I asked. I understand that there exist ugly commanders and politicians in all times who tend to push their ugly agenda abusing soldiers as cannon fodder.

        My question is: Does the oath of soldiers obligate every soldier to follow the orders being deliberately and purposely disarmed? Or being ordered to not use the weapon to protect himself (or else to be court Marshalled). I a kind of doubt that people volunteered to serve at all, if deliberately (treasonously) suicidal missions were their regular duty…

        • Drakken

          Perhaps I may answer that for you, as a former Marine myself ,you are required by your oath to follow the oders of those above you, with that being said, in spite of the stupidity on so many levels in Afghanistan things do get done without so much as a whisper, unless some poor sod films it and then gets courts martialed for it. Complete madness to say the least for the troops are scared to death of spending 20 years in Levenworth for so called murder and hurting muslims feelings that they are getting shot or blown up.

    • George W H

      Sir, I will do my best to explain …. at least insofar as it applied to me when I was in “school” …… good ol’ USMC (University of Science Math & Culture). we used the term with a bit of sarcasm! Please understand that the prime command is to OBEY ALL LAWFUL COMMANDS. if a command is handed down thru the regular chain of command, it is a “lawful command”. it matters not that it might be a STUPID command, it IS lawful & MUST be obeyed. should one survive said command, it is permissible to question (thru channels) the validity / intelligence of the command. believe me, these brave soldiers ARE doubting the sanity of the upper echelon commanders who hand down the Rules Of Engagement. however, they are sworn to obey orders. it bears little resemblance to civilian life!

      • Drakken

        Funny??? George, we used to call it Uncle Sams Misguided Children? But absloutely agree with your explaination.

        • George W H

          we called it "the University" because it was a great learning experience. however, most of the name is just being sarcastic!

    • Herbster

      Sounds like obama policy of appeasement/anti-Americanism to me.

  • HCQ

    They weren't "sacrifices of peace". They were pawns of demoralization. Or Ambassador Stevens, like Khadafi, knew too much.

    • Larry

      They were, to quote the obamessiah on the subject, "road bumps".

    • Goldbug36

      Stevens knew too much! He was sent to Benghazi to be murdered; he was up to his eyeballs in Obama's Fast and Furious gun running operation to al Qaeda and the Muslim Bro'hood. Stevens didn't like the position he was in, he was seen as "loose lips," so he was silenced .. permanently. This is what they do. Yeah, the political winds are shifting, and Obama is standing with the Muslims alright. I'm afraid the dumbed-down, gimme-freebies crowd will rush to the polls and vote him in to "hammer that final nail in our coffin."

  • Tundra Tabloids

    Daniel, you are way ahead of the bell curve on this one. This is exactly what happened, proving that the mindset in question isn't exclusive to the US, but to Israel as well.

    • PhillipGaley

      No, . . . I would say, rather, I kind of think that, our dear Daniel Greenfield is as he presents, in name only.
      Actually, than the learned Daniel Greenfield's touchy feely stuff, the Bengazi thing is all quite different:

      There were two warehouses full of shoulder-fire weapons, rifles, ammo, and assorted what-not which "The O", Hillary Clinton (the one who is surrounded by ghosts of dead who were in association with her), and other of the Soros bunch who wanted the two warehouses of weapons to go to Egypt, thence to Gaza, then by air, to rain hell on Israel.

      But, Stevens, under the table, still working for the CIA—within what could be counted in hours—had achieved an accord with a Turk operative, to send the weapons to his nation, for use against Syria.

      So, Stevens and others were to be "taken out", and when order was restored, the warehouses were empty, . . .

      • Daniel Greenfield

        That may or may not be true, but there's no actual proof of that.

    • ras

      I agree. This is the best of DG I remember reading.

  • Gylippus

    This could be all there is to it. But somehow Daniel your explanation, while no doubt accurate, doesn't seem complete. I can't dispel the feeling (I admit, it is only a feeling), that in the moment of crisis, the decision to sacrifice Ambassador Stevens was deliberate. Either another hare-brained political objective as with Fast Furious was being pursued, or some tribal score was being settled etc. However I guess until (if) all the facts are known, this will remain a conspiracy theory.

    • PhillipGaley

      No, . . . I would say, rather, I kind of think that, our dear Daniel Greenfield is as he presents, in name only.
      Actually, than the learned Daniel Greenfield's touchy feely stuff, the Bengazi thing is all quite different:

      There were two warehouses full of shoulder-fire weapons, rifles, ammo, and assorted what-not which "The O", Hillary Clinton (the one who is surrounded by ghosts of dead who were in association with her), and other of the Soros bunch who wanted the two warehouses of weapons to go to Egypt, thence to Gaza, then by air, to rain hell on Israel.

      But, Stevens, under the table, still working for the CIA—within what could be counted in hours—had achieved an accord with a Turk operative, to send the weapons to his nation, for use against Syria.

      So, Stevens and others were to be "taken out"; that being accomplished, when order was restored, the warehouses were empty, . . . oh well, . . .

      • Daniel Greenfield

        There may have been two warehouses full of weapons or full of toilet paper for the consulate. We have no idea and no proof has been presented.

    • PhillipGaley

      http://www.freedomrings1776.com/2012/10/benghazi-two-con... "BENGHAZI: TWO CONFLICTING AGENDAS"

    • PhillipGaley

      There appears to be quite a good reason as to why, our dear Daniel Greenfield's offerings today, are without the ring of truth: "www.freedomrings1776.com/2012/10/benghazi-two-conflicting-agendasone.html#more"; "BENGHAZI: TWO CONFLICTING AGENDAS", . . ..

    • http://www.facebook.com/frankeugenecarpenter Frank Carpenter

      Here is my explanation, or opinion if you prefer,. O'Bama wanted the Ambassador to be kidnapped, so he could release THE BLIND SHEIK in exchange for the Ambassador. So he arranged and orchestrated the whole incident. That is why security had been removed. That is why all assistance was told to STAND DOWN. He has never served, so did not expect our heroic soldiers and patriots to respond as they did. That is where his plan went wrong. He should be tried for HIGH TREASON, as soon as Romney is elected. Let's see if Congress has the courage to do so.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    There is blood on Obama's hands on this issue.
    And he seems to work for more of it.

  • pierce

    Under this President, Barack Hussein Obama, the facts will never be known, because he does not know them. He uses the Arab Spring, but just what is the Arab Spring, nothing but a vague term, but he caused it when he went on his apology tour back in 2009. Is islam to be trusted? I think not. Are islamists to be trusted. I do not think so. Is our islamist loving President to be trusted any more? Definitely not.

    • curmudgeon

      you are wrong. obama warned us in his book that he would stand with the muslims. in his campaign, he promised to transform america. we CAN trust him. he is doing exactly what he promised. we should give obama the political truth telling medal. it is the imbeciles who voted for him who cant be trusted.

      • Mary Sue

        This is what happens when a president grows up for any length of time in a predominantly Muslim country (Indonesia).

  • Mike

    Pierce..he should not have been trusted to begin with. Never was with me anyway.

  • Mach1Duck

    “Let no crsis go to waste”. I honestly believe there is more to this event than the public is aware of. If one listens to the administration, there are to many threads left dangling and to many questions left unanswred. It will take time, but it will be unraveled, and I fear for those caught in the weave of deciet.

    • AmericanFaith

      "and I fear for those caught in the weave of deceit." Don't fear for them, they will deserve everything they get…this was a calculated decision by the POTUS it is on him and his admin.

  • dannyjeffrey44

    OBAMA AND TERRORISM…A CLUTTERED TRAIL OF DEATH AND DECEIT http://www.freedomrings1776.com/2012/10/obama-and

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Presently the Islamic world is celebrating "Id el Fiter" or "the Sacrifice Festivity". Many lambs and cows are slaughtered during the week long festival. In Gaza one such sacrificial cow turned in terror and killed the to be slaughterer… Fun was had by everyone. Except the bovine who endured untold horrors before dying.
    It is a harsh world out there if Muslims are about.
    Why do I introduce such subject? Because in my view as a resident in the region US Citizen I may be able to introduce a degree of clarity to other slaughtering carried out routinely by Islamic monsters.
    Every detail emerging about the Benghazi ghastly rapes & murders are perfect fit to their way of life or shall we say death?
    Somebody or group clearly set up and ordered the murders of the Ambassador and his associates.
    Other Muslims and or associates understood that no one was to be allowed to stop the ritual.
    For the Muslims here in the Galilee it was perfectly clear why Mr. Barack Hussein Obama personally observed and allowed the murders. They were to be killed and that was that. It remains only to be ferreted out if the person was in the know in advance. That must be done…

    • batso10

      so very true in muslim countries. these people start killing very early in life. for them killing animals and human infidals are equivalent.

    • Zionista

      and no outrage from PETA? I'm shocked

    • Debbie King

      I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this horrible state of events. May God protect us.

  • Asher

    In the President's mind, We have to do everything to help Islam, but nothing to help Americans or troops. This is so obvious, especially after Benghazi. Hitler was united with Islam too, before he began his maniacle short treck to world dominance. Note, Both Hitler and Islam are Anti-Israel and anti-semetic. Our government is too busy doing oil deals to take action to stop the terror and violence across the globe, instead they launch fake wars and lead our military, (those who are willing to lay down their lives for our freedom) into a death zone where they are turned into a type of military police, and don't have the armor or equipment they need! Where were the C130s that could have deterred the terrorists in Benghazi?

  • jacob

    OBAMA has shown ad nauseam he is no leader to America and I fear the same stupidity who elected
    him in the first place will reelect him….
    Now he claims he will create hundreds of thousands of jobs (for whoever believes him but me) bu he
    doesn't say why didn't he do it during the almost four years he has been in power ?????????
    And, asides from the solar energy outfits he financed and went bankrupt, I'm still to learn who actually
    benefited from the zillions of his "STIMULUS" ….
    I believe if people still love this country, should give their vote for anyone but this "leader"

    • burt

      "green jobs" "investments", like stimuli, were designed for kickback to his campaign – never had anything with helping our economy.
      Kickbacks ONLY

    • TheExpat

      obama and clinton are enemy of the us and the american people. They should incarcerated in Leavenworth for high treason

  • Steve Chavez

    REMEMBER BLACK HAWK DOWN? Who was President and First Lady?

    SOS HILLARY CLINTON had a flashback to the criticism on Bill after the Somalia "stand down" and "retreat." This event showed our enemies that we will cut and run. They wanted us out of Libya even though we aided them in ridding their country of a dictator. Many Libyans thanked us but the radicals from the region will always hate us and of course, Israel.

    BILL AND HILLARY HAD THE "STAND DOWN" STRATEGY AND IT WAS ALL POLITICAL! They didn't want any criticism against Obama right before the election so they blamed a video and the "denigrating of others religion" that Obama declared. THIS ON TOP OF THE MSM CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE!

    ON GERALDO LAST NIGHT, the father of one of those killed said, "It is better to die a hero than to live as a coward." In one of the clips that is being repeated today on Fox, GERALDO is seen shaking his head, like the father went over the top. GERALDO SUPPORTS OBAMA and this comment surprised him.

    J. CHRIST opher STEVEns. vs Karl Marx Obama!

    • Debbie King

      Steve, your right on!!

  • gman213

    As an American I never thought I would force myself to tell my teen age son to not join to serve in the military because of the ideology of American foreign policy concerning war. This administration is the most treasonous group to ever hold the office. They should be tried, convicted and executed.

    • curmudgeon

      i told my teenage son TO join the military, and i regret it every day. he is now in a sh!thole islamic country that isnt iran or iraq–he said it was not to be revealed where. the reason for the secrecy is that the american public should not know the treason being committed by obama. the muslims certainly know where he is. i suspect he is in more danger now than he was when serving in iraq.

      • pearls before swine

        I had a similar conversation with one of my sons. He sort of listened and joined the National Guard with an officer track in finance/logistics. What I talked him out of was trying to be a Marine pilot.

  • Rev. Roy Trepanier

    Doesn't anyone else recognize the new head of the Global Islamic Caliphate, Caliph Barack Hussein Obama, …."…….be upon him" ??? What is it going to take to wake up the pundits and talking heads to begin telling the American people the truth about this "fakir", this ascendant to the newly installed Islamic Throne ???? Islam has conquered the U.S.A., without firing a shot, but the shooting is about to begin when the "Angry American" realizes how they have been had.
    But remember, in a Democractic Nation, the voters get what they ask for (even though the U.S. is technically a Republic).
    America, fall on your knees and plead for the God of the Universe to spare (and change the heart of) the people of your once mighty Nation. Turn away from the Sodom that you have created and turn back to the faith of your forefathers. Only a complete and utter national repentance "might" turn the Almighty's Hand of Judgement away from you, if it is not too late already !!!
    Rev. Roy….<><

    • batso10

      unfortuntly Hussain has an army and police and feds to lock up anyone who protests his pro muslim and anti Aias. remember the anti jihadist video maker still in jail? these hussain goons know how to make people dissapear.

    • Herbster

      Amen, sir. I am taken back to the Book of Joel, 3: 9-11. "Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare fior war! Wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near, let them come up. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, "I am strong." Assemble and come, all you nations, and gather together all around. Cause your mighty ones to go down there, O Lord." The book of Joel should be read by all…….

    • Mary Sue

      Obama may not actually *be* a Muslim, at least not by any sense of the term. His stepfather was the kind of syncreistic Muslim that consumed such haram things as dog and tiger, and Obama has a dog now. Radical Muslims arrest people for walking their dogs!

      Obama is, rather, secular and deluded. However, he knows what is necessary to placate Muslims, in a manner of speaking. It won't actually placate Muslims, but he was taught while he was in Indonesia the proper way to defer to Muslims. Witness his strange bow before the Saudi King. He was taught this in Indonesia, at the Muslim school there. He's as much a victim of Taqquiya (sp) as his Democrat compatriots.

      Oh, and the very muslims he is trying to placate hate black people. And make slaves of them to this day. He's feeding the crocodile but he's going to get eaten sooner or later.

      • curmudgeon

        if obama was a muslim, what would he be doing differently? if it walks like a muslim, talks like a muslim, looks like a muslim, and smells like a muslim, it must be a _______________? you fill in the blank.

  • Texmom

    Best overall summary I have read.

  • Schlomotion

    All the Muslim world needs is a little benign neglect.

    • maher

      All the Muslim world needs is to get rid of the religious obscurantism.

    • Mary Sue

      because that always works out SO WELL. :/

    • Ghostwriter

      All the Muslim world needs is a little less anti-Americanism and a little more humanity there.

    • Drakken

      All the muslim world needs is the smell of napalm in the morning.

    • Western Canadian

      I thought that would be what Schlockmotion needs. But not so benign.

    • tagalog

      Personally, I'd support a little selective malign attention to the Muslim world.

  • batso10

    Liberalism started going down during Carter era. JFK, Truman, and FDR would never ever had cowtowed to any muslim extremist or jihadist who wanted to harm American citizens. never ever. and you know it.

    • Mary Sue

      It actually really started with LBJ, what with not letting himself win Vietnam eventually. He went in but he was Doing It Wrong after a while.

      • curmudgeon

        you are wrong, mary sue. every bit of stupidity committed by our government in vietnam was rehearsed in korea. most of the stupidity rehearsed in korea was written in the closing months of wwII. when our government ordered our military to stop short, and allow the soviets to capture eastern germany, then sat by and let the soviets keep eastern europe, instead of liberating it, the soviets knew they had found their suckers. it wasnt long before the rest of the world learned that there was not much risk in opposing the united states, but it is very perilous to be an ally of the united states.

    • TomS

      Libralism, progressivism, etcism have always been gutter slime. FDR was way too cosy with the Russian Communists. I cannot help but wonder what would have happened in the nineteen – thirties if the Russian leadership had not entered into separate pacts with Germany and Japan. Woodrow Wilson was also too cosy with the newly minted Soviet Union and the social democracies of Europe.

    • AntiPC

      Not so sure about FDR…he had a VP and numerous high ranking state department officials on Stalin's payroll (Stalin knew about the bomb and about the negotiation strategy for Eastern Europe before the summits with FDR and Truman thanks to these vermin). This was all confirmed in the Venona files and in records examined in the Kremlin after the "fall" of the USSR. How much FDR knew is speculation, but he did seem to have a knack for surrounding himself with traitors…

  • BS77

    Most telling: the libstream mass media has buried this story. There is nothing about it in the news…the chronic lying, the cover up, the idiotic blame about the youtube video…nothing. Nothing to see here, foiks, just move along. Four Americans are dead, an embassy burned to the ground…and the story has been blanked out……..It's just like Orwell 's Animal Farm.

    • TomS

      It is / was Orwellian but the Title in question was "1984" with "Newspeak" as the only sanctioned language. Proofrock the hero of the story worked in a government office that edited history.

      • BS77

        True enough about 1984….I said Animal Farm because of the way the servile animals submitted to the elite authority …..and just accepted whatever was told, whatever was asked of them. The media has summarily dropped this story because it doesn't work "fit in" l with the usual superficial news pulp and baloney.

  • http://www.tartanmarine.blogspot.com Robert A. Hall

    I think the lack of response was a cold political calculation that the political risks of a few dead Americans were less than the political risks of a rescue that might fail and a firefight that might kill innocent locals and create Muslim protests against Obama and America. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog. (www.tartanmarine.blogspot.com)

    Robert A. Hall
    USMC 1964-68
    USMCR, 1977-83
    Massachusetts Senate, 1973-83
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    All royalties go to help wounded veterans

  • https://www.facebook.com/theo.prinse Theo Prinse

    I disagree with the conclusions in this article. They were said by former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton that Obama is in some sort of electoral and policy mind fixation but later I came to understand that this cannot hold given all the latest facts thus far …
    The true reason is that the attack and subsequent murder of Woods, Stevens, Doherty and Smith was that the Benghazi attack is related with two more plots than only an independent well ahead prepared and noticed if not instigated by the CIA attack worldwide on 9/11 …
    There is already an extensive wiki page on the subject
    1. That Stevens was liaison between Al Qaeda Libya and Al Qaeda Syria to smuggle surface to air missiles via Turkey (captured by Al Qaeda from Gaddafi) to Syria … and
    2. Stevens was setup up by Obama Clinton to by kidnaped and then exchanged for the Blind Sheik currently in US jail for bombing the Twin Towers the frst time.
    In plot one Obama needs Erdogan and Erdogan probably is pointed by the Russians not to cooperate in the smuggle against their friends the Assad regime … under the huge international treath to uncover Obama as a secret dealer to Al Qaeda whom he says he personally and allegedly killed their leader Osama bin Laden back in the villa Abbotabad Pakistan …
    If this plot will be uncovered … then apart from what Glenn Beck calls the high treason Obama committed as cmd in chief to his own country…. the second plot will become much more acceptable to the informed publick that Obama and Clinton even planned to have their own ambassador Chris Stevens to be kidnaped and even worse to be traded for the Blind Sheik … Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi has asked them to … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_the_U.S._d

  • joe get

    But Obama HAS won Muslim hearts and minds – he’s convinced them that america is weak, and a pushover.

    • mlcblog

      One of their favorite fantasies.

    • http://1389blog.com 1389AD

      You are assuming that our Muslim enemies HAVE hearts and minds.

      I observe that Muslims are being driven by something purely demonic that does not admit of influence by anything that would win human hearts and minds.

  • linda

    it tells you a lot about what the UNITED STATES has become when we elect a muslim president that will do anything for only his race and muslims. we have let millions of illeagals in and brought in millions from places like hatti and they keeep breeding like rats and over populating the land
    our homes and houses are worthless in the states crime is on the rise and obummer is making sure people like the black panthers can intimidate voters while there are no jobs to be had unless you are a monority

  • watsa46

    Is this administration trying to create an alliance with the Muslim world against China?
    Did Amb. Stevens know too much and had to be liquidated? Was he an unwilling pawn?
    Is this administration trying to unionized the Muslims, they could become powerful enough to create a major problem for the West!
    Is this administration trying to achieve peace with dishonor!
    Is this administration trying to appease the monster with sacrificing Americans!

  • linda.

    have you ever wondered why whites are trained from the beginning to treat all people fairly and not see color, on the other have blacks are conditioned from a young age to back their race at any cost and side with their race no matter what. that is why over 95 percent of blacks vote democrap
    and when a black gets in charge of hiring they hire 99 percent of their own race
    that is why obummer is 100 percent for his black race and the muslims
    he just pretends to be american to get votes but he is about as less an american as anyone
    he is out to destory america and turn it into a cirme infested third world muslim nation

    • Mary Sue

      and even though we're trained to treat all people fairly, the college kids go into race and womens studies courses and come out with this warped idea of White Privilege and Institutional Racism, and blame it all on whitey while they SHOULD be blameing it on capricious white liberals, not white conservatives.

      Then there's people of color that don't even try to get a job because they're so sure that they'll be discriminated against.

  • Kathleen

    To all Americans here who are complaining TOUGH.
    You voted BHO stop whining .The man called Obama is: A follower & appeaser of Muslims everywhere.
    He came to Israel before he had won the election simply as a gesture to the american Jews.trying to win VOTES.
    No sooner he got into power it all went pearshape toward Israel.
    Made obvious by his Cairo speech & the bowing scrapping to the Saudi king.
    The fact he is a muslim byu birth has a lot to do with it.
    He can deny it till the cows come home..Ultimately no matter what your mother's antecedents are
    My only concern is only toward Israel & its security.That they are vigilant averting attacks by Islamist.is always top of the list.
    Islamists are attached to one another no matter what.They stick like glue.
    Not one but THREE……….
    i.e The MBs, Salafists,Al-qaida,to name but a few.
    God protect and defend Israel.

  • Underzog

    There might be another consideration here on why Pres. Obama would not help. If Ambassador Stevens was rescued, he would probably have to testify before Congress; thereby revealing the massive gun running operation being run out of Benghazi to the Al Qaeda wannabes in Syria. That was why he met the Turkish ambassador over there. It is the Turks who are funneling the guns. It would be another Fast and Furious scandal on an even more international scale. It is better than Ambassador Stevens lips be sealed, than for the details of the gun running to the Syrian jihadist come out in congressional testimony.

    • Mary Sue

      there is always that, yes.

  • Jean

    Oooh, what a great article. Thanks.

  • Toecutter

    Forget politics. Forget about oil. In fact, revive the alternatives to oil and watch the Middle East wither and die.

    Then, just for kicks, nuke the sh!t out of them! The whole lot: from Casablanca to Jacarta. Save the world.

    Don’t ask, just do!

  • Barbara

    This is the same attitude during the Vietnam war. The order was given to open fire AFTER being shot at by the enemy.

  • LindaRivera

    Western ruling elites are anti-infidel, anti-human rights and rabidly pro-Islam. That is why ANTI-FREEDOM Western ruling elites have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to wage jihad against us and conquer our nations as commanded by the Quran. Western elites are on the side of Islam. NOT on the side of Western civilization and freedom!

  • Mamala

    Another BRILLIANT article by Daniel.
    Stay safe in the storm!

  • Charlie

    Right so far; but now we have a "great leader" who not acting from ignorance. He is aligned and sympathetic to Muslim goals to the point of treasonous behavior toward the USA. Time for impeachment and a trial.

  • http://frontpagemag.com/2012/dgreenfield/why-our-forces-were-told-to-stand-down-in-benghazi/ SereDoc

    It is likely far more nefarious than this. If this was all a matter of dhimmi diplomacy gone bad, why was the embassy not secured? Why was time allowed for it to be ransacked by forces that attacked it? Why was a CNN reporter able to pick up Ambassador Steven’s journal from the rubble? Benghazi is gun running central for the BHO CIA. Weapons loosed in Libya after the overthrow were being reclaimed and routed to support anti-Assad Syrian opposition. The weapons reclamations were being negotiated with AQ allies in Libya and run through Turkey to Syrian opposition. This was yet one more Obama gun running operation gone bad. There was no interest in saving the front man for this op, Ambassador Stevens, after the wheels came off. There was also great hope that the attacking force would properly sanitize the center for these operations…records, computers etc. Was this about horrific diplomacy and Muslim appeasement? Sort of but worse. The WH was partnered with Team AQ in running guns out of Libya and shipping them to AQ franchises in Syria. This did not fit with the BHO election meme of “OBL is dead, so ends AQ.” This was treason. http://is.gd/Jzk2nl

  • Daphne

    Is it really that "we want" to win over the Muslim world by diplomatic means, or is this simply a cover for ensuring that the Muslim world will predominate no matter what. Such a conclusion is a profoundly different conviction, and should highly disturb those of us who believe in the American way of life.

    • Mary Sue

      I think it's a Chamberlainesque "Peace In Our Time" deal, only with the added "At any cost"–the cost being, something other than fighting it.

  • foxmuldar

    Isn't it time we let Obama out to dry this coming November 6? Think of Stevens and his three companions when you go to the polls.

  • Nobama Yo Mamma

    Both Democrat and Republican politicians have abandoned military personnel behind enemy lines. Happens more frequently than folks would like to admit.

  • Ghostwriter

    I like the analogy of trying to feed the crocodile before it feeds on you. That's what President Obama tried to do,but failed. The Islamist crocodile will NEVER be satisfied.

  • Jaladhi

    The fact is we cannot have any compromise with Muslims on any socio-political issues because Muslims will never do any compromise with any non-Muslim. It is the same story all over the world. The issue will never be solved peacefully and the only solution is force. Muslims do understand force very well and as long as they can't win by any force they will remain pseudo-peaceful while resorting to terrorism as they are doing now.

    Obama may use drones in Pakistan to kill a few terrorists but he will send any American troops in any Muslim country to keep his image among Muslim countries!!

  • Jaladhi

    >"Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods are our government’s sacrifices of peace. They died so that we might go on in our futile effort to win over the Muslim world. And they are not the only ones. There is no way of knowing how many of the 1,500 Americans who were killed in Obama’s surge died because they were prevented from firing first or denied air support. But the number is likely to be in the hundreds.

    Similarly 3,000 died in the attacks of September 11 because our diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia were too important to close the revolving door that allowed the terrorists such easy access to our country. They too were sacrifices of peace, burned on the altar of appeasement by a diplomatic establishment that puts the opinions of our enemies first and American lives last."<

    Daniel,these two paras from your article is the crux of the American policy towards Muslim countries!! Does our administration understand what they are doing??

  • LEE

    Hopefully everyone on this blog will vote as they have spoken…Romney for President…and bye, bye to this current corrupt and inept administration.

  • Drakken

    The reason our ambassador and company died was no one in the chain of comand wanted to make a decision because the military and intelligence community has become risk adverse and want to pass the buck to avoid any responsibility and avoid a bad review, that is it in a nut shell. There is no inititive in todays armed forces because to do so invites a courts martial. Untill we see some leadership from the top on down you will see a lot more of this.

  • Boogies Daddy

    The One cannot bring Republicans and Democrats together but he thinks he can sway the minds of Islamist neandrethals?
    He can't fulfil his duties in America what is he doing in the mid-east in the first place.

  • mlcblog

    What about the idea that this was a CIA outpost and not technically an embassy?

  • mlcblog

    ….I used to just love General Petraeus but I guess his name sounds too much like Betrays Us because it's finally happened. He has changed what he said and is now taking about a spontaneous Al Quaeda event. Yuk.

  • Tim

    Why are we trying to appease these people? They want us DEAD….ALL OF US!

    There is NO POSSIBLE reason to negotiate with savages, It's way past time to turn the middle east sands to glass with a few well places nukes, but of course Obama is working to limit that ability too in reductions to our nuclear arsenal.

    The only possible answer to this is to remove him in this election and let the true adults take over from here.

  • TheExpat

    Obama public enemy No 1. He hates the US and the american people true to his real religion.

  • Slamo

    What you don’t take into consideration is that the military is actually beginning to take a tally of their “sacrifices” for the “political class” and are not happy with the statis quo anymore. The rise of the warrior class is at hand and I for one pray for the Pax America where peace will be brought about by American might unhindered by political parties.

  • suzan

    What are the money issues behind the weapons trades ? Who gets the financial benefit ?

  • Rachel

    These Democrats have GOT to go! Naive and irresponsible….or treacherous and corrupt. Either way….they are finished.

  • Sunbeam

    It is a bitter lesson for America. Obama has not only been a failure but a total wreak and disappointment to the whole American race except for his brotherhood. It's really too bad that he finally shows himself what he is. He can be called a traitor and a traitor should have no place in the American Administration or policy decision making. This would spell danger and danger lurks.

  • watsa46

    The real question is: what is the real agenda of Pr. O????
    We do not know and obviously he refuses to be honest and tell the American people!
    Money is a mean not an end.

  • Ronald Whaley

    And if this is the case then someone should face charges and prison for life. This is insane and should NEVER happen in America. We do NOT leave people behind or abandon them for such BS. I have 2 now serving and it scares the hell out of me to think our government might put them in harms way and then turn their back on them. What the hell are we doing people? WHAT?
    Ron Whaley

  • Sunbeam

    It's dangerous for him to be elected again. We hope the Americans will give him a thumbs down in just a few more days to election. . Dangerous:…… in the sense that whatever he does or commit will be to his brotherhood's end. Americans will be sideline, then. Act while there's still time so that the tide nay turn to Romney's favor. We're not to waste our vote. Every single vote counts, even those who are not capable to make it to the poll, they can be wheel. We must not give up hope.

  • https://www.facebook.com/bill.otinger Bill Otinger

    34 SAILORS MURDERED 174 WOUNDED see Below Video, Survivors told to SHUT UP, if they Told anyone about it they would be Court-Martialed or Worse (Death) Senator McCain Father was involved in the Cover up

    Now the Survivors are Calling for a CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION they Deserve one

    During the ATTACK Help was sent then Recalled

    President Johnson was head saying I wont that G-Damn Ship on the Bottom of the Sea

    This was a False/Flag with a twist to Get America into the WAR. It Failed and thanks to a REAL MIRACLE the Ship did not Sink.

    Oligarchy Bankers Control our Presidents, However what ever Controls the Bankers Appear to be Beyond Beyond EVIL

    • Mary Sue

      sure bring up something that happened in 1967 that has nothing to do with what's going on now. Oligarchy bankers? Nice dog whistle there, antisemitism is your calling card I see.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "This was a False/Flag with a twist to Get America into the WAR. It Failed and thanks to a REAL MIRACLE the Ship did not Sink. "

      But it stopped spying after 9 hours of mock attacks. Not much of a sneak attack, nor was it a very well-planned false flag operation to make mock attacks in advance (of the armed attacks) totally within Geneva Convention rules of war and so forth. What exactly did the Israeli's do to lead you to your conclusion? You make no sense at all unless you focus only on bigoted hyperbolic statements rather than the facts of what happened.

      Why are you so gullible? You have blind faith in silly theories because you want to believe them. You're just another bigot, to say the least.

  • pierce

    It does not get any better than these comments. Every single one has meaning and truth. Amen

  • Judith

    Fire the "Terrorist"!

  • co2insanity

    So basically, people died because Obama and his fellow libiots want to be stylish.

  • Joann Feldpausch

    This article explains a lot and the posts below it are good to read. FrontPagemag.com is a good site to go to.

  • Linda

    This article is spot-on. Being the mother of a soldier who just returned from Afghanistan, I can vouch for the fact that the current ROE is INSANE! If you remember the riots after the koran burnings, guess what our soldiers were told to do? NOTHING! They made them stand there unarmed and told them to use bats if they were attacked. They took away their guns! They had to stand overwatch with no bullet in the chamber and their pistols on safety. How quickly can you react when armed like this??? Now why, you ask, would they deliberately keep our soldiers unarmed or barely armed? For the reasons stated above–God forbid we hurt or offend the Muslims in any way. Who cares what happens to our troops? Get Obama the hell out of our COUNTRY.

  • tommy lumpkin

    so….here it is….!!!


    Among the best accounts of the failure to prevent

    the very preventable Ben’ghazi Consulate tragedy.

  • Lynne

    It is my belief these men were killed for a reason .. what else could it be? There are no 'reasons' they can conjure up the "need more info" crap they want .. nobody believes it.

  • SortingThrough

    "[I]t is important for us to remember that such decisions come out of a mindset that says there are diplomatic goals that are more important than American lives."

    Based on your argument, am I to assume that sacrificing American lives during a war effort is okay–that is, to put American lives at risk to achieve goals during a war effort is okay–, but to lose lives, even if unintentionally, while working toward diplomatic goals is not okay?

    At the very least you are saying that the lives in Benghazi were intentionally sacrificed, yes? Not that risks were taken toward a diplomatic goal, but that the men on the ground were intentionally sacrificed?

    No, I'm not that thick… you truly believe that that is what went down? Not calculated risks but intentional sacrifices?

    Your possible explanation for the series of events is as good an explanation when compared to conspiracy theories I've read to date online (another good, though equally ugly was the president didn't act out of the fear that he would have been accused of creating a situation to boost his campaign so close to the election), but I don't get the derision toward diplomatic efforts.

    I don't get it unless you are limiting your derision to knowingly and purposefully sacrificing American lives versus taking calculated risks for diplomatic and not campaign reasons. War after all is a calculated risk; how could diplomacy not be, particularly in a violence-prone area?

    Some diplomatic goals are loftier than some, and some–just like some war efforts–we might find morally contemptible. (Personally, I'd get out of the Middle East; enough is enough.) And while I think your rule–American lives come before Muslim diplomacy–is one that many can agree on, I don't think it's necessarily that black and white in the field. I think calculated risks are calculated risk… and risk, well, implies the chance that you'll be wrong.

    I don't know that we'll ever know the truth and I appreciate your speculation, but I am reminded that it is just that.

  • dannyjeffrey44

    Another installment on the theory of Benghazi http://www.freedomrings1776.com/2012/11/benghazi-

  • auntdeedee

    FTA: Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods are our government’s sacrifices of peace.

    Not "peace", but "appeasement"…

  • Usman Ghani

    Nice post. I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts.
    Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up

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