Will Japan’s New Nationalist Government Go to War with China?

Japan is an interesting test case. It’s a canary in the coal mine for the experiment of how much a First World country can decline demographically while spending massive amounts on social entitlements until its economy declines, all the while being crowded into a corner by China because of the misguided pacifism of the post-war era.

Japan’s population skews old and they may have just decided that enough is enough. Imagine the complete opposite of the election that America just had, and Japan just had it. 

The conservative party that dominated post-war Japan is back in power after a three-year absence, in a landslide election victory Sunday that will result in hawkish Shinzo Abe returning as prime minister.

Japanese voters handed a landslide victory Sunday to the main opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Its hawkish leader Shinzo Abe, set for a second stint as prime minister, promises to revive Japan’s stagnant economy and stand up to an increasingly assertive China.

By late Sunday night Tokyo time, exit poll projections suggested the LDP and its likely coalition partner, the New Komeito Party, could have a two thirds’ “super majority” in the lower, more powerful, House of Representatives, he said.

Outnumbered by Japan’s senior citizens, young people “don’t go to vote because they feel it doesn’t really count,” said Noguchi, who urged lawmakers to connect the younger generation to the political process by ending the ban on social media use by candidates during the official campaign.

The conservative Liberal Democratic Party was projected by NHK Television to win 291 out of 480 seats in Japan’s lower house, while its ally, the New Komeito Party, had 30. That would give them the two-third majority needed to overrule the upper house, perhaps breaking deadlocks that have long stymied Japanese governments.

Nippon Ishin no Kai, the genuinely right-wing nationalist party, only scored 54 seats, but that’s still not too shabby and means that a right-wing coalition will be a breeze to manage.

Shinzo Abe, who returns to power after leading the Liberal Democratic Party to victory in general elections on Sunday, said there was no doubt about Japan’s ownership of the islands, known as the Senkakus in Japan, but the Diaoyus in China, at the centre of the row.

“China is challenging the fact that (the islands) are Japan’s inherent territory,” said Mr Abe. “Our objective is to stop the challenge. We don’t intend to worsen relations between Japan and China.”

Despite the Liberal Democrats’ name, Mr Abe’s party is inherently conservative and struck a nationalistic tone throughout the election, promising a return to prosperity for the world’s third-largest economy and a more assertive foreign policy.

Even more indicative of the rise of the right was the 54 seats that the Japan Restoration Party claimed.

Only founded in November, the party is led by unrepentant nationalist Shintaro Ishihara, the former governor of Tokyo, who has said he intends to restore the nation’s dented pride.

He has already suggested there is a need for Japan to arm itself with nuclear weapons, expand the military and revise the pacifist constitution.

War with China, may or may not be on the horizon. China generally only picks the fights that it knows it can win.

Obama will pressure Japan to give in, but that will only fuel the Japanese right which is anti-American, and Chinese pressure may provide the impetus for a more serious and sustained rearmament.

Japan is approaching a crisis point where the power vacuum created by the Obama coup over America will make it far more vulnerable to military, political and economic threats. And that is a golden opportunity for the right to rebuild a stronger Japan.

  • Mary Sue

    Well China and Japan pretty much hate each other (and I don't think China ever really got over the Rape of Nanking) so anything's possible.

    • SoCalMike

      The Japanese don't hate the Chinese but the Chinese government is very successful at cultivating Japan as an all-purpose whipping boy the same way the left does with "the right" and "fox news" here.
      The hate that exists comes from the Chinese side.
      I speak Mandarin, Japanese and Cantonese so I have a feel for what I'm laying on you.

      • Mary Sue

        ah ok, that makes sense.

    • JGG


  • Ghostwriter

    I hope things do get to bad over there.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I hope things do get to bad over there."

      I hope things get good for us over there and bad for evil plans.

      • Ghostwriter

        What I meant to say was "I hope things don't get too bad over there." I apologize. I think I sounded like an idiot.

  • A 22 Year Old Man

    Daniel, I've got a question/idea about a future article, that I'd like to hear your opinion/analysis on:

    Is a foreign war (i.e. one that starts between two different countries, that the US is not initially involved in as either the instigator or victim) potentially a good thing for our country, to wake up the sleeping conservatives and snap the isolationists out of their indifference, potentially halting the infringement on a) our military and b) the 2nd amendment?

    My question, I guess, is, if a war breaks out between China and Japan, will it distract the government and the media enough that they'll hold off or reverse on their attempts to disarm the US military and citizenry? And of course, what other geopolitical effects would such a war have? I'll keep an eye out in case you write anything about it soon.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "…if a war breaks out between China and Japan, will it distract the government and the media enough that they'll hold off or reverse on their attempts to disarm the US military and citizenry?"

      I'd say in general, yes. Many leftist delusions depend on painting the USA is the sole source of evil and belligerence in the world. Anything China does to show its hand will reduce the effectiveness of these lies. If Japan attacks China, the left will make it the villain, and refer to it as an American colony etc. However, they are not as shy about publicizing their justifications for war and will defend themselves in the press. I don't think there are as many leftists in Japan to disrupt consensus, but there have always been a few in modern times. On the whole, while war is bad, anything that forces people to look at the way the world is in reality will help them to learn about those realities.

      Plus more generally, just having any big news hit the media will of course limit their ability to pontificate about gun control. Obviously this will cool their emotions, which for the masses is all that matters in gun control advocates (that is, for *more* control). I wish instead we were able to measure importance and talk more for example about our failed foreign policy, but any time a storm comes in or some other event of any importance, the media loves to help the left by moving on even more quickly. But even when it hurts the left, they know they can only focus on guns for as long as their loyal followers will stick with them. They don't want to lose ALL credibility and their entire audience.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    "Obama will pressure Japan to give in, but that will only fuel the Japanese right which is anti-American, and Chinese pressure may provide the impetus for a more serious and sustained rearmament."

    In the circumstances, given the damage caused already around the world by 0'Bama-brand appeasement, this is one case I don't mind 0'Bama giving in. Fours years ago that statement would have been unthinkable. But as I said, under the present circumstances, a nuclear armed Japan might be something to help the West control jihad certainly more than the EU has for example.

    China is a huge jihad enabler, indirectly. Anything that distracts them and reduces their amoral plans will slow them from attacking American global hegemony (which for you leftists out there, is a good thing because other than the dimwit leftists, America is a force for good).

  • SoCalMike

    The Japanese need to amend their constitution to permit them to rearm.
    That would solve several problems simultaneously without creating any.

    Team Appease/Sell OutUS/Obama will be peeved. The rest of the world, at least the FREE WORLD, will experience a sense of relief with the knowledge the good guys won one for once.
    This is the precise grade of policy and thought the members of Obama's Religious Cult despise.
    It interferes with their prayers and sacrificial offerings to their false god The Holy Government.
    In the name of the State, the Government and the Holy Environment, Amen.

  • sanman

    The Japanese should have a normal middle-of-the-road constitution like anybody else. To continue with their current abnormal constitution would only invite conflict, since other aggressive regional powers like China would only take advantage of it. It's asymmetry that leads to war, whereas symmetry will reduce the likelihood of it.

  • A 17 year old

    The US is selfish, China isn’t nearly as arrogant as the US during its rise to power, and Unfortunetly, anyone who believes the US is a force of good is an idiot, It overthrew democratic leaders, not for the people, but for those on wall street, If it doesn’t help the US but helps its own people more, Overthrow it! Thats the American way. Google Chavez Vs. US, or anything during the cold war, or American Nun beaten and raped for aiding the “wrong” people Who happend to be democrats.

    • Jay

      You really need to spend some time with Tibetans and other Asians about the Chinese. Everything China does is for its own people and does not give a damn about others. China is also working with Islamic terrorists and communist terrorists like the Maoists to destabilize Asian countries it wants power over such as India which is a democracy until it. Here read about that from Yossef Bodansky here http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/terrorism/bodansk

      The two major forces of terrorism in Asia are Islamic terrorists and Communist/socialist terrorists.

  • Ghostwriter

    It seems that A 17 year old is now a charter member of the "Blame America First" club which has mutated into the "Hate America" club.

    • Jay in DC

      This is how ingrained and deep leftist socialist anti-American pathology is ingrained in today's youth. Never has a nation more openly suicidal against itself, perhaps excepting the Roman Empire at its apex, existed than the US today.

  • pee


  • Sturmbannführer

    let their be war! war! war! war!

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