Worst Anti-Muslim Hate Crime in America was Committed by Muslim

When Shaima Alawadi was found beaten to death in her own dining room with a tire iron, CAIR and countless Muslim organizations rejoiced, and not just for the usual reason that Muslims rejoice when a woman is murdered, but because they had their own living dead proof that Islamophobia was the biggest problem in America since German Measles.

A note lying on the floor read, “Go back to your country, you terrorist;” which clearly meant that Shaima Alawadi’s murder was a hate crime, probably by someone who spent a lot of time reading Robert Spencer, joining militias and working on a Kibbutz.

There was talk of organizing a One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi march, which in Saudi Arabia is just known as another Wednesday. Muslims and useful idiots began uploading photos of themselves in Hijabs with signs reading “I Am Shaima”.  A Sojourners blog used the murder to compare Islamophobia to the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide.

The truth about the murder of Shaima Alawadi was that she wasn’t murdered by someone who hated Islam, but by a Muslim, in keeping with the teachings of Islam which permit husbands to beat their wives.  Shaima Alawadi was indeed murdered because of her Hijab, not because of prejudice against her Hijab, but because of the misogynistic culture that the Hijab represents.

Like so many Muslim women, Shaima Alawadi was murdered in an honor killing by her husband. Like so many Muslim women, she was forced into an arranged marriage at a young age, 15, and lived an unhappy life. Like so many Muslim women, she perpetuated the generational oppression of women, passing on the same misery to her unhappy daughters. And like so many Muslim women, when her desire for freedom conflicted with the Islamic patriarchy, she was murdered for it.

According to court documents revealed in the New York Times, Alawadi’s eldest daughter, Fatima, was found in a car with a 21-year-old man. After her mother picked her up, Fatima said “I love you, Mom” and jumped out of the car going 35 m.p.h., sustaining injuries. While recovering in the hospital, Fatima told authorities that she was being forced to marry a cousin in Iraq — not the man with whom she’d been in the car. Alhimidi, Alawadi’s husband, is in Iraq with his two eldest children (Fatima and her brother) for her funeral. They are expected to return the U.S. later this month.

This is the true hate crime here. Not American hatred of Muslims, but Muslim hatred of women and Muslim women participating in the oppression of other Muslim women until the dam breaks.

There ought to be a one million march of Hijabs for Shamia Alhimidi, empty Hijabs commemorating the Muslim women murdered by their husbands and their brothers, those who committed suicide, jumping out of cars, drinking acid or hanging themselves.

And it’s time for us to wake up to the meaning of the Hijab and the Koran.

One final note

Alzaidy told the newspaper her father and Alawadi’s husband had previously worked together in San Diego as private contractors for the U.S. Army, serving as cultural advisers to train soldiers who were going to be deployed to the Middle East.

A Muslim man who beat his wife to death with a tire iron and then tried to blame the crime on Americans is who we were using as a cultural adviser. And it makes sense. Because that is the culture of the Muslim world.

  • Sunshine gal

    Her husband brutally murdered her…WHAT A DOG he is!!

  • John Spielman

    9-1woman not have been a Muslim hate crime but WAS an Islamic hate crime perpetuated in the name of their demon-god Allah. Muslims may be nominal( in name only), but those who are dedicated to the vile malevolent works righteous theology of Islam will kill and be killed for Allah's sake to try andgain entrance to their mythical paradise which the one true GOD would call a whorehouse where drunkenness and sexual sins are practiced in abundance. Another proof that Islam is a demon inspired religion is that Muslims may lie to nonmuslims (as in the case of Alawadi's husband) to try and spread Islam's influence.
    Only a false gospel like Islam would require its adherents to sink to violence and deception to spread.

    • SYED ALI

      You are disgusting Mr.john whatever!!! you dont know what you are saying you ignorant STUPID yankee doodle,The whole issue is a preplanned drama to sabotage Muslim culture ….WE as MUSLIM do not supress our wives.. Islam is the most liberal religion on this planet….you HAVE ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!!! ,GO learn about it first then talk..and who are ???i am sure an ethiest!!!

  • anthony

    excellent article. as for the video, despite a bit of innuendo from the guests, they were surprisingly level-headed in their responses. the cair rep. (is he really in cair?) even stressed as his last point that it being a hate crime was only a possibility, and that the police had to be given time to investigate. this from hamas-linked cair! i practically fell out of my chair. if this guy is still with cair, they better ship better ship him over to gaza city for some re-education real quick.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      He was pushing the hate crime angle, but he couldn't declare it one until the police did.

  • truebearing

    Islamophobia….yet another ruse by the Left to make people fear the imaginary fears of others. Now the Muslims have adopted it, thanks to all the help from Soros, Obama, and the rest of the depraved idiots who somehow think that Muslims will make reliable partners in sharing power.

    It's hardly worth mentioning the hypocrisy of Obama's War on Women BS when he is enabling a religion that brutalizes women to create an Islamic Caliphate, and gain legitimacy in the US.

    The fact that a majority of Americans can't see the evil of Islam, or Obama's evil in facilitating their insurgency in the US, while ignoring their horrific treatment of women worldwide, is the profoundly depressing.

  • Mary Sue

    The more you see stories like this (about teen or twentyish women from Muslim families who run into trouble because they adopt the "western" culture of dating), the more it's obvious that the traditional muslim way to marry off teh wimmins is at severe odds and completely incompatible with, western society and freedom.

    In Canada I hear a lot about it, though occasionally it's not just Muslims but Sikhs as well, though they'd like you to believe (and maybe it's true?) that when it's the Sikhs, it's over a racial angle (girl dating white boy) rather than a religious one.

  • Lisa_H

    I am waiting for cair and all their fellow believers to acknowledge now that this was an honour killing. Just one look at any photo of Shaima showed how depressed and unhappy she was. I bet her life was hell on earth. There was never any real doubt that she was murdered by a family member.

    • Drakken

      Hell will freeze over first before CAIR (muslim terrorist organization) admits any wrong doing.

    • SYED ALI

      What about the guy who just killed her mother in her school where she used to teach and killed many innocent kids ??????????? I am amazed how poor your knowlege is when it comes to ISLAM,ARNT HUSBANDS KILLING THEIR WIVES OVER PETTY ISSUES IN THE WEST??????? Yeah showing off your naked body to men in your culture is perfectly fine ??????Just because you are white ,BUTyou dont even belong to U.S OR CANADA.,.Long time ago your ancesters came from,Irland,russia,england ,ukraine,romania,austria,FRANCE..etc,etc…..you should go back to where you came from..let Natives have their land back..If we muslims dont belong here then you dont belong to this land either!!!!!! ,White people are thick headed and have no wisdom of their own…they just follow the media like blind sheeps,learn to use your common sense …Oh but how can you?? you are what you eat…Pig headed nation…Closed minded people

  • cdnbn

    And, more such savagery, just convicted in Canada:

    • Mary Sue

      oh yeah this, just another in a long string of these things that have been happening. A lot in Ontario, for some reason though.

      • jack

        have you seen how many gang rapes muslims commit to non-muslims in Europe? they are 2% of the swedish population but 80% of the rapists. majority of their victims are white children or white women

  • Tanner

    If you look at the Shaima Alawadi situation and you compare it with the second 9/11 attack of this year in 2012, you will realize how far radical Muslims are willing to go to advance their agenda. Both of these cases were a success by committing taqiyya (or religious lying). They' are using the "Islamophobia" idea as a weapon against us in order to make it seem that Americans are the bad guys and the radical Muslims the good guys. But the Shaima Alawadi situation was clever. I would never have thought that a Islamist would frame his own crime and turn it against the US. I think that they have finally realized that they can keep on committing taqiyya as long as we live in a world of political correctness. If they continue to do this, we may lose the War on Terror. And that seems to be coming a reality unfortunately.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Very true

      • Mary Sue

        there was a demonstration in Canada (in Ottawa) demanding the return of Omar Khadr, and they were all calling Michael Coren a racist. And the "taqiyya" of the day was "Omar was a Child Soldier, he didn't know what he was doing!" and denying that he was a terrorist.

        And why were they calling him a racist? Well, because among other things, he'd condemned the "honor killings" of four women in Kingston, ON.

  • http://twitter.com/InfidelleBelle @InfidelleBelle

    Islamaphobia = Common Sense!

    Infidel = One who isn't a worshipper of same deity.

    Infidelphobia = Paranoid  &  Delusional

    Islamorealism = what media won't tell you.

  • Mary Sue

    BTW anyone else notice how much that picture that is heading the article looks like that obsessive stalkery clingy "Overly Attached Girlfriend" meme? http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/overly-attached-gir

  • Charles

    I watched a video on Youtube portraying how sweetly goats and sheep submitted to slaughter when the word of Allah was pronounced to them, I could only wonder if honor killings went so sweetly.

  • danseagull


  • Pip Power


    177 hadith found in 'The Book Pertaining to the Turmoil and Portents of the Last Hour (Kitab Al-Fitan wa Ashrat As-Sa`ah)' of Sahih Muslim.


    Ibn 'Umar reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me) ; kill him.

    The Resurrection will come after the Muslims annihilate the "descendants of apes and pigs"
    Source: Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 18, 2001

    Muhammad Abd Al Hadi Lafi, responsible for Religious Teaching and Instruction in the Ministry of Religious Affairs:
    “The battle with the Jews will surely come… The Prophet spoke about it in more than one Hadith and the Resurrection will not come without the victory of the believers [the Muslims] over the descendants of the monkeys and pigs [the Jews] and with their annihilation.”

  • drivesguy

    If this were my daughter, the slime ball that did this too her would not make it to trial. As a dad, I would go through h e l l for my girls. One of my girls is married and her husband knows full well that I could take his head off with my sniper rifle at 1000 yards. He is good to her but it is good to have accountability. Muslim fathers of girls need to stop looking at their daughters as property and see them as joyful additions to their household. Muslim fathers need to let the husbands of their daughters know that should anything happen to their daughters, those husbands will not have to worry about any court, sharia or otherwise; they should worry about their wife's father.

    • curmudgeon

      if it was your daughter, you would be the slime ball that forced her to marry her murderer, and you would be in agreement with her murder, because if you were her father you would be a muslim. the only answer to the problem of islamic hate crimes in america is to rid america of muslims. there is no other solution. were islam goes, crime, poverty, cruelty, and misery surely follows. we stupid infidels that have allowed islam a foothold in our country will learn this truth to our great dismay, after it is too late to do anything about it.

      • jack

        how many children and women are being gang raped in Europe by muslims?

  • Drakken

    Like the little boy who cried islamophobia one too many times, the wolf is going to eat well if the muslims keep this nonsense up.

  • Steven in Texas

    The killing was not only because the husband wanted the wife dead for some completely crazy reason that only he will EVER understand…. but the crime scene was specifically staged to look like a Muslim-Hating American did it…. and there lies the REAL problem… Don't get me wrong… the murder itself was a horrible crime…. but the devious staging of the crime scene is just amazing… Did he do it to shift blame in another direction…? Or did he do it to instill even more hatred towards Americans…? Because it really DOES matter. It makes me think that more and more of these 'crimes' against Muslims are intentionally set up to generate hatred towards Americans… I could go on and on about this, but you get the idea….
    -Steven in Texas

  • RUI

    I feel so sorry for these women… no, actually I don't. It's not our problem or fault that they are born into this murderous culture. All we can do is make sure it doesn't affect our societies and have the culprits punished like such a crime merits.

  • AL in WI

    I believe it’s high time for the West to reject the canard that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant faith. Anyone who follows world events can readily see that the opposite is the case. I’m tired of all the apologist, politically correct Pollyannas who insist on perpetuating this popular myth.

    Even today, large parts of the Muslim world consist of unsophisticated tribal societies that still proudly embrace the Dark Ages with their ‘peaceful’ public stonings, floggings, headings, mutilations, honor killings and institutionalized slavery and mistreatment of women – most notably our so-called ‘allies’ Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. What can one say about a faith that openly advocates the death of a cartoonist for drawing a disparaging comic about it’s prophet, or the imprisonment and public punishment of a school teacher in the Sudan who innocently let her class name a teddy bear ‘Mohammed’? Does this happen on a regular basis among Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists or Daoists? What a pathetically primitive religion that can’t absorb any perceived criticism without reflexively resorting to violent mass protests, bloodshed and death threats. Islam is by far the least evolved and the most intolerant, bellicose, and openly misogynist major religion in the world today and would find itself much more at home in the 12th century than the 21st.

    As to the claim that the vast majority of Muslims deplore terrorism and violence: If this were really true, then why are so many terrorist groups able to live and operate with virtual impunity in the very societies that presumably abhor what they’re doing? Why aren’t they being systematically rooted out, disbanded and prosecuted by their peace loving neighbors, instead of requiring foreign intervention, as in the case of Bin Laden hiding in plain sight in Pakistan? Why was there scarcely a man to be seen among the sea of burqas during the protests following the shooting of a 14 year old Afghan girl by the Taliban (for her having had the unmitigated gall to promote education for women!!)? The reason is simple: Whatever their officially stated positions might be, a good part of the heavily male dominated populations in these backward countries at least tacitly, if not actively, condone these heinous acts and the groups that perpetrate them. Reality speaks louder than rhetoric.

    The great Middle Eastern societies of antiquity, such as Babylonia, Egypt, Persia and Mesopotamia, all pre-date the advent of Islam by thousands of years. Despite the propaganda to the contrary, Islam is an atavistic supplicant faith, paying homage to a perpetually angry war god. It was conceived of by the illiterate Arab warrior ‘prophet’ Mohammed primarily to coalesce disparate tribes under a common banner against his enemies and not to spread any genuine underlying message of peace, good will or tolerance at all. Mohammed wasted no time in putting his neighbors to the sword and Islam hasn’t changed fundamentally since. True, there was a relatively brief period of enlightenment and progressiveness during Moorish times, but this was more an aberration than a trend, as the Islamic world quickly reverted back to the Stone Age once it’s more conservative religious factions took the reins again. It was only the West’s relatively recent involvement that has brought any semblance of modernity to many Muslim countries at all.

    Defenders of Islam are quick to point out that the Christian world has been no stranger to subjugating and marginalizing other peoples. However, I think it’s fair to say that Christianity as a whole has evolved enough to outgrow the need for outright intimidation, physical violence and global terrorism in order to maintain control over it’s flock and spread it’s message. More so than any other major faith, Islam hasn’t. I say this as an Atheist. I have no vested interest in promoting any religion.

    Only the Islamic nations that have drastically moderated the influence of the Quran, Sharia Law and their fundamentalist clergy can be considered anything even approaching ‘modern’. Even then it’s nothing but a thin veneer, with the Neanderthal hardliners ever in the background, pushing for the ‘old ways’. It’s time that the civilized world distanced itself from these relics of Neolithic times. As I see it, fundamentalist Islam is a lead anchor on the overall social and political progress of the world and the single greatest detriment to peace on the planet today.

  • Zz

    How much did the American bastards pay you to write this? You weren’t even there when she died and you write as though you witnessed everything.

  • Anonymous 7

    You have included alot of false information about islam into this blog.
    Firstly its Qu’ran and not koran you daft fool.
    And islam forbids you too lay a finger on your wife or any other innocent human being.
    This is a blog of ignorance not once have you open the quran and read it to criticise the book.
    You dont judge islam by stupid muslims who claim to be muslims and sin against gods word.
    Read the book yourself and stop giving fake quotes out of ignorance and hate.
    After all im waiting for jesus (isa) to come.
    Because the amount of devils and workers of satan such as yourself are only powering the antichrist.
    Did you know that jesus was the phrophet before muhammed (saw), who brang the bible which has been now altered from its original state.
    And before jesus it was moses with the torah which has also been altered.
    Search it up yourself the quran is the only book which has not been changed since its existence many big scientists have confirmed this.
    Due to the fact that it has been memorised by millions since its existence even too this day.
    Youve forgotten about God thats why you are so full of hatred and despise

    • roccolore

      Muslim idiot, Koran has three different spellings. And you are the fool who supports Hamas-linked CAIR and bogus “hate crimes” and honor killings.

      • disgus

        your korran may not have been altered or changed but it should have been changed by some person far more spiritual and religious honest and fair than all of you who profess that book that teaches violence, murder and death…you see, your ignorance can no longer be disguised as true faith, but hatred justified by the lies written into a book several hundreds of years after the Holy Bible, and remember this, many men tried their best to change the words of the Bible to fit their personal ideas, but the TRUTH which JESUS ETERNALGOD MOST HOLY WORD revealed is still very much intact, and nowhere in Sacred Scripture does HE advocate the cutting off of someone’s head because they do not believe and nowhere does HE advocate violence, murder and death or even the stupid claim that anyone will have 1 or a thousand virgins waiting for them in HIS HOLY ETERNAL KINGDOM…the devil satan alone will advocate these sexual ideas into the minds of the stupid ones
        yes, I heard your theories and stupid explanations before and I knew by the expressions of the young muslim fellow who was trying to convince me, that we two would never come into an agreement concerning what we believed, but I told him that as a Catholic Christian and a member of the ONE HOLY CATHOLIC and Apostolic CHURCH organized and established by ETERNAL GOD MOST HOLY WORD JESUS ,i am not allowed to take his life, nor the life of his wife or children because to do so would put me right into the hands of the ultimate deceiver satan/Lucifer and that will never happen, and remember when you go to hell, it is by your own choice because of your own decision to follow satan/Lucifer the satanic creature to its place of eternal damnation, where, by the way you may find the 27 whores you so desire

    • pam Indo

      You, muslim dog, are the liar. (91% of all honor killings are committed by muslims) Juar watch Dr. Phyllia Chesler’a ground breaking research in both honor killings and gender apartheid. It is from Dr. Chesler’s research that we have this statistic of 91%. Gender apartheid is where women are forced to wear the hijab, chadoor, or buquar!!! The real incidence in honor killings is much, much higher than what is reported. Utter denial (as you are exhibiting , is the norm in Islamic homes, societies and countries. This is the main reason the incidence only gets higher and higher. How can one confront and treat a problem when the entire muslim population (1.8 billion) just pretend that it does not exist even though 18,000 to 20. 000 women (though the incidence is believed to be much , much higher) are murdered yearly from honor killings!!!!

    • pam jones indo

      You are a liar. You lying, muslim dog, scum are responsible for 91% of all honor killings world wide. Just google and look up the marvelous work/research of Dr. Phyllis Chesler, who has written 4 books on honor killings. The world knows that you are lying, murderous scum just like your evil twisted, pedophilic leader Muhammad. Here is how the writer , Sujit Das , describes muhammed in his book “Dismantling Islam: The Mental Illness of Prophet Muhammad” as a “thief, liar, pedophile, rapist, mass murderer, a warmonger, a shameless womanizer, a promiscuous husband, a spineless coward, a desert pirate, and a calculating and ruthless tyrant.

  • karp45

    Bunch of loving muslims right? Hell muslims are killing muslims everyday in the mideast, their religious book teaches hate.

  • Screw you

    You guys are a fucking head ache. Quit bitching about scary Muslims and just be nice to each other.
    -from a muslim in the US military who fought for your freedom to continue being racist against me.

    • Pigasus

      Do you think religion and race are the same?
      How does one change their race? Are there penalties (oh. like death) for changing one’s race? How many races proselytize? Can be expect to see four foot tall African Bushman soliciting on one corner while Aleuts carrying harpoons harangue passers-by across the street? Will seven foot tall Masai in native robes be stalking our airports importuning travelers for donations, then conversions? Will we see Siamese Twins pushing for more tag-team wrestling on TV?
      I’ll bitch all I please. If you can’t stand it, then move to where irritants like me are scheduled for extirpation by inbred fundamentalists stranded in the hated present. That or get yourself a frigging time machine.

    • pam jones indo

      Are you a psychopath muslim who is a time bomb like the muslim military guy who went on a killing spree and murdered all those brave military people down in Ft. Hood in Texas.?? You muslims are responsible for 91% of all honor killings. Aren’t you proud of your fine, upstanding heritage?? Just read the wonderful work and research of Dr. Phyllis Chesler. in the field of honor killings. she has written 4 books on honor killings. She is on You tube and she can be “googled”

  • kate

    Its obvious u yourself suffer from chronic islamophobia. Please get your facts right. U are obviously alien to Islam tradition. Islam frowns upon beating of women. Infact the prophet never laid a hand on women during his time n even fought for their rights. Y would any sane man want to maltreat d person that will lead him to paradise. What concrete evidence do u have to prove ur claims about who the culprit was.i won’t be surprised if it was U. Why would any1 rejoice at a woman being beaten according to your sadistic and baleful point of view? About the middle east, isn’t it your governmentt that is d cause and supporters of the unrest there always poking into issues that is of no concern of theres,like a parasite always trying to find How to leech on others less powerfull than them. Islam frowns on killing pple. A marriage is not valid if the woman doesn’t agree to it so there is no such thing as forced marriage in islam.such marriage is not valid.dont mistake culture 4 religion. Kate

    • pam indo

      please see my quote from today 2/22/2015

  • pam jones indo

    You islam scum are responsible for 91% of all honor killings. Google and look up the wonderful work and research of Dr. Phyllis Chessler, who has written 4 books on honor killings.

  • Ichinawa

    read Qu’ran, NO!!
    know about Qu’ran teaches violence, murder and death, YES!!
    Very impressive..