Worst City in America Votes 98 Percent for Obama

20 percent of Detroit is on food stamps. Its violent crime rate is 5 times the national average and it’s rated as America’s Most Dangerous City.

40 percent of Detroit residents want to leave the city. Home prices have fallen 54 percent in the last 3 years. And Detroit has the highest poverty rate in the nation.

So guess who Detroit voted for by 98 percent? Obama, naturally. Because when you’re already living in a hellhole, your prime motivation is to drag the rest of the country in with you. The 40 percent of Detroiters who want to leave have drawn no conclusions about the causes of all their problems.

Barack Obama defeated Governor Mitt Romney by astounding numbers in Detroit, Michigan, amassing 98% of the vote to Romney’s 2%. In a city of over 700,000 people, Mr. Romney was only able to get 6,016 votes according to government tallies.

Mr. Obama received a staggering 281,382 votes, over forty-five times that of the governor. Democrats won heavily in Detroit, though no Democrat who faced a Republican challenger received a higher percent of the vote than the President.

But there’s a reason for that. Detroit is the perfect Obamaville. You might even say that Detroit is the future of Obama’s America.

Barely 50 years ago, Detroit boasted a population of more than two million. After decades of flight, scarcely 700,000 souls are left, many of them trapped in poverty and enveloped by some of the highest crime and welfare rates in the country.

The number of people who vanished from Detroit in the last decade —about a quarter million — is nearly twice the 140,000 who left New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina.

Detroit’s public schools are among the worst in the nation in spite of spending nearly $16,000 per pupil. That’s about 60 percent more than we spend on average here in Georgia. Dropout rates are in the stratosphere, and test scores are so bad the superintendent of the city’s schools once said they were no better than if the students had simply guessed at the answers.

Detroit’s per capita tax burden is several times the average for the other municipalities within the same state. The weight of its gargantuan bureaucracy and the extent of its legendary corruption are staggering. Locally, city services have been likened to those of Third World backwaters.

Of course not. Robocop is a Republican.

  • http://whatdirectdemocracymightbe.wordpress.com/ Daryl Davis

    A city like Detroit, even a state like California, ought not escape the consequences attending irresponsible public policies. Welfare programs and federal entitlements should be made subject to yearly sunsetting; such that those states, or even precincts, that wish to opt out of them may do so.

    But this would only be possible under a new system:

    • http://twitter.com/geffbeck @geffbeck

      California is the innovation engine of the world. If California seceded, the Red States wouldn't have anything to mooch on.

  • amused

    Man-o-man Daniel , you;re on a real tear bud . Maybe Detroit voted for Obama because the people figured out , that it was mainly Republican ideology coupled with big buisiness that drove big Industry out . Everyone likes to blame the Unions , but in reality it was poor management , lack of foresight ,and unfair competition with government subsidized Japanese Cars .Either way , the perception was it was Republicans , and over the years no attempt on the part of the GOP was made to change it . Tea Party mentality didn't help change that image either . In fact it polarized it with you know what .

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Also aliens.

      No one in Detroit had anything to do with it. It was Mitt Romney's fault.

    • megamind

      Thats factualy and historically untrue, 60 years of democratic solutions lead Detroit to where it is today, and Republicans had nothing to do with it, look up Model Cities Program 1966 and you will see the begining of the end of Detroit. History is a bit#h when you know nothing of it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/SSBohio Steve Brack

        I was unaware that Detroit had its own foreign policy, trade policy, and economic policy. There are Democrats to blame, but it's not local Democrats, and not only Democrats for that matter.

      • http://twitter.com/geffbeck @geffbeck

        Absolutely not. It is Republican plutocratic policies that hollowed out Detroit.

    • Mary Sue

      ahahaha seriously amused?

      Who's been running the show in Detroit for f___ing EVER? Republicans? Hell no. DEMOCRATS.

      Who collects the property taxes? Who sets local ordinances and regulations? Who sets idiot tax levels?

      No, the smart people got out of Detroit long ago when they figured out You Can't Beat City Hall. Corruption, heard of it? Cuz that's Detroit all over. Why else would services that are the responsibility of the CITY be crumbling? If Japanese Autos are outcompeting Detroit's Chevys, wouldn't it be at least good if the darn city made it ATTRACTIVE to do OTHER business in to compensate? Oh no, can't have that! [/sarcasm]

      Face facts, amused. Detroit cooked its own goose.

    • truebearing


      With all due respect, you're delusional. Maybe commenting on reality isn't your forte.

    • BrendaKilgour

      Funny how poor management at the Big Three caused people to flee Detroit but not Bloomfield Hills or Grosse Pointe. Funny how the "Republican ideology" could flourish in a city that has been overwhelmingly Democrat for 50 years.

      The "it's all someone else's fault" society may well have been founded in Detroit. It certainly continues to thrive there, indeed it is the only thing that does save crime, poverty and corruption. America, look at Detroit and see the future it's still not too late to avoid — although we've delayed the medicine for another four years.

      • http://twitter.com/geffbeck @geffbeck

        Bloomfield Hills and Grosse Pointe are populated by idle rich who shipped manufacturing jobs overseas. The best way to revive Detroit would be constitute a mega city that takes over all the suburbs. The rich who have no skin the game will then have to pitch in their share

        • Daniel Greenfield

          That's bound to work. And when the rich flee your megacity and your megacity fills up with empty houses and crack houses… it will the fault of the rich!

    • Sherly

      Any clue who's been running Detroit for the last 50 years? Did you guess Democrats?

  • amused

    And that Robo-Cop thing ? gimme a break .

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Are you saying Robocop wasn't a Republican?

    • Mary Sue

      sense of humor. get you one.

  • Bert

    Detroit, what a shame. It was once a beautiful city, 90 years ago when the demographics were so different.

  • erica

    There are many American cities like Detroit ; N St.Louis,E.St.Louis,IL ,Gary,IN,Kansas City,Compton……

    What they all have in common is long term control by democrats. They epitomize democratic urban ideals. High dependency rates,minority rule,high drug ,alcohol and gambling addiction rates.Single parent homes,failed schools and high crime rates.

    Not only are they Obamaville's but he wants these ghettos expanded. Obama promotes welfare as beneficial to the country .

    This is what people voted for, to continue and enlarge slums. They want to live "free".No responsibilities ,no employment ,no laws.

    They demand black police ,politicians and teachers,who proceed to rob the cities blind and fail the citizens .
    They want leadership based on race,period.

    And they still try to blame Jews,republicans and whites for their self segregation,criminals and failures.

    They demand access to "white" schools after driving out whites and destroying the established education system.

    I live by one of these areas that started becoming a ghetto in 1890 when companies trying to break unions brought in trainloads of homeless blacks and gave them tents,jobs and guns. A black man open -fired on a group of picketers, wounding 3 and killing an 8 year old boy. A riot ensued and it's been hell since then. They have destroyed a once thriving city and robbed companies /employs until the companies closed. They robbed and shot pizza delivery drivers until restaurants refused to deliver.

    But they voted 120% for Obama.

    • Lena

      Ok, Democrats put Detroit in this mess. But they continued to vote for the same people, this isn't the Presdients fault. If that was so, it would be former pres. Bush fault also, as president he did nothing for the Detroit. President Obama did help the state of Michigan with the Auto Bailout.

      • Daniel Greenfield

        True. Bush failed to nuke Detroit from orbit.

        It's his fault.

  • Richard Of OZ

    Daniel, what is that bozo "amused" doing here? I look forward to alternative argument, but nasty negativity to the point being made is not my idea of debate. It does reflect, however, the phase locked mind of a 14 year old. Is this what happens in your "education system" now?

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Amused is one of our token liberals. It's important to have someone like that around to remind us of the kind of mind we're up against.

      • Mary Sue

        exactly! Like when Rush said if Liberalism goes by the wayside, he'd like to keep like 2 liberals in a museum so everybody knows and remembers what they are.

        *gets out the lucite bath for amused* >:)

        • Daniel Greenfield

          Or we could just let people visit Norway every few years. The Muslims will probably leave some of them alive in a ghetto.

  • gerry

    No rfecomends guided tours of Detroit,california,particurlarly,the bankrupt cities.America,this is what is coming to you,and you won't be able to say "I didn't know".

  • AbsolutelyRight

    More of the democrats (and Obama by extension) proud handywork

    Top Ten Most Dangerous Cities in America

    1. St. Louis: 530 Democrat

    2. Atlanta: 484 Democrat

    3. Birmingham Alabama (tie): 380 Democrat

    3. Orlando (tie): 380 Democrat

    5. Detroit: 369 Democrat

    6. Memphis: 361 Democrat

    7. Miami: 346 Democrat

    8. Baltimore: 339 Democrat

    9. Kansas City, Missouri: 337 Democrat

    10. Minneapolis (tie): 331 Democrat

    10. Cleveland (tie): 331 Democrat

    America’s Top Ten Poorest Cities

    1) Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961;

    2) Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;

    3) Cincinnati, OH (3rd)… …………………..since 1984;

    4) Cleveland, OH (4th)… …………………..since 1989;

    5) Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican Mayor;

    6) St. Louis, MO (6th)…. ……………………since 1949;

    7) El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican Mayor;

    8) Milwaukee, WI (8th)… ……………………since 1908;

    9) Philadelphia, PA (9th)…………………….since 1952;

    10) Newark, NJ (10th)… ……………………..since 1907.

    • posse101

      Absolutely brilliant post my good man. you pointed out precisely why Obama won the election.

      Blacks, crime, welfare, drugs, entitlement, hatred, broken families, babies out of wedlock, high rates of abortions, white people have moved out of the area fearing for their lives, democrat controlled government. these are all the marks of the rabid Obama supporter.

      kudos to you for getting the numbers.

      keep up the outstanding work.

  • CommonMan

    Hey nice job using a photo the Philippine slums of Manila instead of an actual photo of Detroit – http://www.snopes.com/photos/architecture/detroit

    I guess actual fact checking would be too hard.

    • Mary Sue

      Because using such a photo for purposes of illustration and hyperbole is something you'd never think of.

    • posse 101

      actually it says "it looks like a Brazilian neighborhood." there is no proof offered one way or the other. be more accurate next time. Detroit IS a scum filled city. frankly it doesn't matter what ghetto you show… they're all the same. with all the same point to be made about them.

  • Mary Sue

    Is it bad that I initially read that as a Shantytown of Legos?

    • PaulRevereNow

      The picture is probably Photoshopped; even in Detroit its hard to imagine a slum built from tin sheets.(Or Legos or Lincoln logs)

  • musside

    let it burn and be a monument to liberalism. liberal ideology will never die until we step aside and let it all happen.

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    What is the point of all this posting, these articles, these complaints. Obama has cheated his way into the record books as the worst President in the hstory of the USA to be reelected. That he did it by cheating, voter fraud, lying, dirty politics, and every other thing we abhor about our political system is beside the point. And, having set that record, he is on to greater records, such as a national debt and unpaid entitlements that are more than double the entire total of all the M1 money in the entire world, greatest percentage of a nation on government dole such as food stamps, welfare, etc., greatest number of elderly denied medical care by a bureaucratic panel, and other such records. … Bone of it really matters, we are on the way to Hades in a Handbasket, laughing all the way down as we slip 'n' slide into a pit of third world existence. There is not going to be a recovery from this. Congratulations, Obama voters, you have had your revenge on those of us with brains and initiative, and you have also sealed your own fate: You will all die the slow death of abandonment, just as we will die the defeat of death. What we have in common under Obama is that we will all die a national demise as well as a physical death.

    • PaulRevereNow

      I agree with your assessment; but the situation isn't totally irreversible; and it won't do anyone any good to mope. What do we do now? What is your suggestion?

  • Bill

    Suggestion? We need to get America down on her knees. Asking God for His forgiveness and then to turn, repent and seek Him and His ways. Until America turns back to God and away from evil ways, USA will continue to vote for corrupt, evil leaders. God will not bless any nation forever that forsakes Him.
    Pray that we will have a spiritual revival across America soon.

  • Bruce Walden

    I thought DC was our worst city.

  • Mike

    Hey Daniel, I live in Detroit. I know it well. So, if the photo is a "real" city, which city is it?

    I just can't recall any Detroit neighborhood that looks like anything in this photo. In Michigan, sheet metal shanti's are for ice fishing. We simply have not built homes in Detroit with sheet metal roofs.

    Is that a palm tree in front of the apartment building at the far left? Can't say that I have ever seen a natually growing palm tree north of the Mason-Dixon line.

    Without any doubt, there are plenty of empty homes in Detroit for photo opt's. Don't be so lazy, Dan !!

  • joe

    let the cesspool rot and implode on itself. the scum that created this rat hole of a city want to cry about being discriminated against, well, blow it out your rear. i never discriminated against any of you. go find the ones that really diss'ed you and take it up with them. the rest of us don't give a s##t about you or your problem. in closing, phuck you

  • http://www.konnection.com.au/ Jonathan Henry

    I guess they trust that Obama will somehow be able to help improve their community's current condition. The President would be wise to set at least some infrastructure projects for the area so as to not break that trust.

  • Carry

    Don’t worry everyone … this is coming to your town too. Obama will see to that.

  • buckwheat

    What Me Worry..I gets me free phones.

  • JR

    I thought the democrats were the party for the poor.
    They sure are, keep them poor, keep them ignorant and tell them that you love them.

  • Ron04

    Having been born and raised in the D and living there until 89, even I know its NOT the worst city in America. POLITICALLY its been a disaster for at least 50 years of liberal, democratic rule; it’s beyond broke, morally bankrupt and awash in illiteracy, apathy and corruption. But the worst city in America? Hardly.

    Our ex mayor is in the federal pen but even he wasn’t stupid enough to try to ban Big Gulps.

    • cojo

      What’s your opinion of the worst, then?

  • PCajka

    The picture above looks like Calcutta or Mumbai. Sorry I just insulted those two cities.

    • dcb

      no kidding. the Indians are vastly more intelligent, hard working, literate and less prone to be car jackers, gang bangers, baby daddies, crack hoes, welfare cheats. you can be poor without being the scum of the earth.

  • Mark 2112

    here, let me cry. not! you voted for this, now YOU deal with it.

    • Fredo

      Le the homos, lesbos, transgenders and Libs handle this, as they helped cause it.

  • Jerry Jennings

    they voted for change. they got it. so happy for them

  • Coalminersofwy

    Ya get what ya vote for……..
    Don’t blame nobody but yourselves for the crap you’re eating!

  • Will

    i moved to Detroit about a year ago, your looking at a much higher percent of its population on welfare, and obviously a corrupt city government, but I’ve yet to see this violent crime that’s everybody talks about. I really have to think this a great time look into investing in Detroit property i purchased a home for $17,500 that has potential value of over $90,000. Time has proven the economy will swing back, it may take some time but I’ve got plenty and a lot of patients

    • ButtWheat

      Don’t you worry, Will… devul’s nite beez comin and da bruthas gonna getchu!

  • preservethecountry

    What Motherfucker wrote this article and blamed Detroiters for wanting to drag the rest of America into the same hellhole??!?! That is a VERY crass thing to say. I say rather blame it on the lack of education, hardly anyone knows bettter there. Dan Greenfield can S*ck a D*ck

  • YOU

    Its called helping fools socialism is not a bad thing, is this why you muricans have fears of zombies? well expect them from detroit

  • YOU

    what is this bullshit about republican/democrat. Peoples need help. Yes it has come that far. Same thing for hospitals, it should not be a business. Yall republicans are terrorists, trying to harm the weak.

  • YOU


  • YOU

    i guess islam is a cover up

  • Chance

    I live in the ghetto of Detroit, I’m one of that 2% that voted for Obama, and I say that every democrat should live in the pain I live in.

  • Fredo

    How about letting Hollywood `celebrities’ fork over the money to support Detroit? We taxpayers work for our money

    • Old Testament Rockstar

      A lot of them actually do work and they’re constantly working and many of them support philanthropic organizations, as well. Just because they’re not filling your pocket doesn’t mean they’re bad people. They earned their money just like you earn yours, so they should be able to do whatever they want with it.

  • jwski

    um, that’s not a photo of Detroit, it’s Manila, Philippines. The article I can chalk up to opinion, but including a photo that is not of Detroit and labeling it “Detroit” is basically lying. I would hope that the author of this article, regardless his opinions, would not want to be considered a liar.