Zimbabwe’s Only White Minister Complains About Pervasive Racism

In utterly shocking news, Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, is racist.

Zimbabwe’s only white government minister has said racial slurs against whites at the highest political level continue to show “a gross level of intolerance” in the southern African nation.

Education Minister David Coltart said if he made similar insults about blacks he would “rightly be branded as a sympathizer of the Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan.”

Ministerial colleagues sometimes seemed to forget he was in the same room when they made “shocking” remarks about whites, even at Cabinet meetings, he said on his Facebook page.

Of course, true leftists would say that black racism cannot exist and that anyone who perceives such a thing is really guilty of white privilege.

Coltart was an opponent of the old Rhodesia, but became an opponent of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, and was persecuted by the Mugabe regime. It’s likely that sooner or later, Mugabe, or some other local force, will finish him off, either on the old pretext of the Nkala case, or just through a “random” act of violence.

  • Mary Sue

    Gender/Ethnic studies "experts" will be quick to tell anyone that Persons of Color (blacks included) cannot be racist because they don't have the power to implement oppression against whites. But then they forget that America is not the world.

    Guess what, Gender/Ethnic Studies morons. Zimbabwe has the Persons of Color IN POWER. That means THEY HAVE THE POWER TO OPPRESS THE WHITES. And they are DOING IT. So if they were to claim blacks can't be racist in Zimbabwe, by their own definition of racism THEY WOULD BE WRONG!

    • http://twitter.com/chrisblackusa @chrisblackusa

      excuse me,,,but zimbabwe is just getting control of its resources so therefore it did not have the economic power to hold the whiteman down from anything but being ruler of the zimbabwe,,,,,after 50yrs of blacks being in control of its economy and resources together then come back and see if whites are discriminated from getting homes or apartments in black communities,,,if whites are paid less then a blackman doing the same job. if the only jobs whites are offered are low paying farm help positions and maid positions in black homes,,,,

  • mindRider

    Under the whites Rhodesia was a flourishing country under black rule a bankrupt corrupt mess so the blacks have very very little reason for anti white racism.

    • Mary Sue

      except that too many of them have bought into the rhetoric that their current state of affairs is due to the whites.

  • Chezwick

    The Marxist premise that blacks are incapable of racism is based on the notion that without power – i.e., the institutional apparatus to apply discriminatory policies, racism can't exist. It is a premise predicated on black dis-empowerment and obviously does not apply to black, majority-ruled countries like Zimbabwe.

    But even applied only to the narrow confines of countries like the USA, where blacks are supposedly a dis-empowered minority (the prolific existence of black success-stories, including that of President Obama, notwithstanding), the idea is patently false. It presupposes that racism is merely a socio-economic construct, as opposed to a set of beliefs.

    Blacks are no more immune to racism than any other racial/ethnic group. To suggest otherwise is….racist.

    • Mary Sue

      The line I get from the Gender/Ethnic studies people is, they feel secure in their new definition of racism because "It always accompanies oppression; that is an intrinsic part of it, therefore racism is intrinsically linked to oppression, therefore the oppressed cannot be racist because they don't have power."

      While they cite "experts" who have been "studying this issue for years," I reject their wholesale attempt to wrest the debate by singlehandedly redefining the terms. It's to the point where Australia's authority of Dictionaries decided to change the definition of racism to exactly that.

      It's an unfair advantage that they have in the whole debate and it's used to silence people and shut them down, all while claiming that "whitesplaining" silences them and erases their experiences.

  • FD

    There should be no tolerance for reverse rascim, white zimbabweans, Coltart included should stand up against it. Yet its the leadership that perpertuates hatred speech