No More Monopoly Over Education

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Who decided to establish new universities over the years? It was the government, and only the government. And it was the government that decided to grant university status to the school in Ariel now.

In the history of Israel, never has a university been established without any opposition from the existing universities that preceded it. I spoke with someone who attended the committee that decided on the establishment of Tel Aviv University in the 1950s. He told me about the fiery opposition voiced in that forum by Hebrew University’s Professor Ben Zion Dinur: “Degrees will roll around freely,” he reportedly said. “Woe to higher education.”

Ironically, only Ariel actually met the strict criteria that were instituted especially for the occasion. Pay close attention to the individuals who manned the evaluation committee that examined Ariel’s academic activity: Nobel Prize laureate Professor Robert Aumann (Hebrew University); Professor Amos Altshuler (Ben-Gurion University); Professor Meir Wilchek (Weizmann Institute); Professor David Hasson (Technion); the late Professor Yuval Neeman (Tel Aviv University); and Professor Daniel Sperber (Bar Ilan Univeristy).

How is Emanuel Trajtenberg, the chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee, or the Committee of University Heads more authoritative than these renowned professors, who determined that Ariel did in fact meet the necessary criteria? What do the former know that the latter have yet to learn? One of Israel’s most veteran professors, who was involved in the establishment of previous universities, said to me: “You want to know why there is opposition? They want monopoly. That is all. Everything else is excuses, including the budget issue. These are just empty arguments to hang onto. They want monopoly.”

In conclusion: Ariel University will flourish as Israel’s eighth university and pose a profound Zionist challenge to the old academic establishment.

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  • Jossi

    As an Israeli I'm happy to read the article of Israel Hayom newspaper, out of the pen of D. Eydar, who perfectly exposes the folly of the Israeli Left. The same situation persists in the West, although not to that extent as in Israel. Yes indeed, the Left's monopoly on so many institutions is starting to crumble in Israel and in the West as well. Nonetheless the profound damage perpetrated by the Left everywhere has inflicted a deep wound on what I could term as human freedom on so many fronts. We have an obligation to correct asap these errors, and starting from the education system, which has been high jacked, (as many other institutions) by the perfidious and deceitful Left!

  • PaulRevereNow

    This is good news. Now there will be some competition between Israeli universities,
    and Neve Gordon will have to run for cover.

  • Schlomotion

    "Conservative (right-wing) resume" is an interesting euphemism for Beginite Fascism. If only Kach and Likud could bulldoze universities that refuse to hire them and claim the universities were harboring Hamas terrorist sympathizers, all would be well, right?

    • Shmuel Malov

      It seems that you don't mind when the Israeli Left uses Bulldozers to destroy Jewish towns. But then again, that is you only reason for living. Anyone who doesn't agree with your point view is a fascist.

      • Schlomotion

        Oh yes? And how many Jewish "towns" have you personally seen bulldozed in Brooklyn? Are you sure Romulans didn't do it?


          The WTC was destroyed by islamofascist jihadis in Manhattan.

          • Schlomotion

            Good job, Rainman. So the WTC is a Jewish town now?

            Anna used to live in the lobby, and Bubbie and Zadie used to take her to the fishmonger on the 35th floor. After that they would walk by the old men playing chess in the men's room. Except on Saturdays when when everyone would read the Torah at Starbucks. When she was little, there were fruitstands and horse drawn carriages all along the avenues of Morgan Stanley, but those gave way to motor cars and Zenith repair shops.

            From "Jewish Life and Love in the Early Communities of the World Trade Center" by Thomas Cahill.

          • Ted G

            Hey schlomo you don't get to chide SS to stay on topic when its a hypothetical based on a false premise!

    • PaulRevereNow

      "Socialist (left-wing) resume" is an interesting euphemism for Barack Obamalony. If only Kadima and Meretz could bulldoze universities that refuse to hire them and claim the universities were harboring Likud savages, all would be well, right?

  • Ghostwriter

    Here's a thought for you,Schlobrain? Why don't you go back to school and leave everyone else here alone? That way,we'll get some peace and you have some people other than us to annoy with your anti-Jewish nonsense.