Battleground South Carolina

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Slated for Saturday, January 21, the South Carolina “First in the South” Republican Presidential Primary is the third major stop in the road to the GOP nomination. In a contest known for mobilizing a half-million or more voters, the South Carolina primary has become known as a freewheeling contest where anything goes. Given this history, the fluid nature of its elections, and recent polling trends, South Carolina’s is a race that has been watched closely.

Since its inception in 1980, the South Carolina primary has been a key milestone on the path to the Republican nomination. While some candidates who won the earlier Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary have gone on to lose their nomination bids, each nominee since 1980 has won South Carolina. The state’s Republicans are proud of this “gatekeeper” role, as demonstrated by the “We Pick Presidents” bumper sticker the state GOP has distributed by the thousands, as well as the hundreds – and sometimes thousands – who turn out at events, even for lesser-known candidates.

Every election year, the race takes a major turn in South Carolina. Struggling candidates end up making the state’s primary their final stand and quit shortly thereafter while others tout successful showings as evidence their campaigns are gathering momentum.  Those whose campaigns ended after South Carolina have included some political heavyweights, including Texas Governor John Connally (1980), 1996 GOP VP candidate Jack Kemp (1988), former Education Secretary and Senator Lamar Alexander (1996) and Senator Fred Thompson (2008). Both Bushes used strong showings in the state to recover after surprises in earlier contests.

But it’s not just the candidates who take the state seriously – the locals play hardball as well. Campaigns here are short, due to the short amount of time between other contests, and sometimes turn nasty. The all-out battle between George W. Bush and John McCain in 2000 is still talked about as the most negative ever seen in the state, with negative ads and dirty tricks being waged by both campaigns and their supporters by the truckload. These races are often characterized as battles between the state’s powerful GOP circles for whom the outcomes of these primaries give them leverage for in-state political battles, as well as helping them gain friends at the national level (assuming the nominees go on to win the White House).

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  • ObamaYoMoma

    Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry may be spoiling the election for whoever wins the Republican Party nomination and ensuring an Obama reelection victory with their Alinsky like leftwing anti-Capitalist and class warfare attacks against Bain Capital and Mitt Romney. They should both be tarred and feathered and run out of the Republican Party ASAP.

    The last thing the Republican Party needs today is for Communists to run for president. In any event, even if Newt Gingrich's Alinsky like anti-Capitalist attacks are successful in sinking Mitt Romney, how is that Communist moron going to be able to defend Capitalism. It's not going to happen without a lot of major hypocrisy.

    As for as Rick Perry goes, he's been a major embarrassment since he entered the race. I doubt he could win reelection in Texas today after this fiasco.

    Hopefully, South Carolinians are smart enough not to fall for Newt's Alinsky like acts of desperation.

    • Flipside

      Jim Hoft, you forgot about Ron Paul there. I just thought I might point that out.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Dream on! Ron Paul is irrelevant. There aren't enough Jew haters and Israel bashers for that loon to ever get elected.

        • Stephen_Brady

          This is why the other candidates need to stay in, for as long as possible. I agree that there are many Jew/Israel haters among Ron Paul's constituency. But there are just as many people who want a clear alternative to Mitt Romney. If Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry leave the race, a large portion of these people will go to the only "anti-Romney" candidate left.

          The GOP nomination should not be a coronation. Personally, I believe that Romney will win, if for no other reason than the GOP establishment is behind him. But he's got to get beyond "I have a vision", which is just another hope and change platitude. He's got to tell us what that vision is specifically, and he's got to answer the challenges of his opponents concerning Bain.

          He will have to answer the same challenge from Obama, in the Fall. And Obama will have almost the entire news media with him.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            But there are just as many people who want a clear alternative to Mitt Romney. If Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry leave the race, a large portion of these people will go to the only "anti-Romney" candidate left.

            Yeah three of them, Newt “Alinsky” Gingrich, Rick “Alinsky” Perry, and John “Alinsky” Huntsman, in desperation are coordinating with the Obama White House and the Occupy Wall Street Movement to launch Alinsky like class warfare and leftwing anti-Capitalist attacks against Bain Capital and Mitt Romney. Why? It's because Mitt Romney had the audacity to become a very successful businessman and Capitalist instead of being a career politician. Hence, the Republican Party apparently with your unhinged support is being hijacked and co-opted by Communists.

            With respect to Santorum, he is the reincarnation of GWB. In other words, other than with respect to social conservatism, he is really a big spending and big government liberal, i.e., compassionate conservative, and he is blinded by PC multiculturalism exactly like you and GWB are as well.

            Paul, well Paul is just a kook.

            With respect to Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry dropping out, Mitt Romney I'm sure would gain his fair share of their supporters. Indeed, I see like sheeple you are easily influenced and manipulated by the media.

            Personally, I believe that Romney will win, if for no other reason than the GOP establishment is behind him.

            Actually, the GOP establishment has been against Romney the whole way since he is against Amnesty. In fact, the GOP establishment will never support a candidate that doesn't support Amnesty, as the GOP establishment is determined to use Amnesty as a bone to attempt to attract liberal Hispanics voters.

            He's got to tell us what that vision is specifically,

            What? Have you been sleeping? Damn, Mitt has been running since 2008. Don't you think it is time you wake up?

            and he's got to answer the challenges of his opponents concerning Bain.

            Obviously, like the delusional leftist you keep demonstrating you are, I know this may come as a great big surprise for you, but the purpose of Capitalism isn't to create jobs. Instead, it is to make money, i.e., capital. However, good side effects of Capitalism is greater job creation, higher efficiency, higher innovation, and higher wages.

            As a matter of fact, no other system creates a greater amount of affluence for the greatest amount people other than Capitalism. Indeed, Mitt Romney doesn't have anything to apologize for, for being a successful businessman and Capitalist. However, Newt “Alinsky” Gingrich, Rick “Alinsky” Perry, and John “Alinsky” Huntsman need to apologize for having the audacity to insult our intelligence.

            It is only delusional leftist like you that don't have any intelligence and thus are too ignorant to understand what Capitalism is, that are calling on Mitt Romney to provide some sort of explanation for being a successful businessman and Capitalist. Now, I realize that you are a fricking teacher and not a successful businessman, but that is still no excuse for being so damn utterly ignorant in understanding what make the US the greatest country in the world.

            Indeed, all those companies purchased by Bain Capital were on the verge of bankruptcy and would have inevitably failed anyway had they not been rescued by Bain Capital. Yet, Bain Capital invested in them anyway and successfully saved and rescued approximately 70 percent of them. Of course, approximately 30 percent of them failed anyway. However, a 70 percent success rate is still pretty damn amazing.

            Of course, even in that 70 percent there were also tons of layoffs, but that was the only way to trim the fat to make them lean and mean enough so that they could return to profitably in order to start growing again. Otherwise, they would have inevitably gone out of business, as again the purpose of Capitalism is to earn profits, i.e., capital, and not to save jobs. However, a pleasant side effect is in the long haul far more jobs by far get created than are lost, wages are grown, and everyone is more innovative and efficient.

            Will that make those that got laid off feel any better? Of course, not, but that is the nature of Capitalism and people need to learn to take the good with the bad as overall there is far more good than bad.

            In addition, a lot of those companies were put out of business by unions and labor agreements as well. Indeed, a lot of those failures were because Bain Capital was just unsuccessful in renegotiating those labor contracts and thus those companies were forced into liquidation and Bain Capital lost its ass.

            –continued below

          • Fred Dawes

            way to long and we know all of that.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            He will have to answer the same challenge from Obama, in the Fall. And Obama will have almost the entire news media with him.

            What? That is supposed to be some sort of lame excuse for an alleged Reagan conservative to launch Alinsky like leftwing anti-Capitalist attacks against Bain Capital and Mitt Romney. Have you ever heard of actions speaks louder than words? Apparently not! And what about Newt's pledge to adhere to Reagan's 11th commandment. Newt abandoned Reagan's 11th commandment so fast that it made my head spin.

            Yeah…if Newt wins the nomination, how is he going to answer to the same challenge from Obama? Not without a lot of hypocrisy, and who is going to vote for a Communist? May be you, but not me. Never!

            In fact, Newt just may have already made it impossible for the Republicans to defeat Obama in the fall. He should be tarred and feathered and thrown out of the Republican Party forever.

          • Stephen_Brady

            You didn't understand me …

            I didn't say that Newt is going to win. I think that Romney will win. What I wish to see is the other candidates stay in the race, as long as possible, to minimize the effect that Ron Paul will have on the Convention, and the Platform.

            Don't you think it's time to stop attacking PEOPLE WHO ARE AGREEING WITH YOU. Not everything is an attack. The only caveat I had was that RP is not irrelevant, if the other candidates drop out. His RELEVANCY is what I wish to avoid, besides making Romney a better candidate.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            I didn't say that Newt is going to win.

            Where did I say that you said that Newt is going to win? Uhm…I didn't. However, you did say that Romney has the backing of the GOP establishment. Nevertheless, that is false propaganda created by Fox News and other establishment and RINO Republican candidates to attempt to paint Romney as being the moderate in the race, and the reason they have been doing it is because sentiments have changed since 2008 thanks to RINOs like GWB and John McCain, as people are looking to vote for the most conservative candidate in 2012.

            In 2008, Romney was the candidate in the Republican race that most conservatives rallied around. However, in 2012 all of a sudden Fox News is painting him as being the GOP establishment candidate and the moderate in the race. Even though Romney's conservative platform in 2012 is identical to his conservative platform in 2008. Not to mention, that the GOP establishment would never support a candidate like Romney that is totally against Amnesty unless it didn't have any other choice.

            Thus, since Fox New is the official News Network of the GOP establishment party, it is obvious it is trying to influence and manipulate the outcome of the race away from the most conservative candidate – which is Romney – to one of the more RINO Amnesty supporting candidates like it successfully did in 2008.

            Hence, Romney is easily the most conservative candidate in the race despite the false propaganda that Fox News has been putting forth since the beginning on behalf of the GOP establishment, and unfortunately because Fox News has been so successful in mis-portraying Romney as the GOP establishment and the moderate candidate in the race, which isn't very hard to do since Romney is a former governor of Taxachusetts, it has made the campaign far more difficult for Romney than necessary.

            Nevertheless, in your case though you have repeatedly demonstrated that you are not a conservative and that you are also blinded to the hilt by PC multiculturalism, demonstrating irrefutably that you are a RINO. Hence, the last thing you want is for the most conservative candidate to win. It is also the reason that you support attacking capitalism as well.

            Don't you think it's time to stop attacking PEOPLE WHO ARE AGREEING WITH YOU. Not everything is an attack.

            Stop emoting! Not only do I not agree with you, but I also didn't attack you. I simply pointed out your obvious misperceptions and why you are wrong. Maybe that constitutes attacks in your liberal mind, since liberals like you emote instead of rationalizing, but disagreeing with you does not constitute attacks.

            Ron Paul can't win, as there is simply not enough self-hating blame America firsters, Jew haters, and Israel bashers in the USA for him to be elected, and Paul and Romney can easily find common ground on the issue of economics. Hence, Paul is irrelevant.

            besides making Romney a better candidate.

            That's a very lame excuse used by RINOs like you to justify attacking Capitalism, which is blasphemy. Indeed, Capitalism is one of the pillars of the Republican Party. Thus, all Alinsky like RINOs like you, Gingrich, Perry, and Huntsman should be excommunicated and banished from the GOP forever.

          • Stephen_Brady

            I WAS AGREEING WITH YOU, you dolt!

            I made one last attempt to communicate with you. Believe me, it was the last. You know where you can take your accusations of PC multiculturalism, RINO, et al, and shove them …

            Personally, I think that you're on someone's payroll, and this is your assignment. Your purpose is not to engage in civil debate, but to cause as much chaos as is possible. SEIU member, perhaps, on the rampage?

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Man….you delusional leftwing RINOs really need to learn to control your emotions.

          • Fred Dawes

            Name one you mean people who like paul are hated? so what part of the world are you from? so we can't talk about the world banking system? or the insane political system or the US DETB OR Anything that is all in for Isreal will i be picked up soon by the mosad and shot in the back of the head or by some muslims dick? both are controlled by the same money monkeys. Call my boss so many have, maybe you can have me beaten to death in a jail call under NDAA.

          • Stephen_Brady


        • Flipside

          The Constitutionalists will have to put him over the top then.

    • Asher

      Excuse me but the Communists are already running the country and they aren't on the right…..Amazing how some on the Left take lightly a nuclear armed Iran, Terrorists invading our borders, the constitution being trashed, MF Global and Solyndra stealing Tax payer monies, and Total Lawlessness in Washington…You must be blind to ignore destruction and Collapse on a Huge Scale.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Apparently, like Newt you are also a Marxist and a Communist attacking one of the pillars of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Indeed, moonbats like you and Newt need to be excommunicated, tarred and feathered, and run out of the Republican Party.

        And where am I ignoring anything? What…are you delusional? For instance, I know that Newt is not only a Communist, but he is also an amnesty supporter, while Mitt is a successful Capitalist and is against Amnesty under any and all circumstances. Moreover, if you send a career politician and career Washington insider back to Washington, especially a blatantly dishonest one like Newt, don't expect Washington to be cleaned up, expect there to be business as usual.



  • mrbean

    Newt Gingrich is looking more like and acting more like Michael "grungy glutton" Moore that an aspiring GOP candidate for President. Drop out Newt, no one wants you.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Attacking capitalism is blasphemy. Newt Gingrich should be ran out of the Republican Party

    • Flipside

      Blogs should be run by people other than yourself.

    • Asher

      Exposing a RINO that has waffled on every topic from the past to the present is not destroying Capitalism!

      • ObamaYoMoma

        With all due disrespect, Mitt has never waffled or flip flopped. Exactly like most conservatives, as he grew older, wiser, and more experienced via the school of hard knocks known as life, he progressively flipped to more conservative positions. However, unlike Newt, Mitt never flopped back to leftwing positions once he flipped to conservative positions, exactly like Newt has flip flopped between right-wing and leftwing positions so many times during his long political career depending upon who happened to be buttering his bread on any particular given day that it makes you seasick.

        By the way, it wasn't liberals that forced Newt out of Congress in 1997. It was conservatives and those same conservatives still say today that they won't support or vote for Newt under any circumstances.

        Not to mention that the idea for Massachusetts' healthcare system was Newt's idea and not Romney's. Not only that but the Wall Street Journal has produced articles written by Newt in 2006 where Newt endorsed 100 percent Massachusetts' healthcare solution. In fact, unlike Newt, Mitt never supported the individual mandate model on a federal and national basis. However, on the other hand, Newt didn't stop supporting an individual mandate on a federal and national basis until May of this year, only after he was ruthlessly attacked by conservatives for claiming that Congressman Paul Ryan's medicare reforms were right-wing social engineering.

        Further, how can we forget that Newt didn't only embarrass the conservative movement in the USA by conceding a well publicized debate on global warming to John Kerry, but he also turned around and video taped a PSA with Nancy Pelosi urging congress to act on global warming and to pass cap and trade legislation.

        Like I said, it kind of depends on who is buttering Newt's bread on any particular given day, as he is always for sale to the highest bidder. Hence, it isn't surprising that Newt would team up with the Obama White House and the Occupy Wall Street Movement to launch leftwing class warfare and anti-Capitalist attacks against Mitt Romney. Anyway, if you want to vote for an Amnesty supporting career flip flopper like Newt, be my guess. However, you better be prepared for four more years of Obama.

        Oh…I almost forgot, with respect to the $1.6 million bribe that Newt accepted from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to keep his mouth shut, if you believe Newt's explanation that he was paid $30,000 an hour to be an historian, then I got a bridge I need to sell you. Don't lose your day job in this economy; it may be difficult for you to find another.

  • Fred Dawes

    If you keep to this line Obama will get his black butt back in office for good. next move picks under NDAA. READ

  • Fred Dawes

    Read The Drudge report and get your butt to one side of freedom or the other the next civil war is coming soon. 100 million dead in this coming blood bath.

  • Jim_C

    Ah, look at the in-fighting. So you guys are finally accepting that you've got another five years of President Obama?

    When you look at who to blame for that, check the mirror. Insane categorization of Obama as a communist/Islamist/non-citizen is exhibit number 1. If you uttered anything like this–you're part of the problem! And for that, I thank you.

    I would go on, but that would ruin the next year for me, and I want to make sure you all repent of the error of your ways.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    As long as Obama and his leftist criminals go down in flames I will have some
    hope for the Nation to extract itself from the ongoing destructive policies that
    are ruining the future and leaving America a wretched place…………I am no
    fan of a RHINO establishment and have a desire to see Americans vote out
    as many career political crooks as possible…………………………William

    • umustbkidding

      What going down in flames??? Every week the news, even the liberal news, announces Obama or one of his minions breaking the law, the constitution or celebrating someone else breaking such.

      There isn't ever any response from either from we the people, the news media or from the Republican party. The silence in this country that you hear is fear, which equals tyranny.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        In my circles there is considerable conversation as to how much the Nation
        needs to rid itself of Obama and start the process of investigation what he
        and his crew have done with the money. I agree that silence equates to fear
        but for the reason people initally withdraw and assess just where their butt
        hangs and how to save it before taking action for the general good. I am
        holding out for the November elections to decide if we have a chance of
        remaining free peacefully or not………………………………William

  • Atlas_Collins

    Only Ron Paul Can Save America!

    I understand that many Jews, who put Israel and their Jewness first and don't really care all that much about the United States, hate Ron Paul — and being inordinately influential for such a tiny minority have mostly succeeded in sowing the meme of Ron Paul as a "kook" and "dangerous" amongst media and political elite — but We The People are waking up to the media manipulation and lies spewed by interests that do not coincide with the best interests of the American people.

    When you paid hacks and you status-quo-ers and you enthnocentric racists who love Israel more than you do America hurl your invective and insults at Ron Paul and his supporters, you insult and offend millions upon millions of Americans who will not forget it.

    I know I won't. As one who used to be a strong supporter if Israel and who was totally sympathetic to the historical plight the Jewish people — I no longer am such specifically because of the smears and the hatred spewed forth from so many Jews against Ron Paul and his idea and his supporters.

    Ph–ck all of you If you care more about the fate of a foreign nation than you do about the fate of the United States!