American Infidel

If you are an American Infidel, Political Islam wants to kill you, subjugate you or convert you to Islam.  Theses commands are as plain as day in the Islamic scriptures.  And carried out, as reflected in the 20,000-plus acts of Islamic terrorism, just since 9/11 alone.  Fortunately a great many American Muslims do not follow the Quran and they don’t understand it.  But then there are those who do.  As the late Christopher Hitchens once remarked, “If god truly did write the Quran, then clearly he must have been having a bad day.”

My grandfather, a member of the Flying Tigers, was shot down by enemy fire three times during WWII.  As a young man, he was shipped off to places he could barely pronounce, and he did so willingly because he knew his country needed him.  He did not stop to question whether or not he was becoming “too obsessed with negativity” or to consider how taking on this responsibility, to protect his country from tyranny, might inconvenience his lifestyle.

Tragically, such courage and clarity is uncommon among most Americans today.  And to compound matters even worse, most Americans still do not realize we are at war with Political Islam, and they don’t want to hear about it either.  For those of us who do know, it is our responsibility to help inform the rest of the country about what they cannot or will not see.  We can’t give up.

The bitterly ironic and tragic truth is that the charmed lives many of us have inherited from the sacrifices of those brave souls who went before us have made us weak as a nation.  Too many Americans have become cozy, cowardly consumers, deep in debt and mesmerized by the television set.

Meanwhile, some of the most lefty Left of Hollywood have gotten together to produce a mockumentary which will lampoon critics of Islam.  The picture is called “The Muslims Are Coming” and you can watch the trailer here.

Anyway, I have not written this article in order to fixate on the problem, but rather to present some new ideas.  My eyes opened to the reality of Political Islam only recently. It was in the early part of this calendar year of 2012, in fact. I know that I am writing to an audience which includes those who know more about this threat than I do and have been fighting Political Islam for much longer than I have.  So it is with humility that I wish to provide another point of view.

As author Dr. Bill Warner points out at the beginning of nearly every one of his talks, how Muslims worship is their own business.  And he is also quick to point out that less than 20 percent of Islamic scripture concerns itself with religious matters at all.  In fact, Islam asserts itself to be a “complete way of life.”  And Islamic teachings concern themselves more, not with how to worship Allah, but rather how to obey the barbaric Islamic legal system known as the Sharia and with the affairs of the state.  In other words, Islam has religious overtones, but religion is not its primary focus.

Islam is peace.  Not really.  It means submission.  But we keep getting told that Islam means peace.  And the word “peace” in Islam has a very special meaning.  “Peace” is what can only occur once the entire world has finally been forced to submit to Islam.  Recently a “peace” loving follower of Islam tried to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York.  Fortunately, in spite of extremely aggressive lobbying by Islamic groups such as CAIR to try to get the government to “stop spying on Muslims,” the plot was foiled.  Law enforcement in New York has stopped over a dozen attempted acts of major terrorism since 9/11.  I think it was Robert Spencer who pointed out that “the problem with Islamophobia is that it gets in the way of jihad.”

By now, I probably haven’t told you anything new.  Yet for the vast majority of American Infidels, the truth remains unknown or ignored.  To find the courage required to go where the truth takes you is to risk having to question everything.  When one pulls at a single lose thread, the entire garment could come undone.  Every tightly held belief that makes up a person’s worldview gets called into question.  So it is no wonder that for most people such inquiry about the true nature of Islam will be avoided at all costs.

For me personally, such a process of inquiry only occurred when I was sort of mugged by the truth. As a former liberal blogger and a filmmaker, who had been somewhat immersed in Hollywood culture for a while, perhaps anything short of being mugged by the truth would not have gotten through to me.  I wrote about this in more detail in “The High Price of telling the Truth about Islam.”  But there are other ways to convey to large amounts of people, all at once, the truth about Islam, how it threatens our liberty, and the duty that comes with being an American Infidel.

Liberty allows us to evolve into better versions of ourselves.  Islam, on the other hand, appeals mainly to the darker side of the human psyche.  Liberty is about life and Islam is about death.  When I finally realized that, I felt more than just a responsibility.  I felt something of a calling, to use every available resource at my disposal and to tell the truth about Islam to as many people as I can reach.  Perhaps some of you reading can relate first hand to that feeling.

So let’s talk strategy…

America has engaged in two foreign wars with Islamic countries, numerous drone attacks and the killing of Osama bin Laden.  Prominent counter-jihad organizations lobby on Capitol Hill and boast membership numbers in the hundreds of thousands.  Reports are made public from Washington think tanks publicizing startling data on increased Islamization in America, while remaining dedicated to changing policy as it pertains to our security.  A few brave elected representatives have called for investigations into the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in American politics – risking their political futures, naming names, and putting it all on the line.  Several very good books on the truth about Islam, and the threat it presents to human rights and liberty, have been written.  Some have even made it to the New York Times best-seller list.  There are several excellent blogs which expose the daily occurrence of jihad and Islamization in the world.  Many of the top counter-jihad bloggers and authors give talks and appear on major network news programs.  And yet, we are not winning this war.

The free world is still being infiltrated slowly, stealthily – death by a thousand cuts.  Under the guise of being “offended” and taking on the “victim” narrative, Islam inserts itself into every opening, every crack in our armor – the UN, European Sharia courts, American schools.  Like a thief in the night it slips in, slowly changing the character of America to suit its long-range objectives – to impose its designs on a civilization of distracted infidels.  And it’s working.

There have been consequences – measurable and identifiable – to us Infidels for ignoring the growing threat of Political Islam in America.  Most notably, co-conspirators in the largest FBI bust of an Islamic “charity” funneling millions of US dollars to Islamic terrorists are now the largest Islamic lobbying organization in America.  How did that happen?  They call themselves the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and are often granted unprecedented access to FBI files.  Clearly some of our so-called “leaders” have put the fox in charge of guarding the henhouse.

CAIR continues to dominate the narrative in the mainstream media.  And to make matters so much worse, Islamo-bullies, at the forefront of forming a new global Islamic caliphate, can count on the continued apologies and appeasement from our cowardly commander-in-chief.  The Taliban is inside the building.  And America is sound asleep.

So what will it take to win this war?

We cannot even begin to change policy until we have a solid foundation.  And that foundation is broad public awareness and support.  We need the support of the American public – and we do not yet have it.  To continue to build without a solid foundation of public awareness and support is to build in the mud.  What we build in the mud will collapse.  We must be realistic that a solid foundation is still being built, but is far from complete.   In fact, it seems at all too often, CAIR (Hamas in America) is there to remove a new brick as soon as we lay a brick down.  This pattern must come to an end.  We need to fight back and we need to fight back harder.

So what is the solution?  You are looking at it right now if you are reading these words off a screen.  From the beginnings of human civilization, people have looked at a flickering light and listened to stories.  This is a part of who we are.  It’s as if this is part of our DNA.

That the flickering light has evolved from a fireplace to televisions, movie screens, computers, phones, iPads and laptops is a minor detail.  One of the primary ways that human beings seek to make sense of the world we are in is by looking into the flickering light while we are told stories.  Today, the power of the image on screen is an incredibly powerful force.  It is often more effective than armies, laws and lectures at universities.

For better or for worse, media shape our collective reality.  They model our behavior.  Media have the power to embed thoughts into our unconscious mind – positing ideas that are hard to remove.  We are a media-driven society.  The collective consciousness of the American psyche can be seen in the flickering pixels of TV screens, and on the silver screen, on every type of screen across the country.  And although media are sometimes our Achilles’ heel, they also have the potential to be America’s great hidden power.

So how specifically can media combat the growing threat of Political Islam?  It doesn’t really happen on C-SPAN.  Well, maybe a little bit, for those rare individuals who have a C-SPAN attention span.  Rather, media messages penetrate into the minds of the comfortable consumer, sitting passively with a tub of popcorn in his lap.  And our counter-jihad movement does not really have this base covered as well as we could – not even close.  Meanwhile, some of the most lefty Left have gotten together to produce an upcoming documentary which lampoons anyone who dares to criticize Islam.  “The Muslims Are Coming” is in post-production now and will be out soon.

(And yes, the title “The Muslims Are Coming” is the same as the slogan for – the terrorist spin-control network.)

Every filmmaker in Hollywood knows that they are actually in the emotional transportation business.  And to the extent that Hollywood has an agenda, those who make movies also are well aware that when a person is emotionally moved, they often change their views.  It often seems to me that most Americans think with their emotions, and we need to start “speaking into their listening.”

Remember, America used media to great effect during World War II.  Many people came to understand the threat, and what was being asked of them, through black and white news reels shown before movies.  These days, sociopathic elements within Hollywood use media to drag our entire culture down to the lowest common denominator every single day.  In fact some days I wonder if the entire country has become a never-ending episode of the Jerry Springer Show.  But I’m not going to go down that road right now.

Hamas-CAIR uses media effectively.  They have created a widely accepted but false narrative, which says that Islam is simply misunderstood.  CAIR has successfully distorted reality so badly that Islam in America is now seen as the victim and not for what it is – the victimizer.  Remember, Islam means “peace.”  But then again, the media can define that term however it chooses.

So, moving out of problem mode and into solution mode here is how I see it.   The fact that many readers will not make it to this part of the article, about 2,000 words in, demonstrates my point perfectly.  We must add to our arsenal emotionally-driven media that are very, very captivating, entertaining, sometimes sensational, always truthful, and hard to turn off, walk away from or forget.  In fact, they must change minds.  Minds are often changed in relation to emotion.  The media business is the business of emotional transportation.  Stories and emotions change minds.

There are a few Muhamamd bio pics in the development that I know about.  And there have already been a few good documentaries which expose Islam and its dirty little secrets.  But what I would like to produce is a personal, story-driven documentary, which tells the tale of how one person can have their entire worldview turned upside down – in essence the high price of telling the truth about Islam – my story:  how a filmmaker sets out to make a documentary which exposes “Islamophobia” and ends up learning the real truth about Islam.

By the way, few people realize this, but a lot of liberals pick up a copy of the latest book by Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck just for a guilty pleasure.  Indulgence into a guilty pleasure on home video is nothing new and not going to go away.  The likelihood of someone watching a documentary at home just to see the raging “Islamophobe” as a guilty pleasure runs very high.  I’m not a raging “Islamophobe,” but they don’t know that yet.

For a book on Islam to hit the New York Times best-seller list, it only has to reach possibly a few hundred thousand people.  But a documentary that has only reached a million or two people is not considered a blockbuster.  Not even close.  And yet, it reaches millions of people.

The documentaries one sees on the top 10 lists of Netflix, Amazon and iTunes are a whole new kind of storytelling.  They are “infotainment” – personal stories which advance a specific point of view or ask a specific question.  This is why Michael Moore’s movies do so well, why “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was popular even among people who could care less about the art world, why “The Secret” was a home video blockbuster, even though most of what’s in it is complete bullshit.  Imagine the power of a story that is actually true and worth telling.

The public has an insatiable appetite for using the image on screen to make them feel angry, inspired, shocked, sad, surprised and so on.  There is a science to screenwriting in this fashion to yield these results.  And making a documentary is fairly inexpensive.  As of the time this article was written, “Obama 2016” is the number one documentary on iTunes.  Dinesh D’Souza is reaching millions of people, and he is not just preaching to the choir.

The people whom I’ve exposed in some of my articles might have helped several Pakistani newspapers, accidentally on purpose, name me as the filmmaker behind “The Innocence of Muslims,” the YouTube video that’s become such a riot – literally.  Someone is trying to shut me up.

I have had to take the same security measures as if I had made that movie, and that is how it occurred to me that I might as well go ahead and make one –  only much better and much more effective.  And when that movie gets released, if followers of Islam feel the need to riot, they will.  But they cannot riot all day, every day.  And after their childish tantrum is over, for offending their delicate sensibilities, my movie will still be available.  People will still be learning about Islam in America, the truth about CAIR, the truth about a few terror-tied mosques, the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood in America and so much more.  They might even learn something about themselves.

Truth is the enemy of Islamic supremacy.  And nothing angry Islamists will do can stop the movie “American Infidel” from being seen.  I already have 300+ hours of footage from the documentary I started making two years ago titled “Not Welcome.”  That I halted production and did an ideological about-face when it comes to so-called “Islamophobia” is a story unto itself.  And that is the story I wish to tell.

When the self-proclaimed “prophet” of Islam wrote the Quran (if he even existed at all) one thing he did not count on was the information age.  Why are the Taliban fighting so hard to stop girls from going to school?  The enemy of Islam is truth.

So I am building a movement.  So far this movement has 330 million members, only most of them don’t realize it yet.  They don’t know they’re members.  They don’t understand what it means to be an American Infidel.  I intend to change that.  I hope you will join me.  Check out the website for the movie and let us continue to expand our effort in changing minds on a large scale, while we still can.  So much is at stake and we need to fight the battle against Islamization on every front possible.  We must fight against the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hamas, ISNA, ICNA, the MSA and every other Islamic jihadist front group that tries to sink its hooks into the fabric of America.  Truth is the enemy of Islamic supremacy.  Use it.

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  • Antti Lehikoinen

    One other good way is to expouse our universitys funding, from Saudi-Arabia, country which teaches in it's schoolbooks for children that islam is going to conceur the world. They teach things like, jihad is womens liberation and all the things liberals love, if you don't belive every word they want you to belive, they embaress and ridicule you. That's not a way to make sciense, it should be always free.
    It's not so much the political correctness that is the problem, but the lies that fume the political correctness and more often they come from our universitys, what Saudis want us to belive. And this should be pointed out in a big loud way. All journalists get their ideas of islam from products of universitys. These are considered solemn facts as they are sciense, we are just shouting from the shadows to them. Correct this and you will have all the media behind you!!!

  • Antti Lehikoinen

    Prove their 'academic truths' to be just Saudi lies. This is the thing that really has the West by it's fingers.

  • MikeWood

    Eric, you are right. The truth needs telling in an accessible way and time is running out because the stealth jihad has been so successful that people in very high places are warming to the idea of introducing worldwide blasphemy laws to protect Islam. I've donated to your campaign and I hope you are successful.

    • Joe

      I say we can consider laws to protect Islam on a world-wide scale as soon as laws are passed to protect Christians and Christianity on the same scale. I would also say the Saudis cannot build another mosque in America (2000 is enough) until we are allowed to build Christian churches in the Arabian peninsula. They can't have exclusivity over us to promote their religion under the aegis of religious freedom unless it cuts both ways. Islam can't continue to kill and bully Christians in Egypt or elsewhere but expect us to be tolerant of their religion.

  • ajay

    You r right

  • Mohamed Shahid

    Eric, you are totally right. As being an ex Muslim from the Maldives I know how Islam works. As you said, the biggest enemy of Islam is information. I fully agree with you and I don't have anything to say. I am sure that you understand everything about what Muslims really want and how they want to achieve it. If I have chance to talk to you face to face, I will share my experience with you about Islam. Please keep up your work and go ahead to unveil the truth about Islam. The World will never be peaceful as long as we have Islam. This is my experience, not something told me by someone.

    • Kufar Dawg

      To renounce Islam is an act of courage and integrity in itself.

    • Sunbeam

      Thank you so very much Mohamed Shahid for the encouragement given to Eric. We're indeed proud of you to have come out of that mess, a terrible mess that had enslaved you before. We sincerely hope you can also play your part in helping in this war to create awareness and bring about educating people of the biggest foe the world has ever faced. It doesn't have to be a wide scale, but you can play your part in your daily interaction with the people whom you meet…………..this nay help in the long run. In doing this, you're doing a service to the truth, and the truth shall set the people free.

      • Mohamed Shahid

        @Sunbeam, yes, I am doing this everyday and I even try to educate some of the Muslims with whom I get interaction everyday. However, it is not an easy thing because these Muslims are like Zombies and I am sometimes threatened by them. The most important thing is to stop spreading Islam any more and save ex Muslims. Moreover, the Western countries should push Islamic countries to give religious freedom and let the people of other religions follow their religion freely in Islamic countries.

        • Sunbeam

          Yes, Mohamed Shahid, but this can't be done unless the separation of Mosque and State. Therefore we as people who love truth and nothing but truth had to see and support for Mosque and State separation that the Muslims may be free to choose for themselves whom they want to worship. Religion should be something personal and not to be forced upon against the will of man. It is the State that is enforcing this totalitarian autocracy rule upon its citizen that is at fault, and this fault comes solely from the word of Islam itself. Unless the Muslims are open minded, we can't achieve much. Anyway just continue to have faith, do not loose courage or the spirit to keep on promoting truth and this will go a long way. We love you Mohamed Shahid for stepping on to the right side.

    • Mary Sue

      It really makes me sad when retarded american and european libs basically want to erase not only your experience, but the experiences of anyone who have come out from either Islam or Leftism. David Horowitz opened his eyes and left radical communism/leftism. The left wants to erase his experiences.

      "Erasing their experiences" is a phrase commonly used among the "Gender Studies" crowd, to describe when minorities and women are disregarded, not listened to, and "silenced". But this is exactly what that crowd is doing to converts of Freedom.

  • Mrs. Pharaoh

    Eric you have nailedit. I have incredible respect for your honest and integrity. My family are also Coptic Christians many of them still living in Egypt, you speak the TRUTH! I have just donated to your film efforts and will circulate this link to many.

  • Truk62

    Thank God there is someone (you) with the knowledge and ability to bring forth a documentary that exposes the evil cult (Islam is NOT a religion) for what it truly is. This film must be the springboard of truth that wakes the masses from their political correctness induced slumber. I have made it my personal mission to alert all who will listen as well. THE TRUTH MUST BE HEARD! GOD HELP US ALL!

  • Marty

    All of this is why islam is a defeated and morally bankrupt totalitarian ideology. Similar to communism and fascism, islam regards reality and documented facts as a mortal threat. muslims cannot hold their own in any debate because their belief system is immediately obvious as corrupt and deranged. Not that they will stop their efforts to make the rest of us miserable. muslims despise democracy, the free marketplace of ideas, and the instant availability of information because they understand in their primitive and inbred minds that islam cannot compete in any way with the truth. This is also why muslims have as their primary targets the United States and Israel, the beacons of individual freedom and prosperity.

  • Havoc

    References to 'Political' Islam telegraph weakness. The problem is Islam. The solution is No Islam. Spare the adjectives.

    • @undefined

      No, actually references to "Political Islam" indicate that there is a difference between how someone prays verses their sick preoccupation with the infidel.

    • Tallulah

      Havoc, while the material that drives Islamists to conquer non-muslims and bring all the world under Islamic rule *is* a crucial part of the fundamental texts of Islam, and that should be acknowledged, it is important to also publicly acknowledge that not all Muslims pay attention to that aspect of their religion. Specifying "Political Islam" rather than just saying "Islam" is a way of showing that we understand that many Muslims are far more modernized and partial in their dedication to their religion. It is important to differentiate between those Muslims and those who advocate the Islamist totalitarian creed, so that we do not stoke a stupid, bigoted hatred against those many Muslims who just want to practice the personal aspects of their religion in peace, in a pluralistic and free society.

      Those Muslims do exist. I've known a few. When I brought up troubling aspects of the Koran and Hadith to one guy, he said something like: That was before modern times and religious freedom, when you had to kill or be killed in order to practice your religion. Nobody has to do that anymore. What Mohammad had to do to be free to practice Islam is wrong now. The Islamists are wrong. Now everybody can practice any religion without fear, so there's no need for Jihad.

      That was how that guy reconciled the texts with modern times. (I'm not sure he'd ever *read* the tests.) It's how he reconciled his desire to live like a reasonable person in the modern world with his cultural background. The way he lived, he was indistinguishable from a non-Muslim. He even drank alcohol and ate ham on his pizza. (He lived with us for a while.) He did not have a religious temperament at all. Yet he called himself a "secular" Muslim, and defended Mohammad as having behaved appropriately for his times and circumstances.

      Between that kind of a Muslim and the jihadist yearning to create a caliphate over the entire world is a long continuum of people, many of whom are no danger to us and who dread the Islamist sort. They do not want to live under Shariah. We need to distinguish those Muslims from the champions of jihad and the caliphate. And we need to make it clear that we do make such distinctions, so that those who are skeptical of the dangers we face can see that we are not people who hate Muslims and want to wipe them all out or hamper their rights as human beings. Or treat them all like dirt. The term "Political Islam" is one way to communicate the rationality and specificity of our intentions. We are out to stop the Islamists who are aiming to destroy liberty. That's it.

      • @undefined

        There are moderate muslims (who are fooling themselves) but there is no moderate islam. To say "Political Islam" is to speak to that part of Islam that should not be protected under the First Amendment and should in fact be punished as treason and sedition. We do not penalize thought crime, so if someone "believes" something or prays 5 times a day, that is their right. Not to allow this would violate their liberty. That said, if someone is actively engaging in overthrowing the US government (for example, attending one of the 80% of mosques that teach this) then such a person should be treated as a criminal. "Political Islam" IS criminal.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "There are moderate muslims (who are fooling themselves) but there is no moderate islam. "

          You're correct. The moderate Muslims don't often know this though. Teach as clearly as you can and use language that clarifies rather than excuses.

          I think we can all agree on that. The details will vary somewhat according to circumstances. We can't deny that.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            I don't agree with you at all, as you clearly are blinded by PC and also don't understand the tenets of Islam.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Specifying "Political Islam" rather than just saying "Islam" is a way of showing that we understand that many Muslims are far more modernized and partial in their dedication to their religion. It is important to differentiate between those Muslims and those who advocate the Islamist totalitarian creed, so that we do not stoke a stupid, bigoted hatred against those many Muslims who just want to practice the personal aspects of their religion in peace, in a pluralistic and free society."

        Both of you have valid points, and it really depends on the context of the conversation. The important thing is not to explicitly contradict the facts, and to explicitly state the facts whenever you can do so without confusing or alienating people.

        When I say "alienating people" I am not talking about political expedience. I am talking about effective teaching communications.

        • ObamaYoMoma

          With all due respect, you couldn't be more naive and blinded by political correctness. Don't feel bad as the vast overwhelming majority of both Dhimmicrats and Republicans are in the same political correct sinking boat as you are. Look…it's not all that hard, just study the tenets of Islam in all of its various incarnations.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        it is important to also publicly acknowledge that not all Muslims pay attention to that aspect of their religion.

        You must be a product of Louisiana public schools. If a Muslim isn't subservient to Sharia per his submission, then he/she isn't a Muslim but a blasphemous apostate that must be executed per the tenets of Islam.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Mainstream orthodox Islam is political Islam. There is no such thing as so-called moderate Islam as the sole purpose of Islam in all of its various manifestations is to make Islam supreme throughout the world via the imposition of Sharia, which is a very draconian form of totalitarianism.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    The media could stop calling mainstream orthodox Islam "radical Islam" because the highest purpose of Islam in all of its various manifestations is to make Islam supreme via jihad, which takes place not only via violent means, such as the Benghazi violent jihad attack, but also via non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad, such as demographic conquest via mass Muslim immigration to the West, that takes place astronomically far more prevalently relative to violent jihad. It could also stop calling violent jihadists terrorists, as jihad in stark contrast to terrorism is always only in the cause of Allah. Indeed, jihad as opposed to terrorism is holy fighting in the cause of Allah and unlike terrorism takes place both violently and non-violently via stealth and deception. In fact, erroneously labeling jihadists terrorists instead of what they really are, jihadists, is a very hideous form of political correctness in and of itself. Meanwhile, how can we defend ourselves from our Islamic enemies if we are so blinded by political correctness that we can't even name and identify the enemy correctly. Now I have no doubt that many people will take offense with this post and also demonstrate their blindness by political correctness at the same time.

    • Antti Lehikoinen

      There is also 'moderate islam', but it has nothing to do with the holy texts and how they are read. There is only misguided muslims, don't know texts or how to read them, belive in islamic myths and brainwashing (moderate muslims) and real scripture obaying muslims(the real muslims). Ali Sina has good list of islamic myths busted on right now. I used to belive in some of them years ago, like that Muhammed bannished slavery. What a laugh…

      • ObamaYoMoma

        A moderate Muslim is a blasphemous apostate that per the dictates of Muhammad must be executed, as each Muslim must submit totally and completely to the will of Allah (Sharia). Hence, so-called moderate Muslims are really blasphemous apostates. With respect to moderate Islam, it exist only within the dark recesses of your and others like you minds that have been blinded by political correctness and wishful thinking.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          True, but the "moderate Muslims" rarely know that they are apostates.

          We are arguing about communication nuance, not content of the message.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            True, but the "moderate Muslims" rarely know that they are apostates.

            Really? Go fly a kite! You also don't have the first clue about Islam and Muslims! The fact is there are no moderate Muslims. Indeed, the millions of so-called moderate Muslims living in America today are really non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists that migrated to America not to assimilate and integrate, but instead to eventually make Islam supreme via demographic conquest.

            You know how I know? Look at them, do they look like normal Americans or do they stick out because of their Islamic garb and Islamic behavior? Why do they refuse to assimilate and integrate, because blasphemy and apostasy garners them an automatic death sentence, and if you believe that they are ignorant of it, then why aren't they assimilating and integrating? Indeed, in Islam every Muslim submits to the will of Allah (Sharia), yet you claim they aren't aware of it. Amazing!

            We are arguing about communication nuance, not content of the message.

            Speak for yourself. You are arguing about communication nuance, not content message. I'm not blinded by political correctness like you or nearly as ignorant of Islam and Muslims as you apparently are.

          • Kufar Dawg

            They're irrelevant, much like "moderate" nazis were.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Just curious, can you point to or name one strain of Islam where Muslims aren't required to submit totally and completely to the will of Allah, where the freedom of conscience is tolerated, and where making Islam supreme throughout the world isn't the sole purpose of Islam? Can you also cite specific examples or names of these so-called moderate Muslims that exist in your mind and explain at the same time what exactly makes them moderate according to you? Further, if Muslims don't exhibit violence, does that mean to you that they are automatically moderate? If not, what does?

        Additionally, can you point to one place anywhere in the world where Muslims have migrated to the West in mass and where the majority of those Muslim immigrants have actually assimilated and integrated, which by definition would also make them blasphemous apostates? In other words, since you claim that there are so-called moderate Muslims, per your post above, please back up your claim by providing us some specific examples and explain what exactly according to you makes those Muslims moderate as opposed to blasphemous apostates that according to Muhammad must be executed if they don't repent.

        Oh yeah…please don't try to cite Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who is a so-called professional moderate Muslim, because he isn't, instead he is a stealth jihadist who is very good at duping the gullible media and many gullible useful idiots.

    • Western Canadian

      Again, you post your sickenigly stupid drivel about islam/jihad being oppsed to terrorism. You are probably the only person who ever passes by this board, capable of believing that sick and stupid distortion of the truth about islam.


      • ObamaYoMoma

        In other words, the millions of Muslims that have migrated to the West and have refused to assimilate and integrate in allegiance to Sharia and formed Muslim no-go zones throughout Europe are really terrorists instead of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists migrating to the West for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest. Forgive me but I didn't know terrorism could be non-violent. Go fly a kite you mentally incompetent Canadian moonbat.

        • Western Canadian

          “In other words, the millions of Muslims that have migrated to the West and have refused to assimilate and integrate in allegiance to Sharia and formed Muslim no-go zones throughout Europe are really terrorists instead of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists migrating to the West for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest.”
          Don’t try putting words into other peoples mouths, you do a pathetically poor job with putting them in your own mouth. Your phrase ‘in allegiance to sharia’ should be ‘due to allegiance to sharia, due to context. Poor little grade school drop out is rather weak in grammar, as well as thinking. Jihad, like any form of warfare without rules (islamic variety), can and will take on whatever form works in a given situation. Open warfare, terrorism, systematic rape, demographic. lawfare…. You seem to lack the ability to understand a little thing called ‘tactics’. For that matter, you seem to lack the ability to understand much of anything. Referring to ‘muslim no-go zones’, as non-violent stealth, is almost funny. In a sick and ignorant way.

          ” Forgive me but I didn’t know terrorism could be non-violent.”

          It can be, actually. An implied threat of violence, or the threat of violence works quite well, sad to say. The mere threat of a repeated act of violence…. And jihad can be in a violent or merely in an intimidating form. If you do something drastic, like using a phrase such as ‘jihad terrorist attack’ to differentiate that form from another such as ‘demographic jihad’, then suddenly your contrived objections look like the efforts of a mere blowhard trying to impress people.

          “Go fly a kite you mentally incompetent Canadian moonbat”


          Moonbat is actually spelled ‘moon bat’, you poorly education Michael Moore wannabe.

          • Western Canadian

            Dany, should be ‘educated’, not ‘education’.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            Calm down. You're talking past each other and neither one of you is a Michael Moore wannabe. You make some valid points but it's not clear your comprehending what your adversary is even saying.

      • ObamaYoMoma


        Ya, ya we all know that the terrorist Timothy McVeigh did his dastardly deed in the cause of Allah to make Islam supreme!

        • Kufar Dawg

          You should make it clear your remark is sarcasm, at least I hope it is.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "The media could stop calling mainstream orthodox Islam "radical Islam" because the highest purpose of Islam in all of its various manifestations is to make Islam supreme via jihad…"

      You are correct. The issues are that the mainstream media is by design allowed to pursue their own interests as long as meeting standards. There is a conflict of interest here when it comes to telling the entire truth and alienating market niches. This was the justification for public television and subsidizing it with taxes. If you want to blame the media, blame PBS. They are the biggest dupes and it is their role to deliver the story when the facts are not easy to deliver via commercial media.

      Never forget that mainstream media is commercial media.

  • dmw

    Eric you're exactly right. My money for six months on the way. I'll forgo maybe only one pizza and a six pack each month to help self-finance OUR film (which you are just producing). As VP candidate Ryan says: "We can do this!" It takes "WE". And this is why I contribute every month to the Freedom Center as well. Let's get 50-100 million started in a drip drip drip campaign to wash this evil out of our collective body.

  • Drakken

    Eric as much as I admire your determination in the face of leftists and the ususal cair suspects in getting out the word. The only way to defeat islamic jihad is at the point of a gun. It is the only language the savages and their useful idiot enablers understand. Most people in the west are completely oblivious to the dangers that surround them and won't do anything until it affects them personally, that is the sad reality that we live in today. A lot of good folks are going to die because people refused to see what was directly in front of them, but once you have an angry public sickened by the direct visual of jihad then the tide will turn. Remember in the coming trials and tribulations that the enemies of us all won't allow truth as a defense.

    • Kufar Dawg

      After 1400 years of non-stop bloodshed, tyranny, Jew hatred, persecution and oppression I'm inclined to agree with you. Negotiating with those who follow a totalitarian, supremacist, mendacious (islam encourages lying) ideology seems pointless. I don't notice the "moderate" muslimes coming out in support of EAB, or protesting the reason for his exile.

      • @undefined

        If you are going to fight Islam though war, you still need a foundation of broad support from the American people. The article does not negate that.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I agree w/you there, but we might as well face the fact that the islamofascists and their collaborators are doing everything in their power to remove the right to expose islam for what it is.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Oh this is silly ! We all know in our hearts that Islam means peace, Allah is a nice friendly chap and Muhammad spent most of his life helping old Jewish ladies cross the road. Jihad you say ! Well of course it is the inner struggle of a Muslim to become a better follower of Allah and his Apostle. It certainly has nothing to do with violence and we all know the so-called 20,000 terrorist attacks are 20,000 Islamophobic lies put about by the enemies of the peaceloving followers of Islam. Must go. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist.

    • Kufar Dawg

      LOL. Subtle sarcasm doesn't always play well.

  • @undefined

    Even if Islam is to be fought through warfare, the same principle holds true. Without a foundation of public awareness, nothing gets done. And the way to create that foundation is through "information". So the philosophy that "the enemy of Islamic supremacy is information" still very much holds true.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Islamofascists are desperately trying to take away anyone's right to reveal that "information", as any and all fascists always do.

  • pierce

    Is stinky the American infidel? I think so, I can't think of any one else who is more qualified.

  • Kufar Dawg

    EAB, kinda reminds me of a latter day Cicero, championing freedom and liberty in the face of an imperialistic, fascist ideology. I just hope EAB's career doesn't end up like Cicero's.


    Dear Infidel. You have vomit much poison against Islam and the big power unlike America is afraid of Islam. So you Americans be afraid until such time, the Islam spread and establish its writ all over the world. I know you Jews are the enemy of Islam. It is the world of God Almighty that before the Day of Judgement, Islam will dominate the whole world. It is word of God and it will happen. If Muslims are killed or alive fighting against the infidels aggressive against us, MIND IT WE ARE NEAR THE GOD WITH BEST REWARD. You must know that JIHAD LIVES IN THE HEART OF MUSLIMS AND ITS WEAPON IS LIFE. So how you will be successful on the war on terror. Mind It. NEVER.

    • @undefined

      Dear Inbred Islamo-Moron –

      We will defeat you.

      Signed, the Civilized World

    • Geet Faar Ked Ded

      You're a Labor-spasmo, fed by misguided Bolshevist, arse-lickers. Die! Die now!

      Which one of you is using your one and only brain cell?

    • Drakken

      You bloody savages really don't know what is going to hit you. When it does all the head banging for allah isn't going to save you savages from our wrath and our western propensity for total war. You seem to think that our openess and our tolerance makes us weak, you could not be more wrong. We will sooner or later eliminate islam from the face of the earth, think of it as a whole new game called cowboys and muslims, or if your prefer, a Crusades on steroids. Islam will be spread alright, over all of your dead bodies.
      Deo Violente!

    • johnnywoods

      Allahu snackbar!

    • gary fouse


      Thanks you for confirming everything Eric said in his article. Nobody is making this stuff up.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Mr. Fouse, are you at all concerned about the infiltration and subversion of US law enforcement and judicial entities by muslims?

    • ObamaYoMoma

      So how you will be successful on the war on terror. Mind It. NEVER.

      You really mean jihad! In any event, it's not very hard to defeat Islam. All the West has to do is to ban and reverse all mass Muslim immigration ASAP and then isolate the Islamic world. Indeed, with zero Muslim jihadists living in the West, there will be no more violent jihad attacks and no more stealth and deceptive jihad in the West. And since the Islamic world isn't capable of producing anything on its own except bloodshed, jihad, and lots and lots of misery, in a matter of time the Islamic world would be reduced to crushing poverty and Islam would eventually collapse.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I don't know if following a policy of isolation will defeat islam. I think the most likely outcome of such an event would be most of the known world becoming islamofascist and the real threat of a first strike on the US by islamic nuclear weapons, or maybe biological.

  • Geet Faar Ked Ded

    There is no 'political Islam'. There is, only, Islam. That's what we're at war with.

    • @undefined

      Agreed we are war with Islam. However, we are not at war with praying 5 times a day. We are at war with Jihad!

      How people want to worship is their own personal business. When they make their views our business, then that is a different matter.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Agreed we are war with Islam. However, we are not at war with praying 5 times a day. We are at war with Jihad!

        My, my…political correctness runs deep. Islam is not a religion although most people have been inculcated to believe it is. Nevertheless, in stark contrast with all true religions, Islam requires each and every adherent of Islam to totally and completely submit to the will of Allah. And what is the will of Allah? It's called Sharia or Islamic law, which is eminently far superior to democracy because democracy emanates from man and is therefore fallible. Meanwhile Sharia, on the other hand, emanates directly from God and is therefore perfect and infallible.

        In fact, in the eyes of Muslims democracy is seen as an abomination that must be obliterated, yet Dhimmicrats and Republicans alike, which are really two sides of the same left wing coin, keep trying to impose democracy on the Islamic world, which is utterly absurd. Of course, like loons they also see Islam as a religion, when it really is a combination of a death cult and a form of very draconian totalitarianism.

        Furthermore, unlike all other true religions there is no freedom of conscience tolerated in Islam, as blasphemy and apostasy are capital offenses. Hence, all Muslims are jihadists, either violent jihadists, which are intentionally equated with being terrorists, (to take the focus off of Islam), or non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists. Otherwise they are blasphemous apostates that must be executed according to Muhammad.

        In other words, you are either a mainstream orthodox Muslim jihadists, or you are a blasphemous apostate that must be executed. In Islam there is no wiggle room or middle ground, you are either a jihadists or a blasphemous apostate, as the sole purpose of Islam is to make Islam supreme throughout the world for Allah via the imposition of Sharia, which is a very draconian form of totalitarianism.

        Of the two kinds of jihadists, the non-violent stealth and deceptive jihadists constitutes by far the greatest threat to the free world, even though they are gullibly seen today as being moderates, because they are migrating in mass to the West not to assimilate and integrate, which would necessarily cause them to become blasphemous apostates in violation of their submission to the will of Allah, but instead to eventually subsume the targeted countries via the eventual imposition of Sharia for the purpose of demographic conquest. Indeed, allowing Muslims to migrate in mass today is the same thing as allowing communists to migrate in mass during the height of the Cold War. Had we been so blinded by political correctness back then as we are now, today we would all be starving in Soviet gulags.

        How people want to worship is their own personal business. When they make their views our business, then that is a different matter.

        I agree, but study what Islam actually is. Islam is not a religion; instead it is a combination death cult and very draconian form of totalitarianism. Indeed, what religions force its adherents to submit to the will of God and at the same time forbids the freedom of conscience under the pain of death? None of them! Additionally, what religions seek to impose the will (totalitarian Sharia) of God (Allah) on all Muslims and all non-Muslim infidels throughout the world? Again, the answer is none of them.

        In fact, it's easy to spot a so-called moderate Muslim, as he or she is an assimilated and well-integrated immigrant, but that also makes them non-Muslims and blasphemous apostates at the same time. Meanwhile, every Muslim immigrant that avoids assimilation and integration like the plague, which is the vast, vast overwhelming majority of Muslim immigrants living in the West and including in America, are stealth and deceptive jihadists migrating to the West not for the purpose of escaping the draconian totalitarianism of the Islamic world, but instead to eventually subsume the West via demographic conquest.

        Indeed, the next time you see a Muslim family ask yourself if they are assimilated and integrated, if they are indistinguishable from Americans then they are moderates and also blasphemous apostates at the same time. Meanwhile, if the family is still wearing traditional Muslim garb, per the dictates of Sharia, I don't care how non-violent they appear to be, they are really stealth and deceptive jihadists and also our mortal enemies.

        • Sunbeam

          Yeah true, Islam is actually a ravenous wolf comes in sheep's clothing. They're cult, political ideology movement in the guise of religion. This is the truth that must be spread. More must be done to educate the people of its impending threat upon the world and civilization. We've to stop their Islamization which is like unto a cancer tumor which metastasizes. It has to be cut off to rid off this metastasizing.

        • Western Canadian

          Your habit of dismissing and insulting everyone who does not march in absolute lock-step with you as being victims of PC, is as weak as it is tiresome.

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Dude…you have one of the foulest mouths on this site and you and your cohorts in crime have been stalking and insulting me for approximately a year now. Give me a break you mentally incompetent loser!

      • Kufar Dawg

        Tell that to the Lebanese Christians, who, some thirty years lived in a peaceful country where Beirut was called the Paris of the Mid-East, instead of the violent, totalitarian islamofascist state it is today.

    • ObamaYoMoma


  • Susan Hewett Watts

    I've made a small donation. I support what you're doing, and encourage everyone reading this to donate, and to publicize this effort. Ask your friends to make a small donation- or a big donation.
    Carry on!

  • Ruth

    I'm in for the documentary. Let's do it!

  • Rob

    Here's a music video that I just put together. I hope you like it:

  • livingengine

    Not much is new here; just another sales pitch.

    There is, however, some confirmation of some of the information about him that can be found at Internet Movie Database.

    Otherwise, there is no explanation of the phoney "bounty", the sexing up of the threats against him, his admiration of cult leaders, his double talk, and prevarications, etc.

    Just more of the same.


    • Kufar Dawg

      Yeah the fact the FBI has EAB living in safe house is just a figment of EAB's imagination. Maroon.

      • livingengine

        Hi Kufar Dawg,

        Thank you for your comment. I think it is a very good example of what I am talking about.

        Eric Allen Bell is NOT under FBI protection.

        I can hardly blame you for thinking that. After all, that is what I thought he was saying. My friends thought that is what he was saying. "Logan's Warning" thought that was what he was saying. That is what "Pastorius" thought he was saying.

        But, he is not under FBI custody. You can ask him yourself if you doubt me.

        Here is what he said –

        "STATUS UPDATE: I have been moved (not, "I moved myself") to a safe house (not, "a place where I am safe") while the FBI investigates (the FBI has nothing to do with his hiding. This is his decision.) numerous death threats against me (and so he implicates the FBI in his decision.)."

        This is just one example of the way he talks which is very manipulative. Believe me, I can give many more examples.

        Here are just two more examples :

        Unfortunately, there are many more examples of him doing this kind of thing.

  • @undefined

    In every war there are in fact two wars: The war against the enemy, and the petty warring within. How is what you are spewing, Livingengine, at all helpful. Here someone is trying to DO SOMETHING to actually make a difference. Why put energy into trying to destroy him?

    • livingengine

      Eric is a cult leader.

  • World Citizen

    Why would "The Islam Council" make a film about the beginning of Islam whuch has been removed 3 times from Youtube showing the burning of the Quor'an and Mohammed telling his followers when he took over Mecca that they should worship God and obey his Ten Commandment, if Islam was not based on Christianity? Also, no Person, nor Creature should be harmed in Mecca and yet the slaughter of how many Animals takes place every Year at the EiD Festival. Islamists do not follow the Words of the Qur'an, they follow the Words of the Holy Leaders of their Faith. There are supposedly 1.1 Billion Muslims on the Planet. Like their Prophet Mohammed, they are illiterate. (It says so in the Film made by the Council of Muslims). Show this Film to Muslims and see what their reaction is.
    I am a Citizen of the World. All Men and Women are euqal to me and are my Brothers and Sisters.

  • @undefined

    ERIC ALLEN BELL HERE: There exists no shortages of places on the web, including on FPM comments, where I have made the following explicitly clear:

    – The FBI is investigating but does not provide protection
    – The decision to move to a safe house was based on feedback from law enforcement
    – My safety is privately and not publicly funded

    As to the further details concerning this situation, I have been asked to stop broadcasting details on the web and radio. I did so because it seemed like nothing was being taken seriously. I feel that things have improved since then and that is all I have to say on this subject, at this time.

    • livingengine

      Eric has no business taking this tone. He mislead us about his status, and if we assumed he was under FBI protection that was his fault, and he should apologize.

      He did not clarify his position until after the Oct. 7th Pastorius piece.….

      And, even then it was done quietly on his Facebook page.

      This is part of a pattern that includes the phony "bounty".

      Here is Eric Allen Bell saying on Israel National Radio that 4 Pakistani newspapers have called for his death. @10:00

      Well, it's not true.

      The Greater Kashmir is not calling for his death.

      The Kashmir Monitor is not calling for his death.

      The Daily Times is not calling for his death.

      The last one, the Express Tribune, is sympathetic to Eric, and is in NO way calling for his death.

      The "bounty" is for 19 trillion dollars.

      I am not destroying Eric Allen Bell. He is doing that himself quite nicely.

      • @EricAllenBell

        You know perfectly well that you are engaging in lies of omission. Why, I am not sure.

        Have you considered that there are aspects of this situation that you do not know or do not understand?

        Rather than asking questions, you are making bold statements which declare that I am a liar. What is your goal in doing this? What do you hope to achieve?

        If you feel you have found inconsistencies, or see red flags, or that something does not quite add up – I am very reachable. You know how to contact me. Why haven't you done so? Why instead this hostile and destructive approach?

        • livingengine

          There is no substance to this response by Eric Bell.

          Lies of omission? Where? Show us. Spread the truth like napalm, and show us.

          I have shown you clear cut challenges to his story, and have backed them up with evidence such as his own statements.

          Why is the bounty for 19 trillion dollars?

          Why did Eric Allen Bell, supposedly someone who makes a living with words, manage to mislead EVERYONE about his status concerning the FBI?

          Why did Eric Allen Bell say that four Pakistani newspapers called for his death, when there is no possible way this could be a truthful statement?

        • livingengine

          So, that's it, huh? A bit of the old "it's not me, it's you", and he runs away.

          Well, let's clean up some of his mess.

          This is offered by way of a sense of perspective.

          Here is Eric Allen Bell branding his GlobalOne website as New Age.

          In typical EAB style, he saturates the internet with this. Six internet pages in all about Globalone, and the New Age.

          Here is Eric boasting about his various articles having gone "viral".

          And, here is the Pastorious article claiming Eric is under FBI protection.

          Sunday, October 07, 2012
          "I'm Not Hiding. I Prefer To Think I've Gone Underground: Filmmaker Erik Allen Bell Has Been Forced To Live Under FBI Protective Custody

          You will notice that Eric is not there to correct this, and that there are no comments here at all.

          And, finally here is the well known, and admired Jihadwatch commenter Traeh thinking that Eric is under FBI protection. There is no sign of Eric stepping in here to set him right, and he never will.

          I count 36 pages from a search of the phrase " I have been moved to a safe house while the FBI ".

          Eric says there exists no shortages of places on the web, including on FPM comments, where he clarifies his position, but he doesn't give a single example.

          There are precious few examples, but here is one that came only after I asked him if he was in protective custody.

          Is this being "hostile, or "destructive", or "lying", or is it asking a question, and getting him to clarify his position?

          There is no real effort on the part of Eric Allen Bell to clarify this, and those that try are vilified.

          There will be so much more of this until people start to tell Eric they don't like this, and ask him to stop it.

          Join the "movement" to get Eric Allen Bell to grow up.

          • @EricAllenBell

            I think I have to reply to this one. Did you happen to notice that every single website out there, which claims I was moved to an "FBI Safe House" was written by someone else?

            Did you happen to catch where I set the record straight, several times?

          • livingengine

            "Did you happen to notice that every single website out there, which claims I was moved to an "FBI Safe House" was written by someone else? "

            These websites are repeating what Eric said, his very words. It went "viral". He doesn't have any responsibility for this?

            "Did you happen to catch where I set the record straight, several times? "
            Where are the links? Where is the viral campaign to set the record straight?

            This is all part of a pattern of Eric lying, and misleading.
            Watch, he will do it again.
            It is what he does – hype.

          • @EricAllenBell

            Scary Larry –

            Listen live at 3pm today, on the following link, and you will hear first hand as I, once again, set the record straight that I was never in an "FBI Safe House".

            I was in a safe house. The FBI opened an investigation. That this was misreported is unfortunate. It was also unfortunate that it was misreported that I produced "The Innocence of Muslims". And no matter what I do to set that record straight, I keep finding new places where it is reported that it was me behind that video.

            Who are you? And what is your mission here? Why the obsession with this notion that I am "new age"? What is your goal?

          • livingengine

            I am not sure what is going on here, but the link he gives is to his appearance on the Michael Coren show, and does not mention the FBI at all.

            Maybe I missed it, maybe he gave the wrong link in error, maybe there will be a later appearance of him on radio. We will just have to wait, and see.

            "That this was misreported is unfortunate." – EAB

            Here we go again. Reading this you might think that it was someone else's fault, someone else's words, when it was Eric's reportage', Eric's words that were being reported.

            He does not take responsibility for his action, or statements. He has done this before, he is doing it now, and he will do it again.

            "Why the obsession with this notion that I am "new age"?" – EAB

            Here he is socializing with the Unity of Nashville which is the New Thought Spiritual Center of Nashville

            The New Age Movement draws heavily from New Thought.

            Go to Eric's GlobalOne website, and you will see many indications this is his orientation, such as: "A Course in Miracles" , "Laws of Attraction", the Institute of Noetic Science, "What the Bleep", and on, and on.

            His response to this is to dismiss it out of hand, to just stonewall. Well, good luck with that.

            Wajahat Ali, the author of "Fear,Inc" has, in some many words, accused the Counter Jihad Movement of being an "industry" that teaches people to hate Muslims while enriching themselves pulling down 6 figure incomes.

            It is not true, but it is true of Eric, and that's why I don't recognize him as part of the Counter jihad Movement.

            He is a cult leader, who gets defensive when you start pointing out his lies.

    • livingengine

      "So why am I in a safe house, needing protection from the FBI? " – Eric Allen Bell

      This is how he talks. Do you want to take him seriously?

      He is going to do it again.

  • World Citizen

    He doesnt respond to online chat either livingengine

  • Jan

    Muslims / non Muslims ( infidels)
    Islam is a religion of peace and equality as it gives everyone the equal rights whether a Muslim or a non-Muslim. There is no discrimination for anyone in Islam. Islam is the messenger of kindness and The Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent as a mercy to the mankind of whole universe.

    The Holy Quran says:

    “And We have not sent you but as a mercy to all the worlds” (Quran 21:107)

    The Holy Quran clearly uses the word “universe” which clarifies that The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) is not only the mercy for the Muslims but for non-Muslims as well. So there should be no doubt in any person’s mind that Islam does not believe in equality and Islamic teachings are biased.

    There are innumerable aspects of life where Islamic teachings stress the protection of rights of non-Muslims which are necessary to be learnt by every Muslim as he/she has to be answerable for his/her every deed before Allah on the Day of Judgment.

    Islam has strictly forbidden the Muslims to abuse or speak ill of the non-Muslim religious leaders or saintly persons. Similarly, a Muslim is not allowed to insult other religions. A Muslim must respect other religions and their believers.

    If Muslims conquer any territory of non-Muslims, they have no right to harm their places of worship in many means. Even, they are not allowed to cut their trees and attack women, children, old men and the men who are not fighting against them.

    Islam does not allow a Muslim to enter the house of his non-Muslim neighbor without his permission.

    Non-Muslims can move freely from one place to another in the Islamic state and carry out their businesses. In the lifetime of The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and the righteous Caliphs, non-Muslims used to visit Muslim countries with no restrictions (the only exception is Mecca and Medina). They carried out their businesses without any fear and even the Prophet (PBUH) himself used to buy from them.

    Non-Muslims can seek asylum in Muslim states and the Muslims are also allowed to get asylum in non-Muslim states as the Prophet (PBUH) ordered the earliest Muslims to go to Abyssinia and seek refuge in the Christian country of Negus.

    Islam has bound all Muslim jurists to be unbiased in their verdict as the Muslims as well as non-Muslims are to be treated equally.

    Muslim states are also ordered to look after the rights of non-Muslims even from the funds of Finance Department (Bait-ul-Maal). There are some examples where The Holy Prophet (PBUH) did the same thing. Once the Prophet (PBUH) gave charity to the families of Jews as it is permitted in Islam. (Abu ubaid, al-Qasim bin Salam, AlAmwal, Cairo,1969, P.804)

    Imam Muhammad, the pupil of Imam Abu Hanifa, has reported that the Prophet (PBUH) sent some property to the people of Mecca which was to be distributed among the poor during the days of famine. They were idolaters and were engaged in fighting against Muslims. (Al-Sharakhsi, sharh siyar Al-Kibar, vol. 1, P. 144)

    According to the teachings of Islam, a Muslim must treat even the dead body and bones of a non-Muslim with respect. It is a great sin to disrespect dead body of a non-Muslim.

    Islam gives equal rights to non-Muslims with the Muslims to exercise the right of freedom of speech. Non-Muslims can share their views and criticize any wrongdoing by the Muslims or Muslim state.

    A Haidth of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should be enough for a Muslim to take care of a non-Muslim’s rights.

    “Beware! Whoever is cruel and hard on a non-Muslim minority, curtails their rights, burdens them with more than they can bear, or takes anything from them against their free will; I (Prophet Muhammad) will complain against the person on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawood))

  • livingengine

    “My grandfather, a member of the Flying Tigers, was shot down by enemy
    fire three times during WWII. ” – EAB from above

    This is a link to the complete crew listing of the Flying Tigers.

    The only “Bell” listed is a clerk, not a pilot. That means he
    didn’t fly a plane, or get shot down by enemy fire three times.

    Bell is a liar, and a fraud.

    During the months of October through November, Eric Allen Bell represented
    himself as the center of an international incident as part of his appeal for

    This is fraud, and it is part of a pattern.

    For example, the “bounty” that was referenced by
    Eric Allen Bell in his appeals for money is not for 10 million rupees, but for
    1 quadrillion rupees, or over 18 trillion dollars.

    This is made all the more significant by the fact that Eric
    Allen Bell was advised of the number of zeros on the bounty by CJ activist
    Tommy Hunt on the 13th of Oct. 2012.

    Instead of being relived to find the bounty was just a
    Photoshop creation that is not supported by anything else in the world, Eric
    Allen Bell admonished Mr. Hunt,
    telling him that publicly discussing this matter was aiding “the

    This is cult leader talk.

    On the 4th of July 2012, Eric Allen Bell told the Counter
    Jihad audience that he had to sell his car because of his stance on Islam. What
    you may not know is that Eric Allen Bell told his OWS friends the same thing,
    in a different context, eight months previously. So, that is two car sales in
    less than eight months.

    Even more interesting is the car that Eric Allen Bell is
    driving now. A remark from a stranger about Eric Allen Bell’s car caused Eric
    to post 5 times in less than 4 minutes –

    “If anyone tries to do anything to me it will be THE
    ISLAMIC CENTER OF MURFREESBORO and Nihad Awad of CAIR.” – Eric Allen Bell,
    May 1, 2013

    This appears to be an attempt to direct attention away from
    the car, and onto imaginary death threats from CAIR.

    I thought Eric Allen Bell had no shame, but after I brought
    these comments by Eric to the public’s attention, he has deleted them from his
    Facebook wall.

    Eric Allen Bell has told us numerous times that he is not
    against Jews. He says he is merely making a distinction between Jews, and

    I don’t buy it. He is trying to make his insults as personal
    as he thinks he can get away with.

    On Mar 27, 2013, Eric Allen Bell gave us his Passover
    message, a completely gratuitous, and insulting statement.

    Then on Aug 30 of this year, Eric Allen Bell is thanking me
    for preserving this example of his bigotry. He is proud of it.

    This is followed by him thanking me for preserving the
    posting where Eric Allen Bell instructs his followers not to associate with
    Walid Shoebat because Shoebat is Christian.

    Neither of these bigoted statements by Eric Allen Bell have
    been removed from his wall.

    As wild as you may think Shoebat’s ideas about Christianity
    are, they are mild compared to Eric’s beliefs which are completely fraudulent,
    such as “What the Bleep”, Dr. Emoto, John Hagelin, Deepak Chopra,
    remote viewing, etc., etc., etc.

    When this is brought up to Eric Allen Bell, he lies, and
    says these are not his beliefs. He has done this repeatedly.

    Does Eric Allen Bell have any friends, or family that are
    willing to talk truth to Eric Allen Bell?

    Is being Eric Allen Bell’s friend conditional on ignoring
    that bigotry, cowardice, lying, fraud, incitement, hypocrisy, and nastiness are
    salient features of Eric Allen Bell’s character?

    Are these really friends, or are they cult followers?

    It remains to be seen whether Eric Allen Bell’s promise of a
    movie is another example of his boasting, or not, but you can sure what ever movie he makes will be a continuation of his fraud.

    We are ready.

  • livingengine

    More lying from Eric Allen Bell. Here Eric says he was mistaken about the bounty. In the “fog” none of his support group notice the number on the bounty had more than twice the zeros of the numeral ten million.

    It was just an honest mistake on his part.

    I don’t believe it.

    Eric was advised of the number of zeros on the bounty on Oct 13, 2012 by Counter Jihad Activist Tommy Hunt, and Eric didn’t like that. He told Mr. Hunt that publicly discussing the bounty would be aiding “the enemy.”

    Eric didn’t see the zeros because he was counting dollar signs. Business was good.

    Eric was still referencing the bounty in January of this year.

    Are we to believe Eric only looked at the bounty in the last few days?

    I am not saying this because I don’t like Eric, I am saying this because it is true, and factual; Eric Allen Bell has a serious, serious lying problem.

  • livingengine

    It is not just me that says Eric Allen bell is a liar. Eric admits that in his piece “Ostrich: The Other Red Meat”.

    I strongly urge the reader to take notice of this. There will be many more examples of Eric’s lying to come.

  • Eric Allen Bell ॐ

    Larry Estavan – Your obsession continues to be an endless source of amusement. Now you are referencing a fictional story, a satirical piece I wrote called “Ostrich: The Other Red Meat” where the first-person protagonist is having a split from reality. And you have underlined a statement by this fictional character and attributed it to me, the real person in real life, as evidence to support your ridiculous claims. The fun just never stops.

    • livingengine

      Why does he tell lies, and such obvious lies? I do not know. It is quite something to behold.

  • livingengine

    “The Other Red Meat” is a deliberate mixture of
    truth, and fiction. For instance, the ” first-person protagonist” is Eric Allen Bell. There is no attempt to reassure the reader who is left to figure out on his own which is which.

    We know that Eric was in a mental hospital, a home for
    troubled boys, and so on. It is reasonable to assume that the lying and
    stealing mentioned in “The Other Red Meat” is part of the truth.

    I am not the first person to notice this sort of thing about
    Eric, and lying.

    David Christopher has preserved some of his internet exchanges with Eric Allen Bell, during Bell’s stay in Murfreesboro. David Christopher concluded, among other things –

    “I’m convinced Eric Bell is delusional. He believes he shouldn’t have to back up his assertions unless he’s in a court of law. ”
    – “Eric Allen Bell and Discernment” by David Christopher

    In my opinion, Eric Allen Bell made a serious error when he
    decided to defraud the Counter Jihad Movement. He left a long paper trial
    behind him, and in the tradition of David Christopher, I have preserved that
    record for the reader to see.

    One will find ample evidence of Eric Allen Bell’s lying, and
    fraud in the comments below.


  • livingengine

    Still more lying from Eric Allen Bell.

    Although even by Eric’s own account of events, he left the Counter Jihad Movement of his own free will, he continues to imply, and insinuate Christians forced him out.

    There is no truth to this.

    It is more likely that Eric Allen Bell made his decision to leave the CJM after he was contacted by the FBI.

    I reported Eric Allen Bell to the FBI on Nov. 21, 2012. He left the Movement 3, or 4 days later.

  • livingengine

    During the year of 2012, Eric Allen Bell pretended to be the object of an international incident, claiming a bounty was on his head. The “bounty” was supposed to be for ten million rupees, but the number on the bounty is one quadrillion, or over 18 trillion dollars. When Eric was advised of this on Oct. 13, 2012 he replied that discussing the bounty this way was aid “the enemy.”

    He keep milking the bounty into 2013, weeks after being told it was phoney.

    He is a fraud.

  • Ryan Muhammad

    Eric Allen Bell is focused on his Atheist rant against the Holy Bible. I used to like his Facebook page until around two months ago I noticed him all of a sudden posting comments mocking God and the Holy Bible. I challenged him to use his expertise as a journalist to speak up for the victims of Islam, like the Pakistani Christian couple burned alive in October. His response was “I’m not a journalist.” That tells us all what we need to know about Bell. FrontPageMag should delete any supportive reference about Bell. He is not an advocate, rather an adversary. Anyone who does not believe me can visit his Facebook page to see for themselves.

    • livingengine

      Indeed, Ryan is correct. I have just come from looking at Eric Allen Bell’s Facebook wall, and I am unable to ANY mention of Christians being persecuted by ISIS. I mean nothing at all about Christians being killed by ISIS.

      Despite Christians being attacked, and their churches destroyed by Muslims for decades, Eric Allen Bell has nothing to say about this anywhere on the internet, at any time.

      • livingengine

        Eric Allen Bell is not only anti-Chistian, he is very much a member of the New Age. Not only that, but when he is confronted with this, he denies being New Age, and calls it Science of Consciousness.

        Don’t take my word for it, go look for yourself, there is nothing scientific going on at Eric’s website, Globalone.

        Instead, we find statements about the divinity of human nature, the Maharishi Effect, selling the work of Gregg Braden, praise for the movie “What the Bleep”, Dr. Emoto is called a scientist, claims that Eric works with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and, on, and on. These are all indications of the New Age.

        So, here we have someone attacking Christians from within the Counter Jihad Movement, trying to wrestle control of the movement away from Christians, while at the same time is an ouspoken supporter, and leader in the New Age Movement.

        This needs to be more widely discussed.

      • Ryan Muhammad

        Thank you, livingengine, for actually taking the time to investigate bell for yourself. He is a sham indeed. The only one who is “lashing out” is him in typical Atheistic, nonsensical fashion. The lunacy is himself. He is a classic example of projection, projecting his insanity onto Christianity.

  • livingengine

    Surprise! The movie “American Infidel” will never be made, but that doesn’t stop him from listing it on IMDb as one of the films he has made.

    Here you will see on the cast list are Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller, two people EAB has attacked as tools of the “Religious Right”. Neither Spencer, nor Geller have any connection to this movie, and have no idea what Eric is doing here.

    Eric Allen Bell is a fraud, and a liar. There is massive evidence of this.