Islamic Center Must Violate Our Laws in Order to Have Religious Freedom


Friday morning, 4:10 am, Los Angeles, CA:  I am being wired for sound.  There are big hot lights pointed in my eyes, a screen depicting the Los Angeles skyline behind me, and a camera pointed at my face.  In a few minutes I will be addressing a live audience of millions of viewers, about what I believe to be the defining issue of our time, the Islamization of the West.

I have reviewed all of the facts available to me, concerning recent Federal Government lobbying on behalf of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  I’ve read every news report on the subject I could find.  I have consulted attorneys and experts, and sent over all of my notes to this major news network, to be vetted.  And I have memorized all of the facts and condensed them into a few short sound bytes, in preparation for the moment that I am introduced, any minute now.

“Eric, shall we introduce you as a former Liberal documentary filmmaker?” a voice asks in my earpiece.  “Sure, that sounds about right.”  I answer, “Just either you mention or I’ll mention that the film was supposed to expose what I thought was Islamophobia, until I learned the truth about Islam.”  Silence for a moment, and then, “Okay, please stand by”.  I sit up on my seat and review the bullet points in my head one last time:

–          The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is building a 53,000 square foot mega mosque, in defiance of a court order, having obtained their permits illegally.  The foreign born, Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Islamic leaders were court-ordered to stop, but have continued to build.

–          Additionally, the Islamic Center had indicated publicly that, in spite of being denied an Occupancy Permit, they still intended to occupy their new compound in time for Ramadan.  It seems to me that loyalty to Islam comes first, before anything, including respect for the law in America.  And I see this trend happening all over the country right now and in Europe as well.

–          I personally  have no objection to any group worshipping in peace, but I do take issue when that group refuses to abide by our laws

–          Judge Corlew, of Rutherford County, had ruled the permits void due to a violation of the open meetings act.  The Mayor had been exposed, lying on the witness stand in court, about having financial dealings for many decades with a Board Member of the Islamic Center.  He had first said he had never heard of this Egyptian Muslim leader, Essam Fathy, but only minutes later it was proven that Dr. Fathy was an important part of the Mayor’s substantial personal income.

–          On Wednesday of this week, there were two discreet “Emergency” lawsuits filed, at the same time.  One was filed by Ossama Bahoul, the Egyptian Cleric of this massive Islamic compound.  But what I found especially bizarre was that the other was actually filed by the Federal Government – using our tax dollars.  This had to have taken quite a bit of planning, timing and calculation.  The alliance here is disconcerting and raises a lot of questions.

–          Both lawsuits were heard immediately, and a ruling was made the same day, by a Federal Judge in Nashville, saying that the Islamic Center would be granted an emergency restraining order against Corlew’s ruling, so that the Islamic Center could celebrate Ramadan in their new compound, instead of at their existing facility.  This unexpected move had all of the appearances of a backroom deal.  The people of the affected community already had their day in court and won – but their lawyers were not informed of this hearing until after the fact.  So I question why the Federal Government is circumventing the will of the people, and lobbying on behalf of an Islamic group – especially one with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

I had gone over my sound bytes one more time in my head, “So it seems that the Federal government is not only lobbying on behalf of an Islamic group.  But the message here appears to be this – that not to allow the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro to violate our laws – is somehow a violation of their religious freedom”.

Show time:  Another voice comes over the ear piece and says, “Eric, I’m so sorry but your segment has been preempted.  There’s been a shooting at a movie theater in Colorado and we have to go to that right away.  Can you come back tomorrow?”

In the car, on the way home, I listened as the morning news radio covered the tragedy.   A young man entered a movie theater, shooting and killing many in attendance.  It was premeditated.  He has psychological problems.  And experts predict that this might hurt how the latest “Batman” sequel will do in the box office.   Every media outlet out there was covering this event and new details came to light, because if they did not, you might change the channel.

Horrible as this tragedy was, something like this happens every few years here in America.  Meanwhile, brutality on this level is the norm in the Islamic world.   However, in Islam a violent action such as this one is commanded in the Koran, as the person carrying it out is only following the example of the highest moral authority in Islam – the man to be imitated – Mohammed, who had said in Koran: 3:150 “We shall strike terror into the hearts of the Infidels.”

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  • Gene W 1938

    Eric Bell is very courageous to take this stand. It would be a miracle if he, David Horowitz and Allen West plus a few other sane individuals could attain one hour on prime time TV to awaken USA before the elections. I pray for the safety of these brave men

    • Gary Rumain

      I look forward to him making a documentary about some of the things he's discovered. At least we'd get the truth, unlike with that fat clown Michael Moore.

  • Schlomotion

    It is absolutely unfathomable that Mr. Bell has a genuine interest in preserving the sanctity of the technical minutiae of the Murfreesboro, TN Occupancy Permit system. Sorry.

    What savage fastidiousness to detail flames in the heart of this native Californian to give him more passion for these severely important matters than the Mufreesboro Town Clerk?

    • reader

      Same could be asked of you – allegedly residing in Boston. Perhaps, it's just about the view on how Islam is compatible with the US Constitution and basic freedoms. Why else you'd display the urge to jump in Murfreesboro, TN business, without even any mentioning of the Jews?

      • Schlomotion

        Ask away. I already fought CAMERA trying to meddle with the Boston Redevelopment Authority and Islamic Society of Boston here. I recognize Mr. Bell's activity as part of a nationwide campaign by Zionists to prevent the construction of mosques.

        • reader

          So, the bottom line is that you always support islamists and always fight the Jews. And as ridiculous as your inclusion of Eric Bell in your Zionist conspiracy is, it won't be a stretch to call you a jihadi, a Jew hater and a habitual liar – in addition to being a troll.

          • Schlomotion

            No I don't. Building mosques is not "Islamism," it's simply Islam. Otherwise, building a synagogue is Zionism, and building a church is Christianism.

          • reader

            Interesting choice. No contest of the "habitual liar" part, eh? So, you always support building mosques and you always spew Jew hating. Is that all? Not enough to be a jihadi and a Jew hater?

          • jfhickey

            That's an interesting technique, "reader": to get down in your own filth and come up with the most vicious insults you can think of, and then demand that the people you insult must defend themselves from you.

          • reader

            No technique. Just facts. Facts aren't insults, but leftist drones don't understand this complicated concept. In fact, Eric himself got a taste of that, as I'm aware.

        • Jay

          Ah it is blame the Jews again.

          In reality, Bell is independent. Originally from the left and has nothing to do with Zionism. His views changed after learning more about the mosque and about Islam.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Why would “zionists” CAIR about the construction of mosques in the US? Why would CAMERA “meddle” with the Boston Redevelopment Authority when their mission statement revolves around correcting inaccuracies in Middle East reporting in the MSM? Is your zabiba showing?

          • Schlomotion

            I know you have a lot of questions, but the fact that you can't answer them doesn't have any bearing on anything.

  • ★FALCON★

    Muslims will continue to ignore the laws of the United States until they are flying the Islamic flag over the White House. Wake up dumbasses and ship these criminals back to their home countries.

    • Uzoozy

      The Mufreesboro follwed the rules and regulations of the county.
      Where is love of Jesus shown here. Dominonists and hate mongers

    • Uzoozy

      You are halucinating take a chill pill bro

  • jfhickey

    Bell says, "The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is building a 53,000 square foot mega mosque, in defiance of a court order, having obtained their permits illegally. The foreign born, Muslim Brotherhood-aligned Islamic leaders were court-ordered to stop, but have continued to build."

    This is false. The Islamic center applied for and obtained their permits in full compliance with the law, and they were never ordered by any court to stop building. A state court found that the open meetings act had not been followed correctly by the board that issued the permit. This was no fault of the Islamic center and they were never ordered by the court to stop building.

    It is telling that Bell thinks it is relevant to report that the leaders of the Mosque were "foreign born." Are we back to that? I imagine your ancestors were "foreign-born" too, weren't they Mr. Bell? Mine certainly were. Should we return to the ignorant tradition of beating up on the foreign born?

    The tired, discredited accusation that the Islamic Center's leaders were "Muslim Brotherhood-aligned" is also hauled out by Mr. Bell. The tortured reasoning making this false connection is not worth replaying.

    Because they wanted to follow the law (despite what Mr. bell says), the Islamic center went to court themselves, and as the New York Times reported last Wednesday, July 18 (unnoticed, apparently, by Mr. Bell):

    "A federal judge agreed on Wednesday that Muslims in Tennessee who have been trying for months to get a permit to use their new mosque should be allowed to worship there in time for Ramadan, which begins on Thursday."

    At a public hearing over the center in 2010, the local torches-and-pitchforks crowd yelled that Islam was not a religion and that the center was part of a plot to replace the Constitution with Shariah law, a legal code based on Islam. A local Republican candidate for Congress tried to link the center to Hamas.

    Rutherford County officials have repeatedly defended the rights of the Muslims who built the mosque, but the county’s hands were tied by the judge’s ruling and the county thus became the target of the federal suit,which has now been at least temporarily resolved.

    As David Mason said in the Washington Post on Tuesday,

    "The conflict in Murfreesboro is propped up by the claim that ours is a Christian nation—not that the archaeological record suggests that this spot or that one gave a place to Christian worship, nor even that religio-mythic lore makes one spot or another especially sacred for Christians, but that the whole thing, from sea to sea, has a distinct and pervasive Christian identity. So, goes the argument, Christians have a claim to it, and there’s no 2.77 acres, no pinpoint of land, anywhere in Land of the Free on which any mosque belongs. The attempts at putting up a mosque can be dismantled, legally or otherwise."

    Mason is referring to the fact that people opposing the Mosque set fire to equipment and otherwise vandalized the religious site.

    The respect shown for the law by the Islamic Center contrasts with the disrespect for the law shown by the religious bigots who oppose the Mosque, echoed by the disrespect for the truth shown by Bell in this post.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Why shouldn't anyone be bigoted against islam? Especially if they're a filthy kufar who is regarded as sub-human by the ideology of islam? I'm "bigoted" against islam in the same, logical way people are bigoted against nazism and, oddly enough, rabid antisemitism is a hallmark of both ideologies.

    • Lan Astaslem

      spoken like a true dhimmi – boy, you're well trained.

      • jfhickey

        The quality of the responses from "Kufar Dawg" and "Lan Astaslem" exemplifies the spirit of those opposing the Murfreesboro mosque. Apparently "Kufar Dawg" has chosen a name which means "Infidel Dog," and "Lan Astaslem" chooses to snarl personal insults instead of addressing the fact that the author of the post grossly misrepresented the truth.

        • Lan Astaslem

          boo hoo – I'm crushed dhimmi boy. Watch a few videos with Bell (they're many on youtube – even a moron like you can find one) maybe you'll be educated – like Bell was.

    • reader

      By the way, why is it that Eric's logic in linking the mosque and the Muslim Brotherhood "tortured" and "false"? It reeks of filth and vicious accusations.

    • Uzoozy

      The Murfreesboro masjid fololwed all the rules and regulation to build the mosques.
      There are more than 50 churches in Murfreesboro. Let there be 50 mosues then make noise.
      Bigotary is the rule , thank the Lord for Thomas Jefferson or great president of US otherwise the dominionist would have ruled.

  • Mensch Kaymelon

    They live in America and they have rights just as every citizen of Murfeesboro does.

    The Justice Department disagrees with local bigoted opinions from the bench and from the streets…I am happy they have their worship center…note in the pictures of their Masjid just in the back ground their is a church steeple…so the precedent is already there for the so called "zoning" issue they are trying to use as a wedge..

    • Kufar Dawg

      I know the above isn't going to last but it was funny!

    • Lan Astaslem

      a dhimmi like you must be squealing like a pig with happiness

      • Uzoozy

        Thank you for taking the correct side.
        You are the best.
        There are more than 50 churches in Murfreesboro what zoning problem?
        All the best to you Mensch , .

        • Mensch Keymelon

          You are welcome, I guess? Thought it self evident that we were on the right side…The Constitution Says 'We The People" not "Just My People."

          Keep it real, and realize you are on FPM, a digitial room filled with low brow bigots, no matter how svelt and civil their discourse sometimes is, everyone of them here was cast from a shadow in the past…just another lynch mob cheering on as the bash "the hated other"

    • Jay

      Bell is from the left and began the same way as you did. His film was initially supportive of the building. But as he learned more during the course of doing the film the realized it was not all what it was made out to be. Read what he learned.

  • JerryJ26

    In order for Mr. ALi Sina to get the maximum affect for his movie he should get Mel Brooks to direct and produce it.

  • Jay

    EAB Sina's idea for a movie may not be possible with live actors, but an animated movie or CGI movie is possible. I have seen parts of the life of Mohammed put to animation already as Islamic children's program (whitewashed) on You Tube. I think for the counter jihadist there was a graphic novel done on Mohammed and it is either on Sina's site or MA Khan's Islam Watch Site, but can't find it now. I think the guy was from Malaysia or Indonesia? If you do a realistic animated film on Mohamed you don't need much and you can have it online for the world to download.

    • Kufar Dawg

      It was called Mohammed's Believe It or Else. A comic book which satirizes islam's holey psychopath and pedophile while completely ignoring the rabid Jew hatred he espoused because it's not funny.

  • Kufar Dawg

    Great article EAB. Wouldn't it be great to see EAB become what Michael Moore used to be? Namely a film maker
    with integrity and courage. Of course Moore never faced down an ideology as evil, well funded and all consuming as Islam and I'm not expecting Moore to ever do so.