Mysterious Money and Motive Behind Monster Mosque in Murfreesboro


Why is it such a big deal that a Muslim community is simply trying to build a house of worship?

Let’s start with a little math.  Murfreesboro, TN has just over 100,000 residents.  According to estimates provided by the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, there are 200 to 300 Muslim families living in the area.  When they announced their plans to build a 53,000 square foot mega mosque, a lot of questions came up.  One subject of concern was why they needed such a huge compound for so few families.  What is particularly disconcerting is that, according to their own documents (attached 2009 annual report) the ICM only has 45 active paying member families.  Naturally this begs another question – who is paying for this massive compound?

And, what will it really cost to build something that looks like this, per square foot, at 53,000 square feet, when the project is completed?  How many millions of dollars will these “45 active members” be coming up with – and where is all this money coming from?

Now the question of who is paying for this Islamic compound and why is it so big, begs another question:

Why is it that after 9/11, mosque construction in America has nearly doubled? 

It’s not as if the population of Muslims in America suddenly spiked – not even close.  Muslims make up less than 1 percent of the United States population.  So is there any logical explanation for the rapid expansion of new mosque construction?

One need only look to the history of 1,400 years of Islamic conquest to understand that according to the Hijra, the Islamic doctrine of cultural invasion, Muslims are required to build mosques following a successful attack.

But shouldn’t the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro have the right to build anyway?  Is this not a right, given to all religions and protected under the First Amendment?

In order to understand what Islam is and is not, it is important to note a few basic facts.  Well under 20 percent of Islamic scripture talks about religion in any way.  The rest concerns itself with fighting the infidel, conquest, spreading the tyrannical Islamic political system and enforcing brutal Islamic Law (Sharia) on the non-believers.

Another glaring detail that our last few Presidents left out, when telling us that “Islam is peace” is that Islam is sort of obsessed with hating the Jews.  In fact, the Prophet Mohammed had an entire Jewish tribe murdered.  Here is a bit of Islamic scripture that I find to be very revealing, when it comes to “the religion of peace”:

“The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him.” (Sahih Muslim, 41:6985; see also 41:6981-84 and Sahih Bukhari, 4:52:176,177 and 4:56:791)

So actually, Islam is a political and legal system with a thin veil of religious doctrine, thus giving it just enough cover to be protected by our laws, provided no one shine the light of truth and thus exposes to Americans what Islam actually is.

And the glaring fact that the Islamic scripture is a hate manifesto with a blueprint for worldwide domination of the infidel, well, who wants to confront the elephant in the room and be labeled “intolerant”?  That said, until someone successfully challenges this in court, Islam has been deemed a religion in the United States, and when that premise is questioned in a court of law, Eric Holder sends officials from the Department of Justice to intervene on behalf of Islam.

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    And too many mosques are funded by wahabiist saudi arabia and teach wahabbist curriculum from wahabbist textbooks.

    It is a colossal blunder, absolute idiocy, a deadly mistake to permit islamofascist radicalization under the guise of "freedom of religion".

    Look at the Fort Hood massacre perpetrated by major hassan.

    Look at the 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center aided by the "blink sheik", who is now serving a life sentence for his "guidance" and blessing of that islamofascist operation.

    This is Stealth Jihad. Islamofascists against non-Muslims. Nip it in the bud before it's too late.

  • amused

    Doesn't Murfreesboro have a Zoning Board ? A School Board ?

  • Mickey Oberman

    Have the political/municipal members of Murfreesboro who have the power to approve or reject building applications been bribed or threatened? And if so, by whom?
    Have the residents whose properties will be affected by this monstrous development been given any say in the matter?
    Should such a mosque attract the thousands of additional Muslim residents to Murfreesboro, has anyone considered the impact and demands upon the city's infrastructure and the costs associated with meeting those demands?
    Are the citizens of that city prepared to live in a Muslim/sharia dominated town?

    • KarshiKhanabad

      IIRC, there's a s***load of Somalis in nearby Nashville with Tennessee's only Muslim "no go" neighborhood. The state government & Nashville city govt is notoriously PC. Don't think the muzzies won't infiltrate the Bible Belt as they already know the media's on their side and any news spot about Murfreesboro depicts anti-mosque protesters as racist-bigot-hayseeds. The muzzies & the Left made common cause against traditional Christianity long ago.

      Meanwhile, they should porkpig the mosque construction site. Pig grease is muzzie kryptonite.

      • just me

        turn everything around it into pig farms .,…

  • amused

    ….and INDEED ! WHERE did the money come from ????

    • WilliamJamesWard

      A government loan with Obama stimulus money?…………………….William

      • amused

        C'mon William , be serious , this is no laughing matter , especially for the people of Murfreesboro .

        • WilliamJamesWard

          If it comes out that I am wrong and Obama didn't float the funds somehow or was not
          involved then may my astute observation be shot down in the dust. The fact that a
          giant mosque is being built there is fruit loops crazy and must point to activities that
          are not yet ongoing. It may be Obama's retirement home for all I know, time will tell
          and it shall remain a mystery for now………………William

    • subee

      The money came from Saudi Arabia…all US mosques are being funded by them…it is called the take over of America.

  • davarino

    Here come the arslifters. How lovely, the residents of Murfreesburo have to accomadate these moon god worshipers. Blah

  • Free

    Murfreesboro is pretty close to the population center of the US.

    • MsBunyip

      Murfreesboro is the exact geographic center of the state of Tennessee and is within a day's drive of 75 percent of the population of the United States.

      • Walt

        I believe you might want to re-do your calculations about where 75% of our population is located, and how long it takes to drive there from Murfreesboro – you are not even close in your statement!

        • MsBunyip

          I got my information from Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. Where do you get yours?

          "We’re located 30 miles southeast of Nashville on I-24, 25 miles from I-40 via SR 840 and 30 miles from I-65 via SR 840. We are located within a day’s drive of 75 percent of the population of the US and are in the exact geographic center of the state. Look for our blue signs to help you get around Rutherford County—Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne and Eagleville. "

          • WilliamJamesWard

            Walt may be a drone operator, careful who you give information to, tell Walt you are
            at Demoncrat headquarters…………………….William

  • MsBunyip

    As a resident of Murfreesboro, I feel that we deserve answers to the questions raised in Eric's article. I particularly appreciate the fact that this article, as well as the others he has written on this issue, are based on valid questions and facts and not emotion.

    It is very disturbing that the officials here in Murfreesboro take an attitude of "shut up and sit down" when citizens raise questions. Seriously, is it Islamophobic to ask "Where did the money come from?"

    • jacob

      I can easily believe that the hand of this outlaw administration has a lot to do with what is going on with
      this issue…
      If, as the proverb says, a button suffices for a sample, I have just to remember he sudden about face of
      GEORGIA on the eligibility issue of OBAMA for President and therefore, I wouldn't discount its hand in
      the attitude of the ELECTED officials of Murfreesboro on the issue…
      And if in spite of the stop order building continues under the coq and bull excuse of appeals outcome
      without any reaction from the authorities, it sure as hell speaks volumes about what is actually going on

      • WilliamJamesWard

        The Congress is bought, the Senate is bought and we are sold out, not to far a leap to
        believe the City administration in Murfresboro is bought, the Citizenry should do a recall
        and clean up the probem…………………………………William

    • Schlomotion

      You are not simply a resident of Murfreesboro, Pam King. You are a fruity old lady who runs around quoting Warner MacKenzie.

      Nice try.

      You also have a Christian Fundamentalist video channel here:

      That blows your "concerned citizen" routine. CAMERA had people like you trying to block the mosque up here in Boston too.

      • MsBunyip

        What is your point? Do you have the mistaken notion that your opinion matters to me? I have never been to Boston. Oh wait, I get it, you want me to know that you figured out who I am…….wow! Carry on.

        • Schlomotion

          The point is you're not just some concerned citizen.

          • MsBunyip

            I suppose Schlomotion is your real name? You don't make sense, I am a citizen and I am concerned so I ask you again, what is your point?

          • Schlomotion

            You're right. You like roads and you like apples, so you must like road apples. I see where you're going there.

  • Sage on the Stage

    Telephone Numbers for Murfreesboro, Tennessee:

    City Government-111 W. Vine Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130
    Zoning & Planning-615-893-6441
    City Schools-(Dr. Linda Gilbert, Director)
    Building & Codes
    Community Development
    People….start making telephone calls…as Brigitte Gabriel says, "They must be stopped!"

    • Stew Pid

      You know this mosque is in the county, right? The city has nothing to do with it…

  • TantoSays

    Thanks for leaving the darkside Eric, your voice is welcome and powerful.

    Eric, you have asked the million dollar question; is it a religion? The discovery of the answer to this one question is what scares the MB and all of the apologists on the left. The question will continue to be asked, especially after our country suffers another major attack.

    This article asks the same question It starts out by attacking Larry O'Donnell of MSNBC for asking the question about Mormons, then turns the question on Islam.

    At some point in the future, the question will be officially asked, and Muslims will not like the answer.

  • jacob

    There are no worse blind nor deaf than those who refuse to see or hear about the actions of this outlaw administration…
    So when Islam is brought to court, HOLDER runs to stop it under the accusation of Islamophobia ???
    And has anybody wondered under whom's orders but from the White House Muslim????
    It is my understanding that in spite of the stop order, the Murfreesboro mosque building continues pending

    Is this legal or should it have been stopped by the competent authority ???
    And if they lose the appeal, are what they menwhile built be demolished ???

  • Nakba1948

    More noise from the latest stooge to join the Islamophobia crowd. Your circumstantial evidence regarding the Murfreesboro mosque doesn't amount to a pile of hummus. What concern is it of yours how much money is going into it? It's a private house of worship, and according to the Constitution, which I know you neocon-Zionist groupies like to ignore when it suits you, is perfectly legal. Do you want me to point out every uncomfortably ostentatious church in small-town America that serves a small population of worshipers? Why should I care where they pop up?

    I won't even dignify the contention that Islam isn't a religion. 1.3 billion of us Muslims apparently haven't received the news yet. And as for your scriptural cherry-picking, I could just as easily go into the Hebrew Tanach (Old Testament to Christians) and find passages exhorting violence. But unlike you, I tend to pay attention to this little thing called historical context. Of course, every anti-Semite from David Duke to Joseph Goebbels has ignored that very context when citing the Torah or Talmud to drum up reasons for why Jews are to be hated. Very telling that you share their dubious methodology.

    Islam is here to stay in America and around the world, whether you like it or not, and your conspiratorial rantings about Sharia supplanting the law of the land are ridiculous on their face.

    • Lan Astaslem

      Get lost muzzball

    • jzp

      So where are the Jewish and Christian terrorists ?
      Studies in the US showed 70% of mosques teach antisemitism and anti American ideals.
      1.3 billion muslims represents people whom have been forced to join the muslim cult and cannot leave on risk of death.
      The Constitution does not state any political party or church that preaches terrorism ,hate,human rights violations ,dissention or treason has a right to build anything.
      Citizens have a right to an opinion on what is built in their towns.
      Financing by terrorists ,anti government groups ,organized crime and social system fraud is not legal.

      muslims are not wanted or welcome in the US ,your attitude shows exactly why.They have 57 countries to live.
      muslims will never be Americans.


      Dear ETERNAL-NAKBA-1948,

      May all your Jihads turn into Nakbas!

      Happy ETERNAL Nakba!

    • MsBunyip

      Understanding Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying for the Sake of Allah
      by Warner MacKenzie

      "The word "Taqiyya" literally means: "Concealing, precaution, guarding.” It is employed in disguising one's beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions or strategies. In practical terms it is manifested as dissimulation, lying, deceiving, vexing and confounding with the intention of deflecting attention, foiling or pre-emptive blocking. It is currently employed in fending off and neutralising any criticism of Islam or Muslims."

    • MsBunyip

      No one has a problem with the religious aspects of Islam; just everything that comes with it when practiced in its true form. When it is only a religion, and not a culture seeking dominance over the world, it will be embraced.

    • W A Sikorsky

      You want history.. Ishmael was just a "Bastard" son who "God" (not Allah) promised to make him ruler over a rich land.. The same "God" made Issac the seed of Abraham and of Israel.. So be happy with what you have been given and leave what is meant to be, be.. Moslem hatred for the Jews and all infidels is blatant and can only be seen as hatred.. How can you accuse anyone of "Islamaphobia" when around the world daily "Non-believers" are being tortured and beheaded in the name of Allah.. Islam is the tool of Satan and Moslems are just the army of the Anti-Christ..

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Seems like colonization headquarters and planning for a surge of Islamist invaders.

  • Melissa

    Haha, so mysterious! I remember hearing about this two years ago… from the Daily Show!

    MUST WATCH video:

    A lot better than this article anyways :)

  • maranot

    Isn't it odd to anyone else that they've chosen to build an enormous "mosque" with plenty of room for storage in a state with very loose gun regulation??? Since they obviously don't have enough members to fill such a building, with what are they planning to fill it???

  • Schlomotion

    Thought experiment: Show up at the next construction of a Jewish synagogue. Pull out a measuring tape. As you are drawing out the tape and letting it slide noisily back into the spool, say loudly: "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Why do Jews need to build such a LARGE synagogue here in this community? They are only 2% of the US population. Where is all this mysterious money coming from?" Then see what happens.

    • Roger

      And you can do that with nobody coming out with a car bomb or a suicide vest.

    • nightspore

      Setting up false equivalences like this is a major rhetorical strategy of the Left. Mostly it's to establish a supposed moral equivalence. In this case, it's a variation of the "nothing to see here, folks" routine.

      I'm waiting to see Schlomo's justification for the murder of Copts – and Nigerians, and Ethiopians, and Pakistani Christians, and Indians etc., etc.

      But of course all that has nothing to do with building an oversized mosque in Tennessee.

      A more apt moniker for Schlomotion would be Schlomnambulist.

      • Schlomotion

        Oh, it's not a false equivalence at all. It's the same thing. In the spirit of equality it would be morally repugnant not to shame such an ignorant person or webmaster as one who stands outside a mosque complaining about its measurements and clientele. The best way to do that it is to compare it to the same kind of ignorant bigot that would do the same outside a synagogue. We should not give Jews a special pass to wallow in the pigpen of racism and religious persecution any more than we would tolerate that from a White Supremacist or a Black Muslim. Unfortunately, this time around, it is the names Horowitz, Glazov, Greenfield and Bell attached to the bigotry. This is a rather large check drawn against Jewish moral superiority.

  • Praise Him

    Thats right there is no WAY that we should ever allow a house of worship to be larger than need be. How about we end the argument early the way that it will eventually unfold anyway ? We stop all religion from being legal we can then fine jail and persecute all religion except for the one that our more than trusting completly faith based government decides is the right one.

  • Gordon Parsons

    Now, now, let's keep the Islamophobia to a minimum, okay ? Our founding Sugar Daddy Barack HUSSEIN Obama would be very disappointed in you for bullying the Muslim's. It would be much easier to kick around those radical money grubbing Christians we hear so much about. So, put away your guns and bibles and get back to your trailers before I have to send out the Black Panthers.

  • JORY


  • 112

    This guy hates Jews, and only happens to hate muslims too. There are much more sane and useful people to follow in the counter-jihad movement. This fruity hippy causes more harm than good. Join the JTF at for an uncompromising message that tells the truth and doesn’t attack righteous people while they’re at it.

  • Kachina

    I would rather an expert talk about Muslims and their intent and their so called religion of peace. I pray Tennessee and every state in America fights against the influence and invasion of Muslims as long as they are devoted to the Quran, Their Hadith and Sharia Laws they will never belong in America. If Muslims accept American Laws as their own and let go of the savageness of their own and embrace American ways then all will be fine but until then…Islam is a threat to all of US.. This 53,000 square foot Mosque is being funded by whom??? Are you telling me that 100 to 200 families make this kind of money to afford such an enormous mosque and why would they need such a huge mosque to begin with? NO, there is a devious plan that must be investigated.Listen to Brigitte..she knows better than any Politician what the Muslims are doing here in America…you best learn, too. .

  • John Deer

    Ìslamics do not have to emigrate. They are busy OCCUPYING the West under the Guise of Emigration. They are COLONIZING the Western World to Force the Islamic Doctrine on all and those that do not abide, shall DIE by Be headings and Fire. Open your eyes and see there obnoxious and demanding behavior and the way they play on the West’s weakness of so called “”Human Rights” and freedom of Religion. Islam is NOT a Religion but a POLITICAL and a SATANIC Doctrine. DEPORT them ASAP as it is just about to late if you consider how many Muslims has already spread through the World in the last 15 Years, in there MILLIONS. Europe and Britain is down the Drain and the US is following rapidly with there Muslim President Obama, the cause of the Islamic take over of the World. It is no surprise that he said “”Americans are Stupid”” and that son of a Whore is still around. WAKE UP.!!!!!!!!

  • Roger

    Have you been hitting the flask a little heavy this morning?

  • Roger

    My, it's better than you declaring jihad and wanting to murder another town full of Christians.

    24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO "

  • Guest

    You play a fool rather well. Are you one of those parallel profiles jesusinator bragged about before?

  • Roger

    Yes you do, and you're a pathetic hate filled bigot on top of it.
    But that second opinion was just a freebie.

  • Roger

    What's wrong? Does 'exposed' not like competition?

  • Roger

    Still only using part of that quote?

    Why don't you just trot out some more parallel profiles to run interference?
    Have you been hitting that flask too much to track them all?

    And the ending of that was a question mark. Since you are partial to burning churches, don't you remember?

    24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
    "The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO "

  • Roger

    And I assure you that you are a pretended one trick pone. Did wee wee take this long to think up your comment?