The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam

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As a last attempt I showed them footage of the Imam in Murfreesboro condoning stoning, admitting that Mohammed had stoned someone to death, saying that women cannot be trusted with money because they are irrational.  Then I pointed out that a board member of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was investigated after pictures from his MySpace page had surfaced indicating his strong sympathies for Hamas.  I was reminded that Hamas was also a political party which was voted in Democratically and that I needed to make a choice – either stick with the original blueprint or else give the money back and go find myself another backer.  So I did.  I walked.  If I can’t make an honest documentary then I’m in the wrong business.  I didn’t want to add to more of the noise that’s out there – I wanted to make something that told the truth, even if that truth is hard to swallow.

It’s funny because I run a website called Global One TV, which has had about 23 million visitors so far, and the theme of this blog is that “Inward Revolution Creates Outward Revolution”.  And here I was having to take my own medicine.  My own inward revolution – the questioning of one’s conclusions in search of a deeper truth – had led me to a very strange place.  I thought of the famous Nietzsche quote that says “When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you”.  And with nothing left to lose, I used my position at Daily Kos to go about telling the truth.

In January of 2012 I wrote 3 consecutive articles for the Daily Kos.  The first was entitled “ and Radical Islam”.  Here I pointed out the how Loonwatch only deflects criticism of radical Islam.  I was also critical of Islamic theology while noting over and over that most Muslims were peaceful.  The comments section of Daily Kos made me feel like I was attending my own funeral.  It was like a public stoning.   There wasn’t much in the way of responding to any of the points laid out in my article but hundreds of comments accusing me of being “right wing” a “bigot” and an “lslamophobe”.  This was disappointing.

The next day I received an email from with an article showing my name and a photograph of my face, going out to much of the Islamic world, calling me the “Loon at Large”.  This article was picked up by and – later being repurposed by numerous Islamic blogs around the world, including in places where we all know what happens to anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of Allah or who dares to “insult” Islam.

My next article sought to further substantiate my point with regard to these wolves in sheep’s clothing calling themselves “Islamophobia Watchdog sites” and their first line of defense, that being a blogosphere of liberal lemming infidels who are pre-programmed to blurt out the word “Islamophobe” on cue.  That article was called “How and Why Loonwatch is a Terrorist Spin Control Network”.  And as you might have guessed, this piece was met with the same mob mentality of those who, rather than read the article and criticize it on its merits, instead shot the messenger with charges of “Islamophobia”.  There were also 2 Daily Kos articles written in response attacking me personally, another Loonwatch article where someone suggested I must be from TN and have no education, etc.  And once again, my name was put out on the street through a network of Islamic Blogs, including the landing page for CAIR, using a form of Islamic double speak which translated to any serious Jihadist means “enemy of Allah” and “insulting Islam”.

Given the incredible density of the popular Liberal mind, how the readers of my articles were unable to see how the beliefs of Islam were in direct conflict with human rights, gay rights, women’s rights and basic Democratic Values, I wrote a final piece called, “Are You In Favor of Human Rights?” and that one of course got me banned from Daily Kos.  It should be noted that in one of the articles the author, a person simply calling himself “Danios” demanded that DKOS silence me and provided a link for its readers to email the editors of the Daily Kos, demanding that this “Islamophobe” be censored.  And it worked – once again proving the oil and water relationship between Islam and tolerance for free speech.

Things got even stranger from there.  Robert Spencer himself wrote me an email and we had a rather interesting dialogue.  It became apparent almost immediately that there was nothing about this man that was even remotely hateful.  So when Robert Spencer asked if I minded if he reprint my email in response to his on Jihad Watch, I said “sure, why not?”  Once that surfaced, the friend count on my Facebook fan page dropped suddenly.  Friends and acquaintances told me I had become a hatemonger, a fear monger and an Islamophobe.  I pointed out that an Islamophobe is someone with an irrational fear of Islam but there was no reasoning with anyone so deeply indoctrinated into the tyranny of political correctness.

And almost right on cue the news story broke about the NYPD using as a training video a documentary narrated by a devout Muslim who opposes terrorism and jihad, someone who has advised law enforcement and served in the military and as a physician to highly placed members of the United States government.  That documentary was called “The Third Jihad” and the story surfaced that CAIR was calling this film “Islamophobic” and demanding that the NYPD pull it right away, which of course they did.  CAIR demanded the removal of the head of the NYPD and the liberal blogosphere sang backup – most notably with articles on Huffington Post calling “The Third Jihad” propaganda, hate speech and of course more “Islamophobia”.  When I posted a link to this documentary on my Facebook page I was met with more charges of being an Islamophobe by  people who had only recently told me how much they had been inspired and influenced by my writings.

After Jamie Glazov of – part of the David Horowitz Freedom Center – reached out to me to ask me to be on his radio show (which I agreed to) I surfed the web a bit trying to get a better sense of who exactly David Hororwitz was.  It became clear almost immediately that we do not share the same political views, but one thing Horowitz did say that came through with stunning clarity was an assertion that there was an unholy alliance between the Left and Islam, with radical Islam using the Liberal media to create a smoke screen for it – a place where radical can appear moderate and receive Liberal support.  He also went on to say that in many universities across America that students were being radicalized, indoctrinated into the far Left.  And I remembered something.  Nearly all of the organizers for the college aged activist group who demonstrated in favor of the new mosque in Murfreesboro were either Socialists or Communists.  These were kids and they all seemed to share one Professor in particular who was something of a mentor to them, a Socialist who always seemed to be hanging around their college parties, infiltrating into their social scene, taking the smarter and more articulate ones under his wing as their campus group called simply “Solidarity” grew in numbers – in fact recruiting quite a few students while organizing in favor of the mosque.  Yikes.

So here we are today, as news that Kuwait goes Islamist and the NYPD answers to CAIR, an arm of a terrorist organization, out of concern for political correctness.  Have I become a Conservative out of all of this?  Not really.  I still oppose the invasion of Iraq.  I still feel that all wars should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.  I still think that George W. Bush was one of the worst things to happen to America in my lifetime.  I still support marriage equality.  But I’m also still pro-life.  Do you see a trend here?  I support human rights and oppose anything which I perceive to be in violation of human rights.

Where do I stand on Islam?  Let’s look at its founder – a man who raped a 9 year old girl, a slave owner, a leader who ordered people to be tortured, for adulterers to be stoned, for countless nonbelievers to be beheaded, a killer, a warmonger who spread his “religion of peace” by the sword, a man who suffered from hallucinations of voices telling him to do violent things, a tyrant, a homicidal maniac perhaps the equivalent of 100,000 Osama Bin Ladens.  And this sadistic lunatic is considered to be the “ideal man” in Islam.  What more needs to be said about Islam than that?

So in this climate where innocent people are killed when Korans are burned, when there are riots and bomb threats and killings over cartoons that offend Muslims, when a novelist such as Salman Rushdie is advised by Indian intelligence authorities that it is unsafe for him to enter the country to attend the world’s largest literary festival, when Muslims outside the festival threaten violence such that the festival organizers decide to cancel even patching in a video of Rushdie for the conference, in a world where a man, Theo Van Gough, was shot a couple dozen times in broad daylight, then stabbed, then had a sword rammed into his heart on the sidewalk of a European street simply for making a 10 minute film about the mistreatment of Muslim women – in such a world that is constantly terrorized by Islamic militants whose insanity is co-opted by an army of Liberal bloggers who make excuses for them – who tell us that 911 was probably our fault – what will become of my documentary when I finish it?

How will “Not Welcome” be received?  Will movie theaters refuse to show it, just like those many bookstores who removed the Danish cartoons from their shelves?  Will film festivals be afraid to screen it?  Will my life be in danger?  Will some lunatic Islamic cleric issue a Fatwa ordering my death?  Will CAIR gain even more political influence and work within the system to get it banned as “hate speech”?  Will critics fear for their lives and thus refuse to review it?

Is the Liberal view that Stealth Jihad is just some whacky conspiracy theory really true?  Who will win – free speech or the savagery of a growing mob hell bent on Jihad?  I can only tell you this.  I will not back down.  I will not be bullied, threatened, coerced or terrorized by the “religion of peace”.

We each have a responsibility to the other people on this planet, and especially to those whom we will leave this planet to after we are gone.  And this sometimes means taking an unpopular stand in order to protect the rights of innocent people.  Loonwatch, CAIR and the other numerous terrorist spin control networks – you’ve not seen the end of me.  Not by a long shot.  As the saying goes, “You have a right to swing your fists, but that right ends when your fist connects with my nose”.

And by the way, I still believe that unless they break the law, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has a legal right to build their house of worship.  We don’t have to like it, but then again the First Amendment was designed not to protect popular ideas – as they don’t need protecting – but to protect unpopular ideas as well. This is something you won’t find in any Islamic country and it is also something worth protecting  – even when the so-called “religion of peace” tries to shut you down.


Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is a writer and filmmaker. His directorial debut, a short film entitled “Missing Sock” was placed on Film Threat’s prestigious “Top 10 Short Films” of 2004. He went on to direct his first full length feature, “The Bondage” which premiered at the South By South West Film Festival, receiving multiple offers and securing full theatrical distribution. His current project, a documentary entitled “Not Welcome” chronicles the backlash concerning the building of a 53,000 square foot mega-mosque in the middle of America’s Bible Belt.  He can be reached at:

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    Have you noticed that the HUFFINGTON POST IS A COMMUNIST-BACKED organization? It's founder from a previous soviet block country. Every time I try to blog there about what Islam teaches, they kick me off!



    • http://facebook Rose

      I use to have AOL, they went strictly to the Huff post for all their stories..I got kicked off because I posted comments about the muslims, islam and obama..The are so far left it’s not funny…When I ask them why, they said I was not kind to the above I mentioned..My response was, the other post are left on that was anti-Bush etc and they has some kind of insane reason why they let them post…Keep up the good work everyone..If we don’t back down and tell the world what these religions are like it will keep on coming like the plegue..

  • danseagull


  • burkasrugly

    My gosh, what a wonderful story and a great and compelling writer you are! You have seen the light. We do not hate Muslims. Rather, we do hope they can be freed from the brutal totalitarian political system that masquerades as a "religion." Religions are not supposed to teach hate, but Islam does. Also, we do not want to give up our freedoms or our way of life based upon Judeo-Christian values in order to accomodate Muslims. We live by the U.S. Constitution, and will not be bullied into implementing Islamic Sharia law. Please, please make your documentary. You sound like you will be fair about it and not call us loons for being concerned about this very real Islamic threat. As a side note, did you know that they hate dogs? Check it out here:

    • KafirDawg

      A thousand dogs are suspected to have been poisoned in Spain by muslimes.

  • Atikva

    I haven’t read or listen to the mainstream media for decades, and this story is a perfect illustration of the reason why I mistrust them completely. These so-called “journalists” rely on whatever they hear from their colleagues, and of course, it’s nothing more than the flavor of the day – i.e. whatever is currently politically correct. Based on that, they decide which topics to “cover” (and they cover them exactly as their colleagues did) and which to ignore – just like their colleagues did too. Not one of these useful idiots bothers to go back to the roots of their profession and start by CHECKING THE FACTS. You'd think that even in high school, they would have learnt not to take for granted whatever they hear, but apparently that wasn't part of their education. They have no ethics whatsoever.

    They won’t bother to visit the places they report about – God forbid they’d have the opportunity to talk to people who are living the story they plan to write about and get a second opinion. They don’t read, they don’t listen, they don’t look. They don’t report, they just rehash the same flavor of the day that somebody passed on to someone who then passed it on to someone else who regurgitated it, etc.. i.e. pure, unchecked, unadultered garbage.

    If they would check MEMRI, for instance, they would have seen that all MEMRI does is translate written or video taped articles, speeches and declarations made in the muslim world. Their agenda is not to comment, just to translate, period.

    And we can consider it a miracle that Mr. Eric Allan Bell actually LISTENED to a cab driver who, for one, knew what he was talking about, and woke up from his slumber. Alleluia!

  • DickTheTruth

    Mr. Bell – you say you still support the right of the Muslims in Murfreesboro to build their mosque. They are building their own church? They must have saved up a lot of money. Follow the money. It will lead straight to Saudi Arabia the seat of Wahabi Islam. The same money is behind many of the beachead Islam spin control outposts in the media and academe.

  • TantoSays

    Welcome to the club Eric; wear your label of Islamaphobe as a badge of courage. It means that you have scratched the surface and people are afraid of where your new-found knowledge will take you next. They will try to stop your story anyway possible.

    Amazing how 'friends' can turn on you so fast, isn't it? Let me assure you of this Eric, you will loose more friends, be called worse names than Islamaphobe, and will be excluded from the circles that you once traveled in. Along the way though, you will make new friends that will support your quest for truth. You have taken the first steps of a long journey my friend; do not lose heart.

    I will leave you with a quote from my good friend Jack Woodward at "The truth appears radical when viewed in the shadow of lies". Your story confirms how hard it is to spread the truth in a world that wishes it hidden.

  • OldmanRick

    Another convert that realizes islam is not the religion of peace, but rather an oppressive social and political cult out to rule the world and destroy all who disagree..

  • Ray

    I love the descriptions of Eric's meetings with these oh-so-'open-minded' and 'enlightened' and 'non-judgemental' financial supporters of his . . .everything about the truth of islum was all a vast right-wing conspiracy lie, told by backward fundamentalist Christians, who live in cabins with no sanitation or satellite tv . . .

    What do you think would be the reaction if you wanted to build a cathedral in Cairo, or Mecca ? Do you see mobs of Jews and Christians burning mosques, or executing rape victims, or bombing mosques during the hajj ??

    I hope you get the message out, Eric, we need more people like you to actually realize and internalize the truth about what is happening on this crazy planet – –

    And I love the reactions from posters like Mohammed Lebbadi or Nakba 1948, when anyone tells the truth about islum, you get a typical lamestream media/msnbc retort of islamophobia ! ! islamophobia ! !

    Like it says in the phony 'holy' book of islum – a muslim can lie to infidels whenever it is necessary, which is most of the time. . .

    The truth will set us free. . .

  • NNL

    My Liberal Debate Playbook is right 100% of the time. It is

    1) Ignore any points or issues raised by the OP and attack him personally
    2) Raise totally unrelated points and
    3) Attack them

    You're welcome
    never never land

  • Mohammed Lebbadi

    You guys are really mad, we Muslims have more reason to attack you than you have to attack us, but we don't. I am not talking about attacks by a bunch of extremists on you or on us, but on much wider attacks. Throughout history we have been attacked by Christians, officially, like the Crusades which were blessed by the Pope and the Church. And then much later the Christian powers colonized us and enslaved our people, including your "African-Americans" who are now seeking their roots. We were under your boots for hundreds of years. Our cities and towns are full of churches, built during those times but still standing and open, because we have Christians living among us from Europe and America and we want them to feel at home. There's absolutely no antagonism towards them. I am talking about a region I know well, the Maghreb. So why don't you calm down, do a little research and a lot of thinking, and stop this nonsense!

    • reason1984

      Sooo, the Muslims were simply defending themselves on their march through Spain, and at the gates of Vienna? And the current day flight of Christians from Iraq is a Zionist lie. The "cleansing" of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and of Christians in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, and Thailand, to name a few, is not really happening. Catholic churches throughout the Muslim world are not being torched and bombed. The destruction of the Buddhas of Bamiyan never happened. Dear Mohammed, you need to return to the madrasah for some fine tuning on deception. Dear sir your taqiyah is showing.

    • mah29001

      Jihadi shut up.

    • KafirDawg

      LOL, what about the upwards of 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians slaughtered by Turkish muslonazis in the early 20th century? What about the nearly 3 million Hindus slaughtered by muslonazis in Bangladesh in the 1970's? Your lies run thin.

    • http://Google Talbat

      Fact speaks for itself. The killing all over the world in the name of Allah is unrefutable. U need to know your islamic history and the legacy of Muhammad which is just killing innocent people whose crime is only being non-muslims or Jews and nothing more. But as a muslim, you have divine injunction to lie to depend your islamic god.

  • Mohammed Lebbadi

    And please, stop repeating the cliches I hear about Islam from Islamophobes, do your own homework. The Qur'an is our only book, and it's a 3D Book. To understand what it says one has to know the where, when, and why of the verses. One cannot just say the Qur'an calls for the death of the disbelievers, yes, it is there somewhere, but one has to understand that Muslims in the early days were persecuted and put to death by the disbelievers, they were not Christian or Jewish, but the idol worshippers who saw Muhammad as a menace to their ways. Muhammad actually was supported by a Christian relative, a cousin of Khadija, and had ties with the Christian Negus of Abyssinia.

  • darthkeller

    "And by the way, I still believe that unless they break the law, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has a legal right to build their house of worship. We don’t have to like it, but then again the First Amendment was designed not to protect popular ideas – as they don’t need protecting – but to protect unpopular ideas as well."

    I hate to tell you this, but you're a CONSERVATIVE (note: NOT a republican….). Welcome to the club :)

  • creeker

    this is garbage. Pure stinky filth. Trying to promote your hate for islam and probably anything non-christian by pretending to be converted from rational to irrational. Did you just watch that ben stein movie and think you could try to do something similar in writing? All these religions are extremely dangerous but they also serve their purpose, but don't for 1 second be naive enough to think it's just islam, and in what reality is "islam" going to take over the west and institute its ridiculous laws? Please partner, if anyone is invading anyone its the west invading the middle east.

    • KafirDawg

      Yeah the islamonazis taking over parts of the UK and France are all in our imagination.

  • Jim

    This reminds me of a story I read in a book called Why We Left Islam by Joel Richardson and Susan Crimp. A young German woman had married a Muslim/Turkish man against the wishes of her Christian parents and moved to Turkey with him. While in Germany he had been a nice moderate muslim, like we hear so often about, but in Turkey under the influence of his family and friends became a true muslim, beating his new wife, confiscating her passport and making her life a living hell. She finally escaped to the German consulate with only her life. The first thing her case worker said to her after hearing of her plight was "You stupid hens, don't you watch the news?".

  • dopeydilldock

    islamaphobe is a made up B.S. word, which means irrational fear odf isalm. With close to 19,000!! YES folks, that's nineteen thousand DEADLY islamic terriorist attacks since 9-11-2001, irrational fear is not the word that pops into my mine first.

  • Arash Irandoost

    "Those who are against killing have no place in Islam. If the survival of the Faith requires the shedding of blood, we are there to perform or duty."
    Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali, IRI Judge

    "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its laws on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet"
    Shaikh Hassan Al-Banna, founder and Supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

    “Killing is a great Divine gift.”
    “Those who say Islam should not kill don‟t understand [it]. Killing is a great [divine] gift that appears [to man]. A religion that does not include [provisions for] killing and massacre is incomplete. Those who claim that Jesus was averse to killing and war, harm his prophetic mission… Killing is the same as mercy.”
    Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Islamic Republic

    “Violence is the heart of Islam.”
    “We must wipe away the shameful stain whereby some people imagine that violence has no place in Islam… we have decided and are determined to argue that violence is the heart of Islam.”
    Ayatollah Yazdi – Senior Advisor to Ahmadinejad and IRGC Leaders

    • KafirDawg

      The ugly truth about Islam. The muslonazis will have a hard time putting a positive spin on the quotes you provided!

  • Deborah Hill

    Eric, Now read two books, one is "Case For a Creator" by Lee Strobel and "The Late Great Planet Earth." By Hal Lindsey. The Hal Lindsey book will tell you the inside of bal Prophecy on the Middle East, Islam and Israel. Good reading.

  • reason1984

    Eric, welcome to the "Great Awakening." Let your healing begin.

  • reason1984

    Islam, the face of evil, the pathology of hate.

  • cstamford

    Three things jumped out at me in your article. First, the purity of the conceptual world you were able, for so long in your adult life, to maintin in Southern California, a place where I was born and raised (I'm now 64 years old), and a place I would have thought it impossible for your previous mindset to develope to the point where you could write, "“America is a Christian nation and there is only one God and his name is not Allah and his son is Jesus Christ” and “America is a Christian Nation” and “These Muslims do not share my values and I don’t want them in my backyard”. Growing up in Southern California, I had never heard anything like this before in my life." During the 60's and 70's SoCal was one of the several locations in the USA to experience a great revival of biblical Christianity, so much so it was instrumental in the coining of the phrase the "Jesus People". Even if this was before your time, having to have the investigative instincts I assume it requires to be an adequate documentarian, I would have thought the idea that "America is a Christian nation and there is only one God and his name is not Allah and his son is Jesus Christ" is a concept that might have crossed your observational horizon at some point. In any case, I'm happy you've had that horizon extended through recent events, and I hope the process continues for the rest of your life.

    The second thing I notice was your continuing reluctance to accept what has been made obvious to you, as testified to by your conclusion from having "Danios" pressure DK into letting you go, articulated as "[o]nce again proving the oil and water relationship between Islam and tolerance for free speech." That's what one would be tempted to call a "half-truth", with the whole of it being that this same relationship exists between the extreme leftist's mind set and tolerance for free speech. Nearly your entire article, once you get beyond describing your previous views, and where they took you in researching this story, is a saga of an attack on your own right to free speech. No one debated you on your views according to you. They simply did what they could to silence you…and how many of these people were non-Mulsims? The extreme Left in this country shares with Muslims certain affinities, and a lack of tolerance for the airing of opposing views is one of them. What else explains the fact from your own history in living in SoCal having failed to hear that there is only one God, and Jesus Christ is His Son? That's a pretty big knowledge gap (about Christianity) for a well-educated Southern Californian!

    Finally, and very briefly, there is this, "And by the way, I still believe that unless they break the law, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro has a legal right to build their house of worship." I realize that you've just begun your personal inquiry into a very different world view, and that when we do these sorts of revolutionary things we are very tempted to drag into our new paradigm as much of the old as we can possibly stuff into it, if for no other reason, as a sort of "security blanket" to hold onto while we explore the dimly lit corners of the new room in which we find ourselves, but eventually you've going to have to let go of this idea that every religion is equal, and has an equal right to exist in the US. Islam is a religion that grants basic rights only to Muslims, and not even to all of them. It is fundamentally contrary to our Constitution, and to our national belief that all persons have equal rights. We cannot therefore let a cancer that eats at most or our basic freedoms fester among us simply because it is a religion. When imams stop preaching jihids and fatwahs against "infidels" and "Jews", then Islam will be welcomed in the USA, in spite fo the fact that this country is indeed founded upon Christian values and basic Enlightenment political philosophy. Only a moron would welcome the glass of poison offered to kill them.

    Great, uplifting article in the main. Welcome to a much broader world than you heretofore imagined ever existed.

    • KafirDawg

      Antisemitism is part and parcel of the muslime faith. There are dozens of antisemitic verses in the quran and at least three verses in the hadiths that call for the extermination of Jews. The only people who stood up to muhamMAD were the Jews who lived in Saudi Arabia, who were then betrayed by his duplicity.

  • Bill

    I was almost convinved, until you said that the only people supporting the building of the Mosque here were “Socialists or Communists.” That’s when I knew this was yet more political spin. There is so much of it from both the left and the right (and for the record I am against Islam in general, including so-called “moderate” Islam /lol…moderate…).

    Communism is essentially dead in the west, and nearly all “Socialists” in the U.S. are actually supporters of a left leaning MIXED economy- one that is Capitalist-based but heavy on regressive taxes and social programs, but still containing elements od a free market. No arbitrary price fixing, except for goods with very low elasticity of demand. These can’t accurately be called “Socialists,” and they are only lumped together so lazily by the Right’s political spinners and sheep.

    Yes, Islam is an impedment to progress, and often times, frankly evil. But don’t get lazy calling people who support the First Amendment “Socialists” just because they are ignorant of the questionable morals in “moderate” Islam.

  • psalvaje

    Eric, perhaps you now can understand why Michael Savage believes liberalism is a mental disorder. Rational thinking need not apply.

  • Karin Isbell

    Right-on, Eric, and to everyone who is not clear about Islamic plans, look at the world map of the 10th century, i.e.,
    it had taken Islam but a mere 300 years to subdue most of Europe and Asia. While the crusades can hardly be
    classified as felicitous events (too much carnage, too much intrigue and corruption by the powers that be), at least they were a beginning battle against total global usurpation by Islam. Fortunately, subsequent events
    helping to drive Muslems out of Europe were better organized and with far more intergrity. Yes, Islam's founder
    was a pedophile and instigator or murder, persecution and mayhem and a thief and corruptor of part of the Bible, when and wherever it suited him. SHEITAN (Satan) will deal with him and his minions and "Vengeance is mine,"
    says God, "I shall repay". Thank you, Elihu, for your quote from Isaiah.

    • Karin Isbell

      You bet-ya, Muslims are hard to convert, because if they do, they are made to bite the grass. Yes,_Christian missionaries have an often difficult time to help people to acknowledge our Savior, because _God's
      word appears to be less popular than coercion by fear of stoning and wife-beating and -raping

  • Catherine Raymond

    Good for you, Eric. You are publicly arguing for positions you have arrived at on the strength of your own research, thoughts and experiences–something fewer and fewer people seem to be doing in this country.

  • Ramona Mays

    Education of any organization is so important. We don't won't to be like the story of the frog that was gradually boiled in water and didn't even realize it till it was too late.

  • KafirDawg

    Q: How do you know a muslime is lying?

    A: Their lips move.

  • Judith

    Thanks and congratulations from another ex-liberal. Please go on telling the truth about Islam and exposing the self-hating lunacy of the Left. And if you possibly can, do something about the indoctrination of America's youth by their rabidly anti-American professors. God be with you!

  • Marc Lake
    The above is the link to an eye-opening article about what a mosque represents and is. Got it from Jihadwatch

  • Regina

    “The comments section of Daily Kos made me feel like I was attending my own funeral..”
    I believe it!! Thanks for an inspiring story-

  • Salubrius

    Mr. Bell, you are trying to fight a "poetic truth" with facts, logic and reason. It won't work.

    "Poetic truths like that are marvelous because no facts and no reason can ever penetrate. Supporters of Israel are up against a poetic truth. We keep hitting it with all the facts. We keep hitting it with obvious logic and reason. And we are so obvious and conspicuously right that we assume it is going to have an impact and it never does.

    Why not? These narratives, these poetic truths, are the source of their power. Focusing on the case of the Palestinians, who would they be if they were not victims of white supremacy? They would just be poor people in the Middle East. They would be backwards. They would be behind Israel in every way. So this narrative is the source of their power. It is the source of their money. Money comes from around the world. It is the source of their self-esteem. Without it, would they be able to compete with Israeli society? They would have to confront in themselves a certain inferiority with regard to Israel – as most other Arab nations would have to confront an inferiority in themselves and be responsible for it.

    The idea that the problem is Israel, that the problem is the Jews, protects Palestinians from having to confront that inferiority or do anything about it or overcome it. The idea among Palestinians that they are victims means more to them than anything else. It is everything. It is the centerpiece of their very identity and it is the way they define themselves as human beings in the world. It is not an idle thing. Our facts and our reason are not going to penetrate easily that definition or make any progress.

    The question is, how do they get away with a poetic truth, based on such an obvious series of falsehoods? One reason why they get away with it in the Middle East is that the Western world lacks the moral authority to call them on it. The Western world has not said "your real problem is inferiority. Your real problem is underdevelopment." That has not been said, nor will ever be said – because the Western world was once colonial, was once racist, did practice white supremacy, and is so ashamed of itself and so vulnerable to those charges, that they are not going to say a word. They are not going to say what they really think and feel about what is so obvious about the circumstances among the Palestinians. So the poetic truth that Palestinians live by carries on.

    International media also do not feel that they have the moral authority to report what they see. On the contrary, they feed this poetic truth and give it a kind of gravitas that it would never otherwise have.

    Consequently, we need to develop a narrative that is not poetic, but literal and that is based on the truth. What would such a narrative look like?"

    Maybe like your film.

    Good luck to you.

  • NeitherLnorC

    Once again Americans have to polarise all issues into their Liberal/Conservative schism. If I've understood anything that Eric has written, it is that he is looking for what is true, and what is right. Not right-wing, just right. If "Liberals" are defending Islam because they think it's 'politically correct', then they need to know that they are defending repression, suppression and bigotry. They are defending Islam because they think religious freedom is a good thing. As soon as you start invoking your god, you are becoming part of the problem.
    My experience with American 'Liberals' is that they are more willing to listen to reason because their beliefs are allegedly based on science and evidence. American 'Conservatives' base their opinions on faith and dogma, and are generally a waste of time trying to discuss things with.

  • Steve

    I would love to see what happens when or if the investigating eye of an honest reporter follows the inconspicuous designs of the Roman Catholicism; there, I believe, is the true epicenter a world upheaval.

  • LeeVonHart

    Their leaders all educated here. Very primal what is going on. Some men some nations always at war, trying to conquer. Our country because of constitutional freedoms and the dreaded capitalism have suceeded like no other culture ever, and we give so much. With the giving tho came meddling by our own powers that be. So we the plebs became fat and happy, distracted, so we are easy to mess with. You are right about the anticipation of refugees, I believe that is part and parcel of A21. What a mess. You really went out on a branch! God bless you Eric. :)

  • Concord

    I seem to have learned, in all this [ = examination of Islamism] that "One can be right for the wrong reasons," and also "One can be wrong for the right reasons." That's a bit loose and unfocused, but: the Florida preacher who would burn the Koran, the PA guy who dressed as the Prophet in a parade, etc., and even myself, can be quite right about the extremist-fundamentalist element. Right for some psychological reasons which are extreme (fear of insidious barbaric inhumane terror) whether from early childhood trauma, need for we-they mentality, etc. BUT these people are right–correct. Conversely, are "liberal leftists," quite wrong, denying, for "right, correct" reasons, human equality even "steamroller egalitarianism." Nice reasons, BUT these people are wrong, incorrect about the extremist fundamentalist element…… Or that's just my current working theory….l..

  • Barb

    I have watched your interviews on FoxNews, may God be with you in spreading this information on Islam…..the American people, not all, but most, have their head in the sand….keep up the good work, your life was meant to take a new turn for the sake of the majority…..women have no clue what would be in store for them if they accepted Islam….nor their female children…

  • gfmucci

    Given Eric's continuing support of the Mosque, it doesn't yet appear that Eric understands the political nature of Islam. He still fails to understand the truth that Islam is more of a subversive, fascist, supremacist political ideology than it is a religion. It is an intolerant, militaristic ideology that is motivated by religious devotion and fervor – fascism propelled by a god. Once Eric understands Islam in this light, he will have an appreciation why another Mosque is NOT a good idea. Another Mosque will simple serve as another training center for Muslims to carry out sedition against our government, propaganda against our way of life, and, when the time is right, violence against our communities and homes.

  • Bill Sullivan

    It is amazing how detailed Muslims are
    taught from early on the things that they believe. They are quite indoctrinated
    and much more so than many Christians these days. That is not all bad because
    much of what the various Churches teach is crap and not in the Bible. The one
    thing that they teach, the DEATH BURIAL AND RESURRECTION of Yeshua the Messiah
    (Jesus Christ) cannot be beat. There is no other doctrine that explains what we
    see in nature; when the laws of the universe are violated whatever it is that operates
    by those laws CEASES TO FUNCTION. Thus if man also violate the foundation on
    which those laws operate, he ceases to function, dies. The only doctrine that reconciles that truth
    is Christian. In Christianity, the Creator, (Jesus Christ) comes and ceases to
    function for his creation and then is brought back to life, making a way for
    others. Yet, many Muslims who are well taught in their doctrine, have been able
    to show some Christians how some of what they were taught makes no sense.
    Things like Jesus was crucified and buried about Sun down Friday, raised before
    day Sunday and it some how equals 3 days and 3 nights. Well and honest person
    can see that makes no sense. Then they will say the Bible has been corrupted
    and that is why it makes no sense. The truth is the Bible never taught that
    doctrine of Friday crucifixion and Sunday resurrection… But Muslims use it to
    lead some astray. However, when you compare the Books the Quran and the Bible;
    the authority and proof of that authority, there is no comparison. Neither is
    the idea told many who converted to ISLAM. That Idea is that Jesus was a
    prophet but Mohamed is the last and greatest of Prophets. What scripture really
    says about Christ from Genesis to Revelation CANNOT be reconciled with what was
    taught by Mohamed, who in the Quran actually denies who Christ was born of a
    Virgin; was the Son of God; and actually died for your sins. This makes the
    redemption Impossible. Come and see what the Quran really says about Christ and
    help your fiends who may be involved in learning deception.

  • livingengine

    He is a fraud.

  • livingengine

    He was asking for money based on lies. That is fraud. He is a fraud.

    • AngieNOREMORSE89

      What were his lies? answer the question please. Funny how you don’t dispute facts. You are actually proving his point that liberals will spew insults on cue rather than dispute the facts.

      • livingengine

        Helpyouout has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

        You can see from the post below that Eric was claiming he had a “bounty” on his head. You can see from the post above that Eric used this to solicit money. That is fraud.

        Here I am going to include Eric being notified in Oct of 2012 that the bounty wasn’t real, and he replied that discussing the “bounty” in this way was aiding the enemy.

        I am also including the National Israel Radio appearance of EAB where he claimed that “4 Pakistani newspaper had called for his death. No Pakistani newspaper has called for Eric’s death.

        Listen to EAB tell the Israel National Radio audience that four
        Pakistani newspapers are calling for his death. Later, he says his case
        is working its way up to Eric Holder(?!)
        There is no mention of Eric Allen Bell in the Wikipedia article on the “Innocence of Muslims”.

        I have MASSIVE evidence of EAB’s fraud. I am supported in this by Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer, who along with myself watched EAB defraud the Counter Jihad Movement for the better part of 2012.

        Helpyouout has absolutely NO IDEA what he is talking about.

      • livingengine

        Helpyouout has no idea what he is talking about.

        I know Eric got Facebook death threats, lots of them. I am sick of
        Muslims acting like this, but please, Eric was taunting them for weeks
        with his calls to nuke, or bomb Mecca. His slogan was about spreading
        napalm. He made continuous calls to destroy Islam, and called people

        He must have expected they would react. Wasn’t he prepared?

        to portray his situation as some kind of international incident, and
        attempting to crash the inner circle of those who have survived death
        threats from Muslims is inexcusable, and fraudulent.

        was looking for a
        fight, and when one came, he ran away, and expected us to protect him,
        and pay for his performance. He didn’t feature the Facebook death
        threats in his appeals for money as much he talked about: the bounty,
        non existent death threats, and misleading statements about his status
        regarding the FBI.

        The bounty is a joke.

        times Eric combined the words “FBI”, and “safe house” in the context of
        himself to create the impression he was under FBI protection, and it
        worked. I thought that was what he was saying, because I didn’t think he
        would joke around about his life. Every time I give EAB the benefit of
        the doubt that turns out to be the wrong approach.

        He is a fraud, and has been for sometime now.

      • livingengine

        Helpyouout has no idea what he is talking about.

        Do you remember when Eric Allen
        Bell told us he had to sell his car because he told the truth about Islam?

        @ 29:40

        I remember.

        I don’t even like the guy, and I cringed when I heard that.

        Well, consider the following time line. . . .

        Here, Eric tells us that he likes “shiny things”. Eric likes BMW’s, of course, he would.

        By Dec 12, 2011 – Eric no longer owns a car. He is going to put the money into GlobalOne.

        Then on July 4, 2012 he is selling his car again, ” I had to sell my car in order to pay my rent – and it’s that money is now gone.”

        So, what happened here?

        He sold one car in 2011, and another in July of 2012, seven months later?

        Did someone give him a car after he sold in 2011?

        Even if this is the same car he sold in Dec of 2011, that would mean he didn’t sell it because of his stand on Islam.

        Moreover, as you will see, this doesn’t explain where Eric’s latest car has come from.

        Why didn’t he tell anyone – “I have a car now, thank you.”

        By SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 , He is driving again. – ” I spent the
        night at a motel and got on to the freeway for a long drive home, after the traffic had let up.”

        Maybe, it was a rental.

        In any event, by May of 2013 it appears to me that people are commenting on Eric’s nice car.

        Is it a late model BMW, by any chance?

        Eric is sweating bullets here. Is his consternation the result of a guilty conscience? He can’t seem to make the connection between his car, and his statement in July.

        Where did the car come from?

        This encounter with a stranger caused Eric to post 5 times in less than 4 minutes, this message – “If anyone tries to do anything to me it will be it will be THE ISLAMIC CENTER OF MURFREESEBORO, and Nihad Awad of CAIR.”

      • livingengine

        On Nov 22, 2011, Eric told his OWS friends that his family had turned their back on him because of his politics.

        About 7 months later, he is telling the Counter Jihad Movement the same thing. That’s two major falling outs with his family in less than a year.

        Where does Eric get his money from?

        Eric ran “Fate In Focus” an online psychic reading service. He has the ethics of a gypsy.

      • livingengine

        Helpyouout has no idea what what he is talking about.

        This is Patti York, an SIOA captain, who is also remarking on Eric Allen Bell’s strange behavior, and she is not the only person to notice.

        Helpyouout has not noticed this because he just woke up yesterday.

      • Guest

        Eric Allen Bell sells the work of big-hair New Age guru Gregg Braden who tells his followers they can wish away their cancer. EAB admires numerous people like like this.

        When I say he is a fraud, I mean HE IS BUSTED.

        I have much more where this came from.

      • livingengine

        Eric Allen Bell sells the work of big-hair New Age guru Gregg Braden who tells his followers they can wish away their cancer. EAB admires numerous people like like this.
        When I say he is a fraud, I mean HE IS BUSTED.I have much more where this came from.

      • livingengine

        Here is another person commenting on Eric’s behavior when
        Eric was in Murfreesboro was David Christopher.

        Here is some of what Christopher said about EAB.

        “Seemingly out of nowhere a man by the name of Eric Allen Bell shows up and is causing quite a bit of a stir.

        There were many of us who thought he may have been some sort of agent-provocateur being used to stir the pot and get a documentary movie out of the deal. Whether or not this was indeed the case, I don’t know, but he was successful at stirring the pot and getting any voice of the opposition that could be used in a way to make the town look ridiculous the publicity he

        He was able (with the help of the local media) to paint
        Murfreesboro as some sort of religiously bigoted town with the local residents opposed to anything but some sort of fringe evangelical Christianity. Of course, such a picture is ridiculous to anyone who actually lives here but that didn’t matter since the truth was a lot harder to get on the front page of the
        daily paper.

        At one point I had landed in a few comment threads and
        proceeded to engage Eric in order to determine where he stood and if he could back up what he supposedly believed.

        The discussion that took place was a trail of talking points
        that did nothing but evoke emotion. The constant asserting method he used proved he hadn’t really thought about the issue nor did he care to.

        In the end, I deemed the viewpoint of Eric to be hypocritical,
        intolerant and religiously bigoted – the very terms he and most of the crowd he had gathered were so eager to throw around. I decided to post those discussions along with my comments on this site.

        Since the opposition couldn’t get a proper voice in the
        matter, I figured I could at least demonstrate that we had one.

        Soon enough, Eric had left town, just as quickly has he had
        showed up. All the sites that he had going were given pointers to his main site.

        Obviously he had what he needed and everything began to calm down regarding the ICM and their proposed mosque.

        Then last week, almost out of the blue, an article shows up on
        the David Horowitz site titled ‘The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam’.

        What then follows is an incredible tale of what took place
        here in Murfreesboro through the eyes of Eric Allen Bell having somewhat recently changed his position entirely.”

  • TRUdy

    Everything he said is true and can be substantiated elsewhere. Denying it, as he did initially, does not make it untrue.

  • Ryan Muhammad

    It is easier for people to deny the reality of Islam’s oppressive nature than to face it. The end result is persecution of religious minorities by Muslims, honor killings, Muslim girls having their clitorises mutilated, wife-beating, punishing rape victims, pedophilia and other Islam-sanctioned atrocities continue unimpeded.

  • DatBus

    Eric THIS STORY should be your film and you should show it FAR AND WIDE. Absolutely terrifying the infiltration of the Left.

  • PARAMEDIC70002

    One minor but significant issue: Islam is a theocracy incompatible with America’s Constitutional Republic form of government. Muslims are not interested in becoming Americanized as were hordes of immigrants from years past. American Muslims are either working toward subverting American freedoms into Sharia law, or support such activities by being Muslims. Just as I, a backslid Christian, cheer the work of foreign missionaries, so are ‘moderate peaceful Muslims’ supporters of Islamic terrorism. Islam is NOT a religion, NOT compatible with American government, and does NOT qualify for membership in our religious freedoms, as it seeks to destroy ALL of our freedoms. Islam must be recognized for what it is, the ENEMY.

  • Zeke


    The only bigger loon than this guy appears to be George Erdel of Murfreesboro, TN.

    Crazy Islamophobes…

  • livingengine

    Eric is one screwed up phony little guru.

  • livingengine

    Here you will see Eric Allen Bell promoting Dr. Emoto as a scientist. Also, take note that eric Allen Bell likes to cast magic spells on people. He is not a rational person, or even an ethical person, he is a New Age con man.

  • livingengine

    Here is the bounty that Eric Allen Bell used to solicit money back in 2012. We were told it was for ten million rupees, but the number is actually one quadrillion, or over 18 trillion dollars. He was told about this on Oct. 13 2012 by Counter Jihad Activist Tommy Hunt, but continued to milk the “bounty” into 2013.

    He is a fraud.

  • livingengine
  • laars

    Reading the korean should be required in high school. It is a blueprint for domination. Islam was added to mohammeds butchery and theft after his death as a cover for domination and warfare. Deportation on the first offense will save Europe and refusing immigration to muslims is the Way.

  • Peter

    How much sanity does it take, to take a pedophile and a murderer for a prophet !?

  • KafirDawg

    LOL, your Al Taqiyya lies need a lot more work. The slaughter and persecution of people of faiths other than islam in all your muslonazi states is well known and documented.

  • Ralph

    Obviously the last two incomplete sentences are the result of hastiness. My apologies.