The True Face of Facebook

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And there had been little mention of Obama’s plans to roll out the red carpet, for the Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt, a terrorist organization that our President has furnished with $1,500,000,000 of our tax dollars.  Yes you, hardworking tax payer, fund Islamic terrorism.

Hamas and Al Qaeda, are extensions of the Muslim Brotherhood.  And somehow the White House has chosen to overlook the glaring connections between multiple “legal” Islamic organizations and Islamic terrorist groups – all of which are tentacles of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And it does command, in the Islamic scriptures, that the non-believers must pay the non-Muslim tax “with willing submission” and this is clearly something Barack Hussein Obama has chosen to do, and he has done so in our name.  He and his policies continue to make Dhimmis and fools out of all of us.

Speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, here is what Obama’s new allies have to say on their official English speaking website about the violence that is directed at Americans in response to this film:

“such acts will continue to cause devout Muslims across the world to suspect and even loathe the West, especially the USA, for allowing their citizens to violate the sanctity of what they (Muslims) hold dear and holy. Hence, we (the Muslim Brotherhood) demand that all those involved in such crimes (free speech) be urgently brought to trial”.  The Muslim Brotherhood, Cairo – September 12, 2012.

So, it appears that the Muslim Brotherhood is demanding that the US government halt our right to free speech – as it pertains to their “prophet.” A shorter and more and simple way of saying this would be that, the Muslim Brotherhood demands that America become Sharia-compliant.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not the only massive Islamic organization seeking to force the free world to submit to Islam.  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (the OIC, an Islamic organization comprised of about 57 states, who use their massive petro dollars to bully the Human Rights Commission within the UN) is demanding similar international legislation, to ban our right to free speech, as it applies to “mocking the prophet.”

Mohammed Karzai, the American installed, Muslim President of Afghanistan, condemned the movie as an insult to all Muslims.  In fact, as quoted in the Guardian UK, Karzai called for “efforts to prevent the release of this insulting film”, but did not call for restraint in demonstrations, or criticise the rioting, or the death of the US ambassador in Libya.  Instead he said the production would fan tension, and called for the film to be banned.” – the terrorist spin control network, disguised as an “Islamophobia watchdog site” spun the story with careful wording, making sure to indicate that an “Israeli-American” had engaged in “hate movie” which had “provoked” some “protest” on the part of offended Muslims.  The next day, that same terrorist spin-control network, ran a headline which promised to tell offended Muslims, the world over, the true identity and location of the filmmaker who made the “hate movie” against the “prophet”.  That sounds familiar.  They kind of did something similar to me, back in February of 2012.

American newspapers, such as USA Today, Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, have called for restrictions on freedom of speech, as it pertains to offending Muslims.  The “reasoning” here goes something like this: Since we just know that Muslims have no choice but to riot, storm embassies, sodomize and kill American diplomats, rip apart our flag and burn buildings to the ground, making a film for YouTube which “mocks the prophet” is clearly intended to incite violence, and therefore is not protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  It would be, according to this line of thinking, the equivalent of yelling “fire” in a crowded room.

Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, came right to the defense… of the enemy – calling the film “disgusting and reprehensible.” She says it is a cynical attempt to offend people for their religious beliefs.  Does she say that every time Christianity, Judaism and other religions get lampooned?  What sharp criticism did the State Department issue against the Broadway hit musical, “The Book of Mormon”?  Crickets.  A lone tumbleweed rolls in the breeze, while Donny and Marie Osmond peacefully go on with their lives.

The denial syndrome of the American Left, with regard to Political Islam, tragically resembles the scenario of the abusive husband, who beats his wife and then says, “Now look what you made me do!”  And the wife tries to deny it even happened.  Then she says, he wasn’t really being his real self.  “That’s not the man I know”.  And then finally, she blames herself.

Meanwhile, another Muslim Facebook group posts a picture of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  This was the American Diplomat, who was sodomized and then murdered, by offended Muslims.  This picture, found on Facebook, shows his face on the body of a pig here.  And once again, Facebook finds nothing wrong with this, but my account is suspended for the status update I showed you above.

Islam means “submission” and it demands that the entire world submit to Islamic Law, also known as the “Sharia.”  Facebook has over 900 million members.  Has the world of Political Islam forced 900 million new people to become Sharia compliant?

Here is the message I received last night, from Facebook, letting me know that my account had been suspended due to the “offensive” message I had posted on 9/11/2012:

“We removed content you posted.  We removed the following content you posted because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

Make no mistake about it.  The mandate of Political Islam is to force the entire world to submit to Islam.  Islam is war.  We are at war.  And the sooner we can figure that out and accept it, the sooner we can stand up to this threat and defeat it.  And we must defeat it.  And we must not fail.


Eric Allen Bell

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  • @cookingstormm


    Check out what this former terrorist has to say. He was a Muslim Brotherhood trainee.

  • Docky Musicy

    Dirty-islam is coming !!!

    There are nearly 2 billion PureMads around…. who will do what for the ultimate peace prize though deafening violence?
    Has to happen! Will !!
    BLACK MAN BARAK OBAMA should do it . He’s black and well read. He MUST
    know that this cult and it's main book
    which cannot be questioned ever has in store as slavery and rape for future little black girls and
    boys like his darling black children today….. Let’s see.

    In Islam logic and logical questions are blasphemy ….by the second question Islam murders the questioner. This cult has to be wiped out . we have to do it …but who will? What will it take ? Who will smash Islam ? Who will get into tomorrow's history / herstory books? What will happen to our children's children's children if we don't stop Islam now ish ? Women and children will be ruined …'s mind blowing …. just imagine….. NON-ARAB Muslim-zombies are the first victims of Islam.

    Islam is just a stupid zombie cult …on steroids…. Islam gotta go …mecca medina is gonna be on no one's must-visit list soon.

    Islam is being documented.
    The file is fattening.
    The mushrooms are going to be huge.

    My Dear…. if you know a good blood-cultee please remember he is good in spite of Islam NOT BECAUSE OF ISLAM !!! The macabre cult of Islam corrupts the human mind ….the very fact that the good blood-cultee is still in the macabre cult of Islam means that he is open to the idea of his children being force fed hate and his corrupted children will definitely be dangerous to our non-cult children. We have to stop the macabre cult of Islam in its tracks. We have to think of our children's lives because the macabre cult of Islam makes blood-cultees think of our children's death so then only the macabre cult of Islam wins. The macabre cult of Islam is in a losing position if even one non-blood-cultee is alive. Do you understand all this ?
    What part of “NUKE-EM” don't we understand ?
    Islam is cancer, the cure is radiation!

    Who will get into the textbooks of future-history as the planet's real savior ?
    I HAVE A FEELING IT WILL BE AN INDIAN OR AN IRANIAN. MAYBE EVEN AN AFGAN who read his Buddhist history and came to his senses…. I HOPE IT'S A WOMAN BECAUSE IN THE END IT WILL BE A WOMAN'S JOB TO CLEAN UP THIS macabre MESS THIS ONE MAD MAN CALLED PUREMAD WRECKED ON THIS PLANET FOR THE LAST 1400 YEARS. All the blood and gore will come to an end at last and peace will come for our women and children. I have a feeling it's going to be a woman who smashes macabre Islam by speaking and facing the truth of this horrible creeping Blood Cult. NON-ARAB Muslim-zombies are the first victims of Islam.
    Islam has to be smashed for your sake.
    For blood-cultees Islam has to be smashed.

    THE WHOLE PLANET IS eagerly WAITING FOR THE DESTRUCTION AND COMPLETE WIPEOUT OF THE macabre CULT OF BLOOD CULT. The death cult of Islam will be smashed in our lifetime…watch. no one will miss it. peace will flourish.
    Who will get into the textbooks of future-history as the planet's saviour ?
    Blood Cultic tolerance is a contradiction in terms. The history of Islam is nothing more than fourteen hundred year story of non-stop MASS MURDER, EXPLOITATION, RACISM, INSTITUTIONALIZED RAPE, AND WIDESPREAD IMPOVERISHMENT.

  • AmazedHuman
  • rockman

    I'm going to cancel my Facebook account. This is just one more good reason to do it. I find that I'm learning things about some of my friends that I would rather not have known (support for O'Bummer, etc.)

  • Annie

    Wonder what they would say if we started a FB page that says "FB hates Christians and Jews" ?? Or " Facebook afraid to stand up to Terrorists?"

  • Whtda123

    This is a really big contradiction and it’s so sad that the writer of this article is actually the one suffering from mental illness. No clear proofs on none of the comments he has made, only thoughts from his own hate filled heart. Trying to wipe out all Muslims, millions of people, for what? And then you speak about Islam is a killing religion and not real. But intact Jesus gave the same commands in the bible when giving the revelation. Oh but Islam is so horrible, why because they don’t wanna teach thier children that it’s okay to be gay and and lesbian and it’s okay to dress like a hOoker. Or because they don’t want thier children destroying themselves with destructive music and tv images, or is it because they want their women and daughters to dress modestly like the Quran and bible says. And not going to church Looking like Nikki manaj. Why because they have true values and all their actions revolve around worshipping and pleasing god? Why because they have laws in their country and religion is a major part of those laws? Why because you want everyone to be free and you hate Muslims because you dip in the gay pond everyone and again and you don’t want to be judged? Why because you wanna scream church on Sunday, and listen to music that Promotes volence, hatred, abuse of women, sexual exploitation to minors, alcohol, dui’s and drug use and let your children listen and sing along, go to bars the night of chuch , drink, curse, sleep with numerous people and get up trying to Belittle muslims and still screaming they are Christian the next day. Christian by day , gay drug addict by night huh? Why because you haven’t received your GED yet and u are out of work so you wanna start a war like the majority of these white racist psychopaths out here. And no offense to white people , because there are some beautiful white people that are far from hateful and predjudice and have better things to do with their time. But this fool is definetly psycho, probably hate his self , his life is crap and can’t find anyone to love him, he’s probably broke stay at home dad and his chic pays all his bill. Your life sucks don’t it? I can tell, because nobody that don’t even have the power to start a war would write this post unless 1. Psycho- probably plotting some assassination as we speak. 2. No life, fat, bald and ugly along with his followers. I’m sorry but you have no basis on your negativity. May the curse of Allah be upon you. Ameen.

    • Docky Musicy

      As islam starts executing those in power will those in power wake-up to the power they have.
      Did you know it is forbidden for sikhs to eat halal meat!
      It seems after careful research and analysis and sociological and language translations the planet has found out the TRUTH. The problem is islam. Your moremad was a really stupid guy. If you moremad on the road today you’d go straight to the cops and ask them why this out of control nutjob was roaming freely around normal society. And why were they not locking him up ??

      Whose fault is it if wannabe zomies follow the actions and words of a nut-job who factually only wanted to loot people easily and was one hellovan active guy only when it came to chopping off the heads of people like your ancestors unless they became robbers like him in his gang called islam. Doesn't moremad disgust you ?
      It’s the muslim-zombies fault if nothing makes sense to them. They follow moremad and moremad only spoke nonsense.
      Understood ?? No ? Read again.
      Go ahead…. R E A D A G A I N !!

      and the list of crimes continues….
      There is no real islamic country
      on the planet.
      I repeat ….There is no real Islamic country
      on the planet.
      There is nothing like an
      islamic country.
      Just because some dick started
      a robber cult by fooling and s l a u g h t er i n g some of the unsuspecting natives big
      time and declares himself the world’s top-dog robber-god doesn’t mean that saudi arabia became his….and his top-dog robber-god headquarters. Islam is a frigging forced upon
      cult a robber cult with no scruples and no honor or regret and shame. Just like
      the mental and sadistic leader. Islam should be evacuated from the planet.
      ‘Dis-respect’ or even question anything in islam, and any ‘good Muslim-zombies’ anywhere can kill you….WOW man…. What a religion of WAR and KILLING.
      I think the word DRONE comes from the slang for the sound that Islamic and Arabic sounds like when spoken or heard. Now it’s droning over their heads. A good muslim-zombie is factually a very evil person. My dear dudes…..We got to cull and eradicate islam.Not talk to islam.

      Enough with this islam-nonsense. Afganistan is a Buddhist country, Pakistan is
      a Hindu country, Saudi-arabia is a jewish country, Bangladesh is a Hindu
      country, Iran is a Zoroastrian country, Malaysia is a hindu country….etc.etc.etc. Muslim-zombies have to re-convert and re-connect to the religion of their peaceful and harmonious ancestors prior to their unfortunate meeting with moremad-the-dirty arab
      and his gang of violent morons and their hate filled violent actions and
      thoughts. "Non-stop violent and dirty thoughts islam is" Yoda would say.
      islam is no religion and any self respecting cult would rather throw up than be compared to islam. Islam stands alone in it’s own v o m i t .
      “Filth islam is” Yoda would say.
      The arabs will have to become jews. …because the arabs were jews too
      who lived in the desert before moremad-the-dirty-arab came charging with madness and started
      slapping the oldies and the women around. Fantastic.

      Just because some dick heads
      with swords came by and started their hooligan madness and b l o o d violence and
      scared everybody’s ancestors into the cult by basically hijacking
      their children’s minds does not give islam any right to live in Saudi Arabia
      anymore. Saudi Arabia isn’t a country: it’s a Royal Family with ca. 10 million servants of varying class.All this desert bull has to be stopped. Islam has to be taught and
      explained to why it shouldn’t live. Once and for all.
      Islam has to be banned
      and mass proper mental schooling has to done on each and every muslim-zombies by force if need be…..
      Within 3
      generations this will be a fantastic planet. Everybody will be schooled and
      nobody can blame islam for their idiotic and violent and absurd actions and
      islam has to be forgotten.
      This is the Planet Marshall plan.
      An Intelligent-redesign .
      What say you ?

    • Docky Musicy

      Ameen my dear muslim-zombie….You must casually find out what your ancestors were before islam made them submit on their proud knees. Take pride in your pre-islamic heritage….just check it out first. See if you can find your actual fore-fathers…maybe buddhist or maybe christian or maybe hindu or even an educated jew that more-mad only hated because he was illiterate. Your fore-fathers will always be your DNA… islam invades and erases so it cannot be compared. Let little stinky islam be on the roadside. ….like doggy poop….Understood ?

      Little stinky islam has only been around for 1400 years….Nothing much re….be cool. Disconnect the zombie in you. walk away . …you see…If it’s not in the koran it’s useless knowledge. A mad-rassa is not a university…..a mad-rassa is a toilet for knowledge. Read the koran…it’s pure trash. Pure. An Islamic scholar is not a man of knowledge…he’s man of No-ledge. An Islamic scholar only knows the Koran by heart. Nothing else. An Islamic scholar does not know any history except idiotic Saudi history…an Islamic scholar does not know any geography or science or mathamatics or ethics or anything …he only knows the stupid Koran by heart. WOW…illiteracy at it’s best ….. An Islamic scholar is factually an oxymoron. Muslim-zombies are finished…and so are we.
      If a book is not Arabic..burn it….is the muslim-zombies motto.
      I’M not a Christian but what the world needs today is a tough pope to give the moral nod to smash islam. Smash as in SMASH SMASH SMASH islam.
      What will happen to us as a species? How far will we progress before islam bombs our science? How long will islam last ? How many muslim-zombies will there be on the planet in the next 10 ten years ? Deadly…. what will happen when islam is everything. Only arab history will be taught and then what ? End of our lovely civilisation. Will islam ever be defeated? Will islam ever be cleansed from our planet ? What will happen to us ? Why can’t we bomb mecca to smithereens and let the muslim-zombies figure out that mo-boy had conned them from the beginning….the cool part will be the old and obstinate mullahs swinging in the breeze on lamp-posts.
      We can live with that.

    • doug

      Islam kills over those who insult it but is hypocritical because Islam insults Christianity and Judaism and makes many false accusations against their basic tenets. All your speculations about Allen Bell, a number of them false and or irrelevant don't detract from the facts about Islam.
      The highly symbolic language of Revelation talks about "Jesus" killing with the sword of his mouth. In Revelation it is Satan's hordes that fight for Satan and the expressed image of the uncreated creator goes out and fights for His people instead of sending them out to fight for Him like your allah does with you. Show me one place in the New Testament where "Jesus" whose kingdom was not of this earth taught to fight for earthly kingdoms or commit murder or any example he or his disciples set for it? This is in contrast to Mohammed who not only teaches murder in the Koran but him and his disciples committed it and Islam conquered the middle east with "fire and sword".
      Our father in heaven may give you your hour of glory to judge other nations sins but as always He will destroy those He used to judge His people.

      Your people claim the Jews changed the scriptures after Mohammad but there are thousands (about 20 thousand of the NT alone) of antiquated copies of the old and new testament scriptures from way before Mohammad that disprove that lie. Your all powerful allah seems to be powerless against Israel so you have to make up lies about Jews controlling the world.

      Let me see if I have this right – Jews, 1/3 of 1% of the world's population who are defending themselves on a tiny oil barren piece of land in the middle east they caused to bloom are behind every evil on earth and control everything but Islam, 24% of the world's population who owns all the big oil rich nations and conquered the middle east with fire and sword are not trying to take over but are innocent victims of the big bad Jew.

      Perhaps you should read the Old and New Testaments Islam provably falsely claims the Jews changed but in many of your hate filled countries it is punishable by death to proselytize or convert to Christianity. You rule by fear and your terrors and curses will be brought upon you 100 fold. The curse of allah you curse with is on you unless you repent.


      You do know that YOUR PUREMAD WAS A medically certified LUNATIC AND YOU HAVE BEEN NAMED AFTER A MAD MAN. THE ISLAM JOKE IS ON YOU BUT THE CURSE of islam IS ON YOUR KIDS. Do you know why other cultures don't name their kids mohammad? Because mohammad is the most hated name and the most filthy name in the world. You can't find a dirtier name than mohammad in the world today. This is a fact. Do you know there is no word for pedophilia in arabic. There is no word for a child-molester in arabic. You are living in an insane cult which tells you it's the greatest religion. If it was the greatest religion why would there be any doubt? Think a little….not allowed? So sad….no guts no glory only 5 times a day head-banging on stone floor damaging your brains to medical insanity. There is still time….eject from dirty dirty islam.

      Creepy islam has harrassed our ancestors (MayPeaceBeUponThem) and us (MayPeaceBeUponUs) enough !!
      The greatest health mistake we are making today that will make our future generations suffer and curse us is our willingness to pander and encourage islam into our societies. Europe will soon fall….so will north america and australia….islam is the pox that is worse than small pox….soon the human race will be dead and only muslims will be alive. The islam virus uses politically correct thought to creep into the system. We are Dhimmies….The arabic word for non-muslim dummies that help islam come in and then are disposed off. The arabs were the smartest in the end and moremad the dirty pedo-arab was in the end a genius. Pedo and Petro are so similar like dhimmie and dummy. Fantastic.
      Creepy islam has harrassed our ancestors (MayPeaceBeUponThem)
      and us (MayPeaceBeUponUs) enough !!

  • Kufar Dawg

    Thanks EAB, you tell the ugly truth no one wants to hear, read or see. I'm sorry I missed your appearance at
    Mission Viejo along with Dwight Schultz, Nonie Dawish and Jamie Glazov. Hopefully they'll host another one
    out in the O.C. again sometime.

  • ashwani aheer

    respected eric.hats off to U for agreat article. We are many from all over the world with U for demolishing this anti-humanity and piosnous idealogy of islam,quran,and Hadtis.Pl. take Hindus,Budhists, Sikhs.christians and seculars along with U to defame and demolish Islam. Pl comile a book on all those who were sacrificed by Islam for speaking the truths of it and exposing the ugly face of islam.
    Pl also ask christan Missionaries to desistfrom their activities in India to forcfully and cheatfuly convert innosent Hindus of this Hindusthan with the help of roman catholic italien Lady Maino sup P.M Of India. planted by America.

  • glenn dupuis

    The catering to Islam will be the end of America.As Christians are persecuted throughout the world, the liberals just ignore it, and as God is being removed in America, He is being replaced by a false prophet and god that was the tribal god of Mohammed whom he elevated to supreme being.

  • Catherine

    Thanks Eric for doing a fabulous job – telling the truth about Islam. Nice to see a brave guy fight against such mindless barbarians. It is indeed a religion of violence and hate. I agree with everything you wrote above…very well researched. I also have noticed on Face Book that the Admins delete messages that tell the truth about Islam but don't punish Muslims that threaten the "infidel" members. I was wondering whether Face Book was run by Islam extremists.

  • Catherine

    I hope Americans WAKE UP soon and vote for Mitt Romney.

    Obama is a Muslim sympathiser. He is the reason why the Muslim brotherhood is so strong.

  • aamir

    The author is using word TRUTH again and again but his own article is full of lies and full of his own dirty imaginations. The people who are commenting in favor of the author don't have enough courage to cross check what he is writing and claiming because they know if they try to cross check, the real truth will come up and it will be against their dirty imaginations.


    Finished ! We are finished ! The invention of the internal combustion engine and its thirst for petroleum products has led to the dumbest, dirtiest and filthiest people on the planet to be held in high regard and force-respected by all of us.
    We have become the slaves of petroleum and our civilisation is accelerating to annihilation . From the Industrial Age to back to the Stone Age in 300 years. We are finished ! We had the weapons to flatten the vermin but at every step we held back and hesitated….We are finished !!
    The silent stream of petro dollars and pounds and Euros to continuously silence us as our vocal leaders betrayed us for continuous tokens of underhand cash is the history that will never be taught as we will be as forgotten as the original inhabitants of so many cultures that filthy islam destroyed as it marched thru Buddhist Afghanistan and Hindu India and all the way to the furthest reaches of the globe. America is next ….Britain is already finished….France is gone ….Norway and the rest of Europe is over. We are finished.
    What we refused to see was right there in our faces in their evil and regressive master book called the Koran…. So dirty we could not believe it…………but they did. We are finished. They invited us to read it but we refused….Our Global Supreme Courts refused to read it …in the end our children will be forced to read it as muslims. We are finished !!!
    The islam juggernaut is coming for our children who will never know what cowards we were.
    Islam will wake us up when muslims burn the Mona Lisa in France but it will be too late. Just like the copts in Egypt today.
    Islam will wake us up when muslims smash the statue of david and burn the cistine chapel in Italy but it will be too late. Just like the copts in Egypt today .
    Islam will wake us up when they smash and rout London city and its lovely architecture but it will be too late . Just like the copts in Egypt today.
    Islam will wake us up when they execute all our fathers and rape our mothers for speaking up too late but it will be too late. Just like the copts in Egypt today.
    We are finished as a civilization .


    Shiver me timbers…..Blackbeard looks just like dirty dirty islam's dirty dirty mohammad….If blackie had started a cult it would have given dirty cult islam a good run for its money and life….a good chance lost eh !! …sigh…


    All the problems of rabid-islam are actually Noble Israel's fault loud and clear. For 1400 years the noble Noble Jews have let rabid-islam fester on this planet like rabies in a dog .
    The noble Noble Jews should have dealt with islam with an iron hand then and there when that main instigator of rabid-islam was alive. Now see what has happened…rabid-islam is destroying the full world. It is all the fault of the noble Noble Jews for not being full of foresight and dealing with rabid-islam then and there when the number of savages or vermin in human clothing a.k.a muslims was not significant.
    Now the noble Noble Jews are the first to be doomed . The noble jew will be the first mass extinction by savagery that television will help us witness. The numbers of rabid and ready savages are just too many to deal with.
    It is now too too too late for the noble Noble Jews and we are all politely next in line. Rabid-islam will now infect and swallow the world country by polite country and polite culture after polite culture . With our good manners and co-existant thoughts we have gently and politely placed our necks on the guillotine of rabid-islam.
    We are ready to die rather than fight and hurt feelings of savages and vermin. Why shoot dead -as prescribed- the rabid dog in this age of political correctness and rampant idiocy passing around as lucid thoughts.
    Telescopes and microscopes we had but we denied ourselves our lives because we refused to put on our reading glasses and read and understand just one rabid book called the Koran. Even our supreme courts did not read and question it because the feelings of savages and vermin might be hurt ? So sad….so what ?
    The poisonous and rabid bite of islam has today in just a mere 1400 years got the planet gasping and frothing for life. We are all finished and the noble Noble Noble Jews are to be blamed once again for letting islam fester and putrify on this lovely planet. It's has to be the fault of the noble Noble Jews …they should have seen islam coming 1400 years back. Finished…the savage numbers are against the Noble Noble Jews. Rabid-islam is making monkeys out of humans…this is scientifically classified as Reverse-Darwinism. This is the our planet's last thought as islam renames Planet Earth as the true Planet of the Apes. WOW !!!
    Sometimes don’t you think the savages are angry at their own misfortunate births in the wrong wombs. Once misfortunately born to a muslim mother there is no escape from the misfortune of forced savagery and compulsive idiotic thoughts and this dim realisation in the dimmer recesses of their self–made dark minds fills them with the rage that is pent up in them since the birth of this savage cult.
    The self-realisation of being vermin and being recognised in society as vermin… Deadly!! Can you imagine a savage’s plight and anger at all of us that can see him or her as he or she sees himself or herself today…PURE VERMIN. As long as there is even one non-muslim on the planet muslims know they will be viewed only as vermin….which they know they are…so we just have to be all wiped–out.
    We have to be wiped-out for islam’s dirty sake. So what ???
    The leftist politically correct exclamation these days is not “God Forbid”!…. but rather “SAVAGERY FORBID” !!
    For the savages the agenda is Noble Israel First Then All of Us !

    • Doug

      The Almighty will stop Islam before it completely destroys Israel. Muhammad was not a Jew so how could the Jews stop him and the Jews are so few in number next to the Christians and others


    The essence of war is violence, and moderation in war is stupidity.
    “HATE is pious for Muslims” The problem is Saudi Arabia.
    Saudi Arabia is just not “holy” or “holey” enough for all muslims. Iran is
    livid that Saudi Arabia is not holey enough because it allows the non-muslims
    to protect Saudi Arabia from Iran. The temerity of the Saudis is now bothering the fruitcakes in Egypt and other muslim countries too .

    It seems according to the top pure evil muslims Saudi Arabia is just not bad enough as the worst place on Earth for women and
    children that are born human but are trapped in islam at birth and hence turned
    into de-facto muslims with no way out.

    Islam manufactures nothing except evil and
    twisted humans that look like us but are so different from us that they can
    only be called muslims . A muslim cannot be called human. No way Ohzeh!!

    Muslims are not taught to be human . They
    are taught to be muslims. So all that muslims are taught about us the true
    humans is that we are not like them and that we are disposable and dispensable.

    This is what we real Humans are choosing not
    to see that an entire non-essential and supremely lethal sub-species that is so
    dangerous to us and our planet is raising it’s monster head to devour us.

    We will lose our civilization to islam as
    islam devours our children and women . We are finished. We know they were and
    are and will always be very dangerous vermin but our problem is they think the
    same of us and they are not allowed to think differently.

    We are not halal. We are haram. What will
    happen to us as islam takes over. The israelis will be the first to get extinct
    by islam then the Swedes then the French and their burnable Mona Lisa then the
    Germans then the Ozzys then the planet. Who will islam lie to when all is islam
    ? What will islam invent when all the scientists are dead….Poor moremad had
    no vision thru his hate.

    Our science had a good run…soon our science
    will be trashed with all its burnable research. We are finished …..Since 1400
    years this mental-small-pox has been spreading across to us on the planet
    ….we are done. Sorry kids….We had no guts to call feces feces. Within a 100
    more years islam will have eaten democracy for breakfast. Muslims will even
    burn and bomb our zoos. Islam will literally burn our planet.

    I think that’s when apes will once again
    come out thru muslims. So much for Darwin….moremad actually reverse-engineered
    evolution. WOW !!

    Turkey wants NATO weapons on its borders so
    that they can hijack them and blast Israel. This will happen. WE ARE FOOLS.


    These are someone else’s words…true and very much worth reading….Child sexual and physical abuse is rampant AND THE DONE THING in Muslim culture. Sexual abuse of boys is not only due to strong gender apartheid rules, especially in adolescence and adulthood but sexual abuse of young boys is a typical way of an older male showing dominance over a younger one. Such behavior breeds intense rage which is projected onto other groups such as non-believers and such acts of rage are given sanction by the imams. In fact rage in Muslims is cultivated early on in a child's mis-education. The result is a society which cannot produce anything, is totally non-creative, and is entirely dependent on others for its existence. Their only purpose is as human weapons against others for gain by a small group of very cruel leaders.

  • jack clark

    Excellent articles and I am re-posting and forwarding these to all that I can. Thank you for your insight, as it is mine also.

  • livingengine

    Did you know Eric spent the better part of the year 2012
    defrauding the Counter Jihad Movement? Well, it’s true, and the proof is in his
    own statements.

    For example, Eric told the CJM on 7/4/2012 that he had to
    sell his car to stay in the fight against Islam. But, 6 months earlier, he told
    his Occupy Wall Street friends the very same thing. So, that’s two cars sold in 6 months.

    After Eric left the CJM, his ship came in, the USS
    “Anonymous Donor”, and he was driving a car again. A chance encounter
    with a stranger, who asked Eric about his new car, caused Eric to post 5 times
    in less then 4 minutes, that CAIR was trying to kill him. There is zero
    evidence that CAIR is trying to kill Eric Allen Bell.

    Eric told the world that his life was threatened by a
    bounty. But the bounty was for one quadrillion rupees, or 19 trillion dollars.
    There is no way this bounty could be real. And, Eric was told this shortly after
    he began , featuring the bounty to gain, and donations. Eric said that
    discussing the number on the bounty was “aiding the enemy”, and
    continued milking the bounty for months after.

    It just goes on, and on like this. Eric lies, does not take
    responsibility for the things he does and says, engages in fraud, attacks other
    people in the CJM, and on, and on.

    Eric Allen Bell has the ethics of a gypsy. He ran a business
    called “Fate in Focus”, an online psychic reading service.

    Eric is a con man. He tries to portray himself as a rational
    person, but that isn’t true. He promotes the movie “What the Bleep”
    on his GlobalOne TV web site, a New Age web site.

    Eric sells the work of another phony, big hair guru, Gregg
    Braden. Gregg Braden tells his followers that they can wish away their cancer.

    Eric thinks Dr Emoto is a scientist. Eric believes in the
    “Maharishi Effect”. Eric believes in the “science” of John
    Hagelin, and it just goes on, and on like this.

    Eric pulled the plug on his fraud of the CJM, and flounced
    out of the movement hours after I reported him to the FBI.

    I have the screen shots. There’s no two ways about it;
    he is a con man.

  • livingengine

    The true face of Eric Allen Bell.

  • livingengine

    He is a fraud.

  • Ricky Michael

    This article is the way it truely is, unfortunately. The Al-Caters keep the words of their book precisely as written.

  • Kufar Dawg

    I never expected to be reading this from you. I had thought Jew hatred was your bag.

  • Roger

    Yes, and Christians and anyone that worships the true Creator.

  • doug

    Didn't you know Kufar, The 1/2 of 1/3 of 1% of the world's population who are fighting to live on a tiny oil barren land in the mid east are trying to take over the world and are behind everything evil and 24% of the world's population who conquered the middle east with "Fire and sword" and own the best oil wells in the world are just innocent victims