Top Liberal Blogger Defects to Pro-Liberty/Anti-Jihadist Side

[Editor’s note: This article is reprinted with permission from Eric Allen Bell has asked us to emphasize that he is a libertarian with liberal social values and not a “traditional” liberal. He is pro-life and anti-big government. He has told his story in his Frontpage article, which went viral around the world, The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam. Watch him in action on The Glazov Gang, Frontpage’s television program.]

“There just is no room in that culture, the liberal blogosphere, for anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.”

– Eric Allen Bell, a well-known documentary filmmaker from Tennessee.

Bio from

Eric Allen Bell is a filmmaker living in Murfreesboro, TN. His short film was placed on Film Threat’s list “Top 10 Shorts” of 2004. He went on to direct his first feature, “The Bondage” which premired at the South By South West Film Festival and went on to secure theatrical distribution. His current project, a documentary entitled “Not Welcome” shows the backlash concerning the bulding of a mosque in Murfreesboro, TN – chronicalling events from the 4th of July to 9/11 in 2010.

Bell wrote in 2010:

The documentary is tentatively titled “Not Welcome” and chronicles events in Murfreesboro concerning the backlash against the Mosque from the 4th of July to 9/11 of 2010. I have interviewed nearly everyone on all sides of this issue here. And along the way I have been threatened repeatedly but I have also made many new friends. I have learned a lot about how my own ridiculous prejudices about the South have distorted my point of view. I have been surprised repeatedly at how often the most unlikely of people can defy their stereotype with acts of kindness, courage and compassion. I have come to know many members of the Islamic community here, known them as friends, broken bread with them and watched as they faced persecution without striking back, without getting consumed with anger…

Well, something happened along the way. Bell started investigating Islam, and started to ask questions about the growing American Islamic movement and their agenda.

Bell had been a longtime blogger at the Daily Kos. He wrote three articles questioning Islam, which caught the attention of conservative and anti-Jihadist bloggers.

Just two weeks ago he was finally “banned by popular consensus” from the site.

Now he is speaking out.

From the Glazov Report:

I had written three articles… why is a terrroist spin control network… and a third one Do you support human rights? And that finished me off.

What really caused people to be up in arms calling me an Islamo-phobe, ya know, was information about who is Mohammed. How many people has he killed, beheaded, tortured, ordered stoned, the raping of a 9-year old girl? Is this a holy man? Is this somebody you should follow and say I belong to the religion of peace? That was probably the most damning.

I referenced numerous examples from the Quran, the Islamic texts. Which apparently those are Islamo-phobic.

Now Bell is doing interviews on rightist sites and anti-Jihadist television shows. He still describes himself as a “liberal” on his Facbook page. But notably on the top of his page, he has a photo line of some libertarian/free speech advocates including Ayaan Hirsi Alli, Geert Wilders and (deceased, killed by a Muslim assasin) Theo van Gogh.

  • JasonPappas

    Thanks, Eric, for reminding us that some people put the truth first even if it means losing friends. Let's welcome Bell abroad. Many people traveled his road before him when they woke-up and realized they were on the wrong side. That takes courage.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Sounds like a repeat of the David Horwitz story. There are those that regardless of political bent will tell the truth.

  • Asher

    More and more people every day standing up against Jihadists and joining arms together!

  • Questions

    I'm sure this piece took some courage on the part of Eric Dondero, someone who had Second Thoughts about the uncritical worship of St. Ron Paul among many on the Right.

  • "gunner"

    i think mr. bell will find a place here where his right to freedom of thought and speech will be respected, perhaps a refreshing change for him from his former associates' hidebound adherence to "political correctness".

  • George Peyton

    I'm surprised he was ever allowed into the realm of liberal bloggers, given that he is pro-life.

    • guest

      Go back to your hole, troll.

      • George Peyton

        That's hilarious, thanks for the laugh. "guest" attacks named person as troll, film at eleven!

    • michiganruth

      I agree with you. (btw I'm not sure what sin you committed to be called a troll; your observation is completely appropriate.)

  • Nakba1948

    Another dupe joins the rank of the ignorant, malicious Islamophobes. Not to worry: Islam is growing at a faster rate than your pathetic little fringe movement.

    • Western Canadian

      Islam cannot be described as ‘growing’. It could be described as festering, as an infected wound (on the human race), or it could be compared to cancer. But only a particularly ugly and vicious form of cancer.

      Rather like the moron nakba1948, who made the laughable suggestion….

      Stick with seig heil, or heil hitler. It suits you.

  • Dead space

    Not to worry nakba, you get to spend all eternity in hell with the non-prophet Mojammad

  • bearone7777

    Welcome Eric, and may GOD ALMIGHTY give you Grace to continue on.

  • octopus

    Smart people who aren't closed-off from learning eventually realize the truth about Islam. It's not like it's very well hidden, after all.